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Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brandt, Rasmus   I385124
2 Christensen, Dusine  9 Jan 1881Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I299081
3 Christiansen, Thora Jensine  24 May 1888Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432104
4 Hermansen, Per Mørch   I294479
5 Holm, Niels Andersen  1604Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I276870
6 Jensen, Inga Kirstine   I298012
7 Jørgensen, Svend Erik Wiederhold   I401798
8 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Else Andersen  Abt 1545Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I155906
9 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Abt 1490Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175486
10 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anne Andersen  Abt 1459Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I95095
11 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Jens Andersen  Between 1456 and 1459Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I176271
12 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Morten Andersen  Abt 1500Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94542
13 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Peder Andersen  Abt 1445Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175434
14 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Peder Andersen  Abt 1510Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94541
15 Larsen, Bent Ødgaard   I297931
16 Lasson (Lassen of Randers), Thøger de  1706Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I183557
17 Mejlholm, Anton   I131663
18 Mejlholm, Harald   I131656
19 Mejlholm, Jørgen   I131661
20 Mejlholm, Olav   I131662
21 Mejlholm, Peder  20 Jul 1910Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I131671
22 Michélsen, Carl Anton   I137362
23 Michélsen, Christen Jensen   I137366
24 Michélsen, Frants Vilhelm Johannes  21 May 1925Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I137381
25 Møldrup, Birgitte Jørgensen  Oct 1645Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I89036
26 Palsgaard (Pedersen), Erikka  17 Nov 1888Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432108
27 Pedersen, Ane Marie Kirstine  18 Nov 1877Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432107
28 Pedersen, Børge  4 Apr 1916Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432101
29 Pedersen, Christian  29 Dec 1885Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432109
30 Pedersen, Christine  14 Nov 1883Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432215
31 Pedersen, Dorthea  6 Aug 1864Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432021
32 Pedersen, Knud Emanuel  15 May 1908Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432103
33 Pedersen, Kristian  16 Nov 1910Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432100
34 Pedersen, Marie Christiane  29 May 1909Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432102
35 Pedersen, Martin Emanuel  14 May 1872Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432062
36 Pedersen, Søren  14 Apr 1880Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432110
37 Petersen, Sørine  18 Nov 1877Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432111
38 Rosenberg, Jørgen Hansen  Oct 1680Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I89033
39 Sørensen, Ane  Abt 1804Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I408962
40 Sørensen, Kaj Bruno   I297939
41 Terkildsen, Mariane  Abt 1830Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I408965
42 Valeur (Valeur), Jens Gleerup  16 May 1805Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I116917


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175486
2 Palsgaard (Pedersen), Erikka  22 Apr 1889Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432108
3 Pedersen, Ane Marie Kirstine  28 Jul 1878Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432107
4 Pedersen, Christian  26 Apr 1886Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432109
5 Pedersen, Knud Emanuel  14 Aug 1908Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432103
6 Pedersen, Kristian  1 Oct 1911Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432100
7 Pedersen, Marie Christiane  13 Feb 1910Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432102
8 Pedersen, Martin Emanuel  27 Oct 1872Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432062
9 Pedersen, Søren  7 Nov 1880Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432110
10 Petersen, Sørine  28 Jul 1878Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432111


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Søren  Abt Apr 1664Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I276311
2 Hørby, Maren Bertelsen Vesterbæk  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I168810
3 Kjærulf (Kiermet - Skriver), Jacob Sørensen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94521
4 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Abt 1577Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175486
5 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Peder Andersen  Abt 1570Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94541
6 Lykke (Lyche), Kirstine Jespersen  Nov 1803Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I111587
7 Møldrup, Jørgen Jacobsen  Oct 1679Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I89035
8 Pedersen, Martin Emanuel  27 Nov 1944Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432062
9 Rosenberg, Hans Tøgersen  18 May 1709Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I89041


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gleerup (Gleerup), Jens Jacobsen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I111588
2 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175486
3 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Abt 1458Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I36275
4 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Peder Andersen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94541
5 Krage, Jørgine Jensen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I94593
6 Lasson (Lassen of Randers), Peder Thøgersen de of Danish Rødslet  31 Jan 1737Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I64421
7 Thorup, Christen Jensen  10 Jul 1903Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I83391


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kjærulf (Kiermet), Anders Andersen  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I175486
2 Mejlholm, Peder  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I131671
3 Michélsen, Frants Vilhelm  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I137407
4 Pedersen, Martin Emanuel  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I432062
5 Valeur (Valeur), Christian  Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark I116918


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Krogsgaard / Larsen  1 Jul 1932Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark F154581
2 Rosenberg / Møldrup  19 Sep 1675Vadum, North Jutland, Denmark F40155

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