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Nysted, Lolland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aarestrup, Maria Amalia  1833Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I91616 onetrees 
2 Arnkiel, Anna Henriette  29 Oct 1760Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413383 onetrees 
3 Arnkiel, Frederik Christian Bugge  7 Apr 1754Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413385 onetrees 
4 Arnkiel, Hans Anton Klinge  20 Feb 1812Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413506 onetrees 
5 Arnkiel, Hans Mikkel "Michael"  29 May 1752Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413512 onetrees 
6 Arnkiel, Johanna Vilhelmina  4 Jan 1763Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413382 onetrees 
7 Arnkiel, Sophia Amalie  28 Mar 1756Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413384 onetrees 
8 Bang, Mogens  22 Mar 1926Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I13134 onetrees 
9 Bauditz (Baudissin), Theodor August Gotthilf  17 Apr 1775Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I186687 onetrees 
10 Beik, Augusta Charlotte  1855Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I111935 onetrees 
11 Bernholt, Peder Troelsen  23 Jul 1707Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I305719 onetrees 
12 Clausen, Flemine Marie  26 Apr 1817Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I240626 onetrees 
13 Clausen, Johanne  4 Mar 1801Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I71177 onetrees 
14 Clausen, Simon Groth  1825Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I240653 onetrees 
15 Crummelin, Anne Kirstine  23 Mar 1744Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I8044 onetrees 
16 Crummelin, Hans Jochumsen  23 Nov 1694Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7939 onetrees 
17 Crummelin, Inger  27 Jun 1740Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I144346 onetrees 
18 Crummelin, Jochum  27 Jun 1739Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7930 onetrees 
19 Ferslev (Ferslev), Karen  Abt 1760Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I121111 onetrees 
20 Grum-Schwensen, Aage  11 Mar 1873Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I42606 onetrees 
21 Gudmundsen, Hjalmar  27 May 1859Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83903 onetrees 
22 Gudmundsen, Marie  17 Aug 1864Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I80954 onetrees 
23 Guldberg (Guldberg), Ove  2 Dec 1918Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I169532 onetrees 
24 Haderup, Caroline  23 Nov 1824Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I173633 onetrees 
25 Haderup, Julius  27 Feb 1873Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I137948 onetrees 
26 Hecht-Johansen, Axel  23 Apr 1894Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I165880 onetrees 
27 Heidenheim, Axel  23 Jan 1838Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I141365 onetrees 
28 Heidenheim, Harald Vilhelm  13 Apr 1836Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I141376 onetrees 
29 Heidenheim, Herman Otto Julius  2 Oct 1834Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I141462 onetrees 
30 Heidenheim, Louise Henriette Sophie  10 Feb 1844Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I141364 onetrees 
31 Holst, Krestian "Christian"  21 Nov 1804Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I271328 onetrees 
32 Iversen, Bodil  1 Feb 1652Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I378104 onetrees 
33 Iversen, Sophie  8 Jul 1656Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I143544 onetrees 
34 Jensen, Frits Vilhelm  14 Dec 1849Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I264144 onetrees 
35 Jensen, Peter Gregers Christian  25 Apr 1840Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I160969 onetrees 
36 Johansen, Anna Elisabeth  9 Jan 1881Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I197111 onetrees 
37 Krøll, Christiane Sophie  1804Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I400705 onetrees 
38 Langebæk (Langebæk), Carl Henrik  24 Mar 1891Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I18699 onetrees 
39 Langebæk (Langebæk), Eleonore  24 May 1895Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I72413 onetrees 
40 Langebæk (Langebæk), Margrethe  20 Oct 1889Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I167855 onetrees 
41 Lerche, Ove Nicolaj Blom  Abt 1839Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I392219 onetrees 
42 Lerche (Lerche), Johanne Knudsen  8 May 1631Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I378109 onetrees 
43 Lerche (Lerche), Oluf Knudsen  1622Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I258047 onetrees 
44 Lihme (Lihme), Christen Rasmussen  28 Mar 1731Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I8075 onetrees 
45 Møller, Christiane Rosine Marie  13 Sep 1840Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I411638 onetrees 
46 Mølmark, Marie Caroline Victorine  8 Mar 1844Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I39931 onetrees 
47 Nysted, Anne Hansen  Abt 1635Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I131773 onetrees 
48 Nysted, Hans Olufsen  Abt 1600Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I127611 onetrees 
49 Nysted, Ole Hansen  Abt 1640Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I109390 onetrees 
50 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Cecilie Ulrikke Birgitte Marie  10 Oct 1856Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I140771 onetrees 
51 Raben (Raben of Mecklenburg), Sophie Hedevig von  15 Mar 1779Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I118306 onetrees 
52 Raffenberg, Anne Margrethe  1774Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I240657 onetrees 
53 Raffenberg, Jørgen  3 Jul 1766Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I97114 onetrees 
54 Reimers, Laurenze Margrethe "Jensen"  27 Jan 1769Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I110450 onetrees 
55 Sidenius (Sidenius), Cathrine Magdalene  20 Feb 1858Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83760 onetrees 
56 Sidenius (Sidenius), Gudmund  27 Apr 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83800 onetrees 
57 Sidenius (Sidenius), Johanne Margrethe  28 Dec 1872Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83962 onetrees 
58 Sidenius (Sidenius), Kirstine Marie  20 Feb 1860Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83762 onetrees 
59 Sidenius (Sidenius), Marie Katrine Magdalene  13 Apr 1854Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83908 onetrees 
60 Sidenius (Sidenius), Niels  10 Jan 1856Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83954 onetrees 
61 Sidenius (Sidenius), Thorgejr  16 Jan 1870Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83955 onetrees 
62 Soldath, Carl Ferdinand  1819Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I423199 onetrees 
63 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Otto Diderich von  10 Apr 1842Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I156730 onetrees 
64 Suhr (Suhr), Anna Frederiksen  22 Jul 1679Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I247188 onetrees 
65 Tommerup, Ove Sejer  31 Aug 1915Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I146256 onetrees 
66 Trier (Trier), Jacob Frederik  2 Aug 1829Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I163926 onetrees 
67 Trier (Trier), Susanne  26 Jun 1828Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I135334 onetrees 
68 Ulf, Marine Nielsen  Abt 1538Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I198460 onetrees 
69 Wismer, Niels Werner   I155134 onetrees 
70 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Ide Margrethe Henriksen  9 Aug 1756Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I400934 onetrees 
71 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Niels Mathiasen  5 Jul 1748Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I32922 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bernholt, Peder Troelsen  29 Jul 1707Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I305719 onetrees 
2 Clausen, Flemine Marie  3 Sep 1817Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I240626 onetrees 
3 Gudmundsen, Marie  16 Oct 1864Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I80954 onetrees 
4 Holst, Hans  14 Jan 1803Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I270803 onetrees 
5 Johansen, Knud Langebæk  31 Aug 1913Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I423932 onetrees 
6 Raffenberg, Jørgen  8 Jul 1766Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I97114 onetrees 
7 Reimers, Laurenze Margrethe "Jensen"  1 Feb 1769Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I110450 onetrees 
8 Sidenius (Sidenius), Cathrine Magdalene  2 May 1858Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83760 onetrees 
9 Sidenius (Sidenius), Gudmund  4 Jun 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83800 onetrees 
10 Sidenius (Sidenius), Johanne Margrethe  15 Jan 1873Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83962 onetrees 
11 Sidenius (Sidenius), Kirstine Marie  4 May 1860Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83762 onetrees 
12 Sidenius (Sidenius), Marie Katrine Magdalene  18 Jun 1854Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83908 onetrees 
13 Sidenius (Sidenius), Niels  23 Feb 1856Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83954 onetrees 
14 Sidenius (Sidenius), Thorgejr  24 Apr 1870Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83955 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnkiel, Frederik Christian Bugge  25 Nov 1754Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413385 onetrees 
2 Arnkiel, Hans Mikkel "Michael"  27 Mar 1807Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I413512 onetrees 
3 Bødcher, Troels  1707Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I305714 onetrees 
4 Bøgh (Lassen), Elisabeth Kirstine  6 Aug 1901Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I156786 onetrees 
5 Crummelin, Hans Jochumsen  1752Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7939 onetrees 
6 Greve, Casper  1717Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7932 onetrees 
7 Greve, Dorthe Sophie  1744Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7933 onetrees 
8 Gudmundsen, Bjarne Thorstein  8 Jul 1872Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83766 onetrees 
9 Gudmundsen, Thorgeir  28 Jan 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I80977 onetrees 
10 Haderup, Caroline  20 Jul 1850Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I173633 onetrees 
11 Hincheldey, Edward  Oct 1775Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I114403 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Hans Henrich  5 Mar 1832Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I12711 onetrees 
13 Lerche (Lerche), Oluf Knudsen  19 Apr 1682Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I258047 onetrees 
14 Mathiessen, Hack  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I138523 onetrees 
15 Mäes, Conrad Ditlev  Dec 1813Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I22313 onetrees 
16 Nielsen, Iver  20 Nov 1666Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I378108 onetrees 
17 Nysted, Ole Hansen  1679Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I109390 onetrees 
18 Oxholm (Oxholm), Christiane Christopherine Jacobine  28 Aug 1826Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I12713 onetrees 
19 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Frode Camillus  16 Feb 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I36512 onetrees 
20 Reimer, Thomas Lauritsen  1748Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I67473 onetrees 
21 Sidelmann, Cecilia Ulrikke  23 Nov 1866Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I38493 onetrees 
22 Sidenius (Sidenius), Cathrine Magdalene  8 Oct 1860Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83760 onetrees 
23 Sidenius (Sidenius), Christian Benjamin  9 Mar 1908Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83842 onetrees 
24 Sidenius (Sidenius), Gudmund  5 Jun 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83800 onetrees 
25 Smidth (Smidth), Thomas  6 Mar 1840Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I155732 onetrees 
26 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Carl Magnus von  7 May 1877Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I156785 onetrees 
27 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel), Anna Margrethe  25 Jan 1820Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I157676 onetrees 
28 Ulf, Niels  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I296193 onetrees 
29 Wiel, Anne Jørgensen  1736Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I7931 onetrees 
30 Wilcken, Christian Georg  19 Sep 1827Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I241504 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bødcher, Troels  17 Mar 1707Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I305714 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Abigail  24 Nov 1846Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I459760 onetrees 
3 Oxholm (Oxholm), Christiane Christopherine Jacobine  1 Sep 1826Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I12713 onetrees 
4 Podebusk, Woldemar  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I206891 onetrees 
5 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Frode Camillus  17 Feb 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I36512 onetrees 
6 Reimer, Thomas Lauritsen  13 May 1748Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I67473 onetrees 
7 Sidenius (Sidenius), Cathrine Magdalene  12 Oct 1860Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83760 onetrees 
8 Sidenius (Sidenius), Gudmund  9 Jun 1871Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83800 onetrees 
9 Wied (Wied of Denmark), Søren Carl Johansen  9 Aug 1851Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I459759 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Johan  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I169001 onetrees 
2 Gudmundsen, Bjarne Thorstein  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83766 onetrees 
3 Gudmundsen, Thorgeir  8 Feb 1849Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I80977 onetrees 
4 Heidenheim, Jacob Hirsch  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I141463 onetrees 
5 Jensen, Hans Henrich  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I12711 onetrees 
6 Jensen, Vilhelm Edinger Balle  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I125206 onetrees 
7 Johansen, Georg  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I242589 onetrees 
8 Johansen, Johan Peter Georg  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I197112 onetrees 
9 Mølmark, Adam  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I39918 onetrees 
10 Nielsen, Michael Cosmus Bornemann  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I192664 onetrees 
11 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Frode Camillus  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I36512 onetrees 
12 Raffenberg, Mads Jørgensen  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I382452 onetrees 
13 Sidenius (Sidenius), Christian Benjamin  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83842 onetrees 
14 Sidenius (Sidenius), Niels  1905Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83954 onetrees 
15 Sidenius (Sidenius), Niels  1908Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83954 onetrees 
16 Sidenius (Sidenius), Thorgejr  Abt 1906Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I83955 onetrees 
17 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Carl Magnus von  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I156785 onetrees 
18 Ulf, Niels  Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I296193 onetrees 
19 Wøldike, Jeremias  17 Jun 1847Nysted, Lolland, Denmark I91293 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arnkiel / Bugge (Bugge of Denmark)  20 Sep 1751Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F159422 onetrees 
2 Biering (Biering of Funen) / Benzon  18 Sep 1809Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F157119 onetrees 
3 Buchwaldt of Neudorf (Buchwaldt) / Raben (Raben of Mecklenburg)  28 Aug 1789Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F50881 onetrees 
4 Bønnelycke / Andresen  29 Sep 1882Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F118059 onetrees 
5 Christiani / Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan)  18 Jun 1874Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F58043 onetrees 
6 Clasen-Smidth / Christensen  5 Aug 1916Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F71014 onetrees 
7 Clausen / Raffenberg  26 Nov 1794Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F99532 onetrees 
8 Forbus / Schumacher (Schumacher 2)  19 Jul 1698Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F85818 onetrees 
9 Gottlieb / Bønnelycke  1874Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F118060 onetrees 
10 Hertz (Hertz of O) / Sidenius (Sidenius)  27 May 1887Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F36626 onetrees 
11 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten) / Lerche (Lerche)  1677Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F148017 onetrees 
12 Lerche (Lerche) / Reichau  11 Mar 1722Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F61803 onetrees 
13 Møller / Sidenius (Sidenius)  2 May 1890Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F38136 onetrees 
14 Nielsen / Lerche (Lerche)  1651Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F148006 onetrees 
15 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Haderup  14 May 1849Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F19040 onetrees 
16 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Seidelin (Seidelin)  5 Sep 1851Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F19039 onetrees 
17 Rafn (Rafn of Svanninge) / Iversen  Abt 1681Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F81490 onetrees 
18 Rosenfelth / Iversen  23 Oct 1667Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F81492 onetrees 
19 Sidenius (Sidenius) / Gudmundsen  26 Sep 1852Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F38139 onetrees 
20 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel) / Schrader  20 May 1870Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F61010 onetrees 
21 Tegner / Johansen  9 May 1903Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F45326 onetrees 
22 Thurøe / Bønnelycke  31 Oct 1875Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F117794 onetrees 
23 Wied (Wied of Denmark) / Boesen  16 Apr 1853Nysted, Lolland, Denmark F10194 onetrees 

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