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Virginia, USA



Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Robert O   I205416
2 Ball, Edwin  29 Jul 1723Virginia, USA I262411
3 Ball, Eve  24 Dec 1713Virginia, USA I262378
4 Ball, Frances  13 Oct 1709Virginia, USA I262356
5 Ball, James  31 Dec 1718Virginia, USA I262400
6 Ball, Jeduthun  4 Jul 1725Virginia, USA I262422
7 Ball, Jesse  27 Jun 1716Virginia, USA I262389
8 Ball, Sinah  14 Feb 1728Virginia, USA I262433
9 Blevins, Frances Louise  1 Nov 1941Virginia, USA I452858
10 Blevins, Thelma Elizabeth  13 Jul 1930Virginia, USA I452857
11 Brooks, Moses T  1793Virginia, USA I428849
12 Brookshire, Harvard L  18 Sep 1927Virginia, USA I452860
13 Crowell, Eliza Ann  1 May 1838Virginia, USA I452050
14 Cunningham, William Frank  3 Feb 1930Virginia, USA I452832
15 Denny, Margaret Grovrus  Abt 1803Virginia, USA I442827
16 Dodson, Laban Willis  3 Aug 1799Virginia, USA I429029
17 Dunn, Addie  5 Mar 1883Virginia, USA I452964
18 Eccles, Nancy G  1787Virginia, USA I272991
19 Estes, Elijah  1758Virginia, USA I430851
20 Estes, John Jr.  Virginia, USA I430853
21 Estes, Nancy  Virginia, USA I430852
22 Estes, Thomas Lafayette  Virginia, USA I430850
23 Estes, William  Virginia, USA I428913
24 Evans, John  30 Jun 1797Virginia, USA I429036
25 Flynn (Flinn), Aaron  1793Virginia, USA I428678
26 Flynn (Flinn), Priscilla  29 Nov 1799Virginia, USA I428402
27 Fox, Susan  8 Dec 1846Virginia, USA I452159
28 Franklin, Mary  11 Apr 1793Virginia, USA I212327
29 Harris, Mary Ann "Polly"  23 Feb 1782Virginia, USA I430146
30 Hayes, Hobart Franklin  25 Jun 1918Virginia, USA I452870
31 Hendrick, Rachel  1722Virginia, USA I429309
32 Hill, Margaret  1784Virginia, USA I430526
33 Holt (Holt), Simon  20 Sep 1834Virginia, USA I212391
34 Hurt, Margaret  1748Virginia, USA I428998
35 Jones, John  Virginia, USA I430535
36 Lnu, Lucy  Virginia, USA I428871
37 Lockhart  Virginia, USA I262774
38 Ludlow (Ludlow), Sarah  Virginia, USA I270193
39 Martiau, Sarah  Abt 1625Virginia, USA I262313
40 Martiau, Sarah  Abt 1629Virginia, USA I262315
41 Martin, Mary "Polly"  15 Mar 1790Virginia, USA I428995
42 Montagu (Montagu), Ann  1630Virginia, USA I262274
43 Montagu (Montagu), Ellen  1632Virginia, USA I262275
44 Parks, Anna Belle  29 May 1921Virginia, USA I452403
45 Parks, Edgar Lee  3 Jul 1937Virginia, USA I452408
46 Parks, Garland Vent  26 Aug 1916Virginia, USA I452401
47 Parks, James Leonard  29 May 1924Virginia, USA I452404
48 Parks, John Wiley  9 Mar 1932Virginia, USA I452407
49 Parks, Wilburn Jack  26 Aug 1926Virginia, USA I452405
50 Patillo, William M  Virginia, USA I429983
51 Pope, Elizabeth  Abt 1634Virginia, USA I262761
52 Porteus, Robert  Abt 1679Virginia, USA I227611
53 Randolph, Elizabeth Frances  Virginia, USA I430066
54 Randolph, Frances  Virginia, USA I430534
55 Reade, Benjamin  Abt 1647Virginia, USA I262780
56 Reade, Francis  Abt 1645Virginia, USA I262779
57 Reade, George  Abt 1640Virginia, USA I262777
58 Reade, Mildred  2 Oct 1643Virginia, USA I1385
59 Reade, Robert  1644Virginia, USA I262778
60 Reade, Thomas  Abt 1649Virginia, USA I262781
61 Reade, Thomas  Abt 1667Virginia, USA I262786
62 Shelton (Shelton), John B  1802Virginia, USA I212355
63 Shelton (Shelton), Rebecca  Abt 1800Virginia, USA I212354
64 Shelton (Shelton), Robert  Abt 1798Virginia, USA I212353
65 Simon, Lillian Thelma  Abt 1900Virginia, USA I222503
66 Smith, Mildred  Virginia, USA I1391
67 Snyder, William Waddell  13 Jul 1942Virginia, USA I452859
68 Steffey, Charles Hayden  31 Aug 1911Virginia, USA I452826
69 Steffey, Tony Michael  26 Jul 1950Virginia, USA I452828
70 Tester, William Wiley  19 Mar 1902Virginia, USA I452396
71 Thomas, Reuben  14 Mar 1790Virginia, USA I452418
72 Thornton, Francis  5 Nov 1651Virginia, USA I270089
73 Thornton, Rowland  1 Aug 1685Virginia, USA I270334
74 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Mikael Gustav, Baron   I164786
75 Whitesides, Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I428914
76 Widener, Ada Mae  22 Aug 1896Virginia, USA I451636
77 Widener, Barbara  1752Virginia, USA I451592
78 Widener, Claro Henry  19 Dec 1907Virginia, USA I451707
79 Widener, Jefferson D  2 Apr 1862Virginia, USA I452446
80 Widener, John Fulton  1820Virginia, USA I451974
81 Widener, Lacy Edward  24 Mar 1890Virginia, USA I453046
82 Widener, Lafayette  11 Apr 1841Virginia, USA I451475
83 Widener, Milton  Abt 1867Virginia, USA I453036
84 Widener, Timothy Main  18 Jan 1847Virginia, USA I451574
85 Widener, William M  May 1866Virginia, USA I452447


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Edwin  Virginia, USA I262411
2 Ball, Eve  Virginia, USA I262378
3 Ball, Frances  Abt 1730Virginia, USA I262356
4 Ball, Hannah  1694Virginia, USA I262666
5 Ball, James  Abt 1753Virginia, USA I262400
6 Ball, Jeduthun  5 Mar 1749Virginia, USA I262422
7 Ball, Jesse  14 Aug 1747Virginia, USA I262389
8 Ball, Richard  Virginia, USA I262270
9 Ball, Richard  Virginia, USA I262791
10 Ball, Sara  Virginia, USA I262367
11 Ball, Sinah  Virginia, USA I262433
12 Ball, William  30 Sep 1694Virginia, USA I262633
13 Gustin, Alpheus  Virginia, USA I270084
14 Hagy, Delmar  15 Oct 1989Virginia, USA I452212
15 Lnu, Lucy  Virginia, USA I428871
16 Martiau, Mary  Bef 1657Virginia, USA I262314
17 Mathews, Samuel  Jan 1660Virginia, USA I262678
18 Montagu (Montagu), Ann  Bef 1659Virginia, USA I262274
19 Montagu (Montagu), Peter  1 May 1659Virginia, USA I262338
20 Reade, Benjamin  1731Virginia, USA I262780
21 Reade, Thomas  1716Virginia, USA I262781
22 Skipwith, Grey  Virginia, USA I39742
23 Skipwith, Grey  Virginia, USA I39746
24 Skipwith, Peyton  9 Oct 1805Virginia, USA I39748
25 Snyder, William Waddell  20 Jun 1995Virginia, USA I452859
26 Steffey, Tony Michael  8 Oct 1981Virginia, USA I452828
27 Tester, Wilbur Wiley  1940Virginia, USA I452390
28 Thomas, James Edmondson  4 Jul 1973Virginia, USA I452854
29 Washington (Washington), John  Virginia, USA I262290
30 Washington (Washington), Lawrence  1657-1658Virginia, USA I262755
31 Washington (Washington), Mildred  5 Sep 1747Virginia, USA I262301
32 Widener, Ailisy Ann  18 Mar 1890Virginia, USA I451476
33 Widener, Flora Emeline  3 Sep 1953Virginia, USA I451653
34 Widener, Jacob  1875Virginia, USA I451566
35 Windebank, Mildred  1630Virginia, USA I1379


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Warner, Augustine [Col.]  1627-1628Virginia, USA I213195


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gillentine / Hendrick  1743Virginia, USA F164546
2 Gillingtine / Hurt  1775Virginia, USA F164422
3 Halbert / Randolph  Virginia, USA F164797
4 Hill / Cummings  Virginia, USA F164754
5 Hill / Halbert  Virginia, USA F164796
6 Jones / Randolph  Virginia, USA F164981
7 Kelly / Widener  19 Feb 1870Virginia, USA F182016
8 Lee (Lee of England) / Carter (Carter)  18 Jun 1783Virginia, USA F88183
9 Montagu (Montagu) / Doodes  1663Virginia, USA F88175
10 Patillo / Chisum  Bef 28 Sep 1792Virginia, USA F164762
11 Taliaferro / Thornton  Virginia, USA F112280
12 Tate / Lnu  1718Virginia, USA F164363
13 Widener / Hand  8 Apr 1858Virginia, USA F181876

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