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Soenderborg, Als, Denmark



Matches 1 to 149 of 149

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alshauge, Elsebeth Ellen Louise Berner   I184362 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Charlotte Alminde   I56236 onetrees 
3 Andersen-Brock, Mary Henriette  10 Jul 1893Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I186631 onetrees 
4 Andersson, Julie Elkiær   I86283 onetrees 
5 Andersson, Mike Elkiær   I86291 onetrees 
6 Andersson, Monika   I86282 onetrees 
7 Andresen, Lilly   I42552 onetrees 
8 Andresen, Peter Friedrich  11 Nov 1884Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I42551 onetrees 
9 Autzen, Rita   I54676 onetrees 
10 Bang, Vibeke  22 Dec 1920Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63826 onetrees 
11 Biehl, Fridrich  18 Dec 1912Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64360 onetrees 
12 Biehl, Peter Carl  15 Oct 1866Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63820 onetrees 
13 Bjerg, Henrik   I54989 onetrees 
14 Bjerregaard, Thorvald C L   I294676 onetrees 
15 Blæhr, Kamma Marie Anna Fischer   I86665 onetrees 
16 Blønd, Klaus Even Marstrand  15 Feb 1954Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I128354 onetrees 
17 Blønd, Peter Marstrand   I128365 onetrees 
18 Blønd, Svend Erik  28 Jun 1925Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I128332 onetrees 
19 Boehm, Anders Otto Frederik   I47035 onetrees 
20 Boehm, Niels Axel  21 Mar 1943Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I47062 onetrees 
21 Bohr (Bohr), Hanne   I162091 onetrees 
22 Brandt (Brandt of Soenderborg), Peter de  11 Jul 1644Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I45278 onetrees 
23 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg), Jørgen  1575Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I394484 onetrees 
24 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg), Nicolai  Aug 1628Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I243693 onetrees 
25 Busk-Jepsen, John   I161974 onetrees 
26 Christensen, Elisabeth Hansen   I63701 onetrees 
27 Clasen, Johan Frederik  1697Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I53729 onetrees 
28 Clausen, Bente   I203379 onetrees 
29 Clausen, Bertha Catharina  13 Nov 1848Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I34282 onetrees 
30 Clausen, Karin   I203380 onetrees 
31 Dupont, Morten Kornerup   I239558 onetrees 
32 Elk, Nanna Otterstrøm Van   I119395 onetrees 
33 Esendrup, Hans Harald   I79038 onetrees 
34 Fabrin, Pia   I194115 onetrees 
35 Finsen, John  25 Jan 1860Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195414 onetrees 
36 Finsen, Olaf  26 Feb 1861Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195383 onetrees 
37 Finsen, Ragnhild  5 Aug 1858Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195403 onetrees 
38 Frandsen, Jens Christian Elkiær   I86851 onetrees 
39 Frandsen, Maria Elkiær   I87262 onetrees 
40 Frandsen, Nicolai Elkiær   I86852 onetrees 
41 Friis-Hansen, Ruth Malthe-Bruun   I31699 onetrees 
42 Fuchs, Annemarie  28 Mar 1908Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I434419 onetrees 
43 Fuchs, Gerda Elisabeth  10 Jul 1909Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I434453 onetrees 
44 Fuchs, Käthe  28 Mar 1908Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I434454 onetrees 
45 Gerhardi, Susanne  30 Sep 1589Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I119727 onetrees 
46 Grim, Hans Dethleff Thomsen  7 Feb 1830Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I462207 onetrees 
47 Hansen, Cato Spang  22 Apr 1849Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I185845 onetrees 
48 Hansen, Ingeborg  17 Jul 1891Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I103713 onetrees 
49 Hansen, Karl Peter  5 Jul 1909Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I135412 onetrees 
50 Hansen, Rasmus Bang   I409310 onetrees 
51 Hornecker, Carsten   I239456 onetrees 
52 Hygum, Bent Hansen   I64368 onetrees 
53 Iversen, Else Marie  16 Jul 1929Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I431638 onetrees 
54 Iversen, Henrich  Abt 1685Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I347369 onetrees 
55 Jensen, Anja Bech   I293884 onetrees 
56 Jensen, Bente Stenderup   I64362 onetrees 
57 Jensen, Christina Bech   I293882 onetrees 
58 Jensen, Hans Axel Stenderup   I64235 onetrees 
59 Jensen, Holger Stenderup   I64361 onetrees 
60 Jensen, Jacob Beck   I293891 onetrees 
61 Jensen, Jakob Stenderup   I64236 onetrees 
62 Jensen, Jesper Beck   I293890 onetrees 
63 Jensen, Kathrine Stenderup   I64160 onetrees 
64 Jensen, Lars Toft   I293883 onetrees 
65 Jensen, Leif Stenderup   I64380 onetrees 
66 Jensen, Rita   I293885 onetrees 
67 Jensen, Søren Stenderup   I64237 onetrees 
68 Jespersen (Jespersen of Oester Stillinge), Gustav Fabrin   I31592 onetrees 
69 Jessen, Andrea Nicoline  16 Feb 1820Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63570 onetrees 
70 Jessen, Anna Dorthea  23 Mar 1823Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63568 onetrees 
71 Jessen, Arnoldine Henriette  7 Jul 1821Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63569 onetrees 
72 Jessen, Nicolai  2 Sep 1749Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I62777 onetrees 
73 Jessen, Nicolay  23 Mar 1782Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64295 onetrees 
74 Jessen, Wilhelmine Catharina  9 Sep 1824Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63567 onetrees 
75 Johansen, Gabriele Dorothea Augusta  10 May 1827Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I83161 onetrees 
76 Josias, Pauline  4 Mar 1877Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I132487 onetrees 
77 Juhl, Lucas Hector   I122649 onetrees 
78 Jürgensen, Anne Dorothea  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61282 onetrees 
79 Jürgensen, Catharina Maria  2 Mar 1767Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64248 onetrees 
80 Jürgensen, Fridrich  16 May 1799Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61272 onetrees 
81 Jürgensen, Hans Christian  23 May 1795Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64297 onetrees 
82 Jürgensen, Henning  2 Apr 1797Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61275 onetrees 
83 Jürgensen, Jacob  4 Feb 1803Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61271 onetrees 
84 Jürgensen, Jürgen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61284 onetrees 
85 Jürgensen, Jürgen Nicolai  1 Sep 1793Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61276 onetrees 
86 Jürgensen, Matthias  19 Jan 1805Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61269 onetrees 
87 Jürgensen, Peter  10 Mar 1801Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61274 onetrees 
88 Jørgensen, Jakob   I82523 onetrees 
89 Jørgensen, Johan Arnold Heide  17 Mar 1833Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63554 onetrees 
90 Karberg, Marie Kristine  Abt 1780Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I60442 onetrees 
91 Koed, Karsten   I153340 onetrees 
92 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Henrik Bruun   I239130 onetrees 
93 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Maurits Gotthold Ivar Vilhelm  15 Oct 1841Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I87922 onetrees 
94 Krahe, Helena Catharina  29 Oct 1765Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I84039 onetrees 
95 Kramers, Dortea Louise  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I107988 onetrees 
96 Könicke, Christina Elisabeth  20 Aug 1787Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I157783 onetrees 
97 Lind, Line   I199271 onetrees 
98 Lorentzen, Christen "Carsten"  Abt 1596Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I254058 onetrees 
99 Matthiesen, Johanne Valgerda "Jonna"  6 Jan 1857Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I137199 onetrees 
100 Meyhoff, Christiane Geshe  27 Jun 1847Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I21887 onetrees 
101 Mohr (Mohr of Denmark), Bolette   I201571 onetrees 
102 Mulvad, Marianne Bierring   I53357 onetrees 
103 Møller, Helmudt   I54898 onetrees 
104 Møller, Marco Elkiær   I86288 onetrees 
105 Møller, Patrick Elkiær   I86280 onetrees 
106 Mørch (Mørch of Gunderup), Martin Trier   I132302 onetrees 
107 Natorp, Nils   I184759 onetrees 
108 Neergaard (Neergaard), Wagn Bruun de   I183064 onetrees 
109 Nielsen, Anna Marie  19 Mar 1921Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I156987 onetrees 
110 Nielsen, Claus Peter Nicolai   I184369 onetrees 
111 Nielsen, Helle Trøst   I84577 onetrees 
112 Nissen, Eva Jeanette   I6353 onetrees 
113 Oberg, Anette Marie Christine  2 Feb 1846Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I154307 onetrees 
114 Olsson, Jette Mariane   I57460 onetrees 
115 Pedersen, Søren Højmark   I293805 onetrees 
116 Petersen, Andreas Jørgen  12 May 1894Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I82892 onetrees 
117 Petersen, Anneliese  27 Feb 1915Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I235533 onetrees 
118 Petersen, Ferdinandine Caroline  17 Feb 1837Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I189869 onetrees 
119 Petersen, Holger   I54500 onetrees 
120 Poulsen, Holger   I61929 onetrees 
121 Poulsen, Lene Sand   I186372 onetrees 
122 Pristed, Birgitte Beck   I292068 onetrees 
123 Pristed, Johannes Beck   I292069 onetrees 
124 Raaberg, Torben   I293803 onetrees 
125 Rantzau (Rantzau), Emilie Anna Louise, Imperial Countess von  19 Apr 1834Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I21435 onetrees 
126 Rasmussen, Kim Sichel   I141912 onetrees 
127 Rissom, Uva Margarethe Sophia  17 Nov 1871Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I45442 onetrees 
128 Rosanes, Ludwig Christian Mikael Rosenborg   I189931 onetrees 
129 Sadolin (Hansen), Bjørn   I120563 onetrees 
130 Sadolin (Hansen), Pia   I16529 onetrees 
131 Sauer, Jutta Maria   I132304 onetrees 
132 Schmidt, Jutta Cecilie Caroline Danielsine  31 Aug 1851Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I192466 onetrees 
133 Schousboe (Schousboe), Joachim Vestergaard   I38768 onetrees 
134 Schousboe (Schousboe), Oliver Vestergaard   I38770 onetrees 
135 Schumacher, Mary Clausen  1866Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I396546 onetrees 
136 Seiersen, Flemming Steen  24 May 1927Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I147212 onetrees 
137 Simonsen, Majken Ohrt   I142260 onetrees 
138 Smith, Hother  22 Mar 1821Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I47920 onetrees 
139 Steengaard, Lloyd   I297746 onetrees 
140 Stender, Jørgen Samuelsen  3 Aug 1702Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I336787 onetrees 
141 Tarp, Birgit   I297423 onetrees 
142 Thostrup, Hans Peter  5 Jan 1752Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I119193 onetrees 
143 Trock, Ellen Margrethe "Grethe"  8 Nov 1919Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I149745 onetrees 
144 Trock, Peter Hermann Gottlieb  22 May 1921Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I440890 onetrees 
145 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Hans Broch  15 Jul 1851Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I167083 onetrees 
146 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Jytte   I131871 onetrees 
147 Voss, Birgitte  Jul 1622Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I394479 onetrees 
148 Weiland, Elsbeth  17 Sep 1912Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I236178 onetrees 
149 Wøldike, Aage  4 Feb 1892Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I83981 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Callesen (Callesen), Sophie Helene  8 Apr 1917Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I408444 onetrees 
2 Flintholm, Edith   I253793 onetrees 
3 Gerhardi, Susanne  5 Oct 1589Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I119727 onetrees 
4 Grim, Hans Dethleff Thomsen  18 Mar 1830Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I462207 onetrees 
5 Jensen, Emilie Stenderup   I64161 onetrees 
6 Jensen, Holger Stenderup   I64361 onetrees 
7 Jessen, Andrea Nicoline  7 Mar 1820Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63570 onetrees 
8 Jessen, Anna Dorthea  6 Apr 1823Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63568 onetrees 
9 Jessen, Arnoldine Henriette  23 Jul 1821Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I63569 onetrees 
10 Jessen, Nicolay  24 Mar 1782Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64295 onetrees 
11 Jürgensen, Catharina Maria  1767Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64248 onetrees 
12 Jürgensen, Fridrich  17 May 1799Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61272 onetrees 
13 Jürgensen, Hans Christian  25 May 1795Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64297 onetrees 
14 Jürgensen, Henning  25 May 1797Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61275 onetrees 
15 Jürgensen, Jacob  8 Feb 1803Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61271 onetrees 
16 Jürgensen, Jürgen Nicolai  2 Sep 1793Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61276 onetrees 
17 Jürgensen, Matthias  23 Jan 1805Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61269 onetrees 
18 Jürgensen, Peter  11 Mar 1801Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61274 onetrees 
19 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Henrik Bruun   I239130 onetrees 
20 Neergaard (Neergaard), Thora Marie Louise  10 Dec 1850Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I83917 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Christian Emil, Count  31 Dec 1928Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I22292 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Christina Andrea "Diddi"  May 1964Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I434431 onetrees 
3 Berner-Schilden-Holsten (Berner), Sophie Magdalene "Emme", Baroness  22 Mar 1999Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I194843 onetrees 
4 Blønd, Klaus Even Marstrand  Jun 1954Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I128354 onetrees 
5 Blønd, Povl Erik Marstrand  14 Nov 1967Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I128343 onetrees 
6 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg), Nicolai  20 Apr 1597Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I254066 onetrees 
7 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Dorthea Kathrine  13 Dec 1861Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195547 onetrees 
8 Bülow (Bülow), Anna Cecilie von  25 Jan 1923Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I50858 onetrees 
9 Cicignon, Ulrich Friedrich de  8 Jun 1772Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I153676 onetrees 
10 Finsen, Jón  13 Dec 1861Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195536 onetrees 
11 Frellavsen, Haakan  1363Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I207347 onetrees 
12 Gersdorff of Malschwitz (Gersdorff), Frederik von  23 Jan 1829Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I189737 onetrees 
13 Hansen, Raadmand Thomas  1633Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I254068 onetrees 
14 Heisel, Maria  22 Jan 1809Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I59630 onetrees 
15 Jacobsen, Nicoline  22 Apr 1925Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I84553 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Axel Stenderup  15 Sep 1965Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64364 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Johan Anton  30 Sep 1929Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I196887 onetrees 
18 Jessen, Vilhelmine Mariane  11 Dec 1968Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I58270 onetrees 
19 Jürgensen, Anne Marie  25 Jun 1818Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64242 onetrees 
20 Jürgensen, Catharina Maria  26 Oct 1850Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64248 onetrees 
21 Jürgensen, Fridrich  13 Apr 1830Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61272 onetrees 
22 Jürgensen, Hans Christian  3 Aug 1829Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64249 onetrees 
23 Jürgensen, Jürgen Nicolai  14 Jul 1855Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61276 onetrees 
24 Knudsen, Laurits Guttorm  29 Oct 1931Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I87990 onetrees 
25 Krahe, Helena Catharina  22 Sep 1766Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I84039 onetrees 
26 Larsen, Ellen Birgitte  2 Mar 1932Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I97836 onetrees 
27 Lau, Kirsten Gudrun  21 Nov 1997Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I93998 onetrees 
28 Melbye-Hansen, Mildred  31 Aug 1988Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64363 onetrees 
29 Møller, Charlotte Margrethe  3 Mar 1861Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I189034 onetrees 
30 Nielsen, Agnes Margrethe  23 Aug 2002Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I35284 onetrees 
31 Nielsen, Christine  Nov 1615Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I254067 onetrees 
32 Nielsen, Jürgen  22 Apr 1805Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I64243 onetrees 
33 Nissen, Christian  17 Oct 1988Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I35285 onetrees 
34 Petersen, Caroline  30 Sep 1905Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I443541 onetrees 
35 Prætorius, Maria  3 Jul 1836Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I59575 onetrees 
36 Rahr, Margrethe  19 Mar 2007Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I74170 onetrees 
37 Sadolin (Hansen), Alf Birger Hur  6 Mar 1989Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I198596 onetrees 
38 Saxe-Lauenburg (Wettin), Dorothea, Princess of  17 Oct 1571Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I46130 onetrees 
39 Skovgaard-Petersen, Karen Marie Julie "Kamma"  6 Aug 1947Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I154680 onetrees 
40 Stege, Merry Emilie  5 Nov 1932Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I22303 onetrees 
41 Thostrup, Mathias  7 Jul 1784Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I115257 onetrees 
42 Tjurhuvud, Abraham Brodersen "Baad"  28 Aug 1410Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I206765 onetrees 
43 Trampe (Trampe of Løgismose), Charlotte Amalie, Comtesse  17 Nov 1750Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I130557 onetrees 
44 Vilhelmsen, Meta Andrea  14 Dec 1923Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I408850 onetrees 
45 Ølgaard, Petronelle Lorentzen  20 Apr 1793Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I115256 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jürgensen, Fridrich  17 Apr 1830Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61272 onetrees 
2 Jürgensen, Jürgen Nicolai  19 Jul 1855Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I61276 onetrees 
3 Krahe, Helena Catharina  26 Sep 1766Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I84039 onetrees 
4 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Niels Rothenborg  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I199106 onetrees 
5 Nielsen, Christine  24 Nov 1615Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I254067 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Christian Emil, Count  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I22292 onetrees 
2 Alshauge, Erich Petersen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I194854 onetrees 
3 Andresen, Peter Friedrich  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I42551 onetrees 
4 Brandt (Brandt of Soenderborg), Christian  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I152076 onetrees 
5 Clausen, Jørgen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I232306 onetrees 
6 Clausen, Jørgen Mads   I203378 onetrees 
7 Fuchs, Gottlieb  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I434430 onetrees 
8 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Johannes  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I195301 onetrees 
9 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Aksel Theodor  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I121774 onetrees 
10 Krahe, Johan Peter  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I86099 onetrees 
11 Nielsen, Mads Peter  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I154067 onetrees 
12 Nielsen, Niels Jakob  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I275575 onetrees 
13 Nissen, Nicolaus  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I69302 onetrees 
14 Okholm (Okholm), Christian Louis  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I175646 onetrees 
15 Paulsen (Paulsen), Peter  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I148842 onetrees 
16 Petersen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I241071 onetrees 
17 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Hans Preben Crone  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I156487 onetrees 
18 Sadolin (Hansen), Alf Birger Hur  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I198596 onetrees 
19 Tillisch (Tillisch), Frits Gustav  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I156858 onetrees 
20 Utzon (Udesen), Michael Lausen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark I43399 onetrees 
21 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Michael Gustav, Baron   I164641 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Biehl / Jensen   F31182 onetrees 
2 Boëtius (Boëtius) / Lange  30 Dec 1803Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F85380 onetrees 
3 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg) / Nielsen  Abt 1586Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F105318 onetrees 
4 Brandt (Brandt of Tjaereborg) / Vogt  18 Nov 1618Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F123537 onetrees 
5 Bruun (Bruun of Vedsted) / Torm (Vedel)  18 Oct 1931Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F102735 onetrees 
6 Estrup (Estrup 1) / Okholm (Okholm)  26 Oct 1929Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F73952 onetrees 
7 Fuchs / Andersen  1907Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F166495 onetrees 
8 Grim / Holst  4 Apr 1793Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F178323 onetrees 
9 Hansen / Nielsen  Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F105319 onetrees 
10 Henningsen / Sadolin (Hansen)   F8280 onetrees 
11 Herbst (Herbst) / Andersen-Brock  10 Jun 1927Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F35629 onetrees 
12 Hoffmann / Sørensen   F66913 onetrees 
13 Jessen / Witzke  24 Oct 1776Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F30580 onetrees 
14 Jürgensen / Jürgensen  7 Dec 1792Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F31140 onetrees 
15 Kaiser / Fèvre (Fèvre)   F29564 onetrees 
16 Langeloh / Lange  6 May 1810Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F85319 onetrees 
17 Lemfert / Boëtius (Boëtius)  4 Nov 1803Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F85341 onetrees 
18 Linstow (Linstow) / Wernich  23 Jun 1813Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F50149 onetrees 
19 Pedersen / Christensen   F121334 onetrees 
20 Petersen / Iversen   F29328 onetrees 
21 Poulsen / Petersen  9 May 1942Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F30276 onetrees 
22 Rehfeld (Svendsen) / Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen)  28 Apr 1938Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F25070 onetrees 
23 Sadolin (Hansen) / Petersen   F25048 onetrees 
24 Scholten (Scholten) / Frost   F59943 onetrees 
25 Stage / Secher   F22932 onetrees 
26 Storm / Mundt (Mundt)  2 Jul 1943Soenderborg, Als, Denmark F172224 onetrees 
27 Thomsen / Raabjerg   F121318 onetrees 
28 Wæwer / Blæhr   F39277 onetrees 

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