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Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Karen  1719Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312605 onetrees 
2 Hansen, Bendte  1695Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I311961 onetrees 
3 Hansen, Giertrud Kirstine  1799Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313723 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Peder  1797Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313743 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Sidsel  1692Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I311960 onetrees 
6 Jacobsen, Peder Kofoed  Abt 1635Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313982 onetrees 
7 Jensen, Margrethe  17 Aug 1820Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I383477 onetrees 
8 Jørgensen, Ellen  1799Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I365034 onetrees 
9 Jørgensen, Karen  1797Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I365033 onetrees 
10 Larsen, Eline Christine  17 Jun 1848Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I383502 onetrees 
11 Larsen, Karen Marie  27 Sep 1844Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I310194 onetrees 
12 Larsen, Lars  1805Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I310188 onetrees 
13 Larsen, Morten  1809Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I383475 onetrees 
14 Larsen, Morten  7 Apr 1842Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I310193 onetrees 
15 Lesler, Anne Pedersen  May 1674Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I84729 onetrees 
16 Lesler, Jens Pedersen  Abt 1678Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I308761 onetrees 
17 Lesler, Martha Jensen  1704Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I315843 onetrees 
18 Lesler, Martha Margrethe Pedersen  Abt 1681Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I308762 onetrees 
19 Lesler, Sidsel Pedersen  Abt 1671Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I307334 onetrees 
20 Mahler, Martha Christiansen  1770Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I316022 onetrees 
21 Sode, Ancher Müller  1750Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312606 onetrees 
22 Sode, Ancher Müller  Abt 1824Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I321594 onetrees 
23 Sode, Anthoni Christian  1746Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344577 onetrees 
24 Sode, Antonette  1737Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344584 onetrees 
25 Sode, Antonette Malene  1752Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I314334 onetrees 
26 Sode, Cathrine Margrethe  Abt 1822Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I357541 onetrees 
27 Sode, Christen Mortensen  1743Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344583 onetrees 
28 Sode, Christiane Charlotte  11 Jul 1819Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I357540 onetrees 
29 Sode, Eleonora Margrethe  1830Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I66685 onetrees 
30 Sode, Herman Jørgensen  1741Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I321124 onetrees 
31 Sode, Jørgen Hermansen  1796Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I318366 onetrees 
32 Sode, Jørgen Hermansen  Abt 1832Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I321601 onetrees 
33 Sode, Karen Kirstine  1748Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344585 onetrees 
34 Sode, Karen Marie  Abt 1835Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I357542 onetrees 
35 Sode, Margrethe Eleonora  1785Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312608 onetrees 
36 Sode, Thomas From Kofoed  Abt 1827Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I321600 onetrees 
37 Stibolt, Peder  1720Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I354783 onetrees 
38 Thomasen, Anders  1698Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I328580 onetrees 
39 Thomasen, Hans  1696Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I325570 onetrees 
40 Thomasen, Peder  1693Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I323111 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Giertrud  1764Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I368921 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Karen  1801Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312605 onetrees 
3 Hansen, Anders  1662Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I327966 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Giertrud  1814Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344952 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Johanne  Abt 1670Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I325722 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Øder  1804Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I364990 onetrees 
7 Henrichsen, Hans  1810Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313741 onetrees 
8 Jensen, Henrich  1801Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313750 onetrees 
9 Jensen, Jens  27 May 1830Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I383476 onetrees 
10 Jensen, Sidsel  1798Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I340528 onetrees 
11 Jespersen, Anne Margrethe  1770Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I316019 onetrees 
12 Kofod (Kofod of Kofodgaard), Christiane Charlotte Marie  2 Jul 1842Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312607 onetrees 
13 Kofoed, Anne Cathrine Charlotte  1868Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I317208 onetrees 
14 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Jacob Hansen  1646Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I85899 onetrees 
15 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Mads Jacobsen  1654Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I83191 onetrees 
16 Lang, Anders Hansen  Abt 1662Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I82982 onetrees 
17 Larsen, Lars  31 May 1819Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I314682 onetrees 
18 Larsen, Lars  9 Dec 1872Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I310188 onetrees 
19 Lesler, Jens Pedersen  1717Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I308761 onetrees 
20 Lesler, Peder Sandersen  20 Sep 1688Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I83302 onetrees 
21 Mahler, Martha Christiansen  1770Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I316022 onetrees 
22 Mortensen, Christen  1729Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I310499 onetrees 
23 Mortensen, Karen Kirstine  27 Apr 1847Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I314683 onetrees 
24 Nielsen, Lars  1796Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I365026 onetrees 
25 Pedersen, Hans  1808Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I371170 onetrees 
26 Pedersen, Margrethe  1810Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I313742 onetrees 
27 Pihl, Jørgen Jensen  24 Mar 1839Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I367243 onetrees 
28 Rasmussen, Kirstine  1729Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I374643 onetrees 
29 Rasmussen, Maren  1796Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I306024 onetrees 
30 Sode, Ancher Müller  2 Aug 1820Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I312606 onetrees 
31 Sode, Antonette  1737Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344584 onetrees 
32 Sode, Jørgen Hermansen  1777Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I314540 onetrees 
33 Sode, Jørgen Hermansen  1863Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I318366 onetrees 
34 Sode, Karen Kirstine  1748Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I344585 onetrees 
35 Sode, Martha Jensen  25 Jun 1697Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I86049 onetrees 
36 Stibolt, Peder Andersen  1720Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I325675 onetrees 
37 Thomasen, Anders  1699Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I328580 onetrees 
38 Thorsen, Maren  1806Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I371166 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Mads Jacobsen  Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I83191 onetrees 
2 Lesler, Peder Sandersen  1671Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark I83302 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lesler / Aalborig  23 Nov 1703Kyndegaard, Nyker, Bornholm, Denmark F126426 onetrees 

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