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Matches 1 to 248 of 248

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Anna Christine  7 Apr 1857Norway I393288 onetrees 
2 (A), Hulda  Norway I62282 onetrees 
3 Abelbom, Anne Margrethe Jørgensen  10 Sep 1769Norway I60841 onetrees 
4 Akeleye, Anne Dorthea  11 Jul 1722Norway I332920 onetrees 
5 Akeleye, Ingeborg Margrethe  13 May 1718Norway I182603 onetrees 
6 Akeleye, Peter Sigvard  3 Mar 1720Norway I332922 onetrees 
7 Akeleye, Samuel  4 May 1721Norway I332921 onetrees 
8 Akeleye, Sigvard Jørgen  Abt 1672Norway I340629 onetrees 
9 Almestad, Solgunn   I78843 onetrees 
10 Amlie, Rakel  19 Aug 1899Norway I411281 onetrees 
11 Andersen, Tom  3 Mar 1808Norway I69352 onetrees 
12 Audunsen, Tora 'Moshals'  Abt 900Norway I205497 onetrees 
13 Bang, Christopher Castberg  20 Apr 1893Norway I411313 onetrees 
14 Bang, Hans  9 Feb 1898Norway I411315 onetrees 
15 Bang, Hans Olaf  8 Nov 1890Norway I411312 onetrees 
16 Bay (Bay of Ribe), Olaf  Norway I37033 onetrees 
17 Bech, Peder  Norway I417365 onetrees 
18 Bendeke, Andreas  1710Norway I151655 onetrees 
19 Bendeke, Eilertine Severine  1777Norway I179207 onetrees 
20 Bendeke, Peter Clausen  Norway I385210 onetrees 
21 Benson, Betty Marie  4 May 1916Norway I18275 onetrees 
22 Benson, Carl Thomas Fridhof  1868Norway I18084 onetrees 
23 Bentzen, Sigurd  Jan 1898Norway I411151 onetrees 
24 Bergan, Andreas Jørgen Fleischer  25 Nov 1874Norway I411199 onetrees 
25 Bergsvik, Erik Andersen  22 Jan 1857Norway I193792 onetrees 
26 Bjørn, Gidsken Johanne  20 Mar 1884Norway I413224 onetrees 
27 Bjørn, Hans Abraham Meyer  26 Jan 1880Norway I413315 onetrees 
28 Bjørn, Johannes  1 Nov 1833Norway I413290 onetrees 
29 Bjørnstad, Margit Catharina  9 Jun 1889Norway I411198 onetrees 
30 Blix Coldevin, Birgitte Thomasen  1688Norway I419145 onetrees 
31 Blom, Anna Christine  17 Apr 1852Norway I413366 onetrees 
32 Blom (Blom of Norway), Ida   I184280 onetrees 
33 Blyberg, Michael Michaelsen  1737Norway I421018 onetrees 
34 Bomholt, Johanne Engelke  Abt 1749Norway I162846 onetrees 
35 Borthus, Maren Hansen  Abt 1629Norway I276365 onetrees 
36 Brinchmann, Agnethe Elisabeth  Abt 1700Norway I426723 onetrees 
37 Brinchmann, Anna Elisabeth  Norway I426733 onetrees 
38 Brinchmann, Anton Hansen  Norway I426728 onetrees 
39 Brinchmann, Cathrine  22 Jan 1691Norway I426682 onetrees 
40 Bøe, Gunnar  Abt 1765Norway I326282 onetrees 
41 Børglum, Thora Claudine Elisabeth  1817Norway I90609 onetrees 
42 Carlsen, Anders  3 Apr 1894Norway I445058 onetrees 
43 Carlsen, Carl Bakke  30 Oct 1885Norway I445056 onetrees 
44 Carlsen, Oskar August  1 Apr 1889Norway I445057 onetrees 
45 Coucheron, Anton Jacob  Abt 1767Norway I398347 onetrees 
46 Coucheron, Barthold Arentz  Abt 1762Norway I398360 onetrees 
47 Coucheron, Iver  4 Oct 1701Norway I398357 onetrees 
48 Coucheron, Petter Todderud  Abt 1757Norway I398359 onetrees 
49 Cranner, Bjørg   I177143 onetrees 
50 Døderlein (Døderlein), Wilhelmine Margrethe  16 Jul 1886Norway I176636 onetrees 
51 Eriksen, Erik  1907Norway I181770 onetrees 
52 Finnmark, Jarl Halvdan of  Abt 865Norway I254394 onetrees 
53 Flach, Sofie Caroline  11 Jul 1861Norway I445050 onetrees 
54 Fleischer, Karen Henriette  Abt 1798Norway I48775 onetrees 
55 Foss (Foss of Norway), Ragnar   I56471 onetrees 
56 Gamborg, Anna  23 Jun 1837Norway I163839 onetrees 
57 Garde, Anton Alexander Benjamin Mazar de  1795Norway I79634 onetrees 
58 Gersdorff of Malschwitz (Gersdorff), Frederik von  11 Jan 1651Norway I147715 onetrees 
59 Gift Svendsen, Margit Elise  1891Norway I427036 onetrees 
60 Gjessing (Gjessing), Hans Christian  1725Norway I332919 onetrees 
61 Gotaas, Trygve  14 Feb 1900Norway I411284 onetrees 
62 Grotle, Ragnar  1906Norway I181775 onetrees 
63 Gustad, Jenny Kristiansen  10 Jan 1918Norway I411274 onetrees 
64 Hansen, Anders  Abt 1765Norway I371581 onetrees 
65 Hansen, Kristoffer "Christian"  1867Norway I118669 onetrees 
66 Hauglund, Signy  1 Apr 1883Norway I132281 onetrees 
67 Hausmann (Hausmann), Ulrica Augusta von  5 Aug 1688Norway I189410 onetrees 
68 Hellemann, Jens  Abt 1720Norway I68588 onetrees 
69 Henriksen, (A)  Norway I181782 onetrees 
70 Henriksen, Sophia Jebsen  1896Norway I181781 onetrees 
71 Hillison, Martha  27 Mar 1866Norway I273715 onetrees 
72 Holm, Nini Barbara  1885Norway I18082 onetrees 
73 Horn, Sverre  16 Nov 1887Norway I411245 onetrees 
74 Hovind, Jon Erik   I195038 onetrees 
75 Hviid, Astrid  Norway I403553 onetrees 
76 Hviid, Ejnar  1904Norway I403552 onetrees 
77 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Louise Andrea  2 Jul 1782Norway I411649 onetrees 
78 Ingebriktson, Hans Jacob  Abt 1880Norway I131643 onetrees 
79 Irgens, Clara Marie  1842Norway I412697 onetrees 
80 Irgens, Fanny  1853Norway I412693 onetrees 
81 Irgens, Natalie  1841Norway I412698 onetrees 
82 Irgens, Natalie  1845Norway I412696 onetrees 
83 Irgens, Niels Christian  1849Norway I412695 onetrees 
84 Jacobsen, Mads  7 Dec 1862Norway I309839 onetrees 
85 Jacobsen, Ole  Abt 1686Norway I419193 onetrees 
86 Jaradsen, Marie Gudbjørg  1905Norway I43611 onetrees 
87 Jensen, Carrie Nielsen  Sep 1863Norway I35289 onetrees 
88 Johannesen, (A)  Norway I181216 onetrees 
89 Johannesen, Johanne Andrea  1859Norway I181215 onetrees 
90 Johnson, Anna Marie Lovisa  31 Oct 1856Norway I86240 onetrees 
91 Johnson, Elizabeth Carrie  Dec 1842Norway I343517 onetrees 
92 Johnson, Lauritz  21 Sep 1906Norway I194638 onetrees 
93 Juel (Juel of Norway), Beate  Abt 1630Norway I345222 onetrees 
94 Jusert, Anna Johanne  Abt 1814Norway I229688 onetrees 
95 Karinthy, (A)  Norway I181747 onetrees 
96 Karinthy, Gisela  1882Norway I181746 onetrees 
97 Kindler, Christoffer  21 Sep 1743Norway I86098 onetrees 
98 Kleboe, Petronella Johansen  Norway I164745 onetrees 
99 Knutsen, Anna Sofie  4 Dec 1853Norway I254460 onetrees 
100 Kofoed, Gunder Richard Andersen  Abt 1696Norway I326279 onetrees 
101 Konow, Hans Jacob Hesselberg  1824Norway I17272 onetrees 
102 Konow, Wollert  Norway I102620 onetrees 
103 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Frederik Christian  7 Apr 1796Norway I34229 onetrees 
104 Krey, Karen Elsebe Jonasen  Abt 1694Norway I326273 onetrees 
105 Krogh (Krogh), Adam Gottlob von  16 May 1768Norway I151687 onetrees 
106 Kyhn, Reinholt Andreas  Abt 1711Norway I326270 onetrees 
107 L'orsa, Jakob Alexander  29 Aug 1879Norway I411131 onetrees 
108 L'orsal, Bergliot  20 Aug 1880Norway I411132 onetrees 
109 L'orsal, Erling  1 Jan 1882Norway I411133 onetrees 
110 Lange, Anne Margrete  24 Sep 1857Norway I411205 onetrees 
111 Lange, Christine  16 Feb 1859Norway I411206 onetrees 
112 Lange, Einar  15 Nov 1872Norway I411215 onetrees 
113 Lange, Elna  1 Dec 1887Norway I411239 onetrees 
114 Lange, Halfdan Christinus  21 May 1870Norway I411213 onetrees 
115 Lange, Hanna Bryde  4 Nov 1890Norway I411241 onetrees 
116 Lange, Karin  10 Jul 1892Norway I411242 onetrees 
117 Lange, Peter Harbo Castberg  12 Jun 1871Norway I411214 onetrees 
118 Lange, Petra Castberg  4 Apr 1862Norway I411208 onetrees 
119 Lange, Petra Castberg  17 Jul 1889Norway I411240 onetrees 
120 Lange, Signe  22 Jan 1864Norway I411209 onetrees 
121 Lange, Valborg  25 Oct 1865Norway I411210 onetrees 
122 Lange-Nielsen, Erik  Norway I411232 onetrees 
123 Larsen, Andreas  Norway I415703 onetrees 
124 Lie, Elisabeth Wille  8 Aug 1879Norway I411200 onetrees 
125 Lowzow (Lowzow), Bertha Johanne "Hanna" von  5 Sep 1857Norway I196167 onetrees 
126 Ludwig, Jacob  Norway I404337 onetrees 
127 Lund, Magdalene Mortensen  Norway I428059 onetrees 
128 Lütken, Thordis  7 Dec 1894Norway I411271 onetrees 
129 Løland, Einar Odd   I292459 onetrees 
130 Lønegren, Karen Johannesen  Norway I422964 onetrees 
131 Maaløe (Maaløe), Dorthea Wilhelmine Marie Mathia  5 Feb 1807Norway I122724 onetrees 
132 Madtzen (Madtzen), Jacob  1664Norway I248434 onetrees 
133 Magelsen, Christian  1771Norway I164704 onetrees 
134 Mandahl, Bodil  Norway I420243 onetrees 
135 Meyer, Abrahamine Marie Bush  1796Norway I413202 onetrees 
136 Meyer, Alfhild  30 Jul 1873Norway I413538 onetrees 
137 Meyer, Amalie Gjertrud Catharine  1797Norway I413191 onetrees 
138 Meyer, Anna Sophie  1750Norway I414559 onetrees 
139 Meyer, Anne Margrethe  1758Norway I414555 onetrees 
140 Meyer, Axel Christian Rosenkrantz Smith  22 Aug 1877Norway I413688 onetrees 
141 Meyer, Christopher  12 Jun 1756Norway I414556 onetrees 
142 Meyer, Dagny  7 Nov 1863Norway I413582 onetrees 
143 Meyer, Euphosyne Dorthea  1752Norway I414558 onetrees 
144 Meyer, Euphrosyne Sophie Margrethe  1795Norway I413213 onetrees 
145 Meyer, Hans Abraham  30 Jun 1874Norway I413301 onetrees 
146 Meyer, Harald  18 Dec 1872Norway I413524 onetrees 
147 Meyer, Hildur  22 Nov 1870Norway I413561 onetrees 
148 Meyer, Johan Fredrik Winther  27 Jun 1843Norway I413807 onetrees 
149 Meyer, Johanne Christine "Kitty"  1874Norway I246548 onetrees 
150 Meyer, Ragnhild  25 Oct 1862Norway I413747 onetrees 
151 Meyer, Thorvald Dominicus  31 Oct 1889Norway I413389 onetrees 
152 Meyer, Wilhelmine Marie  1755Norway I414557 onetrees 
153 Mortensson-Egnund, Signe Ivarsson  1898Norway I246545 onetrees 
154 Müller, Frithjof  1911Norway I181772 onetrees 
155 Münster, Anna Henriette  6 Oct 1873Norway I101249 onetrees 
156 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Alfhild  1910Norway I181769 onetrees 
157 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Anna Sophia   I181783 onetrees 
158 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Astrid Gisela  1918Norway I181751 onetrees 
159 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Astrid Jacobe  1881Norway I181754 onetrees 
160 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Edith  1911Norway I181771 onetrees 
161 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Eiren Tore   I181784 onetrees 
162 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Eva   I181776 onetrees 
163 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Fritz Julius  1879Norway I181745 onetrees 
164 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Hermann Finn Balthasar   I181786 onetrees 
165 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Hermann Ludvig  1884Norway I181779 onetrees 
166 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Jacob Theodor  1882Norway I181759 onetrees 
167 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Kirsten  1913Norway I181774 onetrees 
168 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Vilhelm August Uldall  1887Norway I181787 onetrees 
169 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Wilhelmine Noemi  1915Norway I181749 onetrees 
170 Møring, Johan Ernst  Abt 1690Norway I343842 onetrees 
171 Nielsen, Birger Castberg  27 Jan 1889Norway I411228 onetrees 
172 Nielsen, Botholf Stolt  1868Norway I181758 onetrees 
173 Nielsen, Christinus Lange  16 Aug 1883Norway I411219 onetrees 
174 Nielsen, Gunnar Castberg  1 Oct 1894Norway I411230 onetrees 
175 Nielsen, Ida  1 Feb 1885Norway I411220 onetrees 
176 Nielsen, Johan Frederik Larsen  11 Jun 1855Norway I411223 onetrees 
177 Nielsen, Ole  29 Nov 1882Norway I411224 onetrees 
178 Nielsen, Ole  2 Aug 1885Norway I411226 onetrees 
179 Nielsen, Ole  29 Apr 1886Norway I411221 onetrees 
180 Nielsen, Ole Lange  6 Sep 1901Norway I411247 onetrees 
181 Nielsen, Petra Lange  29 May 1884Norway I411225 onetrees 
182 Nord, Oluf  Abt 1815Norway I229687 onetrees 
183 Nordberg, Dagfinn  1911Norway I181777 onetrees 
184 Nordmand, Hans  Abt 1775Norway I359602 onetrees 
185 Noregaard, Adele  22 Dec 1894Norway I236912 onetrees 
186 Normandy (Normandy), Royal Lord Robert "Rollo", Count of  870Norway I208798 onetrees 
187 Norway (Jarl), Gunhild Sveinsen, Princess of  Abt 1010Norway I204222 onetrees 
188 Norway (Yngling), Magnus I "Good" de  1024Norway I204671 onetrees 
189 Nuven, Hans   I52998 onetrees 
190 Nyberg, Sigrid  Norway I86652 onetrees 
191 Olsen, (A)  Norway I114462 onetrees 
192 Olsen, Mathea Johansen  16 Oct 1866Norway I417090 onetrees 
193 Ottosen, Jacob Aall  Abt 1820Norway I103419 onetrees 
194 Otzen, Florentine Fredrikke  1808Norway I125589 onetrees 
195 Poulsen, Margrethe Sophie  1786Norway I48137 onetrees 
196 Poulsen Rødder, Agnethe Elisabeth  1664Norway I417374 onetrees 
197 Preuss, Johan Mikael  1790Norway I360851 onetrees 
198 Rannem, Terje   I135847 onetrees 
199 Rathgen, Emma Vilhelmine  25 Sep 1860Norway I192550 onetrees 
200 Riddervold-Olsen, Kirsten Marie  4 Nov 1904Norway I163022 onetrees 
201 Riefling, Robert Dankwart Leo  17 Sep 1911Norway I161032 onetrees 
202 Rode, Vibeke  24 May 1899Norway I46220 onetrees 
203 Rolfsen, Christen  1878Norway I181757 onetrees 
204 Rye, Oline Frederikke  Norway I90647 onetrees 
205 Rødberg, Søffren Lauritsen  Abt 1653Norway I65245 onetrees 
206 Rødder, Anne Pedersen  1693Norway I418291 onetrees 
207 Rønne, Arvid Halfdan  30 Sep 1904Norway I193916 onetrees 
208 Rønne, Carl Fridthof  14 Mar 1863Norway I193787 onetrees 
209 Rønne, Hedvig Lumholtz  28 Jan 1866Norway I193789 onetrees 
210 Rønne, Hildur Sophie  Dec 1897Norway I193915 onetrees 
211 Rønne, Reidar Vilhelm  13 Jul 1895Norway I193913 onetrees 
212 Sand, Morten Lauritzen  Abt 1603Norway I418096 onetrees 
213 Sandnes-Hagen, Bodil   I166725 onetrees 
214 Scheen, Olga Elvira  1853Norway I411127 onetrees 
215 Schultz (Schultz of Flensburg), Sigfriede Margrethe Marie  26 Sep 1851Norway I163408 onetrees 
216 Sellevold, Ragnar  1916Norway I181753 onetrees 
217 Simonsen, Anne Cathrine  Abt 1650Norway I418282 onetrees 
218 Sløgedal, Aase Reidun  9 JulNorway I297629 onetrees 
219 Smith-Sivertsen, (A)  Norway I181762 onetrees 
220 Smith-Sivertsen, Louise  1886Norway I181760 onetrees 
221 Smoby, Elise  Norway I222625 onetrees 
222 Sommerfelt, Nils Valdemar Ebbesen  19 Jun 1919Norway I176825 onetrees 
223 Stang, Signe  30 Dec 1898Norway I411314 onetrees 
224 Steen, Andrea  1840Norway I412297 onetrees 
225 Steffensen, Anna Marie  1859Norway I404825 onetrees 
226 Stenbøg, Olaf Aandahl  Norway I225486 onetrees 
227 Strand, Einar  1907Norway I181750 onetrees 
228 Sundt, Ragnvald  19 Nov 1911Norway I297655 onetrees 
229 Svendsen, Thomas  1888Norway I427035 onetrees 
230 Sørensen, Mads  Abt 1614Norway I65249 onetrees 
231 Sørensen, N  Abt 1618Norway I65247 onetrees 
232 Thoresen, Ester  1898Norway I384663 onetrees 
233 Thorup, Sophie Amalie  Abt 1690Norway I183545 onetrees 
234 Tønder, Raphael Henrich  19 Jul 1740Norway I187373 onetrees 
235 Tønsberg, Nils Christian  7 Dec 1813Norway I146496 onetrees 
236 Vaumund, Anne Margrethe Castberg  16 Nov 1901Norway I411270 onetrees 
237 Vaumund, Ernst  4 Aug 1891Norway I411265 onetrees 
238 Vaumund, Gudrun Lange  18 Aug 1895Norway I411267 onetrees 
239 Vaumund, Ingjerd Lange  30 Oct 1897Norway I411268 onetrees 
240 Vaumund, Liv Lange  18 Jun 1899Norway I411269 onetrees 
241 Vaumund, Moritz Wilhelm  12 Jan 1886Norway I411261 onetrees 
242 Wang, Gerda Lorentze Christina  22 Dec 1856Norway I148183 onetrees 
243 Wang, Gidsken Johanne  2 Mar 1868Norway I413406 onetrees 
244 Wefring, Inger Johanne "Tusta"  26 May 1925Norway I158056 onetrees 
245 Westby, Henry  Norway I154556 onetrees 
246 Wieth-Knudsen (X), Bjarne Bent   I433991 onetrees 
247 Wille, Frederikke Sofie  1838Norway I412344 onetrees 
248 Zahl, Thora Georgine  5 Feb 1862Norway I413766 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brinchmann, Dorthea Stub  1752Norway I426726 onetrees 
2 Lyster, Thue Lauritsen  Norway I65809 onetrees 
3 Wefring, Inger Johanne "Tusta"  1925Norway I158056 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 95 of 95

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Anders  Abt 1697Norway I326213 onetrees 
2 Abel (Abel of Norway), Carl Sebastian  3 Nov 1872Norway I49021 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Christen  Abt 1661Norway I314828 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Hans  Abt 1748Norway I316783 onetrees 
5 Ascheland, Torgrim Anstensen  Abt 1686Norway I254203 onetrees 
6 Aslesen, Torger  9 Apr 1819Norway I235030 onetrees 
7 Bast, Poul  1960Norway I155223 onetrees 
8 Bentzen, Sigurd  Jun 1898Norway I411151 onetrees 
9 Bentzen, Thor  20 Sep 1888Norway I411148 onetrees 
10 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Sofus  Aug 1899Norway I79156 onetrees 
11 Bjørnstad, Margit Catharina  20 Apr 1936Norway I411198 onetrees 
12 Brinchmann, Cathrine  Abt 4 Mar 1740Norway I426682 onetrees 
13 Bruun, Else  Norway I411253 onetrees 
14 Bruun, Sonja  Norway I411252 onetrees 
15 Bull, Mortin Hoff  24 Jan 1840Norway I168319 onetrees 
16 Castberg (Castberg), Ida  1910Norway I411181 onetrees 
17 Castberg (Castberg), Sigrun  2 May 1971Norway I411193 onetrees 
18 Castberg (Castberg), Svend Anker  11 Jun 1936Norway I411179 onetrees 
19 Coldevin, Cort  1707Norway I419144 onetrees 
20 Denmark (Jelling), Gunhild Gormsen, Princess of  972Norway I204685 onetrees 
21 Eiriksen, Ragnhild  897Norway I205360 onetrees 
22 Finnsson, Njal  3 Sep 1011Norway I205838 onetrees 
23 Gift Svendsen, Margit Elise  1934Norway I427036 onetrees 
24 Gjessing (Gjessing), Hans Christian  1765Norway I332919 onetrees 
25 Gustad, Jenny Kristiansen  5 Nov 2006Norway I411274 onetrees 
26 Hartvig, Anders  1713Norway I343984 onetrees 
27 Hegnes, Beret Mortensen  1836Norway I326156 onetrees 
28 Heide, Ivar  23 Sep 1965Norway I411273 onetrees 
29 Horn, Sverre  Norway I411245 onetrees 
30 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Louise Andrea  9 Aug 1782Norway I411649 onetrees 
31 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Christel Emilie  1 Feb 1998Norway I198580 onetrees 
32 Irgens, Clara Marie  1851Norway I412697 onetrees 
33 Irgens, Fanny  1869Norway I412693 onetrees 
34 Irgens, Natalie  1844Norway I412698 onetrees 
35 Irgens, Natalie  1846Norway I412696 onetrees 
36 Johannesen, Johanne Andrea  1949Norway I181215 onetrees 
37 Jönsson, Janne  Norway I427343 onetrees 
38 Kleboe, Petronella Johansen  Norway I164745 onetrees 
39 Kofoed, Jørgen Ursin  1761Norway I342973 onetrees 
40 Konow, Wollert  1932Norway I102620 onetrees 
41 L'orsal, Bergliot  24 Sep 1918Norway I411132 onetrees 
42 Landmark, Fransiska Marie Falch  1935Norway I412301 onetrees 
43 Lange, Christine  27 Apr 1898Norway I411206 onetrees 
44 Lange, Einar  3 May 1873Norway I411215 onetrees 
45 Lange, Elna  7 Nov 1888Norway I411239 onetrees 
46 Lange, Halfdan Christinus  24 May 1870Norway I411213 onetrees 
47 Lange, Karin  9 Dec 1893Norway I411242 onetrees 
48 Lange, Peter Harbo Castberg  Mar 1872Norway I411214 onetrees 
49 Lange, Petra Castberg  18 Nov 1889Norway I411240 onetrees 
50 Lange, Petra Castberg Vaumund  11 Mar 1972Norway I411263 onetrees 
51 Lange-Nielsen, Erik  Norway I411232 onetrees 
52 Lind, Margrethe Samuelsen  Abt 1654Norway I314829 onetrees 
53 Lund, Morten  Norway I428060 onetrees 
54 Lütken, Randi Elisabeth  5 Jul 1990Norway I411272 onetrees 
55 Lütken, Thordis  1975Norway I411271 onetrees 
56 Magelsen, Hans Günther  Norway I164731 onetrees 
57 Meyer, Hans Abraham  11 Sep 1875Norway I413301 onetrees 
58 Meyer, Johan Fredrik Winther  5 Aug 1917Norway I413807 onetrees 
59 Meyer, Johanne Christine "Kitty"  1930Norway I246548 onetrees 
60 Mortensson-Egnund, Signe Ivarsson  1977Norway I246545 onetrees 
61 Müller, Frithjof  1940Norway I181772 onetrees 
62 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Alfhild  1948Norway I181769 onetrees 
63 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Frederik Julius  1930Norway I181213 onetrees 
64 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Fritz Julius  1941Norway I181745 onetrees 
65 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Hermann Ludvig  1949Norway I181779 onetrees 
66 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Vilhelm August Uldall  1913Norway I181787 onetrees 
67 Nielsen, Birger Castberg  Norway I411228 onetrees 
68 Nielsen, Botholf Stolt  1936Norway I181758 onetrees 
69 Nielsen, Christinus Lange  15 Dec 1886Norway I411219 onetrees 
70 Nielsen, Ida  24 Sep 1885Norway I411220 onetrees 
71 Nielsen, Margrete Lange  Norway I411218 onetrees 
72 Nielsen, Ole  9 Dec 1882Norway I411224 onetrees 
73 Nielsen, Ole  24 Dec 1886Norway I411221 onetrees 
74 Nielsen, Ole  1887Norway I411226 onetrees 
75 Norreen, Octavius Richardt Holger "Tao"  27 Jun 1993Norway I199460 onetrees 
76 Olmer, Stig Thobroe  10 Sep 1975Norway I411276 onetrees 
77 Ramsing, Georg  Norway I224860 onetrees 
78 Rolfsen, Christen  1917Norway I181757 onetrees 
79 Rødder, Morten  1762Norway I419130 onetrees 
80 Seidel (Seidel), Anne Michaelsen  Abt 1660Norway I85080 onetrees 
81 Smith-Sivertsen, Louise  1923Norway I181760 onetrees 
82 Steen, Andrea  1840Norway I412297 onetrees 
83 Svendsen, Thomas  1964Norway I427035 onetrees 
84 Thorfinnsson, Erlend II  1098Norway I210624 onetrees 
85 Vaumund, Anne Margrethe Castberg  Norway I411270 onetrees 
86 Vaumund, Ernst  2 Aug 1971Norway I411265 onetrees 
87 Vaumund, Gudrun Lange  Norway I411267 onetrees 
88 Vaumund, Ingjerd Lange  8 Dec 1967Norway I411268 onetrees 
89 Vaumund, Liv Lange  Norway I411269 onetrees 
90 Vaumund, Moritz Wilhelm  1 May 1955Norway I411261 onetrees 
91 Vaumund, Rudolf Sauerzapf  11 Oct 1965Norway I411266 onetrees 
92 Vestfold (Yngling), Ingebjørg Halfdansen, Princess of  920Norway I254395 onetrees 
93 Wefring, Gunnar  20 Mar 1981Norway I246546 onetrees 
94 Wismer, Doris Tauson  1960Norway I155149 onetrees 
95 Zahl, Thora Georgine  22 Mar 1892Norway I413766 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brun, Ole  1710Norway I398365 onetrees 
2 Finnsson, Njal  Norway I205838 onetrees 
3 Vestfold (Yngling), Ingebjørg Halfdansen, Princess of  Norway I254395 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aall, Cato  Norway I99651 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Giord  Norway I165582 onetrees 
3 Arenfeldt (Arenfeldt), Christian Ditlev Adolph  Norway I150181 onetrees 
4 Arentz, Fredrik Christian Holberg  Norway I157751 onetrees 
5 Arnesen, Olaf  Norway I168202 onetrees 
6 Ausen, Olaf Richard  Norway I193793 onetrees 
7 Barfod (Barfod), Niels Nielsen  Norway I178337 onetrees 
8 Bay, Peter Christian Jensen  Norway I192701 onetrees 
9 Benjaminsen, Arne   I160677 onetrees 
10 Bielke (Bielke), Jens Ovesen  Norway I189733 onetrees 
11 Birch, Hans Jørgen  Norway I129086 onetrees 
12 Blakstad, Ragnvald  Norway I195197 onetrees 
13 Brandt (Brandt of Akerhus), Hans Andreas  Norway I156591 onetrees 
14 Bull, Eduard Isaac Hambro  Norway I436086 onetrees 
15 Bull, Edvard  Norway I176671 onetrees 
16 Bull, Frederik Christian Krabbe  Norway I150148 onetrees 
17 Clausen, Birgitte Cecilie  Norway I150146 onetrees 
18 Cold, Johannes Isaacsen  Norway I148397 onetrees 
19 Cranner, Johannes   I177149 onetrees 
20 Davidsen, David Marinus  Norway I164048 onetrees 
21 Eriksen, Erik  Norway I181770 onetrees 
22 Fensholt, Christian  Norway I173207 onetrees 
23 Fleischer, Balthazar Sechmann  Norway I83575 onetrees 
24 Fleischer, Tobias  Norway I83540 onetrees 
25 Gauer, Albert Herman Frantz  Norway I164005 onetrees 
26 Grotle, Ragnar  Norway I181775 onetrees 
27 Grüner (Grüner), Jens  Norway I179867 onetrees 
28 Hagen, Johannes  Norway I150147 onetrees 
29 Hals (Hals of Denmark), Niels Christian Frederik  Norway I150163 onetrees 
30 Hammer, Hans Dan  Norway I179945 onetrees 
31 Hammer, Olaus Christopher  Norway I150167 onetrees 
32 Harbou, Jens Christensen  Norway I70116 onetrees 
33 Harbou, Jens Christensen  Norway I70116 onetrees 
34 Harbou, Otto Christiansen  Norway I150050 onetrees 
35 Heiberg (Heiberg), Anders Gjertsen  Norway I185619 onetrees 
36 Heiberg (Heiberg), Anders Sørensen  Norway I185617 onetrees 
37 Heiberg (Heiberg), Gjert Andersen  Norway I64617 onetrees 
38 Henriksen, (A)  Norway I181782 onetrees 
39 Hjerpsted, Torben   I196454 onetrees 
40 Hokholt, Eigil   I77717 onetrees 
41 Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt), Henrika Margrethe  Norway I150108 onetrees 
42 Huse, (A)  Norway I181764 onetrees 
43 Johannesen, (A)  Norway I181216 onetrees 
44 Johnson, Lauritz  Norway I194638 onetrees 
45 Knoph, Sophie Christine Olsen  Norway I150061 onetrees 
46 Knudtzon, Hans Thomas "Bamse"  Norway I159208 onetrees 
47 Knudtzon, Nicolay Heinrich  Norway I186227 onetrees 
48 Konow, Wollert  Norway I194918 onetrees 
49 Krog, Peder Offesen  Norway I178659 onetrees 
50 Lange (Lange of Jylland), Frederik Gundesen  Norway I176937 onetrees 
51 Lowzow (Lowzow), Otto Frederik von  Norway I196015 onetrees 
52 Lund, Morten  Norway I428060 onetrees 
53 Marchmann, Hans Henrik  Norway I188141 onetrees 
54 Maule (Maule), Christian  Norway I150135 onetrees 
55 Mecklenborg (Mecklenborg of Flensburg), (A)  Norway I179589 onetrees 
56 Meier, Hans Edvardsen  Norway I170706 onetrees 
57 Meldal, Johan Michael  Norway I168293 onetrees 
58 Meyer, Edvard Offesen  Norway I170711 onetrees 
59 Meyer, Peder  Norway I170708 onetrees 
60 Michaelsen, Lars  Norway I189917 onetrees 
61 Michelet, Idde Sophie  Norway I150107 onetrees 
62 Michelet, Maria Post  Norway I150104 onetrees 
63 Moss, Sarah  Norway I150070 onetrees 
64 Munch, Ole Bull  Norway I127370 onetrees 
65 Müller, Frithjof  Norway I181772 onetrees 
66 Müller, Marcus Christiansen  Norway I177721 onetrees 
67 Münster, (A)  Norway I170841 onetrees 
68 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Frederik Julius  Norway I181213 onetrees 
69 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Fritz Julius  Norway I181745 onetrees 
70 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Jacob Theodor  Norway I181759 onetrees 
71 Møller, Hans Nielsen  Norway I132532 onetrees 
72 Møller, William Wolfgang  Norway I198645 onetrees 
73 Naustdal, Leiv   I154694 onetrees 
74 Neve, Magdalene Dorothea  Norway I150083 onetrees 
75 Nielsen, Botholf Stolt  Norway I181758 onetrees 
76 Nordberg, Dagfinn  Norway I181777 onetrees 
77 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Rasmus  Norway I178334 onetrees 
78 Pedersen, Mads  Norway I34541 onetrees 
79 Prosch, Caspar Tobias  Norway I150102 onetrees 
80 Reusch, Johan Detlev  Norway I69980 onetrees 
81 Reusch, Johan Detlev  Norway I69980 onetrees 
82 Reuter, Peder  Norway I106406 onetrees 
83 Riddervold-Olsen, Olaf  Norway I163024 onetrees 
84 Riefling, Albert Heinrich Theodor  Norway I161035 onetrees 
85 Rolfsen, Christen  Norway I181757 onetrees 
86 Scharffenberg, Herman Nicolai  Norway I150125 onetrees 
87 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Fredrik Wilhelm de  Norway I165546 onetrees 
88 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Giord Heinrich de  Norway I165540 onetrees 
89 Schiøler (Schiøler), Frederik  Norway I12963 onetrees 
90 Schneider, Andreas  Norway I146620 onetrees 
91 Selchier, Hans  Norway I106873 onetrees 
92 Sellevold, Ragnar  Norway I181753 onetrees 
93 Sibbern-Møller, Halfdan Frederik  Norway I198646 onetrees 
94 Sibbern-Møller, William  Norway I198650 onetrees 
95 Smith-Sivertsen, (A)  Norway I181762 onetrees 
96 Sommer, Hans Morten  Norway I48044 onetrees 
97 Stang, Niels Thomas   I77728 onetrees 
98 Tillisch (Tillisch), Henrik Wilhelm  Norway I176516 onetrees 
99 Tromp, Gjertrud Andrea  Norway I150145 onetrees 
100 Tønder, Heinrich Andreas  Norway I116900 onetrees 
101 Zarbell, Daniel Michaelsen  Norway I150160 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Brun  Abt 1709Norway F154249 onetrees 
2 Akeleye / Kofoed  Abt 1717Norway F137416 onetrees 
3 Andersen / Lind  Abt 1640Norway F128485 onetrees 
4 Bagger (Burchardsen) / Uttenthal   F8045 onetrees 
5 Bang / Stang  3 Nov 1921Norway F158872 onetrees 
6 Bergan / L'orsal  31 Aug 1902Norway F158829 onetrees 
7 Borthus / Bang (Bang of Odense)  1627Norway F115205 onetrees 
8 Bugge (Bugge of Norway) / Frost  1744Norway F2089 onetrees 
9 Bøgh (Lassen) / Steenberg  Abt 1818Norway F38819 onetrees 
10 Herlevsen / Nørberg   F56462 onetrees 
11 Hersleb / Angell  13 May 1700Norway F112495 onetrees 
12 Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim (Hesse) / Brockdorff (Brockdorff)  21 May 1813Norway F64889 onetrees 
13 Irgens / Schjelderup  1678Norway F45919 onetrees 
14 Kofoed / Berg  Abt 1698Norway F127846 onetrees 
15 L'orsa / Bjørnstad  23 Feb 1907Norway F158828 onetrees 
16 L'orsal / Lie  21 Apr 1907Norway F158830 onetrees 
17 Larsen / Bro  Norway F111599 onetrees 
18 Nielsen / Lange  22 Nov 1881Norway F158835 onetrees 
19 Sand / Erfings  Est 1629Norway F160655 onetrees 
20 Ulrich (Ulrich of Eckernförde) / Sandnes-Hagen   F70080 onetrees 

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