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Vienna, Austria



Matches 1 to 110 of 110

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Carl Ferdinand, Count  12 Aug 1861Vienna, Austria I111138 onetrees 
2 Albachary, David  14 Nov 1850Vienna, Austria I2536 onetrees 
3 Austria (Lorraine), Albrecht Friedrich Rudolph, Archduke of  3 Aug 1817Vienna, Austria I161535 onetrees 
4 Austria (Lorraine), Franz Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor, King of  18 Aug 1830Vienna, Austria I19759 onetrees 
5 Austria (Lorraine), Friedrich Ferdinand Leopold, Archduke of  14 May 1821Vienna, Austria I149492 onetrees 
6 Austria (Lorraine), Joseph II "Joseph Benedict August Johann Anton Michael Adam", Holy Roman Emperor, King of  13 Mar 1741Vienna, Austria I74304 onetrees 
7 Austria (Lorraine), Karl Ferdinand, Archduke of  29 Jul 1818Vienna, Austria I159761 onetrees 
8 Austria (Lorraine), Karl Joseph Emmanuel Johann Nepomuk Anton Prokop, Prince of  1 Feb 1745Vienna, Austria I207426 onetrees 
9 Austria (Lorraine), Maria Leopoldine, Archduchess of  22 Jan 1797Vienna, Austria I189582 onetrees 
10 Austria (Lorraine), Maria Louise, Duchess of Parma, Archduchess of  12 Dec 1791Vienna, Austria I10126 onetrees 
11 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Anna Josephe Antonie Johanna, Princess of  6 Oct 1738Vienna, Austria I207469 onetrees 
12 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Antoinette "Marie Antonie Josephe Johanna", Princess of  2 Nov 1755Vienna, Austria I117950 onetrees 
13 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Caroline Ernestine Antonie Johanna Josephe, Princess of  12 Jan 1740Vienna, Austria I207468 onetrees 
14 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Christine Johanna Josephe Antonie, Princess of  13 May 1742Vienna, Austria I11688 onetrees 
15 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Christine, Princess of  22 Nov 1763Vienna, Austria I206954 onetrees 
16 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Elisabeth Amalie Antonie Gabriele Johanna Agathe, Princess of  5 Feb 1737Vienna, Austria I207502 onetrees 
17 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Elisabeth Josephe Johanna Antonie, Princess of  13 Aug 1743Vienna, Austria I207467 onetrees 
18 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Johanna Gabriele Josephe Antonie, Princess of  4 Feb 1750Vienna, Austria I207432 onetrees 
19 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Josephe Gabriele Johanna Antonie, Princess of  19 Mar 1751Vienna, Austria I207402 onetrees 
20 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Karoline, Duchess of Teschen, Archduchess of  10 Sep 1825Vienna, Austria I161412 onetrees 
21 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Thérèse Isabella, Archduchess of  31 Jul 1816Vienna, Austria I158153 onetrees 
22 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Theresia Elisabeth Philippine Louise Josephe Johanna, Princess of  20 Mar 1762Vienna, Austria I207393 onetrees 
23 Austria (Lorraine), Maximilian Franz Xaver Joseph Johann Anton de Paul Wenzel, Elector of Cologne, Prince of  8 Dec 1756Vienna, Austria I144939 onetrees 
24 Austria (Lorraine), Rainer, Archduke of  11 Jan 1827Vienna, Austria I151568 onetrees 
25 Austria (Lorraine), Rudolph Franz, Archduke of  25 Sep 1822Vienna, Austria I161467 onetrees 
26 Austria (Lorraine), Wilhelm Franz Karl, Archduke of  21 Apr 1827Vienna, Austria I159219 onetrees 
27 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Charles Vi, King of  1 Oct 1685Vienna, Austria I11724 onetrees 
28 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Leopold I, King of  9 Jun 1640Vienna, Austria I20523 onetrees 
29 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Maria Theresia, Queen of  13 May 1717Vienna, Austria I11676 onetrees 
30 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Rudolph Ii, King of  18 Jul 1552Vienna, Austria I13292 onetrees 
31 Berckentin (Berckentin), Louise, Comtesse  26 Apr 1725Vienna, Austria I47011 onetrees 
32 Bolton, Jocelyn "Jackie" Olga Lane   I400350 onetrees 
33 Bonar, Ernst Augustus  1808Vienna, Austria I228732 onetrees 
34 Bournonville (Bournonville), Ursula  9 Aug 1765Vienna, Austria I198075 onetrees 
35 Brüll, Victor  3 May 1884Vienna, Austria I134745 onetrees 
36 Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt), Johan Heinrich von  2 Oct 1787Vienna, Austria I169398 onetrees 
37 Carstensen, Marie Louise Hindsbøl   I171710 onetrees 
38 Falbe, Christian Boye Magens  11 Dec 1873Vienna, Austria I103094 onetrees 
39 Falbe, Clara Emmeline  10 Nov 1871Vienna, Austria I103539 onetrees 
40 Gebert, Leopold Alois  14 Apr 1909Vienna, Austria I83344 onetrees 
41 Geraldini, Catharina Augusta Josepha  18 Jan 1854Vienna, Austria I171902 onetrees 
42 Geraldini, Johan Baptist Alfred Carl Victor  22 Jan 1833Vienna, Austria I175335 onetrees 
43 Goldmann, Benjamin  15 Dec 1839Vienna, Austria I132631 onetrees 
44 Jahns, Franziska  15 Dec 1807Vienna, Austria I121855 onetrees 
45 Kaltenborn, Olga von  21 Feb 1902Vienna, Austria I27291 onetrees 
46 Kappus, Margareth Gertraude "Gertie"  2 Jun 1900Vienna, Austria I183889 onetrees 
47 Kiesler, Hedwig "Hedy Lamarr" Eva Maria  Nov 1914Vienna, Austria I250002 onetrees 
48 Kisling, Carl Martin  1728Vienna, Austria I108639 onetrees 
49 Kleen, Else  26 Feb 1882Vienna, Austria I66838 onetrees 
50 Klein, Helena  26 Feb 1905Vienna, Austria I455281 onetrees 
51 Kratz, Elly Hanna Maria  7 Nov 1917Vienna, Austria I440863 onetrees 
52 Kunstadt, Anitta  31 Oct 1915Vienna, Austria I137597 onetrees 
53 Lanner, Anna  16 Nov 1811Vienna, Austria I184841 onetrees 
54 Lanner, August Franz  23 Jul 1808Vienna, Austria I182119 onetrees 
55 Lanner, August Joseph  11 Apr 1833Vienna, Austria I12102 onetrees 
56 Lanner, Augustin Joseph  23 Jan 1835Vienna, Austria I25755 onetrees 
57 Lanner, Catharina Josepha "Katti"  14 Sep 1829Vienna, Austria I161686 onetrees 
58 Lanner, Franz  25 Jan 1774Vienna, Austria I29917 onetrees 
59 Lanner, Franz August  20 Jun 1807Vienna, Austria I180758 onetrees 
60 Lanner, Franziska Caroline Auguste  14 Jan 1836Vienna, Austria I39358 onetrees 
61 Lanner, Heinrich  24 Jan 1804Vienna, Austria I176675 onetrees 
62 Lanner, Ignaz  28 Oct 1805Vienna, Austria I179390 onetrees 
63 Lanner, Joseph  12 Apr 1801Vienna, Austria I188945 onetrees 
64 Lanner, Joseph Ferdinand  23 Jul 1830Vienna, Austria I30365 onetrees 
65 Lanner, Josepha Auguste  21 Dec 1831Vienna, Austria I102056 onetrees 
66 Lanner, Karl  3 Jul 1809Vienna, Austria I191657 onetrees 
67 Lanner, Karl  5 Sep 1810Vienna, Austria I183483 onetrees 
68 Lanner, Karoline  24 Jan 1804Vienna, Austria I178027 onetrees 
69 Lanner, Maria  29 Jan 1814Vienna, Austria I186194 onetrees 
70 Lanner, Susanna  1817Vienna, Austria I187564 onetrees 
71 Leipner, Antonia  19 Jan 1896Vienna, Austria I17090 onetrees 
72 Lenzberg, Gretel  Abt 1895Vienna, Austria I254530 onetrees 
73 Lenzberg, Hermine Friederike "Hertha"  1899Vienna, Austria I254531 onetrees 
74 Lenzberg, Paul Hermann  25 Feb 1901Vienna, Austria I210409 onetrees 
75 Lerche (Lerche), Flemming Ferdinand Harald  2 Jun 1919Vienna, Austria I158129 onetrees 
76 Lerche (Lerche), Thyra Hilda Maria Dagmar  1 Oct 1916Vienna, Austria I164629 onetrees 
77 Lohner-Lanner, Martin Franz  11 Nov 1771Vienna, Austria I188929 onetrees 
78 Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort, Eleonore Maria Anna, Countess of  16 Feb 1686Vienna, Austria I424435 onetrees 
79 Magnus, Helena  11 Feb 1877Vienna, Austria I140283 onetrees 
80 Mandl, Friedrich "Fritz"  9 Feb 1900Vienna, Austria I250005 onetrees 
81 Mandl, Johanna Lina  12 Oct 1873Vienna, Austria I26182 onetrees 
82 Mayer, Christina Louisa   I181027 onetrees 
83 Mayr von Melnhof, Franziska, Baroness  12 Dec 1919Vienna, Austria I175313 onetrees 
84 Møller, Morten   I135670 onetrees 
85 Neergaard (Neergaard), Laura Maria Isabel Bruun de   I183026 onetrees 
86 Neergaard (Neergaard), Marie-Carolin Julie Sophie Bruun de   I183022 onetrees 
87 Neergaard (Neergaard), Sebastian Andreas Vilhelm Bruun de   I183025 onetrees 
88 Neergaard (Neergaard), Stephanie Antonia Elisabeth Bruun de   I183024 onetrees 
89 Paus, Helvig  1909Vienna, Austria I264250 onetrees 
90 Paus, Ole Otto  26 Jun 1910Vienna, Austria I186777 onetrees 
91 Philipsen, Rosaly Pauline Schiødte  24 Jun 1846Vienna, Austria I184957 onetrees 
92 Portugal (Bragança-Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Coburg-Koháry), Fernando II "Ferdinand August", King of  29 Oct 1816Vienna, Austria I189585 onetrees 
93 Reisig, Elsa  1909Vienna, Austria I138622 onetrees 
94 Riedl, Christiane   I163546 onetrees 
95 Rosenhaupt, Blanka Spinner  1917Vienna, Austria I138822 onetrees 
96 Ruzicka, Fritz Georg Hans  27 Apr 1908Vienna, Austria I251520 onetrees 
97 Singer, Emil  23 Jul 1871Vienna, Austria I254537 onetrees 
98 Singer, Friedrich  3 Jul 1869Vienna, Austria I254536 onetrees 
99 Soffer, Marietta  9 May 1922Vienna, Austria I164185 onetrees 
100 Stauffenberg, Helga Friedrike Maria Augusta von   I190602 onetrees 
101 Stein, Gabrielle "Ella"  20 Oct 1883Vienna, Austria I186780 onetrees 
102 Stein, Maria Donata Nanette Pauline Gustave Erwina Wilhelmina "Marion"  18 Oct 1926Vienna, Austria I190523 onetrees 
103 Strauss, Helene Hella  1899Vienna, Austria I250014 onetrees 
104 Stwertka, Olga  20 Nov 1896Vienna, Austria I137401 onetrees 
105 Teck (Württemberg), Royal Lord Franz Paul Karl Ludwig Alexander, Count of Hohenstein, Prince of The Xxx Duke of Teck  27 Aug 1837Vienna, Austria I157987 onetrees 
106 Teck (Württemberg), Frederick Cambridge Württemberg, Prince of  23 Sep 1907Vienna, Austria I217 onetrees 
107 Thorn (Thorn of Austria), Sir Julius "Jules"  6 Feb 1899Vienna, Austria I448558 onetrees 
108 Warburg (Warburg), Anna Maria  5 Apr 1885Vienna, Austria I142313 onetrees 
109 Warburg (Warburg), Stefanie  11 Dec 1885Vienna, Austria I135114 onetrees 
110 Warburg (Warburg), Wilhelmine  7 Jul 1890Vienna, Austria I135112 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Anna "Chane"  Abt 1911Vienna, Austria I210691 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Marie Caroline Christiane Vilhelmine, Comtesse  22 Feb 1842Vienna, Austria I21280 onetrees 
3 Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (Ascania), Viktoria Amalia, Princess of  17 Oct 1817Vienna, Austria I24423 onetrees 
4 Austria (Lorraine), Albrecht Friedrich Rudolph, Archduke of  18 Feb 1895Vienna, Austria I161535 onetrees 
5 Austria (Lorraine), Elisabeth Franziska, Archduchess of  14 Feb 1903Vienna, Austria I150319 onetrees 
6 Austria (Lorraine), Franz II & I, Holy Roman Emperor, King of  2 Mar 1835Vienna, Austria I157599 onetrees 
7 Austria (Lorraine), Joseph II "Joseph Benedict August Johann Anton Michael Adam", Holy Roman Emperor, King of  20 Feb 1790Vienna, Austria I74304 onetrees 
8 Austria (Lorraine), Karl Joseph Emmanuel Johann Nepomuk Anton Prokop, Prince of  18 Jan 1761Vienna, Austria I207426 onetrees 
9 Austria (Lorraine), Karl, Duke of Teschen, Archduke of  30 Apr 1847Vienna, Austria I157655 onetrees 
10 Austria (Lorraine), Leopold II "Peter Leopold Joseph", Holy Roman Emperor, King of  1 Mar 1792Vienna, Austria I19780 onetrees 
11 Austria (Lorraine), Maria Louise, Duchess of Parma, Archduchess of  17 Dec 1847Vienna, Austria I10126 onetrees 
12 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Anna Josephe Antonie Johanna, Princess of  19 Nov 1789Vienna, Austria I207469 onetrees 
13 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Caroline Ernestine Antonie Johanna Josephe, Princess of  25 Jan 1741Vienna, Austria I207468 onetrees 
14 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Christine Johanna Josephe Antonie, Princess of  24 Jun 1798Vienna, Austria I11688 onetrees 
15 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Christine, Princess of  22 Nov 1763Vienna, Austria I206954 onetrees 
16 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Johanna Gabriele Josephe Antonie, Princess of  23 Dec 1762Vienna, Austria I207432 onetrees 
17 Austria (Lorraine), Marie Theresia Elisabeth Philippine Louise Josephe Johanna, Princess of  23 Jan 1770Vienna, Austria I207393 onetrees 
18 Austria (Lorraine), Rainer, Archduke of  27 Jan 1913Vienna, Austria I151568 onetrees 
19 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Ferdinand I, King of  27 Jul 1564Vienna, Austria I13243 onetrees 
20 Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg), Maria Theresia, Queen of  29 Nov 1780Vienna, Austria I11676 onetrees 
21 Austria-Babenberg, Heinrich II Jasomirgott, Duke of Bavaria, Duke of  13 Jan 1177Vienna, Austria I207067 onetrees 
22 Baldwin, Theresia  15 Jul 1801Vienna, Austria I199977 onetrees 
23 Bavaria (Wittelsbach), Charlotte "Caroline" Auguste, Princess of  9 Feb 1873Vienna, Austria I158098 onetrees 
24 Bavaria (Wittelsbach), Marie Josephe Antonie Walburga Felicitas Regula, Princess of  28 May 1767Vienna, Austria I206564 onetrees 
25 Bees and Chrostin, Anna Josephine Stephanie Maria Ludmilla, Baroness von  6 Nov 1901Vienna, Austria I49082 onetrees 
26 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Vilhelm Moritz, Baron  31 Jan 1849Vienna, Austria I111125 onetrees 
27 Bombelles, Louis Philippe, Count of  7 Jul 1843Vienna, Austria I201177 onetrees 
28 Bourbon-Habsburg (Bourbon), Alphonse Carlos de San Jaime,  29 Sep 1936Vienna, Austria I24660 onetrees 
29 Brun, Adelaide "Ida" Caroline Johanne  23 Nov 1857Vienna, Austria I201166 onetrees 
30 Busch, Anna Rosina "Rosalina"  22 Jan 1794Vienna, Austria I194386 onetrees 
31 Cameron (Cameron), Sir Ewen Allan  14 Nov 1937Vienna, Austria I32565 onetrees 
32 Dannhauser, Regina  3 Mar 1924Vienna, Austria I254535 onetrees 
33 Dub, Emmy  4 Jan 1938Vienna, Austria I2534 onetrees 
34 Eckhoff, Christian Conrad Gottlieb Adam  6 May 1899Vienna, Austria I2092 onetrees 
35 Fabricius (Fabricius), Christoph Heinrich Detlev  3 Nov 1880Vienna, Austria I161278 onetrees 
36 Falbe, Christian Boye Magens  7 Apr 1874Vienna, Austria I103094 onetrees 
37 Falbe, Clara Emmeline  18 Nov 1871Vienna, Austria I103539 onetrees 
38 Figdor, Therese  6 Mar 1890Vienna, Austria I14809 onetrees 
39 Friccius von Schilden, Arminia  29 Jan 1878Vienna, Austria I1893 onetrees 
40 Geraldini, Johan Baptist Alfred Carl Victor  8 Dec 1904Vienna, Austria I175335 onetrees 
41 Geraldini, Johann Baptista Fasano  1 Dec 1834Vienna, Austria I179414 onetrees 
42 Gestetner (Gestetner), Selig Aviezer Sigmund  29 Jan 1892Vienna, Austria I14808 onetrees 
43 Greis, Paulien  1967Vienna, Austria I455282 onetrees 
44 Grüner (Grüner), Peter Banker  1683Vienna, Austria I179591 onetrees 
45 Jahns, Franziska  29 Jan 1855Vienna, Austria I121855 onetrees 
46 Klein, Josef  1953Vienna, Austria I455283 onetrees 
47 Koesler, Anna Ira  21 Nov 1846Vienna, Austria I201598 onetrees 
48 Lanner, August Franz  2 Aug 1808Vienna, Austria I182119 onetrees 
49 Lanner, August Joseph  1 Sep 1833Vienna, Austria I12102 onetrees 
50 Lanner, Augustin Joseph  27 Sep 1855Vienna, Austria I25755 onetrees 
51 Lanner, Franz  1819Vienna, Austria I29917 onetrees 
52 Lanner, Franz August  20 Dec 1807Vienna, Austria I180758 onetrees 
53 Lanner, Franziska Caroline Auguste  8 Mar 1853Vienna, Austria I39358 onetrees 
54 Lanner, Heinrich  4 Mar 1804Vienna, Austria I176675 onetrees 
55 Lanner, Ignaz  25 Jan 1806Vienna, Austria I179390 onetrees 
56 Lanner, Johan  1794Vienna, Austria I148237 onetrees 
57 Lanner, Joseph  1819Vienna, Austria I109758 onetrees 
58 Lanner, Joseph  14 Apr 1843Vienna, Austria I188945 onetrees 
59 Lanner, Joseph Ferdinand  5 Feb 1831Vienna, Austria I30365 onetrees 
60 Lanner, Josepha Auguste  8 Jan 1832Vienna, Austria I102056 onetrees 
61 Lanner, Karl  9 Nov 1811Vienna, Austria I183483 onetrees 
62 Lanner, Karl  22 Jul 1909Vienna, Austria I191657 onetrees 
63 Lanner, Karoline  25 Jan 1804Vienna, Austria I178027 onetrees 
64 Lanner, Magdalene  1794Vienna, Austria I147143 onetrees 
65 Lanner, Maria  7 Nov 1819Vienna, Austria I186194 onetrees 
66 Lanner, Peter  3 Jan 1804Vienna, Austria I193024 onetrees 
67 Lanner, Peter  23 Jun 1819Vienna, Austria I47086 onetrees 
68 Lanner, Susanna  24 Aug 1820Vienna, Austria I187564 onetrees 
69 Lanner, Theresia  1819Vienna, Austria I187992 onetrees 
70 Lenzberg, Josef Mordche  11 Apr 1935Vienna, Austria I210411 onetrees 
71 Lenzberg, Selig  Abt 1858Vienna, Austria I210690 onetrees 
72 Lohner-Lanner, Martin Franz  29 Mar 1839Vienna, Austria I188929 onetrees 
73 Mandl, Friedrich "Fritz"  8 Sep 1977Vienna, Austria I250005 onetrees 
74 Manley, Richard Nigel  13 Jan 2010Vienna, Austria I13517 onetrees 
75 Moltke (Moltke), Magnus Theodor, Count  29 Oct 1860Vienna, Austria I148574 onetrees 
76 Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau), Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of  6 Jan 1845Vienna, Austria I146582 onetrees 
77 Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau), Henriette, Princess of  29 Dec 1829Vienna, Austria I158175 onetrees 
78 Parma (Bourbon - Parma), Isabella Marie Luisa Antonietta Ferdinanda Guiseppina Saveria Dominica Giovanna, Princess of Spain, Duchess of  27 Nov 1763Vienna, Austria I24084 onetrees 
79 Philipsohn, Erwin Johann  Vienna, Austria I2550 onetrees 
80 Poland, August III "Albert Casimir August", King of  10 Feb 1822Vienna, Austria I11700 onetrees 
81 Portheim, Franz Edler Porges von  Jun 1906Vienna, Austria I2540 onetrees 
82 Portugal (Bragança), Maria Da Neves de Bragança, Princess of  14 Feb 1941Vienna, Austria I24678 onetrees 
83 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina, Princess of  13 Apr 1807Vienna, Austria I12645 onetrees 
84 Reuss-Köstritz (Reuss), Heinrich Iii, Prince of  7 Jun 1993Vienna, Austria I175314 onetrees 
85 Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Coburg-Koháry (Wettin), Fernando I "Ferdinand Georg August", Duke of  27 Aug 1851Vienna, Austria I189590 onetrees 
86 Sayn-Hachenburg-Kirchberg, Luise Isabelle, Castle, Countess von  6 Jan 1827Vienna, Austria I160222 onetrees 
87 Scherhaut, Maria Anna  15 Jan 1823Vienna, Austria I190294 onetrees 
88 Spain (Bourbon), Maria Ludovica, Princess of  15 May 1792Vienna, Austria I19778 onetrees 
89 Stephani, Wolff Dietrich von  27 Mar 1945Vienna, Austria I45637 onetrees 
90 Sweden (Oldenburg), Amalia, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Princess of  31 Aug 1853Vienna, Austria I25348 onetrees 
91 Two Sicilies (Bourbon), Maria Immaculata Clementina, Princess of  18 Feb 1899Vienna, Austria I155042 onetrees 
92 Ulfeldt (Ulfeldt), Anna Cathrine, Imperial Countess von  1707Vienna, Austria I123420 onetrees 
93 Ullner, Karl Paul Vilhelm  9 Oct 1881Vienna, Austria I194218 onetrees 
94 Unzeitig, Magdalena  28 Oct 1753Vienna, Austria I74276 onetrees 
95 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Frederik "Fritz" Anton, Ruling Count  7 Apr 1811Vienna, Austria I147861 onetrees 
96 Wilhelmine, Elisabeth  18 Feb 1790Vienna, Austria I10088 onetrees 
97 Wilster, Charlotte Auguste Andrea Jacobine de  Abt 1880Vienna, Austria I161280 onetrees 
98 Württemberg (Württemberg), Frederica Elisabeth Amalie, Princess of  24 Nov 1785Vienna, Austria I152828 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dub, Emmy  28 Jan 1938Vienna, Austria I2534 onetrees 
2 Portheim, Franz Edler Porges von  14 Jun 1906Vienna, Austria I2540 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brun, Adelaide "Ida" Caroline Johanne  Vienna, Austria I201166 onetrees 
2 Buchwaldt of Helmstorf (Buchwaldt), Fritz von  Vienna, Austria I169457 onetrees 
3 Carstensen, Carl Christian   I46394 onetrees 
4 Estrup (Estrup 1), Jørgen Frederik Grundtvig   I44335 onetrees 
5 Hindsbøl, Annette Henny Nutzhorn   I171706 onetrees 
6 Kappus, Johann  Vienna, Austria I183891 onetrees 
7 Klein, Josef  Vienna, Austria I455283 onetrees 
8 Moth (Moth), Mathias Paulsen  Vienna, Austria I172076 onetrees 
9 Selby (Selby), Nicholas Tuite, Baron  Vienna, Austria I115584 onetrees 
10 Warburg (Warburg), Ivan Julius  Vienna, Austria I135116 onetrees 
11 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Frederik "Fritz" Anton, Ruling Count  Vienna, Austria I147861 onetrees 
12 Wolf, Hans  Vienna, Austria I2531 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Auersperg (Auersperg) / Auer   F52179 onetrees 
2 Austria (Lorraine) / Austria, Hungary and Bohemia (Habsburg)  12 Feb 1736Vienna, Austria F6421 onetrees 
3 Austria (Lorraine) / Parma (Bourbon - Parma)  6 Oct 1760Vienna, Austria F12600 onetrees 
4 Bavaria (Wittelsbach) / Austria (Lorraine)  20 Feb 1868Vienna, Austria F734 onetrees 
5 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Bees and Chrostin  21 Sep 1872Vienna, Austria F20262 onetrees 
6 Geraldini / Welens  21 Jan 1813Vienna, Austria F75522 onetrees 
7 Gudenus / Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold)  9 Feb 1935Vienna, Austria F67923 onetrees 
8 Hansen / Lie (Lie of Denmark)  27 Feb 1803Vienna, Austria F41384 onetrees 
9 Heilsberger / Mourier-Petersen (Petersen)   F46214 onetrees 
10 Herbst (Herbst) / Stadler   F35365 onetrees 
11 Hänflein / Stwertka  12 Feb 1923Vienna, Austria F45921 onetrees 
12 Lanner / Jahns  24 Nov 1828Vienna, Austria F79584 onetrees 
13 Lascelles (Lascelles) / Collingwood  17 Nov 1978Vienna, Austria F80230 onetrees 
14 Lerche (Lerche) / Grabmayer-Angerheim  10 Jan 1916Vienna, Austria F69164 onetrees 
15 Lohner-Lanner / Scherhaut  7 Apr 1801Vienna, Austria F79577 onetrees 
16 Lund / Mörner of Morlanda (Mörner)   F57173 onetrees 
17 Mayer / Mellentin   F76168 onetrees 
18 Munch-Petersen / Mandl  20 Jul 1899Vienna, Austria F13563 onetrees 
19 Münster von Derneburg / Schaumburg-Lippe (Lippe)  7 Nov 1814Vienna, Austria F42632 onetrees 
20 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Monnagetha and Lerchenau  1804Vienna, Austria F33617 onetrees 
21 Poland / Austria (Lorraine)  8 Apr 1766Vienna, Austria F6433 onetrees 
22 Portheim / Dub  6 Jan 1891Vienna, Austria F837 onetrees 
23 Reventlow (Reventlow) / Althann  1708Vienna, Austria F62903 onetrees 
24 Russia (Oldenburg) / Brassov  Jul 1912Vienna, Austria F66223 onetrees 
25 Two Sicilies (Bourbon) / Austria (Lorraine)  9 Jan 1837Vienna, Austria F65815 onetrees 
26 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor) / Reibnitz   F1095 onetrees 
27 Wagner / Schleswig-Holstein-Sönderburg-Augustenburg (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Sönderburg-Augustenburg)   F93258 onetrees 
28 Warburg (Warburg) / Kern  20 Oct 1884Vienna, Austria F56225 onetrees 
29 Warburg (Warburg) / Ware  14 Dec 1877Vienna, Austria F58040 onetrees 

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