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Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Borthen, Catharina Aletha  1779Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101838 onetrees 
2 Borthen, Henrik Martin  24 Nov 1836Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101831 onetrees 
3 Borthen, Johan Jørgen  19 Mar 1783Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101839 onetrees 
4 Borthen, Johan Margido  24 Nov 1837Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101830 onetrees 
5 Borthen, Karen Kristina  1786Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101837 onetrees 
6 Borthen, Lyder Must Johansen  4 May 1849Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101829 onetrees 
7 Borthen, Lydia Antonette  1845Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I98562 onetrees 
8 Borthen, Otto Cornelius  1787Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101836 onetrees 
9 Borthen, Tobias Ulrich  1 Mar 1835Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101833 onetrees 
10 Broch (Broch), Ove Christian  1736Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100534 onetrees 
11 Brodtkorb, Anna Margrethe  1809Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101835 onetrees 
12 Brodtkorb, Anthon  1843Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128355 onetrees 
13 Brodtkorb, August  1860Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95551 onetrees 
14 Brodtkorb, Christian Johnannes  4 Dec 1804Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95592 onetrees 
15 Brodtkorb, Jens Henrik Knoff  2 Jul 1851Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I128352 onetrees 
16 Brodtkorb, Petter Theodor  21 May 1858Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95552 onetrees 
17 Brodtkorb, Rasmus Brochmann Parelius  31 Oct 1837Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95576 onetrees 
18 Brodtkorb, Tobias Severin  1836Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95589 onetrees 
19 Brodtkorb, Ulrikka Anna Eleonore  31 Jul 1841Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95566 onetrees 
20 Bull, Henrik Helkand  1732Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I15187 onetrees 
21 Bull, Jørgen Andreas Andersen  1703Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I108870 onetrees 
22 Kobro, Karl Mathias  8 Apr 1842Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I118116 onetrees 
23 Koch, Gabriel  1805Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I115863 onetrees 
24 Koch, Johan Peter Testmann  2 Oct 1836Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I115868 onetrees 
25 Parelius, Georgine Ulrikke  10 Aug 1798Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124792 onetrees 
26 Parelius, Oline Marie Hegge  8 Feb 1807Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95590 onetrees 
27 Qvam, Jørgine Christine  1818Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I104363 onetrees 
28 Rogert, Henrik  12 Jan 1756Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I100618 onetrees 
29 Ross (Ross of Norway), Adelhejde  1800Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113494 onetrees 
30 Ross (Ross of Norway), Friderich Redeling  1798Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113499 onetrees 
31 Ross (Ross of Norway), Hans Christian  8 May 1797Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95499 onetrees 
32 Ross (Ross of Norway), Laurentia Lassen  1794Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113495 onetrees 
33 Ross (Ross of Norway), Mette Elisabeth  1792Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113496 onetrees 
34 Ross (Ross of Norway), Stinken Friderica  1791Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I113497 onetrees 
35 Rossing, Birgitte Rasmussen  1659Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I168311 onetrees 
36 Seehuusen (Seehuusen of Norway), Ingeborg Maria  1776Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124946 onetrees 
37 Seehuusen (Seehuusen of Norway), Knut Sørensen  1767Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124952 onetrees 
38 Seehuusen (Seehuusen of Norway), Lisbeth Sophia  1786Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124944 onetrees 
39 Seehuusen (Seehuusen of Norway), Søren  1739Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I124948 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Borthen, Henrik Martin  3 May 1837Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101831 onetrees 
2 Borthen, Johan Margido  4 May 1838Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101830 onetrees 
3 Borthen, Lyder Must Johansen  27 Jul 1849Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101829 onetrees 
4 Borthen, Tobias Ulrich  6 May 1835Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101833 onetrees 
5 Kobro, Karl Mathias  14 Jul 1842Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I118116 onetrees 
6 Koch, Johan Peter Testmann  19 Feb 1837Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I115868 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Borch, Sophie Amalie  30 May 1799Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95599 onetrees 
2 Borthen, Hendrich  1819Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101841 onetrees 
3 Borthen, Johan Jørgen  30 Jun 1851Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101839 onetrees 
4 Brodtkorb, Albrigt Stiesen Midelfart  1799Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95597 onetrees 
5 Brodtkorb, Anna Margrethe  1896Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101835 onetrees 
6 Brodtkorb, Tobias  11 Feb 1846Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95600 onetrees 
7 Brodtkorb, Tobias Sophias  1844Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95557 onetrees 
8 Bull, Anders Henriksen  1735Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I168312 onetrees 
9 Hagerup, Lydia "Moss"  1832Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I130668 onetrees 
10 Knoff, Ulrikka Anna Eleonore  1846Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95598 onetrees 
11 Omeyer, Else Marie  1814Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I101840 onetrees 
12 Rossing, Birgitte Rasmussen  1704Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I168311 onetrees 
13 Rotgertsen, Andrian  Abt 1664Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I135008 onetrees 
14 Zeeliger, Martine Magdalene Christiane  1811Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway I95558 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brodtkorb / Knoff  27 Nov 1800Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F42705 onetrees 
2 Koch / Schultz  3 Jan 1830Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F50044 onetrees 
3 Lossius / Parelius  18 Jul 1817Hitra, Soer-Troendelag, Norway F53093 onetrees 

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