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Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 355 of 355

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Birthe Hornbech   I115803 onetrees 
2 Abildgaard, Knud  12 Jun 1939Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I42543 onetrees 
3 Albertus, Christian Gundorph   I239452 onetrees 
4 Albertus, Jørgen Gundorph  25 Oct 1936Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I239450 onetrees 
5 Albertus, Kirsten Lucie   I239451 onetrees 
6 Andersen, Solveig Ulla  19 May 1931Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I447928 onetrees 
7 Andreasen, Werner Brandstrup  15 May 1933Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I395319 onetrees 
8 Arndt, Anine  1 Jul 1923Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I433913 onetrees 
9 Arvidsen, Johan Juel   I416032 onetrees 
10 Arvidsen, Maia Juel   I416031 onetrees 
11 Baastrup, Christian Morten   I416181 onetrees 
12 Bak, Karin   I29040 onetrees 
13 Bakra, Athena Ingeborg Eleanora Cray   I455284 onetrees 
14 Balslev-Olesen (Olesen), Henrik   I408507 onetrees 
15 Bandholtz, Aase   I395207 onetrees 
16 Bang (Bang of Odense), Marianne Margarita Grete  16 Apr 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I159269 onetrees 
17 Barfod (Algreen-Ussing), Aase   I395312 onetrees 
18 Benson, Gitte Suppli   I391174 onetrees 
19 Bentsen, Fredi Paludan   I81536 onetrees 
20 Berg, Ellen Barner   I200463 onetrees 
21 Birch, Sebastian Gudmandsen   I309663 onetrees 
22 Bjørløw, Anette Emilie   I392882 onetrees 
23 Bolt, Anja Kornerup   I239142 onetrees 
24 Bolt, Sabine Kornerup   I239143 onetrees 
25 Borberg (Borberg), Mogens William  6 Feb 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I392348 onetrees 
26 Brandstrup, Carsten  7 Feb 1950Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I450957 onetrees 
27 Bruun (Bruun of Vedsted), Ebba Ida Bjerregaard   I248529 onetrees 
28 Bugge (Henriksen), Anne Marie Bentzen   I153513 onetrees 
29 Carøe (Carøe), John René  26 Mar 1934Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I241149 onetrees 
30 Christensen, Birthe  21 Feb 1943Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I113885 onetrees 
31 Christensen, Grethe Uldahl  24 Feb 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416200 onetrees 
32 Christensen, Ib   I86121 onetrees 
33 Christensen, Mie Kirstine   I415897 onetrees 
34 Christensen, Rasmus   I415896 onetrees 
35 Christophersen, Doris  10 Nov 1927Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I445835 onetrees 
36 Christophersen, Per Arne Jelstrup   I215693 onetrees 
37 Clausen, Caroline Maria Høier   I171733 onetrees 
38 Clausen, Helen Victoria Bruhn   I106140 onetrees 
39 Dedichen, Jacob   I140152 onetrees 
40 Dedichen, Michael   I140151 onetrees 
41 Deichmann, Ingeborg Johanne Olivia  25 Oct 1918Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432976 onetrees 
42 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie, Comtesse of Montpezat, Princess of   I155319 onetrees 
43 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Christian Valdemar Henri John, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I186581 onetrees 
44 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I184868 onetrees 
45 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Frederik André Henrik Christian, Count of Montpezat, Crown Prince of   I190333 onetrees 
46 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Henrik Carl Joachim Alain, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I13774 onetrees 
47 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, Comtesse of Montpezat, Princess of   I64233 onetrees 
48 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I190468 onetrees 
49 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda, Comtesse of Montpezat, Princess of   I111496 onetrees 
50 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Nikolai William Alexander Frederik, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I30506 onetrees 
51 Denmark (Montpezat - Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, Count of Montpezat, Prince of   I111497 onetrees 
52 Dinsen, Jan   I398488 onetrees 
53 Dons (Tved), Cecilie Dehlholm   I17430 onetrees 
54 Dresler, Hans   I211409 onetrees 
55 Dreyer, Jette  16 Feb 1935Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I448065 onetrees 
56 Dørge, John Olav   I455439 onetrees 
57 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool), Kasper   I255035 onetrees 
58 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool), Peer  7 Aug 1941Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I255043 onetrees 
59 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool), Susanne Kathrine   I255042 onetrees 
60 Eggers, Kira   I439015 onetrees 
61 Eggers-Krag (Nissen), Erik Walther  6 Sep 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I245328 onetrees 
62 Eilersen, Jan Michael   I271509 onetrees 
63 Elkær-Hansen, Jo Lise Vibeke   I392242 onetrees 
64 Elkær-Hansen, Nina Margrethe Sys   I392243 onetrees 
65 Engberg (Engberg of Denmark), Karin Margareta   I408292 onetrees 
66 Engberg (Engberg of Denmark), Lars   I408294 onetrees 
67 Erichsen, Rosa Minna Dich   I84317 onetrees 
68 Estrup (Estrup 1), Augusta Thalia   I215493 onetrees 
69 Faber, Grete  5 Dec 1923Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I401247 onetrees 
70 Faber, Manne   I95750 onetrees 
71 Falkentorp, Casper Grønning   I427914 onetrees 
72 Faurschou, Marianne   I253681 onetrees 
73 Faurskov, Yrsa Greisen   I202294 onetrees 
74 Feilberg (Feilberg), Mette Gerda   I392136 onetrees 
75 Fischer, Ib Friis  1 Sep 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I80320 onetrees 
76 Fleischer, Erik  Sep 1968Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I239398 onetrees 
77 Fleischer, Johan Ulrik   I239394 onetrees 
78 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Asta Camilla   I73620 onetrees 
79 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Lykke   I75994 onetrees 
80 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Peter Alexander   I146789 onetrees 
81 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of X), Ingelise   I82749 onetrees 
82 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of X), Jens Hans  26 Aug 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I387762 onetrees 
83 Gad (Rasmussen), Lisbet   I455252 onetrees 
84 Garde, Anne Birgitte   I444433 onetrees 
85 Garth-Grüner (Grüner), Elvira Agnete   I12816 onetrees 
86 Garth-Grüner (Grüner), Felipe Gustav Egmont   I23886 onetrees 
87 Geisler, Jørgen Tvede  26 Jan 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I458227 onetrees 
88 Gerhardt, Jette   I396835 onetrees 
89 Ghebremichael, Isaac Geles Gudmandsen   I309674 onetrees 
90 Gjørup (Gjørup), Jørgen Fønss   I82752 onetrees 
91 Glad, Anne-Merethe  29 Feb 1944Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I68945 onetrees 
92 Glentvor, Annette   I445832 onetrees 
93 Graae (Graae), Agnes Irene  14 Jan 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I174593 onetrees 
94 Graae (Graae), Steffen William  25 Sep 1940Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I7708 onetrees 
95 Greisen (Greisen), Hector Holm   I15671 onetrees 
96 Greisen (Greisen), Isaac Holm   I34059 onetrees 
97 Greisen (Greisen), Jesper Graae   I173586 onetrees 
98 Greisen (Greisen), Marta Marie Rauff   I177110 onetrees 
99 Greisen (Greisen), Vitus Christian Rauff   I14650 onetrees 
100 Grundtvig (Grundtvig), Henny Vera  25 Sep 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I167766 onetrees 
101 Grzona, Preben Walther   I463353 onetrees 
102 Guldager (Guldager of Hjerting), Klaus   I407025 onetrees 
103 Gyldenholm, Ivan   I72020 onetrees 
104 Haakansson, Ida Kirsten "Kiki"   I169384 onetrees 
105 Hagemann (Hagemann of Denmark), Troels Ersking   I198274 onetrees 
106 Hagen, Inge Merete  12 Dec 1923Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I419086 onetrees 
107 Halle, John Gamst   I431226 onetrees 
108 Halle, Klaus Jørgen Gamst   I431119 onetrees 
109 Halskov, Christian  28 Nov 1985Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I40262 onetrees 
110 Hansen, Emly Mellon  27 Oct 1920Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460533 onetrees 
111 Hansen, Jack Mellon   I460687 onetrees 
112 Hansen, Leif Gunnar  19 Jul 1917Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I423417 onetrees 
113 Hansen, Morten Hjerl Hjorth   I216339 onetrees 
114 Harttung (Harttung), Carl-Zeffer Skriver   I270887 onetrees 
115 Hastrup-Stilling (Stilling of Stiling), Steen Constantin   I267354 onetrees 
116 Havelykke, Irene   I158574 onetrees 
117 Havning, Thomas Casper Gettermann  26 Sep 1980Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I17460 onetrees 
118 Hedegaard  23 Nov 1960Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I111129 onetrees 
119 Heimbürger, Ove  21 Mar 1922Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I241381 onetrees 
120 Helsted, Jacob Axel   I49307 onetrees 
121 Helweg (Jensen), Grethe  22 Aug 1918Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I292807 onetrees 
122 Helweg-Larsen, Ask Holger   I138296 onetrees 
123 Helweg-Larsen, Lars Christian   I138294 onetrees 
124 Helweg-Larsen, Nanna Birgitte   I138776 onetrees 
125 Henrichsen, Litten Vibeke   I445142 onetrees 
126 Henriksen, Lilly Grethe  11 Nov 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I449248 onetrees 
127 Henriques (Henriques), Victor Augustin   I139366 onetrees 
128 Hilbert, Rune   I188781 onetrees 
129 Hiort-Lorenzen, Nis Peter   I96361 onetrees 
130 Hjerl, Agnete Margarethe   I216422 onetrees 
131 Hjerl, Asger   I216340 onetrees 
132 Hoffmann, Mathias Daugbjerg   I110630 onetrees 
133 Hoffmann, Max-Emil Daugbjerg   I149643 onetrees 
134 Hoffmeyer (Hoffmeyer), Lene   I139737 onetrees 
135 Holst, Bodil   I147697 onetrees 
136 Hou, Mads   I298511 onetrees 
137 Hou, Søren   I298513 onetrees 
138 Høffding (Høffding), Just Ole  29 Jun 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I72861 onetrees 
139 Høyrup (Høyrup), Lise Johanne   I89891 onetrees 
140 Iversen (Salskov Iversen), Peter Salskov   I158304 onetrees 
141 Jacobsen, Aase  29 Apr 1929Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I396832 onetrees 
142 Jacobsen, Lise Lotte Skjoldborg  26 Nov 1928Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I417125 onetrees 
143 Jacobsen, Ulla Vibeke   I417121 onetrees 
144 Jakobsen, Alexander Mølgaard   I433114 onetrees 
145 Jakobsen, Emma Mølgaard   I433115 onetrees 
146 Jakobsen, Lulu Merete  27 Feb 1943Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I396646 onetrees 
147 Jakobsen, Palle  31 Dec 1939Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I397256 onetrees 
148 Jansen, Piet Jacob   I387364 onetrees 
149 Jensen, Ernst Anton  23 Apr 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I450473 onetrees 
150 Jensen, Gert Ragnvald   I254990 onetrees 
151 Jensen, Grethe Kirsten   I72051 onetrees 
152 Jensen, Jonas Bach   I292452 onetrees 
153 Jensen, Jytte   I231841 onetrees 
154 Jensen, Laura Stenderup   I51690 onetrees 
155 Jensen, Mie Kirstine Bach   I294694 onetrees 
156 Jensen, Ove Christian Tørsleff  27 Feb 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432631 onetrees 
157 Jensen, Svend Vilfred Johan Bjørn  10 Mar 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I415575 onetrees 
158 Jersild, Susanne Maria   I147957 onetrees 
159 Johansen, Dagny Petra Alice  5 Feb 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I14472 onetrees 
160 Johansen, Hans Jørgen  14 Mar 1929Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I224566 onetrees 
161 Jónsson, Eyvind Sigurdur   I200079 onetrees 
162 Jorck-Jorckston, Paul "Paps"  14 Apr 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I86429 onetrees 
163 Juhl, Alexander Oxholm Winther   I187948 onetrees 
164 Jungersen, Ulrik Nicolai   I194458 onetrees 
165 Jørgensen, Erling   I460137 onetrees 
166 Kappel, Jannik   I416405 onetrees 
167 Karlsen, Eva Iris   I241382 onetrees 
168 Karlsson, Svend August  7 Dec 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I453983 onetrees 
169 Kastrup, Edith Else  20 May 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I417053 onetrees 
170 Kihlgast, Birthe   I232617 onetrees 
171 Kihlgast, Eva Elly Anna   I232618 onetrees 
172 Kihlgast, Hugo  27 Sep 1928Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I232507 onetrees 
173 Kihlgast, Liljan Rosa Wivi  1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I232613 onetrees 
174 Kildebro, Albert Vinkel   I419041 onetrees 
175 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Jytte  18 Oct 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I198751 onetrees 
176 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Lisa Charlotte   I400987 onetrees 
177 Kjølsen, Viggo Sophus  30 Oct 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I453550 onetrees 
178 Knoll, Freddy Wolf   I457243 onetrees 
179 Koch, Fritzy Lilian   I91083 onetrees 
180 Kopp, Erik Bertil  25 Oct 1922Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I66020 onetrees 
181 Kornerup (Kornerup of Lejre), Ole Andreas   I453731 onetrees 
182 Kornerup (Kornerup of Lejre), Yvonne Elinor   I453732 onetrees 
183 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Frederik Peter   I34864 onetrees 
184 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Karen   I17393 onetrees 
185 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Klaus   I17392 onetrees 
186 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Peter Andreas   I239154 onetrees 
187 Kornerup (Petersen), Malene   I239149 onetrees 
188 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Carl  13 Sep 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I239843 onetrees 
189 Kornerup-Bang (Christensen), Benthe   I219769 onetrees 
190 Kristiansen, Frede Børge  1929Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I331510 onetrees 
191 Kristiansen, Henny Alice   I331511 onetrees 
192 Krüger (Lunde of Balslev), Poul  14 Jun 1937Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I113209 onetrees 
193 Krüger-Larsen (Lunde of Balslev), Jørgen   I61348 onetrees 
194 Lange (Lauritsen), Johannes Bierring   I53341 onetrees 
195 Larsen, Bendte Alma   I453975 onetrees 
196 Larsen, Carl Otto  8 Jul 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I97781 onetrees 
197 Larsen, Christian Kirschhoff   I84076 onetrees 
198 Larsen, Christine Bremer   I221449 onetrees 
199 Larsen, Flemming Mundt-Luplau  15 Jun 1926Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I463593 onetrees 
200 Larsen, Lars   I101402 onetrees 
201 Larsen, Per Riis   I33892 onetrees 
202 Larsen, Wivian Fonnesbek Riis   I192342 onetrees 
203 Leisner, Otto Kurt Georg  16 Jan 1917Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I415653 onetrees 
204 Lenzberg, Birte Desiree de Bretteville   I229751 onetrees 
205 Lie (Ebbesen), Anne Mari  2 Aug 1945Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I251503 onetrees 
206 Lindeløv, Birte Marianne   I392672 onetrees 
207 Lindeløv, Flemming Bent   I392658 onetrees 
208 Lindeløv, Preben   I392673 onetrees 
209 Lindhard, Niels Christian  16 Aug 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I150034 onetrees 
210 Livingstone, Linda-May   I416674 onetrees 
211 Lock-Hansen, Oscar Marcus  30 Nov 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I388450 onetrees 
212 Lodberg, Kresten   I58744 onetrees 
213 Lund, Kirsten   I239493 onetrees 
214 Lunn, Gerda Margrethe   I44800 onetrees 
215 Lysabild, Mogens Christian Riegels   I438962 onetrees 
216 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Pia Elisabeth, Baroness   I171654 onetrees 
217 Madsen, Anne Mette Norgaard   I444913 onetrees 
218 Madsen, Inger Lise Norgaard   I444905 onetrees 
219 Madsen, Lissi Alfrida Reuter  15 Sep 1928Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I417058 onetrees 
220 Madsen, Vibeke Bæk   I296913 onetrees 
221 Maltoft-Nielsen, Gert Villy  16 Dec 1933Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I446086 onetrees 
222 Maltoft-Nielsen, Villy Edgaard Vilhelm  8 Nov 1910Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I165405 onetrees 
223 Marcussen (Marcussen of Stege), Mogens Antonius  8 May 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I96463 onetrees 
224 Melbye, Malene Svanvig   I59958 onetrees 
225 Methling, Sven Egil   I448794 onetrees 
226 Meyerheim, Carsten Michael   I432529 onetrees 
227 Mogensen, Lise Marianne  26 Jun 1939Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416136 onetrees 
228 Mogensen, Lone Frederikke   I391955 onetrees 
229 Mogensen, Peter Kjeld   I198409 onetrees 
230 Mohr (Mohr of Denmark), Steen Peter   I201573 onetrees 
231 Monberg, Merete  28 Sep 1926Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I400107 onetrees 
232 Mortensen, Rita Bodil Sofia Evelyn  13 Oct 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I263311 onetrees 
233 Møgelvang, Erik Birk  11 Nov 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I246441 onetrees 
234 Møgelvang, Oskar Maximilian Paik   I246442 onetrees 
235 Møgelvang, Viktor Maximilian Paik   I246437 onetrees 
236 Mølgaard Christensen, Steen   I416523 onetrees 
237 Møller, Mette   I239373 onetrees 
238 Møller, Per Wichmand  22 Jan 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I273708 onetrees 
239 Møller Pedersen, Emilie   I416403 onetrees 
240 Møller Pedersen, Ulrik   I416402 onetrees 
241 Nath, Ester Mathilde Jenny  14 Aug 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I399826 onetrees 
242 Nellemann, Vilhelm Jacob   I243399 onetrees 
243 Nielsen, Hanne-Birgitte   I85355 onetrees 
244 Nilsen, Susan Corvenius   I384572 onetrees 
245 Norsk, Christian  25 Dec 1948Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I211469 onetrees 
246 Nyegaard (Nyegaard of Nyegaard), Inger   I239602 onetrees 
247 Nygaard, Erica Agnete   I139466 onetrees 
248 Nyholm, Christian Christopher Juul   I182230 onetrees 
249 Nørregaard, Svend Fabritius  7 May 1918Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I411068 onetrees 
250 Olesen, Karoline Kornerup   I239162 onetrees 
251 Olsen, Fleur Lis La Cour   I397243 onetrees 
252 Olsen, Fritjof Axel Rantzau  2 Feb 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I101690 onetrees 
253 Olsen, Inge La Cour   I397234 onetrees 
254 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Ebba Cecilie Petra  7 Apr 1913Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I246996 onetrees 
255 Pedersen, Anita Winberg   I271502 onetrees 
256 Pedersen, Borghild Mary  5 Mar 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I188984 onetrees 
257 Pedersen, Henrik Wendrup   I451105 onetrees 
258 Pedersen, Kaare Højneg   I287753 onetrees 
259 Pedersen, Kirsten Højneg   I462706 onetrees 
260 Pedersen, Ole Winberg  28 Oct 1942Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I276344 onetrees 
261 Pedersen, Yvonne Højneg  15 Jan 1928Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I200190 onetrees 
262 Persson, Margot Inger   I400778 onetrees 
263 Petersen, Birgit  2 Feb 1927Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416522 onetrees 
264 Petersen, Ellen Sofie Saabye   I388175 onetrees 
265 Petersen, Johannes Vilhelm Lars  15 Sep 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I154834 onetrees 
266 Petersen, Martin Herman Cornelius  16 Jul 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I454790 onetrees 
267 Pfeil and Klein-Eilguth (Pfeil and Klein-Eilguth), Friedrich Richard Oscar Jefferson, Count von   I150908 onetrees 
268 Pfeil and Klein-Eilguth (Pfeil and Klein-Eilguth), Ingrid Alexandra Irma Astrid Benedikte, Countess von   I159751 onetrees 
269 Piasecka, Anna Lise  6 Feb 1930Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I456954 onetrees 
270 Piasecki, Tony Olsen  8 Oct 1947Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I456953 onetrees 
271 Pitzner (Pitzner), Jytte Trine   I415936 onetrees 
272 Pitzner-Fabricius, Noah   I426516 onetrees 
273 Poulsen, Else Kay   I156119 onetrees 
274 Poulsen, Gunnar Kaj  15 Sep 1940Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I155981 onetrees 
275 Poulsen, Jørgen Møbelvang  31 Dec 1937Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460433 onetrees 
276 Preisler (Jørgensen), Flemming  22 Nov 1933Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I243999 onetrees 
277 Prior (Mølgaard), Torsten Uwe   I239196 onetrees 
278 Puggaard-Müller, Jacob Christian   I35344 onetrees 
279 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Adam Anders   I76673 onetrees 
280 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Niels Ivar   I76672 onetrees 
281 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Peter Christoffer Anders   I76674 onetrees 
282 Rambusch, Andre Paul  29 Sep 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I238435 onetrees 
283 Randal, Clara Emilie Nørgaard   I94587 onetrees 
284 Rasmussen, Tina Wiinblad   I199237 onetrees 
285 Reck-Magnusen, Erling  13 Jun 1918Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I214981 onetrees 
286 Ronnefeld, Katharina   I239296 onetrees 
287 Rosendal, Anders Kortland   I100758 onetrees 
288 Rostock-Jensen, Ole  5 Oct 1930Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I149109 onetrees 
289 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Dorte Kristine   I447333 onetrees 
290 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Hans Peter Michael   I447332 onetrees 
291 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Mette Marie   I114590 onetrees 
292 Rygaard, Andreas Siksten Hallstein   I121825 onetrees 
293 Saandvig, Elna Johanne Dagmar Helga  29 Feb 1924Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I140370 onetrees 
294 Saandvig, Grethe Vilhelmine Hansen  2 Jun 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I5236 onetrees 
295 Saandvig, Ib Alexander Christian Lyng   I5238 onetrees 
296 Saandvig, Lisbeth Lyng   I77598 onetrees 
297 Sadolin (Martinusen), Malthe Emil   I16131 onetrees 
298 Sadolin (Martinusen), Toke Alexander   I187124 onetrees 
299 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Emilie Viktoria von Hausen   I32246 onetrees 
300 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Viktor Andreas von Hausen   I32379 onetrees 
301 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn), Nathalie Xenia Margrethe Benedikte, Princess of   I197897 onetrees 
302 Schousboe (Jensen), Jette Lise   I407387 onetrees 
303 Schultz (Jensen), Kjeld  7 Jun 1934Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I246415 onetrees 
304 Seidelin (Seidelin), Jacob Benedict   I79062 onetrees 
305 Seidelin (Seidelin), Katrine   I79066 onetrees 
306 Seidelin (Seidelin), Matias Benedict   I79061 onetrees 
307 Skjødt, Lone Agnethe   I406274 onetrees 
308 Skovengaard, Thomas Nicolai   I197919 onetrees 
309 Skriver, Henny  26 Sep 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I1084 onetrees 
310 Skriver (Skriver of Farstrup 2), Johni Lewerenz   I432773 onetrees 
311 Smith (Winkel Smith), Marianne Winkel   I16027 onetrees 
312 Smith (Winkel Smith), Pernille Winkel   I16025 onetrees 
313 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Jeanette Seuba   I164093 onetrees 
314 Stephensen, Barbara Læssøe   I139782 onetrees 
315 Stephensen, Birthe Westphal   I432502 onetrees 
316 Stephensen, Ejner Verner Westphal   I432501 onetrees 
317 Stephensen, Jørgen Ditlev Westphal  17 Apr 1924Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432462 onetrees 
318 Stephensen, Stella Westphal   I432509 onetrees 
319 Stephensen, Stephan Læssøe   I139793 onetrees 
320 Strandberg, Claus  5 Jun 1948Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I146701 onetrees 
321 Strandberg, Jane   I166754 onetrees 
322 Strange-Hansen, Flemming   I173724 onetrees 
323 Støtt, Henrik Thomsen   I407774 onetrees 
324 Støvring, Anne Mette Haderup   I138065 onetrees 
325 Suenson (Suenson), Jannie Margrethe   I239278 onetrees 
326 Svendsen-Tune, Nina   I226557 onetrees 
327 Svenningsen, Britta Lillian  22 Sep 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I236273 onetrees 
328 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Niels Jakob  26 Dec 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I160896 onetrees 
329 Sølund, Jørgen Harry   I54883 onetrees 
330 Sørensen, Arvid Ingvard Eigil  9 Aug 1913Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I413972 onetrees 
331 Sørensen, Rita  6 Jan 1913Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I389982 onetrees 
332 Thaysen, Preben Eigil Hess  11 Mar 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I162633 onetrees 
333 Therp, Jørgen Kaj  11 Aug 1932Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I308470 onetrees 
334 Thitsel, Erik Aage  13 Mar 1920Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I417061 onetrees 
335 Tholstrup, Julia Susanne   I67164 onetrees 
336 Thrue, Else Margrete  5 Jan 1917Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I418237 onetrees 
337 Villund, Lauge Preisler   I201605 onetrees 
338 Visholm, John   I393949 onetrees 
339 Visholm, Thomas Bugge   I185403 onetrees 
340 Westerby, Sirri Christine   I263091 onetrees 
341 Wier, Ebbe   I385094 onetrees 
342 Wilken, Anders   I391640 onetrees 
343 Wilken, Henrik   I391641 onetrees 
344 Wilken, Torben Roulund   I448737 onetrees 
345 Wismer, Kirsten   I155183 onetrees 
346 Wonsild (Wonsild of Fole), Elisabeth  30 Nov 1922Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I112663 onetrees 
347 Wung-Sung, Archay   I460295 onetrees 
348 Wung-Sung, Torben   I460303 onetrees 
349 Zabell (Zabell of Denmark), Lis  29 Nov 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I243991 onetrees 
350 Zabell (Zabell of Denmark), Torben   I433218 onetrees 
351 Zangenberg, Børge Axel Gerhardt  21 Mar 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410583 onetrees 
352 Zangenberg, Dagny Inger-Louise  8 Mar 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410317 onetrees 
353 Zangenberg Olsen, Connie Viola  31 Dec 1936Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410419 onetrees 
354 Zeuner (Zeuner), Silas Kornerup   I222045 onetrees 
355 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Helle   I439038 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balslev-Olesen (Olesen), Henrik   I408507 onetrees 
2 Barfod (Algreen-Ussing), Aase   I395312 onetrees 
3 Borberg (Borberg), Mogens William  14 May 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I392348 onetrees 
4 Carøe (Carøe), John René  13 May 1934Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I241149 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Grethe Uldahl  13 Aug 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416200 onetrees 
6 Clausen, Helen Victoria Bruhn   I106140 onetrees 
7 Dørge, John Olav   I455439 onetrees 
8 Faber, Manne   I95750 onetrees 
9 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of X), Jens Hans  8 Sep 1912Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I387762 onetrees 
10 Hansen, Emly Mellon  1 Nov 1820Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460533 onetrees 
11 Helweg (Jensen), Grethe  15 Sep 1918Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I292807 onetrees 
12 Hiort-Lorenzen, Nis Peter   I96361 onetrees 
13 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Johannes  Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I195301 onetrees 
14 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Johannes  Jun 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I198573 onetrees 
15 Iversen (Salskov Iversen), Peter Salskov   I158304 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Ernst Anton  1 Aug 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I450473 onetrees 
17 Karlsson, Svend August  16 Dec 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I453983 onetrees 
18 Nath, Ester Mathilde Jenny  4 Nov 1925Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I399826 onetrees 
19 Nissen (Nissen), Benedicte Helga Elisabeth  1 Mar 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I142548 onetrees 
20 Petersen, Birgit  14 Apr 1927Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416522 onetrees 
21 Preisler (Jørgensen), Flemming  6 Jan 1934Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I243999 onetrees 
22 Rasmussen, Stig Torben  4 Mar 1945Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I171264 onetrees 
23 Smith (Winkel Smith), Pernille Winkel   I16025 onetrees 
24 Svenningsen, Britta Lillian  17 Jan 1926Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I236273 onetrees 
25 Teisner, Jette   I62444 onetrees 
26 Zangenberg, Børge Axel Gerhardt  9 Jun 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410583 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 80 of 80

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aabye (Aabye), Jørgen  12 Apr 1986Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I200388 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Peter Valdemar  21 Feb 1922Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I71894 onetrees 
3 Bang, Henrik Vilhelm  8 Mar 1964Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I415366 onetrees 
4 Berntsen, Aage  1 Feb 2011Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432356 onetrees 
5 Bjerregaard, Bo  1 Mar 2001Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I56559 onetrees 
6 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Otto August La Cour  3 Oct 1917Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I397440 onetrees 
7 Breyen, Marinus Heinrich Gustav Emil  9 May 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I113415 onetrees 
8 Bruun, Sven  10 Jun 1930Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I56936 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Sofie Larsine  26 Jun 1930Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I442886 onetrees 
10 Crone (Crone), Christian  22 Jan 1926Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I145551 onetrees 
11 Damm, Erik Leopold August Hammerich  31 Aug 1990Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I170478 onetrees 
12 Dick, Margot Fredrikke  3 Apr 1955Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I459024 onetrees 
13 Eskildsen, Andreas  6 Aug 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I55534 onetrees 
14 Faber, Grete  3 Nov 1969Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I401247 onetrees 
15 Fogh (Fogh), Jan Abildhøj  23 Apr 2015Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I153183 onetrees 
16 Fongyllen, Tobias Jacob  23 Dec 1993Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I297046 onetrees 
17 Frahm, Bothilde  19 Apr 1941Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I449251 onetrees 
18 Frederiksen (Leth), Peder Tonnisen  18 Feb 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I450629 onetrees 
19 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Erik  12 May 1949Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I177003 onetrees 
20 Gjødesen, Gudrun Gerd  5 Oct 1999Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I222201 onetrees 
21 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Sonderhausen), Ernst Ludvig  31 Mar 1959Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I89990 onetrees 
22 Grut (Grut), William Olof Lennartsson  19 Oct 1980Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I160115 onetrees 
23 Hansen, Ellen Dorthea  29 Oct 1951Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410234 onetrees 
24 Hedegaard  24 Nov 1960Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I111129 onetrees 
25 Hedegaard, Ellen Margrethe "Tutte"  27 Dec 1932Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I122295 onetrees 
26 Helmuth, Frits  12 Dec 2004Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I13431 onetrees 
27 Hemming, Ragna  26 Oct 1951Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I185553 onetrees 
28 Hempel-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Frederik  2 Nov 1966Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I248214 onetrees 
29 Hertzsprung, Nikoline Christiane  26 Jun 1920Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I153410 onetrees 
30 Hilarius-Kalkau, Harald Axel  13 Jan 1924Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I47918 onetrees 
31 Holmblad (Holmblad), Therese Fernanda  23 Oct 1923Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I157773 onetrees 
32 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), August Wilken  3 Nov 1929Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I45634 onetrees 
33 Isaksen, Abraham  25 Aug 1995Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I399504 onetrees 
34 Iversen, Vilhelm  26 Nov 1940Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I240271 onetrees 
35 Jacobsen, Jesperi Morten Kinslev  12 Mar 2019Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I440640 onetrees 
36 Jerichau, Rigmor  3 Sep 1960Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I386596 onetrees 
37 Johansen, Aage Johan Berg  4 Jun 1949Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I243619 onetrees 
38 Jørgensen, Knud Willemoës  16 Jan 2001Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I122044 onetrees 
39 Kampmann (Kampmann), Gerhardt Sigvardt Rehling  21 Oct 1923Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I19128 onetrees 
40 Kinslev, Carl Christian Bindsløv  31 Jan 1975Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I440636 onetrees 
41 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Albert Heinrich Riise  30 Dec 1946Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I166640 onetrees 
42 Krarup (Krarup of Viborg), Einar  10 Nov 1951Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I91598 onetrees 
43 La Cour (La Cour), Erik  14 Oct 1940Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I400924 onetrees 
44 Lander, Harald Alfred Bernhardt Stevnsborg  14 Sep 1971Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I159586 onetrees 
45 Løvenfeldt, Martha Nielsen  1994Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I117290 onetrees 
46 Madsen (Madsen), Carl Sten  13 Feb 2015Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I46279 onetrees 
47 Mangor, Johan Herman Georg  30 May 1911Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I177469 onetrees 
48 Melskens, Astrid Louise  9 Aug 1974Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I166621 onetrees 
49 Monberg, Ellen Vibeke Sølling  12 Oct 1984Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I167426 onetrees 
50 Mortensen, Otto  16 Mar 1927Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I148572 onetrees 
51 Møller, Arnold Mærsk Mac-Kinney  16 Apr 2012Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I168370 onetrees 
52 Møller, Arnold Peter  12 Jun 1965Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I168383 onetrees 
53 Nielsen, Alice Ruth Kai  25 Jul 2010Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I23016 onetrees 
54 Nielsen, Kristian Sadolin  9 Jan 1963Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I406783 onetrees 
55 Nielsen, Meta  31 Jan 1930Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I165482 onetrees 
56 Passano (Passano), Emily Parthenia "Romona"  29 May 1965Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I93270 onetrees 
57 Pedersen, Maren Jørgine  24 May 1970Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I392620 onetrees 
58 Pedersen, Niels Aage  6 Oct 1948Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I187243 onetrees 
59 Petersen, Nancy Emilie Steen  10 May 1980Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432007 onetrees 
60 Pitzner-Schmidt (Schmidt), Johan Christian  18 Mar 2017Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I415832 onetrees 
61 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Georg Brockhoff  18 Dec 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I79214 onetrees 
62 Rasmussen, Olga  9 May 1916Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I456758 onetrees 
63 Rehling-Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Peter Christopher  17 Oct 1953Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I186570 onetrees 
64 Reinert, Svend Asger Rasmussen  7 Jul 1961Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I292527 onetrees 
65 Rottbøll (Rottbøll), Mathilde Frederikke Kathinka  11 Dec 1944Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I187741 onetrees 
66 Salskov, Peter  31 Aug 2006Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I195452 onetrees 
67 Salto, Ivan  16 Feb 1983Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I182629 onetrees 
68 Sarauw, Eigil  15 Nov 1933Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I97254 onetrees 
69 Schwerdtfeger, Anna-Louise  20 Jun 1963Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I239570 onetrees 
70 Seidelin (Seidelin), Erika Marie Ingeborg  2 Feb 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I240318 onetrees 
71 Skaarup (Skaarup 3), Frede  16 Oct 1985Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I138043 onetrees 
72 Steckhahn, Mathilde Augusta Conradine  14 Sep 1919Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I224503 onetrees 
73 Søgaard-Hansen, Lene  Feb 2011Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I180039 onetrees 
74 Sørensen, Jens Johannes  6 Jun 1935Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I413973 onetrees 
75 Vøgg, Thorkel  19 Feb 1982Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I116852 onetrees 
76 Wicksell, Annika "Anne"  6 Feb 1971Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I187332 onetrees 
77 Wieth-Knudsen (Knudsen), Dietrich Anselmo  1990Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I433958 onetrees 
78 Winkel, Adolph  8 May 1915Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I198926 onetrees 
79 Winkel, Viggo  29 Jan 1921Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I187951 onetrees 
80 Ørum (Ørum of Ørum), Palle Peter  11 Aug 1982Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I73379 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Linstow (Linstow), Michael Ernst von   I79695 onetrees 
2 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Louise Vilhemine Ingeborg  Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I82799 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lundsgaard / Jensen  21 Nov 1914Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F104829 onetrees 
2 Rambusch / Kuchinskij  18 Jan 1920Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F99003 onetrees 

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