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Drowned At Sea



Matches 1 to 201 of 201

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrahamsen, Hans  1704Drowned At Sea I338262
2 Abrahamsen, Lars  1788Drowned At Sea I351102
3 Ambrosen, Jens  1699Drowned At Sea I315312
4 Ancher, Svend Pedersen  1709Drowned At Sea I315630
5 Andersen, Anders  1766Drowned At Sea I304407
6 Andersen, Lars  1720Drowned At Sea I358971
7 Andersen, Mads  1758Drowned At Sea I364285
8 Andersen, Ole  1720Drowned At Sea I368436
9 Andersen, Thomas  1807Drowned At Sea I376026
10 Aristsen, Jørgen  1742Drowned At Sea I346179
11 Bager, Hans Pedersen  8 Nov 1785Drowned At Sea I344311
12 Bech, Joen  1686Drowned At Sea I350895
13 Bendtsen, Jacob  31 Dec 1809Drowned At Sea I311869
14 Bendtsen, Jens  1804Drowned At Sea I357220
15 Bendtsen, Jørgen  1804Drowned At Sea I357221
16 Bendtsen, Peder  1804Drowned At Sea I357222
17 Berildsen, Rasmus  1708Drowned At Sea I346519
18 Bidstrup, Jørgen Hansen  1811Drowned At Sea I359494
19 Bidstrup, Niels Hansen  1788Drowned At Sea I353594
20 Blykop, Peder Hansen  Nov 1802Drowned At Sea I320268
21 Boss, Arendt Hermansen  1 May 1746Drowned At Sea I341499
22 Brask (Brasch), Peder Andersen  24 Dec 1784Drowned At Sea I339239
23 Brun, Ole Jacobsen  1751Drowned At Sea I358677
24 Byron (Byron), William  Drowned At Sea I38872
25 Børgesen, Jep  1742Drowned At Sea I368505
26 Cameron (Cameron), Allan Douglas Hanning  28 Aug 1965Drowned At Sea I258963
27 Carlsen, Carl  1784Drowned At Sea I350184
28 Carnegie of Northesk (Carnegie)  1951Drowned At Sea I11299
29 Christensen, Hans  UnknownDrowned At Sea I307799
30 Christiansen, Clemen  18 Nov 1764Drowned At Sea I358015
31 Dich, Peder Eskildsen  Bef 1840Drowned At Sea I310617
32 Due, Hans Bertelsen  4 Feb 1824Drowned At Sea I326332
33 Elmgreen, Niels Olsen  1808Drowned At Sea I325944
34 England (Holland), Royal Lord Henry, Prince of The 3rd Duke of Exeter  Sep 1475Drowned At Sea I33685
35 Eskildsen, Peder  1773Drowned At Sea I339976
36 Espersen, Christopher  1792Drowned At Sea I302492
37 Espersen, Mogens  1733Drowned At Sea I372599
38 Finne, Rasmus Pedersen  1709Drowned At Sea I309290
39 Frass, Friderich Johansen  1797Drowned At Sea I346946
40 Friderichsen, Friderich  1804Drowned At Sea I316086
41 Gardener, Anders Jacobsen  1757Drowned At Sea I350588
42 Giertsen, Hans  1774Drowned At Sea I316052
43 Graae, Jens Jensen  1797Drowned At Sea I372555
44 Graae, Mads Larsen  1697Drowned At Sea I323361
45 Grønberg, Hans Jørgensen  1730Drowned At Sea I317356
46 Grønberg, Niels Jensen  1803Drowned At Sea I316230
47 Gudmandsen, Giert  18 May 1785Drowned At Sea I335621
48 Gundersen, Engelbret  1708Drowned At Sea I337675
49 Haagensen, Niels  1774Drowned At Sea I367328
50 Hammer, Hans Jensen  9 Apr 1761Drowned At Sea I316724
51 Hammer, Hartvig Andersen  1803Drowned At Sea I377015
52 Hammer, Jens Hansen  1785Drowned At Sea I336950
53 Hansen, Anders  1771Drowned At Sea I367894
54 Hansen, Bærild  UnknownDrowned At Sea I307795
55 Hansen, Christen  1790Drowned At Sea I351499
56 Hansen, Christian  Abt 1840Drowned At Sea I307801
57 Hansen, Clemen  1726Drowned At Sea I336544
58 Hansen, Giert  1774Drowned At Sea I316051
59 Hansen, Hans  Abt 1713Drowned At Sea I301494
60 Hansen, Jens  Abt 1697Drowned At Sea I371400
61 Hansen, Jep  1730Drowned At Sea I352340
62 Hansen, Jep  1838Drowned At Sea I303749
63 Hansen, Jørgen  1802Drowned At Sea I299560
64 Hansen, Karen  1784Drowned At Sea I301169
65 Hansen, Niels  27 Nov 1734Drowned At Sea I337642
66 Hansen, Peder  1766Drowned At Sea I366158
67 Hansen, Peder  21 Sep 1766Drowned At Sea I347112
68 Hansen, Peder  1793Drowned At Sea I360346
69 Helgesen, Andreas  Jul 1785Drowned At Sea I316603
70 Helgesen, Else Margrethe  Jul 1785Drowned At Sea I316601
71 Helgesen, Hans  Jul 1785Drowned At Sea I316602
72 Holgersen, Peder  1722Drowned At Sea I315380
73 Holm, Anders Olsen  1787Drowned At Sea I328687
74 Holm, Hans Nielsen  1763Drowned At Sea I316259
75 Holm, Niels Nielsen  14 May 1811Drowned At Sea I307956
76 Hvass, Niels Jensen  1789Drowned At Sea I370733
77 Hyllebrand, Christopher Jørgensen  1799Drowned At Sea I359143
78 Ibsen, Morten  1698Drowned At Sea I343631
79 Ipsen, Hans Jørgen  1800Drowned At Sea I344954
80 Isach, Jens  7 Dec 1787Drowned At Sea I362557
81 Jensen, Anders  1730Drowned At Sea I360415
82 Jensen, Anders  1755Drowned At Sea I315986
83 Jensen, Christopher  15 Nov 1707Drowned At Sea I360888
84 Jensen, Eskild Peter  1810Drowned At Sea I363258
85 Jensen, Jens  1717Drowned At Sea I369054
86 Jensen, Kirstine  1732Drowned At Sea I319619
87 Jensen, Kirstine  1800Drowned At Sea I341961
88 Jensen, Niels  1805Drowned At Sea I356765
89 Jensen, Peder  1751Drowned At Sea I344506
90 Jensen, Peder  1785Drowned At Sea I304854
91 Jensen, Wilhelm  1805Drowned At Sea I380385
92 Johansen, Peder  1806Drowned At Sea I316118
93 Juul (Juul of Bornholm), Hans Pedersen  1813Drowned At Sea I322421
94 Jørgensen, Anders  1795Drowned At Sea I341927
95 Jørgensen, Jens  1761Drowned At Sea I314140
96 Jørgensen, Peder  21 Jun 1790Drowned At Sea I368424
97 Kaas (Kaas of Bornholm), Christian Hansen  1809Drowned At Sea I312127
98 Kaas (Kaas of Bornholm), Hans Andersen  1809Drowned At Sea I312110
99 Kaas (Kaas of Bornholm), Niels  1803Drowned At Sea I312286
100 Kam, Jens Mogensen  Abt 1793Drowned At Sea I362983
101 Kiøge, Lars Hansen  18 Oct 1749Drowned At Sea I380238
102 Kjøller, Hans Clausen  1 Jan 1767Drowned At Sea I334938
103 Kjøller, Jørgen Jørgensen  14 Mar 1791Drowned At Sea I346632
104 Kjøller, Terchild  1690Drowned At Sea I308196
105 Knudsen, Poul  1693Drowned At Sea I350913
106 Korp, Jens Jørgen  1831Drowned At Sea I318157
107 Kruse, Anders Andersen  1803Drowned At Sea I373209
108 Kruse, Henrich Pedersen  Abt 1809Drowned At Sea I368983
109 Kuhl, Hans Hansen  1749Drowned At Sea I334868
110 Larsen, Hans  18 Oct 1749Drowned At Sea I306695
111 Larsen, Hartvig  1726Drowned At Sea I330859
112 Larsen, Jens  1708Drowned At Sea I357493
113 Larsen, Jens  1709Drowned At Sea I375871
114 Larsen, Jens  1784Drowned At Sea I358284
115 Larsen, Margrethe  Jul 1785Drowned At Sea I344032
116 Larsen, Michael  1751Drowned At Sea I381161
117 Larsen, Michael Jensen  5 Apr 1793Drowned At Sea I383539
118 Larsen, Niels  1724Drowned At Sea I370293
119 Larsen, Niels  1780Drowned At Sea I383273
120 Larsen, Niels  1784Drowned At Sea I301798
121 Lassen, Simon  19 Nov 1746Drowned At Sea I375588
122 Lind, Lars Hansen  1802Drowned At Sea I306130
123 Lind, Peder Hansen  1799Drowned At Sea I326123
124 Lolle, Jens Larsen  1780Drowned At Sea I360095
125 Madsen, Mogens  Abt 1778Drowned At Sea I372769
126 Madsen, Thomas  1728Drowned At Sea I351534
127 Melsted, Peder Hansen  9 Jan 1779Drowned At Sea I366177
128 Michaelsen, Iver  17 Jan 1731Drowned At Sea I353507
129 Mogensen, Esper  1733Drowned At Sea I303281
130 Mogensen, Hans  1802Drowned At Sea I300851
131 Mogensen, Hintze  1706Drowned At Sea I350873
132 Mogensen, Niels  1770Drowned At Sea I316433
133 Mogensen, Peder  1705Drowned At Sea I368061
134 Mogensen, Peder  1766Drowned At Sea I346018
135 Mogensen, Rasmus  1780Drowned At Sea I374743
136 Mogensen, Samsing  30 Apr 1704Drowned At Sea I315476
137 Mogensen, Svend  1761Drowned At Sea I314735
138 Mortensen, Ole  1808Drowned At Sea I315652
139 Munch, Peder Hansen  Nov 1824Drowned At Sea I355033
140 Müller, Hans Hansen  1800Drowned At Sea I379623
141 Myre, Niels Mogensen  1792Drowned At Sea I382053
142 Møller, Hans Peter  29 Dec 1822Drowned At Sea I325186
143 Møller, Morten Peter Willumsen  29 Jan 1834Drowned At Sea I300098
144 Møller, Peder Hansen  23 Nov 1771Drowned At Sea I352377
145 Nie, Peder Ibsen  1690Drowned At Sea I333868
146 Nielsen, Gumme  1707Drowned At Sea I371063
147 Nielsen, Hans  1719Drowned At Sea I375217
148 Nielsen, Jens  1740Drowned At Sea I380634
149 Nielsen, Jørgen Peter  1770Drowned At Sea I337695
150 Nielsen, Lars  1806Drowned At Sea I332164
151 Nielsen, Peder  1724Drowned At Sea I323815
152 Nielsen, Peder  11 Jul 1790Drowned At Sea I362558
153 Pakenham (Pakenham), William  1811Drowned At Sea I109250
154 Pedersen, Anders  1705Drowned At Sea I368060
155 Pedersen, Anders  24 Nov 1831Drowned At Sea I354005
156 Pedersen, Bodil  1793Drowned At Sea I342511
157 Pedersen, Haagen  26 Dec 1748Drowned At Sea I345869
158 Pedersen, Henrich  1670Drowned At Sea I339393
159 Pedersen, Jens  Abt 1671Drowned At Sea I304885
160 Pedersen, Jep  1756Drowned At Sea I367091
161 Pedersen, Jørgen  1791Drowned At Sea I354349
162 Pedersen, Lars  1752Drowned At Sea I351913
163 Pedersen, Mads  Abt 1765Drowned At Sea I317587
164 Pedersen, Michael  1745Drowned At Sea I383245
165 Pedersen, Morten  1735Drowned At Sea I381632
166 Pedersen, Niels  1698Drowned At Sea I323123
167 Pedersen, Niels  1795Drowned At Sea I381335
168 Pedersen, Ole  29 Mar 1783Drowned At Sea I319688
169 Pedersen, Peder  Mar 1729Drowned At Sea I307296
170 Pedersen, Rasmus  Abt 1778Drowned At Sea I316806
171 Pedersen, Wefst  1800Drowned At Sea I341944
172 Petersen, Niels Peter  25 Apr 1831Drowned At Sea I379259
173 Post (Post of Bornholm), David Ottosen  1793Drowned At Sea I341972
174 Poulsen, Lars  4 Jun 1821Drowned At Sea I310252
175 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Friedrich, Prince of  Apr 1966Drowned At Sea I95332
176 Rasmussen, Hans  1744Drowned At Sea I291509
177 Rasmussen, Peder  1717Drowned At Sea I328453
178 Richert, Immed Pedersen  1716Drowned At Sea I337151
179 Riis, Hans Larsen  1787Drowned At Sea I353130
180 Robertsen, Poul Kofoed  1806Drowned At Sea I346684
181 Robertsen, Robert Poulsen  6 Feb 1806Drowned At Sea I340256
182 Rønne, Hans Hansen  1797Drowned At Sea I342057
183 Rønne, Lars Jacobsen  1800Drowned At Sea I379729
184 Sadser, Peder Pedersen  1762Drowned At Sea I357515
185 Sadzersen, Hans  1734Drowned At Sea I367202
186 Schiøtt, Michael Hansen  1694Drowned At Sea I370338
187 Schou, Jens Andersen  1782-1786Drowned At Sea I334769
188 Serboe, Peder Hansen  1722Drowned At Sea I354751
189 Simonsen, Niels  1746Drowned At Sea I375591
190 Skade (Skade), Anders Pedersen  1733Drowned At Sea I380082
191 Smult, Peter Andersen  1704Drowned At Sea I356577
192 Sort, Niels Espersen  19 Jun 1670Drowned At Sea I307386
193 Svendsen, Anniche  1719Drowned At Sea I356946
194 Thomasen, Niels  1812Drowned At Sea I352295
195 Thorn, Johannes Peter  Abt 1905Drowned At Sea I308938
196 Torn, Peder Mogensen Pedersen  1782Drowned At Sea I302938
197 Tulle, Anders Olsen  1726Drowned At Sea I338210
198 Western (Western), George Edward  31 Aug 1876Drowned At Sea I38243
199 Wiberg, Morten Jensen  25 May 1815Drowned At Sea I377089
200 Ødbersen, Peder  1740Drowned At Sea I362064
201 Østrup, Lars Christian Jensen  1834Drowned At Sea I338706


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Christensen, Hans  Drowned At Sea I307799
2 Dich, Peder Eskildsen  Drowned At Sea I310617
3 Hansen, Bærild  Drowned At Sea I307795
4 Hansen, Christian  Drowned At Sea I307801
5 Kam, Jens Mogensen  Drowned At Sea I362983
6 Munch, Peder Hansen  Drowned At Sea I355033

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