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Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Christen  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I60558 onetrees 
2 Bang, Ellen Nielsen  Oct 1575Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89147 onetrees 
3 Bang, Niels Jensen  Oct 1525Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89141 onetrees 
4 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Eva  29 Jul 1895Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I183341 onetrees 
5 Carstensen, Christian Ehrenfried  23 Feb 1749Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I76247 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Anna Augusta Katrine  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I88122 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Carl  22 Jul 1834Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I94869 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Caroline Amalie  23 Mar 1847Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I94868 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Eleonora Frederikke Emilie  10 Mar 1889Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I87493 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Else Kirstine  15 Apr 1805Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I78757 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Johanne  1 Oct 1726Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I93356 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Louisa  4 Aug 1850Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I94872 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Maren  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I60571 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Marius  18 Sep 1836Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I94866 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Niels  15 Oct 1713Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59427 onetrees 
16 Christiansen, Folmar   I294113 onetrees 
17 Christiansen, Henry  28 Oct 1903Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294108 onetrees 
18 Christiansen, Jørgen   I294110 onetrees 
19 Christiansen, Jørgen Christian  1803Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I76342 onetrees 
20 Frederiksen, Poul Frederik   I296949 onetrees 
21 Horne, Hans Eriksen  1607Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69153 onetrees 
22 Horne, Ingeborg Hansen  2 Oct 1645Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69145 onetrees 
23 Jakobsen, Jens Christian Weinkoff   I297167 onetrees 
24 Jakobsen, Jørgen Weinkoff   I297168 onetrees 
25 Jakobsen, Poul Weinkoff   I297166 onetrees 
26 Jensen, Adolphe Christian  20 Jan 1854Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68069 onetrees 
27 Jensen, Annie Katrine  9 Nov 1844Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68065 onetrees 
28 Jensen, Birgit Samuelsen   I298346 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Christine  18 Dec 1842Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68064 onetrees 
30 Jensen, Ellen  4 Aug 1754Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89186 onetrees 
31 Jensen, Jens Senius  22 May 1849Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68067 onetrees 
32 Jensen, Jytte Vad   I298339 onetrees 
33 Jensen, Jørgen   I298343 onetrees 
34 Jensen, Kaj Erik   I294044 onetrees 
35 Jensen, Lars Vadum  4 Apr 1847Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68066 onetrees 
36 Jensen, Laura  15 Apr 1835Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68063 onetrees 
37 Jensen, Lise  22 May 1851Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68068 onetrees 
38 Jensen, Ole Wad   I298348 onetrees 
39 Jensen, Peder  1800Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59573 onetrees 
40 Jepsen, Eigil Holm   I293677 onetrees 
41 Jepsen, Inger Margrethe   I293671 onetrees 
42 Jepsen, Karen Marie   I293679 onetrees 
43 Jørgensen, Niels  1726Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89169 onetrees 
44 Knudsen, Christen  1694Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I93358 onetrees 
45 Kristiansen, Anne Marie Houkjær   I294157 onetrees 
46 Kristiansen, Jens Marius  24 Apr 1895Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68425 onetrees 
47 Kristiansen, Ole   I294155 onetrees 
48 Kristiansen, Per Houkjær   I294156 onetrees 
49 Larsen, Hilbert Peter  6 Jan 1916Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I297943 onetrees 
50 Lauritsen, Anne  Oct 1580Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89138 onetrees 
51 Madsen, Ane Madsine  3 Jun 1849Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69892 onetrees 
52 Madsen, Mette  1779Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I60167 onetrees 
53 Mosbjerg, Anne Hansen  Oct 1635Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89124 onetrees 
54 Mosbjerg, Erik Hansen  1641Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89137 onetrees 
55 Nielsen, Anders Christian  5 May 1801Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I77935 onetrees 
56 Nielsen, Anne  20 Mar 1757Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89171 onetrees 
57 Nielsen, Dorthe  16 Apr 1741Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I72144 onetrees 
58 Nielsen, Jørgen  15 Nov 1752Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89158 onetrees 
59 Nielsen, Lars  1770Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89156 onetrees 
60 Nielsen, Margrethe   I290478 onetrees 
61 Nielsen, Niels  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89157 onetrees 
62 Nielsen, Ole Berg   I294040 onetrees 
63 Nielsen, Peder  24 May 1750Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59415 onetrees 
64 Nielsen, Ulla Kirstine   I294111 onetrees 
65 Olesen, Laurine Jensine  2 Aug 1882Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294926 onetrees 
66 Olesen, Leif Carl   I290640 onetrees 
67 Olesen, Lis Alma  4 Nov 1943Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I290641 onetrees 
68 Olesen, Simon Timmermann   I290696 onetrees 
69 Olsen, Else Margrethe  7 Mar 1910Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294096 onetrees 
70 Olsen, Inga Sonja   I294087 onetrees 
71 Olsen, Jette Højbjerg   I294085 onetrees 
72 Pedersen, Birgitte  1786Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I94850 onetrees 
73 Pedersen, Jens  5 Apr 1779Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59379 onetrees 
74 Pedersen, Mads Christian  30 Oct 1803Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I60142 onetrees 
75 Pedersen, Maren Severine  10 Nov 1776Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59391 onetrees 
76 Pedersen, Margrethe  1702Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59440 onetrees 
77 Ring (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Georg Theodor  5 Oct 1883Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I403172 onetrees 
78 Ring (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Kathrine  7 Jun 1879Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I403169 onetrees 
79 Ring (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Peter Carl  20 Nov 1881Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I403171 onetrees 
80 Ring (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Sigrid Frederikke  4 Jul 1880Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I403170 onetrees 
81 Risom, Johanne "Hanne" Marie Severine  4 Sep 1806Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I146251 onetrees 
82 Simonsen, Dorthe  1696Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I93357 onetrees 
83 Sofussen, Sixtus John  5 Jan 1899Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I297599 onetrees 
84 Sørensen, Egon  16 Oct 1910Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294088 onetrees 
85 Sørensen, Herluf  23 Jan 1911Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I299197 onetrees 
86 Vadum, Iver Hansen  21 May 1793Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I45934 onetrees 
87 Vinther, Leo Bisgaard   I293830 onetrees 
88 Wilsbech, Anne Ottosen  10 Oct 1680Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69148 onetrees 
89 Wilsbech, Hans Ottosen  2 Dec 1679Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I68823 onetrees 
90 Wilsbech, Laurids Ottosen  10 Oct 1680Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69147 onetrees 
91 Wilsbech, Otto Ottosen  10 Feb 1685Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69149 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexandersen, Søren  29 May 1763Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I420443 onetrees 
2 Christiansen, Jørgen Christian  6 Mar 1803Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I76342 onetrees 
3 Jensen, Marianne Johanne  19 Aug 1798Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I59585 onetrees 
4 Nielsen, Anne  20 Mar 1757Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398173 onetrees 
5 Nielsen, Jørgen  5 Dec 1752Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398176 onetrees 
6 Nielsen, Lars  8 Apr 1762Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398177 onetrees 
7 Nielsen, Niels  14 Feb 1749Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398175 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Gjertrud  29 Apr 1864Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I292856 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Laurine  24 Nov 1920Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398119 onetrees 
3 Bang, Niels Jensen  10 Jul 1602Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89141 onetrees 
4 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Ellen Eriksen  31 Mar 1681Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69151 onetrees 
5 Broerholdt, Christen  Oct 1802Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I92357 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Christen  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I292860 onetrees 
7 Christiansen, Henry  11 May 1961Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294108 onetrees 
8 Christiansen, Severine  9 Mar 1951Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294024 onetrees 
9 Dybro, Christian Julius Christensen  22 Jun 1975Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I77154 onetrees 
10 Horne, Erik Pedersen  7 Jun 1645Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89139 onetrees 
11 Horne, Hans Eriksen  1689Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69153 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Jens Christian  1 Jun 1911Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I67866 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Kirsten Søndergaard  25 Jan 1980Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294057 onetrees 
14 Nielsen, Anna Kerstine  25 Jul 1980Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294109 onetrees 
15 Nielsen, Bolette  3 Nov 1930Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I81017 onetrees 
16 Nielsen, Maren  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I418069 onetrees 
17 Nim, Laurids Andersen  1740Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I373944 onetrees 
18 Olesen, Christian Peter  14 Feb 1957Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294026 onetrees 
19 Olesen, Ernst Charles  17 Nov 1969Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I290565 onetrees 
20 Olsen, Anna Helene  27 Aug 1973Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I294027 onetrees 
21 Pedersen, Christence  29 Sep 1754Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I421034 onetrees 
22 Pedersen, Maren  2 Aug 1603Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I89140 onetrees 
23 Snedsted, Anna Christensen  7 Nov 1735Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I69150 onetrees 
24 Sørensen, Kirstine  3 Aug 1823Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I419720 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Laurine  30 Nov 1920Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398119 onetrees 
2 Jensen, Jens Christian  6 Jul 1911Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I67866 onetrees 
3 Jørgensen, Niels  24 Jun 1787Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398174 onetrees 
4 Nielsen, Maren  Oct 1774Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I398178 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Vadum, Claus Lauridsen  Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark I45933 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Christensen  20 Dec 1833Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F29700 onetrees 
2 Andersen / Christensen  15 Apr 1867Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F42378 onetrees 
3 Andreasen / Christensen  26 Apr 1859Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121028 onetrees 
4 Christensen / Christensen  10 Sep 1847Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F122166 onetrees 
5 Christensen / Christensen  10 Nov 1876Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F42380 onetrees 
6 Christensen / Jensen   F122604 onetrees 
7 Christensen / Pedersen  2 Jul 1738Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F29241 onetrees 
8 Christiansen / Christiansen   F121448 onetrees 
9 Christiansen / Nielsen  12 Aug 1934Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121439 onetrees 
10 Christiansen / Nielsen   F121440 onetrees 
11 Christiansen / Thomsen  31 Mar 1946Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F120019 onetrees 
12 Clemmensen / Jensen   F119755 onetrees 
13 Dybro / Nielsen  18 Apr 1905Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F35852 onetrees 
14 Horne / Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal)  1630Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F32941 onetrees 
15 Horne / Lauritsen  18 Dec 1603Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F40189 onetrees 
16 Jakobsen / Mariager   F122297 onetrees 
17 Jensen / Jensen   F122136 onetrees 
18 Jensen / Olsen  17 Nov 1919Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121412 onetrees 
19 Jensen / Olsen  5 Mar 1930Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121429 onetrees 
20 Jensen / Pedersen  14 Nov 1804Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F36073 onetrees 
21 Jensen / Thomsen   F121415 onetrees 
22 Jørgensen / Nielsen  12 Oct 1746Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F154186 onetrees 
23 Jørgensen / Nielsen  3 Dec 1746Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F40199 onetrees 
24 Kanstrup / Nielsen  1 Jan 1765Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F33886 onetrees 
25 Knudsen / Simonsen  1725Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F41816 onetrees 
26 Kristensen / Pedersen   F122412 onetrees 
27 Laursen / Sørensen  15 Oct 1769Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F34869 onetrees 
28 Lynge / Olesen   F119714 onetrees 
29 Nielsen / Fabricius (Fabricius)  9 Jun 1906Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F41206 onetrees 
30 Nielsen / Jensen  26 Nov 1775Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F29229 onetrees 
31 Nielsen / Jensen   F121417 onetrees 
32 Nielsen / Nielsen  4 Feb 1753Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F161178 onetrees 
33 Nielsen / Pedersen   F122410 onetrees 
34 Olesen / Jensen   F121416 onetrees 
35 Olsen / Andersen  30 Oct 1925Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121425 onetrees 
36 Olsen / Pedersen  30 Oct 1923Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121422 onetrees 
37 Olsen / Sundt   F122413 onetrees 
38 Pedersen / Christensen  26 Oct 1827Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F42379 onetrees 
39 Pedersen / Christensen  19 Feb 1830Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F36114 onetrees 
40 Pedersen / Jensen  26 Dec 1945Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121413 onetrees 
41 Pedersen / Madsen  26 Aug 1802Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F29533 onetrees 
42 Petersen / Jacobsen  28 Apr 1901Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F77971 onetrees 
43 Rammeskov / Holm  27 May 1939Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121299 onetrees 
44 Ring (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup) / Hansen  30 Apr 1878Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F156023 onetrees 
45 Sundbæk / Sofussen   F122391 onetrees 
46 Sørensen / Olsen  24 Feb 1938Mosbjerg, North Jutland, Denmark F121432 onetrees 
47 Westmark / Jensen   F121420 onetrees 

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