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Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway



Matches 1 to 177 of 177

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aalborg, Jacobine Amalie  Abt 1820Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120086 onetrees 
2 Aall, Amborg "Lina" Nicoline  1795Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99685 onetrees 
3 Aall, Anne Sophie Nielsen  1758Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I108257 onetrees 
4 Aall, Benedicta Henricha  1772Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104453 onetrees 
5 Aall, Benedictha Henriette Severine Jørgensen  1802Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99610 onetrees 
6 Aall, Constanse Jørgensen  30 May 1808Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99597 onetrees 
7 Aall, Constanse Nicolaisen  1778Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99612 onetrees 
8 Aall, Elisabeth Jørgine Birgetha "Elise"  15 Apr 1810Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99599 onetrees 
9 Aall, Elise Jensine Sophie  1813Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122479 onetrees 
10 Aall, Francisca Magaretha Nielsen  Mar 1743Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I96114 onetrees 
11 Aall, Hanna  1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I98117 onetrees 
12 Aall, Hanna Hedevig Nielsen  1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99603 onetrees 
13 Aall, Hanna Thomine Magdalene  1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99684 onetrees 
14 Aall, Hans Cato  13 Apr 1807Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99653 onetrees 
15 Aall, Hans Nielsen  9 May 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99600 onetrees 
16 Aall, Inger Nicolaisen  1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99680 onetrees 
17 Aall, Jacob  23 Jul 1809Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99598 onetrees 
18 Aall, Jacob Christian Nielsen  1741Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I108220 onetrees 
19 Aall, Jacob Nicolaisen  1773Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99717 onetrees 
20 Aall, Jørgen Nicolaisen  1771Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99718 onetrees 
21 Aall, Jørgen Wright Nicolajsen  9 Dec 1810Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99665 onetrees 
22 Aall, Lars Jacob Nicolaisen  1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99605 onetrees 
23 Aall, Mariana Jørgensen  1799Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99609 onetrees 
24 Aall, Mariane Jørgensen  1801Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99608 onetrees 
25 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  1776Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99715 onetrees 
26 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99588 onetrees 
27 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  8 Jun 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99669 onetrees 
28 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin Nielsen  1739Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99720 onetrees 
29 Aall, Niels Nikolaisen  1769Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99719 onetrees 
30 Aall, Niels Weyer  16 Nov 1797Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99683 onetrees 
31 Aall, Withelmine Fredericha Jørgensen  1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99604 onetrees 
32 Amundsen, Anne Marie Trondsen  1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112706 onetrees 
33 Andersen, Aschier  1781Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99679 onetrees 
34 Bacha, Abraham  1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120094 onetrees 
35 Bacha, Arnoldus Severin  1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120107 onetrees 
36 Bacha, Arnoldus Severin  1797Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120106 onetrees 
37 Bacha, Bernt Andreas  1802Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120089 onetrees 
38 Bacha, Carolina "Catarina" Maria Hedevig  24 Sep 1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120098 onetrees 
39 Bacha, Christen Berg  1791Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120100 onetrees 
40 Bacha, Christen Bergh  1808Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120087 onetrees 
41 Bacha, Elen Maria Berg  1793Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120097 onetrees 
42 Bacha, Hanna Eleonora  1799Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120092 onetrees 
43 Bacha, Hans Jacob  1795Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120096 onetrees 
44 Bacha, Helvig  1733Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120091 onetrees 
45 Bacha, Jeremias Hagerup  1804Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120102 onetrees 
46 Bacha, Peder Christian  1800Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120104 onetrees 
47 Bacha, Pernille "Petronelle" Christine  1803Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120103 onetrees 
48 Bacha, Sivert  1759Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120109 onetrees 
49 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Elen Maria  Abt 1770Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120101 onetrees 
50 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Karen Petronelle  1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120108 onetrees 
51 Bing, Bertha Olivia  1862Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I96692 onetrees 
52 Bing, Jonas Barth Abel  1859Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I109092 onetrees 
53 Blom (Blom of Norway), Charlotte Elisabeth Alberta  12 Sep 1861Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266069 onetrees 
54 Bruun, Marie  1824Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I111370 onetrees 
55 Budde (Budde), Christofa Caroline Sigismunda Henrica Muchaeline  17 Jun 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437778 onetrees 
56 Budde (Budde), Michael Döderlein  Abt 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437784 onetrees 
57 Bülow (Bülow), Frantz Christophesen Tønder von  1798Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95779 onetrees 
58 Bülow (Bülow), Henriette Christina Wilhelmine von  1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95780 onetrees 
59 Bülow (Bülow), Nanna Caroline Emilie von  28 Oct 1791Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I161757 onetrees 
60 Børsting, Hans Henrik Paulsen  2 Sep 1891Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265629 onetrees 
61 Cappelen (Cappelen), Diderik von  1820Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95756 onetrees 
62 Cappelen (Cappelen), Jørgen Wright von  10 Aug 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I98909 onetrees 
63 Christie (Christie), Constanse  1882Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I102285 onetrees 
64 Engelhardt, Hans  17 Sep 1775Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I111921 onetrees 
65 Gartner, Kirstin  1778Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120481 onetrees 
66 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Eiler  23 Dec 1780Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110824 onetrees 
67 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Elen Aasille Eilertsen  8 Dec 1785Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110455 onetrees 
68 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Manlius Octavius  10 Nov 1783Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110579 onetrees 
69 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Severin Anton Christian Eilersen  17 Aug 1782Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110704 onetrees 
70 Hetting, Gabriel Ferdinand  1810Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120051 onetrees 
71 Jacobsen, Anne Mette   I295139 onetrees 
72 Jacobsen, Dag   I295080 onetrees 
73 Jacobsen, Emil   I295141 onetrees 
74 Jacobsen, Karl   I295140 onetrees 
75 Jacobsen, Michael   I295138 onetrees 
76 Jebe, Laurentze Caroline  1826Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99016 onetrees 
77 Jeremiassen, Ellen  29 Nov 1876Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437841 onetrees 
78 Johannesen, Fredrik Peder  14 Sep 1873Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I264770 onetrees 
79 Johannessen, Johan Fredrik  20 Apr 1911Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I264774 onetrees 
80 Johnsen, Bergithe "Gurine" Jørgine  Abt 1800Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120074 onetrees 
81 Leschly, Peter Helesius  31 Jul 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I128086 onetrees 
82 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Augusta Sophia Ernestina von  1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104639 onetrees 
83 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Carl Nicolaj Jacob von  1791Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104675 onetrees 
84 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Edel Severine Margrethe Henriette von  28 Jan 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95757 onetrees 
85 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Ernstine Charlotta von  1793Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104663 onetrees 
86 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Frederik Frantz Michael Vilhelm von  23 Nov 1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I20906 onetrees 
87 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Henriette von  1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104651 onetrees 
88 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Herman, Baron von  24 Jan 1783Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I178024 onetrees 
89 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Margaretha Frederikke Sophie von  16 Jan 1785Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104706 onetrees 
90 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Niels Aall von  1789Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104684 onetrees 
91 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Severin von  7 Feb 1777Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I166309 onetrees 
92 Mathiasen, Mathias  Abt 1830Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120064 onetrees 
93 Mathiessen, Augusta Thomine  1856Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I102538 onetrees 
94 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Nicolai Krog Oscar von  31 Jul 1822Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I17187 onetrees 
95 Møller, Hans Eleonordus  1780Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99579 onetrees 
96 Møller, Inger Elisabeth   I281767 onetrees 
97 Møller, Jacob Aall  2 Feb 1906Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I281770 onetrees 
98 Møller, Mariane  Abt 1770Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99673 onetrees 
99 Nielsen, Anne Marie Riis   I295126 onetrees 
100 Nielsen, Camilla Riis   I295136 onetrees 
101 Nielsen, Constanse  1740Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99464 onetrees 
102 Nielsen, Dorthe Marie  1743Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99463 onetrees 
103 Nielsen, Erling Riis   I295127 onetrees 
104 Nielsen, Haakon Riis   I295135 onetrees 
105 Nielsen, Harald Riis   I295132 onetrees 
106 Nielsen, Heidi Riis   I295129 onetrees 
107 Nielsen, Helle Riis   I295124 onetrees 
108 Nielsen, Henrik Riis   I295131 onetrees 
109 Nielsen, Joakim Riis   I295133 onetrees 
110 Nielsen, Karina Riis   I295130 onetrees 
111 Nielsen, Lars Benjamin Riis   I295128 onetrees 
112 Nielsen, Morten Georg Riis   I295122 onetrees 
113 Nielsen, Niels Christian  1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I126879 onetrees 
114 Nielsen, Per Riis   I295125 onetrees 
115 Nielsen-Jacobsen, Anna   I295078 onetrees 
116 Paul, Henny Elisabeth Kielland  21 Dec 1909Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I264771 onetrees 
117 Poulsen, Adelheid Maria  1761Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99564 onetrees 
118 Rasch, Aasillus Andreas  28 Mar 1808Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99490 onetrees 
119 Rasch, Adelaide Margrethe Lovise Amundine  3 Jun 1837Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99474 onetrees 
120 Rasch, Anna Adelheide  1784Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99563 onetrees 
121 Rasch, Carl Niels  1775Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99477 onetrees 
122 Rasch, Christian Ejlert  9 Oct 1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99492 onetrees 
123 Rasch, Constantius  1777Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99479 onetrees 
124 Rasch, Hans  1765Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99475 onetrees 
125 Rasch, Henrich Jørgen  1779Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99481 onetrees 
126 Rasch, Jacob Vilhelm  8 Feb 1776Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I97671 onetrees 
127 Rasch, Josephine Wilhelmine Cathrine  14 Mar 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99486 onetrees 
128 Rasch, Marcus Gjø Rosenkrantz  29 Apr 1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99489 onetrees 
129 Rasch, Niels Aall  1 Oct 1818Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99496 onetrees 
130 Rasch, Oscar Amund Christian Throvald  30 Sep 1834Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99485 onetrees 
131 Rasch, Søren  1763Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99498 onetrees 
132 Rasch, Sørensen  19 Mar 1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99482 onetrees 
133 Rasch, Thora Ciclala Hilara Christiane  12 Jan 1836Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99484 onetrees 
134 Rasch, Ulricha Sophia  15 Mar 1766Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99476 onetrees 
135 Reim, Ellen Serine  20 Jul 1910Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I281771 onetrees 
136 Schneider, Anne Marie  24 Jul 1850Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99697 onetrees 
137 Schøning, Alberta Johanna Kielland  3 Aug 1891Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265721 onetrees 
138 Schøning, Augusta Mathisen  24 Apr 1887Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265523 onetrees 
139 Schøning, Christian Monrad  3 Jul 1881Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265577 onetrees 
140 Schøning, Harald Hjalmar Winsnes  30 Sep 1889Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265521 onetrees 
141 Schøning, Mathias Karenius  18 Mar 1852Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266066 onetrees 
142 Schøning, Peder Valentin Winsnes  31 May 1883Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265571 onetrees 
143 Tofte, Charl  1850Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112704 onetrees 
144 Tofte, Peder Magnus  8 May 1846Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112708 onetrees 
145 Traag, Jørgen  1784Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120075 onetrees 
146 Vauvert, Anna Magdalene de  14 Jun 1831Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120073 onetrees 
147 Vauvert, Christen Tobiesen de  20 Dec 1843Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120070 onetrees 
148 Vauvert, Dorthea Elisabeth de  3 Jul 1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120052 onetrees 
149 Vauvert, Dorthea Elisabeth de  1815Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120062 onetrees 
150 Vauvert, Henriette Andrea "Backa" de  1813Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99494 onetrees 
151 Vauvert, Jens Mareus Aalborg de  8 Sep 1851Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120084 onetrees 
152 Vauvert, Johan Ludvig Christian de  1 Jun 1814Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120053 onetrees 
153 Vauvert, Louis de  15 Sep 1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120057 onetrees 
154 Vauvert, Louis de  13 Sep 1819Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122474 onetrees 
155 Vauvert, Louis Magnus de  4 May 1850Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120085 onetrees 
156 Vauvert, Louise Magnine de  11 Oct 1816Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120055 onetrees 
157 Vauvert, Louise Martine Magnine de  5 Jul 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120072 onetrees 
158 Vauvert, Magnine de  4 Dec 1817Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122470 onetrees 
159 Vauvert, Martha Holmsted de  1807Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120050 onetrees 
160 Vauvert, Marthe Louise de  1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122473 onetrees 
161 Vauvert, Niels Johnsen de  9 Apr 1837Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120063 onetrees 
162 Vauvert, Thora Nicoline de  1 Oct 1835Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120071 onetrees 
163 Wessel, Benedikte  8 Jul 1874Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437843 onetrees 
164 Wessel, Hjalmar  11 Feb 1876Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437842 onetrees 
165 Wessel, Jonas  22 Jan 1879Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437840 onetrees 
166 Weyer, Birthe Gurine  5 Mar 1770Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99686 onetrees 
167 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Marie "Majse" Munk  21 May 1899Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I163663 onetrees 
168 Willumsen, Sophie Margrete Elisabeth  1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122475 onetrees 
169 Winsnes, Dagmar Clotilde Johanne  13 Feb 1865Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266073 onetrees 
170 Winsnes, Dagny Johanne Kielland  24 Oct 1899Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265723 onetrees 
171 Winsnes, Harald Gustav Georg  28 Dec 1867Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266074 onetrees 
172 Winsnes, Hjalmar Johannes  9 Sep 1859Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266067 onetrees 
173 Winsnes, Lillian  9 Aug 1897Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265722 onetrees 
174 Winsnes, Marie  15 May 1870Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266076 onetrees 
175 Winsnes, Per Valentin  1 Mar 1882Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265606 onetrees 
176 Winsnes, Petra Valentine Albertha  8 Jun 1863Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266072 onetrees 
177 Wright, Ellen Rafn  13 Feb 1876Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I145865 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aall, Amborg "Lina" Nicoline  8 Mar 1795Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99685 onetrees 
2 Aall, Benedicta Henricha  1 Apr 1772Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104453 onetrees 
3 Aall, Benedictha Henriette Severine Jørgensen  3 Jun 1802Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99610 onetrees 
4 Aall, Constanse Jørgensen  16 Jun 1808Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99597 onetrees 
5 Aall, Constanse Nicolaisen  3 Dec 1778Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99612 onetrees 
6 Aall, Elisabeth Jørgine Birgetha "Elise"  4 May 1810Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99599 onetrees 
7 Aall, Hanna Hedevig Nielsen  8 Apr 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99603 onetrees 
8 Aall, Hanna Thomine Magdalene  22 Jul 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99684 onetrees 
9 Aall, Hans Cato  25 May 1807Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99653 onetrees 
10 Aall, Hans Nielsen  30 Aug 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99600 onetrees 
11 Aall, Inger Nicolaisen  2 Dec 1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99680 onetrees 
12 Aall, Jacob  24 Aug 1809Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99598 onetrees 
13 Aall, Jacob Nicolaisen  4 Aug 1773Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99717 onetrees 
14 Aall, Jørgen Nicolaisen  1 Mar 1771Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99718 onetrees 
15 Aall, Jørgen Wright Nicolajsen  8 May 1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99665 onetrees 
16 Aall, Lars Jacob Nicolaisen  1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99605 onetrees 
17 Aall, Mariana Jørgensen  24 Jan 1799Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99609 onetrees 
18 Aall, Mariane Jørgensen  19 Mar 1801Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99608 onetrees 
19 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  20 Nov 1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99588 onetrees 
20 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  21 Jun 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99669 onetrees 
21 Aall, Niels Nikolaisen  8 Dec 1769Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99719 onetrees 
22 Aall, Withelmine Fredericha Jørgensen  18 Jul 1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99604 onetrees 
23 Bacha, Arnoldus Severin  6 Dec 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120107 onetrees 
24 Bacha, Arnoldus Severin  28 Dec 1797Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120106 onetrees 
25 Bacha, Carolina "Catarina" Maria Hedevig  23 Nov 1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120098 onetrees 
26 Bacha, Christen Berg  11 Aug 1791Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120100 onetrees 
27 Bacha, Elen Maria Berg  31 Dec 1793Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120097 onetrees 
28 Bacha, Jeremias Hagerup  18 Nov 1804Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120102 onetrees 
29 Bacha, Peder Christian  3 Oct 1800Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120104 onetrees 
30 Bacha, Pernille "Petronelle" Christine  16 Jun 1803Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120103 onetrees 
31 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Manlius Octavius  3 Dec 1783Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110579 onetrees 
32 Leschly, Peter Helesius  1 Jan 1834Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I128086 onetrees 
33 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Augusta Sophia Ernestina von  16 Oct 1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104639 onetrees 
34 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Carl Nicolaj Jacob von  14 Dec 1791Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104675 onetrees 
35 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Edel Severine Margrethe Henriette von  15 Feb 1796Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95757 onetrees 
36 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Ernstine Charlotta von  15 Jan 1793Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104663 onetrees 
37 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Frederik Frantz Michael Vilhelm von  5 Dec 1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I20906 onetrees 
38 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Herman, Baron von  4 Feb 1783Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I178024 onetrees 
39 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Margaretha Frederikke Sophie von  27 Jan 1785Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104706 onetrees 
40 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Severin von  16 Feb 1777Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I166309 onetrees 
41 Rasch, Aasillus Andreas  28 Apr 1808Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99490 onetrees 
42 Rasch, Anna Adelheide  21 Apr 1785Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99563 onetrees 
43 Rasch, Carl Niels  9 Apr 1775Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99477 onetrees 
44 Rasch, Christian Ejlert  14 Nov 1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99492 onetrees 
45 Rasch, Constantius  23 Jan 1777Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99479 onetrees 
46 Rasch, Hans  1765Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99475 onetrees 
47 Rasch, Henrich Jørgen  28 Jul 1779Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99481 onetrees 
48 Rasch, Jacob Vilhelm  18 Feb 1776Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I97671 onetrees 
49 Rasch, Josephine Wilhelmine Cathrine  25 Jul 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99486 onetrees 
50 Rasch, Marcus Gjø Rosenkrantz  20 Jun 1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99489 onetrees 
51 Rasch, Niels Aall  22 Oct 1818Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99496 onetrees 
52 Rasch, Oscar Amund Christian Throvald  6 Nov 1834Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99485 onetrees 
53 Rasch, Thora Ciclala Hilara Christiane  12 Apr 1836Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99484 onetrees 
54 Rasch, Ulricha Sophia  8 Jul 1766Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99476 onetrees 
55 Tofte, Peder Magnus  14 Jun 1846Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112708 onetrees 
56 Vauvert, Anna Magdalene de  8 Sep 1831Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120073 onetrees 
57 Vauvert, Christen Tobiesen de  9 Jan 1844Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120070 onetrees 
58 Vauvert, Dorthea Elisabeth de  2 Aug 1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120052 onetrees 
59 Vauvert, Jens Mareus Aalborg de  14 Sep 1851Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120084 onetrees 
60 Vauvert, Johan Ludvig Christian de  27 Jul 1814Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120053 onetrees 
61 Vauvert, Louis de  5 Jan 1813Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120057 onetrees 
62 Vauvert, Louis de  23 Sep 1819Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122474 onetrees 
63 Vauvert, Louis Magnus de  16 Jun 1850Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120085 onetrees 
64 Vauvert, Louise Magnine de  11 Nov 1816Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120055 onetrees 
65 Vauvert, Louise Martine Magnine de  1 Sep 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120072 onetrees 
66 Vauvert, Magnine de  20 Jan 1818Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I122470 onetrees 
67 Vauvert, Martha Holmsted de  30 Dec 1807Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120050 onetrees 
68 Vauvert, Niels Johnsen de  26 Jun 1837Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120063 onetrees 
69 Vauvert, Thora Nicoline de  25 Dec 1835Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120071 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fredrikke Christine  2 Jul 1954Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266068 onetrees 
2 Aall, Benedicta Henricha  23 Dec 1812Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104453 onetrees 
3 Aall, Francisca Magaretha Nielsen  20 Mar 1789Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I96114 onetrees 
4 Aall, Friderica Sophia  1881Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99687 onetrees 
5 Aall, Jørgen Nicolaisen  1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99718 onetrees 
6 Aall, Kirsten Nielsen  1766Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99596 onetrees 
7 Aall, Lars Jacob Nicolaisen  1806Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99605 onetrees 
8 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  1811Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99715 onetrees 
9 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin Nielsen  1798Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99720 onetrees 
10 Aall, Niels Jacobsen  1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I96102 onetrees 
11 Aall, Niels Nikolaisen  1854Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99719 onetrees 
12 Bacha, Arnoldus Severin  Abt 1797Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120107 onetrees 
13 Bacha, Hans Jacob  Abt 1844Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120096 onetrees 
14 Bacha, Sivert  Abt 1825Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120109 onetrees 
15 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Benedicte Henrikke  1748Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I96090 onetrees 
16 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Christian  1731Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I101189 onetrees 
17 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Constanse  1769Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99509 onetrees 
18 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Constanse  1780Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99466 onetrees 
19 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Elen Maria  Abt 1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120101 onetrees 
20 Beyer-Arnesen, Kirsten Jeanette  1 May 1996Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265166 onetrees 
21 Budde (Budde), Michael Döderlein  18 Jul 1837Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437784 onetrees 
22 Cappelen (Cappelen), Ulrik Fredrik von  23 Apr 1820Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104442 onetrees 
23 Deichmann, Anna  1756Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99470 onetrees 
24 Hagerup, Jeremias  25 Jun 1795Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I118060 onetrees 
25 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Anne Margrethe  5 Jun 1846Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110943 onetrees 
26 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Cathrine Elisabeth  18 Mar 1828Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I111181 onetrees 
27 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Eiler  13 Oct 1817Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112156 onetrees 
28 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Elen Aasille Eilertsen  1 Jul 1850Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110455 onetrees 
29 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Manlius Octavius  12 Apr 1824Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I110579 onetrees 
30 Holmesen, Marthe Tobiesen  Abt 1804Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I120082 onetrees 
31 Holst, Karen Sophia  1858Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I112004 onetrees 
32 Kielland (Kielland), Albert Cato Fougner Vogt  29 Sep 1963Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266285 onetrees 
33 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Else Christine von  1814Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99467 onetrees 
34 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold), Ernstine Charlotta von  6 Aug 1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I104663 onetrees 
35 Møller, Jacob Aall  29 Oct 1989Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I281770 onetrees 
36 Møller, Mariane  Abt 1801Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99673 onetrees 
37 Nielsen, Constanse  1751Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99464 onetrees 
38 Nielsen, Dorthe Marie  1743Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99463 onetrees 
39 Nielsen, Søren "Severin"  1760Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99465 onetrees 
40 Ottosen, Otto Christian  1870Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I95753 onetrees 
41 Plesner (Plesner), Marie Pauline  1873Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I100351 onetrees 
42 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Charlotte  21 Oct 1848Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I173196 onetrees 
43 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Magnine  7 Apr 1827Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I173192 onetrees 
44 Rasch, Bartholomeus  1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99468 onetrees 
45 Rasch, Ditlev Jacobsen  1813Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99508 onetrees 
46 Rasch, Hans  28 Feb 1765Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99475 onetrees 
47 Rasch, Henrich Jørgen  1854Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99481 onetrees 
48 Rasch, Sørensen  19 Mar 1790Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99482 onetrees 
49 Reim, Ellen Serine  18 Jul 1987Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I281771 onetrees 
50 Rømø, Petra "Susanne" Olava  4 Mar 1841Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I207863 onetrees 
51 Schøning, Alberta Johanna Kielland  19 Dec 1909Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265721 onetrees 
52 Schøning, Gustava Blom  17 Jun 1897Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266065 onetrees 
53 Schøning, Mathias Karenius  20 Jul 1921Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266066 onetrees 
54 Vauvert, Louis de  1826Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I173193 onetrees 
55 Wessel, Jonas  28 Feb 1879Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I437840 onetrees 
56 Wesseltoft, Amborg Jørgensen  Abt 1801Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99682 onetrees 
57 Weyer, Birthe Gurine  25 Aug 1819Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I99686 onetrees 
58 Winsnes, Dagmar Clotilde Johanne  18 Dec 1866Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266073 onetrees 
59 Winsnes, Dagny Johanne Kielland  22 Nov 1922Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I265723 onetrees 
60 Winsnes, Hjalmar Johannes  27 Jun 1934Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266067 onetrees 
61 Winsnes, Petra Valentine Albertha  19 Jan 1864Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I266072 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Charlotte  28 Oct 1848Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I173196 onetrees 
2 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Magnine  13 Apr 1827Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I173192 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Møller, Jacob Aall  Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I281770 onetrees 
2 Svanholm, Laurits Christian  Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway I82287 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aall / Jebe  2 Jan 1844Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44080 onetrees 
2 Aall / Schneider  25 Oct 1871Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44340 onetrees 
3 Bacha / Bergh (Bergh of Norway)  Abt 1789Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51527 onetrees 
4 Bacha / Bergh (Bergh of Norway)  25 Nov 1794Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51529 onetrees 
5 Bacha / Vauvert  14 Nov 1833Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44254 onetrees 
6 Bacha / Vauvert  28 Dec 1837Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51523 onetrees 
7 Bacha / Willumsen  25 May 1834Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51528 onetrees 
8 Breyen / Møller   F105148 onetrees 
9 Budde (Budde) / Schreiber  18 Aug 1829Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F167648 onetrees 
10 Cappelen (Cappelen) / Aall  26 Feb 1793Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F46166 onetrees 
11 Cappelen (Cappelen) / Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold)  22 Oct 1816Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F42784 onetrees 
12 Christie (Christie) / Mathiessen  1 Nov 1878Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F45381 onetrees 
13 Fabricius (Fabricius) / Aall  24 Jun 1831Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44298 onetrees 
14 Fleischer / Schreiber  2 Sep 1844Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F167647 onetrees 
15 Flood / Aall  19 Nov 1818Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44293 onetrees 
16 Flood / Aall  3 Sep 1830Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44297 onetrees 
17 Gartner / Aall  20 Mar 1764Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44299 onetrees 
18 Hagerup / Aall  8 Jan 1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F42924 onetrees 
19 Lingae / Aall  8 Aug 1824Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44294 onetrees 
20 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold) / Aall  27 Mar 1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F63573 onetrees 
21 Rasch / Aall  7 Jul 1774Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F45813 onetrees 
22 Rasch / Aall  21 Dec 1849Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44251 onetrees 
23 Rasch / Vauvert  9 Oct 1844Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F44253 onetrees 
24 Schøning / Schøning  30 Sep 1880Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F110184 onetrees 
25 Traag / Vauvert  26 Oct 1823Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51517 onetrees 
26 Vauvert / Aalborg  7 Dec 1845Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51522 onetrees 
27 Vauvert / Johnsen  17 Dec 1829Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F51516 onetrees 
28 Vauvert / Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan)  Abt 1805Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway F72903 onetrees 

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