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Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andreasen, Jensine Kristine  1802-1888Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I297335
2 Ansø, Lene   I290749
3 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Jørgen Jacobsen Brunow  24 Apr 1692Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I47906
4 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Mads Jacobsen Brunow  27 Jun 1680Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I48033
5 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Peder Jacobsen Brunow  7 Jan 1677Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I48144
6 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Sophie Jacobsen Brunow  10 Jan 1683Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I47966
7 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Urban Jacobsen Brunow  15 Feb 1685Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I47948
8 Christensen, Aase Marie  10 Jun 1931Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I290816
9 Christensen, Anna Gudrun  24 Feb 1903Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I297701
10 Christensen, Edel   I296474
11 Christensen, Edith Elisabeth  28 Aug 1936Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I290817
12 Christensen, Erling Peter  25 Oct 1939Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I290818
13 Christensen, Maren  1690Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I109036
14 Christensen, Marie Nejsum  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I299029
15 Christensen, Metea Amalie  14 Jan 1877Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I53439
16 Christensen, Ole  2 May 1799Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I67965
17 Christensen, Peter Ahlmann  4 Feb 1916Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I298050
18 Dahl, Arnold Jensen   I54889
19 Formann, Clara Birgitte Emilie  5 May 1883Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I103151
20 Formann, Clara Birgitte Laurine  16 Apr 1882Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I112827
21 Formann, Ingeborg Kirstine Rybergtine  4 Mar 1879Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I107802
22 Gleerup (Gleerup), Ida Kirstine  6 Nov 1784Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I156252
23 Grau, Christen Jensen  6 Jul 1866Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I69781
24 Jensen, Aage Andreas   I290517
25 Jensen, Bodil Christine   I299030
26 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine   I296973
27 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine   I296583
28 Jensen, Flemming   I296372
29 Jensen, Karen  1755Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I67630
30 Jensen, Lone   I296364
31 Jensen, Ole Peter   I299031
32 Jeppesen, Jacob Christian  5 Jun 1836Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I94658
33 Kjeldsen, Ketty Bolette  24 Mar 1926Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I297616
34 Kudsk, Niels  Abt 1710Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I53076
35 Larsen, Nicoline Marie  1 Jun 1885Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I89683
36 Laursen, Maren  1705Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I93710
37 Madsen, Rasmus  12 Jun 1692Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I109065
38 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Ane Thomasen Jetsmark  4 Dec 1640Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I69124
39 Olsen, Klara Margrethe  30 Sep 1900Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I290785
40 Overby, Bodil   I296562
41 Pedersen, Jens Erik Skræm  15 Nov 1920Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63365
42 Pedersen, Minna Bjergager   I296433
43 Rasmussen, Else  7 Aug 1729Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I108693
44 Rasmussen, Maren  6 Mar 1726Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I72611
45 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Birgitte Ottosen  12 Apr 1555Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I147890
46 Skræm (Schrem of Skræm), Ellen Andrea  22 Dec 1900Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63488
47 Skræm (Schrem of Skræm), Oda Elisabeth  4 Nov 1913Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63414


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christensen, Metea Amalie  18 Feb 1877Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I53439
2 Gleerup (Gleerup), Jens Jørgensen  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I400430


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Jacob Pedersen Boesen  25 Sep 1717Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I48196
2 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Jørgen Jacobsen Brunow  29 Nov 1759Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I47906
3 Formann, Clara Birgitte Laurine  22 Jul 1882Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I112827
4 Formann, Ingeborg Kirstine Rybergtine  6 Dec 1897Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I107802
5 Gleerup (Gleerup), Jens Jørgensen  23 Oct 1823Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I400430
6 Illum (Illum of Faaborg), Birgitte Johanne Ditlevsen  6 Jul 1851Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I400428
7 Mørk (Mørk of Jerslev), Thomas Andersen Jetsmark  20 Feb 1654Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I69132
8 Pedersen, Holger  2 Feb 1975Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63377
9 Skræm (Schrem of Skræm), Ellen Andrea  2 Feb 1954Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63488
10 Skræm (Schrem of Skræm), Oda Elisabeth  11 Nov 1935Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I63414


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Graae (Graae), Christian Frederik Anton Hastrup  17 Jun 1948Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I174591
2 Vadum, Inger Lauridsen  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I400433
3 Winkel, Christiane Kristine Henriette  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I175112
4 Wolf, Kirsten Madsen  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I88655


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kampmann (Kampmann), Henrik Hacksen  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I138654
2 Pedersen, Jens  Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark I406847


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Binderup / Ottosen  1654Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F32937
2 Bloch / Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg)  8 Nov 1693Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F72460
3 Christensen / Nielsen  13 Jun 1930Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F120373
4 Christensen / Pedersen  24 May 1901Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122417
5 Christensen / Pedersen  28 Apr 1933Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122459
6 Fædder (Fædder of Germany) / Gleerup (Gleerup)  28 Sep 1804Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F60018
7 Haugaard / Wolf  16 Sep 1685Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F39982
8 Jensen / Sørensen   F122503
9 Jordansen / Kristiansen  21 Jul 1905Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F33149
10 Kristensen / Pedersen  26 Apr 1945Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122467
11 Larsen / Jensen   F122224
12 Liisberg / Rasmussen  28 Dec 1753Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F34052
13 Madsen / Christensen  12 Feb 1714Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F47708
14 Mikkelsen / Pedersen  11 Aug 1936Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122461
15 Møller / Bering (Velling)  13 Dec 1942Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122517
16 Nielsen / Pedersen  11 Nov 1911Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122468
17 Pedersen / Pedersen  12 Apr 1900Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F122368
18 Pedersen / Skræm (Schrem of Skræm)  28 Aug 1918Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F30828
19 Rasmussen / Nielsen  21 Sep 1690Skaeve, North Jutland, Denmark F47600

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