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Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brita  Finland I236137 onetrees 
2 Adlercreutz, Carl Gustaf, Baron  1799Finland I233594 onetrees 
3 Adlercreutz, Charlotta Amalia  1802Finland I233596 onetrees 
4 Adlercreutz, Fredric Thomas  25 Aug 1793Finland I233592 onetrees 
5 Aminoff, Berndt Johan  16 Mar 1697Finland I238899 onetrees 
6 Aminoff, Hedvig Christina  31 Dec 1728Finland I234604 onetrees 
7 Björkstén, Petter Johansson  1740Finland I234367 onetrees 
8 Boije, Claes  Abt 1578Finland I235873 onetrees 
9 Bong, Annette Cathinca  1797Finland I187862 onetrees 
10 Edelheim, Charlotta Christina Wilhelmina  Finland I164608 onetrees 
11 Feiring, Aili  31 May 1889Finland I97604 onetrees 
12 Gardie (Gardie), Catharina de la  1616Finland I237855 onetrees 
13 Hartman, Karl Johan  22 Sep 1750Finland I235726 onetrees 
14 Hausen, Arndt Johan von  27 Jun 1792Finland I164541 onetrees 
15 Hausen, Paul Bernhard Werner von  1870Finland I164485 onetrees 
16 Hausen, Paul Frans William von  1830Finland I164513 onetrees 
17 Henriksen, Nina   I290608 onetrees 
18 Julin, Hildur Hanna Lisi Lindsay von  8 May 1875Finland I436165 onetrees 
19 Jönsson, Peder  1592Finland I236092 onetrees 
20 Klöfverblad, Aron -Klöfversköld  1605Finland I234897 onetrees 
21 Knorring, Catharina Elisabeth von   I198083 onetrees 
22 Lehikoinen, Johan  1665Finland I237822 onetrees 
23 Lehikoinen, Mikko  1667Finland I237821 onetrees 
24 Liuhander Wanochius, Anders  10 Nov 1651Finland I234629 onetrees 
25 Markusson, Erik  Abt 1609Finland I233552 onetrees 
26 Mellin, Anna  15 Apr 1724Finland I235861 onetrees 
27 Mellin, Christina  24 Aug 1736Finland I235853 onetrees 
28 Mellin, Elisabet  2 Feb 1732Finland I235855 onetrees 
29 Mellin, Eva  4 May 1723Finland I235862 onetrees 
30 Mellin, Fredrik  18 Jul 1740Finland I235851 onetrees 
31 Mellin, Gustav  12 Mar 1728Finland I235858 onetrees 
32 Mellin, Helena  26 Feb 1727Finland I235859 onetrees 
33 Mellin, Helena  12 Apr 1734Finland I235854 onetrees 
34 Nassokin (Nassokin), Maria Elisabet  1769Finland I238170 onetrees 
35 Nevalainen, Aune Antintytär  Abt 1707Finland I238790 onetrees 
36 Nylund, Felix  15 May 1878Finland I135530 onetrees 
37 Pacchalenius (Paqulin), Anders Michelsson  Abt 1615Finland I237482 onetrees 
38 Pistolhielm, Hebbla Beata "Petrovna"  1670Finland I236432 onetrees 
39 Polviander, Kristina Simonsen  16 Feb 1680Finland I233837 onetrees 
40 Rapala, Sipi Pietarinpoika  1490Finland I232698 onetrees 
41 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Anna Sofia Gustafsen  16 Apr 1740Finland I236030 onetrees 
42 Reiher, Anna Caspersen  30 Mar 1600Finland I234278 onetrees 
43 Relander, Anna Petronella  13 Jun 1810Finland I237168 onetrees 
44 Relander, Eva Lovisa  17 May 1802Finland I237163 onetrees 
45 Relander, Gustava Fredrika  7 Apr 1800Finland I237162 onetrees 
46 Relander, Johanna Lovisa  2 Jul 1798Finland I237161 onetrees 
47 Relander, Johanna Vilhelmina  1 Jan 1807Finland I237165 onetrees 
48 Relander, Matilda Aurora  31 Dec 1815Finland I237171 onetrees 
49 Relander, Robert Magnus  29 Dec 1811Finland I237169 onetrees 
50 Relander, Vendla Kristina  10 Jan 1813Finland I237170 onetrees 
51 Rothovius, Isak Isaacus Isaaci Isaksson  Abt 1618Finland I237537 onetrees 
52 Ruta (Ruuth), Jöns Persson  Between 11 Jan 1544 and 10 Jan 1547Finland I234149 onetrees 
53 Ruuth, Anna Persen  Abt 1540Finland I234147 onetrees 
54 Schroderus, Johan  16 Nov 1679Finland I234373 onetrees 
55 Sevon, Johan Johansson  1700Finland I233282 onetrees 
56 Stenius, Kristina Mårtensen  Abt 1640Finland I237450 onetrees 
57 Stenius, Martin "Mårten"  1670Finland I233836 onetrees 
58 Svanström, Augustin Larsson  Abt 1600Finland I234275 onetrees 
59 Svanström, Frans Ludvig  Abt 1625Finland I235124 onetrees 
60 Tandefelt, Margareta  1739Finland I233753 onetrees 
61 Tapiovaara, Mielikki Helmi  28 Dec 1921Finland I266719 onetrees 
62 Thesleff, Catharina  1605Finland I234443 onetrees 
63 Thesleff, Claudius  Abt 1595Finland I234447 onetrees 
64 Thesleff, Peter  1597Finland I234446 onetrees 
65 Thesleff, Rötgert  1599Finland I234448 onetrees 
66 Thesleff, Wendla Hansen  1603Finland I236139 onetrees 
67 Thott (Thott), Henrik Clausen  1552Finland I238221 onetrees 
68 Todenia, Anna Danielsen  1669Finland I237459 onetrees 
69 Tuderus, Daniel Danielsson  31 May 1750Finland I233039 onetrees 
70 Tuderus, Gabriel Danielsson  Finland I237880 onetrees 
71 Tuderus Ignatius, Christina  Abt 1692Finland I233354 onetrees 
72 Uggla (Uggla), Gustaf Augustin of  Abt 1670Finland I238154 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emma  1902Finland I87981 onetrees 
2 Aminoff, Berndt Johan  28 Mar 1779Finland I238899 onetrees 
3 Barthéels, Hedvig Catharina  17 Feb 1804Finland I233571 onetrees 
4 Björkstén, Petter Johansson  12 Apr 1803Finland I234367 onetrees 
5 Dufva, Anna Peersen  1646Finland I236093 onetrees 
6 Edelheim, Frederik Wilhelm  Finland I164569 onetrees 
7 Edelheim, Maria Wilhelmina  1885Finland I164554 onetrees 
8 Fleming (Fleming of Sweden), Margareta Henriksen  1682Finland I238136 onetrees 
9 Franzén, Anna Maria  Finland I164582 onetrees 
10 Gyldenstolpe (Gyldenstolpe), Susanna Vexonia Michaelsen  Abt 1706Finland I234557 onetrees 
11 Hausen, Paul Frans William von  1880Finland I164513 onetrees 
12 Kekonius, Juho Juhonpoika  1 Jan 1840Finland I238531 onetrees 
13 Knorring, Holger von  Finland I270312 onetrees 
14 Lehikoinen, Kristiina  3 Apr 1827Finland I238782 onetrees 
15 Mellin, Anna  21 Jun 1724Finland I235861 onetrees 
16 Mellin, Bernt  3 May 1811Finland I235850 onetrees 
17 Mellin, Christina  16 Mar 1812Finland I235853 onetrees 
18 Mellin, Elisabet  18 Jun 1732Finland I235855 onetrees 
19 Mellin, Fredrik  31 Aug 1740Finland I235851 onetrees 
20 Mellin, Gustav  23 Apr 1730Finland I235858 onetrees 
21 Mellin, Helena  4 Jun 1727Finland I235859 onetrees 
22 Mellin, Helena  30 Jun 1734Finland I235854 onetrees 
23 Natt och Dag (Natt och Dag), Göran Nilsson  1613Finland I238091 onetrees 
24 Oinonen, Lemetti "Clemens"  2 Sep 1830Finland I235841 onetrees 
25 Pistolekors, Otto  24 Feb 1784Finland I236246 onetrees 
26 Pistolhielm, Adam  1705Finland I236433 onetrees 
27 Pistolhielm, Eva Margareta  1762Finland I237061 onetrees 
28 Polviander, Simon Simonsson  9 May 1740Finland I238508 onetrees 
29 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Bernhard "Bernt"  1729Finland I238917 onetrees 
30 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Christina Berntsen  1696Finland I238911 onetrees 
31 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Gustaf Reinhold  4 Jan 1786Finland I238909 onetrees 
32 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Hedvig Sofia  30 Apr 1711Finland I238907 onetrees 
33 Relander, Anna Petronella  15 Jun 1810Finland I237168 onetrees 
34 Relander, Eva Lovisa  23 Mar 1868Finland I237163 onetrees 
35 Relander, Gustava Fredrika  11 May 1876Finland I237162 onetrees 
36 Relander, Johanna Lovisa  19 May 1799Finland I237161 onetrees 
37 Relander, Johanna Vilhelmina  27 Jan 1886Finland I237165 onetrees 
38 Relander, Matilda Aurora  25 Mar 1816Finland I237171 onetrees 
39 Relander, Robert Magnus  2 Aug 1818Finland I237169 onetrees 
40 Relander, Vendla Kristina  28 Nov 1873Finland I237170 onetrees 
41 Rosenhane, Axel Scheringsson  1685Finland I238861 onetrees 
42 Rothovius, Isak Isaacus Isaaci Isaksson  Abt 1655Finland I237537 onetrees 
43 Ruuth I Finland, Jakob Persson  Abt 1622Finland I234151 onetrees 
44 Silfverbögel, Margareta  1 Aug 1727Finland I233369 onetrees 
45 Sparre, Anna Johanna  Abt 1712Finland I238740 onetrees 
46 Straahlman, Katarina Hansen  24 Apr 1757Finland I234341 onetrees 
47 Tandefelt, Eva Margareta Adamsen  15 Oct 1753Finland I236436 onetrees 
48 Tandefelt, Margareta  1816Finland I233753 onetrees 
49 Todenia, Anna Danielsen  1721Finland I237459 onetrees 
50 Troil (Troil), Jeanne-Marie, Baroness von  Finland I270318 onetrees 
51 Tuderus, Daniel Danielsson  23 Feb 1808Finland I233039 onetrees 
52 Tuderus Ignatius, Christina  17 Jan 1742Finland I233354 onetrees 
53 Westberg, Fanny Maria  1900Finland I164526 onetrees 
54 Åkerblom, Vilhelma "Helma" Augusta  23 Feb 1954Finland I419500 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mellin, Bernt  6 Jun 1811Finland I235850 onetrees 
2 Pistolhielm, Adam  17 Dec 1705Finland I236433 onetrees 
3 Pistolhielm, Eva Margareta  19 Aug 1762Finland I237061 onetrees 
4 Rehbinder (Rehbinder), Bernhard "Bernt"  17 Jan 1706Finland I238924 onetrees 
5 Relander, Clas Adolph  Finland I233245 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Hakon  Finland I77223 onetrees 
2 Fonselius, Axel   I46317 onetrees 
3 Knorring, Holger von  Finland I270312 onetrees 
4 Malmborg, Johan Fredrik  Finland I177213 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adlercreutz / Stackelberg (Stackelberg)  4 Dec 1792Finland F97347 onetrees 
2 Boije /   Abt 1562Finland F98108 onetrees 
3 Bäck / Pistolhielm  1674Finland F98300 onetrees 
4 Köhler / Nasackin (Nassokin) Nasackin  1643Finland F97884 onetrees 
5 Lehikoinen / Pakarinen  6 Jan 1740Finland F98401 onetrees 

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