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Holte, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bech, Caroline Frederikke Charlotte  14 May 1872Holte, Zealand, Denmark I223731 onetrees 
2 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Ragna, Comtesse of  24 Nov 1902Holte, Zealand, Denmark I49348 onetrees 
3 Engsig-Karup, Benedikte   I82615 onetrees 
4 Engsig-Karup, Ebba Susanne   I82616 onetrees 
5 Estrup (Estrup 1), Grete  6 Dec 1918Holte, Zealand, Denmark I67477 onetrees 
6 Frederiksen, Boline  23 Mar 1828Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84492 onetrees 
7 Frederiksen, Johan Peder  22 Mar 1835Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84543 onetrees 
8 Frederiksen, Karen Sophie  27 May 1832Holte, Zealand, Denmark I86195 onetrees 
9 Frederiksen, Lisbeth Karen Marie  11 Oct 1844Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85769 onetrees 
10 Greisen (Greisen), Eva Karen   I198297 onetrees 
11 Grut (Grut), Aage  23 Dec 1906Holte, Zealand, Denmark I196872 onetrees 
12 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Klaus Peter Holm   I184095 onetrees 
13 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Hemmingsen   I184068 onetrees 
14 Herbst (Herbst), Merete Hedvig Michelle von   I182936 onetrees 
15 Holmblad (Holmblad), Søren Jacob Frederik   I87963 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine  17 Apr 1859Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85199 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Christopher  19 May 1852Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84211 onetrees 
18 Jensen, Ellen Marie Bodil Christine  8 Nov 1863Holte, Zealand, Denmark I86225 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Frederik  3 May 1855Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84542 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Jens Peder  31 Oct 1860Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84514 onetrees 
21 Jensen, Lars Rasmus  27 Jun 1867Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84632 onetrees 
22 Kiersgaard, Lili Suell  24 Nov 1920Holte, Zealand, Denmark I103447 onetrees 
23 Kinslev, Vibeke Lis   I440635 onetrees 
24 Lindhard, Inger Margarethe  6 Jul 1918Holte, Zealand, Denmark I149906 onetrees 
25 Linstow (Linstow), Torben Herbert von   I79682 onetrees 
26 Locher, Caritas   I118235 onetrees 
27 Melbye, Erik Arne   I64024 onetrees 
28 Melbye, Poul Peter   I64025 onetrees 
29 Melchior, Mary Siri Veronica   I87691 onetrees 
30 Møller, Søren   I239374 onetrees 
31 Nielsen, Niels Knud  2 Mar 1889Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84789 onetrees 
32 Olufsen (Olufsen of Rejsby), Anna Louisa Skak Tjustrup   I194650 onetrees 
33 Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B), Mogens Erik  20 Apr 1914Holte, Zealand, Denmark I34416 onetrees 
34 Sauerberg, Else Margrethe  7 Nov 1918Holte, Zealand, Denmark I130514 onetrees 
35 Sauerberg, Poul Thor  12 Oct 1917Holte, Zealand, Denmark I130515 onetrees 
36 Schrøder, Marie   I201504 onetrees 
37 Simon, Lene Wulff  23 Apr 1913Holte, Zealand, Denmark I132780 onetrees 
38 Stensballe, Jeppe Torben   I167039 onetrees 
39 Suenson (Suenson), Esther  31 Aug 1885Holte, Zealand, Denmark I167308 onetrees 
40 Westenholz, Holger  11 Aug 1908Holte, Zealand, Denmark I197276 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pitzner-Fabricius, Noah   I426516 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnø, Kamma Louise Dahl  23 Aug 1954Holte, Zealand, Denmark I30353 onetrees 
2 Balslev, Jørgen  Abt 2005Holte, Zealand, Denmark I424877 onetrees 
3 Bang, Christian August  11 Mar 1955Holte, Zealand, Denmark I415387 onetrees 
4 Barchalia, Grethe Inger Kirstine  6 Apr 1961Holte, Zealand, Denmark I240031 onetrees 
5 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Conrad Olsen  4 Jul 1937Holte, Zealand, Denmark I185251 onetrees 
6 Busch, Fritz  22 Apr 1983Holte, Zealand, Denmark I8623 onetrees 
7 Bøye, Frederik Konrad  26 Mar 1855Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85794 onetrees 
8 Carlsen, Grete Annelise  17 Aug 1993Holte, Zealand, Denmark I431472 onetrees 
9 Claessen, Anna  5 Dec 1998Holte, Zealand, Denmark I400915 onetrees 
10 Clausen, Hedevig  13 Dec 1937Holte, Zealand, Denmark I185252 onetrees 
11 Efsen, Ole Einar  28 Jun 2019Holte, Zealand, Denmark I441062 onetrees 
12 Ekeroth, Carl Conrad Emil  1 Aug 1891Holte, Zealand, Denmark I172217 onetrees 
13 Engberg (Engberg of Denmark), Gudrun  8 Jun 1991Holte, Zealand, Denmark I139449 onetrees 
14 Fabritius de Tengnagel (Fabritius of Denmark), Elisabeth Alexandra Ida Augustra Regine  7 Jun 1912Holte, Zealand, Denmark I102653 onetrees 
15 Folkmann (Folchmann 2), Julius Dorus  29 Jan 1948Holte, Zealand, Denmark I329198 onetrees 
16 Frederiksen, Boline  18 Feb 1891Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84492 onetrees 
17 Funch, Marie Louise Elisabeth  20 Mar 1935Holte, Zealand, Denmark I148827 onetrees 
18 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Sonderhausen), Verner  28 Aug 1982Holte, Zealand, Denmark I89968 onetrees 
19 Hallas-Møller, Knud  13 Dec 1984Holte, Zealand, Denmark I242502 onetrees 
20 Hansen, Peder  19 May 1874Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84518 onetrees 
21 Hansen, Thora Frederikke  22 Aug 1972Holte, Zealand, Denmark I431518 onetrees 
22 Hoffmeyer (Hoffmeyer), Wilhelmine Frederikke  17 Aug 1950Holte, Zealand, Denmark I200334 onetrees 
23 Hyttel, Margrete  18 Nov 1987Holte, Zealand, Denmark I432096 onetrees 
24 Jacobsen, Kirsten  5 Jan 1829Holte, Zealand, Denmark I78886 onetrees 
25 Jarding, Ellen  Oct 1991Holte, Zealand, Denmark I241386 onetrees 
26 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine  27 Apr 1859Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85199 onetrees 
27 Johansen, Ane Sophie  20 May 1866Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84423 onetrees 
28 Kielland (Kielland), Jacob "Jac" Platou  Jun 1974Holte, Zealand, Denmark I264574 onetrees 
29 Kinslev, Ole  19 Jul 2011Holte, Zealand, Denmark I454648 onetrees 
30 Kjær, Vilhelm  22 Sep 1937Holte, Zealand, Denmark I139345 onetrees 
31 Kofoed, Anna Sophie  15 Jul 1936Holte, Zealand, Denmark I50955 onetrees 
32 La Cour (La Cour), Nanna  9 Aug 1999Holte, Zealand, Denmark I400917 onetrees 
33 La Cour (La Cour), Peder David  28 Mar 2009Holte, Zealand, Denmark I400914 onetrees 
34 Lange, Hans Ove  7 Jan 1961Holte, Zealand, Denmark I33013 onetrees 
35 Lassen, Mogens  14 Dec 1987Holte, Zealand, Denmark I199735 onetrees 
36 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), Johanne Elisabeth de  16 Oct 1918Holte, Zealand, Denmark I162276 onetrees 
37 Lüder, Karen Marie Christine Alfrida  20 Jul 1934Holte, Zealand, Denmark I270436 onetrees 
38 Michaelsen, Rikke Alfrida  5 May 1949Holte, Zealand, Denmark I132495 onetrees 
39 Monberg, Axel Sixtus Sølling  9 Sep 1971Holte, Zealand, Denmark I119435 onetrees 
40 Nielsen, Mathias  24 Feb 1866Holte, Zealand, Denmark I83690 onetrees 
41 Nørregaard, Jens  8 Apr 1913Holte, Zealand, Denmark I102642 onetrees 
42 Olsen, Niels  25 Oct 1874Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85782 onetrees 
43 Paulli, Hans Henrik  25 Dec 1966Holte, Zealand, Denmark I160472 onetrees 
44 Paulsen (Paulsen), Otto Wilhelm de  5 Feb 1907Holte, Zealand, Denmark I148821 onetrees 
45 Paulsen (Paulsen), Wilhelm Otto Julius de  23 Sep 1944Holte, Zealand, Denmark I167787 onetrees 
46 Pedersen, Ellen Maria  7 May 1870Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84622 onetrees 
47 Pedersen, Jens  16 Mar 1872Holte, Zealand, Denmark I86196 onetrees 
48 Pedersen, Niels  28 Feb 1824Holte, Zealand, Denmark I78887 onetrees 
49 Pedersen, Niels  6 Jun 1863Holte, Zealand, Denmark I78888 onetrees 
50 Pedersen, Niels Knud Henning  1984Holte, Zealand, Denmark I242542 onetrees 
51 Pedersen, Peter Harald  10 Apr 1966Holte, Zealand, Denmark I242513 onetrees 
52 Petersen, Edmund Kai Villiam  23 Jun 1937Holte, Zealand, Denmark I110436 onetrees 
53 Plockross, Sophie Frederikke  25 Mar 1916Holte, Zealand, Denmark I91706 onetrees 
54 Saunte, Ellen Louise Gude  6 Jan 1966Holte, Zealand, Denmark I13798 onetrees 
55 Schulin (Schulin), Carl Frederik Sigismund Louis, Count  20 Dec 1904Holte, Zealand, Denmark I79589 onetrees 
56 Sponneck, Gerda, Imperial Countess von  30 Jun 1979Holte, Zealand, Denmark I148275 onetrees 
57 Suenson (Suenson), Anna Dorothea  9 Sep 1904Holte, Zealand, Denmark I166635 onetrees 
58 Svarre, Birte  21 May 1961Holte, Zealand, Denmark I165612 onetrees 
59 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Anne Margrethe  7 Mar 1942Holte, Zealand, Denmark I50444 onetrees 
60 Wilcken, Carl Otto  14 May 1923Holte, Zealand, Denmark I45158 onetrees 
61 Ørum (Ørum of Ørum), Svend  15 May 1975Holte, Zealand, Denmark I8123 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jarding, Ellen  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I241386 onetrees 
2 Riisgaard-Mortensen, Poul Waldemar  25 Jul 2017Holte, Zealand, Denmark I460168 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bache, Hans Christian  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I194192 onetrees 
2 Barfoed (Barfod), Jens Magnus  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I168721 onetrees 
3 Boysen, Xenia Andrea   I201709 onetrees 
4 Brodersen, Thorkild  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I179289 onetrees 
5 Brun, Claus Ulrik  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I201665 onetrees 
6 Bryld, Carl Anders "Claes"   I171743 onetrees 
7 Busch, Fritz  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I8623 onetrees 
8 Bøye, Frederik Konrad  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I85794 onetrees 
9 Clausen, Karin   I203380 onetrees 
10 Cline, Susan Jeanne   I175544 onetrees 
11 Damm, Emil   I171081 onetrees 
12 Eberhard, Torben  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I395184 onetrees 
13 Eefsen, Poul Valdemar  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I186235 onetrees 
14 Engberg (Engberg of Denmark), Lars   I408294 onetrees 
15 Frederiksen, Niels Christian  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I146911 onetrees 
16 Friis, Erik   I17512 onetrees 
17 Gammelgaard, Jens  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I163110 onetrees 
18 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Sonderhausen), Verner  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I89968 onetrees 
19 Halberg, Henrik   I175731 onetrees 
20 Halberg, Poul Stig   I163099 onetrees 
21 Hallas-Møller, Knud  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I242502 onetrees 
22 Hansen, Peder  Abt 1874Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84518 onetrees 
23 Hansen, Poul   I153916 onetrees 
24 Heltberg, Eva   I175730 onetrees 
25 Hermansen, Henning Claus  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I100143 onetrees 
26 Holm (Holm of Fredensborg), Axel Valdemar  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I184250 onetrees 
27 Hvalkof, S L  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I111080 onetrees 
28 Islef, Peter Falk  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I182259 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Adolf S  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I188502 onetrees 
30 Kann-Rasmussen (Kann Rasmussen), Lars Erik   I13359 onetrees 
31 Kiersgaard, Frans Suell  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I103458 onetrees 
32 Kierulff (Kiermet - Stage), Steffen Brock "Pedersen"   I8579 onetrees 
33 Kiær, Niels Thorvald   I13387 onetrees 
34 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Kjeld Peder Frederik  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I175599 onetrees 
35 Koppel (Koppel of Poland), Herman David  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I193111 onetrees 
36 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Steen Riddervold  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I163032 onetrees 
37 Krieger (Krieger), Karen  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I48315 onetrees 
38 Lange, Hans Ove  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I33013 onetrees 
39 Langebæk (Langebæk), Mogens Ulrik  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I67565 onetrees 
40 Lassen, Niels Christian Krieger   I197943 onetrees 
41 Lassen, Per Krieger   I197772 onetrees 
42 Lassen, Ulrik Vilhelm   I163743 onetrees 
43 Linvald, Gunde   I185498 onetrees 
44 Lundquist, Frank  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I390901 onetrees 
45 Meyer, Erik Victor  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I176201 onetrees 
46 Moltke (Moltke), Johan Peter Frederik, Count   I184915 onetrees 
47 Moltke-Huitfeldt (Moltke), Eva Marie Corinne, Comtesse   I163098 onetrees 
48 Moresco, Hans Jacob Christian   I95238 onetrees 
49 Moresco, Hans Jacob Christian   I95238 onetrees 
50 Neergaard (Neergaard), Poul Vilhelm Bruun de   I71804 onetrees 
51 Nielsen, J  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I84560 onetrees 
52 Nyegaard (Nyegaard of Nyegaard), Henrik Elliot   I158778 onetrees 
53 Nørby, Ghita   I200017 onetrees 
54 Nørrekjær, Anne-Marie   I184419 onetrees 
55 Pedersen, Jens  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I86196 onetrees 
56 Pedersen, Klaus Riskær   I189001 onetrees 
57 Pio, Jette   I410114 onetrees 
58 Ramm (Ramm of Denmark), Peter Godfred  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I157648 onetrees 
59 Rasmussen, Svenn Vincentz Skipper   I200019 onetrees 
60 Reenberg, Jørgen Holger   I200002 onetrees 
61 Roepstorff von Scholten (Roepstorff of A), Bjørn   I105922 onetrees 
62 Schaldemose (Schaldemose), Bent   I157540 onetrees 
63 Schlegel, Peder Johan  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I44566 onetrees 
64 Schæffer, Claus Erik   I175541 onetrees 
65 Siegumfeldt, Poul Hoff  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I242405 onetrees 
66 Simon, Carl Wulff  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I132784 onetrees 
67 Storm-Jørgensen, Svend  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I431396 onetrees 
68 Svarstad, Gerd   I168977 onetrees 
69 Søderberg (Søderberg of København), Jess   I15563 onetrees 
70 Tamm, Ditlev   I184422 onetrees 
71 Thomsen, Niels Peter   I410117 onetrees 
72 Thorsen, Henrik   I194985 onetrees 
73 Topsøe-Jensen, Per Johannes   I389907 onetrees 
74 Treschow (Treschow of Naestved), Michael Frederik   I189252 onetrees 
75 Trezecieski, Jolanta   I105964 onetrees 
76 Worning, Jørgen   I184077 onetrees 
77 Zahlmann, Carl Christian  Holte, Zealand, Denmark I75960 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Andersen  26 Mar 1960Holte, Zealand, Denmark F99154 onetrees 
2 Brandt / Fog-Petersen   F58422 onetrees 
3 Fenger / Bjørndahl   F175674 onetrees 
4 Hedemann (Hedemann) / Hedemann (Hedemann)   F8328 onetrees 
5 Henriques (Henriques) / Abrahamson  16 Aug 1896Holte, Zealand, Denmark F8203 onetrees 
6 Holmblad (Holmblad) / Ankersen  8 Dec 1943Holte, Zealand, Denmark F78342 onetrees 
7 Karlsen / Lauridsen   F28678 onetrees 
8 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Holm (Holm of Fredensborg)   F77587 onetrees 
9 Nørbjerg / Melchior   F58400 onetrees 
10 Olrik (Olrik) / Ohlsen   F44649 onetrees 
11 Rohweder / Benzon (Bentsen of Lund)  10 Jun 1939Holte, Zealand, Denmark F48592 onetrees 

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