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Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 212 of 212

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ammentorp, Christian Ditlev  27 Dec 1759Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I42723 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Eva  18 May 1905Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I162116 onetrees 
3 Asch, Laura Marianne  10 May 1855Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48745 onetrees 
4 Asch, Marie Sophie Amalie  13 May 1847Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48747 onetrees 
5 Asch, Søren Christian Lauritz  5 Jul 1851Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48746 onetrees 
6 Bagger, Anna Olufsen  1700Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I107609 onetrees 
7 Baltzarson, Jacob  Abt 1677Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I107870 onetrees 
8 Bendixen, Andreas Eske Carl  11 Sep 1832Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I114430 onetrees 
9 Bendixen, Christian Fischer  1844Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125257 onetrees 
10 Bendixen, Christine Amalie  21 Oct 1840Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I44720 onetrees 
11 Bendixen, Elise  1838Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125259 onetrees 
12 Bendixen, Hans Ditlev  1842Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125258 onetrees 
13 Bendixen, Magdalene  9 Mar 1852Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I158399 onetrees 
14 Biering (Biering of Funen), Gustav  31 Mar 1909Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I239098 onetrees 
15 Bjørum, Johannes Jensen  13 Jun 1878Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I244615 onetrees 
16 Bonne, Abelone Marie "Minna"  12 Oct 1856Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I199605 onetrees 
17 Brock (Schierbeck), Niels Pedersen  1661Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I47246 onetrees 
18 Brorson (Brorson), Barbara Agnethe Olesen  22 Nov 1752Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I157725 onetrees 
19 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Adolph Christian  17 Oct 1776Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188442 onetrees 
20 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Hans Nicolaj  20 Jan 1783Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188479 onetrees 
21 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Jens Jacob  6 Apr 1778Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188454 onetrees 
22 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Malthe Conrad  12 Aug 1775Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188430 onetrees 
23 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Palle Fridrich  Abt Apr 1781Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188466 onetrees 
24 Brændgaard, Arne Willaume   I81282 onetrees 
25 Brøndlund, Mariane  13 Apr 1789Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I173178 onetrees 
26 Bülow (Bülow), Anton Martinus von  24 Jun 1838Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125338 onetrees 
27 Bülow (Bülow), Emil Faye von  22 Jul 1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I121604 onetrees 
28 Bülow (Bülow), Evarine Nicoline Betty von  9 Nov 1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125327 onetrees 
29 Caroc, Johan Herman Rudolph  12 Dec 1822Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I162230 onetrees 
30 Casparsgaard, Claus Clausen  9 Mar 1738Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I148784 onetrees 
31 Christensen, Carl Ernst  25 May 1837Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I146197 onetrees 
32 Christensen, Caroline Sophie  7 Jun 1845Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80827 onetrees 
33 Christensen, Clara Wilhelmine Dorthea  29 Dec 1843Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80828 onetrees 
34 Christensen, Elisabeth Cathrine  13 Dec 1882Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I187006 onetrees 
35 Christensen, Harald Odin  31 Aug 1833Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81177 onetrees 
36 Christensen, Julius Georg  6 Jan 1841Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82210 onetrees 
37 Christensen, Ludvig Anton  21 Aug 1842Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82208 onetrees 
38 Christensen, Mariane  1808Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I122976 onetrees 
39 Christensen, Niels Christian  20 Nov 1804Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85876 onetrees 
40 Christensen, Peder  1719Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I99457 onetrees 
41 Christensen, Theodor  16 Apr 1839Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82211 onetrees 
42 Christensen, Waldemar  30 Oct 1835Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82212 onetrees 
43 Christensen, Wilhelm Christian  5 Mar 1831Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82213 onetrees 
44 Christoffersen, Arne Villaume   I81288 onetrees 
45 Christoffersen, Carl  27 Dec 1891Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81291 onetrees 
46 Christoffersen, Estrid Villaume   I81286 onetrees 
47 Christoffersen, Gustava Agnete Villaume  26 Jul 1917Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81290 onetrees 
48 Christoffersen, Hans Jørgen Willaume   I81285 onetrees 
49 Christoffersen, Kjeld Villaume   I81272 onetrees 
50 Christoffersen, Sonja Villaume   I81273 onetrees 
51 Cortsen, Sophie Charlotte  20 Feb 1768Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78778 onetrees 
52 Dahl, Arthur  6 Sep 1898Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I74029 onetrees 
53 Dahl, Ejnar  22 Mar 1872Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92088 onetrees 
54 Dahlgaard, Anne Jensen  5 Feb 1823Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I47218 onetrees 
55 Dam, Immanuel  14 Nov 1876Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I141554 onetrees 
56 Dybeck, Nina   I246564 onetrees 
57 Eschildsen, Inger  22 Dec 1748Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78225 onetrees 
58 Eyber, Niels Schack  10 Dec 1858Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I187042 onetrees 
59 Falch, Oluf "Ole" Hansen  25 Jan 1705Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I108076 onetrees 
60 Fenger, Gustav Jéhan  20 Jan 1887Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I177535 onetrees 
61 Fischer, Jacob Hermann   I141377 onetrees 
62 Fischer (Fischer of Denmark), Johan Arnold Peter de  4 Mar 1891Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I21187 onetrees 
63 Fogh (Fogh), Giertrud  1 Dec 1748Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I115568 onetrees 
64 Fogh (Fogh), Ingeborg Cathrine  1748Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I115565 onetrees 
65 Fogh (Fogh), Magdalene Sophie  15 Aug 1755Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I115564 onetrees 
66 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Peder Lauritzen  1680Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I243903 onetrees 
67 Frandsen, Inge  17 Jan 1894Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I182255 onetrees 
68 Friis, Anne Marie  4 Aug 1794Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I171376 onetrees 
69 Friis, Fredrik Christian Tibern  1828Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I114061 onetrees 
70 Friis (Friis of Copenhagen), Frederik Ferdinand Gottlieb  1827Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I167118 onetrees 
71 Friis (Friis of Copenhagen), Johanne Sophie  1824Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I114062 onetrees 
72 Friis (Friis of Copenhagen), Margrethe Charlotte  1830Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I114060 onetrees 
73 Friis (Friis of Copenhagen), Petrine Vilmine  1831Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I114059 onetrees 
74 Fuglsang, Søren Christian Andersen  21 Jan 1807Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78809 onetrees 
75 Fuglsang-Frederiksen, Thomas Christian  17 Dec 1902Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I87748 onetrees 
76 Gad (Gad of Norway), Johan Henrik "Henry" Theodor  18 Mar 1858Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104132 onetrees 
77 Gad (Gad of Norway), Niels Aage  10 Sep 1859Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104288 onetrees 
78 Galster, Anne Lise Castonier  22 Feb 1906Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I133104 onetrees 
79 Galster, Johan Georg Castonier  9 Apr 1910Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I79656 onetrees 
80 Grønkjær, Ellen Margrethe   I54480 onetrees 
81 Grønlund, Christian  1846Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191303 onetrees 
82 Gylstorff, Johan Peter  13 Dec 1868Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I118249 onetrees 
83 Haarup, Aneline Axelsen  Abt 1854Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306823 onetrees 
84 Hansen, Erik Møller   I52099 onetrees 
85 Hansen, Frederik Carl Christian  8 Feb 1858Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I144207 onetrees 
86 Hansen, Gyda Evald   I225891 onetrees 
87 Heiberg (Heiberg), Astrid  25 Nov 1877Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I199603 onetrees 
88 Holm (Holm of Lindholm), Niels Terpager  3 Mar 1890Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I87875 onetrees 
89 Holm (Holm of Lindholm), Poul Christian  20 Mar 1804Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I143735 onetrees 
90 Holm (Holm of Vadum), Jacob Nielsen  1615Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92392 onetrees 
91 Holst, Frantsine Kirstine  18 Apr 1808Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I157740 onetrees 
92 Holst, Lars Hilmann  1763Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191867 onetrees 
93 Holst, Laura Cathrine  29 Aug 1819Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191718 onetrees 
94 Horrebow, Thomas Pedersen  27 Sep 1719Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92282 onetrees 
95 Hvide (Hvide), Sophie Andersen  1290Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I207487 onetrees 
96 Høj (Høj of Høruphav), Emilie "Mille" Haaning  24 Feb 1937Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I143693 onetrees 
97 Iversen, Jørgen Vilhelm  15 Feb 1911Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I145933 onetrees 
98 Jensen, Dorte Marie   I16746 onetrees 
99 Jensen, Ellen Marie Kirstine  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I167064 onetrees 
100 Jensen, Esther Carla  26 Apr 1907Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I246401 onetrees 
101 Jensen, Hanne   I16749 onetrees 
102 Jensen, Henning Wienberg  8 Jun 1915Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I16751 onetrees 
103 Jermiin, Johan Sommer   I16492 onetrees 
104 Jermiin, Lars Sommer   I16493 onetrees 
105 Jespersen, Hans   I136106 onetrees 
106 Jørck, Birte   I181576 onetrees 
107 Jørgensen, Mariane Kathrine  14 Aug 1870Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I253570 onetrees 
108 Kabell (Kabell), Nicolai Toft  1 Jun 1801Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120726 onetrees 
109 Kappel, Ekkard  19 Nov 1879Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94147 onetrees 
110 Kiilerich, Søren Christensen  6 Dec 1830Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I243043 onetrees 
111 Knudsen, Karen Margrethe   I154139 onetrees 
112 Kristiansen, Ingeborg Dybeck   I246427 onetrees 
113 Kruse, Frederik Louis Vinding  30 Jul 1880Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I38230 onetrees 
114 Kyllesbech, Frederik Andreas  1794Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94044 onetrees 
115 Larsen, Niels Kristian  9 Feb 1885Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I93465 onetrees 
116 Lauridsen, Allan Rølle   I61644 onetrees 
117 Lauridsen, Keld Rølle   I61645 onetrees 
118 Lauridsen, Ulrik Gøttrup   I61646 onetrees 
119 Lomborg, Rigmor  12 Jul 1897Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I139180 onetrees 
120 Lund, Mette Christine  1772Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I115559 onetrees 
121 Madsen, Gregers  1 Jan 1753Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I66038 onetrees 
122 Metz Maegaard, Troels   I135763 onetrees 
123 Mikkelsen, Katrina  2 Mar 1864Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I46769 onetrees 
124 Møgelvang, Aaseline  Abt 1833Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306814 onetrees 
125 Møgelvang, Augusta  30 Sep 1859Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306820 onetrees 
126 Møgelvang, Peder Christian  25 Nov 1856Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306821 onetrees 
127 Nannestad, Anna Cathrine  9 Oct 1840Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I169293 onetrees 
128 Nannestad, Elisabeth Henrikke  1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I106370 onetrees 
129 Nannestad, Sophie Charlotte Cathrine  1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I106371 onetrees 
130 Nielsen, Adolph  30 Sep 1875Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I5256 onetrees 
131 Nielsen, Agnes Margrethe  31 May 1913Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I35284 onetrees 
132 Nielsen, Ane  1751Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112960 onetrees 
133 Nielsen, Carl Peter Vilhelm  8 Jun 1872Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I5246 onetrees 
134 Nielsen, Carl Wilhelm  12 Feb 1902Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I3576 onetrees 
135 Nielsen, Charles Konrad "Conrad"  14 Sep 1866Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I83434 onetrees 
136 Nielsen, Henrik   I60193 onetrees 
137 Nielsen, Jens Leonard Strange  27 Dec 1908Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78469 onetrees 
138 Nielsen, Julius Villiam  Abt 1863Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I5232 onetrees 
139 Nissen, Peter  6 Jul 1912Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I93724 onetrees 
140 Noes, Jens Henrik   I63067 onetrees 
141 Noes, Richard   I62741 onetrees 
142 Nordentoft, Ane Marie  27 Feb 1864Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I87957 onetrees 
143 Nordentoft, Knud  9 Mar 1895Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82833 onetrees 
144 Nørgaard, Jens Breinholt  7 Jun 1875Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I50525 onetrees 
145 Olesen, Niels Christian  19 Oct 1888Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I116720 onetrees 
146 Paulin, Jacob Thisted  Abt 1620Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I244209 onetrees 
147 Paulsen (Paulsen), Gustav de  22 Jul 1895Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I164702 onetrees 
148 Pedersen, Vita   I233004 onetrees 
149 Petersen, Ingeborg Lovisa  3 Aug 1869Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I166039 onetrees 
150 Plum (Plum), Henrik Nicolai  21 Sep 1851Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I181221 onetrees 
151 Plum (Plum), Marie Sophie  2 May 1849Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I181209 onetrees 
152 Plum (Plum), Sophus Munk  19 Aug 1847Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I169008 onetrees 
153 Plum (Plum), Theodor Immanuel Paul Ferdinand  31 May 1853Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I181233 onetrees 
154 Poulsen, Elna  6 Oct 1900Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I38005 onetrees 
155 Praëm, Cai Madsen  Abt 1665Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I107009 onetrees 
156 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Christine Jacobine  1808Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120248 onetrees 
157 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Karine Hedevig  1806Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120247 onetrees 
158 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Peter Christian  1724Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I44554 onetrees 
159 Prytz (Prytz), Carl Vilhelm  21 Mar 1857Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94764 onetrees 
160 Prytz (Prytz), Emanuel  27 Apr 1846Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94501 onetrees 
161 Prytz (Prytz), Peter Kristian  10 Sep 1807Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94224 onetrees 
162 Prytz (Prytz), Peter Kristian  26 Feb 1851Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I94635 onetrees 
163 Rocho, Johanne Christensen  Abt 1715Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I159948 onetrees 
164 Rosenberg, Barbara Pedersen  27 Dec 1661Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I148234 onetrees 
165 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Fritz Iver Verner Christian, Baron  20 Aug 1850Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104814 onetrees 
166 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Gunde Jørgen Holger Carl, Baron  16 Apr 1846Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104803 onetrees 
167 Saltensee (Saltensee), Arine Nielsen  1287Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I207434 onetrees 
168 Schibsted, Christen  1795Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112840 onetrees 
169 Schibsted, Jens Christian  1794Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112841 onetrees 
170 Schibsted, Peder  1755Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112843 onetrees 
171 Schibsted, Poul Mathis  1796Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112844 onetrees 
172 Schiøtz (Schiøtz), Theodora Ammitzbøl  5 Nov 1878Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I16743 onetrees 
173 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Anne Marie Friderichsen  7 Oct 1711Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276733 onetrees 
174 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johan Friderichsen  22 Dec 1709Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276785 onetrees 
175 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johanne Friderichsen  21 Dec 1712Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276734 onetrees 
176 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Maren Friderichsen  20 Sep 1715Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I241086 onetrees 
177 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Uldrich Christian Friderichsen  1 Nov 1708Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276786 onetrees 
178 Schulin (Schulin), Knud Vilhelm, Count  20 Sep 1894Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I122594 onetrees 
179 Schulin (Schulin), Oscar Erik Julius, Count  7 May 1897Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82908 onetrees 
180 Schulin (Schulin), Sigismund, Ruling Count  14 Oct 1892Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I83032 onetrees 
181 Schütten, Ane Jacobine  1833Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120245 onetrees 
182 Schütten, Antonette Fransine  1838Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120237 onetrees 
183 Schütten, Christopher  1790Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120246 onetrees 
184 Schütten, Daniel Christian  1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120244 onetrees 
185 Schütten, Georgine Elisabeth  1835Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120238 onetrees 
186 Schütten, Johannes  1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120236 onetrees 
187 Skaarup, Cathrine  17 Nov 1859Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I153273 onetrees 
188 Skov, Bertha Johanne  22 Jul 1875Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I264196 onetrees 
189 Skovsted, Niels Jensen  1726Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I33941 onetrees 
190 Sloth, Gert Svanborg   I53714 onetrees 
191 Sommer, Anne Margrethe Nielsen  1 Jul 1735Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I151394 onetrees 
192 Sommer, Marie Dorthea Nielsen  7 Aug 1745Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276957 onetrees 
193 Steenbrygger, Ane Kirstine  Abt 1839Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I122971 onetrees 
194 Steenbrygger, Christine "Stine"  1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I122972 onetrees 
195 Steenbrygger, Mette  1832Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I122975 onetrees 
196 Steenbrygger, Thorbine  1837Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I101296 onetrees 
197 Steenstrup (Vogelius), Mathias Georg Gotthilf  22 Jul 1822Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I170149 onetrees 
198 Stiegaard, Elisabeth Marie  1768Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112935 onetrees 
199 Stiegaard, Inger Dorothea  1775Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112934 onetrees 
200 Stiegaard, Lauritz Wadum  1774Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112942 onetrees 
201 Sørensen, Lauritz  1803Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112845 onetrees 
202 Tachau, Charlotte  2 Nov 1870Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I136260 onetrees 
203 Tachau, Martin Holger  19 Jul 1876Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I136700 onetrees 
204 Tarp, Svend Erik  6 Aug 1908Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I43260 onetrees 
205 Topsøe-Jensen, Vilhelm  14 Jun 1874Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I43499 onetrees 
206 Tømmerup, Erik Christian  1783Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I116189 onetrees 
207 Vadum, Mette Elisabeth  1740Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112936 onetrees 
208 Villaume, Ingeborg  6 Jun 1885Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82172 onetrees 
209 Warming, Søren   I141833 onetrees 
210 Wittendorff, Gerhard Andreas  27 Jan 1821Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I135132 onetrees 
211 Wolf, Marie Elisabeth Colding  1919Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I139504 onetrees 
212 Zahrtmann (Zahrtmann), Heinrich Christian  28 Feb 1762Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I86408 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bendixen, Christine Amalie  6 Jan 1841Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I44720 onetrees 
2 Biering (Biering of Funen), Gustav  20 May 1909Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I239098 onetrees 
3 Christensen, Carl Ernst  29 Jul 1837Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I146197 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Caroline Sophie  23 Sep 1845Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80827 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Clara Wilhelmine Dorthea  20 Apr 1844Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80828 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Harald Odin  19 Oct 1833Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81177 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Julius Georg  15 May 1841Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82210 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Ludvig Anton  21 Nov 1842Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82208 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Niels Christian  27 Jan 1805Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85876 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Theodor  21 Jun 1839Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82211 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Waldemar  19 Mar 1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82212 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Wilhelm Christian  12 Apr 1831Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82213 onetrees 
13 Christoffersen, Carl  12 Apr 1892Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81291 onetrees 
14 Dybeck, Nina   I246564 onetrees 
15 Fuglsang, Søren Christian Andersen  15 Mar 1807Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78809 onetrees 
16 Gad (Gad of Norway), Johan Henrik "Henry" Theodor  5 Jun 1858Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104132 onetrees 
17 Hillerslev, Thøger Pedersen  17 May 1761Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I79794 onetrees 
18 Høj (Høj of Høruphav), Emilie "Mille" Haaning  4 Jun 1937Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I143693 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Maren  17 Apr 1825Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82015 onetrees 
20 Jeppesen, Martinus  14 Dec 1884Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85350 onetrees 
21 Kristiansen, Ingeborg Dybeck   I246427 onetrees 
22 Lauritsen, Poul  14 Feb 1789Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85084 onetrees 
23 Møgelvang, Augusta  18 Dec 1859Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306820 onetrees 
24 Møgelvang, Peder Christian  20 Mar 1857Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306821 onetrees 
25 Nielsen, Carl Peter Vilhelm  19 Jul 1872Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I5246 onetrees 
26 Nielsen, Charles Konrad "Conrad"  11 Nov 1866Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I83434 onetrees 
27 Nielsen, Jens Leonard Strange  21 Mar 1909Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78469 onetrees 
28 Nordentoft, Iver  13 Nov 1898Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82830 onetrees 
29 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johanne Friderichsen  29 Dec 1712Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276734 onetrees 
30 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Uldrich Christian Friderichsen  9 Nov 1708Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276786 onetrees 
31 Sommer, Anders Nielsen  26 Oct 1729Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276953 onetrees 
32 Sommer, Anne Margrethe Nielsen  6 Jul 1735Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I151394 onetrees 
33 Sommer, Marie Dorthea Nielsen  15 Aug 1745Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276957 onetrees 
34 Villaume, Ernst Eberhard Ernstsen  2 Apr 1854Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85193 onetrees 
35 Villaume, Ingeborg  23 Aug 1885Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82172 onetrees 
36 Villaume, Karoline Sophie Ernstsen  13 Jul 1851Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I84778 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asch, Marie Sophie Amalie  21 Jan 1894Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48747 onetrees 
2 Asch, Sophie Amalie  12 Aug 1855Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48750 onetrees 
3 Asch, Søren Christian Lauritz  2 Apr 1882Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48746 onetrees 
4 Bak, Anne Christine Mortine  7 Dec 1954Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85541 onetrees 
5 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Jørgen Qvistgaard  6 Jun 1995Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I173985 onetrees 
6 Bendixen, Frederik Carl  28 Jul 1872Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I158411 onetrees 
7 Blædel, Charlotte Elisabeth  5 Mar 1893Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I180114 onetrees 
8 Boddum, Claus Andersen  Abt 1677Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I277262 onetrees 
9 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Hans Nicolaj  22 Jan 1783Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188479 onetrees 
10 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Palle Fridrich  Abt Aug 1782Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I188466 onetrees 
11 Bülow (Bülow), Evarine Nicoline Betty von  17 Jun 1937Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I125327 onetrees 
12 Carstensen, Ane Cathrine  24 Apr 1868Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I159899 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Christen  Abt 1964Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I86245 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Christine Marie  11 Nov 1942Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I35283 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Niels Christian  5 Nov 1846Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85876 onetrees 
16 Eschildsen, Inger  3 May 1778Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78225 onetrees 
17 Faye, Gerhard Andreas  10 Mar 1845Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I157774 onetrees 
18 Fogh (Fogh), Lauritz Davidsen  29 May 1770Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I153134 onetrees 
19 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Peder Lauritzen  Nov 1680Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I243903 onetrees 
20 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Elise Christine  30 Nov 1884Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I67662 onetrees 
21 Gad (Gad of Norway), Henrik "Henry" Theodor  3 Oct 1860Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104154 onetrees 
22 Heide-Jørgensen, Karen  1991Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I63095 onetrees 
23 Heurlin, Ester  29 Aug 1997Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I246700 onetrees 
24 Holst, Lars Hilmann  1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191867 onetrees 
25 Høyer (Gundersen), Christen Hansen  19 Apr 1806Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I143748 onetrees 
26 Illum (Illum of Faaborg), Anna Marie Pedersen  Nov 1808Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I21204 onetrees 
27 Jensen, Gudrun Marie Frost  12 May 1997Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I3574 onetrees 
28 Kabell (Kabell), Ernst Frederik  6 Nov 1903Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120694 onetrees 
29 Kirk, Jens Jensen  11 May 1811Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80563 onetrees 
30 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Ellen Marie  6 Apr 2011Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I227593 onetrees 
31 Krarup (Krarup of Viborg), Hans Christian Mathias  22 Feb 1930Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I91861 onetrees 
32 Kristensen, Susanne  22 Oct 1999Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I165398 onetrees 
33 Købke (Købke), Petronelle Thomasen  26 Jun 1731Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I107008 onetrees 
34 Lemvigh (Lemvigh), Otto  24 Aug 1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I174524 onetrees 
35 Madsen, Voldborg  27 Mar 1795Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82380 onetrees 
36 Mehren, Mariane Emelie Augusta von  1848Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I158424 onetrees 
37 Michaelsen, Marcus Christian Vilhelm  20 Jun 1855Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I198878 onetrees 
38 Moldrup (Moldrup), Hieronymus Peter de  1811Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I116695 onetrees 
39 Nielsen, Abelone Margrethe Clausine  18 Mar 1890Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I87880 onetrees 
40 Nielsen, Carl Wilhelm  6 Dec 1947Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I3576 onetrees 
41 Nygaard (Nygaard of Nygaard), Thyge Jesper  4 Oct 1869Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I160826 onetrees 
42 Olivarius (Olivarius), Frederik Vilhelm  23 Jul 1890Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I230202 onetrees 
43 Olivarius (Olivarius), Helene Dorothea Marie  4 Jan 1894Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I230196 onetrees 
44 Pedersen, Christen Olesen  4 Oct 1944Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92779 onetrees 
45 Pedersen, Christian Marius  1967Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92773 onetrees 
46 Pedersen, Magnella Kristine  14 Feb 1895Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120693 onetrees 
47 Petersen, Parmo Carl  31 May 1859Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I74199 onetrees 
48 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Amalia  1901Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I158449 onetrees 
49 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Jacob Sophus  18 Apr 1864Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I102193 onetrees 
50 Rasmussen, Else  13 Jan 1794Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I143747 onetrees 
51 Rasmussen, Ruth Villaume  23 Apr 1959Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I81729 onetrees 
52 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Elisabeth "Ellen" Cathrine Christiansen  Jan 1782Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I43610 onetrees 
53 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Knud Henrik  1811Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I136191 onetrees 
54 Schack (Schack of Gültzow), Johan Ludvig von  22 Apr 1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I1466 onetrees 
55 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johan Friderichsen  10 Jan 1710Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276785 onetrees 
56 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johanne Friderichsen  9 Oct 1728Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276734 onetrees 
57 Schou, William  24 Apr 1925Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I6845 onetrees 
58 Skinkel (Skinkel), Claus Christian  1747Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82520 onetrees 
59 Sommer, Anne Margrethe Nielsen  17 Apr 1734Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I151394 onetrees 
60 Sommer, Marie Dorthea Nielsen  10 Jan 1746Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276957 onetrees 
61 Steenstrup (Vogelius), Helene Cathrine  1843Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191879 onetrees 
62 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Christian Friederich Wilhelm Heinrich "Felix"  13 Dec 1864Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I166053 onetrees 
63 Sødring, Wibeche "Kallesen"  Abt 1845Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112941 onetrees 
64 Sørensen, Anders  Abt 1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I112318 onetrees 
65 Thornsen, Anders  1731Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I69468 onetrees 
66 Villaume, Matthiane Elisabeth Christiane Susanne  14 May 1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I84807 onetrees 
67 Yde, Søren Faddersbøl  29 Dec 1933Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I140933 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Niels Christian  14 Nov 1846Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85876 onetrees 
2 Fogh (Fogh), Lauritz Davidsen  29 May 1770Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I153134 onetrees 
3 Fontenay, Carl Friderich de  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I138269 onetrees 
4 Fontenay, Robert Anthon de  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I138262 onetrees 
5 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Peder Lauritzen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I243903 onetrees 
6 Illum (Illum of Faaborg), Anna Marie Pedersen  16 Nov 1808Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I21204 onetrees 
7 Kirk, Jens Jensen  21 May 1811Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80563 onetrees 
8 Lange (Lange of Jylland), Gunde Hansen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I176915 onetrees 
9 Madsen, Voldborg  1 Apr 1795Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I82380 onetrees 
10 Olivarius (Olivarius), Frederik Vilhelm  28 Jul 1890Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I230202 onetrees 
11 Olivarius (Olivarius), Helene Dorothea Marie  9 Jan 1894Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I230196 onetrees 
12 Pedersen, Christian Marius  1967Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I92773 onetrees 
13 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), Benjamin le  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I150914 onetrees 
14 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Friderich Christian Udlrichsen  18 Oct 1728Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I275848 onetrees 
15 Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg), Johanne Friderichsen  18 Oct 1728Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276734 onetrees 
16 Sommer, Anne Margrethe Nielsen  19 Apr 1734Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I151394 onetrees 
17 Sommer, Marie Dorthea Nielsen  12 Jan 1746Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276957 onetrees 
18 Tomasen, Kirsten  25 Apr 1664Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276578 onetrees 
19 Villaume, Matthiane Elisabeth Christiane Susanne  20 May 1836Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I84807 onetrees 
20 Wibroe, Margrete Christensen  25 Apr 1727Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I276705 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asch, Ole Severin  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I48751 onetrees 
2 Bayer, Peter Clausen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I178531 onetrees 
3 Bendixen, Frederik Carl  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I158411 onetrees 
4 Biering-Sørensen (Sørensen), Gunnar Johannes  Oct 1920Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78212 onetrees 
5 Bonne, Marcus Sabinus Vilhelm  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I179419 onetrees 
6 Bülow (Bülow), Magnus Martinus von  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I121862 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Niels Christian  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I85876 onetrees 
8 Dahl, Christian  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I73977 onetrees 
9 Dybeck, Fritz Hartvig Larsen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I246565 onetrees 
10 Falch, Hans Olufsen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I248773 onetrees 
11 Faye, Andreas Emil Stockfleth  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I157744 onetrees 
12 Frandsen, (A)  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I182268 onetrees 
13 Frederiksen, Niels Skibsted  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I87750 onetrees 
14 Fuglsang, Anders Christian Christensen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78669 onetrees 
15 Fuglsang, Søren Christian Andersen  Abt 1835Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I78809 onetrees 
16 Gad (Gad of Norway), Henrik "Henry" Theodor  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I104154 onetrees 
17 Hind, Peder  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191900 onetrees 
18 Hoff, Jacob Scharschou  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80475 onetrees 
19 Holst, Albrecht Christopher  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I96673 onetrees 
20 Holst, Bertel Hilmann  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I96671 onetrees 
21 Holst, Johannes Vogelius  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I157737 onetrees 
22 Holst, Lars Hilmann  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I191867 onetrees 
23 Johnsen, Jon   I3608 onetrees 
24 Kabell (Kabell), Ernst Frederik  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I120694 onetrees 
25 Kirk, Jens Jensen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I80563 onetrees 
26 Knudsen, (A)   I195054 onetrees 
27 Lehmann, Henrik Julius  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I133527 onetrees 
28 Lugge, Søren Jacobsen  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I177984 onetrees 
29 Møgelvang, Peder  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I306824 onetrees 
30 Nielsen, Adolph  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I5256 onetrees 
31 Nygaard (Nygaard of Nygaard), Thyge Jesper  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I160826 onetrees 
32 Nørby, Niels  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I174973 onetrees 
33 Petersen, K Tullin  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I166044 onetrees 
34 Petersen, Parmo Carl  1 Jul 1839Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I74199 onetrees 
35 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Knud Henrik  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I136191 onetrees 
36 Schack (Schack of Gültzow), Johan Ludvig von  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I1466 onetrees 
37 Schou, Henrik  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I151154 onetrees 
38 Werner (Werner of Thisted), Ignatius Wilhelm  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I226563 onetrees 
39 Würmfeldt, Søren  Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark I156974 onetrees 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt) / Jensen   F64145 onetrees 
2 Blom (Blom of Norway) / Würmfeldt  22 May 1785Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F65440 onetrees 
3 Christensen / Villaume  26 Jan 1831Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F38699 onetrees 
4 Djørup / Holst  23 Jul 1830Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F65863 onetrees 
5 Fuglsang / Villaume  19 Nov 1835Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F36133 onetrees 
6 Hansen / Fauerholdt  16 Oct 1914Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F70266 onetrees 
7 Holm (Holm of Lindholm) / Nielsen  22 Apr 1889Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F39641 onetrees 
8 Irgens / Haugaard  26 Sep 1766Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F51409 onetrees 
9 Kabell (Kabell) / Toft  27 Sep 1833Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F17327 onetrees 
10 Kierulff (Kiermet - Skriver) / Schiøtz (Schiøtz)  25 Oct 1889Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F23246 onetrees 
11 Kristiansen / Dybeck   F101851 onetrees 
12 Køning / Brønsdorff  26 Oct 1671Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F116430 onetrees 
13 Lund / Fogh (Fogh)  15 May 1771Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F49935 onetrees 
14 Malling (Malling of Pøel) / Bendixen  27 Sep 1858Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F78111 onetrees 
15 Mortensen / Lauridsen  3 Oct 1672Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F115267 onetrees 
16 Møgelvang / Haarup  28 Feb 1856Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F119588 onetrees 
17 Nielsen / Ammonsen  1 Feb 1906Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F3206 onetrees 
18 Overgaard / Overgaard  18 Jul 1834Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F36067 onetrees 
19 Pedersen / Christoffersen   F37106 onetrees 
20 Praëm / Røring  1755Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F25964 onetrees 
21 Prior (Prior of Denmark) / Bendixen  12 Apr 1870Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F66032 onetrees 
22 Ring / Sommer  22 Jun 1769Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F62782 onetrees 
23 Rosenberg / Brønsdorff  1661Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F115276 onetrees 
24 Rosenberg / Rosenberg  15 Nov 1646Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F115321 onetrees 
25 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg) / Andersen  22 Feb 1928Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F64318 onetrees 
26 Schjerup / Schütten  9 Oct 1857Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F51576 onetrees 
27 Schou / Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky)   F68498 onetrees 
28 Sommer / Schnell (Schnell of Strasbourg)  1 Aug 1727Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F115418 onetrees 
29 Sørensen / Eschildsen  19 Oct 1775Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F35917 onetrees 
30 Villaume / Hede  Est 14 Jun 1885Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark F38540 onetrees 
31 Østergaard / Warming   F58425 onetrees 

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