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Scotland, UK



Matches 1 to 83 of 83

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barbara  Abt 1859Scotland, UK I443676 onetrees 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1737Scotland, UK I397324 onetrees 
3 Isabella  Scotland, UK I242235 onetrees 
4 Margaret R  1815Scotland, UK I242233 onetrees 
5 Adams, James  Abt 1640Scotland, UK I272244 onetrees 
6 Alexander, John  Scotland, UK I271765 onetrees 
7 Baron (Barron), Margaret  1805Scotland, UK I233597 onetrees 
8 Baron (Barron), Patrick  1795Scotland, UK I460922 onetrees 
9 Bencowe, Harriet Ann  1831Scotland, UK I224822 onetrees 
10 Bogge, Hans  Scotland, UK I236972 onetrees 
11 Bride, Horrace  Scotland, UK I188449 onetrees 
12 Bryson, Letitia Hamilton  13 Dec 1854Scotland, UK I63871 onetrees 
13 Burns (Burns), Edith  Scotland, UK I242231 onetrees 
14 Cameron (Cameron), Alexander  Abt 1754Scotland, UK I260309 onetrees 
15 Cameron (Cameron), Alexander Patrick of Ardshiel  9 May 1842Scotland, UK I258519 onetrees 
16 Cameron (Cameron), Allan  Abt 1757Scotland, UK I259738 onetrees 
17 Cameron (Cameron), Grace  Scotland, UK I259715 onetrees 
18 Cameron (Cameron), John  Abt 1782Scotland, UK I259351 onetrees 
19 Cameron (Cameron), Louisa S  Abt 1848Scotland, UK I260290 onetrees 
20 Campbell (Campbell), Dugald  1758Scotland, UK I250505 onetrees 
21 Campbell (Campbell), Isabella  6 Feb 1837Scotland, UK I150759 onetrees 
22 Douglas-Stjärnorp (Douglas of Sweden), Robert  17 Mar 1611Scotland, UK I232703 onetrees 
23 Duncan (Duncan of Sweden), Jakob  Scotland, UK I462072 onetrees 
24 Ewing, Albert  Scotland, UK I207674 onetrees 
25 Ewing, Mary  1715Scotland, UK I207711 onetrees 
26 Ferguson (Ferguson), William  1718Scotland, UK I442584 onetrees 
27 Forbes of Brux (Forbes)  Scotland, UK I210839 onetrees 
28 Forbes of Brux (Forbes)  Scotland, UK I210489 onetrees 
29 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Honourable Alexander The 2nd Baron of Towie and of Kildrummy  Scotland, UK I214774 onetrees 
30 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Honourable Alexander The 4th Laird of Brux  Scotland, UK I214653 onetrees 
31 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Arthur  Scotland, UK I214387 onetrees 
32 Forbes of Tolquhon (Forbes), James  1620Scotland, UK I269925 onetrees 
33 Forrest, Simon  23 Mar 1895Scotland, UK I93419 onetrees 
34 Gay (Gay), William  Abt 1705Scotland, UK I396070 onetrees 
35 Gillies, James "Jim"   I43291 onetrees 
36 Gordon of Brackley (Gordon), Lord John The 3rd Baron Gordon of Brackley and the 7th Laird of Kennerty and of Kilmorenocks  Abt 1631Scotland, UK I214450 onetrees 
37 Hill, Bessie Brown  Abt 1854Scotland, UK I259065 onetrees 
38 Houssemayne Du Boulay, Patricia Katherine   I449122 onetrees 
39 Kenney, Thomas Laurie  2 Mar 1936Scotland, UK I181260 onetrees 
40 Lagergréen, Johan Larsson "Laurin"  29 Mar 1574Scotland, UK I234754 onetrees 
41 Lamb (Lamb), Mary Vera  1889Scotland, UK I66213 onetrees 
42 Laurin, Lars Olofsson  1540Scotland, UK I234750 onetrees 
43 MacCaskill, William  Abt 1844Scotland, UK I259561 onetrees 
44 MacDonald, Winnie  Scotland, UK I136395 onetrees 
45 MacDonald (MacDonald of MacDonald), Mary Elizabeth  1655Scotland, UK I207568 onetrees 
46 MacGilsey, Nan  Scotland, UK I453767 onetrees 
47 MacKay (MacKay), Alexander  8 Jan 1856Scotland, UK I242230 onetrees 
48 MacKay (MacKay), Dorothy Helen  6 Apr 1900Scotland, UK I31634 onetrees 
49 MacKay (MacKay), Joseph George  1813Scotland, UK I242232 onetrees 
50 MacKay (MacKay), Margaret  Abt 1707Scotland, UK I392511 onetrees 
51 MacKay (MacKay), William  1783Scotland, UK I242234 onetrees 
52 MacKenzie (MacKenzie), Maj-Gen Hugh  Abt 1892Scotland, UK I215027 onetrees 
53 MacKinney (Mackinney), James  Scotland, UK I207702 onetrees 
54 MacKinney (Mackinney), Patrick  1714Scotland, UK I207718 onetrees 
55 MacKinney (Mackinney), Samuel S  1742Scotland, UK I207562 onetrees 
56 MacLeod (MacLeod), Donald  5 Jun 1852Scotland, UK I158337 onetrees 
57 MacSymon, Jane  1815Scotland, UK I258432 onetrees 
58 Martin, Robert Bruce Knox de   I18565 onetrees 
59 Meighan, Jack Wllis  1 Jun 1865Scotland, UK I98494 onetrees 
60 Miles, Nicholas Douglas Alfred   I449123 onetrees 
61 Montgomerie of Eglinton (Montgomery), James David  Scotland, UK I460892 onetrees 
62 Montrose, Genete Graigengelt  Scotland, UK I157868 onetrees 
63 Moravia of Moravia (Murray), Alister   I158610 onetrees 
64 Morrison, George  Abt 1776Scotland, UK I397371 onetrees 
65 Murdoch, William  Abt 1792Scotland, UK I182714 onetrees 
66 O'Connor, James Walter   I158603 onetrees 
67 Ogilvy of Findlater (Ogilvy), George  Abt 1677Scotland, UK I392510 onetrees 
68 Ogilvy of Findlater (Ogilvy), George  24 Jun 1741Scotland, UK I221708 onetrees 
69 Peters, Jessie   I59305 onetrees 
70 Pollock-MacCall (Xxx), Robert George  22 Mar 1912Scotland, UK I174922 onetrees 
71 Russell, Thomas  Scotland, UK I391819 onetrees 
72 Russell (Russell), Honourable Robert  27 May 1630Scotland, UK I248966 onetrees 
73 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Christian, Baron   I163248 onetrees 
74 Scotland (Dunkeld), Malcolm III Canmore, King of  1031Scotland, UK I203024 onetrees 
75 Speer (Speer), Andrew  1618Scotland, UK I428436 onetrees 
76 Stewart (Stewart), Clare Gillian   I449113 onetrees 
77 Teit, Hemming  Scotland, UK I233334 onetrees 
78 Thom, William  Abt 1737Scotland, UK I397226 onetrees 
79 Thomson, Agnes  Scotland, UK I460923 onetrees 
80 Tõrv, Anna Maria   I255737 onetrees 
81 Udny of Udny (Udby), Peter  1598Scotland, UK I233208 onetrees 
82 Udny of Udny (Udby), Peter  1610Scotland, UK I233043 onetrees 
83 Wernekesen, Märteta  Scotland, UK I234753 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Western (Western), Emma Charlotte  Scotland, UK I38181 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isabella  Scotland, UK I242235 onetrees 
2 Margaret R  Scotland, UK I242233 onetrees 
3 Beaton (Bêthune), Honourable Janet  Jan 1569Scotland, UK I220477 onetrees 
4 Begstrup, Hilda Magdalena  17 Jun 1976Scotland, UK I77229 onetrees 
5 Burns (Burns), Edith  Scotland, UK I242231 onetrees 
6 Campbell of Glenorchy (Campbell), Honourable Jean  8 Jun 1642Scotland, UK I43724 onetrees 
7 Ewing, Albert  Scotland, UK I207674 onetrees 
8 Forbes of Brux (Forbes)  Scotland, UK I210839 onetrees 
9 Forbes of Brux (Forbes)  Scotland, UK I210489 onetrees 
10 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Honourable Alexander The 2nd Baron of Towie and of Kildrummy  Scotland, UK I214774 onetrees 
11 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Honourable Alexander The 4th Laird of Brux  Scotland, UK I214653 onetrees 
12 Forbes of Brux (Forbes), Arthur  Scotland, UK I214387 onetrees 
13 Houssemayne Du Boulay, Iain James  17 Sep 1992Scotland, UK I449112 onetrees 
14 MacDonald of Sleat (MacDonald of Sleat), Sir Donald Gorme Óg The 1st Baronet MacDonald and the 8th Laird of Sleat  1 Oct 1643Scotland, UK I1209 onetrees 
15 MacGregor of Balhaldie (MacGregor), Honourable Mary Drummond  1794Scotland, UK I211837 onetrees 
16 MacKay (MacKay), William  1861Scotland, UK I242234 onetrees 
17 MacKenzie of Kintail (MacKenzie), Honourable Janet  Scotland, UK I46838 onetrees 
18 MacKinney (Mackinney), James  Scotland, UK I207702 onetrees 
19 Ogilvy of Findlater (Ogilvy), George  1737Scotland, UK I392510 onetrees 
20 Reid of Pitfodels (Reid), Alison  Abt 1568Scotland, UK I225461 onetrees 
21 Walker, Harry Charles  19 Jan 1970Scotland, UK I170113 onetrees 
22 Wernekesen, Märteta  Scotland, UK I234753 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jansen (Jansen), Rosalie Marie Barbara Campbell  Scotland, UK I165744 onetrees 
2 Jeffrey, Eivin  Scotland, UK I165830 onetrees 
3 O'Connor, James Walter   I158603 onetrees 
4 Pidcock   I15421 onetrees 
5 Pollock-MacCall (Xxx), Robert George  Scotland, UK I174922 onetrees 
6 Stegmann, Conrad  Scotland, UK I191755 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bettany / Connelly   F95545 onetrees 
2 Cameron (Cameron) / Cameron (Cameron)  Scotland, UK F108054 onetrees 
3 Goldsmith (Goldschmidt of Frankfurt) / Patiño Y Borbón  Jan 1954Scotland, UK F32065 onetrees 
4 Hegermann-Lindencrone / Veldhoen   F39587 onetrees 

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