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England, UK



Matches 1 to 462 of 462

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Abigail  England, UK I272025 onetrees 
2 (A), Agnes  England, UK I227242 onetrees 
3 (A), Annabelle  England, UK I271729 onetrees 
4 (A), Anne  Abt 1610England, UK I272031 onetrees 
5 (A), Anne\Hannah  England, UK I272132 onetrees 
6 (A), Bridget  England, UK I272071 onetrees 
7 (A), Catherine  England, UK I272304 onetrees 
8 (A), Dorothy  1577England, UK I269710 onetrees 
9 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I272363 onetrees 
10 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I272234 onetrees 
11 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I272001 onetrees 
12 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I271627 onetrees 
13 (A), Elizabeth  Abt 1580England, UK I272185 onetrees 
14 (A), Elizabeth  1595England, UK I269612 onetrees 
15 (A), Elizabeth  9 Dec 1613England, UK I269655 onetrees 
16 (A), Elizabeth  1615England, UK I269628 onetrees 
17 (A), Elizabeth  Abt 1730England, UK I35400 onetrees 
18 (A), Ellyn  England, UK I271777 onetrees 
19 (A), Isabelle  England, UK I272172 onetrees 
20 (A), Isle  England, UK I272083 onetrees 
21 (A), Jane  England, UK I271992 onetrees 
22 (A), Joan  England, UK I271861 onetrees 
23 (A), Joan  1489England, UK I262463 onetrees 
24 (A), Joane  England, UK I271985 onetrees 
25 (A), Joanna  Abt 1595England, UK I272053 onetrees 
26 (A), Johane  England, UK I272236 onetrees 
27 (A), Johane  England, UK I271966 onetrees 
28 (A), Johanna  England, UK I272130 onetrees 
29 (A), Judith  England, UK I272100 onetrees 
30 (A), Judith  England, UK I272036 onetrees 
31 (A), Mabel  England, UK I78017 onetrees 
32 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271962 onetrees 
33 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271852 onetrees 
34 (A), Margery  England, UK I271885 onetrees 
35 (A), Margit  England, UK I86173 onetrees 
36 (A), Mary  England, UK I272095 onetrees 
37 (A), Mary  England, UK I271991 onetrees 
38 (A), Mary  England, UK I271931 onetrees 
39 (A), Mary  England, UK I271921 onetrees 
40 (A), Mary  England, UK I271916 onetrees 
41 (A), Mary  1618England, UK I269573 onetrees 
42 (A), Mary  1619England, UK I271892 onetrees 
43 (A), Philippa  England, UK I272123 onetrees 
44 (A), Priscilla  Abt 1620England, UK I272277 onetrees 
45 (A), Rose  England, UK I271866 onetrees 
46 (A), Sarah  England, UK I271889 onetrees 
47 Adams, Henry  Abt 1472England, UK I272186 onetrees 
48 Adams, Jeremy  England, UK I272066 onetrees 
49 Adler, Caroline Harriet  20 Oct 1867England, UK I72233 onetrees 
50 Agnew (Agnew), Sir George Keith The 5th Baronet  25 Nov 1918England, UK I163158 onetrees 
51 Allen, James  1636England, UK I272002 onetrees 
52 Allen, Samuel  1600England, UK I272030 onetrees 
53 Allis, William  England, UK I271714 onetrees 
54 Arnold, Violet Gwyneth  6 Apr 1900England, UK I453559 onetrees 
55 Arnold, William  Between 1586 and 1587England, UK I227182 onetrees 
56 Axsell\Axtell\Up, Hannah  Abt 1640England, UK I272211 onetrees 
57 Baker, Mary  1820England, UK I449471 onetrees 
58 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1615England, UK I271789 onetrees 
59 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271779 onetrees 
60 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271778 onetrees 
61 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271739 onetrees 
62 Ball, Alling  1617England, UK I262271 onetrees 
63 Ball, Hannah  12 Mar 1650England, UK I262666 onetrees 
64 Ball, Joseph  24 May 1649England, UK I2883 onetrees 
65 Ball, Richard  Abt 1639England, UK I262611 onetrees 
66 Ball, William  25 Jan 1641England, UK I262633 onetrees 
67 Bar-Lev, Saïda Emmanuela Hallelujah   I109282 onetrees 
68 Bar-Lev, Zamir Ismael Elia   I109293 onetrees 
69 Barber, George  England, UK I270511 onetrees 
70 Barbour, George  1615England, UK I271932 onetrees 
71 Barker, Alice  England, UK I272360 onetrees 
72 Barrow, Elizabeth  1619England, UK I270986 onetrees 
73 Bartlett, Robert  England, UK I272358 onetrees 
74 Bartlett, Robert  1603England, UK I272356 onetrees 
75 Barton, Reginald Maddison  2 Feb 1896England, UK I184265 onetrees 
76 Bass, Hannah  Abt 1631England, UK I272013 onetrees 
77 Bass\Basse, Humphrey  England, UK I272021 onetrees 
78 Bates, Elizabeth  England, UK I271718 onetrees 
79 Bates, James  1582England, UK I271684 onetrees 
80 Baylier, Francis  Abt 1590England, UK I269716 onetrees 
81 Beardsley, Hugh  1582England, UK I271707 onetrees 
82 Beardsley, Thomas  Abt 1560England, UK I271681 onetrees 
83 Belding (Belden), Richard  1591England, UK I271656 onetrees 
84 Belgrave, John  England, UK I272174 onetrees 
85 Belgrave, Thomasine  Between 1561 and 1562England, UK I272127 onetrees 
86 Bell, Dorothy  26 Aug 1750England, UK I257768 onetrees 
87 Bell, Sarah  England, UK I271723 onetrees 
88 Bennington, Aveline  England, UK I271855 onetrees 
89 Berkeley of Berkeley (Berkeley), Jane de  1593England, UK I227473 onetrees 
90 Besse, Anthony  1609England, UK I271958 onetrees 
91 Bird, Thomas  England, UK I395472 onetrees 
92 Blakeway, Jacob  England, UK I271123 onetrees 
93 Bosworth, Edward  England, UK I272077 onetrees 
94 Bosworth, Nathaniel  4 Sep 1617England, UK I272075 onetrees 
95 Bouchier, Mary  England, UK I272041 onetrees 
96 Bourne, Bartholomew  England, UK I272351 onetrees 
97 Bourne, Bartholomew  England, UK I272345 onetrees 
98 Bourne, Francis  England, UK I272347 onetrees 
99 Bourne, John  England, UK I272350 onetrees 
100 Bourne, Richard  England, UK I272032 onetrees 
101 Bourne, Robert  England, UK I272346 onetrees 
102 Brenton, Catherine  England, UK I272284 onetrees 
103 Brewer, Hannah  Abt 1615England, UK I269658 onetrees 
104 Brewer, John  England, UK I272179 onetrees 
105 Brewster, Millicent  England, UK I272262 onetrees 
106 Brewster, William  England, UK I268249 onetrees 
107 Broadist, George E  Abt 1884England, UK I413938 onetrees 
108 Brooke, Joan  1555England, UK I227254 onetrees 
109 Brooke, Robert  Abt 1495England, UK I271652 onetrees 
110 Brookes, Emily Annie  28 Jul 1873England, UK I139751 onetrees 
111 Brown, Edward   I139445 onetrees 
112 Brown, Peter Edward   I139441 onetrees 
113 Browne, Elizabeth  Abt 1622England, UK I271699 onetrees 
114 Bunker, George  England, UK I272028 onetrees 
115 Bunker, William  England, UK I271951 onetrees 
116 Burnham, Thomas  Abt 1617England, UK I272122 onetrees 
117 Bushwell, Rebecca  England, UK I272183 onetrees 
118 Cairns (Cairns), Janet Beveridge "Nettie"  4 Oct 1870England, UK I146523 onetrees 
119 Callear, Richard  14 Oct 1954England, UK I76326 onetrees 
120 Carnegie, Rachel Elizabeth  8 Oct 1901England, UK I444153 onetrees 
121 Carty, Maureen Ellen  13 Apr 1937England, UK I200029 onetrees 
122 Catlin, John  England, UK I271780 onetrees 
123 Cave (Cave), Alexander  England, UK I275009 onetrees 
124 Cave (Cave), Peter  England, UK I275013 onetrees 
125 Cave (Cave), Peter  England, UK I275011 onetrees 
126 Chadburn, Nicholas   I162007 onetrees 
127 Chambers (Chambers), John  England, UK I116686 onetrees 
128 Chambers (Chambers), Mary  24 Jun 1731England, UK I116773 onetrees 
129 Channon, Henry  England, UK I385053 onetrees 
130 Chapin, Catherine  Abt 6 Apr 1630England, UK I271792 onetrees 
131 Chapin, John  1566England, UK I271738 onetrees 
132 Chapin, Samuel  1598England, UK I271710 onetrees 
133 Chapyn, Roger  1540England, UK I271741 onetrees 
134 Chicken, Anne Christina   I189119 onetrees 
135 Chicken, Michael John   I189132 onetrees 
136 Chileab, Elizabeth  1602England, UK I271633 onetrees 
137 Chrislett, Michael Stephen   I184371 onetrees 
138 Christensen, Tove Elisabeth Munch   I329012 onetrees 
139 Churchill (Churchill), Honourable Arabella  1648England, UK I18830 onetrees 
140 Clark (Clark), William Henry  20 Dec 1872England, UK I147550 onetrees 
141 Clarke, Elizabeth  1617England, UK I271933 onetrees 
142 Coles, Edith  England, UK I272333 onetrees 
143 Coles, Thomas  England, UK I272318 onetrees 
144 Cooke, Walter  England, UK I272283 onetrees 
145 Coombs, Nicholas John   I205675 onetrees 
146 Corn, Johan  Abt 1620England, UK I102326 onetrees 
147 Cottle, Edward  England, UK I272035 onetrees 
148 Coucheman, Jane  Abt 1514England, UK I271997 onetrees 
149 Coucheman, Robert  England, UK I271996 onetrees 
150 Couchman, Thomas  Abt 1538England, UK I272076 onetrees 
151 Courtenay (Courtenay), Elizabeth  England, UK I275427 onetrees 
152 Crispe, Katherine  England, UK I271923 onetrees 
153 Crocheman, Thomas  England, UK I272269 onetrees 
154 Crofton, Agnes  Abt 1544England, UK I271946 onetrees 
155 Crometie, Thomas  Abt 1650England, UK I120865 onetrees 
156 Crouch, William  Abt 1625England, UK I271910 onetrees 
157 Currie, John  Abt 1780England, UK I318525 onetrees 
158 Cushman, Robert  Between 1577 and 1578England, UK I272069 onetrees 
159 Cushman, Thomas  1607England, UK I272335 onetrees 
160 Deming, Elizabeth  Abt 1595England, UK I227252 onetrees 
161 Denmark (Munsö), Svend "Sweyn" II Estridsen Jarl, King of  1019England, UK I204171 onetrees 
162 Denmark and England (Jelling), Knud II "Hardeknud Hardicanute", King of  1018England, UK I204237 onetrees 
163 Dinwiddie, Mary  11 Apr 1866England, UK I48426 onetrees 
164 Dix, Edward  1616England, UK I271894 onetrees 
165 Dover, Mary  England, UK I269959 onetrees 
166 Drummond of Madderty (Drummond), Lady Angela Alice Maryel  5 Mar 1912England, UK I50304 onetrees 
167 Dugdale (Geast), Annie  11 Nov 1873England, UK I159936 onetrees 
168 Dunn, David Christy  12 Feb 1939England, UK I178305 onetrees 
169 Dyer, Anne Cooke  1825England, UK I5748 onetrees 
170 Eames, Ann  England, UK I272124 onetrees 
171 Eames, Thomas  England, UK I272131 onetrees 
172 Easton\Eaton, Phillipe  England, UK I271775 onetrees 
173 Edwards, Alexander  Abt 1620England, UK I271794 onetrees 
174 England (Holland), Lord Edmund, Prince of The 4th Earl of Kent  1384England, UK I209704 onetrees 
175 Erdley, Agnes  England, UK I271954 onetrees 
176 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  1360England, UK I271734 onetrees 
177 Felde (Felde), William  Abt 1400England, UK I271736 onetrees 
178 Felde (Felde), William  Abt 1470England, UK I271730 onetrees 
179 Ferguson (Ferguson), Jane Louisa   I160 onetrees 
180 Field, Zachariah  England, UK I271783 onetrees 
181 Field (Felde), Richard  Abt 1500England, UK I271733 onetrees 
182 Fiennes, Margaret  Abt 1265England, UK I268380 onetrees 
183 Fisher, Lydia  Abt 1623England, UK I271901 onetrees 
184 Fiske, Mary  Abt 1550England, UK I271936 onetrees 
185 Fiske, Simon  England, UK I271908 onetrees 
186 Fiske, Simon  Abt 1400England, UK I271888 onetrees 
187 Fiske, William  Abt 1425England, UK I271846 onetrees 
188 Flagg, Bartholomew  England, UK I271914 onetrees 
189 Flegg, John  England, UK I271853 onetrees 
190 Flegg, Richard  England, UK I271851 onetrees 
191 Flegg, Thomas  England, UK I271854 onetrees 
192 Flegg, William  England, UK I271850 onetrees 
193 Flegg, William  England, UK I271849 onetrees 
194 Foote, Nathaniel  1620England, UK I271642 onetrees 
195 Foote, Robert  England, UK I227255 onetrees 
196 Ford, William  Abt 1604England, UK I272173 onetrees 
197 Frankelin, Henrik  1565England, UK I238330 onetrees 
198 Fraser, Archibald Thomas Frederick of Abertarf  1801England, UK I259521 onetrees 
199 Friesland, Thyra Dannebod, Princess of  Abt 884England, UK I205658 onetrees 
200 Frost, John  England, UK I272177 onetrees 
201 Frost, Tamazine  England, UK I270499 onetrees 
202 Frost, William  England, UK I272171 onetrees 
203 Gage, Honourable Emily  England, UK I41484 onetrees 
204 Gage, Honourable Thomas  Abt 1719England, UK I41485 onetrees 
205 Gaines, Henry  England, UK I272298 onetrees 
206 Gardner, Samuel  1615England, UK I271625 onetrees 
207 Garfield, Samuel  1575England, UK I269578 onetrees 
208 Gibbons, Elizabeth  England, UK I271635 onetrees 
209 Gibbs, Thomas  Abt 1615England, UK I272291 onetrees 
210 Giedde (Giedde), Richard "Michael"  1598England, UK I233726 onetrees 
211 Gilbert, Thomas  1624England, UK I271791 onetrees 
212 Glover, Alice  1583England, UK I271679 onetrees 
213 Godfrey, Jane  England, UK I272029 onetrees 
214 Godfrey, Richard  1631England, UK I272322 onetrees 
215 Godfrey, Thomas  England, UK I272078 onetrees 
216 Goodenow, Thomas  1570England, UK I269607 onetrees 
217 Goodrick, Margaret  Abt 1560England, UK I271658 onetrees 
218 Gwynne, Nell  1650England, UK I14403 onetrees 
219 Hallett, Andrew  England, UK I272019 onetrees 
220 Hallett, Bathsheba  England, UK I272033 onetrees 
221 Hammarstrøm, Birgitte   I146325 onetrees 
222 Harlow, William  England, UK I272289 onetrees 
223 Harris, Anna Juditha Boesen  Abt 1780England, UK I98962 onetrees 
224 Harris, Niels Boesen  1759England, UK I99614 onetrees 
225 Harvey (Harvey), Richard  Abt 1579England, UK I271708 onetrees 
226 Hathoway, Richard  Abt 1503England, UK I262728 onetrees 
227 Hawks, John  Abt 1620England, UK I271698 onetrees 
228 Hayden, John  2 Nov 1606England, UK I269555 onetrees 
229 Hearle, William  Abt 1639England, UK I269521 onetrees 
230 Hellot\Elliot, Elena  England, UK I271687 onetrees 
231 Hill, Francois Richard  21 Apr 1779England, UK I106218 onetrees 
232 Hitchcock, Luke  England, UK I271634 onetrees 
233 Holand, Lord Edmund The 4th Earl of Kent  England, UK I274164 onetrees 
234 Holbrook, Thomas  1594England, UK I227198 onetrees 
235 Holbrook, William  Abt 1540England, UK I272253 onetrees 
236 Holbrook, William  1562England, UK I272147 onetrees 
237 Holländer, Elizabeth "Betty"  1797England, UK I5361 onetrees 
238 Holmes, Obadiah  Sep 1608England, UK I269859 onetrees 
239 Holmes (Holmes), Jasper   I138375 onetrees 
240 Holroyd (Holroyd), Isaac  1643England, UK I271609 onetrees 
241 Hopkins, Mary  England, UK I272180 onetrees 
242 Hubbard (Hubbard), Elinor  England, UK I272074 onetrees 
243 Hurd, John  1613England, UK I269725 onetrees 
244 Hyde, Mary  Abt 1787England, UK I260248 onetrees 
245 Ingleby, Anne  England, UK I275010 onetrees 
246 Ingraham (Ingram), Arthur  England, UK I271177 onetrees 
247 Ingraham (Ingram), Richard  England, UK I271180 onetrees 
248 Ingram (Ingram), Sir Arthur  1570England, UK I29314 onetrees 
249 Ives, Ann  England, UK I272141 onetrees 
250 Jacobsen, Erik   I59657 onetrees 
251 James, Frederick Nicholas "Nick"   I179139 onetrees 
252 Jasper, Elizabeth  1587England, UK I227238 onetrees 
253 Jasper, Lancelot  England, UK I271886 onetrees 
254 Jenkins, Sarah  Abt 1606England, UK I272011 onetrees 
255 Johnson, John  1609England, UK I428751 onetrees 
256 Jones, Abraham  Abt 1630England, UK I272278 onetrees 
257 Jones, Debbie   I166718 onetrees 
258 Judd, Thomas  1608England, UK I272302 onetrees 
259 Kibbe, Edward  11 May 1611England, UK I272265 onetrees 
260 King, Margaret  England, UK I227240 onetrees 
261 Kingman, Henry  1593England, UK I272300 onetrees 
262 Kingman, Joanne  Abt 1622England, UK I272282 onetrees 
263 Kingsley, Grace  1621England, UK I272249 onetrees 
264 Knight, John  England, UK I272261 onetrees 
265 Lamson, Barnabas  England, UK I271911 onetrees 
266 Lamson, Sarah  1627England, UK I271924 onetrees 
267 Langhorne, Magnus  Abt 1630England, UK I345221 onetrees 
268 Langhorne, Rowland  Abt 1605England, UK I345223 onetrees 
269 Lathrop, John  Between 1583 and 1584England, UK I227208 onetrees 
270 Lawrence, Thomas  England, UK I271712 onetrees 
271 Lesler, Giese  1592England, UK I84714 onetrees 
272 Lester, Peter  England, UK I275075 onetrees 
273 Leveson-Gower (Leveson-Gower), Hugh Nugent  England, UK I211293 onetrees 
274 Leveson-Gower (Leveson-Gower), Lucinda Gaye   I211297 onetrees 
275 Lewis, George  England, UK I272038 onetrees 
276 Lewis, George  Sep 1655England, UK I272000 onetrees 
277 Lewis, William  1620England, UK I272182 onetrees 
278 Lincoln, Richard  England, UK I269826 onetrees 
279 Lincoln, Samuel  Abt 1619England, UK I270311 onetrees 
280 Lindam, Fanny  1825England, UK I125231 onetrees 
281 Littlejohn, Robert Stewart  1863England, UK I224819 onetrees 
282 Lloyd (Lloyd), Edna  22 Nov 1899England, UK I199899 onetrees 
283 Lobden\Lobdell, Nicholas  England, UK I272301 onetrees 
284 Lofthouse, Jessie  12 Dec 1854England, UK I195256 onetrees 
285 Look, Thomas  England, UK I272027 onetrees 
286 Lovell, Agnes  1598England, UK I272098 onetrees 
287 Lumbard, Barnardus  England, UK I271967 onetrees 
288 Lumbard\Lombard, Mary  England, UK I272039 onetrees 
289 MacDougall, Sarah Margaret  11 Aug 1824England, UK I189076 onetrees 
290 MacGregor (MacGregor), John   I61664 onetrees 
291 MacLelland, Catharine  England, UK I227618 onetrees 
292 Maenswer, Mary  England, UK I272405 onetrees 
293 Mahon, Minie  2 Apr 1869England, UK I94315 onetrees 
294 Makepeace, Esther  England, UK I270268 onetrees 
295 Makepeace, Thomas  1583England, UK I270286 onetrees 
296 Malcolm (Malcolm), Geoffrey Hugh   I201918 onetrees 
297 Marryat, Ida Horatia Charlotta  England, UK I213452 onetrees 
298 Martin, Robert Bruce Knox de   I18564 onetrees 
299 Mathews, Samuel  Abt 1574England, UK I262678 onetrees 
300 Matthews, James   I250690 onetrees 
301 Meakins, Thomas  Abt 1611England, UK I271716 onetrees 
302 Meriam, Sarah  1626England, UK I269568 onetrees 
303 Miles, Joan  England, UK I448899 onetrees 
304 Mitchell, Dorothy Finch  Abt 1630England, UK I443706 onetrees 
305 Montagu (Montagu), Richard  1614England, UK I262339 onetrees 
306 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1626England, UK I272288 onetrees 
307 Moore, John  1602England, UK I272362 onetrees 
308 More, Richard  Abt 1600England, UK I271124 onetrees 
309 Morgan, Charles William Julius  11 Oct 1870England, UK I180716 onetrees 
310 Morse, Daniel  1613England, UK I271927 onetrees 
311 Morse, Samuel  1576England, UK I227239 onetrees 
312 Morse, Thomas  England, UK I227243 onetrees 
313 Morse, Thomas  Abt 1550England, UK I227241 onetrees 
314 Munson, Mary  England, UK I271749 onetrees 
315 Munson, Thomas  England, UK I271750 onetrees 
316 Nash, Samuel Geoffrey  1824England, UK I5737 onetrees 
317 Neumann, Florence  1896England, UK I128568 onetrees 
318 Neville (Neville), Sir Henry de  Abt 1433England, UK I271666 onetrees 
319 Neville (Neville), Lord Richard de The 2nd Baron Latimer  Abt 1468England, UK I271664 onetrees 
320 Neville (Neville), Honourable Susanna de  Abt 1501England, UK I271663 onetrees 
321 Newbery, Mary   I92933 onetrees 
322 Newcomb, Andrew  1618England, UK I272235 onetrees 
323 Odling-Smee, Peter Guy   I194402 onetrees 
324 Oliver, Sheila   I106301 onetrees 
325 Paine, Moses  1581England, UK I272043 onetrees 
326 Paine, Stephen  1628England, UK I271999 onetrees 
327 Park, Edward  England, UK I271860 onetrees 
328 Park, Richard  England, UK I271909 onetrees 
329 Park, Thomas  1628England, UK I271898 onetrees 
330 Partridge, George  England, UK I271947 onetrees 
331 Partridge, Jane  England, UK I272299 onetrees 
332 Partridge, Mary  Abt 1620England, UK I272263 onetrees 
333 Pegge, Catherine  England, UK I80199 onetrees 
334 Penny, Cicely  Between 1601 and 1602England, UK I271785 onetrees 
335 Pineus, Isaac  1781England, UK I5384 onetrees 
336 Pintzow, Sara  England, UK I116687 onetrees 
337 Pope, Nathaniel  1603England, UK I1414 onetrees 
338 Pountney, Iris Violet May  16 Jun 1919England, UK I29873 onetrees 
339 Powys (Powys), Jane  England, UK I227197 onetrees 
340 Poynings (Poynings), Lady Eleanor The Xxx Countess of Northumberland  Abt 1422England, UK I221454 onetrees 
341 Prisse, Margery  England, UK I272128 onetrees 
342 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Erich Ole  27 Aug 1897England, UK I193402 onetrees 
343 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Gunhilda Charlotte Marie  24 Nov 1886England, UK I193398 onetrees 
344 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Lillian Alice  19 Feb 1888England, UK I193399 onetrees 
345 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Niels Peter Carl Johan  9 Jan 1893England, UK I193400 onetrees 
346 Ramage, David  Abt 1797England, UK I259780 onetrees 
347 Ramsdell, John  1602England, UK I272276 onetrees 
348 Ravens, Grace  Abt 1591England, UK I227188 onetrees 
349 Raymond, Richard  1602England, UK I272097 onetrees 
350 Reade, Robert  Abt 1575England, UK I1381 onetrees 
351 Renton (Renton), Hannah  9 Mar 1847England, UK I170080 onetrees 
352 Reynolds, Mary  Abt 1628England, UK I271897 onetrees 
353 Reynolds, Robert  1585England, UK I271920 onetrees 
354 Richards, James  Abt 1549England, UK I272306 onetrees 
355 Richards, Thomas  England, UK I272193 onetrees 
356 Rider, Sarah  1585England, UK I272080 onetrees 
357 Risley, Richard  Abt 1615England, UK I272342 onetrees 
358 Roberts, Margery  England, UK I272017 onetrees 
359 Rockwood, Richard  1598England, UK I272142 onetrees 
360 Russell (Russell), Sir John Wriothesley  23 Aug 1914England, UK I229967 onetrees 
361 Sachse, Thora  England, UK I207895 onetrees 
362 Sanger, Richard  England, UK I271918 onetrees 
363 Sanger, Richard  Abt 1625England, UK I271896 onetrees 
364 Saville, Ann  1601England, UK I272045 onetrees 
365 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Viggo Holger Shane   I409667 onetrees 
366 Scott, Ann  England, UK I272129 onetrees 
367 Shaw (Shaw), Henry Norton  England, UK I110686 onetrees 
368 Sheafe, Elizabeth  1589England, UK I272023 onetrees 
369 Sheafe, Richard  England, UK I272018 onetrees 
370 Skiff, James  1610England, UK I272050 onetrees 
371 Smead, William  1635England, UK I271706 onetrees 
372 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt 1626England, UK I271636 onetrees 
373 Smith, Neil   I162004 onetrees 
374 Smith, Richard  England, UK I272313 onetrees 
375 Smith, Samuel  1602England, UK I26102 onetrees 
376 Southwell (Southwell), Elizabeth  Abt 1595England, UK I445707 onetrees 
377 Spencer (Spencer of England), Lord Edward James The 8th Earl Spencer  24 Jan 1924England, UK I15273 onetrees 
378 Squire, Edith  1587England, UK I272355 onetrees 
379 Stanley (Stanley), Mary  England, UK I271784 onetrees 
380 Stanley (Stanley), Timothy  Abt 1599England, UK I227173 onetrees 
381 Stearns, Isaac  25 Feb 1623England, UK I269624 onetrees 
382 Stebbins, John  1626England, UK I271728 onetrees 
383 Stiles, Mary  Abt 1807England, UK I258518 onetrees 
384 Stone, Agnes  Abt 1557England, UK I272256 onetrees 
385 Stoughton, Judith  England, UK I271711 onetrees 
386 Strutt, Joanna  England, UK I272125 onetrees 
387 Strutt, John  England, UK I272072 onetrees 
388 Strutt, John  England, UK I272054 onetrees 
389 Strutt, Thomas  England, UK I272073 onetrees 
390 Sykes, Martha Jane "Mattie"  Jun 1867England, UK I395462 onetrees 
391 Sykes, Thomas  1 Apr 1835England, UK I395514 onetrees 
392 Tempest, Joseph E  Abt 1872England, UK I259050 onetrees 
393 Thayer, Constans  England, UK I272210 onetrees 
394 Thayer, John  1500England, UK I272266 onetrees 
395 Thomas, Gilbert  England, UK I271744 onetrees 
396 Thompson, Elinor  Abt 1624England, UK I272014 onetrees 
397 Thompson, William  England, UK I272024 onetrees 
398 Thornton, William  Abt 1595England, UK I270072 onetrees 
399 Thurnbull, Helen  England, UK I170412 onetrees 
400 Thurston, Sarah  Between 1593 and 1600England, UK I269577 onetrees 
401 Thurston, William  1567England, UK I269634 onetrees 
402 Toettcher, Ronald William  1907England, UK I88608 onetrees 
403 Tracy, Christopher  England, UK I271987 onetrees 
404 Tracy, Sarah  England, UK I272052 onetrees 
405 Tracy, Stephen  1596England, UK I271949 onetrees 
406 Treford, Joyce  England, UK I271787 onetrees 
407 Turner, Jane  Abt 1631England, UK I272323 onetrees 
408 Turner, John  England, UK I272317 onetrees 
409 Upton, Joanne "Jane"  Abt 1560England, UK I271683 onetrees 
410 Veazey, William  Abt 1620England, UK I272046 onetrees 
411 Villiers (Villiers), Lady Suo Jure Barbara The 1st Duchess of Cleveland  1641England, UK I11995 onetrees 
412 Vine, Mary  1641England, UK I268316 onetrees 
413 Vye, Charles  Abt 1730England, UK I35401 onetrees 
414 Walker, Rosalind Helen   I199726 onetrees 
415 Walker, Sarah  1622England, UK I272295 onetrees 
416 Walker, Thomas  England, UK I227619 onetrees 
417 Walker, William  England, UK I272361 onetrees 
418 Walleen, Evelyn Anna Elisabeth  10 Oct 1893England, UK I142915 onetrees 
419 Wallenberg (Wallenberg), Marcus "Marc"  28 Jun 1924England, UK I31633 onetrees 
420 Walrond, Thomas  1532England, UK I269698 onetrees 
421 Walter, Lucy  Abt 1630England, UK I14428 onetrees 
422 Ward, Edward  England, UK I271717 onetrees 
423 Ward, Isabella  England, UK I271781 onetrees 
424 Ward, Stephen  England, UK I271758 onetrees 
425 Ward, Violet Christine  29 Apr 1880England, UK I183791 onetrees 
426 Warenne of Warenne (Warenne), Lady Isabella de  1154England, UK I272489 onetrees 
427 Warren, Mary  Abt 1610England, UK I272357 onetrees 
428 Warren, Richard  England, UK I272316 onetrees 
429 Warwich, Cornelsche Sandersen  Abt 1620England, UK I123494 onetrees 
430 Washington (Washington), Elizabeth  Abt 1627England, UK I262750 onetrees 
431 Washington (Washington), George  England, UK I262300 onetrees 
432 Washington (Washington), Gregory  England, UK I262299 onetrees 
433 Washington (Washington), Lawrence  Abt 1635England, UK I262755 onetrees 
434 Washington (Washington), Margaret  Abt 1627England, UK I262754 onetrees 
435 Washington (Washington), Martha  Abt 1627England, UK I262753 onetrees 
436 Washington (Washington), Thomas  Mar 1602England, UK I262297 onetrees 
437 Washington (Washington), William  Abt 1627England, UK I262751 onetrees 
438 Webb, John  England, UK I271989 onetrees 
439 Webb, Louise Penelope  19 Apr 1830England, UK I192096 onetrees 
440 Webb, Miss  England, UK I271990 onetrees 
441 Wedgwood, Susan Frances   I69510 onetrees 
442 Welles, Thomas  Abt 1629England, UK I271026 onetrees 
443 Wentworth, Mary  1568England, UK I268238 onetrees 
444 Wheeler, Margery  Abt 1600England, UK I272330 onetrees 
445 Whetman, Elizabeth  Abt 1534England, UK I271651 onetrees 
446 White, Theresa Ward  England, UK I239258 onetrees 
447 Whitehouse, Georgina  England, UK I18601 onetrees 
448 Whitehouse, Georgina  26 Feb 1858England, UK I171094 onetrees 
449 Whiting, Sarah  1591England, UK I271751 onetrees 
450 Whitlock, Hannah  Abt 1619England, UK I271790 onetrees 
451 Whitman, John  Abt 1603England, UK I272055 onetrees 
452 Wikkenson, Jane  1614England, UK I271895 onetrees 
453 Wilcox, Charles Edward  Abt 1871England, UK I250632 onetrees 
454 Wilson, Percival Ewen  10 Jun 1853England, UK I260216 onetrees 
455 Windebank, Mildred  1584England, UK I1379 onetrees 
456 Wittroch, Theresia Ludovica  1817England, UK I110683 onetrees 
457 Woodfield, William  England, UK I272404 onetrees 
458 Wright, Ann  Abt 1622England, UK I272096 onetrees 
459 Wright, Edward  Abt 1635England, UK I272255 onetrees 
460 Wright, Richard  1598England, UK I272264 onetrees 
461 Wyndham (Wyndham), Guy Richard Charles  29 Aug 1896England, UK I385031 onetrees 
462 Young, John  Abt 1625England, UK I269514 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 145 of 145

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Agnes  England, UK I227242 onetrees 
2 (A), Annabelle  England, UK I271729 onetrees 
3 (A), Anne\Hannah  England, UK I272132 onetrees 
4 (A), Bridget  England, UK I272071 onetrees 
5 (A), Catherine  England, UK I272304 onetrees 
6 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I272234 onetrees 
7 (A), Elizabeth  England, UK I272185 onetrees 
8 (A), Isabelle  England, UK I272172 onetrees 
9 (A), Isle  England, UK I272083 onetrees 
10 (A), Jane  England, UK I271992 onetrees 
11 (A), Joan  England, UK I271861 onetrees 
12 (A), Joane  England, UK I271985 onetrees 
13 (A), Johane  England, UK I272236 onetrees 
14 (A), Johanna  England, UK I272130 onetrees 
15 (A), Judith  England, UK I272100 onetrees 
16 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271962 onetrees 
17 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271852 onetrees 
18 (A), Margery  England, UK I271885 onetrees 
19 (A), Mary  England, UK I272095 onetrees 
20 (A), Mary  England, UK I271991 onetrees 
21 (A), Philippa  England, UK I272123 onetrees 
22 (A), Rose  England, UK I271866 onetrees 
23 (A), Sarah  England, UK I271889 onetrees 
24 Adams, Jeremy  England, UK I272066 onetrees 
25 Albright, Frances  England, UK I271719 onetrees 
26 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271779 onetrees 
27 Barker, Alice  England, UK I272360 onetrees 
28 Bartlett, Robert  England, UK I272358 onetrees 
29 Bass, Samuel  England, UK I272044 onetrees 
30 Bass\Basse, Humphrey  England, UK I272021 onetrees 
31 Bates, Elizabeth  England, UK I271718 onetrees 
32 Bates, James  England, UK I271684 onetrees 
33 Belgrave, John  England, UK I272174 onetrees 
34 Bennington, Aveline  England, UK I271855 onetrees 
35 Besse, Anthony  England, UK I271958 onetrees 
36 Bosworth, Edward  England, UK I272077 onetrees 
37 Bouchier, Mary  England, UK I272041 onetrees 
38 Bourne, Anne\Sarah  England, UK I272065 onetrees 
39 Bourne, Bartholomew  England, UK I272351 onetrees 
40 Brewer, John  England, UK I272179 onetrees 
41 Brewster, Millicent  England, UK I272262 onetrees 
42 Bushwell, Rebecca  England, UK I272183 onetrees 
43 Chapyn, Roger  England, UK I271741 onetrees 
44 Coles, Edith  England, UK I272333 onetrees 
45 Couchman, Thomas  England, UK I272076 onetrees 
46 Crispe, Katherine  England, UK I271923 onetrees 
47 Crocheman, Thomas  England, UK I272269 onetrees 
48 Eames, Ann  England, UK I272124 onetrees 
49 Eames, Anthony  England, UK I272176 onetrees 
50 Eames, Thomas  England, UK I272131 onetrees 
51 Easton\Eaton, Phillipe  England, UK I271775 onetrees 
52 Erdley, Agnes  England, UK I271954 onetrees 
53 Felde (Felde), John Del  England, UK I271776 onetrees 
54 Felde (Felde), Roger Del  England, UK I271735 onetrees 
55 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271788 onetrees 
56 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271786 onetrees 
57 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271734 onetrees 
58 Felde (Felde), William  England, UK I271736 onetrees 
59 Felde (Felde), William  England, UK I271730 onetrees 
60 Field, John  England, UK I271743 onetrees 
61 Field, John  England, UK I271731 onetrees 
62 Field (Felde), Richard  England, UK I271733 onetrees 
63 Fiske, Mary  England, UK I271936 onetrees 
64 Fiske, Richard  England, UK I271865 onetrees 
65 Fiske, Simon  England, UK I271908 onetrees 
66 Fiske, Simon  England, UK I271888 onetrees 
67 Fiske, William  England, UK I271846 onetrees 
68 Flegg, John  England, UK I271853 onetrees 
69 Flegg, Richard  England, UK I271851 onetrees 
70 Flegg, Thomas  England, UK I271854 onetrees 
71 Flegg, William  England, UK I271850 onetrees 
72 Flegg, William  England, UK I271849 onetrees 
73 Ford, William  England, UK I272173 onetrees 
74 Frost, John  England, UK I272177 onetrees 
75 Frost, William  England, UK I272171 onetrees 
76 Glover, Alice  England, UK I271679 onetrees 
77 Godfrey, Thomas  England, UK I272078 onetrees 
78 Hallett, Andrew  England, UK I272019 onetrees 
79 Harvey (Harvey), Richard  England, UK I271708 onetrees 
80 Hellot\Elliot, Elena  England, UK I271687 onetrees 
81 Holbrook, Thomas  England, UK I227198 onetrees 
82 Holbrook, William  England, UK I272253 onetrees 
83 Holbrook, William  England, UK I272147 onetrees 
84 Hopkins, Mary  England, UK I272180 onetrees 
85 Hubbard (Hubbard), Elinor  England, UK I272074 onetrees 
86 Ives, Ann  England, UK I272141 onetrees 
87 Jasper, Lancelot  England, UK I271886 onetrees 
88 Jenkins, Sarah  England, UK I272011 onetrees 
89 Judd, Thomas  England, UK I272302 onetrees 
90 King, Margaret  England, UK I227240 onetrees 
91 Kingman, Henry  England, UK I272300 onetrees 
92 Knight, John  England, UK I272261 onetrees 
93 Knight, William  15 Dec 1570England, UK I272233 onetrees 
94 Lewis, George  England, UK I272040 onetrees 
95 Lewis, William  England, UK I272182 onetrees 
96 Lobden\Lobdell, Nicholas  England, UK I272301 onetrees 
97 Lovell, Agnes  England, UK I272098 onetrees 
98 Lumbard, Barnardus  England, UK I271967 onetrees 
99 Merriam, William  11 May 1564England, UK I269680 onetrees 
100 Morse, Thomas  England, UK I227243 onetrees 
101 Morse, Thomas  England, UK I227241 onetrees 
102 Munson, Mary  England, UK I271749 onetrees 
103 Munson, Thomas  England, UK I271750 onetrees 
104 Newcomb, Andrew  England, UK I272235 onetrees 
105 Norway (Yngling), Olav I Trygvesen, King of  994England, UK I204555 onetrees 
106 Park, Edward  England, UK I271860 onetrees 
107 Park, Richard  England, UK I271909 onetrees 
108 Partridge, George  England, UK I271947 onetrees 
109 Powys (Powys), Jane  England, UK I227197 onetrees 
110 Prisse, Margery  England, UK I272128 onetrees 
111 Ramsdell, John  England, UK I272276 onetrees 
112 Raymond, Richard  England, UK I272097 onetrees 
113 Rider, Sarah  England, UK I272080 onetrees 
114 Rockwood, Richard  England, UK I272142 onetrees 
115 Saville, William  England, UK I272042 onetrees 
116 Scott, Ann  England, UK I272129 onetrees 
117 Scott\Skote, Richard  England, UK I272178 onetrees 
118 Shepherd, Jane  England, UK I272305 onetrees 
119 Smith, Nehemiah  England, UK I272319 onetrees 
120 Smith, Richard  England, UK I272313 onetrees 
121 Squire, Henry  England, UK I272273 onetrees 
122 Squire, William  England, UK I272049 onetrees 
123 Stebbins, John  England, UK I271728 onetrees 
124 Stebbins, Rowland  5 Nov 1592England, UK I271752 onetrees 
125 Strutt, Joanna  England, UK I272125 onetrees 
126 Strutt, John  England, UK I272072 onetrees 
127 Strutt, John  England, UK I272054 onetrees 
128 Strutt, Thomas  England, UK I272073 onetrees 
129 Thayer, Constans  England, UK I272210 onetrees 
130 Thayer, John  England, UK I272266 onetrees 
131 Thayer, John  England, UK I272118 onetrees 
132 Thayer, Richard  England, UK I272119 onetrees 
133 Thomas, Gilbert  England, UK I271744 onetrees 
134 Tracy, Christopher  England, UK I271987 onetrees 
135 Tracy, Sarah  England, UK I272052 onetrees 
136 Treford, Joyce  England, UK I271787 onetrees 
137 Turner, John  England, UK I272317 onetrees 
138 Walker, William  England, UK I272361 onetrees 
139 Ward, Edward  England, UK I271717 onetrees 
140 Ward, Stephen  England, UK I271758 onetrees 
141 Ward, William  15 May 1603England, UK I269654 onetrees 
142 Warren, Mary  England, UK I272357 onetrees 
143 Warren, Richard  England, UK I272316 onetrees 
144 Wheeler, Abell  England, UK I272056 onetrees 
145 Whiting, Sarah  England, UK I271751 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 177 of 177

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Agnes  England, UK I227242 onetrees 
2 (A), Annabelle  England, UK I271729 onetrees 
3 (A), Catherine  England, UK I272304 onetrees 
4 (A), Edith  England, UK I271972 onetrees 
5 (A), Ellyn  Abt 1566England, UK I271777 onetrees 
6 (A), Isabelle  1526England, UK I272172 onetrees 
7 (A), Isle  England, UK I272083 onetrees 
8 (A), Joan  Abt 1505England, UK I271861 onetrees 
9 (A), Joane  England, UK I271985 onetrees 
10 (A), Johane  England, UK I272236 onetrees 
11 (A), Johane  England, UK I271966 onetrees 
12 (A), Johanna  England, UK I272130 onetrees 
13 (A), Katherine  Mar 1565-1566England, UK I271653 onetrees 
14 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271962 onetrees 
15 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271852 onetrees 
16 (A), Margery  England, UK I271885 onetrees 
17 (A), Mary  England, UK I271916 onetrees 
18 (A), Philippa  England, UK I272123 onetrees 
19 (A), Philippa  5 Jan 1382England, UK I268390 onetrees 
20 (A), Rosamunde of Clifford  England, UK I270457 onetrees 
21 Adler, Anna  England, UK I136404 onetrees 
22 Allen (Allen), Jane  England, UK I227358 onetrees 
23 Badlesmere, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1356England, UK I268388 onetrees 
24 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271779 onetrees 
25 Baldwin, Richard  Abt 1565England, UK I271778 onetrees 
26 Ball, Robert  1543England, UK I262740 onetrees 
27 Barker, Alice  England, UK I272360 onetrees 
28 Bartlett, Robert  England, UK I272358 onetrees 
29 Beardsley, Thomas  Mar 1600England, UK I271681 onetrees 
30 Beaumont (Beaumont), Matilda "Maud"  3 Jul 1467England, UK I275436 onetrees 
31 Belgrave, John  England, UK I272174 onetrees 
32 Belgrave, Thomasine  England, UK I272127 onetrees 
33 Bennett, Amelia Gould  30 Nov 1870England, UK I260710 onetrees 
34 Bennington, Aveline  England, UK I271855 onetrees 
35 Bent, Robert  29 Jul 1631England, UK I269630 onetrees 
36 Bolt-Christmas (Smith-Christmas), Viola  England, UK I195791 onetrees 
37 Bourne, Bartholomew  England, UK I272345 onetrees 
38 Bourne, Bartholomew  Abt 1624England, UK I272351 onetrees 
39 Bourne, Francis  England, UK I272347 onetrees 
40 Bourne, Robert  England, UK I272346 onetrees 
41 Braose (Bruce), Maud de  1301England, UK I208596 onetrees 
42 Brewster, Millicent  May 1614England, UK I272262 onetrees 
43 Briwere, Grace  1223England, UK I271153 onetrees 
44 Brooke, John  Abt 8 Jun 1584England, UK I271650 onetrees 
45 Brooke, Robert  Jun 1551England, UK I271652 onetrees 
46 Brøchner (Brøchner), Kjeld Kjeldsen  Abt 1882England, UK I192223 onetrees 
47 Chapin, John  1 Jun 1600England, UK I271738 onetrees 
48 Chapyn, Roger  England, UK I271741 onetrees 
49 Coles, Edith  1612England, UK I272333 onetrees 
50 Coles, Thomas  1603England, UK I272318 onetrees 
51 Coucheman, Jane  Abt 1551England, UK I271997 onetrees 
52 Coucheman, Robert  England, UK I271996 onetrees 
53 Couchman, Thomas  Between 1585 and 1586England, UK I272076 onetrees 
54 Courtenay (Courtenay), Honourable Edward  1372England, UK I275440 onetrees 
55 Courtenay (Courtenay), Elizabeth  England, UK I275427 onetrees 
56 Courtenay (Courtenay), Hugh  England, UK I275435 onetrees 
57 Crispe, Katherine  England, UK I271923 onetrees 
58 Crocheman, Thomas  England, UK I272269 onetrees 
59 Damm, Gerda Elisabeth  16 Apr 1963England, UK I183164 onetrees 
60 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Henriette Louise Elisabeth, Comtesse of  1880England, UK I39855 onetrees 
61 Dunn, David Christy  19 Aug 1998England, UK I178305 onetrees 
62 Dyer, Anne Cooke  1902England, UK I5748 onetrees 
63 Easton\Eaton, Phillipe  England, UK I271775 onetrees 
64 England (Plantagenet), Royal Lady Suo Jure Matilda "Maud", Princess of The 5th Countess of Leicester  10 Apr 1362England, UK I202936 onetrees 
65 England (Plantagenet), Royal Lady Suo Jure Philippa, Princess of The 5th Countess of Ulster  1 Jan 1382England, UK I202884 onetrees 
66 England (Tudor), Katherine, Princess of  1503England, UK I251 onetrees 
67 England (Wessex), Ethelwulf, King of  13 Jan 857England, UK I207830 onetrees 
68 Erskine of Erskine (Erskine), Honourable David Steuart  21 Jun 1903England, UK I154925 onetrees 
69 Everth, Charlotte Lisa  1966England, UK I223624 onetrees 
70 Felde (Felde), John Del  England, UK I271776 onetrees 
71 Felde (Felde), Roger Del  England, UK I271735 onetrees 
72 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271788 onetrees 
73 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271786 onetrees 
74 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  1429England, UK I271734 onetrees 
75 Felde (Felde), William  Apr 1480England, UK I271736 onetrees 
76 Felde (Felde), William  1542England, UK I271730 onetrees 
77 Field, John  England, UK I271743 onetrees 
78 Field, John  May 1587England, UK I271731 onetrees 
79 Field (Felde), Richard  Dec 1542England, UK I271733 onetrees 
80 Fiennes, Margaret  7 Feb 1334England, UK I268380 onetrees 
81 Fiske, Mary  Abt 20 Mar 1578-1579England, UK I271936 onetrees 
82 Fiske, Richard  England, UK I271865 onetrees 
83 Fiske, Simon  Abt 1463England, UK I271888 onetrees 
84 Fiske, Simon  Abt 1537England, UK I271908 onetrees 
85 Fiske, William  Abt 15 Jul 1504England, UK I271846 onetrees 
86 Fitzherbert (Fitzherbert), Lady Godiva The Countess of Mercia  10 Sep 1067England, UK I205842 onetrees 
87 Flagg, Bartholomew  England, UK I271914 onetrees 
88 Flegg, John  1613England, UK I271853 onetrees 
89 Flegg, Richard  1587England, UK I271851 onetrees 
90 Flegg, Thomas  1471England, UK I271854 onetrees 
91 Flegg, William  England, UK I271849 onetrees 
92 Flegg, William  1426England, UK I271850 onetrees 
93 Foote, Robert  Aug 1607England, UK I227255 onetrees 
94 Frost, John  England, UK I272177 onetrees 
95 Frost, William  1549England, UK I272171 onetrees 
96 Gage, Honourable Thomas  1787England, UK I41485 onetrees 
97 Geneville, Joan de  19 Oct 1356England, UK I209058 onetrees 
98 Giedde (Giedde), Richard "Michael"  1645England, UK I233726 onetrees 
99 Godfrey, Thomas  England, UK I272078 onetrees 
100 Goschen (Goschen), Sir Edward Henry  7 Aug 1933England, UK I49204 onetrees 
101 Hansen, Inger Regitze  9 Mar 1988England, UK I385864 onetrees 
102 Hastings (Hastings), Lady Catherine  22 Sep 1576England, UK I21699 onetrees 
103 Heegaard (Heegaard), Steffen  1874England, UK I411777 onetrees 
104 Heilbuth, Irene Maria  4 Jan 2014England, UK I198193 onetrees 
105 Hellot\Elliot, Elena  England, UK I271687 onetrees 
106 Holbrook, William  England, UK I272253 onetrees 
107 Holbrook, William  1626England, UK I272147 onetrees 
108 Hubbard (Hubbard), Elinor  England, UK I272074 onetrees 
109 Hughes, Harriet "Hetty"  14 Apr 1960England, UK I164235 onetrees 
110 Hurd, John  1681England, UK I269725 onetrees 
111 Ingram (Ingram), Sir Arthur  4 Jul 1655England, UK I29314 onetrees 
112 Jarl (Jarl), The Statholder of Norway Erik Haakonson  1023England, UK I205850 onetrees 
113 Jungersen, Ingeborg  1975England, UK I194418 onetrees 
114 Kalledsøe, Finn  25 Apr 2003England, UK I231039 onetrees 
115 King, Margaret  1585England, UK I227240 onetrees 
116 Knight, John  England, UK I272261 onetrees 
117 Light, Elizabeth  Abt 1599England, UK I227475 onetrees 
118 Lincoln, Richard  Between 1619 and 1620England, UK I269826 onetrees 
119 Loker, Henry  17 Apr 1631England, UK I269711 onetrees 
120 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Ivar  24 Jul 1942England, UK I275668 onetrees 
121 Mallory, William  27 Apr 1547England, UK I25156 onetrees 
122 Mercia (Mercia), Lord Aelfgar de The Earl of Northumbia  Abt 1063England, UK I206016 onetrees 
123 Miles, Joan  England, UK I448899 onetrees 
124 Montgomery of Normandy (Montgomery), Roger II de  27 Jul 1094England, UK I205766 onetrees 
125 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lady Elizabeth  20 Apr 1417England, UK I202931 onetrees 
126 Nash, Samuel Geoffrey  1875England, UK I5737 onetrees 
127 Neville (Neville), Lady Eleanor de [Countess of Northumberland]  1440England, UK I217510 onetrees 
128 Nielsen, Alise  England, UK I79975 onetrees 
129 Norton (Norton), Richard  9 Apr 1588England, UK I37405 onetrees 
130 Osborn, Nest Ferch  England, UK I207266 onetrees 
131 Park, Edward  England, UK I271860 onetrees 
132 Payne, John  Abt 1526England, UK I271995 onetrees 
133 Percy, Lady Catherine The Xxx Countess of Kent  Abt 1475England, UK I262575 onetrees 
134 Percy, George  England, UK I262576 onetrees 
135 Percy, William  1462England, UK I262580 onetrees 
136 Percy (Percy), Honourable Maud de  Abt 18 Feb 1378England, UK I208795 onetrees 
137 Percy (Percy), Sir Richard  29 Mar 1461England, UK I262579 onetrees 
138 Richards, Thomas  England, UK I272193 onetrees 
139 Richards, William  Sep 1565England, UK I272238 onetrees 
140 Roberts, Margery  England, UK I272017 onetrees 
141 Schalburg, Vera von  1993England, UK I77642 onetrees 
142 Scott, Ann  England, UK I272129 onetrees 
143 Scott\Skote, Richard  Between 1564 and 1565England, UK I272178 onetrees 
144 Scrob, Osbern Fitz Richard  1080England, UK I207196 onetrees 
145 Sheafe, Elizabeth  Oct 1632England, UK I272023 onetrees 
146 Sheafe, Richard  England, UK I272018 onetrees 
147 Shepherd, Jane  England, UK I272305 onetrees 
148 Sheridan, James Ginsburg  1958England, UK I223601 onetrees 
149 Stephens (Stephens of Sweden), Edward  1861England, UK I384895 onetrees 
150 Stewart of Atholl (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), Lord David The Master of Atholl  1434England, UK I208807 onetrees 
151 Strutt, Joanna  England, UK I272125 onetrees 
152 Strutt, John  Abt 1516England, UK I272072 onetrees 
153 Strutt, John  1591England, UK I272054 onetrees 
154 Strutt, Thomas  Abt 1545England, UK I272073 onetrees 
155 Sølling (Sølling of Ravnholt), Vibeke Norden  23 Jun 1988England, UK I240534 onetrees 
156 Thayer, Constans  England, UK I272210 onetrees 
157 Thayer, John  Between 11 Feb 1561 and 1562England, UK I272266 onetrees 
158 Thomas, Gilbert  England, UK I271744 onetrees 
159 Thornton, William  1650England, UK I270072 onetrees 
160 Tracy, Christopher  England, UK I271987 onetrees 
161 Tracy, Stephen  Abt 1654England, UK I271949 onetrees 
162 Trethurfe, John  England, UK I275424 onetrees 
163 Trethurfe, Thomas  England, UK I269255 onetrees 
164 Trevisa, Maude Mary  England, UK I269253 onetrees 
165 Upton, Joanne "Jane"  Between 1597 and 1598England, UK I271683 onetrees 
166 Vere (Vere), Lord Robert de The 3rd Earl of Oxford  25 Oct 1221England, UK I208260 onetrees 
167 Walker, William  England, UK I272361 onetrees 
168 Ward, Stephen  England, UK I271758 onetrees 
169 Webb, John  England, UK I271989 onetrees 
170 Webb, Joseph Richard Raggett  Abt 1856England, UK I166158 onetrees 
171 Webb, Miss  Abt 1488England, UK I271990 onetrees 
172 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Peder, Count  6 Dec 1987England, UK I163327 onetrees 
173 Welles, Hugh  1645England, UK I271004 onetrees 
174 Wheeler, Abell  Between 1613 and 1614England, UK I272056 onetrees 
175 Whetman, Elizabeth  Jun 1599England, UK I271651 onetrees 
176 White, Helen Yates  15 Dec 1970England, UK I199728 onetrees 
177 Wulfsberg, Margrethe Ingrid Andrea  1982England, UK I385032 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 112 of 112

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Agnes  England, UK I227242 onetrees 
2 (A), Annabelle  England, UK I271729 onetrees 
3 (A), Catherine  England, UK I272304 onetrees 
4 (A), Isle  England, UK I272083 onetrees 
5 (A), Joan  England, UK I271861 onetrees 
6 (A), Joane  England, UK I271985 onetrees 
7 (A), Johane  England, UK I272236 onetrees 
8 (A), Johane  England, UK I271966 onetrees 
9 (A), Johanna  England, UK I272130 onetrees 
10 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271962 onetrees 
11 (A), Margaret  England, UK I271852 onetrees 
12 (A), Margery  England, UK I271885 onetrees 
13 (A), Mary  1611England, UK I272095 onetrees 
14 (A), Mawdlin\Magdalyn  Between 1610 and 1618England, UK I272349 onetrees 
15 (A), Philippa  England, UK I272123 onetrees 
16 Adams, Henry  England, UK I272186 onetrees 
17 Baldwin, Richard  England, UK I271779 onetrees 
18 Barker, Alice  England, UK I272360 onetrees 
19 Bartlett, Robert  England, UK I272358 onetrees 
20 Bass\Basse, Humphrey  1616England, UK I272021 onetrees 
21 Belgrave, John  England, UK I272174 onetrees 
22 Belgrave, Thomasine  England, UK I272127 onetrees 
23 Bennington, Aveline  England, UK I271855 onetrees 
24 Bouchier, Mary  1616England, UK I272041 onetrees 
25 Bourne, Bartholomew  England, UK I272345 onetrees 
26 Bourne, Bartholomew  Aft 1624England, UK I272351 onetrees 
27 Bourne, Francis  England, UK I272347 onetrees 
28 Bourne, Robert  England, UK I272346 onetrees 
29 Braose (Bruce), Maud de  1301England, UK I208596 onetrees 
30 Braose (Bruce), Reginald  Abt 1228England, UK I271152 onetrees 
31 Briwere, Grace  1223England, UK I271153 onetrees 
32 Chapin, John  1600England, UK I271738 onetrees 
33 Chapyn, Roger  England, UK I271741 onetrees 
34 Coles, Thomas  1603England, UK I272318 onetrees 
35 Coucheman, Jane  Aft 1551England, UK I271997 onetrees 
36 Coucheman, Robert  England, UK I271996 onetrees 
37 Crispe, Katherine  England, UK I271923 onetrees 
38 Crocheman, Thomas  England, UK I272269 onetrees 
39 Cushman, Robert  1625England, UK I272069 onetrees 
40 Denmark (Munsö), Gunnhild Haraldsen, Princess of  England, UK I205865 onetrees 
41 Dimery, Ann  England, UK I272120 onetrees 
42 Eames, Thomas  1618England, UK I272131 onetrees 
43 Easton\Eaton, Phillipe  England, UK I271775 onetrees 
44 Felde (Felde), John Del  England, UK I271776 onetrees 
45 Felde (Felde), Roger Del  England, UK I271735 onetrees 
46 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271788 onetrees 
47 Felde (Felde), Thomas Del  England, UK I271786 onetrees 
48 Felde (Felde), William  England, UK I271730 onetrees 
49 Felde (Felde), William  1480England, UK I271736 onetrees 
50 Field, John  England, UK I271743 onetrees 
51 Field, John  1587England, UK I271731 onetrees 
52 Field (Felde), Richard  Between 1542 and 1543England, UK I271733 onetrees 
53 Fiennes, Margaret  1334England, UK I268380 onetrees 
54 Fiske, Mary  Aft 20 Mar 1578-1579England, UK I271936 onetrees 
55 Fiske, Richard  England, UK I271865 onetrees 
56 Fiske, Simon  England, UK I271888 onetrees 
57 Fiske, Simon  Abt 1537England, UK I271908 onetrees 
58 Fiske, William  England, UK I271846 onetrees 
59 Flegg, John  1613England, UK I271853 onetrees 
60 Flegg, Richard  1587England, UK I271851 onetrees 
61 Flegg, Thomas  1471England, UK I271854 onetrees 
62 Flegg, William  England, UK I271849 onetrees 
63 Flegg, William  1426England, UK I271850 onetrees 
64 Frost, Edward  1616England, UK I272175 onetrees 
65 Frost, John  England, UK I272177 onetrees 
66 Geneville, Joan de  1356England, UK I209058 onetrees 
67 Godfrey, Thomas  England, UK I272078 onetrees 
68 Hellot\Elliot, Elena  England, UK I271687 onetrees 
69 Holbrook, William  England, UK I272253 onetrees 
70 Holbrook, William  1626England, UK I272147 onetrees 
71 Hubbard (Hubbard), Elinor  England, UK I272074 onetrees 
72 Hvide (Hvide), Palne Tokesen Ræv, Count of  England, UK I204554 onetrees 
73 King, Margaret  1585England, UK I227240 onetrees 
74 Knight, John  England, UK I272261 onetrees 
75 Light, Elizabeth  Abt 25 Mar 1599England, UK I227475 onetrees 
76 Mercia (Mercia), Leofric Iii, Count of  1057England, UK I205843 onetrees 
77 Morse, Thomas  Between 1566 and 1567England, UK I227243 onetrees 
78 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lord Edmund The Master of March  1331England, UK I208600 onetrees 
79 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lord Edmund The 3rd Earl of March  1381England, UK I202930 onetrees 
80 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lord Edmund de The 2nd Baron Mortimer  1304England, UK I209802 onetrees 
81 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lord Roger The 1st Earl of March and the 3rd Baron Mortimer  1330England, UK I208599 onetrees 
82 Mortimer (Mortimer), Lord Roger de The 1st Baron Mortimer  1282England, UK I208597 onetrees 
83 Osborn, Nest Ferch  England, UK I207266 onetrees 
84 Paine, John  1463England, UK I271988 onetrees 
85 Park, Edward  England, UK I271860 onetrees 
86 Payn, Stephen  1505England, UK I271994 onetrees 
87 Payne, John  Abt 1526England, UK I271995 onetrees 
88 Percy, George  14 Nov 1474England, UK I262576 onetrees 
89 Roberts, Margery  England, UK I272017 onetrees 
90 Saville, William  England, UK I272042 onetrees 
91 Scott, Ann  England, UK I272129 onetrees 
92 Sheafe, Richard  England, UK I272018 onetrees 
93 Shepherd, Jane  England, UK I272305 onetrees 
94 Squire, Henry  1649England, UK I272273 onetrees 
95 Squire, William  England, UK I272049 onetrees 
96 St Valerie, Maud de  1210England, UK I210518 onetrees 
97 Strutt, Joanna  England, UK I272125 onetrees 
98 Strutt, John  Abt 1516England, UK I272072 onetrees 
99 Strutt, Thomas  England, UK I272073 onetrees 
100 Thayer, Constans  England, UK I272210 onetrees 
101 Thayer, John  England, UK I272266 onetrees 
102 Thayer, John  1584England, UK I272118 onetrees 
103 Thayer, Richard  England, UK I272119 onetrees 
104 Thomas, Gilbert  England, UK I271744 onetrees 
105 Tracy, Christopher  England, UK I271987 onetrees 
106 Tracy, Stephen  England, UK I271949 onetrees 
107 Walker, William  England, UK I272361 onetrees 
108 Ward, Stephen  England, UK I271758 onetrees 
109 Webb, John  England, UK I271989 onetrees 
110 Webb, Miss  Abt 1488England, UK I271990 onetrees 
111 Wends (Piast), Swietoslawa "Gunhilda" Mieszkowna, Pirncess of  Abt 1014England, UK I209147 onetrees 
112 Wheeler, Abell  Between 1613 and 1614England, UK I272056 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amyót, Thomas  England, UK I193774 onetrees 
2 Barnshaw, John Bell   I161386 onetrees 
3 Benzon (Bentsen of Aagaard), Jens Peter Herman von  England, UK I165146 onetrees 
4 Carty, Thomas Patrick  England, UK I182020 onetrees 
5 Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Erik Holten   I163109 onetrees 
6 Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Holger   I163055 onetrees 
7 Cridland, John Richard  England, UK I153140 onetrees 
8 Garrett, James   I154196 onetrees 
9 Gittins, John   I154474 onetrees 
10 James, Frederick Nicholas "Nick"   I179139 onetrees 
11 Kidd (Kidd), John Alan   I22839 onetrees 
12 Kidd (Kidd), Kristin Alison  England, UK I21938 onetrees 
13 Moltke (Moltke), Christine Cecile Mimi, Comtesse   I184944 onetrees 
14 Morris, Emma Catherine   I162422 onetrees 
15 Morris, Michael   I162424 onetrees 
16 Odling-Smee, Alfred John   I194415 onetrees 
17 Odling-Smee, Peter Guy   I194402 onetrees 
18 Parsons, E H M   I79277 onetrees 
19 Robinson, Glen Stuart  England, UK I184946 onetrees 
20 Rørdam (Rørdam), Svend  England, UK I133477 onetrees 
21 Salomonsen, Ludvig  England, UK I136450 onetrees 
22 Scheel (Skeel), Carolina Sophie, Comtesse   I162002 onetrees 
23 Scheel (Skeel), Karin Anita, Comtesse   I162003 onetrees 
24 Schlegel, Gunver  England, UK I182070 onetrees 
25 Sichel, Patricia Elisabeth  England, UK I141879 onetrees 
26 Simonsen, Camilla   I125214 onetrees 
27 Sykes, Bernard Beaumont   I194358 onetrees 
28 Sykes, Christopher John   I194344 onetrees 
29 Thal-Jantzen, Holger  England, UK I109204 onetrees 
30 Thurnbull, Helen  England, UK I170412 onetrees 
31 Toettcher, Ronald William  England, UK I88608 onetrees 
32 Webb, Joseph Richard Raggett  England, UK I166158 onetrees 
33 Wedgwood, Tom Clement   I69533 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 148 of 148

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Stoughton  England, UK F113008 onetrees 
2 Adams /   England, UK F113281 onetrees 
3 Adams /   England, UK F113211 onetrees 
4 Adams / (A)  England, UK F113282 onetrees 
5 Adams / Squire  1609England, UK F113359 onetrees 
6 Albright /   Abt 1592England, UK F113000 onetrees 
7 Allen / (A)  Abt 1630England, UK F113191 onetrees 
8 Allison / Magill  10 Feb 1940England, UK F81788 onetrees 
9 Baldwin /   England, UK F113046 onetrees 
10 Baldwin / (A)  England, UK F113045 onetrees 
11 Bartlett / Barker  England, UK F113361 onetrees 
12 Bass / Saville  Abt 1625England, UK F113197 onetrees 
13 Bass\Basse / Bouchier  England, UK F113186 onetrees 
14 Beardsley /   Abt 1600England, UK F113006 onetrees 
15 Belgrave / Strutt  England, UK F113246 onetrees 
16 Birtwistle / Gad (Gad of Denmark)   F88013 onetrees 
17 Bosworth / (A)  Abt 1610England, UK F113219 onetrees 
18 Bourne /   England, UK F113357 onetrees 
19 Bourne /   England, UK F113355 onetrees 
20 Bourne /   England, UK F113354 onetrees 
21 Bourne /   England, UK F113353 onetrees 
22 Bourne / (A)  England, UK F113356 onetrees 
23 Braose (Bruce) / Briwere  England, UK F112713 onetrees 
24 Braose (Bruce) / Pîtres  Abt 1150England, UK F83934 onetrees 
25 Brigham / Hurd  1 Mar 1655England, UK F111900 onetrees 
26 Butler of Butler (Butler) / Beaufort (Anjou - Plantagenet Lancaster)  Apr 1458England, UK F173568 onetrees 
27 Chapyn /   Abt 1665England, UK F113026 onetrees 
28 Clarke / Hobart (Hobart)  1592England, UK F113134 onetrees 
29 Coles /   England, UK F113344 onetrees 
30 Coucheman /   England, UK F113174 onetrees 
31 Couchman / Hubbard (Hubbard)  England, UK F113218 onetrees 
32 Cranck / Davidsen   F54491 onetrees 
33 Crocheman /   England, UK F113324 onetrees 
34 Eames / Brewster  England, UK F113251 onetrees 
35 Eames / Prisse  England, UK F113248 onetrees 
36 Edwards /   Abt 1622England, UK F111914 onetrees 
37 Felde (Felde) /   England, UK F113050 onetrees 
38 Felde (Felde) /   England, UK F113044 onetrees 
39 Felde (Felde) /   England, UK F113023 onetrees 
40 Felde (Felde) /   England, UK F113019 onetrees 
41 Felde (Felde) / (A)  England, UK F113021 onetrees 
42 Felde (Felde) / (A)  England, UK F113018 onetrees 
43 Felde (Felde) / Strangeways (Strangeways)  England, UK F113014 onetrees 
44 Field /   Abt 1595England, UK F113027 onetrees 
45 Field / Amyas  1560England, UK F113020 onetrees 
46 Field (Felde) / (A)  England, UK F113022 onetrees 
47 Fisher / (A)  England, UK F113132 onetrees 
48 Fisher / Fiske  England, UK F113121 onetrees 
49 Fiske /   England, UK F113137 onetrees 
50 Fiske /   England, UK F113101 onetrees 
51 Fiske / (A)  England, UK F113110 onetrees 
52 Fiske / (A)  England, UK F113088 onetrees 
53 Fiske / Crispe  England, UK F113112 onetrees 
54 Flagg / (A)  England, UK F113125 onetrees 
55 Flegg /   England, UK F113094 onetrees 
56 Flegg /   England, UK F113091 onetrees 
57 Flegg /   England, UK F113090 onetrees 
58 Flegg / (A)  England, UK F113092 onetrees 
59 Flegg / Bennington  England, UK F113093 onetrees 
60 Foote / Deming  Abt 1619England, UK F94652 onetrees 
61 Foote / Smith  1646England, UK F112968 onetrees 
62 Ford / Eames  Abt 1633England, UK F113245 onetrees 
63 French / Kingsley  Abt 1641England, UK F113316 onetrees 
64 Frost / (A)  England, UK F113244 onetrees 
65 Frost / Scott  England, UK F113249 onetrees 
66 Gaines / Partridge  England, UK F113342 onetrees 
67 Gibb / Gibbs (Gibbs)  14 Dec 1939England, UK F169718 onetrees 
68 Goddard / Miles  1652England, UK F94669 onetrees 
69 Godfrey / (A)  England, UK F113220 onetrees 
70 Hallett / (A)  Abt 1615England, UK F113171 onetrees 
71 Harrington (Harrington) / Clinton (Clinton)  1615England, UK F11532 onetrees 
72 Hayward / Knight  Abt 1630England, UK F113349 onetrees 
73 Holbrook / Coles  Abt 1590England, UK F113261 onetrees 
74 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Rasmussen  30 Nov 1878England, UK F78763 onetrees 
75 Ingram (Ingram) / Slingsby (Slingsby)  Abt 1590England, UK F15267 onetrees 
76 Iuel-Brockdorff (Juel of Oegelstrup) / Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt)   F78695 onetrees 
77 Jasper / (A)  England, UK F113102 onetrees 
78 Jespersen (Jespersen of Oester Stillinge) / Johnstone (Johnstone)   F80392 onetrees 
79 Kibbe / Partridge  Abt 1639England, UK F113320 onetrees 
80 Kingman / (A)  Abt 1615England, UK F113201 onetrees 
81 Knight /   England, UK F113319 onetrees 
82 Knight / Ives  15 Apr 1591England, UK F113258 onetrees 
83 Lewis / Hopkins  England, UK F113277 onetrees 
84 Lewis / Jenkins  England, UK F113182 onetrees 
85 Llewelyn (Welsh Aberffraw) / Mercia (Mercia)  1063England, UK F85600 onetrees 
86 Lumbard /   Abt 1607England, UK F113157 onetrees 
87 Mercia (Mercia) / England (Wessex)  1008England, UK F85815 onetrees 
88 Mercia (Mercia) / Fitzherbert (Fitzherbert)  Abt 1030England, UK F84363 onetrees 
89 Merriam / Burges  England, UK F169689 onetrees 
90 Merriam / Burges  England, UK F111948 onetrees 
91 Moore / (A)  1609England, UK F111965 onetrees 
92 Morse / (A)  England, UK F94648 onetrees 
93 Morse / King  1573England, UK F94647 onetrees 
94 Mortimer (Mortimer) / (A)  England, UK F111316 onetrees 
95 Mortimer (Mortimer) / Badlesmere  27 Jun 1316England, UK F111315 onetrees 
96 Mortimer (Mortimer) / Braose (Bruce)  Abt 1247England, UK F85999 onetrees 
97 Mortimer (Mortimer) / Fiennes  Abt 1285England, UK F111310 onetrees 
98 Mortimer (Mortimer) / Geneville  Abt 6 Oct 1306England, UK F86289 onetrees 
99 Munson /   England, UK F113033 onetrees 
100 Neufmarche / Osborn  England, UK F83568 onetrees 
101 Paine / (A)  England, UK F113165 onetrees 
102 Paine / (A)  Abt 1442England, UK F113169 onetrees 
103 Paine / Sheafe  Abt 1619England, UK F113187 onetrees 
104 Park /   England, UK F113098 onetrees 
105 Park / (A)  England, UK F113113 onetrees 
106 Payn / Webb  Abt 1478England, UK F113170 onetrees 
107 Payne /   England, UK F113173 onetrees 
108 Payne / Coucheman  Abt 1534England, UK F113175 onetrees 
109 Payne / Crofton  Abt 1564England, UK F113139 onetrees 
110 Peabody / Harper  1608England, UK F111927 onetrees 
111 Percy (Percy) / Poynings (Poynings)  England, UK F20289 onetrees 
112 Pîtres / Neufmarche  Apr 1121England, UK F83579 onetrees 
113 Reynolds / (A)  England, UK F113129 onetrees 
114 Rodham (Rodham) / Bell  21 May 1774England, UK F107150 onetrees 
115 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz) / Rasmussen   F68391 onetrees 
116 Sanger /   England, UK F113127 onetrees 
117 Saville /   England, UK F113196 onetrees 
118 Scotland (Dunkeld) / Warenne of Warenne (Warenne)  1139England, UK F80904 onetrees 
119 Scott\Skote / (A)  England, UK F113250 onetrees 
120 Scrob / Gruffydd  England, UK F83567 onetrees 
121 Sheafe / Roberts  England, UK F113185 onetrees 
122 Smith / Bushwell  England, UK F113278 onetrees 
123 Spencer (Spencer of England) / Beaufort (Anjou - Plantagenet Lancaster)  1470England, UK F13030 onetrees 
124 Squire /   England, UK F113199 onetrees 
125 St Lawrence (St Lawrence) / Beaufort (Anjou - Plantagenet Lancaster)  Jul 1478England, UK F50625 onetrees 
126 Starr / (A)  1641England, UK F111909 onetrees 
127 Stearns / Barker  20 May 1622England, UK F111918 onetrees 
128 Strutt / (A)  England, UK F113217 onetrees 
129 Strutt / (A)  England, UK F113216 onetrees 
130 Strutt / (A)  England, UK F113202 onetrees 
131 Thayer /   England, UK F113322 onetrees 
132 Thayer / (A)  England, UK F113230 onetrees 
133 Thayer / Dimery  6 Jun 1595England, UK F113242 onetrees 
134 Thomas /   England, UK F113028 onetrees 
135 Thompson / (A)  England, UK F113188 onetrees 
136 Tracy / (A)  England, UK F113155 onetrees 
137 Turner /   England, UK F113343 onetrees 
138 Walker /   England, UK F113362 onetrees 
139 Ward /   England, UK F113012 onetrees 
140 Ward / (A)  England, UK F111934 onetrees 
141 Ward / Treford  England, UK F113038 onetrees 
142 Warner / (A)  England, UK F108786 onetrees 
143 Warren / (A)  England, UK F113280 onetrees 
144 Washington (Washington) / Light  1565England, UK F94784 onetrees 
145 Webb / (A)  England, UK F113156 onetrees 
146 Welles / Albright  Abt 1615England, UK F112610 onetrees 
147 Wheeler / Shepherd  15 Jan 1588England, UK F113204 onetrees 
148 Wright /   Abt 1620England, UK F113321 onetrees 

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