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Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bang, Adolph Lorentz  8 Aug 1821Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419239 onetrees 
2 Bang, Claus Christiansen  3 May 1852Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419267 onetrees 
3 Bang, Kirsten  1 Nov 1876Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423157 onetrees 
4 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Jens Sophus  3 Jan 1812Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I155678 onetrees 
5 Carlsen, Carl Adolph  11 May 1853Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I428012 onetrees 
6 Carlsen, Carl Christian  20 May 1826Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419233 onetrees 
7 Carlsen Thode, Adolph  22 Jul 1823Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419232 onetrees 
8 Carlsen Thode, Jørgen  29 Oct 1820Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419231 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Adolph  24 Feb 1827Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419246 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Adolphine  26 Jul 1844Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419252 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Anders  22 Jan 1815Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I231910 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Ane Margrethe  14 Nov 1835Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419251 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Anne Elisabeth  1 Aug 1825Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418852 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Carl Adolph  22 Sep 1839Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419254 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Christian  31 Jul 1828Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419247 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Christiane Magdalena  29 Jan 1838Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419253 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Enevold*  1 Jul 1830Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419248 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Enevold**  1 Jul 1832Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419249 onetrees 
19 Christensen, Gomme Jakob  25 Jan 1824Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418278 onetrees 
20 Christensen, Jens Peter  16 Feb 1834Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419250 onetrees 
21 Duus, Ane Maria  5 Dec 1847Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419977 onetrees 
22 Duus, Carl Adolph  6 Nov 1853Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419975 onetrees 
23 Duus, Christian Frederik  11 Jun 1850Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419974 onetrees 
24 Duus, Jørgen Christian  23 Apr 1849Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419973 onetrees 
25 Gerhardt, Ludvig Christian  11 Aug 1887Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I396837 onetrees 
26 Hansen, Hans Jacob  23 May 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425462 onetrees 
27 Hansen, Hans Jørgen  1852Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425234 onetrees 
28 Hansen, Karen  Mar 1789Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419230 onetrees 
29 Hansen, Laurine Caroline  1882Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427046 onetrees 
30 Jørgensen, Carl Adolph  8 Feb 1847Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419260 onetrees 
31 Jørgensen, Hans  23 Jun 1833Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425463 onetrees 
32 Jørgensen, Jørgen Christian  13 May 1841Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419259 onetrees 
33 Jørgensen, Lars  1774Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I422037 onetrees 
34 Larsen, Ane Marie  22 Mar 1822Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427403 onetrees 
35 Larsen, Dorthee  29 Apr 1819Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419266 onetrees 
36 Larsen, Hans  30 Jun 1828Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425676 onetrees 
37 Pedersen, Sidsel Marie  1855Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425235 onetrees 
38 Rantzau (Rantzau), Berte "Berith" Eleonore, Comtesse  20 Jan 1759Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I71960 onetrees 
39 Rasmussen, Lars Peter  9 Sep 1861Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425375 onetrees 
40 Seidelin (Seidelin), Eleonora Hedevig  29 Aug 1756Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I198372 onetrees 
41 Seidelin (Seidelin), Friederich  5 Sep 1750Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I36569 onetrees 
42 Terpager, Carl Adolph  1784Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I108025 onetrees 
43 Thode, Carl Adolph Carlsen  31 Dec 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I421385 onetrees 
44 Thode, Charlotte  16 Jan 1861Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425222 onetrees 
45 Thode, Christiane Ernestine Frederica  Sep 1774Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419967 onetrees 
46 Thode, Hartvigline  1767Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419965 onetrees 
47 Thode Carlsen, Maren Kirstine  31 Dec 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I421387 onetrees 
48 Thomsen, Hans  9 Aug 1840Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419206 onetrees 
49 Thomsen, Sara Elisabeth  19 Oct 1841Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419201 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bang, Aage  24 Nov 1895Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425240 onetrees 
2 Bang, Adolph Christian Lorenz  19 Dec 1880Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423159 onetrees 
3 Bang, Adolph Kristian Lorentz  28 Sep 1879Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425366 onetrees 
4 Bang, Adolphine Christine  8 Sep 1878Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423158 onetrees 
5 Bang, Anna Elisabeth  18 May 1890Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425236 onetrees 
6 Bang, Carla Dorthea  20 Jul 1884Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423161 onetrees 
7 Bang, Christian  8 Apr 1883Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423160 onetrees 
8 Bang, Christiane Christiansen  17 Dec 1848Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425246 onetrees 
9 Bang, Christiane Lorentzen  20 Sep 1812Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419241 onetrees 
10 Bang, Claus  19 Jul 1891Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425242 onetrees 
11 Bang, Claus Christiansen  27 Jun 1852Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419267 onetrees 
12 Bang, Karen Marie Elisabeth  21 Jun 1925Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425502 onetrees 
13 Bang, Kirsten  17 Dec 1876Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423157 onetrees 
14 Bang, Marie Elisebeth  18 Jul 1875Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423156 onetrees 
15 Bang, Marie Lorentzen  14 Aug 1814Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419236 onetrees 
16 Bang, Oluf  21 Apr 1893Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425241 onetrees 
17 Bang, Rasmus Ludvig  3 Jul 1886Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I423162 onetrees 
18 Brokmann Pedersen, Vilhelm  11 Mar 1824Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I420334 onetrees 
19 Carlsen, Carl Adolph  19 Jun 1853Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I428012 onetrees 
20 Carlsen, Carl Christian  20 May 1826Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419233 onetrees 
21 Carlsen, Else Kirstine  26 Sep 1830Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419234 onetrees 
22 Christensen, Ane Margrethe  17 Jan 1836Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419251 onetrees 
23 Christensen, Carl Adolph  1 Dec 1839Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419254 onetrees 
24 Christensen, Christen  1 Nov 1790Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418279 onetrees 
25 Christensen, Christian  31 Aug 1828Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419247 onetrees 
26 Christensen, Christiane Magdalena  29 Apr 1838Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419253 onetrees 
27 Christensen, Enevold*  1 Aug 1830Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419248 onetrees 
28 Christensen, Enevold**  29 Jul 1832Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419249 onetrees 
29 Christiansen, Ane Elisabeth  5 Jun 1842Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425243 onetrees 
30 Christiansen, Carl Adolph  27 Jan 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425247 onetrees 
31 Christiansen, Karen  13 Sep 1846Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425245 onetrees 
32 Christiansen, Lars  5 May 1844Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425244 onetrees 
33 Duus, Ane Maria  20 Feb 1848Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419977 onetrees 
34 Duus, Carl Adolph  22 Dec 1853Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419975 onetrees 
35 Duus, Christian Frederik  28 Aug 1850Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419974 onetrees 
36 Duus, Jørgen Christian  26 Jun 1849Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419973 onetrees 
37 Friderichsen, Maren  29 Mar 1804Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I134181 onetrees 
38 Gerhardt, Ludvig Christian  11 Sep 1887Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I396837 onetrees 
39 Hansen, Adolf Kristian Lorentz  12 Apr 1909Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427048 onetrees 
40 Hansen, Anders  21 Jul 1811Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I78486 onetrees 
41 Hansen, Hans Jacob  13 Jul 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425462 onetrees 
42 Hansen, Hans Jørgen  30 May 1920Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427051 onetrees 
43 Hansen, Karen  8 Mar 1789Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419230 onetrees 
44 Hansen, Karla Kirstine  6 Jul 1913Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427050 onetrees 
45 Hansen, Lars Peder  27 May 1883Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425233 onetrees 
46 Hansen, Sigrid Elisabeth  28 Jan 1912Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I427049 onetrees 
47 Jørgensen, Ane Elisabeth  11 Jun 1837Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419261 onetrees 
48 Jørgensen, Carl Adolph  25 Apr 1847Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419260 onetrees 
49 Jørgensen, Claus  13 Apr 1843Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419262 onetrees 
50 Jørgensen, Claus  13 Apr 1845Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419263 onetrees 
51 Jørgensen, Jørgen Christian  13 Jun 1841Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419259 onetrees 
52 Jørgensen, Kirsten  20 May 1849Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419265 onetrees 
53 Jørgensen, Marie Kirstine  31 Mar 1816Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I426201 onetrees 
54 Knudsen, Ane  5 May 1770Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I77961 onetrees 
55 Larsen, Dorthee  13 Jun 1819Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419266 onetrees 
56 Lindegaard, Hartvigline Elisabeth  13 Oct 1782Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419987 onetrees 
57 Maaløe (Maaløe), Idicus Friderich Wilhelm H  4 Aug 1760Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I63670 onetrees 
58 Pedersen, Hans  27 Oct 1754Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I77962 onetrees 
59 Rasmussen, Lars Peter  10 Nov 1861Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425375 onetrees 
60 Seidelin (Seidelin), Eleonora Hedevig  3 Sep 1756Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I198372 onetrees 
61 Thode, Adam Joachim Brochman  1 Aug 1779Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419963 onetrees 
62 Thode, Adamine Juliane  4 Sep 1796Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419217 onetrees 
63 Thode, Adolphine Frideriche  1 Oct 1786Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419213 onetrees 
64 Thode, Anna Elisabet Jørgensen  2 May 1790Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419215 onetrees 
65 Thode, Anne Marie Jørgensen  19 Jul 1801Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418280 onetrees 
66 Thode, Carl Adolph Jørgensen  12 Oct 1788Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419214 onetrees 
67 Thode, Charlotte  21 Apr 1861Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I425222 onetrees 
68 Thode, Christiane Ernestine Frederica  11 Sep 1774Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419967 onetrees 
69 Thode, Frederich Christian Jørgensen  21 Jul 1776Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419962 onetrees 
70 Thode, Frederik Christian Carlsen  19 Jun 1859Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I421386 onetrees 
71 Thode, Niels Christoffer Jørgensen  21 Jul 1799Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419218 onetrees 
72 Thode, Sophie Lovise Jørgensen  12 May 1794Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419216 onetrees 
73 Thode, Søren Christian  16 Nov 1823Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419980 onetrees 
74 Thomsen, Hans  18 Oct 1840Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419206 onetrees 
75 Thomsen, Sara Elisabeth  18 Nov 1841Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419201 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Anna  19 Sep 1819Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I231922 onetrees 
2 Bang, Adolph Lorentz  Aft 1875Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419239 onetrees 
3 Brinck (Brinck), Sophie Elisabeth  27 Mar 1776Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I157434 onetrees 
4 Brochmand, Juliane Kirstine  28 Nov 1779Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I421058 onetrees 
5 Carlsen Thode, Adolph  11 Sep 1884Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419232 onetrees 
6 Carlsen Thode, Jørgen  19 Apr 1891Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419231 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Adolph  27 Mar 1834Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419246 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Carl Adolph  19 Jan 1845Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419254 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Christen  6 Dec 1832Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419970 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Christen  6 Sep 1862Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418279 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Enevold*  3 Jul 1832Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419248 onetrees 
12 Duus, Ane Maria  9 Sep 1851Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419977 onetrees 
13 Duus, Jørgen Jørgensen  19 Feb 1870Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419972 onetrees 
14 Hansen, Karen  5 Mar 1877Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419230 onetrees 
15 Hansen, Karen  Abt 1884Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I421380 onetrees 
16 Holm (Holm of Lindholm), Peter Alberg  2 May 1892Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I75547 onetrees 
17 La Cour (La Cour), Peter David  26 Dec 1905Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I84195 onetrees 
18 Meyer, Arine Elisabeth  18 Jan 1855Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I417325 onetrees 
19 Rørdam (Rørdam), Thomas Ludvig  30 Oct 1894Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I160978 onetrees 
20 Schaumburg, Adamine Frederikke  28 Dec 1870Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I249536 onetrees 
21 Seidelin (Seidelin), David  19 Jun 1791Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I36547 onetrees 
22 Sørensen, Karen  Aft 1840Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419978 onetrees 
23 Thode, Adam Joachim Brochman  May 1787Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419963 onetrees 
24 Thode, Anne Marie Jørgensen  3 Mar 1845Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I418280 onetrees 
25 Thode, Carl Adolph Jørgensen  19 Jun 1849Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419214 onetrees 
26 Thode, Hartvigline  1 Apr 1772Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419965 onetrees 
27 Thode, Jørgen Henrich  1 Apr 1836Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419211 onetrees 
28 Thomsen, Thomas Hvalsøe  12 Feb 1857Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I249535 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brinck (Brinck), Sophie Elisabeth  3 Apr 1776Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I157434 onetrees 
2 Hansen, Henriette Claudia  Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I116392 onetrees 
3 Marcussen, Friderich  Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I116405 onetrees 
4 Seidelin (Seidelin), David  24 Jun 1791Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I36547 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Gomme Jacob  Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I155673 onetrees 
2 Duus, Jørgen Jørgensen  Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I419972 onetrees 
3 La Cour (La Cour), Peter David  Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark I84195 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Bang  7 Oct 1831Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163146 onetrees 
2 Andersen / Bang  11 Jan 1898Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163058 onetrees 
3 Bang / Bang  20 Oct 1860Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163056 onetrees 
4 Bang / Hansen  6 Aug 1802Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163119 onetrees 
5 Bang / Jørgensen  2 Apr 1875Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F162406 onetrees 
6 Bang / Larsen  4 Feb 1842Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160687 onetrees 
7 Bang / Nielsen  5 Oct 1920Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163147 onetrees 
8 Bang / Rudbeck  8 Aug 1919Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163155 onetrees 
9 Bang / Thode  28 Feb 1812Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160686 onetrees 
10 Birch / Seidelin (Seidelin)  4 Jul 1777Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F25224 onetrees 
11 Bøgh (Lassen) / Plum (Plum)  8 May 1870Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F76219 onetrees 
12 Carlsen / Larsen  18 Mar 1853Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F162762 onetrees 
13 Carlsen Thode / Hansen  2 Nov 1856Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F161300 onetrees 
14 Cederfeld de Simonsen (Cederfeld) / Treschow (Treschow of Naestved)  26 Jul 1892Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F74953 onetrees 
15 Christensen / Thode  13 Oct 1821Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160881 onetrees 
16 Duus / Christensen  10 Sep 1847Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F161821 onetrees 
17 Geijer / Treschow (Treschow of Naestved)  8 Sep 1855Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F81774 onetrees 
18 Hansen / Bang  3 Jun 1908Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163061 onetrees 
19 Hansen / Bang  16 Oct 1915Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163063 onetrees 
20 Hansen / Pedersen  14 Oct 1881Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163062 onetrees 
21 Iversen / Thode  7 Dec 1810Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160685 onetrees 
22 Johannessen / Bang  2 Apr 1903Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163059 onetrees 
23 Jørgensen / Bang  18 Nov 1836Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F161822 onetrees 
24 Langvaad / Christiansen  20 Oct 1870Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163112 onetrees 
25 Levetzow (Levetzow) / Rantzau (Rantzau)  17 Sep 1785Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F33900 onetrees 
26 Lindegaard / Svenstrup  8 May 1815Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160889 onetrees 
27 Lindegaard / Thode  2 Aug 1782Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160886 onetrees 
28 Pedersen / Knudsen  21 Nov 1787Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F35808 onetrees 
29 Rasmussen / Christiansen  16 Dec 1865Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163111 onetrees 
30 Seidelin (Seidelin) / Brinck (Brinck)  15 Apr 1733Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F19057 onetrees 
31 Terpager / West  17 Oct 1783Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F47362 onetrees 
32 Thode / Christensen  19 Oct 1821Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160684 onetrees 
33 Thode / Christiansen  7 Jul 1775Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F163197 onetrees 
34 Thode / Hansen  13 Feb 1818Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160683 onetrees 
35 Thode / Nielsen  29 Jan 1786Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160682 onetrees 
36 Thode / Sørensen  12 Apr 1799Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F160883 onetrees 
37 Withusen / Treschow (Treschow of Naestved)  29 Aug 1863Gamtofte, Funen, Denmark F81410 onetrees 

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