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Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark



Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Katrine Kirstine Johanne  27 Feb 1849Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I143828 onetrees 
2 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Carl Gottlieb Joachim  1785Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116228 onetrees 
3 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Dorthea Mariae Giørvel  1750Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116236 onetrees 
4 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Hans Seidelin  1782Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116231 onetrees 
5 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Johan Christopher  1783Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116229 onetrees 
6 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Karen Sophia Amalia  1786Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116227 onetrees 
7 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Lorentz Jacob  6 Feb 1740Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116234 onetrees 
8 Bentzen, Christian  1748Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116242 onetrees 
9 Bentzen, Dorothea Kirstine Marie  1792Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116253 onetrees 
10 Bentzen, Eggert Christopher  3 Apr 1791Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116261 onetrees 
11 Bentzen, Peter Christian  1 Dec 1757Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152086 onetrees 
12 Bentzen, Petra Birgitte  1 Jul 1781Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116247 onetrees 
13 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Anne Marie  1 Mar 1782Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48200 onetrees 
14 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Lorenz Jacob  25 Feb 1846Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I406914 onetrees 
15 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Nicoline  18 Apr 1818Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I156149 onetrees 
16 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Niels  1747Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152081 onetrees 
17 Berg, Cathinka Marie Henriette  10 Apr 1810Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I210002 onetrees 
18 Berg, Johannes Cordial Bech  3 Apr 1824Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I221379 onetrees 
19 Bertelsen, Dorthe  1763Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116230 onetrees 
20 Biering (Biering of Funen), Abigail  10 Jun 1763Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48202 onetrees 
21 Biering (Biering of Funen), Christian Henrich "Henrik"  3 Feb 1813Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I406932 onetrees 
22 Biering (Biering of Funen), Elisabeth Eva Kirstine  30 Nov 1810Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I406931 onetrees 
23 Blædel, August Ehlers  2 Feb 1818Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I240982 onetrees 
24 Blædel, Rudolph Bay  20 Mar 1822Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I197363 onetrees 
25 Braagaard, Johannes Nikolaj  4 Dec 1871Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I12546 onetrees 
26 Brasen, Niels Olufsen  1731Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I68782 onetrees 
27 Brøndel, Marie  1738Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I108008 onetrees 
28 Brøndel, Rasmus  1732Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I113424 onetrees 
29 Buch, Clara Olavia Marie  23 Mar 1839Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I18305 onetrees 
30 Bunkeflod, Tyge Josias Allesen de Fine  1 Oct 1863Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I82692 onetrees 
31 Christiansen, Gjertrud Sophie  1774Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248472 onetrees 
32 Clausen (Clausen of Svanninge), Nicolai Edinger Balle  6 Dec 1801Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I186212 onetrees 
33 Flensted, Anna Kirstine Caroline  22 Jul 1805Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I102339 onetrees 
34 Flensted, Hanne Marie  1807Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I101442 onetrees 
35 Fonnesbech-Wulff ( (Wulff - Metz), Axel Eyvind  3 Apr 1850Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I183658 onetrees 
36 Fonnesbech-Wulff ( (Wulff - Metz), Orla  7 Dec 1846Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I174553 onetrees 
37 Halling, Anna Marie  26 Sep 1832Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I172194 onetrees 
38 Hansen, Fanny Marie Teodora  28 Dec 1855Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I80851 onetrees 
39 Hein (Hein), Frideric "Frederik" Conrad  5 Apr 1784Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248473 onetrees 
40 Holm, Betty Henriette Louise Euphrosine  1862Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I244213 onetrees 
41 Jacobsen, August Vilhelm   I16435 onetrees 
42 Kanaris, Petra Jacobine  11 Apr 1804Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I9170 onetrees 
43 Kienne, Else  1709Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I108007 onetrees 
44 Knudsen, Maren Margrethe  Abt 1838Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I43161 onetrees 
45 Kragh, Anna Julie Domine  23 Jul 1867Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I67668 onetrees 
46 Kragh, Ludvig Conrad Ejnar  1872Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I241875 onetrees 
47 Kruse, Frederikke Andrine  26 Oct 1875Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I240148 onetrees 
48 Larsen, Cathrine Margrethe Helene  21 Jul 1817Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248724 onetrees 
49 Larsen, Nanna   I169101 onetrees 
50 Lassen, Corinna Molla Helene  12 Apr 1889Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I244217 onetrees 
51 Lassen, Einar  10 Feb 1888Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I123403 onetrees 
52 Lydolph, Martha Andrea Margrethe  11 Nov 1877Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I142559 onetrees 
53 Madsen, Ellen Margrethe Dahlstrøm  11 Oct 1915Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I109466 onetrees 
54 Madsen, Poul Palle  14 May 1923Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I189019 onetrees 
55 Møller, Hans Frederik Martin  11 Aug 1828Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I142780 onetrees 
56 Nielsen, Henriette Philippa  18 Nov 1860Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I392026 onetrees 
57 Olsen, Jørgen Scheel  1793Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111913 onetrees 
58 Pedersen, Tonny Elise  27 Jan 1920Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I85221 onetrees 
59 Rasmussen, Brøndel  Abt 1705Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I113422 onetrees 
60 Rasmussen, Leif   I241277 onetrees 
61 Rasmussen, Torkil   I241267 onetrees 
62 Ravnsgaard, Agnethe Nicoline Sophie  6 Mar 1880Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I82343 onetrees 
63 Rousing, Anna Petrea Margrethe  15 Feb 1814Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I198605 onetrees 
64 Rønskov, Ingeborg Axelline  30 May 1906Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I253679 onetrees 
65 Sander, Kirsten Signe  8 Jan 1856Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I424287 onetrees 
66 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Anna Laurentze  1755Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111938 onetrees 
67 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Augusta Charlotte  1858Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111948 onetrees 
68 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Carl Anthon  26 May 1833Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111901 onetrees 
69 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Christine Louise Charlotte  29 Nov 1847Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I15436 onetrees 
70 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Ditlev Flindt  1760Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111952 onetrees 
71 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Ditlev Flindt  25 Sep 1829Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I172192 onetrees 
72 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Engeline Georgine Cathrine  1767Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111925 onetrees 
73 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Jørgen Nicolai  16 Jun 1802Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I106861 onetrees 
74 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Louise Charlotte  1846Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111943 onetrees 
75 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Ludvig August  5 Jul 1838Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111955 onetrees 
76 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Margrethe Elisabeth  13 Mar 1844Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111944 onetrees 
77 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Ulrikke "Ulla" Caroline  3 Feb 1836Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111947 onetrees 
78 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Victor Alexander  18 Mar 1840Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111946 onetrees 
79 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Vilhelm August  4 Apr 1842Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111945 onetrees 
80 Schultz (Schultz of Bremen), Doritz Ludvig Andreas  12 Jun 1853Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I246413 onetrees 
81 Schultz (Schultz of Bremen), Emil Valdemar  12 Dec 1856Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I276033 onetrees 
82 Schultz (Schultz of Bremen), Peter Christian Valentin  6 Jul 1850Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I276135 onetrees 
83 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Gustav O'hara  19 Apr 1902Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I198687 onetrees 
84 Smidth (Smidth), (A)  9 Dec 1844Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I168714 onetrees 
85 Smidth (Smidth), Caroline Frederikke Christiane  28 Aug 1846Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I168727 onetrees 
86 Smidth (Smidth), Margrethe Kirstine  9 Dec 1844Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I154391 onetrees 
87 Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing), Anna Catharina  3 Nov 1769Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48189 onetrees 
88 Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing), Peder  1772Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48199 onetrees 
89 Thomsen, Anton Ludvig Christian  20 Jul 1877Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I91985 onetrees 
90 Tiedemann, Emilie Christiane Jochumine  11 Jan 1866Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I117587 onetrees 
91 Werlin, Nicoline  1781Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I113672 onetrees 
92 Werner, Andrine Vilhelmine Louise Hansine  16 Mar 1829Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I33707 onetrees 
93 Wimmer, Ole Bull  27 Jul 1850Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I422568 onetrees 
94 Wulff, Anna Elisabeth  12 Jul 1786Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I177460 onetrees 
95 Wulff, Petra Jeanette  15 Oct 1845Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I175417 onetrees 
96 Wulff (Metz), Edvard Georg  27 Nov 1811Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I386599 onetrees 
97 Wulff (Metz), Emma Mathilde  22 Mar 1843Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I386601 onetrees 
98 Wulff (Metz), Ida  14 Feb 1838Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I221366 onetrees 
99 Wulff (Metz), Peter Vilhelm  17 Dec 1804Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I174549 onetrees 
100 Wulff (Metz), Peter Vilhelm  31 Jan 1882Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I174702 onetrees 
101 Wulff (Metz), Theodor Emil  10 Apr 1810Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I210111 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Dorthea Mariae Giørvel  21 Jan 1750Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116236 onetrees 
2 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Niels  25 Oct 1747Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152081 onetrees 
3 Braagaard, Johannes Nikolaj  17 Mar 1872Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I12546 onetrees 
4 Brøndel, Rasmus  11 Jan 1732Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I113424 onetrees 
5 Bunkeflod, Tyge Josias Allesen de Fine  13 Dec 1863Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I82692 onetrees 
6 Jacobsen, August Vilhelm   I16435 onetrees 
7 Kragh, Ludvig Conrad Ejnar  23 Jun 1872Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I241875 onetrees 
8 Lydolph, Martha Andrea Margrethe  19 Apr 1878Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I142559 onetrees 
9 Møller, Hans Frederik Martin  18 Oct 1828Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I142780 onetrees 
10 Pedersen, Tonny Elise  18 Apr 1920Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I85221 onetrees 
11 Ravnsgaard, Agnethe Nicoline Sophie  15 Apr 1880Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I82343 onetrees 
12 Rønskov, Ingeborg Axelline  12 Aug 1906Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I253679 onetrees 
13 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Christine Louise Charlotte  30 May 1848Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I15436 onetrees 
14 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Jørgen Ulrich  30 Sep 1831Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I150933 onetrees 
15 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Ludvig August  25 Sep 1838Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111955 onetrees 
16 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Gustav O'hara  29 Jun 1902Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I198687 onetrees 
17 Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing), Anna Catharina  3 Nov 1769Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48189 onetrees 
18 Videbech, Poul Henrik Carl  14 Aug 1870Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I143013 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bendtzon (Bentsen), Lorentz Jacob  29 Jun 1799Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116234 onetrees 
2 Bentzen, Christian  23 Jan 1765Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116241 onetrees 
3 Bentzen, Christian  4 Oct 1781Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116242 onetrees 
4 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Niels  1 Jan 1803Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152081 onetrees 
5 Biering (Biering of Funen), Abigail  9 Feb 1784Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48202 onetrees 
6 Bilch, Dorthea Margrete  Abt 1787Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116240 onetrees 
7 Bildsøe, Cjørvel Cathrine Lorentsen  1740Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116235 onetrees 
8 Brønniche (Brünnich), Karen Kirstine  22 Jun 1869Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I129533 onetrees 
9 Bunkeflod, Hans Christian  22 Dec 1884Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I230100 onetrees 
10 Christiansen, Gjertrud Sophie  20 Nov 1854Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248472 onetrees 
11 Egede (Egede), Hans Poulsen  1758Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152407 onetrees 
12 Fester, Laura  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I15748 onetrees 
13 Fischer, Agathe  27 Nov 1889Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I82381 onetrees 
14 Hein (Hein), Frideric "Frederik" Conrad  22 Nov 1812Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248473 onetrees 
15 Jacobsen, Vilhelm  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111956 onetrees 
16 Larsen, Frederik  1862Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I248471 onetrees 
17 Leegaard, Merlene Sophia Jochumsen  8 Aug 1760Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I173151 onetrees 
18 Lindholm, Peder Andreas  12 Jan 1894Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I424483 onetrees 
19 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Petra Bodilla Octava von  22 Jan 1841Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I17329 onetrees 
20 Pätges, Caroline Henriette  31 Aug 1857Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I245128 onetrees 
21 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Jørgen  21 Oct 1796Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I112768 onetrees 
22 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Jørgen Nicolai  26 Jan 1861Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I106861 onetrees 
23 Schultz (Schultz of Bremen), Emil Valdemar  30 Mar 1859Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I276033 onetrees 
24 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Valdemar  13 Oct 1927Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I149513 onetrees 
25 Seidelin (Seidelin), Karen Sophie  1782Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I116232 onetrees 
26 Smidth (Smidth), (A)  9 Dec 1844Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I168714 onetrees 
27 Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing), Peder  29 Oct 1830Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48199 onetrees 
28 Sørensen, Cathrine Elisabeth  24 Feb 1890Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I95927 onetrees 
29 Taaffe (Taaffe of Denmark), Franciscus Laurentius O'connor  20 Feb 1830Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I95938 onetrees 
30 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Georg Friedrich  28 Aug 1766Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I171596 onetrees 
31 Westerfleth, Inger Catherine  30 May 1833Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I221360 onetrees 
32 Wulff (Metz), Wulff Moses  1829Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I210250 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biering (Biering of Funen), Abigail  17 Feb 1784Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48202 onetrees 
2 Jacobsen, Vilhelm  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I111956 onetrees 
3 Leegaard, Merlene Sophia Jochumsen  13 Aug 1760Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I173151 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agerskov, Tertia Beate   I99914 onetrees 
2 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Christian Nielsen  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152082 onetrees 
3 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Lorents Jacob  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I200788 onetrees 
4 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Niels  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I152081 onetrees 
5 Braagaard, Jens Christian  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I12545 onetrees 
6 Bülow (Bülow), Frederik Christian von  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I171004 onetrees 
7 Deichmann, Hans Anthon Severin Lobedanz  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I103737 onetrees 
8 Halling, Peder Larsen  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I22601 onetrees 
9 Helweg-Larsen, Per  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I229384 onetrees 
10 Johansen, Ebbe "Johan"  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I160497 onetrees 
11 Kragh, Harald Ludvig Christian  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I144645 onetrees 
12 Larsen, Vagn Erik Aagaard   I153464 onetrees 
13 Lassen, Frederik Herman Günther  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I235084 onetrees 
14 Madsen, John Dahlstrøm  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I109463 onetrees 
15 Madsen, Otto  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I189028 onetrees 
16 Oxenbøll (Oxenbøll), Vilhelm Michael Christian  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I173651 onetrees 
17 Pedersen, Peder Hermann  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I15541 onetrees 
18 Pätges, Caroline Henriette  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I245128 onetrees 
19 Rousing, Peder  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I198773 onetrees 
20 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Valdemar  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I149513 onetrees 
21 Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing), Peder  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I48199 onetrees 
22 Taaffe (Taaffe of Denmark), Franciscus Laurentius O'connor  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I95938 onetrees 
23 Wulff (Metz), Peter Vilhelm  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I174704 onetrees 
24 Wulff (Metz), Peter Vilhelm  Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark I174549 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bendtzon (Bentsen) / Bertelsen  Abt 1782Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F50185 onetrees 
2 Bentzen / Bildsøe  10 Oct 1738Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F50188 onetrees 
3 Edinger / Kanaris  27 Sep 1833Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F175073 onetrees 
4 Frisenette / Hansen  1 Jun 1879Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F36957 onetrees 
5 Gad (Gad of Denmark) / Staal (Staal of Stubbekøbing)  18 Mar 1789Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F71107 onetrees 
6 Hein (Hein) / Christiansen  Abt 1805Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F102723 onetrees 
7 Larsen / Christiansen  4 May 1814Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F102722 onetrees 
8 Lassen / Lassen  25 Jan 1912Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F100969 onetrees 
9 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt) / Halling  15 Apr 1857Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F72488 onetrees 
10 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt) / Jæger  18 Jan 1797Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F52002 onetrees 
11 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt) / Teytaud  18 Dec 1828Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F11530 onetrees 
12 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg) / Hickman  17 Apr 1919Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F24998 onetrees 
13 Seidelin (Seidelin) / Bentzen  5 Mar 1805Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F50192 onetrees 
14 Smidth (Smidth) / Benzon (Bentsen of Lund)  27 Apr 1844Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F65040 onetrees 
15 Werner / Flensted  21 Jun 1834Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark F45312 onetrees 

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