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Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bülow (Bülow), Adam Gottlieb Josua von  16 Aug 1751Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I198106 onetrees 
2 Bülow (Bülow), Magnus Martinus von  30 Nov 1752Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I49744 onetrees 
3 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Adam Otto, Count of  8 Aug 1910Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I49271 onetrees 
4 Fischer (Fischer of Denmark), Christiane Louise  16 Jul 1808Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I72692 onetrees 
5 Foldberg, Valborg Andrea  10 Apr 1880Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I222576 onetrees 
6 Gørtz, Frederik Christian  27 Apr 1867Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I172265 onetrees 
7 Hammer, Frederik Abel  13 Sep 1791Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I174522 onetrees 
8 Hammer, Johannes Christian  1 Jun 1754Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I174526 onetrees 
9 Hansen, Anders  1696Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I81975 onetrees 
10 Hansen, Inger  1701Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80708 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Jens  Abt 1680Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I85672 onetrees 
12 Hansen, Karen  1689Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80537 onetrees 
13 Hansen, Lovise Mariane  1856Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I128466 onetrees 
14 Holm (Holm of Fredensborg), Axel Valdemar  3 Jul 1901Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I184250 onetrees 
15 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Bodil Eilschou   I428170 onetrees 
16 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Niels Eilschou  28 Jul 1937Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I115549 onetrees 
17 Holst, Christophine  15 Jul 1796Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I69040 onetrees 
18 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Palline Johanne  5 Jun 1843Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I45824 onetrees 
19 Jacobi, Christian Frederik  12 Mar 1739Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I195279 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Børge Bøgeholm  1 Nov 1945Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I293413 onetrees 
21 Jensen, Eskild Trankjær   I52439 onetrees 
22 Jensen, Maren  1626Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80532 onetrees 
23 Jørgensen, Karen  Abt 1696Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83591 onetrees 
24 Kjær (Kjær of Horsens), Carl Gustav  21 Nov 1871Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I200185 onetrees 
25 Koch, Sara Johanne  Abt 1816Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I245199 onetrees 
26 Larsen, Lars Anders Olof  5 Sep 1883Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I461479 onetrees 
27 Larsen, Peder  16 Aug 1767Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84212 onetrees 
28 Madsen, Emmy Alfrida   I185335 onetrees 
29 Michaelsen, Edith Therese  12 Sep 1915Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I132490 onetrees 
30 Mogensen, Jens  Abt 1727Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I82948 onetrees 
31 Mogensen, Lars  27 Oct 1733Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83579 onetrees 
32 Mogensen, Niels  13 Aug 1730Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83494 onetrees 
33 Mogensen, Pernille  26 Feb 1736Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83571 onetrees 
34 Møller, Aksel  1 Jan 1906Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I33047 onetrees 
35 Nielsen, Bjørn  1696Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83239 onetrees 
36 Nielsen, Marie  Abt 1816Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I338923 onetrees 
37 Nielsen, Mogens  Abt 1672Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83629 onetrees 
38 Olsen, Olga Frederikke  30 Jun 1901Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I16602 onetrees 
39 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Julius Ferdinand  13 Sep 1794Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I76913 onetrees 
40 Pedersen, Ellen Maria  8 Jul 1804Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84622 onetrees 
41 Pedersen, Inger Maria  1 Jul 1798Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I82909 onetrees 
42 Pedersen, Jensine Vilhelmine  9 Feb 1862Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I44341 onetrees 
43 Pedersen, Karen Sophie  19 Oct 1794Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I82952 onetrees 
44 Pedersen, Niels  27 Jan 1793Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I78888 onetrees 
45 Petersen, Alvilda  1872Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68624 onetrees 
46 Petersen, Emilie Petra Cornelia Kock  18 May 1863Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68638 onetrees 
47 Petersen, Henricca Ida Margrete  16 Aug 1866Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68627 onetrees 
48 Petersen, Johannes Marius Isidor Koch  1870Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68625 onetrees 
49 Petersen, Karl  3 Jan 1875Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68623 onetrees 
50 Petersen, Lauritz Peter Cornelius  4 Jan 1865Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68636 onetrees 
51 Petersen, Peter  1862Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68639 onetrees 
52 Poulsen, Mads  Abt 1708Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I82947 onetrees 
53 Raaschou, Peter Georg  18 Mar 1873Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I372626 onetrees 
54 Rasmussen, Børge  1763Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84231 onetrees 
55 Rovsing (Rovsing of Mariager), Ellen Henriette Marie  9 Jun 1889Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I168346 onetrees 
56 Sevel, Johanne Marie  1725Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I349553 onetrees 
57 Svendsen, Maren  Abt 1620Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80516 onetrees 
58 Sørensen, Johannes  1901Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I299121 onetrees 
59 Thomitsen, Anne  1680Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80567 onetrees 
60 Topsøe-Jensen, Knud Gustaf  21 Jun 1913Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I43522 onetrees 
61 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Johanne Katrine  7 Nov 1766Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I187253 onetrees 
62 Øllgaard, Niels Rasmussen  14 Jun 1812Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I170720 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bendtsen, Peder  27 Apr 1732Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80570 onetrees 
2 Bjørnsen, Kirsten  22 Sep 1726Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84390 onetrees 
3 Hansen, Gundel  24 Mar 1714Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80526 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Karen  29 Sep 1717Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80549 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Lars  27 Dec 1718Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84446 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Peder  25 Feb 1694Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80668 onetrees 
7 Hansen, Thomas  25 May 1691Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80645 onetrees 
8 Hertz (Lazarus), Inger Andrea   I132065 onetrees 
9 Jensen, Anne  10 Jan 1697Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80560 onetrees 
10 Jensen, Niels  30 Jul 1693Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80539 onetrees 
11 Jensen, Peder  12 Oct 1692Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80535 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Rasmus  14 Nov 1717Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84341 onetrees 
13 Kjær (Kjær of Horsens), Carl Gustav  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I200185 onetrees 
14 Larsen, Ellen  25 Mar 1749Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83620 onetrees 
15 Larsen, Gundel Maria  24 Jun 1753Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83720 onetrees 
16 Larsen, Gundel Marie  31 Jan 1751Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83358 onetrees 
17 Larsen, Hans  31 Aug 1755Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80551 onetrees 
18 Larsen, Jens  6 Aug 1758Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83726 onetrees 
19 Larsen, Karen  19 Feb 1764Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I85678 onetrees 
20 Larsen, Karen  15 Feb 1767Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84308 onetrees 
21 Larsen, Margrethe  19 Apr 1761Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83545 onetrees 
22 Mogensen, Niels  22 Aug 1730Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83494 onetrees 
23 Møller, Aksel  20 May 1906Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I33047 onetrees 
24 Nielsen, Inger  30 Mar 1747Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374118 onetrees 
25 Nielsen, Pernille  28 Sep 1749Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374111 onetrees 
26 Pedersen, Anders  9 Nov 1783Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374114 onetrees 
27 Pedersen, Anne  3 Jun 1714Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83567 onetrees 
28 Pedersen, Anne Marie  18 Jun 1730Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80604 onetrees 
29 Pedersen, Bendt  19 Feb 1786Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374112 onetrees 
30 Pedersen, Bodil Kirstine  16 Aug 1789Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374100 onetrees 
31 Pedersen, Ellen Maria  8 Jul 1804Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84622 onetrees 
32 Pedersen, Helene Kirstine  7 May 1848Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I418783 onetrees 
33 Pedersen, Inger  7 Apr 1782Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374115 onetrees 
34 Pedersen, Inger Maria  1 Jul 1798Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I82909 onetrees 
35 Pedersen, Jens  1657Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80662 onetrees 
36 Pedersen, Jens  21 May 1797Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83550 onetrees 
37 Pedersen, Karen  22 Jun 1727Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83721 onetrees 
38 Pedersen, Kirsten  12 Dec 1723Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80561 onetrees 
39 Pedersen, Lars  17 Oct 1697Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80523 onetrees 
40 Pedersen, Maren  18 Aug 1715Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80603 onetrees 
41 Pedersen, Margrethe  11 Dec 1718Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80536 onetrees 
42 Pedersen, Niels  27 Aug 1780Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I374113 onetrees 
43 Petersen, Emilie Petra Cornelia Kock  30 Oct 1863Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68638 onetrees 
44 Petersen, Hans  14 Aug 1712Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83717 onetrees 
45 Petersen, Lauritz Peter Cornelius  14 Apr 1865Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68636 onetrees 
46 Poulsen, Anne  25 Aug 1715Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83366 onetrees 
47 Rasmussen, Johanne  24 Jun 1718Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80685 onetrees 
48 Rode, Helen Charlotte Margrethe Anderson  23 Apr 1871Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I135904 onetrees 
49 Svendsen, Hans  1 Dec 1799Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I309409 onetrees 
50 Svendsen, Kirstine  10 Sep 1809Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I338882 onetrees 
51 Sylvester-Hvid, Ole  24 Oct 1923Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I67691 onetrees 
52 Sørensen, Anne  1694Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80558 onetrees 
53 Sørensen, Anne  5 Mar 1702Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80599 onetrees 
54 Sørensen, Karen  15 Sep 1689Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84658 onetrees 
55 Sørensen, Kirsten  9 Oct 1698Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80574 onetrees 
56 Sørensen, Maria  1 Dec 1709Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80534 onetrees 
57 Tørresen, Jens  1652Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79645 onetrees 
58 Tørresen, Peder  1666Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79641 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bentzien, Wilhelm Bartholomæus  8 Oct 1857Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I180988 onetrees 
2 Hadeln, Knud von  24 Apr 1858Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I163302 onetrees 
3 Hammer, Frederik Abel  10 Dec 1877Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I174522 onetrees 
4 Hammer, Johannes Christian  26 Sep 1826Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I174526 onetrees 
5 Holst, Michaeline Johanne Karen  2 Feb 1869Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I155129 onetrees 
6 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Palline Johanne  13 Jun 1843Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I45824 onetrees 
7 Høst, Louise Marie  20 Jan 1869Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I155107 onetrees 
8 Jensen, Maren  5 Mar 1702Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80532 onetrees 
9 Jensen, Rasmus  1789Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84341 onetrees 
10 Jørgensen, Kirsten  6 Jun 1813Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83279 onetrees 
11 Lemvigh (Lemvigh), Elisabeth Kirstine  8 Feb 1849Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I174520 onetrees 
12 Madsen, Birthe Kirstine  25 Feb 1825Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84030 onetrees 
13 Nielsen, Gundel  1707Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80652 onetrees 
14 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Peder Hansen  24 Oct 1799Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I164040 onetrees 
15 Pedersen, Ellen  1748Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84407 onetrees 
16 Petersen, Peter  1862Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I68639 onetrees 
17 Poulsen, Kirsten  1716Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80571 onetrees 
18 Rasmussen, Børge  1791Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84231 onetrees 
19 Smed, Hans Thomsen  1738Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83724 onetrees 
20 Teisen, Karl  12 May 1930Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I95305 onetrees 
21 Thomitsen, Anne  1728Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80567 onetrees 
22 Tuxen (Tuxen), Lorenz  Mar 1682Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I192756 onetrees 
23 Tørresen, Jens  1702Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79645 onetrees 
24 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Finn, Baron  6 Dec 1993Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I147009 onetrees 
25 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Marie Mathilde Gregersine, Baroness  26 Apr 1933Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I111055 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Erichsen, Kai  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I199833 onetrees 
2 Fleron, Agnes Helene Therese  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I110688 onetrees 
3 Gerlach, Adam Wilhelm  2 Mar 1911Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83382 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Gudrun "Lolo"  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I199634 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Hans Nikolaj  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I15662 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Jens  20 Apr 1746Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80672 onetrees 
7 Hansen, Karen  1685Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80582 onetrees 
8 Hansen, Karen  23 Apr 1729Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80517 onetrees 
9 Hedemann (Hedemann), Tove von  28 Jun 2011Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I193290 onetrees 
10 Høyer, Sofie Cecilie Henriette  22 Feb 1935Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I415535 onetrees 
11 Jensen, Bodil  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I78025 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Karen  16 Jul 1761Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84288 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Maren  12 Mar 1702Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80532 onetrees 
14 Jensen, Niels  6 Feb 1757Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80539 onetrees 
15 Jensen, Peder  15 Jun 1770Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80535 onetrees 
16 Jørgensen, Johanne  1687Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80530 onetrees 
17 Jørgensen, Kirsten  10 Jun 1813Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83279 onetrees 
18 Melbye, Bodil Birgitte  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I167026 onetrees 
19 Michaelsen, Lars  23 Mar 1766Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80547 onetrees 
20 Mickelsen, Karen  1 Jan 1731Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80583 onetrees 
21 Nicolajsen, Birthe  2 Feb 1743Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80528 onetrees 
22 Nielsen, Anders  1679Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84694 onetrees 
23 Nielsen, Anne  25 Feb 1720Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84732 onetrees 
24 Nielsen, Bjørn  21 Dec 1738Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83239 onetrees 
25 Nielsen, Hans  21 Jul 1706Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84696 onetrees 
26 Nielsen, Maren  6 May 1717Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80502 onetrees 
27 Nielsen, Niels  13 Jul 1787Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80292 onetrees 
28 Nielsen, Ole  26 Apr 1722Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84662 onetrees 
29 Nielsen, Rasmus  18 Jan 1689Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80801 onetrees 
30 Nielsen, Søren  23 Oct 1707Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80499 onetrees 
31 Olsen, Anne  2 Sep 1764Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80512 onetrees 
32 Olsen, Asmund  10 Jan 1712Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80626 onetrees 
33 Olsen, Cidtze  2 Oct 1735Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80743 onetrees 
34 Olsen, Hans  9 Sep 1736Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83424 onetrees 
35 Olsen, Inger  21 Apr 1748Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80575 onetrees 
36 Olsen, Jens  29 Oct 1727Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I23136 onetrees 
37 Olsen, Niels  1698Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80579 onetrees 
38 Olsen, Rasmus  20 Dec 1722Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80572 onetrees 
39 Olsen, Søren  24 Sep 1736Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84661 onetrees 
40 Pedersen, Anne Marie  2 Jul 1769Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80604 onetrees 
41 Pedersen, Jens  7 Sep 1731Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80662 onetrees 
42 Pedersen, Karen  1672Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80513 onetrees 
43 Pedersen, Karen  25 Jul 1773Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83721 onetrees 
44 Pedersen, Tørre  27 Feb 1698Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80594 onetrees 
45 Poulsen, Olaf Rye  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I388936 onetrees 
46 Poulsen, Rosa Michala  9 May 1963Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I410917 onetrees 
47 Rasmussen, Niels  1672Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84659 onetrees 
48 Rasmussen, Niels  15 May 1698Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79637 onetrees 
49 Rasmussen, Sidse  15 Apr 1714Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I77776 onetrees 
50 Reimann, Eva  28 Apr 2010Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I49402 onetrees 
51 Shaw (Shaw), Charles Henry Cornelius  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I178744 onetrees 
52 Svendsen, Anne  1660Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80581 onetrees 
53 Svendsen, Maren  3 Sep 1686Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80516 onetrees 
54 Sørensen, Karen  28 Jun 1763Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84658 onetrees 
55 Sørensen, Kirsten  18 Apr 1751Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80574 onetrees 
56 Theisen, Elisa Maria Claudia  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I95298 onetrees 
57 Thomesen, Peder  10 Jun 1736Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80639 onetrees 
58 Tørresen, Jens  12 Feb 1702Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79645 onetrees 
59 Tørresen, Peder  3 Apr 1715Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I79641 onetrees 
60 Tørrisen, Bodil  11 May 1732Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80573 onetrees 
61 Tørrisen, Karen  19 Apr 1705Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80682 onetrees 
62 Tørrisen, Kirsten  15 Apr 1697Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80559 onetrees 
63 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Nissenius Pedersen  23 May 1779Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I225702 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hansen, Lars  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I84446 onetrees 
2 Hansen, Thomas  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I80645 onetrees 
3 Jacobi, Peder  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I195277 onetrees 
4 Pedersen, Anders  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I88017 onetrees 
5 Smed, Hans Thomsen  Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark I83724 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aagaard (Aagaard of Aalborg) / Andersen  3 Jun 1910Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F38219 onetrees 
2 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth) / Simony (Simony)  6 Jun 1919Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F68253 onetrees 
3 Bendtsen / Jørgensen  4 Sep 1763Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36879 onetrees 
4 Bentzon / Drachmann (Drachmann)  10 Jun 1887Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F40352 onetrees 
5 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia) / Wammen  6 Jul 1935Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F39761 onetrees 
6 Bundgaard / Kjær (Kjær of Horsens)  15 Dec 1951Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F40626 onetrees 
7 Bunkeflod / Bonnevie  1 Feb 1925Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37667 onetrees 
8 Castenschiold (Castenschiold) / Castenschiold (Castenschiold)  8 Nov 1920Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F18459 onetrees 
9 Dam / Moltke (Moltke)  2 Sep 1932Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37493 onetrees 
10 Gyes / Larsen  7 Mar 1784Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F38035 onetrees 
11 Hansen / Jørgensen  20 Jun 1728Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36871 onetrees 
12 Hansen / Pedersen  24 Jun 1748Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F38114 onetrees 
13 Hansen / Thomitsen  1714Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36876 onetrees 
14 Hansen / Tørrisen  31 Jul 1698Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36909 onetrees 
15 Heering (Heering) / Westermann (Westermann)  28 Mar 1731Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F94092 onetrees 
16 Heinsen / Asmussen   F17800 onetrees 
17 Jensen / Arndal   F2678 onetrees 
18 Jensen / Bach   F120915 onetrees 
19 Jensen / Bjørnsen  13 Nov 1746Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F38352 onetrees 
20 Jensen / Jensen  1 Nov 1722Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36866 onetrees 
21 Jensen / Jørgensen  1779Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36867 onetrees 
22 Jensen / Nielsen  1716Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37685 onetrees 
23 Jensen / Sørensen  30 Jul 1713Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36864 onetrees 
24 Jensen / Ussing (Ussing 1)  17 Dec 1779Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F77257 onetrees 
25 Jørgensen / Gerlach  27 Aug 1911Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F18139 onetrees 
26 Jørgensen / Rasmussen  21 Apr 1820Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F71871 onetrees 
27 Kirkegaard / Meyer  30 May 1914Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F56771 onetrees 
28 Kjær (Kjær of Horsens) / Brodersen (Isager)   F40673 onetrees 
29 Krieger (Krieger) / Aaskov  27 Jun 1803Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F69995 onetrees 
30 Langballe (Langballe) / Nielsen  12 Sep 1941Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F17205 onetrees 
31 Larsen / Nielsen  2 Mar 1792Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37907 onetrees 
32 Løvenskiold (Løvenskiold) / Jensen  2 Sep 1937Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F16510 onetrees 
33 Malmer / Dreyer   F159994 onetrees 
34 Michaelsen / Sørensen  6 Jan 1732Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36863 onetrees 
35 Muus (Muus of Denmark) / Kampmann (Kampmann)  2 Aug 1813Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F24174 onetrees 
36 Nielsen / Jensen  7 Mar 1723Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37861 onetrees 
37 Nielsen / Pedersen  29 Nov 1754Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36752 onetrees 
38 Nielsen / Poulsen  26 Jun 1729Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37926 onetrees 
39 Olsen / Castenschiold (Castenschiold)   F68239 onetrees 
40 Olsen / Jensen  10 Jul 1718Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36874 onetrees 
41 Olsen / Jørgensen  20 Jun 1686Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36860 onetrees 
42 Olsen / Knudsen  6 Oct 1754Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F110594 onetrees 
43 Olsen / Nielsen  17 Feb 1689Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36849 onetrees 
44 Olsen / Pedersen  10 Sep 1813Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F146933 onetrees 
45 Olsen / Tørrisen  13 Jan 1688Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36880 onetrees 
46 Olsen / Tørrisen  17 Jun 1694Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F88390 onetrees 
47 Pedersen / Jensen  Abt 1651Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36861 onetrees 
48 Pedersen / Nicolajsen  1720Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36858 onetrees 
49 Pedersen / Sørensen  15 Nov 1722Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36855 onetrees 
50 Petersen / Plum (Plum)  6 Jun 1890Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F76019 onetrees 
51 Pio / Winsløw  12 May 1883Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F82280 onetrees 
52 Rask / Søsted   F108390 onetrees 
53 Rasmussen / Nielsen  3 Dec 1790Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F37908 onetrees 
54 Rasmussen / Tørrisen  9 Jun 1695Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36486 onetrees 
55 Schlegel / Møller  23 Sep 1925Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F75950 onetrees 
56 Sinding / Castenschiold (Castenschiold)  7 Sep 1918Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F61282 onetrees 
57 Smith-Petersen / Olsen   F17288 onetrees 
58 Thalbitzer / Brøndsted  18 Oct 1826Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F27050 onetrees 
59 Thomesen / Olsen  14 Oct 1703Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36850 onetrees 
60 Tørresen / Jensen  6 Aug 1693Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F36487 onetrees 
61 Ussing (Ussing 1) / Staggemeier  15 Jan 1778Asminderoed, Zealand, Denmark F77263 onetrees 

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