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Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Anne Marie  Abt 1740Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373771 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Jens Peter  1839Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I331774 onetrees 
3 Buch (Buch of Nagbøl), Mette Anchersen  Abt 1430Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I73575 onetrees 
4 Frendrüp, Lorentz Rasmus  19 Jul 1844Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I402370 onetrees 
5 Germandsen, Jens  Abt 1797Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373787 onetrees 
6 Gliemann, Camilla  28 Nov 1875Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I196833 onetrees 
7 Hammond, Abel Christine  19 Feb 1760Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I97439 onetrees 
8 Hammond, Anna Cathrine  14 May 1753Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I97475 onetrees 
9 Hammond, Eiler  2 Feb 1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I97451 onetrees 
10 Hammond, Johanne Helene "Hanna"  3 Sep 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I97463 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Frida Sørena  22 Nov 1919Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52598 onetrees 
12 Hovgaard, Jørgen  26 Aug 1885Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I294518 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Anne  1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373776 onetrees 
14 Jensen, Christen  1764Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373777 onetrees 
15 Jensen, Dorthe  1754Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373782 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Else  1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373780 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Else  1760Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373784 onetrees 
18 Jensen, Else  1761Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373785 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Germand  1758Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373781 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Peder  1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373779 onetrees 
21 Kampmann (Kampmann), Kaj Rehling  10 May 1900Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I138447 onetrees 
22 Kampmann (Kampmann), Poul Johan Rehling  24 Nov 1898Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I138449 onetrees 
23 Købke (Købke), Elisabeth Frederikke  30 Mar 1806Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I106979 onetrees 
24 Købke (Købke), Sophie Wilhelmine  1804Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I106334 onetrees 
25 Lauritsen, Maren  Abt 1814Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327133 onetrees 
26 Laursen, Karen  Abt 1823Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I387854 onetrees 
27 Madsen, Ane Kjerstine  30 Apr 1807Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I75614 onetrees 
28 Madsen, Søren Marius Sophus  1 Mar 1877Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308238 onetrees 
29 Meyer, Susanna Charlotte  7 Nov 1769Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I182857 onetrees 
30 Snitker, Jens Peter  4 Apr 1770Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I706 onetrees 
31 Storm, Anna Knudine Hansine  21 Nov 1818Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I201284 onetrees 
32 Sørensen, Kirsten  30 Oct 1846Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I75767 onetrees 
33 Woldsen, Henning Emil  7 Mar 1872Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I458173 onetrees 
34 Woldsen, Johan Frederik  24 May 1873Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I7699 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 167 of 167

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Christen  12 Feb 1708Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358141 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Else  1 Jun 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358154 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Hans  25 Jun 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358140 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Jens Peter  3 Feb 1839Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I331774 onetrees 
5 Andersen, Maren  21 Apr 1765Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58352 onetrees 
6 Andersen, Mette  31 Jan 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358142 onetrees 
7 Buhl, Christen Pedersen  12 Dec 1728Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327713 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Anne  3 May 1711Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358214 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Anne  2 Jul 1731Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326841 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Christen  29 May 1787Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I342351 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Jeppe  11 May 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358212 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Johanne  16 May 1706Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358122 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Johanne  20 Mar 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I328668 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Johanne  2 Jul 1710Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358124 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Johanne  10 Dec 1713Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358215 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Johanne  31 Mar 1737Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326842 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Jørgen  13 Jan 1723Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312619 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Karen  4 Apr 1784Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373789 onetrees 
19 Christensen, Mads  15 Dec 1695Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58440 onetrees 
20 Christensen, Maren  16 Oct 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358123 onetrees 
21 Christensen, Maren  27 Jan 1726Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312618 onetrees 
22 Christensen, Margrethe  3 Oct 1728Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312388 onetrees 
23 Christensen, Mette  5 May 1709Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358213 onetrees 
24 Christensen, Niels  19 Jan 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358216 onetrees 
25 Christensen, Thomas  3 Dec 1702Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358211 onetrees 
26 Christensen, Tove  28 Feb 1720Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312620 onetrees 
27 Christensen, Vusse  14 May 1713Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358125 onetrees 
28 Frandsen, Anne Marie  13 Dec 1722Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373843 onetrees 
29 Frandsen, Joen  19 May 1715Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373769 onetrees 
30 Frandsen, Johanne  13 Dec 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373841 onetrees 
31 Frandsen, Kjeld  3 Sep 1719Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373842 onetrees 
32 Frandsen, Maren  10 Dec 1713Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373840 onetrees 
33 Germandsen, Jens  12 May 1726Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358203 onetrees 
34 Germandsen, Maren  31 Oct 1723Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358179 onetrees 
35 Hammond, Johanne Helene "Hanna"  9 Sep 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I97463 onetrees 
36 Hansen, Mads  6 Aug 1722Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326843 onetrees 
37 Hansen, Maren  16 Jan 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358094 onetrees 
38 Hansen, Morten  12 Nov 1702Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358092 onetrees 
39 Hansen, Poul  14 Dec 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358093 onetrees 
40 Hansen, Poul  14 Dec 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60099 onetrees 
41 Jensen, Anders  21 Nov 1697Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358155 onetrees 
42 Jensen, Anne  15 Nov 1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373776 onetrees 
43 Jensen, Christen  14 Oct 1714Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358160 onetrees 
44 Jensen, Christen  25 Mar 1764Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373777 onetrees 
45 Jensen, Dorthe  23 Feb 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58359 onetrees 
46 Jensen, Dorthe  18 Aug 1754Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373782 onetrees 
47 Jensen, Else  22 May 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327689 onetrees 
48 Jensen, Else  29 Sep 1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373780 onetrees 
49 Jensen, Else  15 Jun 1760Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373784 onetrees 
50 Jensen, Else  28 Jun 1761Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373785 onetrees 
51 Jensen, Germand  8 Jan 1758Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373781 onetrees 
52 Jensen, Hans  30 Jan 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358158 onetrees 
53 Jensen, Hans  29 May 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358159 onetrees 
54 Jensen, Ingeborg  23 Jun 1695Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358152 onetrees 
55 Jensen, Ingeborg  25 Apr 1700Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358156 onetrees 
56 Jensen, Jens  22 Mar 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358161 onetrees 
57 Jensen, Kirsten  21 Jun 1703Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358157 onetrees 
58 Jensen, Mette  10 Nov 1709Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358151 onetrees 
59 Jensen, Morten  23 May 1754Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58358 onetrees 
60 Jensen, Morten  30 Nov 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58357 onetrees 
61 Jensen, Peder  1 Oct 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373779 onetrees 
62 Jensen, Søren  22 Mar 1705Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358150 onetrees 
63 Jensen, Thomas  16 Jan 1703Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358149 onetrees 
64 Joensen, Else  11 Aug 1748Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373775 onetrees 
65 Joensen, Frands  14 Jun 1744Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373773 onetrees 
66 Joensen, Germand  16 May 1751Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373778 onetrees 
67 Joensen, Maren  10 Mar 1743Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373772 onetrees 
68 Joensen, Maren  20 Mar 1746Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373774 onetrees 
69 Joensen, Maren  26 Jun 1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373783 onetrees 
70 Jørgensen, Anders  28 Aug 1763Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58340 onetrees 
71 Jørgensen, Anders  16 Apr 1770Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58336 onetrees 
72 Jørgensen, Hans  30 Nov 1710Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312622 onetrees 
73 Jørgensen, Hans  10 Nov 1764Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58339 onetrees 
74 Jørgensen, Hans  29 Nov 1772Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58335 onetrees 
75 Jørgensen, Jens  21 Jan 1821Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58348 onetrees 
76 Jørgensen, Jep  7 Jan 1776Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58332 onetrees 
77 Jørgensen, Jørgen  19 Apr 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312624 onetrees 
78 Jørgensen, Maren  28 Sep 1823Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58347 onetrees 
79 Jørgensen, Mette Cathrine  3 May 1767Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60409 onetrees 
80 Jørgensen, Morten  14 Mar 1759Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58353 onetrees 
81 Jørgensen, Niels  26 Dec 1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58355 onetrees 
82 Jørgensen, Poul  14 Jun 1713Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312623 onetrees 
83 Købke (Købke), Petra Dorothea Charlotte Johansen  20 Jun 1800Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I107049 onetrees 
84 Lauridsen, Ane Marie Sørensen  29 Dec 1867Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326874 onetrees 
85 Madsen, Anne  19 Mar 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312001 onetrees 
86 Madsen, Anne  10 Jul 1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311807 onetrees 
87 Madsen, Anne Marie  10 Aug 1760Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311806 onetrees 
88 Madsen, Christen  8 Dec 1695Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312616 onetrees 
89 Madsen, Christen  20 Jun 1706Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358126 onetrees 
90 Madsen, Christen  29 Sep 1762Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311805 onetrees 
91 Madsen, Dorthe  25 Aug 1754Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311803 onetrees 
92 Madsen, Ellen  7 Oct 1708Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358127 onetrees 
93 Madsen, Hans  23 Mar 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312629 onetrees 
94 Madsen, Hans  24 Jun 1708Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312630 onetrees 
95 Madsen, Johanne  13 Apr 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58436 onetrees 
96 Madsen, Kirsten  9 Oct 1768Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I310745 onetrees 
97 Madsen, Lene  21 Sep 1710Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358128 onetrees 
98 Madsen, Mette  10 May 1714Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58432 onetrees 
99 Madsen, Mette  3 Apr 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311802 onetrees 
100 Madsen, Poul  10 Jul 1698Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312626 onetrees 
101 Madsen, Søren  23 Mar 1765Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311804 onetrees 
102 Madsen, Søren  14 Apr 1839Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308236 onetrees 
103 Madsen, Søren Marius Sophus  10 May 1877Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308238 onetrees 
104 Michaelsen, Anders  13 Oct 1695Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58372 onetrees 
105 Michaelsen, Christence  25 Jun 1702Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60058 onetrees 
106 Michaelsen, Johanne  6 Feb 1698Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58371 onetrees 
107 Michaelsen, Karen  25 Apr 1700Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58370 onetrees 
108 Michaelsen, Maren  22 Nov 1705Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58379 onetrees 
109 Michaelsen, Maren  17 May 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52325 onetrees 
110 Michaelsen, Mogens  29 May 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345207 onetrees 
111 Mogensen, Else  14 Jan 1753Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58316 onetrees 
112 Mogensen, Jørgen  3 Mar 1751Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58317 onetrees 
113 Mogensen, Jørgen  16 Mar 1760Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58314 onetrees 
114 Mogensen, Mette  30 Oct 1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58315 onetrees 
115 Mogensen, Poul  25 May 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60410 onetrees 
116 Mortensen, Ane Sophie  7 Sep 1797Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313828 onetrees 
117 Mortensen, Anna Sophie  27 Nov 1729Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58366 onetrees 
118 Mortensen, Anne  6 Jan 1732Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60095 onetrees 
119 Mortensen, Anne  31 Mar 1795Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313827 onetrees 
120 Mortensen, Ebbe  10 Oct 1735Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313810 onetrees 
121 Mortensen, Johanne  31 Mar 1745Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313808 onetrees 
122 Mortensen, Jørgen  6 Feb 1793Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58350 onetrees 
123 Mortensen, Karen  15 Apr 1727Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58368 onetrees 
124 Mortensen, Maren  17 Jan 1740Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313815 onetrees 
125 Mortensen, Michael  31 Mar 1737Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313809 onetrees 
126 Nielsen, Anne  19 Feb 1747Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60408 onetrees 
127 Nielsen, Michael  8 May 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345204 onetrees 
128 Pedersen, Anne Marie  4 May 1846Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327235 onetrees 
129 Pedersen, Elise  11 Jun 1843Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327236 onetrees 
130 Pedersen, Maren Dorthea  4 Feb 1838Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327237 onetrees 
131 Poulsen, Anders  11 Dec 1794Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58331 onetrees 
132 Poulsen, Anne  9 Feb 1696Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358120 onetrees 
133 Poulsen, Anne  4 Apr 1801Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58328 onetrees 
134 Poulsen, Ebbe  25 Apr 1784Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58309 onetrees 
135 Poulsen, Else  2 Feb 1728Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358172 onetrees 
136 Poulsen, Hans  25 Mar 1788Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58308 onetrees 
137 Poulsen, Jens  2 Jan 1797Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58330 onetrees 
138 Poulsen, Jens  26 Dec 1798Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58329 onetrees 
139 Poulsen, Jørgen  5 Aug 1792Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I62011 onetrees 
140 Poulsen, Karen  9 Mar 1721Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358177 onetrees 
141 Poulsen, Mads  18 Jun 1730Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358174 onetrees 
142 Poulsen, Marie  19 Apr 1803Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58327 onetrees 
143 Poulsen, Marie  26 Oct 1809Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58323 onetrees 
144 Poulsen, Mogens  29 Oct 1780Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58310 onetrees 
145 Poulsen, Morten  25 Aug 1804Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58326 onetrees 
146 Poulsen, Niels  8 Nov 1778Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58312 onetrees 
147 Poulsen, Peter  11 Feb 1791Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58307 onetrees 
148 Poulsen, Søren  3 Jun 1725Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358171 onetrees 
149 Poulsen, Tove  9 May 1723Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358170 onetrees 
150 Riis, Christen Jensen  26 May 1733Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I328646 onetrees 
151 Riis, Christen Madsen  13 Oct 1695Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58439 onetrees 
152 Riis, Hans Madsen  23 Mar 1707Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58434 onetrees 
153 Riis, Jens Madsen  13 Mar 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58437 onetrees 
154 Riis, Poul Madsen  10 Jul 1698Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58438 onetrees 
155 Sørensen, Anne  29 Mar 1717Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358146 onetrees 
156 Sørensen, Else  18 May 1739Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327683 onetrees 
157 Sørensen, Else Katrine  31 May 1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327686 onetrees 
158 Sørensen, Jens  17 Nov 1747Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327685 onetrees 
159 Sørensen, Jens  26 May 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327687 onetrees 
160 Sørensen, Kirsten  5 Sep 1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327688 onetrees 
161 Sørensen, Kirsten  8 Nov 1846Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I75767 onetrees 
162 Sørensen, Maren  21 Jan 1714Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358144 onetrees 
163 Sørensen, Maren  16 Jun 1715Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358145 onetrees 
164 Sørensen, Margrethe  11 Jan 1730Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358173 onetrees 
165 Sørensen, Mette  17 Jun 1736Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327682 onetrees 
166 Sørensen, Søren  2 Jul 1741Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327684 onetrees 
167 Woldsen, Johan Frederik  29 Jul 1873Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I7699 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buch (Buch of Nagbøl), Mads Knudsen  1584Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I72872 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Maren  1807Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312618 onetrees 
3 Germandsen, Jens  1795Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358203 onetrees 
4 Jensen, Else  1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373780 onetrees 
5 Kampmann (Kampmann), Kaj Rehling  24 Aug 1900Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I138447 onetrees 
6 Lauritsen, Marie  16 Apr 1900Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308254 onetrees 
7 Madsen, Mads Valdemar  7 Nov 1878Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308285 onetrees 
8 Madsen, Søren  21 Nov 1919Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308236 onetrees 
9 Meyer, Susanna Charlotte  28 Mar 1810Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I182857 onetrees 
10 Michaelsen, Maren  1745Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58379 onetrees 
11 Paaskesen, Jens  25 Nov 1891Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I309594 onetrees 
12 Richter, Henriette Christiane Georgine  20 Sep 1872Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I457569 onetrees 
13 Sørensen, Ane  6 Dec 1886Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I309371 onetrees 
14 Terney, Inge  21 Jul 1996Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I27187 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 95 of 95

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Anne  11 Feb 1747Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358176 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Anne  28 Apr 1730Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I85811 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Hans  18 Apr 1700Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358140 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Mette  2 Feb 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358113 onetrees 
5 Andersen, Michael  11 Nov 1708Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358222 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Anders  18 Apr 1723Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358102 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Anne  19 Jan 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358214 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Anne  15 Nov 1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312182 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Christen  1 Nov 1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313795 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Else  2 Jul 1703Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358118 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Else  3 May 1722Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358116 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Jens  30 Jan 1718Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358101 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Jørgen  2 Mar 1806Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312619 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Mads  24 Jun 1724Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358111 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Mads  2 Feb 1746Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58440 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Maren  18 Jun 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358112 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Maren  26 Apr 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358106 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Maren  1807Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312618 onetrees 
19 Christensen, Margrethe  26 Sep 1790Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312388 onetrees 
20 Christensen, Margrethe  25 Jan 1837Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52245 onetrees 
21 Christensen, Søren  3 Oct 1737Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I332319 onetrees 
22 Christensen, Thomas  11 Feb 1711Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358211 onetrees 
23 Christensen, Usse  19 Feb 1702Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358109 onetrees 
24 Ebbesen, Niels  23 Jul 1775Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52332 onetrees 
25 Frandsen, Joen  26 Sep 1773Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373769 onetrees 
26 Germandsen, Anne  24 Nov 1715Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326928 onetrees 
27 Germandsen, Jens  1795Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358203 onetrees 
28 Germandsen, Maren  13 May 1759Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358179 onetrees 
29 Germandsen, Poul  10 Feb 1718Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I334046 onetrees 
30 Hansen, Dorthe  25 Aug 1754Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312617 onetrees 
31 Hansen, Jens  5 Nov 1719Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358117 onetrees 
32 Hansen, Maren  26 Nov 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358107 onetrees 
33 Hansen, Maren  23 Apr 1766Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I326844 onetrees 
34 Jensen, Christen  10 Apr 1703Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358110 onetrees 
35 Jensen, Dorthe  16 Nov 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358121 onetrees 
36 Jensen, Else  28 Feb 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327689 onetrees 
37 Jensen, Else  27 Mar 1757Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373780 onetrees 
38 Jensen, Jens  11 Apr 1717Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358161 onetrees 
39 Jensen, Maren  6 Feb 1718Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I334053 onetrees 
40 Jensen, Niels Kamp  9 Feb 1933Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I55563 onetrees 
41 Jensen, Peder  23 Oct 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358153 onetrees 
42 Jensen, Poul  7 Apr 1838Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313832 onetrees 
43 Jepsen, Christen  14 May 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358209 onetrees 
44 Joensen, (A)  13 May 1759Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373788 onetrees 
45 Joensen, Else  8 Apr 1784Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373775 onetrees 
46 Joensen, Germand  19 Sep 1751Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373778 onetrees 
47 Joensen, Maren  25 Apr 1745Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373772 onetrees 
48 Jørgensen, Jørgen  20 Jun 1773Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312624 onetrees 
49 Jørgensen, Peder  25 Apr 1881Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327291 onetrees 
50 Madsen, Anne  27 Aug 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312001 onetrees 
51 Madsen, Christen  6 Jan 1768Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312616 onetrees 
52 Madsen, Jens  24 Feb 1765Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358099 onetrees 
53 Madsen, Mads Valdemar  13 Nov 1879Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308285 onetrees 
54 Madsen, Poul  20 Sep 1772Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I312626 onetrees 
55 Madsen, Søren  27 Nov 1919Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I308236 onetrees 
56 Meyer, Susanna Charlotte  5 Apr 1810Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I182857 onetrees 
57 Michaelsen, Christence  7 Mar 1773Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60058 onetrees 
58 Michaelsen, Maren  1 Mar 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345208 onetrees 
59 Michaelsen, Maren  24 Oct 1745Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58379 onetrees 
60 Michaelsen, Maren  2 May 1784Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52325 onetrees 
61 Michaelsen, Mette Cathrine  21 Apr 1825Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58349 onetrees 
62 Michaelsen, Mogens  15 Oct 1699Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345207 onetrees 
63 Mogensen, Sidsel  18 Feb 1742Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345206 onetrees 
64 Mortensen, Anne  9 Sep 1851Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I313827 onetrees 
65 Nielsen, Anna  22 Jul 1804Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I52244 onetrees 
66 Nielsen, Anne  16 Aug 1740Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358208 onetrees 
67 Nielsen, Apollone  3 Feb 1806Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327712 onetrees 
68 Nielsen, Emma Harriet  23 Mar 2001Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I398914 onetrees 
69 Nielsen, Knud  27 Oct 1765Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358130 onetrees 
70 Nielsen, Maren Christine  17 Dec 1951Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I412149 onetrees 
71 Nielsen, Michael  2 Feb 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345204 onetrees 
72 Nielsen, Sofus Thomas Jakob  28 Mar 1953Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I412125 onetrees 
73 Olsen, Hans  12 Sep 1745Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358089 onetrees 
74 Paaskesen, Jens  30 Nov 1891Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I309594 onetrees 
75 Pedersen, Ingeborg  11 Aug 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358147 onetrees 
76 Pedersen, Jens  7 Aug 1698Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358229 onetrees 
77 Pedersen, Maren  13 Mar 1743Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I373770 onetrees 
78 Pedersen, Maren  25 Feb 1753Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358129 onetrees 
79 Pedersen, Thomas  22 May 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358218 onetrees 
80 Poulsen, Anne  26 Apr 1716Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358120 onetrees 
81 Poulsen, Germand  10 Apr 1729Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I334051 onetrees 
82 Poulsen, Jørgen  2 Feb 1718Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I58682 onetrees 
83 Poulsen, Maren  1 Feb 1733Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358087 onetrees 
84 Poulsen, Michael  21 Apr 1709Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I60040 onetrees 
85 Skuster, Herman Mortensen  1 Mar 1731Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I304368 onetrees 
86 Sørensen, Ane  11 Dec 1886Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I309371 onetrees 
87 Sørensen, Anne  15 Feb 1733Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358146 onetrees 
88 Sørensen, Harry  1972Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I398924 onetrees 
89 Sørensen, Jens  16 Feb 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327685 onetrees 
90 Sørensen, Jens  24 Jun 1755Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I327687 onetrees 
91 Sørensen, Kristine Margrethe  25 Mar 1929Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I307827 onetrees 
92 Sørensen, Mads  9 Mar 1806Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I311801 onetrees 
93 Sørensen, Niels  18 Mar 1764Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I345205 onetrees 
94 Sørensen, Poul  24 Jun 1714Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I358139 onetrees 
95 Sørensen, Søren  27 Jun 1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I317678 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buch (Buch of Nagbøl), Mads Knudsen  Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I72872 onetrees 
2 Flensborg (Flensburg), Andreas Nikolaj  Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I47422 onetrees 
3 Svendsen, Frederik Theodor  Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark I457670 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 65 of 65

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Stench (Poulsen of Krog)  8 Jul 1828Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F90666 onetrees 
2 Bolt / Michaelsen  23 Jul 1719Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28839 onetrees 
3 Buch / Germandsen  Abt 1654Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F135422 onetrees 
4 Christensen / Christensen  24 Jun 1703Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142643 onetrees 
5 Christensen / Hansen  13 Jun 1753Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F132954 onetrees 
6 Christensen / Jensen  28 Jun 1705Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142645 onetrees 
7 Christensen / Nielsen  3 Jul 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142659 onetrees 
8 Conradsen / Mortensen  9 Apr 1842Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F147637 onetrees 
9 Ebbesen / Michaelsen  10 Jun 1725Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29486 onetrees 
10 Frandsen / Andersen  9 Aug 1759Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F146852 onetrees 
11 Frandsen / Germandsen  3 Jul 1743Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142640 onetrees 
12 Frandsen / Pedersen  27 Sep 1741Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F146853 onetrees 
13 Germandsen / Christensen  30 Oct 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F146854 onetrees 
14 Hansen / Andersen  29 Mar 1717Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142688 onetrees 
15 Hansen / Christensen  25 Mar 1704Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142648 onetrees 
16 Hansen / Christensen  13 Jun 1753Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F132953 onetrees 
17 Hansen / Madsen  15 Feb 1794Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F127014 onetrees 
18 Hansen / Michaelsen  20 Jun 1728Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28842 onetrees 
19 Hugger / Berg  21 May 1842Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29654 onetrees 
20 Iversen / Madsen  19 Jun 1729Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142667 onetrees 
21 Iversen / Mortensen  9 Jun 1751Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28837 onetrees 
22 Jensen / Germandsen  Abt 1656Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F132978 onetrees 
23 Jensen / Madsen  Abt 1792Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F136304 onetrees 
24 Jensen / Mortensen  24 Oct 1813Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F128138 onetrees 
25 Jepsen / Mortensen  10 May 1820Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F128139 onetrees 
26 Jepsen / Nielsen  23 Oct 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142670 onetrees 
27 Johansen / Berg  7 May 1831Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29655 onetrees 
28 Jørgensen / Andersen  Abt 1790Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F147058 onetrees 
29 Jørgensen / Andersen  11 Feb 1792Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28834 onetrees 
30 Jørgensen / Haard  9 Jun 1750Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29506 onetrees 
31 Købke (Købke) / Schultz  15 Aug 1818Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F77026 onetrees 
32 Laursen / Pedersen  24 Nov 1863Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133127 onetrees 
33 Madsen / (A)  12 Jan 1721Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142663 onetrees 
34 Madsen / Hansen  1 Nov 1718Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F127841 onetrees 
35 Madsen / Jensen  4 Dec 1729Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142642 onetrees 
36 Madsen / Mortensen  Abt 1773Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F128133 onetrees 
37 Madsen / Pedersen  2 Jul 1722Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F132955 onetrees 
38 Mogensen / Jørgensen  15 Oct 1791Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29638 onetrees 
39 Mogensen / Nielsen  26 Sep 1778Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29637 onetrees 
40 Mortensen / Germandsen  Abt 1647Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142639 onetrees 
41 Nielsen / Jensen  19 Jun 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142678 onetrees 
42 Nielsen / Madsen  1 Nov 1731Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142664 onetrees 
43 Nielsen / Madsen  12 Jul 1782Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133379 onetrees 
44 Nielsen / Mortensen  11 Jun 1756Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F29503 onetrees 
45 Nielsen / Pedersen  2 Jul 1726Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142655 onetrees 
46 Olsen / Madsen  2 Jul 1785Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133378 onetrees 
47 Olsen / Michaelsen  14 Aug 1712Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28840 onetrees 
48 Olsen / Poulsen  20 Oct 1701Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142541 onetrees 
49 Pedersen / Andersen  27 Jun 1692Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142679 onetrees 
50 Pedersen / Hansen  29 Sep 1849Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F28822 onetrees 
51 Pedersen / Hansen  6 Apr 1944Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F26695 onetrees 
52 Pedersen / Joensen  1772Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F143749 onetrees 
53 Pedersen / Lasen  1 Oct 1693Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F146856 onetrees 
54 Pedersen / Nielsen  25 Oct 1752Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F124864 onetrees 
55 Poulsen / Christensen  24 Jun 1797Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F26566 onetrees 
56 Poulsen / Hansen  18 Oct 1823Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F26572 onetrees 
57 Riis / Christensen  26 Jun 1729Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133580 onetrees 
58 Sørensen / Christensen  17 Aug 1747Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F127838 onetrees 
59 Sørensen / Christensen  15 Jun 1751Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F127547 onetrees 
60 Sørensen / Jensen  30 Jun 1735Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133218 onetrees 
61 Sørensen / Jensen  17 Jun 1749Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F133219 onetrees 
62 Sørensen / Mogensen  16 Feb 1710Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142682 onetrees 
63 Sørensen / Nielsen  1 Aug 1700Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142681 onetrees 
64 Sørensen / Sørensen  6 Feb 1839Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F126776 onetrees 
65 Ulf / Poulsen  1 Dec 1698Egtved, South Jutland, Denmark F142638 onetrees 

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