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Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Signe Christiane  Abt 1830Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I463623 onetrees 
2 Aaskov, Urban Bruun  28 Apr 1742Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I85804 onetrees 
3 Brorsen, Niels Godsk   I85352 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Palle   I238980 onetrees 
5 Christiansen, Dennis Kim Jelstrup   I220668 onetrees 
6 Dobel, Tove  12 Jan 1921Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I139460 onetrees 
7 Dybkilde, Ib   I54734 onetrees 
8 Ellekvist, Mogens   I77338 onetrees 
9 Eriksen, Anne   I62710 onetrees 
10 Estrup (Estrup 3), Marie Kirstine  8 Sep 1838Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I394963 onetrees 
11 Flyvholm, Anne-Mai   I32834 onetrees 
12 Flyvholm, Bjarke   I32833 onetrees 
13 Gernyx-Hansen, Hanne   I81553 onetrees 
14 Hansen, Poul Juel  23 Jul 1906Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I402483 onetrees 
15 Hastrup (Hastrup), Rigmor Merete   I143502 onetrees 
16 Hildebrandt-Nielsen, Heinrich Viggo Erland   I158672 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Maren Kirstine Camilla  Abt 1858Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I300609 onetrees 
18 Jensen, Oluf Edvard Sonne  Abt 1855Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I300610 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Winnie Schiøler   I239590 onetrees 
20 Karstensen, Lars   I290775 onetrees 
21 Karstensen, Per   I290753 onetrees 
22 Klixbüll, Agnete Gudrun "Nette"  10 Feb 1927Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I130217 onetrees 
23 Kristensen, Gyda Martha Johanne   I392660 onetrees 
24 Moltke (Moltke), Tinna, Comtesse   I82449 onetrees 
25 Mortensen, Hanne Risgaard   I455554 onetrees 
26 Møller, Christian  10 Mar 1765Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325503 onetrees 
27 Møller, Christian  11 Apr 1767Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325502 onetrees 
28 Møller, Christopher  13 Jul 1758Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325524 onetrees 
29 Møller, Jochum Friderich  8 Dec 1759Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325509 onetrees 
30 Møller, Rasmus  21 Jul 1761Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325504 onetrees 
31 Nielsen, Jørgen   I164135 onetrees 
32 Nørbjerg, Silas Uttenthal   I141754 onetrees 
33 Ondrup, Gunnar  28 Mar 1908Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I403828 onetrees 
34 Poulsen, Henning Peter Rerup  6 Oct 1910Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I404191 onetrees 
35 Poulsen, Inger Marie  6 Apr 1915Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I404189 onetrees 
36 Poulsen, Knud Vilhelm Rerup  9 May 1917Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I404188 onetrees 
37 Schmidt, Ebbe Gunnar  23 Jan 1903Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I403074 onetrees 
38 Schmidt, Ingrid Marie Elisabeth  30 Mar 1907Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I403073 onetrees 
39 Steenberg, Birte   I293202 onetrees 
40 Streton, Carl Egon Hilmar  11 Apr 1916Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416961 onetrees 
41 Thomsen, Lise Hjorth   I185428 onetrees 
42 Thorsager, Kirsten   I77342 onetrees 
43 Thorsager, Ulla   I77340 onetrees 
44 Wallmann, Martin Johannes  13 Jan 1877Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I168653 onetrees 
45 Westergaard, Peter Georg Christian  4 Apr 1806Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I156052 onetrees 
46 Wier, Dorte   I351537 onetrees 
47 Wøldike, Mette Merete  26 Sep 1933Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I84001 onetrees 
48 Zangenberg, Bodil Helma  22 Sep 1922Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410591 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baastrup, Christian Morten   I416181 onetrees 
2 Carøe (Carøe), Michael   I241157 onetrees 
3 Estrup (Estrup 3), Marie Kirstine  7 Oct 1838Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I394963 onetrees 
4 Falsing, Jørgen Welts  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I5269 onetrees 
5 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Bodil   I58459 onetrees 
6 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Johan   I58462 onetrees 
7 Lindeløv, Preben   I392673 onetrees 
8 Madsen, Ellen Løvgreen  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I77344 onetrees 
9 Møller, Christian  17 Mar 1765Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325503 onetrees 
10 Møller, Christian  16 Apr 1767Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325502 onetrees 
11 Møller, Christopher  16 Jul 1758Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325524 onetrees 
12 Møller, Jochum Friderich  16 Dec 1759Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325509 onetrees 
13 Møller, Rasmus  26 Jul 1761Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325504 onetrees 
14 Nielsen, Bruno Alfred  22 Jun 1922Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I110895 onetrees 
15 Randal, Emil Johannes Nørgaard   I217836 onetrees 
16 Selsing (Selsing), Tine   I254469 onetrees 
17 Streton, Carl Egon Hilmar  1 Oct 1916Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I416961 onetrees 
18 Zeuner (Zeuner), Hans Michael   I222096 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaskov, Hieronymus Larsen  11 Nov 1744Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I80896 onetrees 
2 Carstensen, Ernst Emil  Aug 1953Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I399306 onetrees 
3 Cortsen, Aage Poul Hjorth  5 Dec 1974Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I403774 onetrees 
4 Jensen, Niels Martin  1924Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I62879 onetrees 
5 Madsen, Karensine  1930Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I62878 onetrees 
6 Møller, Christian  1767Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325503 onetrees 
7 Møller, Lis Kjeldgaard  23 Jan 2004Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460432 onetrees 
8 Nielsen, Jensine Marie  Aft 1930Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I421320 onetrees 
9 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Anna Marie "Lia"  25 May 1995Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I130068 onetrees 
10 Poulsen, Axel Theodor Emil  6 Apr 1919Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I404195 onetrees 
11 Poulsen, Jørgen Møbelvang  8 Dec 2009Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460433 onetrees 
12 Svendsen, Agnes Cathinka Henriette  13 Feb 1975Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I445087 onetrees 
13 Winsløw, Sofus Peter Didrik  Abt 1942Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I324874 onetrees 
14 Zangenberg, Maja  27 May 1951Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410569 onetrees 
15 Zangenberg, Theodor Gerhard Emil Vilhelm  18 Mar 1904Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410460 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hastrup (Hastrup), Lily Johanne Ingeborg  19 Apr 1896Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I75516 onetrees 
2 Hyttel, Christian Johan  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I432033 onetrees 
3 Høyrup (Høyrup), Jens Christian  3 Sep 1930Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I149041 onetrees 
4 Lindeløv, Johannes Pedersen  1 Apr 1964Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I392664 onetrees 
5 Møller, Christian  6 Jan 1767Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I325503 onetrees 
6 Møller, Lis Kjeldgaard  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460432 onetrees 
7 Petersen, Johannes Christian Ludvig  23 Aug 1914Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I412042 onetrees 
8 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Anna Marie "Lia"  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I130068 onetrees 
9 Reck, Grete Marie  30 Dec 1966Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I14678 onetrees 
10 Willumsen, Jan  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I387062 onetrees 
11 Zangenberg, Maja  2 Jun 1951Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I410569 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaskov, Hieronymus Larsen  12 Oct 1736Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I80896 onetrees 
2 Brams, Ingeborg  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I201659 onetrees 
3 Estrup (Estrup 3), Christen Nielsen  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I394960 onetrees 
4 Harsløf, Valdemar Johannes   I11880 onetrees 
5 Jørgensen, Jens Theodor  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I460026 onetrees 
6 Petersen, Svend Oluf Herløv  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I407603 onetrees 
7 Simonsen, Ole  Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark I176335 onetrees 
8 Simony (Simony), Ida Elisabeth   I48609 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baastrup / Baastrup  23 Feb 1941Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F162262 onetrees 
2 Baastrup / Baastrup  23 Feb 1941Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F51335 onetrees 
3 Brodersen / Petersen  1899Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F169740 onetrees 
4 Carøe (Carøe) / Topholm   F99707 onetrees 
5 Christensen / Steenberg   F121148 onetrees 
6 Coors / Nielsen   F1378 onetrees 
7 Faber / Petersen  4 Apr 1891Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F42373 onetrees 
8 Flyvholm / Wonsild (Wonsild of Fole)   F17128 onetrees 
9 Hansen / Rasmussen  6 Mar 1887Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F166795 onetrees 
10 Jørgensen / Holck (Holck of Stord)   F73777 onetrees 
11 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Christensen  6 May 1927Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F37857 onetrees 
12 Krage / Thelin  18 May 1930Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F22455 onetrees 
13 Krogager / Haraldsted  26 Feb 1944Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F152862 onetrees 
14 Lindeløv / Kristensen   F151848 onetrees 
15 Løbger / Pedersen  7 Apr 1956Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F6792 onetrees 
16 Meuror / Müller  31 May 1803Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F75046 onetrees 
17 Møller / Rasmussen  28 Mar 1758Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F132736 onetrees 
18 Nielsen / Moltke (Moltke)   F37494 onetrees 
19 Nielsen / Olsen  11 Jul 1919Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F165685 onetrees 
20 Obel (Obel) / Lundbyemølle  21 Dec 1869Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F79862 onetrees 
21 Reimer / Hansen  3 Oct 1909Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F170018 onetrees 
22 Rosenstand-Goiske (Goiske) / Kaas of Mur (Kaas of Kaas)  28 Jul 1786Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F20217 onetrees 
23 Røgind / Weile  5 Jan 1916Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F22130 onetrees 
24 Salomonsen / Larsen  2 Jun 1876Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F56826 onetrees 
25 Streton / Carlsen  19 Sep 1915Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F162245 onetrees 
26 Weis / Kjeldsen   F40934 onetrees 
27 West / Nielsen  15 Mar 1910Broenshoej, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark F10071 onetrees 

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