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Uppsala, Sweden



Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (N-A), Cecilia  Abt 1024Uppsala, Sweden I254382 onetrees 
2 Ahnfeldt-Rønne, Anders   I88968 onetrees 
3 Akrell, Carl Fredrik  3 Jan 1779Uppsala, Sweden I461434 onetrees 
4 Almkvist, Allan Lison  19 Jan 1884Uppsala, Sweden I140814 onetrees 
5 Barringer, Charlotta Birgit   I190912 onetrees 
6 Bendixon, Sonja  28 May 1885Uppsala, Sweden I140410 onetrees 
7 Bengtsen (Björnlaar), Märta  Between 10 Jan 1429 and 10 Jan 1432Uppsala, Sweden I238264 onetrees 
8 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Anna Christine, Countess   I26926 onetrees 
9 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Carl Folke, Count   I26925 onetrees 
10 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Gunnar Fredrik, Count   I26698 onetrees 
11 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Maria Estelle, Countess   I26923 onetrees 
12 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Ockie, Count   I26593 onetrees 
13 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), William, Count   I26596 onetrees 
14 Colbjörnsen, Bjarne Johansson  21 May 1895Uppsala, Sweden I146749 onetrees 
15 Dyrberg, Ella  3 Nov 1890Uppsala, Sweden I174665 onetrees 
16 Erichson, Ida O  Uppsala, Sweden I24300 onetrees 
17 Ernfors, Hans Styrbjørn   I82472 onetrees 
18 Ernfors, Ragnar Torbjørn  2 Oct 1901Uppsala, Sweden I82433 onetrees 
19 Ewerlöf, Elsa Kerstin  21 Jan 1920Uppsala, Sweden I161083 onetrees 
20 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), Staffan   I141065 onetrees 
21 Giertz, John Magnus Bernhard  22 Jul 1904Uppsala, Sweden I113866 onetrees 
22 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Sonderhausen), Ditte Bentzon   I90057 onetrees 
23 Hahr, Nils  24 Apr 1895Uppsala, Sweden I140602 onetrees 
24 Hartnack, Birgitte   I168511 onetrees 
25 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Brita  18 Dec 1917Uppsala, Sweden I140785 onetrees 
26 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Elsa   I140777 onetrees 
27 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Per Hugo   I140778 onetrees 
28 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Viveka  27 Oct 1919Uppsala, Sweden I140780 onetrees 
29 Hierta, Lars Johan  23 Jan 1801Uppsala, Sweden I251922 onetrees 
30 Hjorth, Ole   I138728 onetrees 
31 Jarl (Munksö), Helena Torildsen  Abt 1070Uppsala, Sweden I208113 onetrees 
32 Jarl (Munksö), Torild Totilsson  Abt 1020Uppsala, Sweden I206442 onetrees 
33 Johansson, Ernst Axel  1 May 1890Uppsala, Sweden I140762 onetrees 
34 Kanger, Kim   I169119 onetrees 
35 Lagercrantz, Siri Agneta Charlotte   I140258 onetrees 
36 Lagercrantz, Ulla Marianne Henriette   I140257 onetrees 
37 Lamm, Herman Edvard  1 Apr 1918Uppsala, Sweden I140350 onetrees 
38 Lamm, Karin Viviane  28 Nov 1910Uppsala, Sweden I140360 onetrees 
39 Larson, Sten Erik  18 Aug 1914Uppsala, Sweden I140784 onetrees 
40 Lindander, Johan Otto   I171426 onetrees 
41 Lindander, Otto August   I171425 onetrees 
42 Lindsten, Karin   I26594 onetrees 
43 Maansen, Katherine  6 Nov 1550Uppsala, Sweden I21149 onetrees 
44 Maré (Maré), Jan Magnus de   I140195 onetrees 
45 Moltke (Moltke), Cornelia Alexandra, Comtesse   I184971 onetrees 
46 Nisell, Olof Fredrik   I125209 onetrees 
47 Nobel (Nobel), Immanuel  22 Nov 1757Uppsala, Sweden I448509 onetrees 
48 Nobelius (Nobel), Olof  31 Dec 1706Uppsala, Sweden I448507 onetrees 
49 Persson, Victoria Britt-Mari   I17139 onetrees 
50 Pettersson, Hedvig Maria Emilia  16 Feb 1884Uppsala, Sweden I131075 onetrees 
51 Rudbeck, Vendela  1668Uppsala, Sweden I448501 onetrees 
52 Schmidt, Peter Petersen  1747Uppsala, Sweden I117656 onetrees 
53 Svedberg, Hillevi  20 Dec 1910Uppsala, Sweden I230889 onetrees 
54 Sweden (Munksö), Björn IV Eriksson, King of  Abt 890Uppsala, Sweden I204200 onetrees 
55 Sweden (Munksö), Emund Ii, King of  995Uppsala, Sweden I204213 onetrees 
56 Sweden (Munksö), Erik Viii, Prince  Between 945 and 950Uppsala, Sweden I204204 onetrees 
57 Sweden (Munksö), Kristina Ingesson, Princess of  Abt 1078Uppsala, Sweden I207875 onetrees 
58 Sweden (Munksö), Olaf I Eriksson, King of  980Uppsala, Sweden I204115 onetrees 
59 Wahlgren, Sten Gustaf Sverker  19 Oct 1905Uppsala, Sweden I140576 onetrees 
60 Wang, Jannicke "Janne"   I142006 onetrees 
61 Wang, Mette   I142001 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banér (Brune), Gustaf Axelsson  6 Apr 1642Uppsala, Sweden I238742 onetrees 
2 Bengtsson, Jöns  Abt 31 Dec 1399Uppsala, Sweden I238708 onetrees 
3 Bonde (Bonde of Laihela), Gustaf  1656Uppsala, Sweden I238842 onetrees 
4 Falkensten, Nils  Dec 1666Uppsala, Sweden I236064 onetrees 
5 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Agneta Catharina  5 Nov 1804Uppsala, Sweden I460335 onetrees 
6 Gardie (Gardie), Catharina  1680Uppsala, Sweden I237855 onetrees 
7 Haard (Haard of Segerstad), Fredrik Georg  18 Apr 1746Uppsala, Sweden I234987 onetrees 
8 Heckscher, Gunnar Edvard  24 Nov 1987Uppsala, Sweden I134874 onetrees 
9 Hedenius, Ingemar  1982Uppsala, Sweden I118218 onetrees 
10 Johansson, Karl Ferdinand  9 Dec 1926Uppsala, Sweden I189754 onetrees 
11 Lagercrantz, Carl Otto  Jan 1938Uppsala, Sweden I140262 onetrees 
12 Magnus, Siri Elise  17 Apr 1944Uppsala, Sweden I140263 onetrees 
13 Manville, Estelle Romaine  28 May 1984Uppsala, Sweden I37281 onetrees 
14 Nobelius (Nobel), Olof  18 Feb 1760Uppsala, Sweden I448507 onetrees 
15 Nobelius (Nobel), Peter Olaf  1707Uppsala, Sweden I448506 onetrees 
16 Poulsen, Vibeke Inga  17 Jan 1941Uppsala, Sweden I187149 onetrees 
17 Rudbeck, Olof  17 Sep 1702Uppsala, Sweden I448500 onetrees 
18 Rudbeck, Vendela  1710Uppsala, Sweden I448501 onetrees 
19 Sweden (Munksö), Emund Ii, King of  Abt 1060Uppsala, Sweden I204213 onetrees 
20 Wiehe, Karen Marie  17 Sep 1940Uppsala, Sweden I148284 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jönsson (Oxenstierna), Bengt  Uppsala, Sweden I238271 onetrees 
2 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Sten Eriksson, Baron Av Gräfsnäs,  1568Uppsala, Sweden I238413 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Borup, Lise   I132933 onetrees 
2 Dyrberg, Jonas  Uppsala, Sweden I174666 onetrees 
3 Frykman, Erik   I198120 onetrees 
4 Heckscher, Ella Bertha Amalia  Uppsala, Sweden I134870 onetrees 
5 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Harald John  Uppsala, Sweden I140787 onetrees 
6 Hofman-Bang (Bang), Ove Malling  Uppsala, Sweden I146026 onetrees 
7 Johansson, Karl Ferdinand  Uppsala, Sweden I189754 onetrees 
8 Kanger, Stig   I169108 onetrees 
9 Lagercrantz, Carl Otto  Uppsala, Sweden I140262 onetrees 
10 Pedersen, Kai Olof  Uppsala, Sweden I192873 onetrees 
11 Persson, Axel W  Uppsala, Sweden I17161 onetrees 
12 Stendahl, Krister Olofsson   I138684 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bendixon / Sohlman  16 Nov 1883Uppsala, Sweden F57970 onetrees 
2 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte) / Lindsten   F44053 onetrees 
3 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg) / Petrelius  7 Aug 1943Uppsala, Sweden F58185 onetrees 
4 Jarl (Munksö) / (N-A)  Abt 1044Uppsala, Sweden F105504 onetrees 
5 Kanger / Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde)   F71150 onetrees 
6 Kiev (Rurikids) / Sweden (Munksö)  Abt 1095Uppsala, Sweden F84904 onetrees 
7 Philipson / Bäckström  6 Apr 1932Uppsala, Sweden F57937 onetrees 
8 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik) / Banér (Brune)  11 Oct 1617Uppsala, Sweden F97949 onetrees 
9 Sweden (Munksö) / Jarl (Munksö)  Abt 1074Uppsala, Sweden F85773 onetrees 
10 Ulv / Styke (Stygge)  Abt 1429Uppsala, Sweden F97903 onetrees 

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