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Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Espersen, Ane Cathrine  1804Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369874 onetrees 
2 Espersen, Didrich Funk  1800Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I320103 onetrees 
3 Espersen, Elise Margrethe  1803Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I320104 onetrees 
4 Espersen, Jørgen Peter  1807Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369875 onetrees 
5 Gram (Gram of Bornholm 1), Simon Jacobsen  Abt 1615Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I316683 onetrees 
6 Gram (Gram of Bornholm 3), Jacob Jacobsen  Abt 1623Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I354490 onetrees 
7 Gram (Gram of Bornholm 4), Jørgen Jacobsen  Abt 1620Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I314241 onetrees 
8 Jacobsen, Hans  Abt 1723Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359569 onetrees 
9 Jacobsen, Inger  Abt 1727Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359570 onetrees 
10 Jacobsen, Jacob  21 Feb 1734Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359563 onetrees 
11 Jacobsen, Jens  18 Jan 1737Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359556 onetrees 
12 Jacobsen, Jørgen  Abt 1717Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359566 onetrees 
13 Jacobsen, Karen  Abt 1723Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341681 onetrees 
14 Jacobsen, Kirstine  21 Feb 1734Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359564 onetrees 
15 Jacobsen, Maren  Abt 1730Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359571 onetrees 
16 Jacobsen, Margrethe  Abt 1714Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359565 onetrees 
17 Jacobsen, Sejer  Abt 1721Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359568 onetrees 
18 Jørgensen, Karen  Abt 1658Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315649 onetrees 
19 Jørgensen, Kirstine  Abt 1664Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315647 onetrees 
20 Jørgensen, Martha  Abt 1662Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315648 onetrees 
21 Pedersen, Jacob  1690Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I354454 onetrees 
22 Pedersen, Jacob  1692Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I325790 onetrees 
23 Pedersen, Jørgen  Abt 1685Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I337644 onetrees 
24 Rasmussen, Anne  1793Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362209 onetrees 
25 Rasmussen, Anne Margrethe  1797Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362211 onetrees 
26 Rasmussen, Christopher  1782Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362205 onetrees 
27 Rasmussen, Jacob  1795Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362210 onetrees 
28 Rasmussen, Karen Kirstine  1789Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362207 onetrees 
29 Rasmussen, Kirstine  1780Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362204 onetrees 
30 Rasmussen, Margrethe  1785Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362206 onetrees 
31 Rasmussen, Sidsel  1791Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362208 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Espersen, Jørgen Peter  1810Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369875 onetrees 
2 Gram (Gram of Bornholm 4), Jørgen Jacobsen  1682Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I314241 onetrees 
3 Hansen, Karen  1775Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323127 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Peder  Between 1720 and 1732Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341784 onetrees 
5 Jørgensen, Kirstine  23 Dec 1734Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315647 onetrees 
6 Kofoed, Absalon Andersen  1869Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I313041 onetrees 
7 Kofoed, Hans  1851Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I357554 onetrees 
8 Marcussen (Marcussen), Elise Margrethe  1803Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I312715 onetrees 
9 Pedersen, Anne Margrethe  1844Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I357544 onetrees 
10 Pedersen, Jacob  1691Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I354454 onetrees 
11 Pedersen, Jacob  1741Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I325790 onetrees 
12 Rasmussen, Anne  1794Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362209 onetrees 
13 Rasmussen, Jacob  1796Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362210 onetrees 
14 Rasmussen, Kirstine  1788Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362204 onetrees 
15 Rasmussen, Sidsel  1794Grammegaard, Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362208 onetrees 

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