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Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Glad, Harald Morten  3 Sep 1900Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I279600
2 Hansen, Sophie  Abt 1832Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123316
3 Hansen, Sophie  Abt 1832Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I442332
4 Jensen, Sidse Marie  27 Jul 1861Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I34270
5 Larsen, Rasmus  7 Mar 1826Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5124
6 Malling (Malling of Pøel), Niels Peter  17 Jul 1824Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I288338
7 Nyeborg, Aage  1 Sep 1899Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134630
8 Nyeborg, Asta  13 Mar 1891Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134655
9 Nyeborg, Eduard Christian Gottlieb  17 Dec 1889Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134637
10 Nyeborg, Elisabeth  11 Jun 1888Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134638
11 Nyeborg, Ellen  28 Sep 1892Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I109450
12 Nyeborg, Emilie Anette  14 Oct 1886Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134640
13 Nyeborg, Otto  12 Sep 1895Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I156463
14 Nyeborg, Poul Erik  27 Sep 1897Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134632
15 Petersen, Johannes Laurits  31 May 1897Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I306988
16 Rasmussen, Jørgen  1805Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5136
17 Rasmussen, Laurits Rasmus  1738Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5135
18 Rasmussen, Mette Marie  1834Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5134
19 Rasmussen, Thomas Emil  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5133
20 Schiøler (Schiøler), Carl Anton Sophus  22 Jul 1855Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I174417
21 Schiøler (Schiøler), Caroline Marie  Abt 1866Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123285
22 Schiøler (Schiøler), Caroline Marie  Abt 1866Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I441183
23 Schiøler (Schiøler), Christian Frederik Emil  27 Mar 1853Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5187
24 Schiøler (Schiøler), Christian Rasmussen  Abt 1838Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5129
25 Schiøler (Schiøler), Eilert Sørensen  1738Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25710
26 Schiøler (Schiøler), Frederik Vilhelm  23 Oct 1830Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5131
27 Schiøler (Schiøler), Friderich Larsen  Abt 1798Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123320
28 Schiøler (Schiøler), Gjerløv Christian Krogh  20 Jan 1834Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I37850
29 Schiøler (Schiøler), Inger Sophie  1808Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5138
30 Schiøler (Schiøler), Lars Peter Rasmussen  11 Jan 1826Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123317
31 Schiøler (Schiøler), Laurits Eilert Theodor  22 Jul 1835Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I180656
32 Schiøler (Schiøler), Maren Sophie Rasmussen  2 Sep 1827Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5132
33 Schiøler (Schiøler), Mette Kirstine Rasmussen  25 Jul 1833Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5130
34 Schiøler (Schiøler), Peter Eilertsen  26 Sep 1770Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123318
35 Schiøler (Schiøler), Rasmus Emil Ebbesen  14 Nov 1857Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5186
36 Schiøler (Schiøler), Rasmus Larsen  Abt 1797Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123376
37 Schiøler (Schiøler), Rasmus Larsen  20 Mar 1859Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123286
38 Schiøler (Schiøler), Søren Larsen  Abt 1795Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123377
39 Schiøler (Schiøler), Thomas Larsen  16 Jul 1802Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25688
40 Vedde, Asta Marie Jensen  17 Jun 1905Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I147004


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Malling (Malling of Pøel), Niels Peter  20 Aug 1824Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I288338
2 Schiøler (Schiøler), Gjerløv Christian Krogh  26 Mar 1834Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I37850
3 Schiøler (Schiøler), Laurits Eilert Theodor  22 Jul 1835Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I180656


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Dorthe  16 Oct 1815Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123319
2 Hansen, Inger Marie  4 Feb 1849Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123271
3 Ibsen (Ibsen of Allindemagle), Ane  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I251894
4 Jacobsen, Ingeborg  26 Jun 1691Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I279992
5 Larsen, Rasmus  18 Mar 1901Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5124
6 Lund, Christiane Vilhelmine Margrethe  25 Jan 1907Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I120515
7 Nyeborg, Hannah Emilie  8 Aug 1906Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134643
8 Rasmussen, Jørgen  17 May 1875Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5136
9 Schiøler (Schiøler), Eilert Sørensen  25 Dec 1820Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25710
10 Schiøler (Schiøler), Inger Sophie  18 Jul 1884Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5138
11 Schiøler (Schiøler), Lars Eilertsen  12 Oct 1830Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25699
12 Schiøler (Schiøler), Lars Peter Rasmussen  13 Jun 1904Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123317
13 Schiøler (Schiøler), Maren Sophie Rasmussen  11 Dec 1907Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I5132
14 Schiøler (Schiøler), Rasmus Larsen  16 Aug 1856Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123376
15 Schiøler (Schiøler), Rasmus Larsen  29 Nov 1910Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123286
16 Schiøler (Schiøler), Søren Larsen  14 Jun 1841Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123377
17 Schiøler (Schiøler), Thomas Larsen  21 Oct 1860Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25688


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Inger Marie  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I123271
2 Lund, Christiane Vilhelmine Margrethe  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I120515
3 Schiøler (Schiøler), Thomas Larsen  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25688


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Glad, Andreas Peter  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I281752
2 Nyeborg, Eduard Mogens  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I134653
3 Schiøler (Schiøler), Lars Eilertsen  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25699
4 Schiøler (Schiøler), Thomas Larsen  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I25688
5 Vedde, Hans Carl Jensen  Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark I148083


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg) / Juul (Juul of X)  6 Apr 1894Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark F56089
2 Jensen / Bæk   F121859
3 Juul (Juul of X) / Nyeborg  27 Dec 1913Stenmagle, Zealand, Denmark F56094

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