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Reykjavik, Iceland



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gudrun  11 Oct 1900Reykjavik, Iceland I239513 onetrees 
2 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Gottfried Vilhelm Christian Ingolf von  24 Jan 1840Reykjavik, Iceland I146266 onetrees 
3 Bjerring, Henrikke Andrea  21 May 1844Reykjavik, Iceland I116497 onetrees 
4 Borg, Anna  30 Jul 1903Reykjavik, Iceland I127255 onetrees 
5 Briand de Crèvecoeur, Yvonne Marie Louise "Lise"  30 Nov 1950Reykjavik, Iceland I4806 onetrees 
6 Briem, Gunnlauger  30 Mar 1901Reykjavik, Iceland I409570 onetrees 
7 Brun (Brun of Danzig), Christian-Albrecht Oluf Kjartan  15 Jun 1939Reykjavik, Iceland I49462 onetrees 
8 Claessen, Anna  27 Jul 1915Reykjavik, Iceland I400915 onetrees 
9 Clausen, Oline  1 AugReykjavik, Iceland I172249 onetrees 
10 Eriksdóttir, Gudrun Sigridur  6 Jul 1903Reykjavik, Iceland I151661 onetrees 
11 Finsen, Anna Hilma  10 Apr 1868Reykjavik, Iceland I115692 onetrees 
12 Finsen, Carl Ole Robert Bjerring  10 Jul 1857Reykjavik, Iceland I116564 onetrees 
13 Finsen, Gerda Jónsdóttir Bjerring  8 Aug 1860Reykjavik, Iceland I116585 onetrees 
14 Finsen, Hannes Christian Steimgrim  13 May 1828Reykjavik, Iceland I116036 onetrees 
15 Finsen, Jón Constant  24 Nov 1826Reykjavik, Iceland I116420 onetrees 
16 Finsen, Ole Peter  1 Jan 1832Reykjavik, Iceland I116432 onetrees 
17 Finsen, Olufa "Nulle"  8 Dec 1869Reykjavik, Iceland I115736 onetrees 
18 Finsen, Valgerdur  16 Mar 1833Reykjavik, Iceland I116465 onetrees 
19 Finsen, Vilhjálmur Ludvig  1 Apr 1823Reykjavik, Iceland I116409 onetrees 
20 Frisak, Erik Gløersen  17 Sep 1816Reykjavik, Iceland I118067 onetrees 
21 Geirsson, Gisli Gudlaugur   I297971 onetrees 
22 Guðmundsdóttir, Margrét   I189957 onetrees 
23 Guðmundsdóttir, Viktoria Dagmar  Reykjavik, Iceland I453484 onetrees 
24 Hoppe (Hoppe), Carl Hartvig de  21 Apr 1846Reykjavik, Iceland I6492 onetrees 
25 Hoppe (Hoppe), Christian Benzon de  29 Feb 1844Reykjavik, Iceland I17768 onetrees 
26 Hoppe (Hoppe), Johan Christopher de  23 Nov 1841Reykjavik, Iceland I49577 onetrees 
27 Islandi, Gudrun   I167501 onetrees 
28 Johansen, Marine "Maja" Gudrunn Gisladottir  25 Sep 1928Reykjavik, Iceland I170652 onetrees 
29 Kaldan, Sigtryggur  10 Jun 1889Reykjavik, Iceland I119800 onetrees 
30 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen), Kristin Edda   I239516 onetrees 
31 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen), Vidar   I239515 onetrees 
32 Kristjansson, Andres Reynir   I239514 onetrees 
33 Møller, Charlotte Frederikke  5 Sep 1843Reykjavik, Iceland I199495 onetrees 
34 Rasmussen, Agnete Adelajde  6 Oct 1910Reykjavik, Iceland I81358 onetrees 
35 Rasmussen, Inge Margrethe Eleonora  4 Aug 1909Reykjavik, Iceland I81359 onetrees 
36 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), Jean Robert Edouard le   I151722 onetrees 
37 Sandholdt, Asa  6 Oct 1815Reykjavik, Iceland I184460 onetrees 
38 Sveinsdottir, Edda   I73486 onetrees 
39 Thomsen, Anna Christine  22 Dec 1868Reykjavik, Iceland I406119 onetrees 
40 Thorlacius (Thorlacius), Anna Marie "Thorslakson"  1858Reykjavik, Iceland I124750 onetrees 
41 Zimsen, Ingibjörg  16 Jun 1903Reykjavik, Iceland I46054 onetrees 
42 Zimsen, Rolf  12 Oct 1889Reykjavik, Iceland I140884 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Finsen, Hannes Christian Steimgrim  25 May 1828Reykjavik, Iceland I116036 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gudrun  20 Feb 1980Reykjavik, Iceland I239513 onetrees 
2 Bjerring, Henrikke Andrea  27 Mar 1871Reykjavik, Iceland I116497 onetrees 
3 Finsen, Ólafur Hannesson  24 Feb 1836Reykjavik, Iceland I116366 onetrees 
4 Finsen, Valgerdur  25 Jul 1894Reykjavik, Iceland I116465 onetrees 
5 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen), Christian August Otto  3 Feb 1965Reykjavik, Iceland I240137 onetrees 
6 Lerche (Lerche), Hedevig Louise Augusta  13 Mar 1830Reykjavik, Iceland I176341 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gudrun  28 Feb 1980Reykjavik, Iceland I239513 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bjerring, Moritz Wilhelm  Reykjavik, Iceland I116508 onetrees 
2 Briem, Gunnlauger  Reykjavik, Iceland I409570 onetrees 
3 Briem, Sigurdur  Reykjavik, Iceland I413570 onetrees 
4 Finsen, Ólafur Hannesson  Reykjavik, Iceland I116366 onetrees 
5 Gudjohnsen, Jakob  Reykjavik, Iceland I409549 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Gunnar Robert  Reykjavik, Iceland I73621 onetrees 
7 Havsteen, Martin  Reykjavik, Iceland I172134 onetrees 
8 Jónsson, Sigurdur "Sigurd" Helgi Holm  Reykjavik, Iceland I148690 onetrees 
9 Jósefsson, Borgpór  Reykjavik, Iceland I127183 onetrees 
10 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Thorvald Haraldsen  Reykjavik, Iceland I197523 onetrees 
11 Matthiasson, Fridrik  Reykjavik, Iceland I161336 onetrees 
12 Møller, Ole Peter  Reykjavik, Iceland I116388 onetrees 
13 Møller, Tage   I151648 onetrees 
14 Rosenørn (Rosenørn), Mathias Hans  Reykjavik, Iceland I196255 onetrees 
15 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), Jean Robert Edouard le   I151722 onetrees 
16 Stephensen, Magnus  Reykjavik, Iceland I165816 onetrees 
17 Sveinbjörnsson, Maria "Maja"  Reykjavik, Iceland I160638 onetrees 
18 Ulstrup, Regner Christoffer  Reykjavik, Iceland I176342 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Koch / Finsen  16 Jul 1877Reykjavik, Iceland F82189 onetrees 
2 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen) /   Reykjavik, Iceland F99180 onetrees 
3 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen) /    F99183 onetrees 
4 Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen) / Bjørnsdottir   F99182 onetrees 
5 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard) / Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard)  15 Jun 1907Reykjavik, Iceland F27314 onetrees 
6 Kristjansson / Thorhallsdottir   F99181 onetrees 
7 Reumert / Borg  5 Aug 1932Reykjavik, Iceland F15975 onetrees 
8 Rytt / Sass   F110869 onetrees 
9 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay) / Eriksdóttir  7 Dec 1927Reykjavik, Iceland F62824 onetrees 
10 Schierbeck / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  2 Jan 1900Reykjavik, Iceland F61252 onetrees 
11 Skaftason / Kornerup-Hansen (Hansen)   F99184 onetrees 

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