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Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 143 of 143

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baden (Baden 2), Jacob  4 May 1735Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I143512 onetrees 
2 Birch, Frederikke Louise  13 Sep 1815Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I159735 onetrees 
3 Bjørn, Emilie Petrea "Mia"  18 Nov 1881Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I16058 onetrees 
4 Bjørn, Ida Sophie Jacobine  2 Feb 1868Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I18677 onetrees 
5 Bjørn, Maren Elisabeth  29 Dec 1831Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I47552 onetrees 
6 Bjørn, Per  31 Mar 1887Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I122778 onetrees 
7 Breit, Frederik Johan Kjærulf  3 Oct 1848Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I160182 onetrees 
8 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Johannes  7 Feb 1869Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I226643 onetrees 
9 Brøndal, Anna Laurentze  1768Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155461 onetrees 
10 Buch, Fanny Ottine Eleonora  13 Oct 1849Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I173436 onetrees 
11 Elmquist, Gerda  28 Oct 1905Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I267447 onetrees 
12 Ewald, Lisbeth "Lisen" von  30 Nov 1890Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I131925 onetrees 
13 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock), Nicoline Elisabeth  13 Dec 1810Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I390133 onetrees 
14 Frederiksen, Anna  1848Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I426235 onetrees 
15 Frederiksen, Frederik Christian Lutterwald  20 Jan 1844Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I421143 onetrees 
16 Frederiksen, Petra  1846Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I426234 onetrees 
17 Freisleben, Hans Jakob Flemming  9 Jul 1913Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I223156 onetrees 
18 Fries, Marianne   I169709 onetrees 
19 Friis, Anette   I222575 onetrees 
20 From, Anna Christina  1741Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I184291 onetrees 
21 Funch, Christian Nicolai  1793Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I178902 onetrees 
22 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Carl August  30 May 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I169016 onetrees 
23 Gjøe, Mette Christine  19 Jan 1826Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I420677 onetrees 
24 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Copenhagen), Meïr Aron  26 Oct 1819Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179855 onetrees 
25 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Copenhagen), Moritz Aron  2 Sep 1822Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I193079 onetrees 
26 Graff, Johan Frederik Adolf  13 Oct 1841Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I81780 onetrees 
27 Gundelach, Christopher  1711Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I189887 onetrees 
28 Haakansson, Finn   I43192 onetrees 
29 Haderup, Fritze Margrethe Wilhelmine  21 Feb 1827Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I189144 onetrees 
30 Haderup, Henriette Johanne Hedevig  7 Dec 1829Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I168663 onetrees 
31 Hansen, Aksel Frisgaard   I142369 onetrees 
32 Hartmann, Else Ludovica  23 Dec 1793Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I392388 onetrees 
33 Hasfeldt, Julius Frederik Langebæk  15 Dec 1874Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I224502 onetrees 
34 Hasfeldt, Olivia Lene Clarup  4 Apr 1877Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I224501 onetrees 
35 Heegaard (Heegaard), Christian Henry Høyer  16 Aug 1846Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I411719 onetrees 
36 Heegaard (Heegaard), Jutta Henriette Høyer  19 Dec 1856Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I411711 onetrees 
37 Heegaard-Jensen, Gerda Sophie  1 Apr 1896Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I80309 onetrees 
38 Hegelund (Jensen), Susanne   I460059 onetrees 
39 Heiberg (Heiberg), Ludvig  12 Sep 1760Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I185627 onetrees 
40 Heiberg (Heiberg), Peter Andreas  16 Nov 1758Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I185623 onetrees 
41 Heller, Asta  19 Aug 1910Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I167865 onetrees 
42 Hertel, August Wolfgang  23 Sep 1806Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I185564 onetrees 
43 Hindberg, Judith Irene  14 Mar 1913Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I124391 onetrees 
44 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Birgit, Comtesse   I186429 onetrees 
45 Hvidt, Valdemar  20 Aug 1897Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I35791 onetrees 
46 Høst, Sophus Nielsen  23 Nov 1883Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I413945 onetrees 
47 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Hans Rudolf   I116765 onetrees 
48 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Niels Anders   I116786 onetrees 
49 Jensen, Joachim  1746Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108005 onetrees 
50 Johansen, Johan Jørgen  1783Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I327881 onetrees 
51 Kall (Kall), Frederik Waldemar  27 Aug 1833Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82779 onetrees 
52 Kall (Kall), Vilhelm Theodor  16 Feb 1832Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82783 onetrees 
53 Knudsen, Alis Grete  27 May 1918Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I164110 onetrees 
54 Knudsen, Hans Christian  13 Jan 1924Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155398 onetrees 
55 Knudsen, Hans Jens  23 Mar 1861Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43162 onetrees 
56 Knudsen, Jens Albrecht  Abt 1863Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43163 onetrees 
57 Knudsen, Kirsten  Abt 1859Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43167 onetrees 
58 Knudsen, Lizzie Edith  26 Feb 1920Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I442383 onetrees 
59 Knudsen, Marie Louise  Abt 1829Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43166 onetrees 
60 Knudsen, Per Skat   I180667 onetrees 
61 Knudsen, Peter Skat   I2801 onetrees 
62 Knudsen, Peter Skat Thor  29 Dec 1894Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43159 onetrees 
63 Krog, Bodil Hansen  Abt 1720Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155476 onetrees 
64 Købke (Købke), Augusta Nielsine  1826Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107080 onetrees 
65 Købke (Købke), Caspar Berendt  7 Feb 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I106982 onetrees 
66 Købke (Købke), Johan Søren Waldemar  1823Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107076 onetrees 
67 Købke (Købke), Petra Bernhardine  1828Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107079 onetrees 
68 Købke (Købke), Susanne Christiane Sophie  1821Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107077 onetrees 
69 Larsen, Lars Peter  8 Apr 1809Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I171129 onetrees 
70 Licht (Licht of Copenhagen), Hans Henrik  4 Jun 1814Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I169288 onetrees 
71 Lindstrøm, Marie Betsey Mathilde "Misse"  11 Dec 1891Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I144296 onetrees 
72 Lützhøft (Lützhøft), Nicoline Christine  Abt 1835Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113328 onetrees 
73 Maibom, Hans  13 Apr 1788Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I424317 onetrees 
74 Meisner, Alma  15 Aug 1881Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I427712 onetrees 
75 Meisner, Hedevig  30 Nov 1879Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I424288 onetrees 
76 Meisner, Ingeborg Kirstine Frederikke  8 Mar 1878Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I422608 onetrees 
77 Meisner, Johan Andreas Emil  26 Mar 1851Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I424286 onetrees 
78 Melbye, Christian Frederik Peter   I63988 onetrees 
79 Mikkelsen, Hans Ditlev   I244929 onetrees 
80 Mouritzen, Caroline Margrethe  1876Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I95833 onetrees 
81 Mouritzen, Henriette Margrethe  Abt 1877Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I437210 onetrees 
82 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Johanne Christine von  15 Aug 1779Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I198777 onetrees 
83 Müller, Christine Marie  27 May 1742Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I243347 onetrees 
84 Müller, Peter Andreas  12 Apr 1740Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I243346 onetrees 
85 Müller, Samuel Andreas  1739Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I243345 onetrees 
86 Møller, Ida Theodora Wilhelmine  30 Dec 1814Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I84179 onetrees 
87 Møller, Lene  10 May 1936Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I124578 onetrees 
88 Mølvig, Hans Ole  21 May 1930Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17799 onetrees 
89 Neergaard (Neergaard), Erik de  9 Nov 1911Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I139313 onetrees 
90 Nielsen, Maren  Abt 1812Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I240770 onetrees 
91 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Cathrine Marie  1729Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I243932 onetrees 
92 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Else Cathrine  1718Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I436310 onetrees 
93 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Hans Jacob  29 Sep 1717Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I176649 onetrees 
94 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Lauritz  1725Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I436312 onetrees 
95 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Lauritz  1728Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I436314 onetrees 
96 Petersen, Amalie Elisabeth  Abt 1888Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I413940 onetrees 
97 Petersen, Hans Jørgen  7 Jan 1886Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I413941 onetrees 
98 Petersen, Valdemar Emil  11 Sep 1868Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I136789 onetrees 
99 Plum (Plum), Agnete Birgitte  28 Sep 1742Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I160887 onetrees 
100 Poulsen, Karen Margrethe Egeø  9 Aug 1907Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I139549 onetrees 
101 Pätges, Caroline Henriette  12 Nov 1805Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I245128 onetrees 
102 Rasmussen, Jytte   I409670 onetrees 
103 Ravn, Erik Johannes  4 Dec 1901Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I94242 onetrees 
104 Rieck, Anne Margrethe  1777Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113591 onetrees 
105 Rieck, Mauritzia Christiane Joachimine Mæsta  18 Sep 1780Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107934 onetrees 
106 Rondahl, Emmery  26 Dec 1858Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I197077 onetrees 
107 Schiønning, Anne  7 Jan 1776Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I170914 onetrees 
108 Schrøder, Petrine Frederikke Ingeborg  10 Oct 1807Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113330 onetrees 
109 Schythe, Louise Cecilie  12 Jun 1826Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I184006 onetrees 
110 Skeel (Skeel), Maria Dorothea  18 Oct 1820Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I160802 onetrees 
111 Smith (Smith of Norway), Anna Appollonia  7 Apr 1868Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I121467 onetrees 
112 Smith (Smith of Norway), Frederikke Agnete  23 Dec 1859Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I121473 onetrees 
113 Smith (Smith of Norway), Jean Stewart  14 Nov 1866Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I121468 onetrees 
114 Smith (Smith of Norway), Louise  8 Feb 1864Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I121469 onetrees 
115 Smith (Smith of Norway), Nicolaj Daniel Peter  22 Apr 1862Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I121470 onetrees 
116 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Hanna Kirstine  1779Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108011 onetrees 
117 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Hans  21 Mar 1781Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179453 onetrees 
118 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Hans Pedersen  2 Aug 1712Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155490 onetrees 
119 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Inger Marie  Abt 1789Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179455 onetrees 
120 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Jacob  9 Aug 1782Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179454 onetrees 
121 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Johanne Kirstine  17 Sep 1779Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179450 onetrees 
122 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Lars Terpager  12 Jun 1747Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155489 onetrees 
123 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Marie Wibecke  1762Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108010 onetrees 
124 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Petrea Sophie  21 Jan 1752Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I126982 onetrees 
125 Stecher, Ellen  16 Aug 1898Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I106144 onetrees 
126 Stecher, Tove  1901Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17756 onetrees 
127 Sørensen, Ane Kirstine  16 Feb 1817Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I418801 onetrees 
128 Sørensen, Harriet Meisner  6 Nov 1896Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I84757 onetrees 
129 Sørensen, Nathalie Caroline Jensen  6 Nov 1878Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I413950 onetrees 
130 Sørensen, Peter Vilhelm Junius  16 Jun 1824Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I418803 onetrees 
131 Sørensen, Søren Christian  26 May 1819Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I418802 onetrees 
132 Sørensen, Søren Frederik  Abt 1805Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I400644 onetrees 
133 Tegner, John Flemming   I140054 onetrees 
134 Tegner, Laila Käthe   I140053 onetrees 
135 Tobiassen, Christian  Abt 1805Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I389679 onetrees 
136 Treu, Edith Marie  17 Sep 1901Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I291212 onetrees 
137 Treu, Poul Johan  28 Oct 1903Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I386550 onetrees 
138 Treu, Villy Valdemar  11 Nov 1902Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I291224 onetrees 
139 Weber, Marie Christine  17 Jan 1864Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I197078 onetrees 
140 Westphalen, Else Margrethe  1773Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108003 onetrees 
141 Wilhelmsen, Kjeld Evers  15 Aug 1918Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I71188 onetrees 
142 Winge, Mogens  28 Oct 1907Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I21437 onetrees 
143 Worm (Worm), Peter  28 Sep 1788Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I91412 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dehlholm, Elsebeth  21 Sep 1952Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17411 onetrees 
2 Frederiksen, Frederik Christian Lutterwald  3 May 1844Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I421143 onetrees 
3 From, Anna Christina  6 Jun 1737Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I184291 onetrees 
4 Graff, Johan Frederik Adolf  29 Dec 1841Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I81780 onetrees 
5 Gundelach, Christopher  9 Oct 1711Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I189887 onetrees 
6 Haakansson, Finn   I43192 onetrees 
7 Haakansson, Ida Kirsten "Kiki"   I169384 onetrees 
8 Hansen, Kirsten   I416696 onetrees 
9 Hasfeldt, Julius Frederik Langebæk  11 Apr 1875Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I224502 onetrees 
10 Hasfeldt, Olivia Lene Clarup  24 Jun 1877Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I224501 onetrees 
11 Hegelund (Jensen), Susanne   I460059 onetrees 
12 Kall (Kall), Frederik Waldemar  2 Sep 1833Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82779 onetrees 
13 Kall (Kall), Vilhelm Theodor  18 Jun 1832Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82783 onetrees 
14 Knudsen, Peter Skat   I2801 onetrees 
15 Knudsen, Peter Skat Thor  3 Feb 1895Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43159 onetrees 
16 Købke (Købke), Caspar Berendt  9 Feb 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I106982 onetrees 
17 Larsen, Bodil Elisabeth   I97792 onetrees 
18 Larsen, Carl Otto  21 Sep 1919Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I97781 onetrees 
19 Larsen, Ellen Birgitte  29 Mar 1923Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I97836 onetrees 
20 Meisner, Ingeborg Kirstine Frederikke  9 Jul 1878Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I422608 onetrees 
21 Møller, Lene  7 Jul 1936Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I124578 onetrees 
22 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Hans Jacob  4 Oct 1717Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I176649 onetrees 
23 Plum (Plum), Peter Andreas  9 Feb 1798Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I68294 onetrees 
24 Poulsen, Karen Margrethe Egeø  8 Sep 1907Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I139549 onetrees 
25 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Hans Pedersen  2 Aug 1712Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155490 onetrees 
26 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Lars Terpager  6 Nov 1747Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155489 onetrees 
27 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg), Petrea Sophie  12 Feb 1749Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I126982 onetrees 
28 Thornberg, Frede Johannes  15 Feb 1920Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I423390 onetrees 
29 Thornberg, Leif  26 Aug 1945Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I423391 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Rigmor Emilie  4 May 1973Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I251378 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Ulrik Carl, Count  12 Nov 1757Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I75983 onetrees 
3 Anthon (Anthon), Ludvig Holberg  13 Aug 1862Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I243387 onetrees 
4 Arentsen, Ingeborg Louise  17 Feb 1935Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I114785 onetrees 
5 Bagger, Bruun Juul Fog  9 Feb 1942Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I49530 onetrees 
6 Bing, Jenny  9 May 1918Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I140060 onetrees 
7 Boldt, August Heinrich Gustav Louis  1 Oct 1899Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I183492 onetrees 
8 Borup, Per Frits  28 Feb 1953Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I132871 onetrees 
9 Brack, Frieda  13 Oct 1956Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I186741 onetrees 
10 Brøndel, Marie  9 Mar 1822Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108008 onetrees 
11 Brøndel, Rasmus  Abt 1801Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113424 onetrees 
12 Bülow (Bülow), Rasmus Henrik von  1 May 1838Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I171135 onetrees 
13 Dahl, Margarethe "Maggie" Segelcke  4 Nov 1952Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I84571 onetrees 
14 Dajon, Frantz  10 Mar 1795Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113757 onetrees 
15 Erichsen, Leif  25 Jul 1987Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I123697 onetrees 
16 Fabricius (Fabricius), Hartvig Peter Christian  21 May 1905Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I92104 onetrees 
17 Fenger, Hertha Vilhelmine  8 Oct 1891Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I76487 onetrees 
18 Flensborg (Flensborg), Jørgen Christensen  1650Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I169238 onetrees 
19 Friderichsen, Rasmus  1818Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I94128 onetrees 
20 Funch, Clemen  1 Apr 1808Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I382255 onetrees 
21 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Johanne Lucie Sofie  24 Jun 1909Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I94252 onetrees 
22 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Margrethe Grotum  15 Mar 1886Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I94267 onetrees 
23 Göring (Göring of Schleswig), Hans Diderich  8 May 1793Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17724 onetrees 
24 Haderup, Carl Erhart  18 Apr 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I169204 onetrees 
25 Hagerup, Emma Joergine  29 Apr 1849Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I96299 onetrees 
26 Hammerich, Johannes  23 Mar 1920Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I161022 onetrees 
27 Hansen, Hans Carl Wandal  20 Nov 1876Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I363666 onetrees 
28 Hansen, Leif Sadolin Holst  9 Nov 2013Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I434269 onetrees 
29 Hansen, Vagn  11 Apr 2012Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I450209 onetrees 
30 Harboe, Hanne  7 Aug 2018Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I434266 onetrees 
31 Heegaard-Jensen, Gerda Sophie  1981Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I80309 onetrees 
32 Henriques (Henriques), Adam Ruben  24 Jul 1960Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I16230 onetrees 
33 Holst (Holst of Xxx), Ole  5 Mar 1977Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I160028 onetrees 
34 Jacobsen, Maria Cathrine  1792Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17711 onetrees 
35 Jensen, Axel  1969Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I251375 onetrees 
36 Jensen, Jensine Marie  17 Apr 1948Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I415854 onetrees 
37 Kalkar, Henriette Mathilde  24 May 1904Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I133432 onetrees 
38 Kall (Kall), Niels Carl Frederik Abraham  10 Aug 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82773 onetrees 
39 Kampmann (Kampmann), Mariane Elise  1916Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I138571 onetrees 
40 Kienne, Else  Abt 1787Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I108007 onetrees 
41 Knudsen, Hans Christian  1975Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155398 onetrees 
42 Knudsen, Hans Jens  1 May 1943Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43162 onetrees 
43 Knudsen, Peter  15 Mar 1911Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43160 onetrees 
44 Knudsen, Peter Skat Thor  15 Oct 1953Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43159 onetrees 
45 Krog, Bodil Hansen  Abt 1758Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155476 onetrees 
46 Kruse, Petrea Johanne Frederikke  30 Sep 1923Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I92103 onetrees 
47 Kühle, Carl Gustav Van der Aa  17 Apr 1939Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I83626 onetrees 
48 Larsen, Edvard  1930Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I298608 onetrees 
49 Marckmann, Harald Martin Julius  21 Jun 1945Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I80397 onetrees 
50 Meisner, Johan Andreas Emil  12 Jan 1932Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I424286 onetrees 
51 Melchior, Moritz Raphael "Ralph"  6 Jul 1952Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I111017 onetrees 
52 Michaelsen, Hans Christian  12 Apr 1835Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I71171 onetrees 
53 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Else Cathrine  1731Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I436310 onetrees 
54 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Margrethe Sophie  12 Jan 1941Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I435892 onetrees 
55 Plum (Plum), Agnete  24 Aug 1787Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I113761 onetrees 
56 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Marie Christine  9 Apr 1904Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I198725 onetrees 
57 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Astrid Gudrun  15 Jul 1958Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I186164 onetrees 
58 Rani, Niels  1315Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I206117 onetrees 
59 Rendby, Anna Florentine Sørensen  21 Dec 1981Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I45921 onetrees 
60 Rieck, Joachim Christian  11 May 1780Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I107815 onetrees 
61 Rützou, Knud Pedersen  15 Jan 1831Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I202224 onetrees 
62 Rützou, Paul Christian  11 Jun 1923Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I406298 onetrees 
63 Salomonsen, Emil Waage  5 Nov 1913Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I16308 onetrees 
64 Schaarup (Schaarup 1), Hans Conrad Thomsen  6 Mar 1873Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I398025 onetrees 
65 Schmidt, Mette Kirstine  1819Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I94129 onetrees 
66 Spend, Christen Nielsen  1678Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I87796 onetrees 
67 Spend, Karen Nielsen  15 May 1681Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I87793 onetrees 
68 Stilling, Johanne "Hanne" Cecilie  7 Feb 1862Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I173643 onetrees 
69 Svane, Bernt  26 Dec 1981Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I245001 onetrees 
70 Teisen, Hans  3 Aug 1884Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I103999 onetrees 
71 Terpager, Marie Vibeke  8 Apr 1791Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155491 onetrees 
72 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Jørgen Christian, Count  12 Aug 1926Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I156997 onetrees 
73 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Laurits Christian  1865Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I174252 onetrees 
74 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Niels Andreas  17 Aug 1898Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I193269 onetrees 
75 Walter, Christiane Hansine Theodora Hansen  3 Jun 1950Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I4578 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckwith, Ketty  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I200472 onetrees 
2 Erichsen, Leif  30 Jul 1987Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I123697 onetrees 
3 Fries, Jørgen  11 Oct 1962Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I169717 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Maren Kirstine  16 Oct 1903Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I413955 onetrees 
5 Heegaard (Heegaard), Harald Rudolf Høyer  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I411721 onetrees 
6 Heegaard (Heegaard), Lydia Høyer  27 Aug 1925Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I411720 onetrees 
7 Kall (Kall), Niels Carl Frederik Abraham  13 Aug 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82773 onetrees 
8 Nielsen, Stinus Christian  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I200470 onetrees 
9 Stinus, Arne  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I200465 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Svend  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I17757 onetrees 
2 Baden (Baden 2), Jacob  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I143514 onetrees 
3 Bjørn, Victor  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I119770 onetrees 
4 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff), Morten Lunn  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I44635 onetrees 
5 Breit, Christian Frederik  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I179833 onetrees 
6 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Stig Tønsberg  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I226647 onetrees 
7 Erichsen, Jan-Eric   I86218 onetrees 
8 Erichsen, Leif  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I123697 onetrees 
9 Fick, Christoffer Rudolph  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I171119 onetrees 
10 Friis, Carl Mogens  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I222573 onetrees 
11 Haakansson, Anna Hansine Maren Sofie  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43193 onetrees 
12 Hansen, Volmer  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I223155 onetrees 
13 Heiberg (Heiberg), Ludvig  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I185622 onetrees 
14 Heller, Laurits  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I167867 onetrees 
15 Hindberg, S V  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I124381 onetrees 
16 Hoff, Peter Lohmann  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I79960 onetrees 
17 Hvidt, Valdemar  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I35558 onetrees 
18 Jensen, Preben   I460058 onetrees 
19 Kall (Kall), Johan Christian  1830Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I82782 onetrees 
20 Knudsen, Hans Christian  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I155398 onetrees 
21 Knudsen, Peter  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43160 onetrees 
22 Knudsen, Peter Skat Thor  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I43159 onetrees 
23 Lange, Asta Julie   I181482 onetrees 
24 Larsen, Otto  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I197942 onetrees 
25 Mikkelsen, Peter  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I244935 onetrees 
26 Mouritzen, Carl Reenberg  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I437098 onetrees 
27 Møller, Lorentz Arnt  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I22782 onetrees 
28 Mølvig, Kaj Frede   I17761 onetrees 
29 Mørch, Poul  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I135972 onetrees 
30 Nielsen, Hans  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I21319 onetrees 
31 Oxenbøll (Oxenbøll), Morten  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I173642 onetrees 
32 Oxfelt, Kaj Ravn  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I390121 onetrees 
33 Philipsen-Prahm, Hilmar Peter  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I139583 onetrees 
34 Rondahl, Povl Christian  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I197086 onetrees 
35 Salomonsen, Emil Waage  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I16308 onetrees 
36 Sandbech, Hans  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I203394 onetrees 
37 Stecher, Charles  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I96254 onetrees 
38 Svane, Bernt  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I245001 onetrees 
39 Sørensen, J H  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I84552 onetrees 
40 Søtoft, Henrik Kjerrumgaard  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I448215 onetrees 
41 Thornberg, Andreas  1925Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I423341 onetrees 
42 Weber, Hans Jørgen  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I197089 onetrees 
43 Willerup, Jørgen Ove  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I194581 onetrees 
44 Winge, Søren Soelberg  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark I21440 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aagaard / Bartholin-Eichel  17 Apr 1838Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F80771 onetrees 
2 Aarsleff / Schmiegelow  Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F119492 onetrees 
3 Alsing / Nissen  14 Mar 1927Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F56714 onetrees 
4 Augsburg / Rehling-Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum)  19 Jun 1936Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F38325 onetrees 
5 Bartholin-Eichel / Aagaard  16 Sep 1842Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F17892 onetrees 
6 Becher / Kampmann (Kampmann)  28 Aug 1898Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F57341 onetrees 
7 Becker / Schythe  14 May 1850Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F77463 onetrees 
8 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff) / Lange   F76358 onetrees 
9 Brøndel / Terpager  Abt 1763Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F49197 onetrees 
10 Bülow (Bülow) / Oxenbøll (Oxenbøll)  8 Jun 1850Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F92928 onetrees 
11 Elkær-Hansen / Heller  19 Oct 1934Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F70554 onetrees 
12 Fonnesbech-Wulff ( (Wulff - Metz) / Hastrup (Hastrup)  10 May 1904Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F73470 onetrees 
13 Hammerich / Jensen  15 May 1874Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F67476 onetrees 
14 Hastrup (Hastrup) / Heinson  1 Jan 1815Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F73418 onetrees 
15 Jensen / Brøndel  31 Jan 1787Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F47357 onetrees 
16 Johansen / Bachvald  18 May 1807Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F133283 onetrees 
17 Keller / Fick  10 Jan 1885Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F72054 onetrees 
18 Kemp / Knudsen  15 Mar 1940Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F176956 onetrees 
19 Knudsen / Haakansson   F64677 onetrees 
20 Kock / Holm  24 Apr 1839Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F32741 onetrees 
21 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Rhein-Knudsen  13 Apr 1938Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F99177 onetrees 
22 Langebæk (Langebæk) / Svendsen   F57580 onetrees 
23 Lauridsen / Holm   F30155 onetrees 
24 Lund-Andersen / Elmquist  6 Sep 1930Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F75260 onetrees 
25 Lützhøft (Lützhøft) / Schrøder  9 Aug 1834Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F52809 onetrees 
26 Madsen / Plum (Plum)  23 Aug 1947Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F156609 onetrees 
27 Malling (Malling of Pøel) / Krog  3 Jan 1742Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F64710 onetrees 
28 Møller / Harttung (Harttung)  26 Dec 1899Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F112842 onetrees 
29 Møller / Pedersen  6 Dec 1930Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F2281 onetrees 
30 Mørch / Poulsen   F56407 onetrees 
31 Nielsen / Teisen  11 Aug 1876Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F81127 onetrees 
32 Pedersen / Gøtzsche (Gøtzsche)  20 Oct 1907Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F42135 onetrees 
33 Plum (Plum) / Heger  12 May 1826Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F32573 onetrees 
34 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Oxenbøll (Oxenbøll)  16 May 1844Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F72508 onetrees 
35 Scheibel (Scheibel) / Friis   F160034 onetrees 
36 Staal (Staal of Vordingborg) / Terpager  1744Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F64719 onetrees 
37 Tegner / Jensen   F57850 onetrees 
38 Teisen / Theisen  10 Nov 1849Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F45991 onetrees 
39 Thornberg / Hansen  1 Feb 1915Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F162042 onetrees 
40 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel) / Lund  8 May 1886Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F21227 onetrees 
41 Westphalen / Brøndel  Abt 1773Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F47356 onetrees 
42 Wimmer / Meisner  9 Oct 1903Vordingborg, Zealand, Denmark F161712 onetrees 

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