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Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Sophie Elisabeth  1839Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I94547 onetrees 
2 Aarestrup, Emilie  1 Sep 1841Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I148899 onetrees 
3 Aistrup, Jens Andreas Laurentzius  16 Dec 1794Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I66054 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Michael Troldborg   I290595 onetrees 
5 Aystrup, Johan Christian  6 Jul 1800Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67373 onetrees 
6 Aystrup, Niels Jensen  3 Dec 1796Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67351 onetrees 
7 Aystrup, Sophia Dorthea  28 Jan 1802Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67451 onetrees 
8 Bay-Schmith, Anna Johanne  Abt 1871Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129018 onetrees 
9 Bay-Schmith, Elisabeth  Abt 1870Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129021 onetrees 
10 Bay-Schmith, Hans Peter  Abt 1865Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129019 onetrees 
11 Bay-Schmith, Johannes Pilegaard  Abt 1862Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129025 onetrees 
12 Bay-Schmith, Junia Antoinette  18 Jun 1867Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I194404 onetrees 
13 Bay-Schmith, Ludvig  30 Mar 1866Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129020 onetrees 
14 Bay-Schmith, Niels Christian  Abt 1868Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129023 onetrees 
15 Bay-Schmith, Rudolph  Abt 1875Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129016 onetrees 
16 Bay-Schmith, Rudolph Valdemar  Abt 1872Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I129017 onetrees 
17 Bertie (Bertie), Margrethe Petersen  29 Jul 1669Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114399 onetrees 
18 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Elise Johanne Barchalia  25 Nov 1910Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I240018 onetrees 
19 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Gudrun Agnes Inger Barchalia  1 Mar 1912Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I240019 onetrees 
20 Bülow (Bülow), Cecilie Sophie Benedicte von  1750Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171201 onetrees 
21 Bülow (Bülow), Christian Friederich "Frederik "Lerche von  Feb 1752Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171203 onetrees 
22 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich "Frederik" Christian Møsting von  2 Feb 1761Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I71837 onetrees 
23 Bülow (Bülow), Louise Cathrine von  8 Apr 1749Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171141 onetrees 
24 Bülow (Bülow), Sophie Benedicte von  3 Jan 1751Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171202 onetrees 
25 Carstensen, Andreas Ludvig  13 Sep 1827Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I420261 onetrees 
26 Carstensen, Lars Hemming  1859Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I424770 onetrees 
27 Christiani, Axel Frode Emil  14 Dec 1875Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I36168 onetrees 
28 Christiani, Fritz Rudolf  8 Feb 1877Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I140915 onetrees 
29 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock), Anne  16 Nov 1703Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I107864 onetrees 
30 Gotsæd, Henrik   I415892 onetrees 
31 Greve, Kirsten Grethe   I170257 onetrees 
32 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Fanny Eline Anette  18 Mar 1841Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I159917 onetrees 
33 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Ludvig  1836Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I155891 onetrees 
34 Grønbek, Johanne  1 Mar 1877Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I15050 onetrees 
35 Gundelach, Johan Henrik  Jul 1749Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I189879 onetrees 
36 Hincheldey, Edward  27 Jan 1696Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114403 onetrees 
37 Hincheldey, Else Christence  Abt 1700Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114360 onetrees 
38 Hincheldey, Hans Henric  Abt 1698Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114394 onetrees 
39 Ilsted, Ida Camilla Vilhelmine  15 Mar 1869Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I520 onetrees 
40 Ilsted, Peter  14 Feb 1861Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I166038 onetrees 
41 Iversen, Carl Emil Wolsgaard  14 Apr 1886Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I388960 onetrees 
42 Jakobsen, Anna Dorthe  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I68522 onetrees 
43 Jensen, Agnes Louise  21 Jan 1885Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I240017 onetrees 
44 Jensen, Johanne Josephine Andrea  1868Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171185 onetrees 
45 Jochumsen, Christian  Abt 1797Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I242042 onetrees 
46 Junior, Sophie Amalie  1829Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I424769 onetrees 
47 Jørgensen, Anna Harriet  29 Mar 1912Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457350 onetrees 
48 Kromann, Ludvig  Abt 1821Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I450565 onetrees 
49 Kølle, Peter Martin  1818Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I87205 onetrees 
50 Lerche (Lerche), Armgard Sophie  10 Apr 1736Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I176360 onetrees 
51 Linstow (Linstow), Fritz Werncke von  19 Feb 1917Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I79689 onetrees 
52 Madsen, Johanne Emilie  12 Jun 1874Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I85963 onetrees 
53 Malmstedt, Marie   I220257 onetrees 
54 Malmstedt, Per   I220262 onetrees 
55 Nielsen, Chresten  24 Jun 1846Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I68451 onetrees 
56 Nielsen, Doris  13 Apr 1917Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I142568 onetrees 
57 Nielsen, Sophie Frederikke  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I68393 onetrees 
58 Olsen, Claus   I160265 onetrees 
59 Olsen, Ewald Theodor  12 Jun 1909Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I180218 onetrees 
60 Pipper, Jens Peter  20 Apr 1946Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457353 onetrees 
61 Pipper, Niels Peter Henry Christensen  1917Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457351 onetrees 
62 Pipper, Ole   I457354 onetrees 
63 Pipper, Peder Theodor Christensen  29 May 1884Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457356 onetrees 
64 Rasmussen, Christian Robert Theodor  1866Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171184 onetrees 
65 Ravnkilde, Christian Claudi  18 Nov 1835Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I104496 onetrees 
66 Ravnkilde, Marie Claudia  13 Aug 1867Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I104484 onetrees 
67 Reck, Anders Borch  1 Sep 1850Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19495 onetrees 
68 Reck, Anne Kirstine  22 Mar 1856Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19490 onetrees 
69 Reck, Karen Marie  23 Apr 1852Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19493 onetrees 
70 Reck, Sophie Dorothea Augusta  22 Aug 1858Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19488 onetrees 
71 Reck, Sophie Emilie  30 Mar 1854Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19491 onetrees 
72 Repholtz, Mathias Georg Peter  22 Feb 1825Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I191416 onetrees 
73 Rosendahl, Philip  31 May 1893Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I85942 onetrees 
74 Smith (Smith of Norway), Caspar Nicolai  9 Oct 1815Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I149005 onetrees 
75 Storch, Julie  31 Jul 1870Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I431520 onetrees 
76 Storch, Ole Christian  Abt 1830Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I431540 onetrees 
77 Wengel, Sigrid  22 Jun 1883Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I255566 onetrees 
78 Wichmand (Wichmand), Frederik Emil  1 Sep 1834Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I50733 onetrees 
79 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  27 Nov 1819Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459152 onetrees 
80 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  25 Aug 1825Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459148 onetrees 
81 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Johan  30 Nov 1815Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459162 onetrees 
82 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Magdalene Emalie  25 Dec 1822Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459151 onetrees 
83 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Mariane Poulette Hansine  21 Feb 1818Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459153 onetrees 
84 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Søren Carl Johansen  8 Sep 1789Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459759 onetrees 
85 Winterberg, Amalie Christiane Christiansen  1713Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I408723 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aistrup, Jens Andreas Laurentzius  6 Feb 1795Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I66054 onetrees 
2 Aystrup, Johan Christian  8 Aug 1800Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67373 onetrees 
3 Aystrup, Niels Jensen  20 Jan 1797Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67351 onetrees 
4 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Gudrun Agnes Inger Barchalia  9 Jun 1912Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I240019 onetrees 
5 Jørgensen, Janne Merete   I415957 onetrees 
6 La Cour (La Cour), Elisabeth Dornonville de  29 Jul 1917Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I223437 onetrees 
7 La Cour (La Cour), Else Dornonville de  8 Apr 1912Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I223441 onetrees 
8 La Cour (La Cour), Gerda Dornonville de  26 Oct 1913Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I223439 onetrees 
9 La Cour (La Cour), Knud Asger Hoffmann Dornonville de  25 Sep 1910Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I17579 onetrees 
10 La Cour (La Cour), Ruth Dornonville de  30 May 1909Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I223445 onetrees 
11 Larsen, Arild Otto  2 Apr 1891Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I97714 onetrees 
12 Olsen, Claus   I160265 onetrees 
13 Pipper, Peder Theodor Christensen  27 Jul 1884Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457356 onetrees 
14 Storch, Julie  30 Oct 1870Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I431520 onetrees 
15 Tetens, Lise   I138487 onetrees 
16 Wengel, Sigrid  12 Aug 1883Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I255566 onetrees 
17 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  26 Jun 1820Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459152 onetrees 
18 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  20 Jan 1826Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459148 onetrees 
19 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Christian Johansen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459245 onetrees 
20 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Jens Johansen  30 Jun 1797Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459231 onetrees 
21 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Magdalene Emalie  11 Jun 1823Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459151 onetrees 
22 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Magdalene Johansen  27 Nov 1794Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459228 onetrees 
23 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Marie Elisabeth Johansen  8 Apr 1796Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459227 onetrees 
24 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Poul Johansen  26 Jun 1793Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459243 onetrees 
25 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Søren Carl Johansen  11 Sep 1789Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459759 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Else Kristence  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114397 onetrees 
2 Arnkiel, Poul Grum Hansen  23 Feb 1776Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I405192 onetrees 
3 Aystrup, Magnus  28 Apr 1817Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I66021 onetrees 
4 Bager, Hans Hansen  2 Jun 1821Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459590 onetrees 
5 Balslev (Balsløw), Rasmus Dorph  25 Dec 1964Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I8937 onetrees 
6 Bertie (Bertie), Margrethe Petersen  1704Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114399 onetrees 
7 Bertie (Bertie), Peter Henrichsen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114398 onetrees 
8 Bülow (Bülow), Cecilie Sophie Benedicte von  1750Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171201 onetrees 
9 Bülow (Bülow), Louise Cathrine von  Abt 12 Apr 1749Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I171141 onetrees 
10 Carstensen, Hemming Christopher  24 Feb 1882Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I420258 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Peder  1787Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I69293 onetrees 
12 Hansen, Sofie Marie  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457347 onetrees 
13 Hincheldey, Edvard Bergeshagen  4 Jun 1777Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114342 onetrees 
14 Hincheldey, Evert  1699Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I34647 onetrees 
15 Jørgensen, Thomas  5 Jul 1704Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I65799 onetrees 
16 Lerche (Lerche), Cornelius Johan  18 Aug 1746Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I149274 onetrees 
17 Linstow (Linstow), Frederik Wilhelm von  28 Jan 1929Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I81091 onetrees 
18 Pipper, Niels Christensen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457346 onetrees 
19 Rager, Ingeborg Larsmine  29 Nov 1843Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I50766 onetrees 
20 Rasmussen, Ole  Apr 1751Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I183628 onetrees 
21 Reck, Sophie Dorothea Augusta  22 Aug 1858Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I19488 onetrees 
22 Reimer, Christopher Lauritsen  1738Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I67517 onetrees 
23 Smith, Niels Christopher  16 Feb 1797Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I438149 onetrees 
24 Staal, Karen Christoffersen  1715Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I65788 onetrees 
25 Vandel, Else Christence Nielsen  Jun 1744Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I183629 onetrees 
26 Wettberg, Cecilie Catharine von  1757Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I125627 onetrees 
27 Wichmand (Wichmand), Hans Staal  28 May 1883Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I50755 onetrees 
28 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  Abt 1823Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459152 onetrees 
29 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Christian Johansen  24 Nov 1859Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459245 onetrees 
30 Winterberg, Christian Frederik  1706Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I408730 onetrees 
31 Wolff, Hans  28 Jun 1842Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I163481 onetrees 
32 Wurrholt, Elisabeth  14 May 1787Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I114317 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnkiel, Poul Grum Hansen  29 Feb 1776Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I405192 onetrees 
2 Aystrup, Magnus  30 Apr 1817Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I66021 onetrees 
3 Sørensen, Frederikke Emilie  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I79739 onetrees 
4 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Carl August  Abt 1823Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459152 onetrees 
5 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Christian Johansen  30 Nov 1859Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459245 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Becher, Christian Hornemann Bredsdorff  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I138519 onetrees 
2 Fester, Christian Martin  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I11647 onetrees 
3 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock), Hans Bergeshagen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I22876 onetrees 
4 Green, August  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I127220 onetrees 
5 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Friderik Theodor Wilhelm  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I155888 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Peder  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I69293 onetrees 
7 Hegelund (Hegelund), Ludvig Theodor  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I460090 onetrees 
8 Ilsted, Jens Peter  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I166042 onetrees 
9 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Frederik  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I185596 onetrees 
10 Linstow (Linstow), Frederik Wilhelm von  1 Mar 1911Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I81091 onetrees 
11 Madsen, Lavritz  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I85957 onetrees 
12 Olsen, Karl Ejvind   I142837 onetrees 
13 Pipper, Hans Evald Christensen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I457355 onetrees 
14 Rasmussen, Jens  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I315960 onetrees 
15 Rasmussen, Ole  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I183628 onetrees 
16 Ravnkilde, Christian Claudi  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I104496 onetrees 
17 Rosendahl, Sophus Emil  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I78892 onetrees 
18 Rørdam (Rørdam), Thomas Skat  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I185594 onetrees 
19 Storch, Ole Christian  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I431540 onetrees 
20 Sørensen, Jens "Selsing"  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I224779 onetrees 
21 Sørensen, Mathias  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I266473 onetrees 
22 Wichmand (Wichmand), Hans Staal  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I50755 onetrees 
23 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Christian Johansen  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I459245 onetrees 
24 Wolff, Hans  Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark I163481 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aystrup / Reimer  18 Jul 1794Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F31781 onetrees 
2 Baunsgaard / Holm   F170821 onetrees 
3 Baunsgaard / Holm   F152344 onetrees 
4 Bülow (Bülow) / Lerche (Lerche)  20 Dec 1748Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F52635 onetrees 
5 Føster / Tryde  23 Oct 1863Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F118052 onetrees 
6 Hansen / Nielsen  5 May 1873Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F32604 onetrees 
7 Hennings / Limpert  4 May 1902Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F167321 onetrees 
8 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Rosenørn-Lehn (Rosenørn-Lehn)  9 Dec 1967Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F68262 onetrees 
9 Jørgensen / Wilcken Petersen   F159979 onetrees 
10 Koch / Olsen  17 May 1757Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F12818 onetrees 
11 Kock / Stork  28 Oct 1959Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F32712 onetrees 
12 La Cour (La Cour) / Hoffmann (Hoffmann of Schlesia)  18 Jan 1920Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F54558 onetrees 
13 Madsen / Marcussen (Marcussen)   F79626 onetrees 
14 Olsen / Pedersen   F58803 onetrees 
15 Pipper / Jørgensen  11 Nov 1939Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F175175 onetrees 
16 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Flindt (Flindt of Rostock)  25 Feb 1724Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F26043 onetrees 
17 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden) / Rosenørn-Lehn (Rosenørn-Lehn)  12 Aug 1930Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F81656 onetrees 
18 Rørdam (Rørdam) / Koch  18 Apr 1890Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F23267 onetrees 
19 Staal / Tryde  20 Dec 1856Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F118051 onetrees 
20 Thorlacius (Petersen) / Trübschenck  28 Oct 1887Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F119496 onetrees 
21 Trübschenck / Schmiegelow  24 Dec 1854Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F119495 onetrees 
22 Wichmand (Wichmand) / Rager  28 Oct 1831Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F25993 onetrees 
23 Wied (Wied of Denmark) / Hansen  30 Jun 1815Saxkoebing, Lolland, Denmark F176827 onetrees 

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