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Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aagaard, Margrete Køler Christensen  15 Jul 1705Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I414655 onetrees 
2 Aagaard, Mette Dorothea Christensen  27 Dec 1712Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I414653 onetrees 
3 Aanum, Christian Marius Thomsen  22 Nov 1911Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55624 onetrees 
4 Aanum, Laurids Thomsen  12 Jan 1890Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55671 onetrees 
5 Aanum, Niels Thomsen  5 Jul 1887Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55673 onetrees 
6 Andersen, Hans Carl Nielsen  18 Jan 1874Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I148991 onetrees 
7 Andersen, Kirstine   I52194 onetrees 
8 Bennedsgaard, Gothard Kristensen   I52184 onetrees 
9 Bremland, Anne Ibsen  8 Oct 1852Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I51851 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Else  1802Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I56694 onetrees 
11 Damkilde, Inger  Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I155147 onetrees 
12 Drewsen, Carl Georg Christian  5 Apr 1863Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I424260 onetrees 
13 Eriksen, Pederlene  18 Jan 1861Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I425476 onetrees 
14 Feilberg (Feilberg), Ludvig Tage Christian Müller  31 Mar 1849Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I34241 onetrees 
15 Græm, Ane Thomsen  Abt 1873Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53188 onetrees 
16 Græm, Maren Thomsen  Abt 1871Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53301 onetrees 
17 Græm, Margrethe Thomsen  Abt 1875Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53187 onetrees 
18 Græm, Mette Marie Thomsen  Abt 1879Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53184 onetrees 
19 Hansen, Svend Garnæs  18 Jan 1880Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I167172 onetrees 
20 Hjulgaard, Anne Kirstine Jensen  7 Feb 1828Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55529 onetrees 
21 Jensen, Hanne   I52188 onetrees 
22 Jensen, John Sandholm   I52189 onetrees 
23 Jensen, Niels Christian  2 Aug 1843Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I56088 onetrees 
24 Lauridsen, Søren Peder   I52322 onetrees 
25 Madsen, Gunhild Hindsgaul   I145098 onetrees 
26 Miltersen, Ane Marie  1785Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I56678 onetrees 
27 Mose, Thomas  Abt 1845Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53302 onetrees 
28 Nielsen, Inger Margrethe   I54861 onetrees 
29 Olesen, Anne Kirstine  27 Mar 1825Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I64317 onetrees 
30 Opstrup, Anine Marie Elisabeth  28 Mar 1906Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I404043 onetrees 
31 Opstrup, Christiane  20 May 1900Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I404216 onetrees 
32 Optrup, Anne Rasmine  19 Jun 1912Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I404042 onetrees 
33 Pedersen, Ella   I52578 onetrees 
34 Pedersen, Jens Christian  20 Nov 1902Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I52583 onetrees 
35 Pedersen, Niels Jørgen Jensen  30 Jun 1882Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I69338 onetrees 
36 Poulsgaard, Peter Christian  10 Dec 1898Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I52854 onetrees 
37 Siersted, Eleonora Friedericha  1796Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I459305 onetrees 
38 Siersted, Hansine Elisabeth  Dec 1792Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I46417 onetrees 
39 Siersted, Juliane Marie  1795Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I46488 onetrees 
40 Siersted, Karen Ernestine  1798Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I459304 onetrees 
41 Slot, Johanne Kirstine Olesen  24 Apr 1831Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I57939 onetrees 
42 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Adam Ditlev, Baron  1 Nov 1782Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I382 onetrees 
43 Wismer, Doris Tauson  1 Nov 1924Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I155149 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bang, Marie Kristine  12 Oct 1881Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I425492 onetrees 
2 Bank, Kirstine Christensen  Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55532 onetrees 
3 Eriksen, Pederlene  24 Mar 1861Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I425476 onetrees 
4 Mikkelsen, Rasmus Peder  24 Mar 1878Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I24534 onetrees 
5 Siersted, Hansine Elisabeth  30 Jan 1793Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I46417 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bjerg, Anders  Abt 1699Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I51932 onetrees 
2 Optrup, Ole  16 Apr 1952Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I404217 onetrees 
3 Toft, Peter Christian Petersen  9 Jul 1974Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55317 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Aboline  22 Mar 1923Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53032 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Kirsten  17 Feb 1691Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I57868 onetrees 
3 Dochedahl, Amina Elisabeth  1953Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I405571 onetrees 
4 Henrichsen, Poul  19 Mar 1717Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I57869 onetrees 
5 Klit, Maria Nielsen  28 Jan 1916Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55232 onetrees 
6 Optrup, Ole  1952Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I404217 onetrees 
7 Poulsen, Kirsten  5 Apr 1744Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I57855 onetrees 
8 Trankjær, Anders Madsen  28 Dec 1931Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I53088 onetrees 
9 Trankjær, Anders Nadsen  14 Apr 1936Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I52285 onetrees 
10 Trankjær, Ellen Johanne  24 Oct 1935Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I52967 onetrees 
11 Villadsen, Karen  5 Dec 1689Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I51931 onetrees 
12 Øe, Knud Andersen  7 Dec 1915Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I55668 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drewsen, Johan Adolf Julius  Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark I203411 onetrees 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Opstrup  23 Mar 1937Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F156108 onetrees 
2 Bang / Eriksen  12 Oct 1881Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F163135 onetrees 
3 Harbo / Opstrup  10 Jul 1931Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F156110 onetrees 
4 Jensen / Pedersen   F26548 onetrees 
5 Jensen / Poulsen  1727Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28634 onetrees 
6 Jespersen / Bjerg  9 Oct 1692Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F26455 onetrees 
7 Kjær (Kjær of Kjærby) / Jeppesen  2 May 1802Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28670 onetrees 
8 Mose / Optrup  8 Apr 1936Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F156113 onetrees 
9 Perregaard / Jørgensen  9 Nov 1845Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28227 onetrees 
10 Pradsgaard / Olufsen  28 Nov 1789Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28389 onetrees 
11 Pradsgaard / Poulsen  1731Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28636 onetrees 
12 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby) / Aagaard  17 Jun 1733Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F115625 onetrees 
13 Stengaard / Trankjær  Abt 1922Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F26772 onetrees 
14 Trankjær / Søgaard   F26589 onetrees 
15 Vestergaard / Christensen  21 Apr 1924Husby, Central Jutland, Denmark F28162 onetrees 

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