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Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 227 of 227

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aggersborg, Anna Elisabeth  18 Jul 1855Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I75774
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Frederik Christian von  4 Feb 1652Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I181524
3 Albrektsen, Knud-Erik "Albreco"   I164690
4 Amorsen, Hans Georg Qvist  25 Nov 1862Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I405642
5 Arnkiel, Andreas Pedersen  1657Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I135740
6 Bang-Olsson, Kira   I57459
7 Becher, Claus Henrik Gad   I138483
8 Bendixen, Catharina  Abt 1698Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120588
9 Beyer, Magdalena  1561Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83178
10 Bjerring, Ingeborg Christine  10 Aug 1878Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I280670
11 Blom, Anne Marie Cathrune Helene  19 Mar 1851Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I197063
12 Bornemann (Bornemann), Cosmus von  28 Dec 1637Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I176571
13 Boye, Johannes Jørgensen  16 Jan 1559Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83083
14 Boysen, Cathrine Jørgensen  Abt 1555Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83084
15 Brandt (Brandt of Soenderborg), Cathrine Marie de  8 Sep 1727Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I165935
16 Bremen, Hedewig Sophia Ahrenkiel  16 May 1803Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I413469
17 Bruhn, Anna Margrethe Elisabeth  4 Aug 1872Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I31735
18 Bruhn (Bruhn of Karise), Johannes  9 May 1791Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I151028
19 Brun, Arend  Abt 1688Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I188924
20 Brun, Jørgen Frederich  1693Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I188927
21 Bruun (Bruun of Stepping), Marina Agathe Jespersen  Abt 1581Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I200497
22 Buhl, Thora Caroline Margrethe  6 Mar 1857Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I91596
23 Burgemann, Paul   I54381
24 Burgemann, Thomas   I54378
25 Busch, Hans Gjertsen  1588Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I118532
26 Bysted, Cathrine Dorthea "Lyst"  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254097
27 Carstensen, Christian  6 Dec 1794Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425011
28 Christensen, Maren  Abt 1560Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I63813
29 Cretschmer, Martine Caatharina Georgia  17 Aug 1767Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I116092
30 Crüger, Henriette "Henny" Caroline Augusta  3 Aug 1866Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I35044
31 Dalgas, Marianne   I111381
32 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Hedevig, Countess of  15 Jul 1626Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I45461
33 Dinsen, Cecillia Jensen Outzen  26 Feb 1779Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I399368
34 Dinsen, Hans Jensen Outzen  20 Oct 1781Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I399357
35 Dixen, Dorthe   I58083
36 Dixen, Henrik   I58080
37 Dixen, Marianne   I58082
38 Dorph, Anna Sophie Dorothea  12 Nov 1853Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179332
39 Due, Kirstine Marie  30 May 1789Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I116095
40 Dyhr, Flemming   I77219
41 Düring, Sophie Henriette Marie von  4 Jan 1774Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I149441
42 Erichsen, Anna Lisa   I290473
43 Fabricius (Fabricius), Jacob  1508Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83079
44 Falk (Falck of Norway), Jeppe   I60246
45 Faurschou (Faurschou), Anna Christine Grønbech  20 Mar 1829Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I405486
46 Fischer, Christian Thygesen Schytte  29 Sep 1860Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80417
47 Fischer, Henriette  9 Jul 1850Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80410
48 Fischer, Jacobine Johanne Christiane Maren  25 Oct 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85748
49 Fischer, Johan  11 Jan 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80415
50 Fischer, Marie  18 Jan 1856Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80413
51 Fischer, Sophie  25 Aug 1852Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80412
52 Folkenberg (Folkenberg), Karen Margrethe  19 Sep 1883Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I240400
53 Folkenberg (Folkenberg), Svend Olaf  13 Jul 1878Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I240441
54 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Anders Mikkelsen  1543Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I144714
55 Fries, Wilhelmina "Mika"  28 Jul 1923Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I22824
56 Giørtz, Marie Cathrine Frederikke  30 Apr 1828Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I243596
57 Gotthardt, Ole Wium   I141652
58 Graastrup, Dagny  12 Mar 1910Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I135832
59 Grandjean, Johanne Caroline Camilla  30 Jan 1885Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I138001
60 Guldager, Mads Hansen  1827Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I406332
61 Haas, Athene Amalie  1802Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I415690
62 Haffner, Lisbeth von   I194587
63 Hansen, Caroline  15 Jun 1803Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I405484
64 Hansen, Falle Nissen  1780Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I36432
65 Hartmann, Erich Vitus   I54998
66 Heide, Axel  19 Mar 1861Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I164027
67 Heide, Ingeborg  27 Jul 1859Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194186
68 Heilmann (Heilmann), Johan Ernst  29 Jan 1735Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I198010
69 Helweg, Agner Anthes  10 Dec 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I199576
70 Helweg, Dagmar  31 Jul 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I199573
71 Heniochus, Nicolai Knudsen  1590Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85803
72 Henningsen, Kaj  3 May 1909Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I121644
73 Henrichsen, Anna Magdalene  Abt 1818Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I392566
74 Henriksen, Helga  Abt 1873Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I376458
75 Henriksen, Knud  Abt 1875Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I376459
76 Henriksen, Valborg  Abt 1871Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I376457
77 Hesler, Hans  Abt 1617Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I264347
78 Hesler, Magdalene Margrethe Hansen  Aug 1652Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85840
79 Hildebrandt, Jeppe   I222023
80 Hildebrandt, Troels Zeuner   I222022
81 Hinrichsen, Dorthea Emma "Bitten" Andkjær  20 Oct 1912Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I203381
82 Hiort-Lorenzen  19 Oct 1873Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194494
83 Hiort-Lorenzen, Emil Ruge Peter  30 Oct 1870Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194468
84 Hiort-Lorenzen, Hans Rudolf  16 Aug 1832Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I200328
85 Hiort-Lorenzen, Hans Rudolf Peter  14 May 1872Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194481
86 Hiort-Lorenzen, Johan Frederik  25 Feb 1831Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I200327
87 Hiort-Lorenzen, Mathilde Auguste  22 Dec 1836Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89176
88 Hiort-Lorenzen, Oline Emilie  23 Nov 1869Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194456
89 Hiort-Lorenzen, Ove Laurids Peter  16 Oct 1874Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194506
90 Hiort-Lorenzen, Peter  24 Jan 1791Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89216
91 Hjort, Sophie Elisabeth  6 Jun 1881Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I44079
92 Hjorth (Hjorth of Haderslev), Andreas Hansen  1 Nov 1752Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I73187
93 Holm, Astrid Thea Margrethe  7 Dec 1866Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I174305
94 Holm, Bente   I61661
95 Holm, Christian Friderich  1777Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I421242
96 Holst, Hedvig Christine  1742Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I99023
97 Holstein (Holstein), Alexander von  22 Apr 1687Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I38551
98 Holstein (Holstein), Catharine Christine von  25 Mar 1690Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I38550
99 Hübner, Hans Christian  1778Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I115821
100 Ipsen, Maria Catharina  Abt 1827Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I392570
101 Ipsen, Peter Martin  28 Oct 1816Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I392565
102 Ipsen, Ulrich Anton  21 Feb 1823Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I43045
103 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Christian   I118279
104 Jacobsen, Bent   I172523
105 Jensen, Caroline Sophie  1849Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425252
106 Jensen, Dorthe Zeuner   I222030
107 Jensen, Henrik Bech   I293886
108 Jensen, Marie Christine  1842Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425258
109 Jensen, Niels Frederik  1838Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425257
110 Jensen, Peter  1835Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425256
111 Johansen, Carsten   I267231
112 Juhl, Christine Jensine Bothilde Marie  Abt 1852Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I270714
113 Kjems, Gjertrud Julie Marie  9 Sep 1875Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446024
114 Kjems, Julie Christine  13 Mar 1879Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446025
115 Kjær, Charlotte   I290646
116 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Frederikke Juliane Louise von  6 Jan 1755Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I145762
117 Knap, Anna Christina  17 Nov 1800Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425010
118 Knap, Johan Ludewig  26 Apr 1776Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425009
119 Knap, Matthias  22 Feb 1808Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425012
120 Knudsen, Chresten  7 Jul 1921Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I87987
121 Knudsen, Marie Cathrine Iversen  1868Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I21128
122 Kofoed-Hansen (Hansen), Otto Jens Moltke  20 Mar 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I63493
123 Kofoed-Hansen (Hansen), Sophie Gyrithe  9 Jun 1852Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I88694
124 Kofoed-Hansen (Hansen), Vilhelm  6 Jun 1856Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I191309
125 Koll, Karl Heinrich   I50640
126 Kragh, Anders Carl Christian  29 Nov 1848Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I220145
127 Kruse, Christen Thisenius  21 Mar 1862Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437612
128 Kruse, Marie Frederikke Louise  18 May 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437614
129 Kruse, Ole Valdemar Elisæus Thisenius  10 Dec 1864Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437611
130 Kruse, Ole Valdemar Thisenius  13 May 1868Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437609
131 Lange (Lange of Jylland), Margrethe Gundesen  1648Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I200619
132 Langreuter, Ernestine Juliane  16 Jan 1804Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I159144
133 Lassen, Annette   I54321
134 Lassen, Gustav Frederik  8 Aug 1801Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I30106
135 Lassen, Lisbeth   I54323
136 Leisner, Jørgen  Abt 1803Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I415710
137 Lembcke, Immanuel  5 Apr 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I2870
138 Leuth, Sophie Frederikke  11 Jan 1837Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I54824
139 Lobedanz, Johan  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I390838
140 Lobedanz, Samuel  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I390791
141 Luding, Anne Sophie Bertelsen  1742Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120593
142 Luding, Jacob Bertelsen  Abt 1708Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120591
143 Ludvigsen, Elna  29 Jun 1912Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I177474
144 Lund, Rikke   I32798
145 Lunding, Anna Catharine Bertelsen  13 Apr 1744Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254014
146 Lunding, Jens Bertelsen  Abt 1715Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254096
147 Madsen, Helene Margrethe  Abt 1845Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446565
148 Mahler, Sophie "Soffi" Dorothea Charlotte  3 Aug 1910Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I144987
149 Mahler, Sophie Dorothea Charlotte  1 Aug 1908Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I144976
150 Mahler, Torben   I145111
151 Marcussen (Marcussen of Sommersted), Flemming Kaae   I385834
152 Meyland (Meyland of Milan), Johannes Johansen  1605Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I278581
153 Monrad (Monrad), Claus Jacobsen  11 Jan 1768Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I131300
154 Monrad (Monrad), Lago  1733Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I99024
155 Muusmann, Andreas  Abt 1695Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120589
156 Muusmann, Andreas  11 Sep 1762Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I98417
157 Muusmann, Anne Sophie  21 Aug 1782Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120598
158 Muusmann, Catharina  28 Jan 1765Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120582
159 Muusmann, Friderich "Frederik" Ernst  26 Jul 1784Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120583
160 Muusmann, Lorentz  Abt 1735Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120594
161 Müller, Johanne Marie  10 Feb 1823Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I50420
162 Møller, Johannes Jørgen  22 Dec 1861Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I98770
163 Møller, Skipper  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446019
164 Mørck, Marie Christine Josephine  5 Jul 1842Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150084
165 Nissen, Bold  Abt 1580Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I253986
166 Obel (Obel), Carl Frederik Vilhelm  10 Oct 1806Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I189567
167 Oldendorph, Anna  3 Apr 1514Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I275411
168 Oldendorph, Ingeborg  24 Aug 1512Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I275412
169 Oldendorph, Johannes  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I275408
170 Oldendorph, Marina  22 Feb 1511Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I275420
171 Olsen, Ella   I155051
172 Otto, Theodor Christian Karl  7 Jan 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I117173
173 Ovesen, Niels Helweg   I141558
174 Paulsen, Mette  10 Sep 1695Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I35138
175 Pedersen, Dennis Harboe   I61394
176 Pedersen, Lennart Harboe   I61393
177 Petersen, Agnete Julie Claudine  20 Jul 1898Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446049
178 Petersen, August Cornelius  16 Dec 1911Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I58037
179 Petersen, Helga Louise  2 Dec 1894Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446048
180 Petersen, Mette Frederikke  9 Mar 1816Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I170579
181 Petersen, Peter  Abt 1829Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I410909
182 Posselt, Charlotte Elisabeth "Elise" von  13 Feb 1824Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I195142
183 Poulsen, Maren  1630Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I114826
184 Raben, Petrine Friederica  27 Jan 1803Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I144092
185 Reimers, Jochum  1645Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I255410
186 Reventlow (Reventlow), Cathrine Christine  8 Apr 1647Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I132799
187 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Detlev, Ruling Count  21 Jun 1671Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I3338
188 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christine Sophie, Comtesse  30 Oct 1672Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I105760
189 Reventlow (Reventlow), Frederik Ludvig, Count  31 Jan 1701Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I7558
190 Reventlow (Reventlow), Heinrich  4 Feb 1643Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179232
191 Roose, Ellen  2 Sep 1880Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I157708
192 Roose, Marie  4 Jan 1875Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85809
193 Rydichsen, Cathrine "Trine" Fischer  18 Jun 1784Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I399358
194 Saldern (Saldern), Friderich von  9 Dec 1709Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I106678
195 Salicath, Julie Frederikke Kirstine  10 Aug 1862Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I177988
196 Sass, Niels Madsen  1608Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I363082
197 Scherlner, Pauline  1781Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I115820
198 Schlichtkrull, Kirsten Helene   I50471
199 Schlüter (Pedersen), Birgitte Pank   I15301
200 Schnell (Schnell of Itzehoe), Margrethe Johansen  15 Jun 1574Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I95132
201 Scholten (Scholten), Sara von   I145566
202 Scholten (Scholten), Valdemar von   I145554
203 Schou, Nicolai Clemensen  1791Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I421960
204 Schrocter, Helena Dorothea  6 May 1808Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89207
205 Schröder, Christopher Johansen  19 Jan 1635Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I142947
206 Schumacher (Schumacher 2), Wilhelm Heinrich von  18 Jul 1669Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254053
207 Selmer, Eleonore Hedvig  28 Aug 1860Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I161496
208 Simonsen, Maren Anke  31 Jul 1857Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I54821
209 Simony (Simony), Finn Christian   I59577
210 Smed (Smed of Hammelev), Poul   I401441
211 Sørensen, Annine "Nina" Marie Bothilde  7 Jul 1875Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I215488
212 Sørensen, Fanny   I158016
213 Thomsen, Birgitte Uekermann  3 SepHaderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I387561
214 Thomsen, Knud Madsen  19 Mar 1864Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I50872
215 Thulstrup, Elisabeth Andrea   I201103
216 Thulstrup, Hans Otto  4 Aug 1925Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I201104
217 Thulstrup, Ida Marie   I201106
218 Thulstrup, Johanne "Hanne" Helene   I201107
219 Thulstrup, Niels Andreas   I201105
220 Voigt, Jens Peter  29 Jun 1735Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I92263
221 Wiis, Catharina Magdalena  Abt 1690Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I183622
222 Wind, Mette Cathrine  18 Jul 1830Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I63505
223 With-Seidelin (With of Rømø), Carl Ludvig  27 Oct 1850Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179619
224 Wæwer, Elisabeth   I71966
225 Wæwer, Svend   I71965
226 Wøldike, Andreas  27 Jan 1752Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I170759
227 Zimmermann, Peter Mathias  1783Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I46535


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bang-Olsson, Kira   I57459
2 Holm, Christian Friderich  1777Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I421242
3 Rydichsen, Cathrine "Trine" Fischer  1784Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I399358
4 Wøldike, Andreas  2 Feb 1752Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I170759


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbestée, Anna Elisabeth de le  3 Apr 1771Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I82207
2 Abrahamsen, Gerda  6 Oct 2000Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I222048
3 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Beke von  Jan 1628Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I151216
4 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Godske von  Abt 1616Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I151107
5 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Hans Heinrich von  18 Jun 1765Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I156294
6 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Jørgen von  24 Jun 1641Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I37199
7 Ammundsen, Ove Valdemar  1 Dec 1936Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I24253
8 Amorsen, Søren Th  12 Mar 1916Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I405638
9 Arbo, Nikolai  12 Sep 1797Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I108937
10 Arnkiel, Anna Cathrine Andreasen  15 Jan 1767Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I146806
11 Bendixen, Catharina  4 Oct 1774Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120588
12 Boëtius (Boëtius), Casper  1776Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I106136
13 Borch (Borch of Roskilde), Anne Margrethe  19 Jan 1873Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I188944
14 Bremen, Hedewig Sophia Ahrenkiel  10 Aug 1870Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I413469
15 Brogaard, Esther Ragnhild  17 Mar 1999Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I222012
16 Carstens, Dorthea Kristine  6 Jul 1963Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I58149
17 Christensen, Sarah  1 Sep 1659Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85895
18 Cretschmer, Martine Caatharina Georgia  15 Nov 1851Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I116092
19 Dalgas, Jean-Marc  1946Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I111380
20 Dinsen, Jens "Dinesøn"  1795Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I399366
21 Düring, Ernst Frederik Vilhelm Carl von  12 Aug 1895Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I15661
22 Fischer, Johan  Sep 1862Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80415
23 Fischer, Sophie  30 Aug 1852Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80412
24 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Jens  14 Nov 1988Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I94164
25 Gunge, Mads Nielsen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254641
26 Haarløv, Viggo Rothe  11 May 1931Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I137569
27 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Marie Sophie  11 Apr 1923Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I232284
28 Hansen, Anna Margrethe  21 Feb 1873Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I189618
29 Hansen, Jens Ingver  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I435209
30 Heniochus, Nicolai Knudsen  1646Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85803
31 Hesler, Hans  Abt 1652Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I264347
32 Hiort-Lorenzen  19 Oct 1873Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194494
33 Hiort-Lorenzen, Herman Rudolf Peter  7 Oct 1980Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I99469
34 Hiort-Lorenzen, Ove Laurids Peter  19 Apr 1877Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194506
35 Hiort-Lorenzen, Peter  17 Mar 1845Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89216
36 Holstein (Holstein), Christian Frederik von  21 Nov 1989Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I39690
37 Huus, Claus Dethlef  17 Feb 1871Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I190273
38 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Thomas  Abt 1315Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I255350
39 Jansen (Jansen), Agnes Rosa  30 Aug 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150758
40 Jansen (Jansen), Amalie Katrine  1888Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150750
41 Jansen (Jansen), Heinrich Sigismund  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150753
42 Jansen (Jansen), Helene Caroline  26 Jan 1840Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150756
43 Jansen (Jansen), Johanne Dorothea  16 Dec 1850Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150748
44 Kjems, Marius Nissen  2 Feb 1960Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446015
45 Kjems, Nis Thomsen  1 Jan 1922Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446007
46 Kjems, Thomas Nissen  10 Oct 1890Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446018
47 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Frederik von  16 Dec 1783Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I145407
48 Knap, Johanna Maria  24 May 1803Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425005
49 Knap, Matthias  4 Jul 1811Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I425012
50 Koch, Jeppe Hansen  Jul 1776Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I24593
51 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Absalon Hansen  26 Feb 1699Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85504
52 Kornerup-Borch (Kornerup), Emilie Sophie Bolette  23 Oct 1893Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I190249
53 Kornerup-Borch (Kornerup), Marie Elise Kathinka  26 Jul 1861Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I190227
54 Kornerup-Borch (Kornerup), Søren  1 Mar 1855Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I189872
55 Krahe, Johan Peter  29 Jun 1789Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I86099
56 Kruse, Ole Valdemar Elisæus Thisenius  30 Jun 1867Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437611
57 Lassen, Frederik Christian  5 Jan 1833Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I30128
58 Luding, Jacob Bertelsen  1753Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120591
59 Mahler, Sophie Dorothea Charlotte  1 Dec 1908Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I144976
60 Mayland (Schrem of Askov), Peter  23 Dec 1947Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I163752
61 Mecklenborg (Mecklenborg of Flensburg), Carsten Olufsen  1618Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I95133
62 Michelbecker, Anne Marie  19 Mar 1732Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85493
63 Muusmann, Anne Sophie  20 May 1785Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120598
64 Muusmann, Catharina  18 Oct 1766Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120582
65 Muusmann, Lorentz  28 Jun 1781Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120594
66 Neergaard (Neergaard), Frederica Elisabeth  28 Apr 1844Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I415685
67 Nissen, Tallia Rebeca  21 Dec 1775Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120590
68 Obel (Obel), Jes Ole Bartholin  10 Jul 1844Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I189604
69 Pedersen, Ide Sophie  31 May 1853Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I424958
70 Petersen, Maren  1 Apr 1889Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I437615
71 Ployart, Charlotte Helene Hedevig de  31 Oct 1805Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I106690
72 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Morten Oxenbøll  3 Jan 1931Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I44497
73 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Petra  6 May 1944Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I188471
74 Prætorius, Dorothea Sophia  22 Sep 1808Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I60674
75 Rantzau (Rantzau), Otto von  27 Jul 1624Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I167594
76 Rehefeld, Bonaventura Tobiasen von  7 Jun 1673Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I267022
77 Roose, Jørgen Hansen  9 Dec 1909Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I157709
78 Saldern (Saldern), Friderich von  2 Feb 1775Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I106678
79 Schrocter, Helena Dorothea  13 Sep 1853Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89207
80 Schröder, Christopher Johansen  13 Apr 1700Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I142947
81 Schröder, Johan Johansen  29 Apr 1664Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I388555
82 Schrøder, Elisabeth Hansen  Abt 1652Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I325922
83 Simonsen, Hans Christian  26 Feb 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I54826
84 Simonsen, Maren Anke  16 Apr 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I54821
85 Sløk (Friis of Flensburg), Nicoline Amalie  5 Aug 1919Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I287474
86 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel), Tyge Rothe  5 Aug 1878Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I193092
87 Stemann, Gustav Vilhelm Heinrich von  27 Dec 1929Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120432
88 Stockfleth, Hannibal de  15 Dec 1858Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I18350
89 Suderow, Elisabeth  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I388556
90 Toftmann, Hedewig  6 Aug 1732Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I254078
91 Truelsen, Bertel  21 Jan 1715Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85888
92 Wandel (Wandel), Peder Jensen  9 Oct 1659Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85904
93 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Marie "Mary" Wilhelmine Caroline Charlotte, Comtesse  12 Sep 1841Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I504
94 With (With of Rømø), Jesper Peter  10 Aug 1857Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179632
95 Wolf, Marthe Cathrine  1814Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I108936
96 Wøldike, Peder Pedersen  14 May 1759Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I149331
97 Zachariae, Ella  25 Jul 1956Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I170248
98 Zeuner (Zeuner), Erik  16 Jan 1997Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I222047


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Arnkiel, Anna Cathrine Andreasen  23 Jan 1767Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I146806
2 Boye, Jørgen Lorenzen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I80212
3 Hesler, Hans  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I264347
4 Kragh, Thyge Vilhelm  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I151559
5 Saldern (Saldern), Friderich von  9 Feb 1775Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I106678
6 Schrøder, Elisabeth Hansen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I325922
7 Sløk (Friis of Flensburg), Nicoline Amalie  9 Aug 1919Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I287474
8 Wøldike, Peder Pedersen  22 May 1759Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I149331
9 Zeuner (Zeuner), Erik  17 Jan 1997Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I222047


Matches 1 to 67 of 67

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alberti, Vincents  1544Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I78314
2 Albrektsen, A L   I21871
3 Ammundsen, Ove Valdemar  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I24253
4 Bekker, Bertel Pedersen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I255009
5 Bennike, Ove  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I157150
6 Beyer, Jürgen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I79107
7 Bjerring, Peder Jensen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I280717
8 Blom, Ludvig Christian  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I197064
9 Boye, Laurents  1524Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83095
10 Boysen, Jørgen Jørgensen  1579Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83082
11 Boysen, Jørgen Jørgensen  1607Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I83082
12 Brandt (Brandt of Soenderborg), Mathias de  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I200220
13 Bruhn, Christian  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I111139
14 Brun, Arend  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I188925
15 Callø, Poul Anker  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I131238
16 Dahl, Henrik Jørgen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I248844
17 Dalgas, Jean-Marc  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I111380
18 Dorph, Poul  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179333
19 Erichsen, Erich  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I441068
20 Feddersen, Hans Rudolph  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194942
21 Haarløv, Viggo Rothe  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I137569
22 Haffner, Waldemar von  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194564
23 Halling, Christian Ulrik von Westen von  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I180367
24 Hammerich, Emil  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I160987
25 Hammerich, Peter Carl Christian  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I158101
26 Helms (Helms), Heinrich  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I179849
27 Hennings, Frantz Conrad August  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I45688
28 Hey (Møller), Knud Bendt Seidelin  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I29445
29 Hinrichsen, Waldemar Andkjær  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I203361
30 Hiort, Peter  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I194947
31 Hiort-Lorenzen, Peter  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I89216
32 Huus, Claus Dethlef  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I190273
33 Ishøy, Holger Balslev  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I41308
34 Jansen (Jansen), Heinrich Sigismund  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150753
35 Juhl, Christian Andersen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446569
36 Juhl, Hans Andersen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I446560
37 Kaae (Kaae), Peder Sørensen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I94446
38 Knudsen, Bertel  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85883
39 Knudsen, Erling   I248880
40 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Absalon Hansen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85504
41 Langhejm, Karl Heinrich Paul  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I150214
42 Lassen, Frederik Christian  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I30128
43 Lindenhahn, Hans Tobiassen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I282885
44 Marcussen (Marcussen of Sommersted), Svendaage  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I385833
45 Møller (Møller of Tolstrup), Arne  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I49601
46 Nielsen, Henrik Bartholomæus Godske  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I82681
47 Ohlsen, Christopher  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I409654
48 Olrik (Olrik), Knud  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I196271
49 Raben, Mathias  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I242441
50 Roose, Jørgen Hansen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I157709
51 Rørdam (Rørdam), Hemming Skat  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I160435
52 Schnell (Schnell of Itzehoe), Johan  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I95131
53 Simonsen, Einar  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I186718
54 Stein, Preben Saxtorph  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I159227
55 Stemann, Gustav Vilhelm Heinrich von  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I120432
56 Stockfleth, Hannibal de  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I18350
57 Stockfleth, William Walcker de  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I18361
58 Sørensen, Hans Peter   I158017
59 Thysen, Erik Pontoppidan  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I34336
60 Truelsen, Bertel  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I85888
61 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Signe Andrea  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I173889
62 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Frederik  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I158662
63 Wiis, Rasmus  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I48443
64 Wæwer, Poul  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I86950
65 Wæwer, Svend Jørgensen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I86354
66 Wøldike, Peder  1680Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I111096
67 Wøldike, Peder Pedersen  1750Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark I149331


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   26 Mar 1983Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F174678
2 Bang / Olsson   F28510
3 Bloch / Hammerich  16 Jun 1854Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F67454
4 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia) / Hiort-Lorenzen  1 Aug 1869Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F30113
5 Dahlmann / Nissen  17 Oct 1930Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F28732
6 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Kohl  29 May 1941Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F25248
7 Dinsen / Hansen  5 Jun 1778Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F154565
8 Düring / Düring-Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz)  11 Aug 1857Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F8404
9 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Hansen  Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F156570
10 Friess / Holstein (Holstein)  3 Sep 1839Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F11121
11 Friess / Holstein (Holstein)  19 Feb 1851Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F11122
12 Heilmann (Heilmann) / Paulsen  17 Jan 1727Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F66157
13 Hiort-Lorenzen / Schrocter  16 Dec 1826Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F40211
14 Huus / Kornerup-Borch (Kornerup)  1 Jul 1853Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F80106
15 Josephsen / Knudsen   F26551
16 Juhl / Buhl  5 May 1880Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F41019
17 Jørgensen / Iversen  28 Feb 1932Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F101229
18 Kierulff (Kiermet - Stage) / Helmert   F3317
19 Kierulff (Kiermet - Stage) / Helmert   F179383
20 Kjær / Nissen  21 Jun 1940Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F28744
21 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Knipschildt (Knipschildt)  1 Jul 1853Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F67193
22 Krahe / Wøldike  29 Jul 1760Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F38989
23 Muusmann / Saldern (Saldern)  7 Sep 1781Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F43860
24 Obel (Obel) / Hansen  3 Jun 1809Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F79870
25 Olesen / Gotthardt   F58360
26 Paulsen (Paulsen) / Cederfeld (Cederfeld)  3 Nov 1775Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F61560
27 Pedersen / Erichsen   F120216
28 Poulsen / Paulsen   F52319
29 Ravn / Spies  12 Dec 1834Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark F31231
30 Rudkjøbing / Thulstrup   F22842

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