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Lund, Scania, Sweden



Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kirstine  24 Jun 1869Lund, Scania, Sweden I450487
2 Allesen Bunkeflod, Hans Christian  1690Lund, Scania, Sweden I230128
3 Bagger, Anna Olufsen  1640Lund, Scania, Sweden I244774
4 Bagger, Hans Olufsen  23 Aug 1646Lund, Scania, Sweden I48146
5 Bagger, Johannes Olufsen  23 Sep 1642Lund, Scania, Sweden I279199
6 Bagger, Marie Margrethe Olufsen  1647Lund, Scania, Sweden I168117
7 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Anne Märta Ulla, Baroness von   I158946
8 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Carl-Frederik Bror Sperling, Baron von   I158947
9 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Charlotte Ebba Catharina, Baroness von   I158944
10 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Christian Carl Jan Gustaf, Baron von   I158937
11 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Claus Fredrik Jan Axel, Baron von   I158938
12 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Louise Manon Clara Mariana, Baroness von   I158943
13 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Vibeke Manon Darling Barnesse   I158939
14 Brattström, Gudrun   I140859
15 Ebbeson, Kerstin Agneta   I223449
16 Edelberg, Johannes Ferdinand  23 Jan 1870Lund, Scania, Sweden I14062
17 Edelberg, Louise Augusta  17 Jun 1866Lund, Scania, Sweden I74796
18 Edelberg, Maria Magdalene  24 Mar 1867Lund, Scania, Sweden I74794
19 Edelberg, Peter Lorentz  12 Feb 1862Lund, Scania, Sweden I74797
20 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Ingeborg Nielsen  1638Lund, Scania, Sweden I85450
21 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Lauritz Nielsen  24 Jun 1637Lund, Scania, Sweden I243902
22 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Mathias Nielsen  2 Oct 1627Lund, Scania, Sweden I282987
23 Fürst (Fürst of Copenhagen), Carl Andreas  24 May 1888Lund, Scania, Sweden I81810
24 Grewin, Lars Erik   I190947
25 Grewin, Niklas Fredrik   I190945
26 Gyllenkrok, Christine-Charlotte Gabrielle, Baroness   I79543
27 Hagemann (Hagemann of Norway), Christian Johansen  11 Oct 1663Lund, Scania, Sweden I120158
28 Jönsson, Anna Helena  5 Feb 1833Lund, Scania, Sweden I231065
29 Lembke, Christian Edward  16 Apr 1905Lund, Scania, Sweden I198208
30 Lembke, Ivar Johan   I167225
31 Lindsjö, Svea Ingeborg  15 Oct 1906Lund, Scania, Sweden I136122
32 Lundin, Göran Clausson  1655Lund, Scania, Sweden I230472
33 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Dorothea Arnoldsen  1627Lund, Scania, Sweden I280546
34 Nilsson, Hedvig Johanna  21 Jan 1830Lund, Scania, Sweden I33098
35 Palmstierna, Anne Stephanie Henriette, Baroness   I153538
36 Palmstierna, Carl Jacob, Baron  28 Apr 1934Lund, Scania, Sweden I198080
37 Palmstierna, Marcus Carl Kule, Baron   I153539
38 Rappe, Adolf Frederik Axel Gustavus   I285415
39 Rappe, Christine  22 Mar 1925Lund, Scania, Sweden I283772
40 Rappe, Gunnilla Helfrid Birgitte   I282645
41 Rappe, Hedvig Elisabeth   I282658
42 Rappe, Margarethe Ingeborg Anna   I283230
43 Rindom (Rindom), Sonja "Nonne"  26 Dec 1904Lund, Scania, Sweden I39392
44 Rosenberg, Hans Frandsen  8 Sep 1627Lund, Scania, Sweden I280057
45 Sjövall, Marianne  19 Aug 1912Lund, Scania, Sweden I157096
46 Sparre (Sparre of Söfdeborg), Gustaf Adolf  19 Feb 1760Lund, Scania, Sweden I238197
47 Thott (Thott), Absalon Aagesen  1314Lund, Scania, Sweden I235498
48 Thott (Thott), Beate Aagesen  1324Lund, Scania, Sweden I235495
49 Treschow (Treschow), Adam Niels Gabriel   I79542
50 Treschow (Treschow), Anna Elisabeth   I79287
51 Treschow (Treschow), Christian Fredrik Maximilian   I79372
52 Treschow (Treschow), Henrik Mogens   I79539
53 Vandal, Jørgen Iversen  1671Lund, Scania, Sweden I279855
54 Vandal, Kristina Iversen  13 Feb 1691Lund, Scania, Sweden I279851
55 Wahlgren, Anna   I395143
56 Wallin, Sven Thure Kjell   I162440
57 Wandel (Wandel), Anne Margrethe Hansen  27 Jul 1654Lund, Scania, Sweden I280043
58 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Thomas Cortsen  23 Apr 1588Lund, Scania, Sweden I386190
59 Wiburg, Thale  Abt 1653Lund, Scania, Sweden I61246
60 Wicksell, Finn Dag  10 Mar 1917Lund, Scania, Sweden I187511
61 Wicksell, Liv Ingar  12 Oct 1914Lund, Scania, Sweden I122396
62 Winberg, Ernst Wilhelm  23 Jun 1882Lund, Scania, Sweden I271375
63 Wolowski, Ruth  28 Sep 1913Lund, Scania, Sweden I135431


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Vandal, Jørgen Iversen  29 Mar 1671Lund, Scania, Sweden I279855


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allesen, Hans  13 Dec 1693Lund, Scania, Sweden I230133
2 Andersson, Ingrid  1979Lund, Scania, Sweden I122397
3 Bagger, Oluf Nielsen  11 Mar 1677Lund, Scania, Sweden I168119
4 Barr, Lars Folke Knutson  18 Sep 1978Lund, Scania, Sweden I190895
5 Blücher, Jürgen von  4 Dec 1676Lund, Scania, Sweden I162695
6 Bolander (Bernadotte), Nils Fredrik  7 Dec 1959Lund, Scania, Sweden I248793
7 Edelberg, Louise Augusta  17 Jun 1866Lund, Scania, Sweden I74796
8 Edelberg, Maria Magdalene  17 Jun 1868Lund, Scania, Sweden I74794
9 Ehrenborg, Anna Catharina  1720Lund, Scania, Sweden I233547
10 Ehrenborg, Rikard  7 Mar 1700Lund, Scania, Sweden I233549
11 Ehrensvärd (Ehrensvärd), Amelie Virginie Tomasine Eleonore, Countess  21 May 1916Lund, Scania, Sweden I238205
12 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Ingeborg Mathiasen  1738Lund, Scania, Sweden I64444
13 Geijer, Andrea Pælomona von  10 Dec 1919Lund, Scania, Sweden I137291
14 Husen, Herman von  4 Dec 1676Lund, Scania, Sweden I237230
15 Jacobæus (Iacobæa), Karen Matthiasen  Apr 1664Lund, Scania, Sweden I282990
16 Jönsson, Pehr  Lund, Scania, Sweden I231067
17 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind), Emil Einar, Count  1 Dec 1931Lund, Scania, Sweden I142973
18 Ludvich, Anna Justsen  6 Mar 1724Lund, Scania, Sweden I279858
19 Lund, Ellen Thomasen  Lund, Scania, Sweden I386221
20 Neergaard (Neergaard), Eric de  28 Nov 1968Lund, Scania, Sweden I182074
21 Olsson, Elna  Lund, Scania, Sweden I231066
22 Post (Rangel), Claes Robert Gustaf Axel von  18 Dec 1936Lund, Scania, Sweden I285306
23 Rappe, Christine  22 Mar 1925Lund, Scania, Sweden I283772
24 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Detlev, Count  26 Oct 1908Lund, Scania, Sweden I25835
25 Reventlow (Reventlow), Conrad Ferdinand Edvard, Count  8 May 1905Lund, Scania, Sweden I25754
26 Reventlow (Reventlow), Frederik Ferdinand, Count  5 Jan 1910Lund, Scania, Sweden I26048
27 Rosenberg, Sixten Ferdinand  3 Dec 1940Lund, Scania, Sweden I447492
28 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Marcus  3 Dec 1676Lund, Scania, Sweden I112923
29 Sjöbeck, Pontus Johan  3 Jan 1929Lund, Scania, Sweden I140911
30 Thott (Thott), Sophie Tagesen  1628Lund, Scania, Sweden I152604
31 Urne (Urne), Lauge  8 Oct 1623Lund, Scania, Sweden I186965
32 Vandal, Kristina Iversen  18 Sep 1694Lund, Scania, Sweden I279851
33 Wandel (Wandel), Iver Hansen  11 Jun 1693Lund, Scania, Sweden I279861
34 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Cort  Lund, Scania, Sweden I386220
35 Westring, Ambrosius  13 Dec 1762Lund, Scania, Sweden I235634
36 Wibe (Wibe), Mads Jensen Medelfort  14 May 1637Lund, Scania, Sweden I86564
37 Wicksell, Sven Dag  20 Feb 1939Lund, Scania, Sweden I122562
38 Winstrup, Peder Pedersen  28 Dec 1679Lund, Scania, Sweden I203330


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gyldenstjerne (Gyldenstjerne), Karen Knudsen  28 Nov 1628Lund, Scania, Sweden I180893
2 Thott (Thott), Sophie Tagesen  Lund, Scania, Sweden I152604
3 Ulfstand (Ulfstand), Holger Gregersen  Lund, Scania, Sweden I153929


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bagger, Oluf Nielsen  Lund, Scania, Sweden I168119
2 Berg, Karina Illum   I32050
3 Berling (Berling), Carl Gustav  Lund, Scania, Sweden I179160
4 Crone (Crone), Frederik Carl Wilhelm  Lund, Scania, Sweden I156473
5 Edelberg, Lorentz Leonard  Lund, Scania, Sweden I14105
6 Jönsson, Pehr  Lund, Scania, Sweden I231067
7 Lembke, Johan Christopher  Lund, Scania, Sweden I157347
8 Mörling, Lars Harald  Lund, Scania, Sweden I83585
9 Neergaard (Neergaard), Eric de  Lund, Scania, Sweden I182074
10 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Detlev, Count  Lund, Scania, Sweden I25835
11 Reventlow (Reventlow), Frederik Ferdinand, Count  Lund, Scania, Sweden I26048
12 Rindom (Rindom), Erik Christian Lauritz  Lund, Scania, Sweden I200897
13 Schmidten (Schmidten), Yngve Gustav von  Lund, Scania, Sweden I122672
14 Sjöbeck, Pontus Johan  Lund, Scania, Sweden I140911
15 Söderblom, Lars Olof Jonathan "Nathan"  Lund, Scania, Sweden I197000
16 Ulstand, Jens Gertsen  Lund, Scania, Sweden I186929
17 Urne (Urne), Lauge  Lund, Scania, Sweden I186953
18 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Cort  Lund, Scania, Sweden I386220
19 Wibe (Wibe), Mads Jensen Medelfort  Lund, Scania, Sweden I86564
20 Wicksell, Sven Dag  Lund, Scania, Sweden I122562
21 Worm (Worm), Oluf "Ole"  Lund, Scania, Sweden I148935


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   17 Dec 1930Lund, Scania, Sweden F173772
2 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte) / Magnusson   F44083
3 Fürst (Fürst of Copenhagen) / Reventlow (Reventlow)  6 Jul 1916Lund, Scania, Sweden F37249
4 Gemsøe / Bagger  1672Lund, Scania, Sweden F70681
5 Lembke / Unosen   F65665
6 Meyer / Fog-Petersen  28 Apr 1945Lund, Scania, Sweden F73297
7 Mörling / Reventlow (Reventlow)  24 Aug 1917Lund, Scania, Sweden F37996
8 Rindom (Rindom) / Wissing  1905Lund, Scania, Sweden F22956
9 Rosenberg / Petersen  28 Jan 1934Lund, Scania, Sweden F172074
10 Steensen de Leth (Leth of X) / Nyström  17 Dec 1930Lund, Scania, Sweden F52910

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