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Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Jørgen  1778Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I115919 onetrees 
2 Bang (Bang of Odense), Jacob   I232165 onetrees 
3 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Bolette Petronelle Christine  20 Oct 1823Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I224864 onetrees 
4 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Else Cathrine Oline  17 May 1817Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I224865 onetrees 
5 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Jacob  19 Oct 1810Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I169851 onetrees 
6 Bartholdy-Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Margrethe Cecilie  5 Aug 1869Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I27091 onetrees 
7 Boehm, Caroline Frederikke   I726 onetrees 
8 Boehm, Martin   I604 onetrees 
9 Bøgh (Lassen), Elisabeth Kirstine  30 Jan 1814Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I156786 onetrees 
10 Bøgh (Lassen), Georg Julius  13 Dec 1821Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I240360 onetrees 
11 Dahl, Anne Rosine  1794Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I115442 onetrees 
12 Dahl, Jens  1747Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I128525 onetrees 
13 Dahl, Karen Bjørn  1793Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I115443 onetrees 
14 Dahl, Kirstine "Stine"  1786Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I35072 onetrees 
15 Evens, Carl Fredrik  28 Dec 1761Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I101056 onetrees 
16 Fogh, Christiane Dorthea  1764Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I128524 onetrees 
17 Freisleben, Hans Cornelius von  1798Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I152506 onetrees 
18 Freisleben, Johan Haagen  1795Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I107645 onetrees 
19 Freisleben, Peter Kisby von  1794Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I152534 onetrees 
20 Graulund, Kate  24 Dec 1895Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I431000 onetrees 
21 Gundelach, Anna Cathrine  4 Oct 1827Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114168 onetrees 
22 Gundelach, Bernt Frederik  16 Nov 1835Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114169 onetrees 
23 Gundelach, Carl Johan Wilhelm Emanuel Jørgen  7 Nov 1834Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114292 onetrees 
24 Gundelach, Christian  19 Feb 1844Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114287 onetrees 
25 Gundelach, Dorthea Elisabeth  28 Oct 1845Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114284 onetrees 
26 Gundelach, Frands Frederich Casper  5 Jul 1840Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114289 onetrees 
27 Gundelach, Johanne Henriette  17 Jun 1831Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114294 onetrees 
28 Gundelach, Lorine Laura  5 Apr 1842Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114288 onetrees 
29 Gundelach, Lovise Fredrikke  1837Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114291 onetrees 
30 Gundelach, Magdalene Caroline  19 Sep 1832Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114293 onetrees 
31 Gundelach, Marie Lise  20 Oct 1828Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114250 onetrees 
32 Gundelach, Sophie Hermomine  30 Sep 1838Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I114290 onetrees 
33 Hansen, Karen  9 May 1819Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I69071 onetrees 
34 Hansen, Lars Peter  10 Jul 1887Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I69798 onetrees 
35 Hansen, Valborg Cathrine  12 Jun 1892Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I33899 onetrees 
36 Hansteen, Melchior Folsach  1747Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110362 onetrees 
37 Hansteen, Niels Lunde Melchiorsen  1788Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110364 onetrees 
38 Harboe, Maren  1747Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110360 onetrees 
39 Heindorf, Adolmine Sophie  Abt 1826Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I446098 onetrees 
40 Heindorf, Carl Valdemar  Abt 1836Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I446097 onetrees 
41 Heindorf, Elisabeth Kristine Henriette  29 May 1827Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I446099 onetrees 
42 Heindorf, Louise Kirstine  25 Sep 1870Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I446093 onetrees 
43 Herbst (Herbst), Hans Christian Willaume  27 Mar 1907Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I81862 onetrees 
44 Herbst (Herbst), Johannes Willaume  21 Jan 1915Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I81861 onetrees 
45 Herbst (Herbst), Peder Kristian  18 Oct 1873Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I81867 onetrees 
46 Herbst (Herbst), Villy Willaume  14 Jul 1918Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I81860 onetrees 
47 Holmsgaard, Jens Erik   I173288 onetrees 
48 Holtermann, Amundine Hedevig  1793Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I108211 onetrees 
49 Holtermann, Cathrine Maria  1790Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I108213 onetrees 
50 Holtermann, Christian Ferdinand  1791Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I108214 onetrees 
51 Holtermann, Knud Cort  1795Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I108210 onetrees 
52 Holtermann, Ursula Beate  1792Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I98208 onetrees 
53 Jensen, Ane Kirstine  Abt 1868Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I327895 onetrees 
54 Jensen, Dagmar Eleonora   I222288 onetrees 
55 Jensen, Inger  Abt 1795Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I329033 onetrees 
56 Jensen, Johanne Marie  Abt 1858Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I327897 onetrees 
57 Jensen, Niels Peder  Abt 1864Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I327896 onetrees 
58 Kaalund (Kaalund), Christian Jensen  1657Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I201436 onetrees 
59 Kaalund (Kaalund), Hans Vilhelm  1665Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I47591 onetrees 
60 Karlsen, Edvard Herluf  17 Mar 1913Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I182330 onetrees 
61 Kisbye (Kiesbye), Kirstine Margrethe  1767Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I107646 onetrees 
62 Kisbye (Kiesbye), Kirstine Margrethe  1767Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I458992 onetrees 
63 Kongsted (Kongsted), Johannes Marinus  1800Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I180541 onetrees 
64 Larsen, Lars  Abt 1792Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I329046 onetrees 
65 Leigh (Leigh), Margarethe Elisabeth  1831Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I107273 onetrees 
66 Leigh (Leigh), Nicolaj Christian  1828Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I107275 onetrees 
67 Lindam, Marie  1814Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I125229 onetrees 
68 Møller, Niels  1777Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110365 onetrees 
69 Neergaard (Neergaard), Peter Pedersen  2 May 1753Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I127015 onetrees 
70 Pedersen, Ane Sofie  21 Oct 1861Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I318113 onetrees 
71 Schjøler, Inger Marie  10 Jun 1796Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I92245 onetrees 
72 Schütte, Marthe Helene Andrea  16 Jan 1803Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I247516 onetrees 
73 Schütte, Tharine Pauline  1806Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I247537 onetrees 
74 Sorterup, Christian  1774Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110370 onetrees 
75 Sorterup, Elisabeth Maria  23 Sep 1800Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110368 onetrees 
76 Sorterup, Marthe Cathrine  25 Sep 1798Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110369 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartholdy-Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Margrethe Cecilie  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I27091 onetrees 
2 Bildsøe, Anne Beate  24 Sep 1762Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I124932 onetrees 
3 Bildsøe, Marie Christine  30 Jan 1765Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I124913 onetrees 
4 Bildsøe, Poul Mathias  4 Nov 1763Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I124934 onetrees 
5 Göring (Göring of Schleswig), Caspar Adolph  8 Nov 1780Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I121923 onetrees 
6 Göring (Göring of Schleswig), Johanne Ulrica Birgitte Christine  7 Dec 1774Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I17739 onetrees 
7 Hansen, Jens  30 Oct 1853Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I422321 onetrees 
8 Hansen, Rasmus  18 Apr 1847Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I422320 onetrees 
9 Holm, Birgitte  24 Nov 1773Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I116088 onetrees 
10 Larsen, Christopher  12 May 1827Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I329067 onetrees 
11 Nielsen, Anders Villiam  27 Sep 1874Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I80430 onetrees 
12 Nielsen, Ellen Margrethe Christine  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I457412 onetrees 
13 Nielsen, Jens  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I457419 onetrees 
14 Petersen, Ole  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I224840 onetrees 
15 Rasmussen, Johanne  11 Dec 1811Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I422319 onetrees 
16 Schütte, Marthe Helene Andrea  7 Mar 1803Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I247516 onetrees 
17 Schütte, Tharine Pauline  16 May 1806Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I247537 onetrees 
18 Tillisch (Tillisch), Henrik "Henry" Christian Emil  21 Sep 1879Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I156879 onetrees 
19 Wisler, Lilian Therese   I34859 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Becher, Cæcilius  24 Sep 1882Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I171738 onetrees 
2 Bøgh (Lassen), Matthias Frederik Georg  17 Oct 1831Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I84917 onetrees 
3 Groth (Groth of Odense), Elise Margrethe  1972Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I37307 onetrees 
4 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Hans Sophus Carl von  4 Nov 1928Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I167080 onetrees 
5 Kaalund (Kaalund), Jens Sørensen  10 Oct 1669Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I201439 onetrees 
6 Knoph, Cathrine Hieronimusen  Nov 1659Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I201440 onetrees 
7 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Elisabeth Rebecca  1786Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I118704 onetrees 
8 Neergaard (Neergaard), Peder Sivertsen  1753Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I126904 onetrees 
9 Obelitz (Obelitz), Reimar Vilhelm Ernst von  14 Aug 1982Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I196434 onetrees 
10 Poulsen, Poul Frederik Axel  1960Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I37176 onetrees 
11 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Emma Julie Adelaide  23 Feb 1821Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I85747 onetrees 
12 Reusch, Mette Dorthea  19 Oct 1799Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I101055 onetrees 
13 Sorterup, Christian  1844Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I110370 onetrees 
14 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Søren  5 Jun 1776Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I414661 onetrees 
15 Willemoës, Joachim Godske  13 Mar 1858Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I192447 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Nicolaj Conrad Middleton  13 Feb 1835Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I169849 onetrees 
2 Bøgh (Lassen), Matthias Frederik Georg  22 Oct 1831Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I84917 onetrees 
3 Fogh (Fogh), Victorine Juliane  8 Jun 1861Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I84930 onetrees 
4 Frick, Else Margrethe Bornea  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I169850 onetrees 
5 Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg), Emma Nora  3 May 1910Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I16761 onetrees 
6 Lunge (Dyre), Anne Jørgensen  11 Sep 1652Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I151870 onetrees 
7 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Johan Frederik  21 Mar 1919Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I169356 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartholdy-Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Frederik Benedikt  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I41006 onetrees 
2 Bøgh (Lassen), Matthias Frederik Georg  28 Sep 1810Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I84917 onetrees 
3 Graulund, Niels  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I430999 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Peter  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I184385 onetrees 
5 Heindorf, Johan Jørgen  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I446095 onetrees 
6 Knuth of Conradsborg (Knuth), Karl Gustav, Baron  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I154622 onetrees 
7 Larsen, Hans Jacob  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I33900 onetrees 
8 Åhmann, Curt Alexander  Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark I174447 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bang (Bang of Odense) / Larsen   F93037 onetrees 
2 Bentzon / Jensen  25 Jul 1926Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F71012 onetrees 
3 Christensen / Rasmussen  14 Nov 1846Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F161583 onetrees 
4 Høffding (Høffding) / Muus (Muus of Denmark)  6 Apr 1781Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F3417 onetrees 
5 Kaalund (Kaalund) / Mule (Mule)  28 May 1662Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F116248 onetrees 
6 Obelitz (Obelitz) / Hansen  6 Sep 1922Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F82495 onetrees 
7 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen) / Jensen  7 Nov 1954Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F12859 onetrees 
8 Schloifer / Gjellerup  14 Nov 1811Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F47444 onetrees 
9 Schmidt-Phiseldeck / Åhmann  17 Jun 1887Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F73420 onetrees 
10 Sünckenberg / Schjøler  29 May 1816Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F41337 onetrees 
11 Søsted / Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen)   F111651 onetrees 
12 Taarnhøj / Boehm   F65301 onetrees 
13 Weiss / Nielsen  12 Oct 1907Herfoelge, Zealand, Denmark F175085 onetrees 

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