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Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway



Matches 1 to 142 of 142

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Signe Bergitta  25 Apr 1869Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I265959 onetrees 
2 Abel (Abel of Norway), Mathias Cornelius  25 Jun 1858Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I49008 onetrees 
3 Berg, Anthonette  1780Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116873 onetrees 
4 Bergh (Bergh of Norway), Laura Christine  1829Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111222 onetrees 
5 Bing, Abigael Maria  16 Mar 1785Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111835 onetrees 
6 Bing, Andreas Marius Nikoli Ulrik  17 Jun 1825Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112062 onetrees 
7 Bing, Anna Vilhelmine  4 Jul 1865Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112000 onetrees 
8 Bing, Anne Vilhelmine  4 Jun 1854Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111590 onetrees 
9 Bing, Erik Rasmus  25 Nov 1833Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111650 onetrees 
10 Bing, Fredrik Daniel Fritzner  1818Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119825 onetrees 
11 Bing, Friderich Christian  1804Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105129 onetrees 
12 Bing, Hanna  1862Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I103600 onetrees 
13 Bing, Jens Anton Christian  19 Jan 1831Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96743 onetrees 
14 Bing, Johanne Abigal "Lilli"  1862Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112013 onetrees 
15 Bing, Johanne Magdalene Abigail  Abt 1820Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96710 onetrees 
16 Bing, John Collet Bredesen  9 Jul 1856Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112036 onetrees 
17 Bing, Jusine Marie  1789Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111823 onetrees 
18 Bing, Just Johan  9 Sep 1793Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111897 onetrees 
19 Bing, Just Johan  31 May 1858Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112025 onetrees 
20 Bing, Justine Vilhelmine Marie "Justa"  1829Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99756 onetrees 
21 Bing, Sigrid  1888Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96648 onetrees 
22 Bing, Wilhelmine Magdalene Bremer"Mimmi"  19 May 1860Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I107003 onetrees 
23 Birch, Helene Elisabeth Reichenwald  1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I103976 onetrees 
24 Bjølstad, Andrea  18 Oct 1852Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100387 onetrees 
25 Bjølstad, Andreas  1807Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100396 onetrees 
26 Bjølstad, Andreas  1863Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100382 onetrees 
27 Bjølstad, Antonette  23 Oct 1841Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97232 onetrees 
28 Bjølstad, Bergitte Lovise  29 May 1854Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97230 onetrees 
29 Bjølstad, Carl Anthon  29 Oct 1849Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97231 onetrees 
30 Bjølstad, Carl Anthon  24 Jan 1851Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100388 onetrees 
31 Bjølstad, Hans Ludvig Marentius  23 May 1844Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100389 onetrees 
32 Bjølstad, Hansine  1861Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100384 onetrees 
33 Bjølstad, Hansine Annette Caroline  1835Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97226 onetrees 
34 Bjølstad, Helga  14 Jun 1856Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97229 onetrees 
35 Bjølstad, Inger Marie  26 Feb 1858Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97228 onetrees 
36 Bjølstad, Karen Marie  25 Oct 1839Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100392 onetrees 
37 Bjølstad, Laura Catharine  1837Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100404 onetrees 
38 Bjølstad, Nils Alfred  2 Dec 1847Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100390 onetrees 
39 Bjølstad, Nilsine Sofie  29 May 1854Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100386 onetrees 
40 Bjørneby, Agnes  25 Dec 1882Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124784 onetrees 
41 Bjørneby, Andreas Bing  1889Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113958 onetrees 
42 Bjørneby, Brede  1886Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113969 onetrees 
43 Bjørneby, Eli  1884Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113711 onetrees 
44 Bjørneby, Hildur  1876Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113699 onetrees 
45 Bjørneby, Jacob  1893Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113946 onetrees 
46 Bjørneby, John  1878Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I101190 onetrees 
47 Bjørneby, Ole  1867Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I121688 onetrees 
48 Bjørneby, Ole M  12 Apr 1900Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I121686 onetrees 
49 Bjørneby, Sigurd  1895Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113935 onetrees 
50 Brecke, Carin Dorothea Hildur Cecilie  25 Jul 1881Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I31149 onetrees 
51 Bremer, Barbara Christiane  1 Feb 1774Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I114865 onetrees 
52 Bremer, Caroline Cathrine  17 Oct 1772Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111758 onetrees 
53 Bremer, Charles Vendel  1777Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111770 onetrees 
54 Bremer, Fredrik Daniel Christopher  17 Oct 1742Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111797 onetrees 
55 Bremer, Hedevig Marie Elisabeth  1791Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111734 onetrees 
56 Bremer, Nicoline Christine Swartz  1794Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111722 onetrees 
57 Bremer, Ulriche Storm  1794Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111700 onetrees 
58 Bremer, Wilhelmine Magdalene  10 Feb 1797Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111871 onetrees 
59 Broch (Broch), Lars Marius  1826Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99755 onetrees 
60 Broch (Broch), Lars Ziegler von  1771Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I128878 onetrees 
61 Broch (Broch), Ole Jacob  14 Dec 1875Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99754 onetrees 
62 Brodtkorb, Christian Tobiasen  1653Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I95630 onetrees 
63 Brodtkorb, Tobias Christiansen  6 Aug 1685Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I98565 onetrees 
64 Burchardt, Carl Johan Birch  22 Sep 1850Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99343 onetrees 
65 Burchardt, Johan Martin  4 Dec 1847Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99344 onetrees 
66 Burchardt, Ragnvald  21 May 1853Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99337 onetrees 
67 Charisius (Charisius), Ferdinanda Augusta Hetting  1780Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116152 onetrees 
68 Charisius (Charisius), Julius  1782Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105923 onetrees 
69 Charisius (Charisius), Octava  1785Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105911 onetrees 
70 Charisius (Charisius), Septima  1784Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105919 onetrees 
71 Cold, Peter Henrik  27 Jan 1715Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I125298 onetrees 
72 Dahl, Ciclia  Abt 1735Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124547 onetrees 
73 Dahl, Esther Colbjørnsen  20 Apr 1896Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I61076 onetrees 
74 Durban-Hansen, Charles  1874Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102972 onetrees 
75 Durban-Hansen, Eivind  4 Nov 1869Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102973 onetrees 
76 Ebbesen, Abigael Fredrikke Christiane  1815Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99762 onetrees 
77 Ebbesen, Anthon Fredrik Kuhlmann  1808Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119997 onetrees 
78 Ebbesen, Hans Chr  1806Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119998 onetrees 
79 Ebbesen, Jens Bing  1805Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120000 onetrees 
80 Ebbesen, Jørgen Tandberg  1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124507 onetrees 
81 Ebbesen, Marie Bergitte Emilie  1810Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119993 onetrees 
82 Falck (Falck of Norway), Karen Agathe Jacobsen  2 Oct 1852Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111221 onetrees 
83 Fossum, Antonia Magdalene  1840Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112985 onetrees 
84 Fritzner, Andreas Olaves Jørgen Gottlieb  1823Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120212 onetrees 
85 Fritzner, Magnus Elrik Kruse  1820Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120217 onetrees 
86 Fritzner, Nils Johan  1816Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120213 onetrees 
87 Fritzner, Otto Daniel  1814Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120200 onetrees 
88 Hansen, Eli  Abt 1700Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119890 onetrees 
89 Hansen, Inger Marie  Abt 1810Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97233 onetrees 
90 Heiberg (Heiberg), Sophie  1722Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102614 onetrees 
91 Heidenstrøm, Gunda Petrea  1850Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I115970 onetrees 
92 Holmsen, Josefine  1873Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I127658 onetrees 
93 Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt), Christopher Christian Henriksen  27 Sep 1720Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124705 onetrees 
94 Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt), Nicolai Fredrik Reichwein  18 Dec 1759Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124702 onetrees 
95 Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt), Søster  18 Jul 1760Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99372 onetrees 
96 Hvide (Hvide), Ove Ovesen  1650Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I95667 onetrees 
97 Johannesen, Johanne Mattea  1814Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I115966 onetrees 
98 Kiørboe, Albert  1730Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120974 onetrees 
99 Knutsen, Carl August  1826Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I98758 onetrees 
100 Krefting, Karen Margrethe  1804Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116844 onetrees 
101 Krefting, Maria Anthonette  1803Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116845 onetrees 
102 Krefting, Niels  23 Jan 1808Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116843 onetrees 
103 Kruse, Karen Christine  Abt 1720Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124550 onetrees 
104 Lassen, Anne Kirstine  4 Apr 1826Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119476 onetrees 
105 Leschly, Jens  13 Jul 1759Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I2397 onetrees 
106 Lorentzen, Andrea Petronell  1766Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I128052 onetrees 
107 Midelfart, Ole  1877Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I121681 onetrees 
108 Munch, Johanne Edvardine  1733Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I108646 onetrees 
109 Müller, Adam Walther  1846Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99819 onetrees 
110 Müller, Barbara Sophie Dorothea  1847Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99816 onetrees 
111 Müller, Christiane Margretha  1854Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99815 onetrees 
112 Müller, Johan Joseph  19 Jan 1849Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I134201 onetrees 
113 Mørch, Signe  16 Nov 1879Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I432925 onetrees 
114 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Alexander  15 Mar 1792Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123044 onetrees 
115 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Olaf L  1838Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I113124 onetrees 
116 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Sophie Louise  5 Sep 1836Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I98972 onetrees 
117 Neth, Johan Mortensen  25 Mar 1723Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I244630 onetrees 
118 Ostenfeld (Holländer of Holland), Frederika  1784Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119204 onetrees 
119 Ramm (Ramm of Norway), Caroline  1855Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102359 onetrees 
120 Rosing, Christen Wilhelm  7 Oct 1781Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I165570 onetrees 
121 Rømeling (Rømeling), Hans Henrik von  20 Apr 1770Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I201774 onetrees 
122 Rømeling (Rømeling), Susanna Cathrine von  1767Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116832 onetrees 
123 Sahlqvist, Hanna Henriette Gustava  16 Feb 1837Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I221944 onetrees 
124 Smith (Smith of Fredericia), Nicoline Maria  1776Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I104022 onetrees 
125 Steen, Anne Karine  1758Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I117658 onetrees 
126 Steffens, Henrik Christian  18 Aug 1815Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123913 onetrees 
127 Storm, Ulrich Friderich  1687Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I49859 onetrees 
128 Sveistrup (Sveistrup), Peter Christensen  1726Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119891 onetrees 
129 Sørensen, Alhed  Abt 1645Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I125024 onetrees 
130 Tambs, Hartvig  1752Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I121012 onetrees 
131 Tyrholm, Karen  16 Oct 1741Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I125056 onetrees 
132 Tyrholm, Niels Iversen  1666Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I125071 onetrees 
133 Voigt, Helene  22 Sep 1772Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I115457 onetrees 
134 Weckhorst, Carl  1830Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119991 onetrees 
135 Weckhorst, Christian  1869Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I110421 onetrees 
136 Weckhorst, Gustav A  1859Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I110423 onetrees 
137 Weckhorst, Jens  Abt 1821Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119990 onetrees 
138 Weckhorst, Jens Arbo  1866Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I110422 onetrees 
139 Weckhorst, Johanne  1871Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I110420 onetrees 
140 Weckhorst, Johanne Anthoanette "Hanna"  1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96725 onetrees 
141 Weckhorst, Julie Hendriette Abigael  1818Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96724 onetrees 
142 Wülner, Friderica Birgitha Albertussen  9 Apr 1786Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123902 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bing, Friderich Christian  20 Nov 1804Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105129 onetrees 
2 Bing, Jens Anton Christian  6 Oct 1831Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96743 onetrees 
3 Heiberg (Heiberg), Sophie  13 Jul 1722Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102614 onetrees 
4 Rømeling (Rømeling), Susanna Cathrine von  8 May 1767Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116832 onetrees 
5 Sveistrup (Sveistrup), Peter Christensen  27 Apr 1726Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119891 onetrees 
6 Tambs, Hartvig  6 Apr 1752Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I121012 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beyer, Dagmar Kielland  15 Mar 1955Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I266676 onetrees 
2 Bing, Abigael Maria  25 Feb 1815Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111835 onetrees 
3 Bing, Andreas Marius Nikoli Ulrik  3 May 1888Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I112062 onetrees 
4 Bing, Anne Vilhelmine  Abt 1865Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111590 onetrees 
5 Bing, Friderich Christian  9 Aug 1802Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111859 onetrees 
6 Bing, Justine Vilhelmine Marie "Justa"  1884Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99756 onetrees 
7 Bjølstad, Carl Anthon  1850Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97231 onetrees 
8 Bjølstad, Inger Marie  1859Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97228 onetrees 
9 Bjølstad, Laura Catharine  1868Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I100404 onetrees 
10 Bredesen, Hildur Lovise  Abt 1900Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I96547 onetrees 
11 Bremer, Claus Carl  26 May 1771Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119894 onetrees 
12 Bremer, Fredrik Daniel Christopher  9 Feb 1809Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111797 onetrees 
13 Bremer, Ulriche Storm  1863Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111700 onetrees 
14 Bremer, Wilhelmine Magdalene  10 Jan 1860Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111871 onetrees 
15 Broch (Broch), Lars Marius  1882Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I99755 onetrees 
16 Broch (Broch), Lars Ziegler von  1838Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I128878 onetrees 
17 Brodtkorb, Christian Tobiasen  1702Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I95630 onetrees 
18 Brodtkorb, Tobias  1676Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I95625 onetrees 
19 Cooper, Elisabeth  Abt 1785Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105917 onetrees 
20 Ebbesen, Anthon Fredrik Kuhlmann  1856Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119997 onetrees 
21 Ebbesen, Hans Christian  14 Nov 1858Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I105141 onetrees 
22 Fritzner, Magnus Christian  1863Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120224 onetrees 
23 Groegaard, Anne Johanne  1878Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102361 onetrees 
24 Hansen, Inger Marie  Abt 1844Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I97233 onetrees 
25 Holst, Maren Marie  27 Jan 1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I122913 onetrees 
26 Holst, Mariane  1927Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111884 onetrees 
27 Hubsch, Sophia Elisabeth  Abt 1801Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I130901 onetrees 
28 Jacobsen, Ingerid Beyer  29 Oct 1991Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I265103 onetrees 
29 Kielland (Kielland), Engel Arentz  25 Dec 1804Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I165567 onetrees 
30 Koch, Lorentz  Abt 1801Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124537 onetrees 
31 Koren, Paul Fredrik  30 Mar 1891Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I102360 onetrees 
32 Krefting, Hedevig Magdalene "Swartz"  1791Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111712 onetrees 
33 Kühlmann, Johanne Anthonette  1837Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111847 onetrees 
34 Landsberg of Hamburg, Barthold Nicolai von  1740Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I107088 onetrees 
35 Lange (Lange of Norway), Maria Elisabeth de  1789Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I120228 onetrees 
36 Lowzow (Lowzow), Christopher Fredrik von  1716Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119925 onetrees 
37 Meng, Johanne Guttormsen  1729Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I95489 onetrees 
38 Mosgaard, Severine Dorothea  1834Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I124521 onetrees 
39 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Alexander  12 Feb 1874Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123044 onetrees 
40 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Lars Knudsen  26 Mar 1825Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I122925 onetrees 
41 Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord), Louise Bugge  21 Dec 1870Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123032 onetrees 
42 Rosing, Christen Wilhelm  30 Jan 1838Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I165570 onetrees 
43 Rubach, Gerhard Henrik  13 Jun 1909Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I136640 onetrees 
44 Rømeling (Rømeling), Rudolph Woldemar von  1776Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116830 onetrees 
45 Steffens, Friderich Michael  2 Apr 1825Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I123903 onetrees 
46 Storm, Arvid Christian von  1712Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I119923 onetrees 
47 Storm, Hedevig Magdalena  2 Jun 1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111785 onetrees 
48 Storm, Ulrich Friderich  1754Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I49859 onetrees 
49 Svanæs, Per  28 Feb 1994Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I265050 onetrees 
50 Tønder, Nicola Theodora  9 Oct 1903Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I136639 onetrees 
51 Ulrichsdal (Gyldenløve Pape - Ulrichsdal), Ulrica Eleonora de  1775Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I116831 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bremer, Fredrik Daniel Christopher  17 Feb 1809Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111797 onetrees 
2 Bremer, Wilhelmine Magdalene  12 Jan 1860Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111871 onetrees 
3 Storm, Hedevig Magdalena  5 Jun 1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I111785 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brecke, Peter Julius  Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I31160 onetrees 
2 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Hans Jacob de  Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I165538 onetrees 
3 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Henrik Sigvard de  Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway I165551 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bagge (Bagge of Norway) / Mørch (Mørch of Sandefjord)  8 Aug 1856Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F44061 onetrees 
2 Bergh (Bergh of Norway) / Bjørneby  11 Nov 1909Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F53090 onetrees 
3 Bergwitz / Kielland (Kielland)  17 Sep 1898Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F110165 onetrees 
4 Bing / Bremer  27 Feb 1816Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48638 onetrees 
5 Bing / Larsen  10 May 1869Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48548 onetrees 
6 Bremer / Hansen  8 Feb 1724Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F51436 onetrees 
7 Bremer / Hansen  Abt 1730Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F51438 onetrees 
8 Bremer / Krefting  15 Apr 1790Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48584 onetrees 
9 Bremer / Lange (Lange of Norway)  10 Oct 1765Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48613 onetrees 
10 Broch (Broch) / Bing  3 Dec 1813Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48620 onetrees 
11 Buschmann / Heidenstrøm  23 Dec 1877Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F43356 onetrees 
12 Ebbesen / Bing  4 Sep 1801Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F46418 onetrees 
13 Ebbesen / Bing  21 Jul 1847Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F43158 onetrees 
14 Falch (Falch of Norway) / Bagge (Bagge of Norway)  Abt 1783Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F47495 onetrees 
15 Hauch (Hauch) / Tancke (Tanke)  1 Jun 1784Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F66743 onetrees 
16 Hauge / Kielland (Kielland)  21 May 1887Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F110146 onetrees 
17 Juell (Juell of Norway) / Bremer  18 May 1792Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F48601 onetrees 
18 Kielland (Kielland) /   23 Feb 1895Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F110141 onetrees 
19 Krefting / Berg  Abt 1800Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F50413 onetrees 
20 Lem / Larsen  11 Dec 1812Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F53116 onetrees 
21 Leschly / Lorentzen  3 Aug 1786Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F54090 onetrees 
22 Lütken / Kielland (Kielland)  1 Apr 1939Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F110261 onetrees 
23 Müller / Burchardt  1845Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F44399 onetrees 
24 Rosing / Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt)  24 May 1827Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F69593 onetrees 
25 Rømeling (Rømeling) / Ulrichsdal (Gyldenløve Pape - Ulrichsdal)  22 Jun 1757Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F50397 onetrees 
26 Sigholt / Dahl  14 Jan 1757Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F53008 onetrees 
27 Smith / Romedal  7 May 1761Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F45998 onetrees 
28 Stabel (Stabel) / Voigt  17 Jun 1792Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F49893 onetrees 
29 Steenberg / Brecke  5 Aug 1910Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F16058 onetrees 
30 Storm / Kocken  Abt 1677Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F51457 onetrees 
31 Wang / Munch  23 Aug 1765Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F47583 onetrees 
32 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen) / Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt)  19 May 1745Fredrikstad, Oestfold, Norway F61453 onetrees 

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