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Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 191 of 191

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agerskov, Christian Rudolph  21 Mar 1907Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I99792 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Carl Poul, Count   I154270 onetrees 
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Christian Emil, Count  30 Jun 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I22292 onetrees 
4 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Elsa Karin, Comtesse  27 Aug 1901Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I154099 onetrees 
5 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Emil Frederik Ferdinand Heinrich, Count  6 Dec 1902Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I154100 onetrees 
6 Andersen, Gitte Vestergaard   I190966 onetrees 
7 Andersen, Ingeborg Nielsine  16 Oct 1899Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I247240 onetrees 
8 Andersen, Lisbeth Agnethe   I294648 onetrees 
9 Arntzen, Anna Caspara  7 Sep 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I155659 onetrees 
10 Arntzen, Camilla  23 Jun 1863Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246450 onetrees 
11 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Ejnar Leth  27 Nov 1896Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435550 onetrees 
12 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Erik Leth  1906Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435566 onetrees 
13 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Hans Laurids Leth  1900Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435553 onetrees 
14 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Ida Leth  1898Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435561 onetrees 
15 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Karen Leth  1916Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435567 onetrees 
16 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Martin Engel Leth  1902Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435563 onetrees 
17 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Nanna Leth  1901Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435562 onetrees 
18 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Niels Leth  16 Feb 1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435565 onetrees 
19 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Svend Leth  1904Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435564 onetrees 
20 Bech, Agnete  7 Jul 1910Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79855 onetrees 
21 Bilde, Anne Louise Røgen   I290947 onetrees 
22 Bilde, Nicolai Røgen   I290946 onetrees 
23 Birk, Kristoffer  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246601 onetrees 
24 Bitsch, Poul  5 Oct 1930Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I50670 onetrees 
25 Boemand, Drude Justsen  Abt 1625Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I83838 onetrees 
26 Boll, Svend Harring   I399703 onetrees 
27 Borberg (Borberg), Lissi Juul  26 Nov 1911Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I50802 onetrees 
28 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff), Thomas   I44632 onetrees 
29 Burrows, Lea Højmark   I292916 onetrees 
30 Christensen, Lise Lotte   I294181 onetrees 
31 Danielsen, Johanne Margarethe  5 Aug 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I219509 onetrees 
32 Drechsel, Erik Georg Vilhelm von  13 Aug 1886Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I4115 onetrees 
33 Drechsel, Ernst Christoph Lorentz von  9 Jan 1858Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I83655 onetrees 
34 Drechsel, Frederik Ludvig Vilhelm von  13 Mar 1864Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I83636 onetrees 
35 Drewsen, Johanne Eva Amalie Emilie Augusta  1 Jul 1859Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139844 onetrees 
36 Drewsen, Karen Michala  2 Apr 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139843 onetrees 
37 Drewsen, Michael Johan Christian  3 May 1857Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139845 onetrees 
38 Drewsen, Thyra  6 Jun 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139842 onetrees 
39 Due, Ellen  18 May 1878Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I97253 onetrees 
40 Dyhr, Villy   I440511 onetrees 
41 Fauerby, Ragnhilda  1 Mar 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I77370 onetrees 
42 Faurschou (Faurschou), Frederik  24 Nov 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I404978 onetrees 
43 Faurschou (Faurschou), Olivia Kirstine  28 Sep 1877Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I404977 onetrees 
44 Fibiger, Johannes Andreas Grib  23 Apr 1867Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I26614 onetrees 
45 Fibiger, Louise Christine  17 Jun 1859Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I131158 onetrees 
46 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Aage Rosengreen  13 Apr 1890Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I94320 onetrees 
47 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Aase Kirstine  12 Mar 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I94319 onetrees 
48 Gjerløv, Bolette Elvira  30 Dec 1857Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I448114 onetrees 
49 Hall, Bjørn Mikkel   I239336 onetrees 
50 Hansen, Anne Marie Mathilde  6 Jun 1854Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I404980 onetrees 
51 Hansen, Gerda  6 Nov 1908Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I33734 onetrees 
52 Hansen, Jutta  4 Mar 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I434432 onetrees 
53 Hansen, Maria Cathrine  1821Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I88389 onetrees 
54 Hansen, Oliver Moos   I57523 onetrees 
55 Hansen, Vibeke Gunder   I199456 onetrees 
56 Hoff, Frederik Vilhelm  17 Jun 1801Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I188246 onetrees 
57 Hostrup (Hostrup), Helge  19 Jun 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I184050 onetrees 
58 Houtved, Peter Andreas  13 Feb 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143360 onetrees 
59 Hviid, Christian Emil  26 Mar 1858Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I403304 onetrees 
60 Hviid, Erik Gjedde  19 Apr 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I403307 onetrees 
61 Hviid, Margrethe Sofie  30 Jan 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I403306 onetrees 
62 Hviid, Victor  24 Oct 1859Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I403305 onetrees 
63 Jacobsen, Kjeld   I139201 onetrees 
64 Jacobsen, Peter Boyesen  21 Sep 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I132195 onetrees 
65 Jensen, Anne Sofie Gybel   I294530 onetrees 
66 Jensen, Asta Emilie Riegels  13 Oct 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I438961 onetrees 
67 Jensen, Kirstine  24 Feb 1887Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I80291 onetrees 
68 Jensen, Marie Elisabeth   I296565 onetrees 
69 Jensen, Petra Kristine Elisabeth  14 Nov 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I432756 onetrees 
70 Jensen, Tobias Gybel   I294529 onetrees 
71 Jensen, Trine Heidi Juul   I298027 onetrees 
72 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Mette Georg   I427071 onetrees 
73 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Morten Georg   I427006 onetrees 
74 Johansen, Ellen Haugen  26 Mar 1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I82484 onetrees 
75 Klein, Dagmar Johanne Kanaris  15 Jan 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437208 onetrees 
76 Knudsen, Morten V   I155047 onetrees 
77 Kokborg, August Rasmussen  9 Sep 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I81768 onetrees 
78 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Peter Johannes Michael  2 Apr 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I199665 onetrees 
79 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Anna Marie  25 Jul 1889Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119658 onetrees 
80 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Ejnar  27 Jun 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I239841 onetrees 
81 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Ellen  18 Feb 1891Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173957 onetrees 
82 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Gitte   I223578 onetrees 
83 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Herluf   I224078 onetrees 
84 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), John   I223781 onetrees 
85 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Jørgen Peter Georg  29 Jul 1886Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119660 onetrees 
86 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Karen Margrethe  21 Jan 1888Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119659 onetrees 
87 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Knud   I224131 onetrees 
88 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Louise Dorthea Frederikke  3 Dec 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119661 onetrees 
89 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Mogens   I224080 onetrees 
90 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Oscar  11 Jun 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119655 onetrees 
91 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Vilhelm Joachim Godske Adam  3 Aug 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I102917 onetrees 
92 Kornum, Christina   I294896 onetrees 
93 Krieger (Krieger), Anthonius Michael Napoléon  11 Jul 1858Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I48493 onetrees 
94 Kristensen, Johanne Kristine "Hanne"  6 Apr 1914Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I136152 onetrees 
95 Kristensen, Line Nederby   I57093 onetrees 
96 Kristiansen, Bente  17 Jun 1916Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I108209 onetrees 
97 Kristiansen, Troels   I246426 onetrees 
98 Krogh, Inger Marie   I144174 onetrees 
99 Kruse, Erik   I175410 onetrees 
100 Larsen, Berit Bjergene   I296992 onetrees 
101 Larsen, Edwin Ølund  13 Oct 1913Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I147887 onetrees 
102 Larsen, Lydia  4 Nov 1868Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I402589 onetrees 
103 Larsen, Marie Katrine  30 Aug 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I402591 onetrees 
104 Lauridsen, Jeanette Marie   I59806 onetrees 
105 Laursen, Bodil Busk   I115973 onetrees 
106 Laursen, Gretha Rosendahl Naeis  18 Mar 1920Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I149839 onetrees 
107 Lemmergaard, Anders   I416791 onetrees 
108 Lemmergaard, Marianne   I416792 onetrees 
109 Lovring, Kaj   I61638 onetrees 
110 Lund, Bodil  30 Sep 1886Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246448 onetrees 
111 Lund, Frits Andreas Kjær  1896Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246691 onetrees 
112 Lund, Frode Arntzen  1890Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246692 onetrees 
113 Lund, Gertrude Elise  1885Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246690 onetrees 
114 Lyngbye, Ellen Bracony  5 Jun 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I123011 onetrees 
115 Madsen, Frits  17 Dec 1916Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139204 onetrees 
116 Madsen, Grethe Storgaard   I226728 onetrees 
117 Mikkelsen, Ingrid Marie  20 Nov 1896Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I224301 onetrees 
118 Munck, Aslaug  6 Oct 1917Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I175583 onetrees 
119 Munck, Kjartan  2 Apr 1914Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I201368 onetrees 
120 Møgelvang, Ellen Marie Fernanda  11 Sep 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246597 onetrees 
121 Møgelvang, Marthe Marie  Abt 1887Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246627 onetrees 
122 Møller, Frederik  4 Jun 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143316 onetrees 
123 Møller, Karoline  6 Feb 1871Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143317 onetrees 
124 Møller, Niels Axel  17 Jan 1860Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143306 onetrees 
125 Møller, Theodore Aurora  19 Sep 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173336 onetrees 
126 Møller, Thyra  16 Nov 1868Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173325 onetrees 
127 Neergaard (Neergaard), Bjørn Rosenkrantz de   I201434 onetrees 
128 Neergaard (Neergaard), Iben Rosenkrantz de   I201435 onetrees 
129 Neergaard (Neergaard), Paavo Rosenkrantz de   I201427 onetrees 
130 Neergaard (Neergaard), Silja Rosenkrantz de   I201424 onetrees 
131 Neergaard (Neergaard), Tue Rosenkrantz de   I201423 onetrees 
132 Nielsen, Aage  24 Jun 1873Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I176153 onetrees 
133 Nielsen, Anna Kirstine  14 Dec 1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235702 onetrees 
134 Nielsen, Anna Margretha  9 Mar 1901Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235709 onetrees 
135 Nielsen, Betty  28 Aug 1913Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235704 onetrees 
136 Nielsen, Eckhart  23 Sep 1904Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235701 onetrees 
137 Nielsen, Emilie  20 Jun 1917Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235705 onetrees 
138 Nielsen, Georgine Anine Sofie  4 Mar 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I276672 onetrees 
139 Nielsen, Jenny Petra Margretha  10 May 1897Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235707 onetrees 
140 Nielsen, Johannes Emanuel Snejbjerg  14 May 1903Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235710 onetrees 
141 Nielsen, Kristian Peder  13 Aug 1898Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235708 onetrees 
142 Nielsen, Lise Baastrup   I434359 onetrees 
143 Nielsen, Marie  23 Sep 1909Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235703 onetrees 
144 Nielsen, Nathalie Theodora  7 Apr 1879Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I166630 onetrees 
145 Panduro, Ejnar Immanuel  2 Apr 1865Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139179 onetrees 
146 Panduro, Elna  24 Jan 1871Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139175 onetrees 
147 Panduro, Holger Isidore  26 Mar 1867Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139222 onetrees 
148 Panduro, Valdemar  5 Mar 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139176 onetrees 
149 Pedersen, Frands Chr  15 Jun 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398635 onetrees 
150 Pedersen, Frederik Vilhelm  5 Feb 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I62766 onetrees 
151 Pedersen, Maren  10 Jul 1880Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I62791 onetrees 
152 Pedersen, Maren Kristine  10 Aug 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398637 onetrees 
153 Pedersen, Marinus Christian  29 Jul 1881Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I62779 onetrees 
154 Pedersen, Peder  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398634 onetrees 
155 Pedersen, Søren Marinus  26 Oct 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398636 onetrees 
156 Petersen, Grethe Sigaard  9 Aug 1919Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I95062 onetrees 
157 Petersen, Jens Christian  Abt 1844Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I438649 onetrees 
158 Petersen, Peter Ørum Andreas  6 Dec 1908Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I422229 onetrees 
159 Qvist, Inga  30 Aug 1904Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143364 onetrees 
160 Rambøll, Gudrun Elisabeth  7 Apr 1917Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I178867 onetrees 
161 Rasmussen, Egon   I155237 onetrees 
162 Rasmussen, Hans Albertus  14 Oct 1832Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I229851 onetrees 
163 Rasmussen, Ida Hedevig  1 Sep 1835Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I229862 onetrees 
164 Rasmussen, Sofie Frederikke  27 Nov 1860Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143362 onetrees 
165 Rasmussen, Vera Clemann  21 Nov 1912Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I198204 onetrees 
166 Sabroe, Axel S  2 Jul 1891Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I183436 onetrees 
167 Sabroe, Thomas Thomasen  23 Aug 1863Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I183270 onetrees 
168 Sandager, Kirsten Puk   I399700 onetrees 
169 Scheel (Skeel), Thomas Erik Carsten, Count   I171874 onetrees 
170 Schrøder, Jens Willy   I294623 onetrees 
171 Schulin (Schulin), Julie Elisabeth, Comtesse   I147319 onetrees 
172 Skjølstrup, Nanna Krogh   I294817 onetrees 
173 Skov, Elly Lillian   I81257 onetrees 
174 Stilling, Svend Horneman   I113268 onetrees 
175 Stoye, Marna Nicoline Elise  26 Sep 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I447534 onetrees 
176 Stride, Sigurd Olufsen   I194663 onetrees 
177 Strunge, Helga Eleonora  31 Jul 1853Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I21505 onetrees 
178 Thau, Grethe   I80659 onetrees 
179 Tommerup, Ellen Margrethe  30 Jul 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I115798 onetrees 
180 Tommerup, Ellen Margrethe  30 Jul 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437165 onetrees 
181 Uldall, Hans Jørgen  25 May 1907Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I181655 onetrees 
182 Warming (Warming of Varming), Ingeborg Christiane Louise Ernestine  3 Apr 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I163464 onetrees 
183 Winkel, Christiane Kristine Henriette  13 Sep 1879Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I175112 onetrees 
184 Zielian, Asta  20 Apr 1867Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79330 onetrees 
185 Zielian, Ebba Josefa  12 Nov 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79335 onetrees 
186 Zielian, Edgar  21 May 1870Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79328 onetrees 
187 Zielian, Eigil  25 Feb 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79331 onetrees 
188 Zielian, Frederik Valdemar  1 Jan 1864Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79334 onetrees 
189 Zielian, Gudrun  15 Jan 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79329 onetrees 
190 Zielian, Harald  27 Dec 1857Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79337 onetrees 
191 Zielian, Valborg  27 Nov 1859Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79336 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arntzen, Camilla  2 Aug 1863Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246450 onetrees 
2 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Ejnar Leth  3 Jan 1897Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435550 onetrees 
3 Fauerby, Ragnhilda  15 Jun 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I77370 onetrees 
4 Jensen, Asta Emilie Riegels  1 Dec 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I438961 onetrees 
5 Kokborg, August Rasmussen  18 Oct 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I81768 onetrees 
6 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Peter Johannes Michael  6 Jun 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I199665 onetrees 
7 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Ejnar  27 Jul 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I239841 onetrees 
8 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Louise Dorthea Frederikke  16 Dec 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119661 onetrees 
9 Kristiansen, Bente  3 Aug 1916Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I108209 onetrees 
10 Lund, Oscar Julius  15 Jun 1853Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246449 onetrees 
11 Møgelvang, Ellen Marie Fernanda  8 Oct 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246597 onetrees 
12 Panduro, Valdemar  3 May 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139176 onetrees 
13 Pedersen, Frands Chr  27 Jul 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398635 onetrees 
14 Pedersen, Maren Kristine  23 Sep 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398637 onetrees 
15 Pedersen, Søren Marinus  3 Oct 1886Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398636 onetrees 
16 Stoye, Marna Nicoline Elise  25 Nov 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I447534 onetrees 
17 Warming (Warming of Varming), Ingeborg Christiane Louise Ernestine  24 Aug 1893Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I163464 onetrees 
18 Zielian, Asta  11 Sep 1867Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79330 onetrees 
19 Zielian, Ebba Josefa  3 Jun 1862Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79335 onetrees 
20 Zielian, Edgar  11 Aug 1870Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79328 onetrees 
21 Zielian, Eigil  15 Apr 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79331 onetrees 
22 Zielian, Frederik Valdemar  6 Jul 1864Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79334 onetrees 
23 Zielian, Gudrun  12 May 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79329 onetrees 
24 Zielian, Harald  25 May 1858Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79337 onetrees 
25 Zielian, Valborg  23 May 1860Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I79336 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Frederik Ferdinand Heinrich "Emil", Count  7 Jun 1904Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I107514 onetrees 
2 Arntzen, Frode  6 Jul 1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I175433 onetrees 
3 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Erik Leth  1923Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435566 onetrees 
4 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Martin Engel Leth  1903Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435563 onetrees 
5 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Svend Leth  1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435564 onetrees 
6 Bindesbøl (Bindesbøl), Johan Henrik  15 Jul 1866Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143065 onetrees 
7 Birk, Johan Carl Kristensen  15 Sep 1892Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246600 onetrees 
8 Birk, Johanmine Karoline Kirstine Margrethe  17 Dec 1898Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246599 onetrees 
9 Bitsch, Poul  21 Oct 1967Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I50670 onetrees 
10 Bjerregaard, Johanne Kirstine Margrethe  6 Apr 1869Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437158 onetrees 
11 Bjerregaard, Rasmine Eleonora Christine  8 Jan 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437160 onetrees 
12 Borch, Eleonora Christine Octavia  25 Feb 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I21724 onetrees 
13 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Martin Reginald  12 Aug 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I199577 onetrees 
14 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Carl Henrik Christian  3 Jun 1971Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I162323 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Larsine  Abt 1920Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53403 onetrees 
16 Christiansen, Maren Smedegaard  26 Mar 1952Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I235700 onetrees 
17 Clauson-Kaas (Kaas of Mur (Kaas of Kaas)), Jørgen Frederik  22 Sep 1990Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I407775 onetrees 
18 Dyhr, Ellen Marie Kristensen  28 Feb 1911Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246755 onetrees 
19 Døssing, Kirsten Marie  Abt 1976Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53377 onetrees 
20 Fauerby, Thomas Christian  31 Oct 1922Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I77369 onetrees 
21 Fenger, Hans Mathias  11 Jul 1930Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I5137 onetrees 
22 Fink, Ingvard Andersen  24 Mar 1918Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I408747 onetrees 
23 Fogh, Hector Frederik Janson  20 Feb 1861Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I81106 onetrees 
24 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Søster Ingeborg  16 May 1906Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I239736 onetrees 
25 Hammer, Henrik Hans Nikolai  8 Nov 1919Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437205 onetrees 
26 Hansen, Henrik  24 Feb 1988Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I421533 onetrees 
27 Hansen, Peter Michael  2 Dec 1877Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I83587 onetrees 
28 Hedeager, Niels Pedersen  16 May 1918Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I405341 onetrees 
29 Holbum, Hans  14 Jun 1974Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I73141 onetrees 
30 Holstein (Holstein), Anna Helena Tack von  24 Jun 1958Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I167851 onetrees 
31 Hummelgaard, Mads Nil  3 Jan 1944Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I311202 onetrees 
32 Jensen, Johanne Sofie  2 Dec 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246452 onetrees 
33 Jensen, Kirstine  15 Dec 1966Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I80291 onetrees 
34 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Anders Georg  Jan 2010Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I427004 onetrees 
35 Junge, Louise Dorthea Frederikke Lucie  13 Dec 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I102906 onetrees 
36 Jørgensen, Karen Margrethe  1 Oct 1929Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I197337 onetrees 
37 Kiersgaard, Lisbeth Louise  26 Jul 1985Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I419868 onetrees 
38 Kierulff (Kiermet - Skriver), Minna Margrethe Augusta  23 Feb 1853Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I72533 onetrees 
39 Klubien, Annette  9 Jan 2012Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I14740 onetrees 
40 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Anna Marie  20 Jan 1928Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119658 onetrees 
41 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Joachim Godske Adam Vilhelm  18 Feb 1912Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I197335 onetrees 
42 Kyhl, Paul Wilken  22 Mar 2009Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I388047 onetrees 
43 Kümmel, Johanne Amalie  28 Jul 1863Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I99391 onetrees 
44 La Cour (La Cour), Ane Cathrine  28 Oct 1923Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I397420 onetrees 
45 Lemmich, Agnes Friederike  13 Mar 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I107872 onetrees 
46 Lund, Andreas Kjær  19 Nov 1887Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246451 onetrees 
47 Lund, Bodil  1972Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246448 onetrees 
48 Møgelvang, Mads Peter  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246598 onetrees 
49 Møller, Frederik Peter  1907Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173326 onetrees 
50 Møller, Karoline  Abt 1938Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143317 onetrees 
51 Nansen (Leidersdorff), Immanuel Johannes  9 Jul 1934Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I25177 onetrees 
52 Nellemann, Anna Lorentze  28 Nov 1960Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I243571 onetrees 
53 Nielsen, Andrejette  26 Feb 1894Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I388697 onetrees 
54 Nielsen, Hans Severin  29 Mar 1952Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I389074 onetrees 
55 Nielsen, Kirstine Schou  27 Aug 1967Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I404331 onetrees 
56 Nielsen, Maren  20 Dec 1975Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I73191 onetrees 
57 Norup, Hans Rudolph  3 Nov 1961Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I401810 onetrees 
58 Oldenborg, Augusta Lisette  9 Dec 1916Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I437563 onetrees 
59 Olesen, Ane Margrethe  28 Feb 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398640 onetrees 
60 Petersen, Jens Christian  20 Dec 1939Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I258184 onetrees 
61 Plesner (Plesner), Anna Kirstine  1 Jan 1945Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I174654 onetrees 
62 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Haakon Olav  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I193343 onetrees 
63 Rasmussen, Hulda Sigrid  21 Sep 1930Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I413334 onetrees 
64 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Sophie Hedevig "Somse"  Sep 1965Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I70922 onetrees 
65 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Patrick August Theodore  30 Aug 2007Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I198690 onetrees 
66 Simonsen, Kristian Peter  Abt 1960Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53392 onetrees 
67 Stabell (Stabell), Cathrine Elisabeth  14 Apr 1856Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I88807 onetrees 
68 Stabell (Stabell), Hans Peter  26 Jun 1859Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I125707 onetrees 
69 Svendsen, Inger Marie  12 Sep 2000Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246585 onetrees 
70 Sørensen, Anders Christian  15 Nov 1917Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I46068 onetrees 
71 Thau, Martin Hansen  8 May 1979Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I80280 onetrees 
72 Tutein, Fernanda  Oct 1981Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I147700 onetrees 
73 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Kaj Sadolin  11 Feb 1969Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I410 onetrees 
74 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Else Margrethe  13 Feb 1975Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I413795 onetrees 
75 Zangenberg Eriksen, Johannes Erik  26 Dec 1990Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I410322 onetrees 
76 Zielian, Rudolph Theobald  25 Oct 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I186002 onetrees 
77 Øvall, Anna Emilie Hansson  14 Jan 1992Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I401869 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nielsine  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I70918 onetrees 
2 Døssing, Christian  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53378 onetrees 
3 Jensen, Johanne Sofie  16 Dec 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246452 onetrees 
4 Jørgensen, Karen Margrethe  6 Oct 1929Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I197337 onetrees 
5 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Anna Marie  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I119658 onetrees 
6 Lund, Andreas Kjær  24 Nov 1887Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246451 onetrees 
7 Madsen, Frits  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I139204 onetrees 
8 Møller, Karoline  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143317 onetrees 
9 Møller, Theodore Aurora  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173336 onetrees 
10 Nielsen, Hans Severin  4 Apr 1952Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I389074 onetrees 
11 Olesen, Ane Margrethe  7 Mar 1895Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398640 onetrees 
12 Pagh (Møller), Hans Jørgen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I173338 onetrees 
13 Pedersen, Peder  1885Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I398634 onetrees 
14 Qvist, Otto Peter Johannes  6 Nov 1905Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143363 onetrees 
15 Schacht, Caroline Villhelmine  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I70927 onetrees 
16 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Carl Hermann Severin  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I71041 onetrees 
17 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Johan Frederik  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I71043 onetrees 
18 Simonsen, Berthus  7 Jul 1912Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53395 onetrees 
19 Simonsen, Mathilde Marie  8 Sep 1919Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I53394 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aagaard, Anders  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I438966 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Frederik Ferdinand Heinrich "Emil", Count  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I107514 onetrees 
3 Arntzen, Frode  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I175433 onetrees 
4 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Peter Laustsen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I435549 onetrees 
5 Bech, Jens  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143194 onetrees 
6 Bindesbøl (Bindesbøl), Johan Henrik  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I143065 onetrees 
7 Birk, Johan Carl Kristensen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246600 onetrees 
8 Birk, Kristoffer  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246601 onetrees 
9 Drewsen, Christian  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I186464 onetrees 
10 Due, Manderup  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I97199 onetrees 
11 Fauerby, Thomas Christian  30 Aug 1870Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I77369 onetrees 
12 Fauerby, Thomas Christian  1888Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I77369 onetrees 
13 Fink, Ingvard Andersen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I408747 onetrees 
14 Fischer, Erling   I183634 onetrees 
15 Fischer, Jens Peter Christoffer  Abt 1853Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I84978 onetrees 
16 Hansen, Christian Peter  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I434436 onetrees 
17 Hansen, Peter Gunder   I178874 onetrees 
18 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Trods Henrik   I151548 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Jens Fonnesbek  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I47590 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Kristian Riegels  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I438964 onetrees 
21 Jensen (Jølver), Carl Sophus  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I392190 onetrees 
22 Junker, Hans Grunet  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I166644 onetrees 
23 Jørgensen, Johannes Feilberg  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I34273 onetrees 
24 Kier, Frederik Christian  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I159739 onetrees 
25 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Joachim Godske Adam Vilhelm  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I197335 onetrees 
26 Krarup (Krarup of Viborg), Ejnar Valdemar  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I61647 onetrees 
27 Kruse, Andreas  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I212107 onetrees 
28 Lund, Andreas Kjær  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246451 onetrees 
29 Lund, Oscar Julius  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246449 onetrees 
30 Madsen, Andreas  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I80035 onetrees 
31 Møgelvang, Mads Peter  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I246598 onetrees 
32 Neckelmann, Kaj  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I158083 onetrees 
33 Nielsen, Carl Frederik  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I182444 onetrees 
34 Nielsen, Frederik Hans Henrik Godske  1904Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I85397 onetrees 
35 Nielsen, Hans Severin  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I389074 onetrees 
36 Nyeborg, Elisabeth  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I134638 onetrees 
37 Overgaard, Jørgen   I56468 onetrees 
38 Petersen, Jens Christian  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I258184 onetrees 
39 Rambøll, Axel Jørgensen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I178868 onetrees 
40 Rasmussen, Viggo  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I153494 onetrees 
41 Sabroe, Thomas Thomasen  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I183447 onetrees 
42 Sadolin (Jensen of Svingelbjerg), Jørn   I406756 onetrees 
43 Schmidt, Knud Arent  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I138429 onetrees 
44 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Patrick August Theodore  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I198690 onetrees 
45 Stilling, Holger Andreas  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I70662 onetrees 
46 Stoye, Jens Valdemar  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I447493 onetrees 
47 Thorsøe, Hans   I158762 onetrees 
48 Tommerup, W  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I115797 onetrees 
49 Zielian, Rudolph Theobald  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark I186002 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt) / Nielsen  9 Nov 1873Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F11550 onetrees 
2 Arntzen / Arntzen  11 May 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F64804 onetrees 
3 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard)  17 Aug 1917Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F73240 onetrees 
4 Berner (Berner) / Thorsøe   F66331 onetrees 
5 Bonnevie / Johansen  13 May 1933Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F37508 onetrees 
6 Brøchner-Larsen / Nielsen  12 Dec 1899Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F70035 onetrees 
7 Clausen / Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt)  12 Dec 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F11779 onetrees 
8 Drewsen / Fürst (Fürst of Copenhagen)  3 May 1856Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F57798 onetrees 
9 Fauerby / Jensen  28 Nov 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F35530 onetrees 
10 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Hansen  23 Nov 1875Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F156616 onetrees 
11 Frølund (Frølund of Frølund) / Fleischer  30 Sep 1912Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F18119 onetrees 
12 Hammer / Klein  2 Jun 1887Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F167471 onetrees 
13 Hansen / Drechsel  4 Sep 1874Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F18323 onetrees 
14 Jacobsen / Madsen   F57552 onetrees 
15 Jølver (Jølver) / Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard)  27 Dec 1906Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F99266 onetrees 
16 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) / Jensen   F47054 onetrees 
17 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) / Larsen   F44413 onetrees 
18 Kristiansen / Lund  21 Oct 1911Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F101850 onetrees 
19 Lassen / Jessen  28 May 1918Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F42272 onetrees 
20 Lassen / Klüver  4 Nov 1873Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F100970 onetrees 
21 Laursen / Naeis  Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F10774 onetrees 
22 Lovring / Lauridsen   F30142 onetrees 
23 Lund / Arntzen  17 Aug 1884Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F101862 onetrees 
24 Møgelvang / Birk  15 Dec 1885Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F101929 onetrees 
25 Møller / Rasmussen  10 Feb 1886Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F59031 onetrees 
26 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Vänskä   F76632 onetrees 
27 Nielsen / Nielsen  27 Sep 1872Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F69826 onetrees 
28 Panum / Nielsen  4 Jul 1883Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F160956 onetrees 
29 Poulsen / Møller  12 Nov 1879Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F162351 onetrees 
30 Qvist / Møller  15 Nov 1894Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F59033 onetrees 
31 Risgaard-Petersen / Kristensen   F119797 onetrees 
32 Sabroe / Møller  26 Apr 1892Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F72959 onetrees 
33 Sarauw / Due  6 Sep 1907Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F49187 onetrees 
34 Thau / Jensen  10 Oct 1914Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F36747 onetrees 
35 Tjur / Hansen   F23991 onetrees 
36 Ussing (Ussing 2) / Hansen  2 Aug 1910Silkeborg, Central Jutland, Denmark F166496 onetrees 

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