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Halden, Oestfold, Norway



Matches 1 to 124 of 124

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Vistor Christian Hjorth  1825Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129037 onetrees 
2 Anker, Carsten Tanke  1747Halden, Oestfold, Norway I154805 onetrees 
3 Anker, Karen Magadalene  6 Sep 1786Halden, Oestfold, Norway I108619 onetrees 
4 Anker, Peter  1744Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120814 onetrees 
5 Aubert (Aubert), Gjertrud Sophie de  14 Nov 1902Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98276 onetrees 
6 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Abel Frederikke Dorthea  1832Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98808 onetrees 
7 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Conrad Fredrik Julius  19 Apr 1827Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99096 onetrees 
8 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Einar Olsesen  30 Oct 1871Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102175 onetrees 
9 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Eleonore Dorthea Marie  1829Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122595 onetrees 
10 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Eleonore Fredrikke Louise  21 Aug 1859Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102566 onetrees 
11 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Fredrik Peter Conradsen  24 Feb 1865Halden, Oestfold, Norway I112903 onetrees 
12 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Fredrik Printz  1867Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102184 onetrees 
13 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Halvor Johan  1828Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122607 onetrees 
14 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Johanne Vilhelmine Olesen  25 Nov 1869Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102176 onetrees 
15 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Magnus Thulstrup  1825Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122620 onetrees 
16 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Ole Philip Adolf  1837Halden, Oestfold, Norway I113074 onetrees 
17 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Thale Emanuelle Sadolin  1835Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98809 onetrees 
18 Berggraw, Marie Christine Caroline  1826Halden, Oestfold, Norway I100394 onetrees 
19 Blich, Lars Christian Arup  20 Sep 1857Halden, Oestfold, Norway I413421 onetrees 
20 Blix, Andreas Juell  1 Aug 1759Halden, Oestfold, Norway I125142 onetrees 
21 Blix, Petronelle Marie  22 Nov 1690Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117590 onetrees 
22 Blom (Blom of Norway), Cathrine  1757Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118982 onetrees 
23 Breder, Anna C Diderikke  1847Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122585 onetrees 
24 Breder, Johan Severin  1853Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122581 onetrees 
25 Breder, Pauline Severine  1851Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122584 onetrees 
26 Breder, Rudolph Wilhelm Keyser  1857Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122580 onetrees 
27 Breder, Thekla Elise Mathilde  8 Nov 1850Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98684 onetrees 
28 Breder, Walesca Wilhelmine  1859Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122579 onetrees 
29 Bruun, Karen  1803Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117455 onetrees 
30 Bützow, Maren Dorothea  1723Halden, Oestfold, Norway I103865 onetrees 
31 Bødtker, Anne Marie  1749Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120996 onetrees 
32 Christensen, Laurits Severin  Halden, Oestfold, Norway I90869 onetrees 
33 Dahl, Annine Gulhilde  1805Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129036 onetrees 
34 Dahl, Theodora M "Dora"  1832Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120211 onetrees 
35 Dorph, Niels Olsen  1620Halden, Oestfold, Norway I114772 onetrees 
36 Dorph, Ole Nielsen  1630Halden, Oestfold, Norway I114776 onetrees 
37 Døderlein (Døderlein), Georg Michael  16 Sep 1699Halden, Oestfold, Norway I124426 onetrees 
38 Erichsen, Joseph  1829Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115017 onetrees 
39 Erløv, Anna Larsen  1662Halden, Oestfold, Norway I107087 onetrees 
40 Faye, Cathrine Marie  1803Halden, Oestfold, Norway I137845 onetrees 
41 Foltmar, Christian Ulrich D  1803Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115023 onetrees 
42 Fritzner, Bremer U S  1858Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120201 onetrees 
43 Fritzner, Jacob M  1852Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120202 onetrees 
44 Fritzner, Karl Theodor Dahl  1856Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120208 onetrees 
45 Fritzner, Magnus Christian Albrekt  1848Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120196 onetrees 
46 Fritzner, Nicoline Sofie Bremer  1860Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120194 onetrees 
47 Frølich (Frølich), Anine  1841Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129068 onetrees 
48 Frølich (Frølich), Bodil Foyn  2 Nov 1887Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129109 onetrees 
49 Frølich (Frølich), Carl Dahl  1824Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129064 onetrees 
50 Frølich (Frølich), Dagny Wiel  26 Nov 1874Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129062 onetrees 
51 Frølich (Frølich), Elise Margrethe  28 Jan 1869Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129116 onetrees 
52 Frølich (Frølich), Johan Ditlef  29 Aug 1867Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129123 onetrees 
53 Frølich (Frølich), Kathrine  22 Jul 1870Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129114 onetrees 
54 Frølich (Frølich), Laura Nicoline Johanna  1831Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129040 onetrees 
55 Frølich (Frølich), Sofie Kristiane  21 May 1882Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129112 onetrees 
56 Frølich (Frølich), Theodor Christian Brun  1834Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129153 onetrees 
57 Frølich (Frølich), Theodora Caroline  1837Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129038 onetrees 
58 Gløersen, Karen  1788Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118984 onetrees 
59 Grønn, Bodil Kristine  1834Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129152 onetrees 
60 Haarby, Cecilie Cathrine  Abt 1760Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121011 onetrees 
61 Hansen, Halvor Peter  19 May 1837Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102974 onetrees 
62 Haslund, Fredrik Adolph  17 Mar 1810Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118043 onetrees 
63 Heidenstrøm, Fritz Georg  1816Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115967 onetrees 
64 Holst, Peder Johannesen  1706Halden, Oestfold, Norway I125930 onetrees 
65 Jonasen, Solveig  10 Dec 1898Halden, Oestfold, Norway I111570 onetrees 
66 Juell (Juell of Norway), Niels  1684Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117591 onetrees 
67 Kaminsky, Marie Sophie Caroline  1816Halden, Oestfold, Norway I125207 onetrees 
68 Kiørboe, Herman  1822Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120988 onetrees 
69 Kiørboe, Kathinka  1832Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120987 onetrees 
70 Kiørboe, Peder  1784Halden, Oestfold, Norway I123593 onetrees 
71 Kiørboe, Peder  1835Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120986 onetrees 
72 Kiørboe, Susanna  1766Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121001 onetrees 
73 Knap, Boe Nilsen  1804Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115311 onetrees 
74 Kosch, Ludvig Glerup  1834Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129039 onetrees 
75 Krefting, Jacob Waldemar Conrad  1800Halden, Oestfold, Norway I116834 onetrees 
76 Larsen, Barbara Kristine "Tina"  1828Halden, Oestfold, Norway I100027 onetrees 
77 Lemmich, Karen Madsen  Abt 1700Halden, Oestfold, Norway I101816 onetrees 
78 Lemmich, Mads  1664Halden, Oestfold, Norway I112141 onetrees 
79 Lerche (Lerche), Hilleborg Charlotte Cornelia  Jan 1738Halden, Oestfold, Norway I17956 onetrees 
80 Leth, Anna Elisabeth  1746Halden, Oestfold, Norway I105109 onetrees 
81 Lyche, Poul Fredrik  27 Apr 1792Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99556 onetrees 
82 Madsen, Willy   I395012 onetrees 
83 Maull, Johanne von  5 Sep 1703Halden, Oestfold, Norway I106797 onetrees 
84 Mørch, Jens Christian  Abt 1724Halden, Oestfold, Norway I97935 onetrees 
85 Nilsen, Marthe Karine  1661Halden, Oestfold, Norway I114775 onetrees 
86 Norbye, Cathrine Elisabeth  1 Jul 1822Halden, Oestfold, Norway I127691 onetrees 
87 Norbye, Christian  1793Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118986 onetrees 
88 Printz, Fredrike  1804Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102170 onetrees 
89 Printz, Hans Christian  1816Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102165 onetrees 
90 Printz, Johan Frederik Ditloeff  Abt 1810Halden, Oestfold, Norway I128035 onetrees 
91 Printz, Johannes  1796Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102171 onetrees 
92 Prytz, Anna  23 Mar 1767Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117594 onetrees 
93 Ringvold, Hans  21 Jul 1917Halden, Oestfold, Norway I130205 onetrees 
94 Rist, Helene Sofie Johanna Laurentia  4 Mar 1795Halden, Oestfold, Norway I105103 onetrees 
95 Rist, Johannes Laurentius  27 Jun 1775Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115006 onetrees 
96 Rist, Peter  1824Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115008 onetrees 
97 Rosendahl, Elen  5 Dec 1690Halden, Oestfold, Norway I101241 onetrees 
98 Sandberg (Sandberg of Norway), Karen  1791Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117657 onetrees 
99 Sandberg (Sandberg of Norway), Petronelle Marie  1788Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117660 onetrees 
100 Sesterfleth, Vincentz Heinrich von  6 May 1733Halden, Oestfold, Norway I106795 onetrees 
101 Smith (Smith of Norway), Hans Sivertsen  1748Halden, Oestfold, Norway I116524 onetrees 
102 Smith (Smith of Norway), Larsine Frederikke  27 Jun 1810Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120871 onetrees 
103 Stang (Stang af Halden), Cathrine Andrea  25 Jan 1860Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99342 onetrees 
104 Stang (Stang af Halden), Elisabeth "Vesla"  8 Nov 1903Halden, Oestfold, Norway I189791 onetrees 
105 Stang (Stang af Halden), Fredrikke Sophie  1 Dec 1779Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121004 onetrees 
106 Struve, Astrid  1884Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99776 onetrees 
107 Struve, Ella Cathrine Carslsen  13 Aug 1883Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99778 onetrees 
108 Struve, Karl Karslsen  12 Apr 1887Halden, Oestfold, Norway I127188 onetrees 
109 Tambs, Anders  1794Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120979 onetrees 
110 Tambs, Anne Maria  1797Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120977 onetrees 
111 Tambs, Berthe  1792Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120980 onetrees 
112 Tambs, Christian Hansen  9 Mar 1783Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120981 onetrees 
113 Tambs, Cicilia Cathrine  1790Halden, Oestfold, Norway I103423 onetrees 
114 Tambs, Gierbrand  1796Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120978 onetrees 
115 Tambs, Hans Fredrik  9 Jan 1782Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121010 onetrees 
116 Tambs, Hartvig  16 Apr 1785Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121005 onetrees 
117 Tambs, Helene Margrethe  10 Oct 1787Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121000 onetrees 
118 Tambs, Johanne Kirstine  5 Apr 1784Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120983 onetrees 
119 Tambs, Lyth Ørum  1798Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120976 onetrees 
120 Tambs, Nicolay  1800Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120975 onetrees 
121 Thurmann, Marie Thurmann  1839Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99948 onetrees 
122 Wiel, Dagny  21 Oct 1845Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129124 onetrees 
123 Wiel, Truels Johs  1821Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129071 onetrees 
124 Wulff, Magdalene "Magda" Laura Marie  5 Feb 1829Halden, Oestfold, Norway I196011 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Einar Olsesen  26 Dec 1871Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102175 onetrees 
2 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Fredrik Peter Conradsen  5 Jun 1865Halden, Oestfold, Norway I112903 onetrees 
3 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Johanne Vilhelmine Olesen  9 Jan 1870Halden, Oestfold, Norway I102176 onetrees 
4 Frølich (Frølich), Bodil Foyn  22 Apr 1888Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129109 onetrees 
5 Frølich (Frølich), Dagny Wiel  9 Apr 1875Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129062 onetrees 
6 Frølich (Frølich), Elise Margrethe  29 Mar 1869Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129116 onetrees 
7 Frølich (Frølich), Johan Ditlef  10 Nov 1867Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129123 onetrees 
8 Frølich (Frølich), Kathrine  21 Aug 1870Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129114 onetrees 
9 Frølich (Frølich), Sofie Kristiane  9 Jul 1882Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129112 onetrees 
10 Stang (Stang af Halden), Fredrikke Sophie  6 Dec 1779Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121004 onetrees 
11 Struve, Ella Cathrine Carslsen  7 Oct 1883Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99778 onetrees 
12 Struve, Karl Karslsen  12 Jun 1887Halden, Oestfold, Norway I127188 onetrees 
13 Tambs, Hartvig  29 Apr 1785Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121005 onetrees 
14 Tambs, Helene Margrethe  19 Oct 1787Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121000 onetrees 
15 Tambs, Johanne Kirstine  16 Apr 1784Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120983 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Abel Frederikke Dorthea  1832Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98808 onetrees 
2 Bagge (Bagge of Norway), Halvor  29 Aug 1843Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122901 onetrees 
3 Blix, Petronelle Marie  25 Mar 1766Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117590 onetrees 
4 Blom (Blom of Norway), Cathrine  Abt 1801Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118982 onetrees 
5 Foltmar, Christian Ulrich D  1886Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115023 onetrees 
6 Foltmar, Frederich Christian  1832Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115011 onetrees 
7 Foltmar, Fredrik Carl Christian  1906Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115016 onetrees 
8 Frisak, Hans  17 Aug 1834Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118066 onetrees 
9 Frølich (Frølich), Jens Lemvig Lyster  1862Halden, Oestfold, Norway I129151 onetrees 
10 Gløersen, Ole  1817Halden, Oestfold, Norway I118983 onetrees 
11 Haarby, Cecilie Cathrine  1789Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121011 onetrees 
12 Harris, Johanne Margrethe  1828Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115310 onetrees 
13 Hiorth, Fredrikke Cathrine  1 Jan 1833Halden, Oestfold, Norway I122889 onetrees 
14 Huus, Anders  1795Halden, Oestfold, Norway I96755 onetrees 
15 Jacobsen, Golette Laurine Christiane  1879Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115022 onetrees 
16 Juell (Juell of Norway), Hans Blix  Oct 1767Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117592 onetrees 
17 Juell (Juell of Norway), Niels  25 Mar 1758Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117591 onetrees 
18 Kirkemoe, Birgithe Lucie Walthersen  1768Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120993 onetrees 
19 Kiørboe, Gierbrand "Hermann"  1782Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120997 onetrees 
20 Kiørboe, Peder  Abt 1875Halden, Oestfold, Norway I123593 onetrees 
21 Klouman, Gerhard Petersen  1789Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98379 onetrees 
22 Krefting, Peter  1843Halden, Oestfold, Norway I116833 onetrees 
23 Kreutz, Andreas S  1870Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99775 onetrees 
24 Lerche (Lerche), Hilleborg Charlotte Cornelia  26 Nov 1739Halden, Oestfold, Norway I17956 onetrees 
25 Leth, Anna Elisabeth  15 Apr 1776Halden, Oestfold, Norway I105109 onetrees 
26 Luth, Birgitha Rosing  1824Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115010 onetrees 
27 Lyche, Adolph Theodor  1879Halden, Oestfold, Norway I100028 onetrees 
28 Lyche, Adolphine Christine  1892Halden, Oestfold, Norway I100032 onetrees 
29 Maull, Johanne von  14 May 1733Halden, Oestfold, Norway I106797 onetrees 
30 Mollerup (Mollerup of Etne), Johan Nicolaus  21 Oct 1736Halden, Oestfold, Norway I104109 onetrees 
31 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Sophie Louise  7 Jul 1863Halden, Oestfold, Norway I98972 onetrees 
32 Rist, Johannes Laurentius  15 Apr 1856Halden, Oestfold, Norway I115006 onetrees 
33 Rist, Jonas  11 Dec 1820Halden, Oestfold, Norway I105110 onetrees 
34 Sandberg (Sandberg of Norway), Hans  Abt 1801Halden, Oestfold, Norway I117659 onetrees 
35 Sesterfleth, Otto Vincents von  1734Halden, Oestfold, Norway I106798 onetrees 
36 Smidt, Gregers von  13 Sep 1822Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99573 onetrees 
37 Stang (Stang af Halden), Fredrikke Sophie  27 Jul 1837Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121004 onetrees 
38 Steenberry, Aurora M  1862Halden, Oestfold, Norway I99772 onetrees 
39 Tambs, Hartvig  15 May 1813Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121012 onetrees 
40 Tambs, Hartvig  7 Feb 1850Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121005 onetrees 
41 Tambs, Helene Margrethe  19 Mar 1820Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121000 onetrees 
42 Weisser, Johanne "Hanna" Cathrine  1891Halden, Oestfold, Norway I112925 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stang (Stang af Halden), Fredrikke Sophie  1 Aug 1837Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121004 onetrees 
2 Tambs, Hartvig  14 Feb 1850Halden, Oestfold, Norway I121005 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anker, Bernt  Halden, Oestfold, Norway I120808 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Frølich (Frølich)  2 Nov 1865Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54336 onetrees 
2 Blehr / Kaminsky  30 Aug 1839Halden, Oestfold, Norway F53232 onetrees 
3 Broch (Broch) / Fritzner  12 Oct 1884Halden, Oestfold, Norway F43162 onetrees 
4 Faye / Faye  9 Dec 1825Halden, Oestfold, Norway F57114 onetrees 
5 Fritzner / Dahl  30 Nov 1851Halden, Oestfold, Norway F51568 onetrees 
6 Frødin / Ferry  12 May 1857Halden, Oestfold, Norway F46356 onetrees 
7 Frølich (Frølich) / Dahl  19 Feb 1825Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54335 onetrees 
8 Frølich (Frølich) / Grønn  24 Oct 1856Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54362 onetrees 
9 Frølich (Frølich) / Wiel  18 Nov 1866Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54356 onetrees 
10 Fuglesang / Frølich (Frølich)  30 May 1891Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54354 onetrees 
11 Holck (Holck of Stord) / Rosendahl  6 May 1712Halden, Oestfold, Norway F44898 onetrees 
12 Kiørboe / Echstein  22 Sep 1824Halden, Oestfold, Norway F52688 onetrees 
13 Kosch / Frølich (Frølich)  5 Sep 1856Halden, Oestfold, Norway F54337 onetrees 
14 Lowzow (Lowzow) / Wulff  10 Jan 1854Halden, Oestfold, Norway F82451 onetrees 
15 Madsen / Olsen   F152893 onetrees 
16 Roll / Krebs  22 Sep 1860Halden, Oestfold, Norway F44162 onetrees 
17 Sesterfleth / Erløv  Abt 1691Halden, Oestfold, Norway F46956 onetrees 
18 Sesterfleth / Maull  14 Jun 1726Halden, Oestfold, Norway F46945 onetrees 
19 Struve / Kreutz  15 Oct 1871Halden, Oestfold, Norway F44378 onetrees 
20 Tambs / Kiørboe  Abt 1791Halden, Oestfold, Norway F51849 onetrees 
21 Tambs / Stang (Stang af Halden)  1807Halden, Oestfold, Norway F51851 onetrees 
22 Tambs / Throndsen  9 Nov 1824Halden, Oestfold, Norway F47874 onetrees 

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