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Riga, Latvia



Matches 1 to 119 of 119

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baumgarten, Alexander Eduard  8 Jul 1852Riga, Latvia I417315 onetrees 
2 Baumgarten, Alfred Carl  1 Jul 1857Riga, Latvia I417317 onetrees 
3 Baumgarten, Amalia Wilhelmine Alexandra  1 Nov 1854Riga, Latvia I417316 onetrees 
4 Baumgarten, Amalie Anna Wilhelmine  1 Mar 1795Riga, Latvia I421478 onetrees 
5 Baumgarten, Anna Charlotta Amalia  18 Sep 1785Riga, Latvia I420236 onetrees 
6 Baumgarten, Barbara Elisabeth  21 Nov 1791Riga, Latvia I420238 onetrees 
7 Baumgarten, Carl Gustav  18 Dec 1839Riga, Latvia I417311 onetrees 
8 Baumgarten, Carry Auguste  6 Jun 1882Riga, Latvia I418460 onetrees 
9 Baumgarten, Christoph Carl  11 Jan 1797Riga, Latvia I421479 onetrees 
10 Baumgarten, Clara Maria  15 Jul 1884Riga, Latvia I418461 onetrees 
11 Baumgarten, Ellen Auguste  30 Oct 1875Riga, Latvia I418459 onetrees 
12 Baumgarten, Engel Dorothea Elisabeth  2 Nov 1792Riga, Latvia I420239 onetrees 
13 Baumgarten, Gustav Ferdinand  28 Feb 1851Riga, Latvia I417314 onetrees 
14 Baumgarten, Heinrich  Abt 1620Riga, Latvia I422460 onetrees 
15 Baumgarten, Jakob  Riga, Latvia I422476 onetrees 
16 Baumgarten, James Carl  5 May 1789Riga, Latvia I417244 onetrees 
17 Baumgarten, James Carl  5 Apr 1877Riga, Latvia I418458 onetrees 
18 Baumgarten, Johann  1 Dec 1658Riga, Latvia I422472 onetrees 
19 Baumgarten, Johanna Chistina  11 Dec 1793Riga, Latvia I420240 onetrees 
20 Baumgarten, Margot Henriette  21 May 1878Riga, Latvia I418457 onetrees 
21 Baumgarten, Maria Friedrica Henriette  12 Sep 1790Riga, Latvia I420237 onetrees 
22 Baumgarten, Marie Louise  17 Nov 1843Riga, Latvia I417318 onetrees 
23 Baumgarten, Olga Dorothea Henriette  27 Feb 1845Riga, Latvia I417204 onetrees 
24 Baumgarten, Robert Friedrich  8 Nov 1796Riga, Latvia I420241 onetrees 
25 Baumgarten, Theodor Emil  20 Sep 1847Riga, Latvia I417313 onetrees 
26 Baumgarten, Wilhelm Nicolai  23 Sep 1841Riga, Latvia I417312 onetrees 
27 Bechshøft, Brita  16 Oct 1915Riga, Latvia I135122 onetrees 
28 Bienemann, Constantin  27 Dec 1812Riga, Latvia I420789 onetrees 
29 Bienemann, Elisabeth Caroline  12 May 1850Riga, Latvia I418462 onetrees 
30 Bomgardenn, Anna  Est 1599Riga, Latvia I422479 onetrees 
31 Bomgardenn, Dorothea  Est 1601Riga, Latvia I422480 onetrees 
32 Bomgardenn, Franz  Between Jan 1572 and Jan 1573Riga, Latvia I422474 onetrees 
33 Bomgardenn, Franz  1595Riga, Latvia I422478 onetrees 
34 Bomgardenn, Hinrich  Abt 1597Riga, Latvia I422473 onetrees 
35 Brandt, Erica Hilda Elisabeth  26 Jul 1892Riga, Latvia I83992 onetrees 
36 Casano, Emilie  Riga, Latvia I128105 onetrees 
37 Duisburg, Alfred Friedrich Gottlieb von  16 Jul 1869Riga, Latvia I417307 onetrees 
38 Duisburg, Arthur Alexander von  13 Mar 1871Riga, Latvia I417308 onetrees 
39 Duisburg, Oscar Johann Gottlieb von  13 Aug 1844Riga, Latvia I417304 onetrees 
40 Edelsten, Abraham Marcus  1865Riga, Latvia I103150 onetrees 
41 Eichfuss, Alice  13 Jan 1903Riga, Latvia I421804 onetrees 
42 Eichfuss, Boris Woldemar  15 Jul 1904Riga, Latvia I421802 onetrees 
43 Eichfuss, Eduard Rudolf Adolf  4 Jan 1917Riga, Latvia I426882 onetrees 
44 Eichfuss, Elmar Carl Hans  8 Nov 1912Riga, Latvia I421815 onetrees 
45 Eichfuss, Erica  26 Jun 1898Riga, Latvia I421801 onetrees 
46 Eichfuss, Erich  14 Sep 1912Riga, Latvia I426881 onetrees 
47 Eichfuss, Margarethe  16 Apr 1911Riga, Latvia I426880 onetrees 
48 Eichfuss, Walther  8 May 1900Riga, Latvia I421803 onetrees 
49 Ennin, Dorothea Elisabeth  8 Jun 1874Riga, Latvia I421800 onetrees 
50 Eosander Giöthe, Margaretha Christina  1690Riga, Latvia I237525 onetrees 
51 Essen (Essen of Zellie), Johann Didrich von  1664Riga, Latvia I238768 onetrees 
52 Fenger, Edgar  31 Aug 1881Riga, Latvia I74689 onetrees 
53 Fenger, Erna  26 Aug 1878Riga, Latvia I74690 onetrees 
54 Fenger, Helga  28 Jan 1877Riga, Latvia I74812 onetrees 
55 Fenger, Johanne Amalie  27 Apr 1814Riga, Latvia I75734 onetrees 
56 Fenger, Johanne Marie  2 Jan 1834Riga, Latvia I74697 onetrees 
57 Fenger, Nikoline Helene  11 Mar 1835Riga, Latvia I74696 onetrees 
58 Fenger, Wera  16 Oct 1875Riga, Latvia I75793 onetrees 
59 Goeldner, Wilhelm  Est 1876Riga, Latvia I421335 onetrees 
60 Gronicka, Carl Ernst  19 Jun 1809Riga, Latvia I421025 onetrees 
61 Gronicka, Carl Ferdinand "Johann Ferdinand"  17 May 1812Riga, Latvia I421026 onetrees 
62 Gronicka, Carl Johann  18 May 1808Riga, Latvia I421024 onetrees 
63 Gronicka, Carl Wilhelm  1782Riga, Latvia I421023 onetrees 
64 Gronicka, Johann Jacob  10 Feb 1784Riga, Latvia I421027 onetrees 
65 Gutheim, Gertrud  1626Riga, Latvia I233506 onetrees 
66 Haken, Ingrida   I428043 onetrees 
67 Haken, Wolfgang Paul  Riga, Latvia I428042 onetrees 
68 Hartmann, Johanne Nikoline  12 Aug 1862Riga, Latvia I74691 onetrees 
69 Hartmann, Karl Nikolai Leopold  10 Jun 1856Riga, Latvia I74693 onetrees 
70 Hartmann, Leopold Vilhelm August  8 Jan 1829Riga, Latvia I74694 onetrees 
71 Hauff, Friedericke Amalie  30 Apr 1744Riga, Latvia I74714 onetrees 
72 Hilchen, David  1561Riga, Latvia I237410 onetrees 
73 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Birgit Bente Ingeborg von  11 Sep 1921Riga, Latvia I193890 onetrees 
74 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Ib Johan von  11 Feb 1915Riga, Latvia I142878 onetrees 
75 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Steen Ulfspaarre von  28 May 1912Riga, Latvia I193868 onetrees 
76 Kehrhahn, Heinrich Carl  17 Jul 1881Riga, Latvia I23824 onetrees 
77 Knorring, Christina von  Riga, Latvia I237625 onetrees 
78 Kröger (Kröger of Latvia), Olga Elisabeth  16 Jul 1869Riga, Latvia I164477 onetrees 
79 Königk, Alexander Konstantin Nikolaus Michael  13 May 1821Riga, Latvia I426143 onetrees 
80 Königk, Charlotte Maria Katharina Amalie  22 Sep 1819Riga, Latvia I427339 onetrees 
81 Königk, Henriette Caroline Ernestine Auguste  24 Jan 1814Riga, Latvia I427549 onetrees 
82 Königk, Johann Ernst Philipp Adolf  28 Nov 1815Riga, Latvia I427548 onetrees 
83 Königk, Melanie Luise Adelaide Nanny  6 Jun 1841Riga, Latvia I427318 onetrees 
84 Königk, Sophie Ernestine Lodovica Karoline  12 Feb 1817Riga, Latvia I427547 onetrees 
85 Lemcke, Nicolai Reinhold Leonhard  14 Mar 1881Riga, Latvia I420788 onetrees 
86 Lysarch Koenigk, Alexander Franciscus Napoleon von  1811Riga, Latvia I418254 onetrees 
87 Markau, Elise Mathilde  14 Mar 1881Riga, Latvia I426879 onetrees 
88 Meyer, Antonie Luise Franziska  10 Nov 1840Riga, Latvia I417270 onetrees 
89 Meyer, Carl Alexander Theodor  24 Jan 1849Riga, Latvia I417272 onetrees 
90 Meyer, Ida Nanny Franziska  4 Sep 1838Riga, Latvia I417268 onetrees 
91 Meyer, Julie Marie Natalie  27 Aug 1842Riga, Latvia I417271 onetrees 
92 Meyer, Julie Pauline Irene  22 Oct 1839Riga, Latvia I417269 onetrees 
93 Meyer, Konstantin Alexander Eduard  3 Jul 1844Riga, Latvia I417203 onetrees 
94 Meyer, Luise Berta Christine  24 Jul 1850Riga, Latvia I417273 onetrees 
95 Meyer, Luise Natalie Berta  2 Aug 1846Riga, Latvia I417267 onetrees 
96 Minckenbergh, Apollonia Gen Ploennie  Riga, Latvia I422475 onetrees 
97 Minckenbergh, Hinrich  Jan 1572-1573Riga, Latvia I422481 onetrees 
98 Müller, Karl Edgar  16 Mar 1867Riga, Latvia I420787 onetrees 
99 Petrishchev, Anton  1872Riga, Latvia I426995 onetrees 
100 Prenzlau, Axel Maximilian  15 Jun 1915Riga, Latvia I421363 onetrees 
101 Prenzlau, Egolf Rudolf Alexander  26 Sep 1918Riga, Latvia I421364 onetrees 
102 Prenzlau, Sibylle Gertrud  18 Aug 1914Riga, Latvia I421362 onetrees 
103 Priedit, Agnija  19 Feb 1907Riga, Latvia I28974 onetrees 
104 Pychlan, Katharine Sophie  15 Jan 1853Riga, Latvia I74810 onetrees 
105 Radetzka-Miculicz, Helene Louise Celine von  23 Feb 1847Riga, Latvia I148396 onetrees 
106 Reutern, Catharina von  1679Riga, Latvia I85741 onetrees 
107 Ruhtenberg, Amalie Gertrud Erika  23 Aug 1891Riga, Latvia I421361 onetrees 
108 Ruhtenberg, Maximilian Adolf  29 May 1860Riga, Latvia I421365 onetrees 
109 Stakkelbardt, Veronika  9 May 1896Riga, Latvia I417615 onetrees 
110 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Carl Traugott Romanus  10 Aug 1822Riga, Latvia I417467 onetrees 
111 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Hedwig Aurora Cellestine  31 Oct 1818Riga, Latvia I417466 onetrees 
112 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Ida Maria Natalia  5 Feb 1817Riga, Latvia I417465 onetrees 
113 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Johann Theodor Leo  17 Mar 1825Riga, Latvia I417303 onetrees 
114 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Julie Louise Theofile  Abt 1808Riga, Latvia I417242 onetrees 
115 Treymann, Gustav Ludwig Carl  8 Feb 1880Riga, Latvia I420811 onetrees 
116 Utzon (Udesen), Asta Emmy Margrethe  16 Oct 1904Riga, Latvia I162618 onetrees 
117 Veidt, Auguste Katharina Wilhelmine  11 May 1876Riga, Latvia I421807 onetrees 
118 Weller, Clara Anna Auguste  12 Jul 1848Riga, Latvia I418456 onetrees 
119 Württemberg (Württemberg), Elisabeth Alexandrine Konstanze, Princess of  27 Feb 1802Riga, Latvia I190775 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baumgarten, Anna Charlotta Amalia  21 Sep 1785Riga, Latvia I420236 onetrees 
2 Baumgarten, Barbara Elisabeth  22 Nov 1791Riga, Latvia I420238 onetrees 
3 Baumgarten, Carry Auguste  25 Sep 1882Riga, Latvia I418460 onetrees 
4 Baumgarten, Clara Maria  21 Aug 1884Riga, Latvia I418461 onetrees 
5 Baumgarten, Ellen Auguste  11 Jan 1876Riga, Latvia I418459 onetrees 
6 Baumgarten, Johann  17 Dec 1658Riga, Latvia I422472 onetrees 
7 Baumgarten, Margot Henriette  9 Dec 1878Riga, Latvia I418457 onetrees 
8 Baumgarten, Olga Dorothea Henriette  9 Mar 1845Riga, Latvia I417204 onetrees 
9 Eichfuss, Alice  6 Apr 1903Riga, Latvia I421804 onetrees 
10 Eichfuss, Boris Woldemar  1 Aug 1904Riga, Latvia I421802 onetrees 
11 Eichfuss, Eduard Rudolf Adolf  19 Mar 1917Riga, Latvia I426882 onetrees 
12 Eichfuss, Erica  4 Oct 1898Riga, Latvia I421801 onetrees 
13 Eichfuss, Erich  14 Oct 1912Riga, Latvia I426881 onetrees 
14 Eichfuss, Margarethe  22 May 1911Riga, Latvia I426880 onetrees 
15 Eichfuss, Walther  23 Jul 1900Riga, Latvia I421803 onetrees 
16 Ennin, Dorothea Elisabeth  30 Jun 1874Riga, Latvia I421800 onetrees 
17 Gronicka, Carl Ernst  Riga, Latvia I421025 onetrees 
18 Markau, Elise Mathilde  25 Mar 1881Riga, Latvia I426879 onetrees 
19 Meyer, Antonie Luise Franziska  12 Jan 1841Riga, Latvia I417270 onetrees 
20 Meyer, Carl Alexander Theodor  10 Apr 1849Riga, Latvia I417272 onetrees 
21 Meyer, Ida Nanny Franziska  25 Sep 1838Riga, Latvia I417268 onetrees 
22 Meyer, Julie Marie Natalie  14 Oct 1842Riga, Latvia I417271 onetrees 
23 Meyer, Julie Pauline Irene  26 Dec 1839Riga, Latvia I417269 onetrees 
24 Meyer, Konstantin Alexander Eduard  8 Oct 1844Riga, Latvia I417203 onetrees 
25 Meyer, Luise Berta Christine  6 Aug 1850Riga, Latvia I417273 onetrees 
26 Meyer, Luise Natalie Berta  1 Dec 1846Riga, Latvia I417267 onetrees 
27 Prenzlau, Axel Maximilian  28 Nov 1915Riga, Latvia I421363 onetrees 
28 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Carl Traugott Romanus  14 Aug 1822Riga, Latvia I417467 onetrees 
29 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Hedwig Aurora Cellestine  29 Dec 1818Riga, Latvia I417466 onetrees 
30 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Ida Maria Natalia  20 Feb 1817Riga, Latvia I417465 onetrees 
31 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Johann Theodor Leo  31 May 1825Riga, Latvia I417303 onetrees 
32 Veidt, Auguste Katharina Wilhelmine  27 Jun 1876Riga, Latvia I421807 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aallonsköld, Anna  18 Dec 1641Riga, Latvia I236245 onetrees 
2 Banér (Brune), Svante Gustafsson  1628Riga, Latvia I235345 onetrees 
3 Baumgarten, Alexander Eduard  7 Aug 1852Riga, Latvia I417315 onetrees 
4 Baumgarten, Alfred Carl  1 Sep 1857Riga, Latvia I417317 onetrees 
5 Baumgarten, Amalia Wilhelmine Alexandra  8 Aug 1855Riga, Latvia I417316 onetrees 
6 Baumgarten, Barbara Elisabeth  22 Nov 1791Riga, Latvia I420238 onetrees 
7 Baumgarten, Carl Friedrich  2 Dec 1812Riga, Latvia I417309 onetrees 
8 Baumgarten, Carl Gustav  28 Jul 1901Riga, Latvia I417311 onetrees 
9 Baumgarten, Catharina Elisabeth  30 Dec 1787Riga, Latvia I422468 onetrees 
10 Baumgarten, Christoph Carl  1 Mar 1797Riga, Latvia I421479 onetrees 
11 Baumgarten, Engel Dorothea Elisabeth  9 May 1795Riga, Latvia I420239 onetrees 
12 Baumgarten, James Carl  6 Jun 1859Riga, Latvia I417244 onetrees 
13 Baumgarten, James Carl  23 Apr 1877Riga, Latvia I418458 onetrees 
14 Baumgarten, Johanna Chistina  12 Dec 1865Riga, Latvia I420240 onetrees 
15 Baumgarten, Marie Louise  25 Apr 1844Riga, Latvia I417318 onetrees 
16 Baumgarten, Wilhelm Nicolai  11 Feb 1895Riga, Latvia I417312 onetrees 
17 Bienemann, Carl Diederich II  1836Riga, Latvia I420791 onetrees 
18 Bienemann, Hermann Diedrich  16 May 1821Riga, Latvia I422248 onetrees 
19 Bomgardenn, Franz  Abt 9 Sep 1603Riga, Latvia I422474 onetrees 
20 Bomgardenn, Franz  1 Dec 1665Riga, Latvia I422478 onetrees 
21 Brümmer, Lüdert  1733Riga, Latvia I422470 onetrees 
22 Bäät (Bäät), Ingeborg  30 Dec 1635Riga, Latvia I236211 onetrees 
23 Eichfuss, Alice  11 Apr 1903Riga, Latvia I421804 onetrees 
24 Eichfuss, Margot Luise  1935Riga, Latvia I421743 onetrees 
25 Eichfuss, Paul Richard  20 Aug 1908Riga, Latvia I421755 onetrees 
26 Eichfuss, Robert Emil Theodor  Riga, Latvia I421727 onetrees 
27 Ennin, Dorothea Elisabeth  9 Nov 1904Riga, Latvia I421800 onetrees 
28 Essen (Essen of Zellie), Johann Didrich von  3 Nov 1700Riga, Latvia I238768 onetrees 
29 Fenger, Johan Ernst  29 Jul 1822Riga, Latvia I74710 onetrees 
30 Fenger, Johan Joachim  29 Oct 1785Riga, Latvia I74805 onetrees 
31 Fenger, Johanne Marie  22 Dec 1922Riga, Latvia I74697 onetrees 
32 Fenger, Nicolai  24 Sep 1912Riga, Latvia I74811 onetrees 
33 Fenger, Nicolai Frederik  2 May 1835Riga, Latvia I73971 onetrees 
34 Gripenberg, Jakob -Wittman  Dec 1701Riga, Latvia I237343 onetrees 
35 Gutheimius Bechius, Petrus Arvidi  1644Riga, Latvia I233508 onetrees 
36 Gyldenstolpe (Gyldenstolpe), Gabriel  7 May 1666Riga, Latvia I234558 onetrees 
37 Hartmann, Johanne Nikoline  6 Jan 1883Riga, Latvia I74691 onetrees 
38 Hartmann, Karl Nikolai Leopold  1 Jun 1873Riga, Latvia I74693 onetrees 
39 Hartmann, Leopold Vilhelm August  16 Sep 1908Riga, Latvia I74694 onetrees 
40 Hast, Johann Heinrich  17 Jan 1788Riga, Latvia I422471 onetrees 
41 Hauff, Friedericke Amalie  20 Jun 1808Riga, Latvia I74714 onetrees 
42 Koschkull, Juliane Dorothea Friederieke von  1838Riga, Latvia I427551 onetrees 
43 Kröger (Kröger of Latvia), Johanna Gertrude  2 Sep 1865Riga, Latvia I74702 onetrees 
44 Königk, Gustav Bernhard Gotthelf  15 Feb 1855Riga, Latvia I427553 onetrees 
45 Königk, Johann Ernst Philipp Adolf  1816Riga, Latvia I427548 onetrees 
46 Königk, Melanie Luise Adelaide Nanny  10 Jan 1842Riga, Latvia I427318 onetrees 
47 Meyer, Friedrich August Johann  25 Apr 1870Riga, Latvia I417241 onetrees 
48 Minckenbergh, Hinrich  1582Riga, Latvia I422481 onetrees 
49 Miram, Auguste Wilhelmine Lucie  1932Riga, Latvia I424037 onetrees 
50 Nyeborg, Eduard Christian Gottlieb  21 Dec 1919Riga, Latvia I134637 onetrees 
51 Peterson, Anna Katarina  1710Riga, Latvia I421483 onetrees 
52 Pollentin, Auguste Adelheid Agnes  14 Jan 1911Riga, Latvia I420786 onetrees 
53 Pychlan, Katharine Sophie  6 Aug 1931Riga, Latvia I74810 onetrees 
54 Ribbing, Sven  1677Riga, Latvia I236737 onetrees 
55 Rothe (Rothe), Benedicte Ulfsparre  7 Jul 1930Riga, Latvia I193746 onetrees 
56 Sievers, Charlotte Beate von  11 Nov 1801Riga, Latvia I421022 onetrees 
57 Silfversvan, Casper  1656Riga, Latvia I234286 onetrees 
58 Stalarm, Arvid Axelson  Abt 18 Nov 1646Riga, Latvia I235880 onetrees 
59 Stern von Gwiazdowski, Samuel Ferdinand  25 May 1837Riga, Latvia I417458 onetrees 
60 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Gustaf Rutger Hansson  1763Riga, Latvia I233611 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fenger, Nicolai Frederik  Riga, Latvia I73971 onetrees 
2 Hartmann, Leopold Vilhelm August  Riga, Latvia I74694 onetrees 
3 Heimbürger, Nikolai  Riga, Latvia I196099 onetrees 
4 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Hans  Riga, Latvia I181998 onetrees 
5 Priedit, Alexandre  Riga, Latvia I29007 onetrees 
6 Salomonsen, Svend Felix  Riga, Latvia I136941 onetrees 
7 Smith-Petersen, Gustav Emanuel  Riga, Latvia I125609 onetrees 
8 Utzon (Udesen), Michael Lausen  Riga, Latvia I158564 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baumgarten / Belinsky  24 Jul 1838Riga, Latvia F160213 onetrees 
2 Baumgarten / Bienemann  16 Dec 1872Riga, Latvia F160477 onetrees 
3 Baumgarten / Boldwin  Abt 1654Riga, Latvia F161655 onetrees 
4 Baumgarten / Weller  29 Aug 1871Riga, Latvia F160476 onetrees 
5 Bechtolsheim / Fahlberg  14 Nov 1920Riga, Latvia F81563 onetrees 
6 Bomgardenn / Minckenbergh  1594Riga, Latvia F161656 onetrees 
7 Duisburg / Meyer  8 Oct 1868Riga, Latvia F160440 onetrees 
8 Eichfuss / Ennin  28 Dec 1897Riga, Latvia F161424 onetrees 
9 Eichfuss / Markau  26 Dec 1910Riga, Latvia F163576 onetrees 
10 Fenger / Pychlan  10 Nov 1874Riga, Latvia F34615 onetrees 
11 Gronicka / Baumgarten  29 Oct 1833Riga, Latvia F161645 onetrees 
12 Hartmann / Fenger  20 Feb 1855Riga, Latvia F34575 onetrees 
13 Kramer / Baumgarten  5 Jun 1895Riga, Latvia F161641 onetrees 
14 Lemcke / Baumgarten  28 Dec 1912Riga, Latvia F161639 onetrees 
15 Linde (Linde of Germany) / Kröger (Kröger of Latvia)  26 Dec 1895Riga, Latvia F69093 onetrees 
16 Lysarch Koenigk / Stern von Gwiazdowski  22 Jul 1834Riga, Latvia F161104 onetrees 
17 Meyer / Baumgarten  7 Sep 1872Riga, Latvia F160206 onetrees 
18 Meyer / Stern von Gwiazdowski  30 Dec 1833Riga, Latvia F160210 onetrees 
19 Müller / Baumgarten  27 Apr 1899Riga, Latvia F161640 onetrees 
20 Prenzlau / Ruhtenberg  11 Oct 1913Riga, Latvia F161294 onetrees 
21 Stern von Gwiazdowski / Kummerau  28 Aug 1838Riga, Latvia F160442 onetrees 
22 Thurmann / Baumgarten  17 Jul 1905Riga, Latvia F161071 onetrees 
23 Tschuntsin / Kahn  3 Oct 1920Riga, Latvia F161812 onetrees 

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