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Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bevern, Irene von   I150358 onetrees 
2 Boije, Anna  Abt 1583Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235868 onetrees 
3 Boije, Brita  Abt 1579Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235872 onetrees 
4 Boije, Elin  Abt 1582Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235869 onetrees 
5 Boije, Kerstin  Abt 1581Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235870 onetrees 
6 Boije, Märta Göransen  1578Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238025 onetrees 
7 Boije of Gennäs, Nils  Abt 1580Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235871 onetrees 
8 Brauns, Ursula Antoinette Elisabeth  13 Dec 1904Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I417469 onetrees 
9 Budde (Budde), Joachim Frederiksen  1626Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I104686 onetrees 
10 Cronman, Jakob Fredrik von  1710Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I232690 onetrees 
11 Euthen, Gertrud von  1610Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I236142 onetrees 
12 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Agneta Catharina  1725Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I460335 onetrees 
13 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Jørgen Alexander  18 Dec 1925Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I86193 onetrees 
14 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Torkild Frederik   I86458 onetrees 
15 Gardie (Gardie), Jakob Pontusson de la  20 Jun 1583Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235417 onetrees 
16 Gardie (Gardie), Johan Pontusson de la  3 May 1582Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I237846 onetrees 
17 Gardie (Gardie), Magnus Gabriel de la  15 Oct 1622Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235412 onetrees 
18 Gardie (Gardie), Maria Sofia de la  1627Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235408 onetrees 
19 Haupt, Edith  28 Jan 1918Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I416271 onetrees 
20 Haupt, Gunnar Felix Voldemar  23 Mar 1923Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I417647 onetrees 
21 Heine, Edmundt Georg  Est 1848Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I421080 onetrees 
22 Heine, Johanna Catharina  20 Jul 1879Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I417601 onetrees 
23 Holmblad (Holmblad of Estonia), Franz von  12 Aug 1878Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I36911 onetrees 
24 Jansen, Emilie Eleonore  14 Feb 1808Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I44346 onetrees 
25 Kjersgaard, Inger  13 Feb 1919Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I239629 onetrees 
26 Linder, Christoffer Alexander Ernst  7 Jan 1838Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I283588 onetrees 
27 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Christer Gustafsson  1584Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I232498 onetrees 
28 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Gabriel  6 Mar 1619Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I234041 onetrees 
29 Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna), Margareta Gustafsen  1591Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I232503 onetrees 
30 Oxenstierna of Korsholm and Wasa (Oxenstierna), Margareta, Countess  1617Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I460385 onetrees 
31 Riisager, Knudaage  6 Mar 1897Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I144728 onetrees 
32 Schultz, Ulla  7 Mar 1917Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I196907 onetrees 
33 Stark, Johanna Emilie  Est 1855Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I421081 onetrees 
34 Stolterfoht, Johann  1495Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I242282 onetrees 
35 Sweden (Vasa), Carl Philip, Prince of  22 Apr 1601Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I20588 onetrees 
36 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Anna Magdalena  14 Mar 1791Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I164556 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brauns, Ursula Antoinette Elisabeth  29 Jan 1905Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I417469 onetrees 
2 Holmblad (Holmblad of Estonia), Franz von  Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I36911 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baumgarten, Heinrich  Aft May 1665Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I422460 onetrees 
2 Bohn, Herman Jensen  7 Jun 1743Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I85089 onetrees 
3 Cronman, Jakob Fredrik von  1710Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I232690 onetrees 
4 Essen (Essen of Zellie), Diedrik "Didrik" von  10 Nov 1678Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238897 onetrees 
5 Lewenhaupt (Leijonhufvud), Johan  1625Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238478 onetrees 
6 Scheiding, Philipp Philipp von Scheiding von  9 Jul 1646Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238081 onetrees 
7 Schleswig-Holstein-Sönderburg-Beck (Oldenburg - Schleswig-Holstein-Sönderburg-Beck), Peter August, Prince to Denmark, Duke of  22 Mar 1775Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I176973 onetrees 
8 Schwengelm, Jakob Heinrich II von  16 Jul 1794Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I237614 onetrees 
9 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Margareta  9 Dec 1660Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235326 onetrees 
10 Vasa (Vasa of Sweden), Carl Christiernsson  8 Aug 1440Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238703 onetrees 
11 Vasa (Vasa of Sweden), Margareta Eriksson  31 Dec 1536Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238394 onetrees 
12 Zöge, Sofia von von  1669Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I236254 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bohn, Herman Jensen  Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I85089 onetrees 
2 Lewenhaupt (Leijonhufvud), Johan  Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238478 onetrees 
3 Nassokin (Nassokin), Peter  29 Jun 1636Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I236462 onetrees 
4 Sparre (Sparre of Rossvik), Margareta  20 Jan 1661Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I235326 onetrees 
5 Vasa (Vasa of Sweden), Margareta Eriksson  Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I238394 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jansen, Claus Christian  Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia I124131 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aderkas / Aderkas von Klebeck  27 Jun 1661Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F98432 onetrees 
2 Boeck-Hansen / Rump  19 Jul 1900Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F77525 onetrees 
3 Brauns / Heine  Est 1900Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F160289 onetrees 
4 Büniss / Ditzel  29 Jun 1845Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F161750 onetrees 
5 Lysarch Genannt Koenigk / Wonikow  29 Jul 1887Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F163258 onetrees 
6 Parts / Schwallbach  18 Apr 1925Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F160280 onetrees 
7 Perri / Talvar   F161752 onetrees 
8 Schwallbach / Brauns  6 Nov 1926Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F160243 onetrees 
9 Stackelberg (Stackelberg) / Baranoff  3 Feb 1805Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F162905 onetrees 
10 Örneklou / Yxkull-Gyllenband  12 Mar 1698Tallinn, Reval, Harjumaa, Estonia F98647 onetrees 

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