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Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 108 of 108

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bang, Tyge Emil  20 Jul 1858Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I148802 onetrees 
2 Carlsen, Jens Peder  18 Apr 1854Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I55146 onetrees 
3 Christensen, Andreas  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93451 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Ane  21 Oct 1869Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I438147 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Else  1763Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93226 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Ferdinand  30 May 1843Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398473 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Johanne  3 Nov 1776Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93151 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Lars  29 Mar 1865Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437748 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Laurits  13 Dec 1861Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I73411 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Mine  12 Nov 1863Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93449 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Niels Christian  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I64597 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Søren Christian  1843Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I94875 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Thomas Christian  1800Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I95061 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Torben   I292929 onetrees 
15 Dybro, Aksel  7 Jun 1914Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77021 onetrees 
16 Dybro, Elvine Kirstine  13 Jul 1893Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I80593 onetrees 
17 Esendrup, Alfred Harald Schjøth  6 Jul 1901Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I79058 onetrees 
18 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Hans Melchior Bartholin  29 Jan 1808Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I168997 onetrees 
19 Gertsen, Vera Margrethe  22 Jun 1911Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I453388 onetrees 
20 Hansen, Grethe Elsia  7 Apr 1838Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437898 onetrees 
21 Hegelund (Hegelund), Anna Sørensen  20 Sep 1767Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93165 onetrees 
22 Hegelund (Hegelund), Jørgen Sørensen  1 Jul 1764Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93166 onetrees 
23 Hegelund (Hegelund), Maren Sørensen  1760Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93225 onetrees 
24 Hegelund (Hegelund), Niels Sørensen  1 Mar 1770Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93164 onetrees 
25 Jacobsen, August Valdemar  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77008 onetrees 
26 Jensen, Anna  1788Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93159 onetrees 
27 Jensen, Anne  1719Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93122 onetrees 
28 Jensen, Anne Marie  16 Jul 1792Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93157 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Birgitte  1784Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93160 onetrees 
30 Jensen, Carl Anton  18 Jul 1828Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I55011 onetrees 
31 Jensen, Inger  7 Apr 1748Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93150 onetrees 
32 Jensen, Inger Marie  28 May 1831Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I55024 onetrees 
33 Jensen, Maren  27 Sep 1790Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93158 onetrees 
34 Jensen, Niels  14 Jun 1794Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93156 onetrees 
35 Jensen, Niels  26 Jul 1816Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I69537 onetrees 
36 Jensen, Ottomine Theodine Kardine Jensine  10 Jan 1901Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I79039 onetrees 
37 Jensen, Peder  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I46943 onetrees 
38 Jensen, Thomas  27 May 1753Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I52816 onetrees 
39 Jepsen, Majbrit   I292970 onetrees 
40 Kiil, Christen Christensen  1758Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93228 onetrees 
41 Kiil, Christen Jensen  1720Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93230 onetrees 
42 Kiil, Martin Viggo Nielsen  20 Nov 1888Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68413 onetrees 
43 Kiil, Niels Christian Christensen  5 Mar 1841Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93448 onetrees 
44 Kirkegaard, Magdalene  28 Mar 1898Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I295927 onetrees 
45 Kirkegaard, Magdalene  28 Mar 1898Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76906 onetrees 
46 Kok, Bodil Louise   I290772 onetrees 
47 Kristiansen, Hugo Vestergaard   I294127 onetrees 
48 Larsen, Ane Johanne  16 Jan 1821Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51861 onetrees 
49 Larsen, Ane Marie  1829Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93639 onetrees 
50 Larsen, Ane Petrine  29 Dec 1842Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76526 onetrees 
51 Larsen, Christen  1741Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93120 onetrees 
52 Larsen, Else Margrethe  22 Feb 1825Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51849 onetrees 
53 Larsen, Elsebeth   I76095 onetrees 
54 Larsen, Hans Christian  17 Jun 1836Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51814 onetrees 
55 Larsen, Kirsten Elisabeth  13 May 1918Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76106 onetrees 
56 Larsen, Kirsten Marie  19 Apr 1832Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51825 onetrees 
57 Larsen, Kristine  1832Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93638 onetrees 
58 Larsen, Maren  30 Jun 1817Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51886 onetrees 
59 Larsen, Thomas  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51788 onetrees 
60 Larsen, Thomas Christian  7 Feb 1827Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51837 onetrees 
61 Laursen, Anne Marie  28 Feb 1776Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75467 onetrees 
62 Madsen, Christen  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I73376 onetrees 
63 Mortensen, Thomas Christian  1762Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93175 onetrees 
64 Neist, Janus Mattheus  24 Jan 1821Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I94859 onetrees 
65 Nielsen, Ane Kirstine  13 Mar 1875Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93221 onetrees 
66 Nielsen, Ane Marie  27 Mar 1845Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75407 onetrees 
67 Nielsen, Anna Kerstine  25 Sep 1909Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I294109 onetrees 
68 Nielsen, Christian  4 Apr 1796Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93646 onetrees 
69 Nielsen, Christiane  6 May 1848Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75398 onetrees 
70 Nielsen, Claudine  8 Nov 1851Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75387 onetrees 
71 Nielsen, Else  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51801 onetrees 
72 Nielsen, Hanne  10 Oct 1835Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93173 onetrees 
73 Nielsen, Hanne Mathilda  24 May 1879Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93219 onetrees 
74 Nielsen, Jens  28 Sep 1755Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93161 onetrees 
75 Nielsen, Kirsten  3 Dec 1843Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I64620 onetrees 
76 Nielsen, Maren  1745Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93118 onetrees 
77 Nielsen, Maren  5 Jun 1867Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93426 onetrees 
78 Nielsen, Mina Kirstine   I298349 onetrees 
79 Nielsen, Niels  1749Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93193 onetrees 
80 Nielsen, Niels Christian  15 Mar 1806Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75431 onetrees 
81 Nielsen, Nielsine Kirstine  30 May 1873Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76501 onetrees 
82 Nielsen, Severine Mathilda  16 Oct 1871Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I78092 onetrees 
83 Nielsen, Søren  18 Nov 1798Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93643 onetrees 
84 Nielsen, Søren Christian  15 Jun 1878Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76489 onetrees 
85 Olsen, Anette Bang   I297685 onetrees 
86 Olsen, Kristina Marie  22 Mar 1841Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I91115 onetrees 
87 Olsen, Maibrit Bang   I297686 onetrees 
88 Pedersen, Anne  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93319 onetrees 
89 Pedersen, Jens  9 Mar 1766Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93126 onetrees 
90 Pedersen, Maren  1771Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93125 onetrees 
91 Pedersen, Michael  1670Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I48320 onetrees 
92 Pool, Christen Sørensen  1751Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93155 onetrees 
93 Riisager, Christen Christensen  1721Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93162 onetrees 
94 Selsing (Selsing), Tine   I254469 onetrees 
95 Skrubbeltrang, Carl Sørensen  23 Apr 1866Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93172 onetrees 
96 Skrubbeltrang, Lassen Sørensen  6 Sep 1828Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93187 onetrees 
97 Smed, Søren Pedersen  27 Nov 1791Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93188 onetrees 
98 Steen, Christen Jensen  28 Sep 1738Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93115 onetrees 
99 Steen, Jens  1699Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93117 onetrees 
100 Svendsen, Anne Marie  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398916 onetrees 
101 Sørensen, Peter Elius  15 Sep 1909Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I293036 onetrees 
102 Tellefsen, Ingeborg Kristine  8 Sep 1891Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I294421 onetrees 
103 Thomasen, Jens  1754Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93121 onetrees 
104 Thomasen, Lars  14 Aug 1791Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I51898 onetrees 
105 Thomasen, Line  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I46955 onetrees 
106 Thomasen, Maren  1670Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I48332 onetrees 
107 Thomsen, Mads  1759Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93176 onetrees 
108 Thorbjørnsen (Thorbjørnsen of Bindslev), Inger Kathrine  23 Aug 1852Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398718 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Karen Marie  20 Oct 1895Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75355 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Else  16 Jan 1763Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93226 onetrees 
3 Christensen, Ferdinand  5 Jun 1843Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398473 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Knud  10 Dec 1747Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I89161 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Lars  14 Apr 1865Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437748 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Mine  5 Nov 1865Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93449 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Severine Marie  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437749 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Thomine  20 Nov 1859Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437743 onetrees 
9 Dybro, Elvine Kirstine  15 Oct 1893Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I80593 onetrees 
10 Hegelund (Hegelund), Anna Sørensen  20 Sep 1767Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93165 onetrees 
11 Hegelund (Hegelund), Jørgen Sørensen  13 Jul 1764Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93166 onetrees 
12 Hegelund (Hegelund), Maren Sørensen  28 May 1760Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93225 onetrees 
13 Hegelund (Hegelund), Niels Sørensen  4 Mar 1770Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93164 onetrees 
14 Jensen, Anne  12 Mar 1752Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398142 onetrees 
15 Jensen, Christen  7 May 1750Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398141 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Else  25 Oct 1761Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398145 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Jens  29 Mar 1767Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398147 onetrees 
18 Jensen, Johanne  28 Oct 1764Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398146 onetrees 
19 Jensen, Laurs  23 Jun 1754Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398143 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Maren Melsing  24 Jun 1676Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398466 onetrees 
21 Jensen, Svend  1 Jul 1757Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398144 onetrees 
22 Kiil, Christen Christensen  5 Nov 1758Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93228 onetrees 
23 Kristensen, Kristen  7 Feb 1803Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93447 onetrees 
24 Larsen, Ane Petrine  12 Mar 1843Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76526 onetrees 
25 Larsen, Thomas  27 Jan 1724Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93123 onetrees 
26 Laursen, Anne  10 Oct 1717Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398139 onetrees 
27 Laursen, Jens Melsen  28 Mar 1720Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398136 onetrees 
28 Melsen, Jens Laursen  8 Jul 1716Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398138 onetrees 
29 Nielsen, Anne  20 Sep 1696Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398154 onetrees 
30 Nielsen, Nielsine Kirstine  4 Aug 1873Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76501 onetrees 
31 Nielsen, Søren  9 Jul 1837Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76513 onetrees 
32 Olsen, Kristina Marie  2 May 1841Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I91115 onetrees 
33 Svendsen, Anne  22 Apr 1731Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398153 onetrees 
34 Svendsen, Maren  18 Jul 1834Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398478 onetrees 
35 Svendsen, Mette  24 Jul 1724Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398148 onetrees 
36 Svendsen, Niels  26 Jun 1718Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398150 onetrees 
37 Svendsen, Ole  9 Nov 1727Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398152 onetrees 
38 Svendsen, Peder  2 Jun 1716Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398449 onetrees 
39 Svendsen, Peder  26 Oct 1721Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398151 onetrees 
40 Thorbjørnsen (Thorbjørnsen of Bindslev), Inger Kathrine  1852Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398718 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Lars  Abt 1876Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75492 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Mette  25 Mar 1837Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75301 onetrees 
3 Clausen, Niels  17 Dec 1828Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75291 onetrees 
4 Dybro, Aksel  30 May 1992Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77021 onetrees 
5 Dybro, Christian Martin  14 May 1942Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77191 onetrees 
6 Dybro, Jens  21 Mar 1978Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77044 onetrees 
7 Hegelund (Hegelund), Anna Sørensen  20 Apr 1829Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93165 onetrees 
8 Hegelund (Hegelund), Else Marie Sørensen  24 Apr 1825Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93168 onetrees 
9 Hegelund (Hegelund), Maren Sørensen  1847Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93225 onetrees 
10 Hegelund (Hegelund), Peder Sørensen  1 Aug 1845Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93167 onetrees 
11 Jensen, Ane Petrea  19 Jun 1944Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I77092 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Inger  1803Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93150 onetrees 
13 Jørgensen, Marie Cathrine Dybro  3 Sep 1974Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76200 onetrees 
14 Kiil, Christen Christensen  1829Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93228 onetrees 
15 Kiil, Christen Jensen  1772Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93230 onetrees 
16 Kiil, Martin Viggo Nielsen  1 Apr 1960Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I68413 onetrees 
17 Kjær, Anders Jensen  7 Jan 1872Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47303 onetrees 
18 Larsen, Ane Petrine  19 Dec 1904Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76526 onetrees 
19 Larsen, Thomas Christian  Abt 1858Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437742 onetrees 
20 Mikkelsen, Ane Sofie  19 Oct 1950Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93171 onetrees 
21 Nielsen, Hanne  26 Mar 1915Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93173 onetrees 
22 Nielsen, Jens  1 Jun 1803Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93161 onetrees 
23 Nielsen, Kirstine Marie Nicoline  31 Jul 1873Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I91189 onetrees 
24 Nielsen, Marie Nicoline  31 Aug 1922Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I91188 onetrees 
25 Pool, Christen Sørensen  1804Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93155 onetrees 
26 Riisager, Christen Christensen  16 Oct 1795Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93162 onetrees 
27 Schultz, Kirsten Marie Henrichsen  25 Aug 1830Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I94860 onetrees 
28 Skrubbeltrang, Carl Sørensen  8 Nov 1942Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93172 onetrees 
29 Steen, Christen Jensen  1 Apr 1792Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93115 onetrees 
30 Svendsen, Laurits  Aft 1675Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398468 onetrees 
31 Sørensen, Kristine Maren  13 Jan 1876Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75479 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Jens  8 Oct 1955Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47124 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Ellen  1758Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398140 onetrees 
3 Dahlgaard, Anne Jensen  9 Jan 1862Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47218 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Grethe Elsia  25 Jun 1927Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437898 onetrees 
5 Holst, Kirsten Nielsen  17 Dec 1729Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398114 onetrees 
6 Jensen, Ane Marie  28 Nov 1913Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47160 onetrees 
7 Jensen, Laurs Melsing  1752Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398137 onetrees 
8 Jørgensen, Anne Marie  4 Apr 1886Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I75901 onetrees 
9 Kjær, Anders Jensen  1871Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47303 onetrees 
10 Kjær, Jørgen Andreas Andersen  6 Aug 1890Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47291 onetrees 
11 Kristensen, Kristen  4 Sep 1881Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93447 onetrees 
12 Laursen, Jens Melsen  1778Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398136 onetrees 
13 Melsen, Jens  2 Jun 1700Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398454 onetrees 
14 Nielsen, Anne  10 May 1725Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398154 onetrees 
15 Nielsen, Jens  5 Jun 1803Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93161 onetrees 
16 Nielsen, Søren  25 Jun 1913Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I76513 onetrees 
17 Pedersen, Ane  21 Mar 1949Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I47077 onetrees 
18 Pedersen, Svend  4 Sep 1746Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398149 onetrees 
19 Pool, Christen Sørensen  30 Sep 1804Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93155 onetrees 
20 Svendsen, Mette  10 Apr 1806Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398148 onetrees 
21 Thomasen, Maren  24 Jan 1790Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I93154 onetrees 
22 Thøgersen, Niels  2 May 1725Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I398155 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Larsen, Christen  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437959 onetrees 
2 Nielsen, Hans  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437760 onetrees 
3 Nørgaard, Lars  Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark I437741 onetrees 
4 Selsing (Selsing), Torben   I254470 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Jensen  21 Feb 1928Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F24006 onetrees 
2 Andersen / Nielsen  13 Oct 1893Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F34829 onetrees 
3 Andersen / Pedersen  19 May 1893Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F24061 onetrees 
4 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal) / Jensen  18 Sep 1642Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F40191 onetrees 
5 Christensen / Hegelund (Hegelund)  15 Apr 1808Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41745 onetrees 
6 Christensen / Jensen  3 Feb 1765Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41732 onetrees 
7 Christiansen / Kristensen  31 Mar 1931Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F121441 onetrees 
8 Christiansen / Thorbjørnsen (Thorbjørnsen of Bindslev)  13 Aug 1886Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154405 onetrees 
9 Coucheron /   17 Dec 1784Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154251 onetrees 
10 Dybro / Kirkegaard  16 Apr 1926Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F121962 onetrees 
11 Dybro / Kirkegaard  16 Apr 1926Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F35358 onetrees 
12 Hansen / Nielsen  10 Nov 1837Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F25647 onetrees 
13 Hegelund (Hegelund) / Christensen  4 Dec 1803Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41744 onetrees 
14 Hegelund (Hegelund) / Thomasen  1 Dec 1787Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41746 onetrees 
15 Hving / Pedersen  19 Apr 1802Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41731 onetrees 
16 Ibsen (Ibsen of Sindal) / Frandsen  1 Nov 1719Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41672 onetrees 
17 Jensen / Jensen  11 Nov 1853Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F27605 onetrees 
18 Jensen / Møller  3 Jan 1844Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F33076 onetrees 
19 Jensen / Nielsen   F122606 onetrees 
20 Jepsen / Petersen   F121064 onetrees 
21 Kiil / Christensen  29 Dec 1885Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41843 onetrees 
22 Kiil / Hegelund (Hegelund)  11 Aug 1789Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41776 onetrees 
23 Kiil / Jensen  22 Oct 1869Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41775 onetrees 
24 Kirkegaard / Nielsen  1894Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F35351 onetrees 
25 Kristensen / Nielsen  28 Dec 1834Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41842 onetrees 
26 Kristensen / Nielsen  4 Jan 1926Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F121390 onetrees 
27 Madsen / Pedersen  27 Jan 1695Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41804 onetrees 
28 Melsen / Lauritsen  9 Jan 1676Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154193 onetrees 
29 Mikkelsen / Jensen  28 Nov 1819Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41878 onetrees 
30 Neist / Lychegaard  1832Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F42375 onetrees 
31 Nielsen / Andersen  18 May 1917Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F34811 onetrees 
32 Nielsen / Hegelund (Hegelund)  26 Oct 1783Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41748 onetrees 
33 Nielsen / Larsen  23 Jan 1863Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F35204 onetrees 
34 Nielsen / Neist  25 Jun 1841Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F42365 onetrees 
35 Pedersen /   3 Nov 1726Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154180 onetrees 
36 Pedersen / Kristensen   F121391 onetrees 
37 Pedersen / Nielsen  12 Jan 1716Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154179 onetrees 
38 Pedersen / Thomasen  25 Mar 1697Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F24726 onetrees 
39 Pool / Hegelund (Hegelund)  7 Mar 1804Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41747 onetrees 
40 Pool / Jensen  25 Mar 1788Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41743 onetrees 
41 Rasmussen / Nielsen  2 Oct 1896Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41774 onetrees 
42 Ribberholt / Tellefsen  29 Oct 1916Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F121541 onetrees 
43 Riisager / Jørgensen  12 Apr 1773Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41749 onetrees 
44 Skrubbeltrang / Nielsen  27 Oct 1865Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F41752 onetrees 
45 Thøgersen / Olesen  19 Mar 1693Bindslev, North Jutland, Denmark F154181 onetrees 

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