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Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Peter Christian   I239441 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Søren Christian  14 Jan 1961Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I239440 onetrees 
3 Banck (Banck), Clipper Otto   I182479 onetrees 
4 Bendix, Micala Gudrun   I142081 onetrees 
5 Bramsen (Bramsen), Bo Viggo  6 Oct 1912Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I159475 onetrees 
6 Bramsen (Bramsen), Ludvig Ernst  12 Dec 1910Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I198388 onetrees 
7 Brun, Andreas Constantin   I181248 onetrees 
8 Busck-Nielsen, Ellen  9 Aug 1875Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I147817 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Finn Birger  1926Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I144260 onetrees 
10 Christgau, Peter Valdemar   I153637 onetrees 
11 Collin (Collin of Denmark), Jonas  9 Jul 1877Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I157707 onetrees 
12 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Tove Louise  20 Sep 1898Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I138940 onetrees 
13 Grøn (Hansen), Austin Nordborg  27 Jul 1857Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I4826 onetrees 
14 Hansen, Per Ole Villum  9 Aug 1945Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I445029 onetrees 
15 Hasfeldt, Aage Langebæk  20 Dec 1881Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I224510 onetrees 
16 Helweg-Larsen, Povl  2 Jul 1877Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I199551 onetrees 
17 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev), Marchen  18 Jul 1909Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I139135 onetrees 
18 Jarnov, Christian   I63250 onetrees 
19 Jarnov, Elisabeth   I63251 onetrees 
20 Jensen, Helga  14 Feb 1908Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I14503 onetrees 
21 Kjær, Axel Moss   I34028 onetrees 
22 Kjær, Konrad Moss   I61214 onetrees 
23 Lorck, Elisabeth  9 Jan 1910Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I87863 onetrees 
24 Middelboe, Frederikke   I135489 onetrees 
25 Mørck, Doris Laura Karen Vilhelmine  14 Aug 1875Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I404227 onetrees 
26 Nielsen, Julius Valdemar  1848Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I455138 onetrees 
27 Reimann, Carl Johan Eugen  8 Jul 1914Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I154681 onetrees 
28 Reimann, Gudrun Ingeborg Mathilde  8 Jul 1914Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I15028 onetrees 
29 Scheel (Skeel), Gustav Tom, Count   I171772 onetrees 
30 Scheel (Skeel), Sebastian Jørgen, Count   I171771 onetrees 
31 Tholstrup, Betina   I197129 onetrees 
32 Tholstrup, Jan Ole   I197142 onetrees 
33 Tulinius, Ingeborg  9 Aug 1900Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I137915 onetrees 
34 Vollmond, Ole  1 Jul 1928Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I141971 onetrees 
35 Woller, Ulla   I79369 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Hagbard Folmer  6 Jun 1909Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I71922 onetrees 
2 Ege, Lennart Andreas Tage "Lasse"  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I44484 onetrees 
3 Hansen, Per Ole Villum  Between 1905 and 1946Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I445029 onetrees 
4 Heering (Heering), William  26 Jun 1937Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I198565 onetrees 
5 Kornerup-Koch (Koch), Ingeborg Henriette  2 Sep 1900Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I239933 onetrees 
6 Leyssac, Pierre Nicolas Jürgensen  4 Sep 1883Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I94113 onetrees 
7 Lorck, Elisabeth  20 Apr 1910Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I87863 onetrees 
8 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Josefine   I161419 onetrees 
9 Nyrop, Anne Bettine   I62422 onetrees 
10 Nyrop, Petter Ove   I62411 onetrees 
11 Wanscher (Wanscher), Lizzie Arnette Margrethe  24 Sep 1916Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I143001 onetrees 
12 Zobel (Zobel), Anne-Lise "Isser"   I187306 onetrees 
13 Zobel (Zobel), Caroline   I187374 onetrees 
14 Zobel (Zobel), Marianne   I196531 onetrees 
15 Zobel (Zobel), Peter Hermann  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I187292 onetrees 
16 Zobel (Zobel), Rigmor   I187359 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albertus, Gundorph  12 Apr 2001Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I240101 onetrees 
2 Allerup (Olsen), Ole Werner  9 Jan 2012Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I190991 onetrees 
3 Ammentorp, Hans Christian Anker  20 Aug 1896Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I172730 onetrees 
4 Ammentorp, Hans Christian Anker  20 Aug 1896Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I147985 onetrees 
5 Andersen, Poul Folmer  4 Nov 2001Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I155061 onetrees 
6 Begstrup, Erik Worm  13 Jul 1976Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I77594 onetrees 
7 Bernus, Mathilde Bertha Louise von  23 Mar 1933Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I158453 onetrees 
8 Broberg, Dorrit "Dodo" Caroline Augusta  26 May 1934Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I198470 onetrees 
9 Bruzelius, Anna Maria Emilie  9 May 2006Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I34824 onetrees 
10 Carlsen, Alfred  6 Jul 1952Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I445054 onetrees 
11 Clausen, Claus Christian  14 May 1937Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I172232 onetrees 
12 Dreyer, Grete Eline  5 Nov 1971Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I222764 onetrees 
13 Eisenberg, Sofie  10 Jul 1939Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I140095 onetrees 
14 Ernst, Christian Ludvig  5 Oct 1929Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I173588 onetrees 
15 Fischer, Julie Christiane Vilhelmine  6 Jul 1916Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I111146 onetrees 
16 Friderichsen, Carl  19 Jan 1920Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I188803 onetrees 
17 Friderichsen, Hanna Theodora  22 Aug 1917Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I188828 onetrees 
18 Friderichsen, Prebene Caroline  11 Mar 1917Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I188827 onetrees 
19 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Ludvig Frederik  28 Jul 1898Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I185777 onetrees 
20 Grut (Grut), Inger Lili "Lillemor"  2 Sep 1957Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I196518 onetrees 
21 Grøn (Hansen), Elli Charlotte  5 Feb 1958Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I170233 onetrees 
22 Grønbech, Poul  16 Dec 1947Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I151173 onetrees 
23 Grønlund, Martin  17 Jan 1943Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I181134 onetrees 
24 Hartel, Vibeke Eva  23 Jan 2007Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I44701 onetrees 
25 Heering (Heering), Harald  24 Jun 1933Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I198464 onetrees 
26 Heimbürger, Fritz Christian Sophus  2 Jul 1944Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I111149 onetrees 
27 Hertz (Hertz of X), Carl Naftali  17 Jun 1909Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I140094 onetrees 
28 Jensen, Kristine  5 May 1930Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I172234 onetrees 
29 Kauffmann, Aage Basse Gustav von  2 Jun 1922Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I158440 onetrees 
30 Kierulff (Kiermet), Marie Frederikke  14 Jul 1870Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I66697 onetrees 
31 Kjer, Bodil  1 Feb 2003Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I92177 onetrees 
32 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Elisabeth "Lise"  17 Jul 1947Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156627 onetrees 
33 Lorck, Mogens Victor Lorentz  23 Dec 1996Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I199534 onetrees 
34 Meyer, Julius Louis Alfred  12 Sep 1929Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I159543 onetrees 
35 Mygind (Sandager), Sidney Holger  18 Oct 1970Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I5648 onetrees 
36 Møller, Carl August  14 Aug 1958Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I18816 onetrees 
37 Pallisen, Adolphine "Ady" Henriette  1 Oct 1944Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I188804 onetrees 
38 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Jens Ulrik  30 Nov 2016Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I246300 onetrees 
39 Rasmussen, Bodil  25 Apr 1820Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I84410 onetrees 
40 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Iver Holger Christian, Baron  25 Jan 1873Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I148139 onetrees 
41 Salomonsen, Clara Julie  24 Aug 1904Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I167073 onetrees 
42 Schack (Schack of Slagelse), Maria Sophie Catherina  25 Jul 1903Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156276 onetrees 
43 Schiøler (Schiøler), Axel Theodor  28 Sep 1930Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I17891 onetrees 
44 Slengerik, Carl August Wilhelm  2 Oct 1923Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I427444 onetrees 
45 Zahle, Ida Charlotte Nathalie  11 Aug 1913Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I163917 onetrees 
46 Ørum (Ørum of Ørum), Jørgen  13 Jan 1982Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I182403 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahrnell, Milly Rita  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I49347 onetrees 
2 Allerup (Olsen), Ole Werner  14 Jan 2012Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I190991 onetrees 
3 Brøchner-Mortensen, Hans  17 Mar 2016Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I175523 onetrees 
4 Carlsen, Alfred  10 Jul 1952Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I445054 onetrees 
5 Ege, Lennart Andreas Tage "Lasse"  11 Oct 1995Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I44484 onetrees 
6 Ege, Tage Einar  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I138777 onetrees 
7 Engel, Steen  19 Jan 2012Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I384374 onetrees 
8 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Nils Utke  24 May 2018Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I84272 onetrees 
9 Grunwald, Walter Morten  27 Nov 2018Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I409027 onetrees 
10 Grøn (Hansen), Harry Rowland Howard  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I201356 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Ida Lucinde Henriette  27 Nov 1937Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I201111 onetrees 
12 Hartel, Vibeke Eva  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I44701 onetrees 
13 Hartmann, Niels Rudolph "Ulle"  14 Sep 2006Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I178235 onetrees 
14 Kjær, Viggo  1 Aug 2013Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I389900 onetrees 
15 Kunst, Inger Weng  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156860 onetrees 
16 Lorck, Mogens Victor Lorentz  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I199534 onetrees 
17 Rich, Ole Jørgen  14 May 2015Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I158134 onetrees 
18 Topsøe (Topsøe), Haldor Frederik Axel  23 May 2013Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156846 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Kirsten   I146783 onetrees 
2 Andreasen, Lulle   I171763 onetrees 
3 Clausen, Claus Christian  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I172232 onetrees 
4 Eldrup-Jørgensen, Klaus   I117224 onetrees 
5 Eldrup-Jørgensen, Poul   I117218 onetrees 
6 Federspiel, Thomas  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I168508 onetrees 
7 Fogh (Fogh), Jørgen   I146135 onetrees 
8 Folting, Niels Ove Wraae   I161348 onetrees 
9 Frandsen, Ole   I143587 onetrees 
10 Friderichsen, Carl  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I188803 onetrees 
11 Geisler, Carsten   I66984 onetrees 
12 Genckel, Erik Christian  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I246340 onetrees 
13 Grønlund, Martin  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I181134 onetrees 
14 Haustrup, Annemette  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I169287 onetrees 
15 Hedemann (Hedemann), Lone von   I16664 onetrees 
16 Hoffmann, Erik   I159663 onetrees 
17 Holmblad (Holmblad), Lauritz Peter  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I191545 onetrees 
18 Howitz, Jens Michael   I110113 onetrees 
19 Hvidt, Lauritz Nicolai  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I35602 onetrees 
20 Høegh-Johansen (Høegh-Johansen), Carin   I192284 onetrees 
21 Jensen, Ivan Lundmark  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I33050 onetrees 
22 Jungersen, Anders  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I194450 onetrees 
23 Karlsen, Stig Bøgh   I182327 onetrees 
24 Koch, Peter Anton  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I109437 onetrees 
25 Konstantin-Hansen, Hans Henrik   I245333 onetrees 
26 Lange, Max  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I157005 onetrees 
27 Lerche (Lerche), Henrik   I164624 onetrees 
28 Maack-Petersen, Elsa Annette   I162037 onetrees 
29 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Axel  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156685 onetrees 
30 Meyer, Ida  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I167303 onetrees 
31 Mogensen, Ebbe   I184232 onetrees 
32 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Jørgen Theodor Balthazar  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I199964 onetrees 
33 Møller, Otto Erling   I132421 onetrees 
34 Nielsen, Carl-Erik Kvist   I115422 onetrees 
35 Nielsen, Jens  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I455140 onetrees 
36 Nielsen, Søren   I177309 onetrees 
37 Normann, Eva Line   I182326 onetrees 
38 Norstrand, Hans Henrik   I171821 onetrees 
39 Pedersen, Svend Søndergaard  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I70167 onetrees 
40 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Jens Ulrik  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I246300 onetrees 
41 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Ole Jørgen  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I187537 onetrees 
42 Poulsen, Else Kay   I156119 onetrees 
43 Prytz (Prytz), Jørgen   I95727 onetrees 
44 Ravn, Niels   I122571 onetrees 
45 Rützou, Mogens Poul Alberg  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I392329 onetrees 
46 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg), Lise Marianne  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I151488 onetrees 
47 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), Holger Carl Christian le  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I150095 onetrees 
48 Scheel (Skeel), Christian Ditlev, Ruling Count   I171762 onetrees 
49 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Christian Lennart Linois de   I162036 onetrees 
50 Scheller, Erling Vibe   I20670 onetrees 
51 Smed (Smed of Hammelev), Poul   I401441 onetrees 
52 Steensen de Leth (Leth of X), Ellen Merete Louise   I49026 onetrees 
53 Sølbeck, Peter   I189331 onetrees 
54 Tafdrup, Julius  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I171234 onetrees 
55 Tholstrup, Knud  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I152317 onetrees 
56 Topsøe (Topsøe), Haldor Frederik Axel  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I156846 onetrees 
57 Werdelin, Hans Kristian   I202748 onetrees 
58 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Carl-Eilert  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I171245 onetrees 
59 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Per Børge  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I170685 onetrees 
60 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Klas Otto  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I36393 onetrees 
61 Ørum (Ørum of Ørum), Jørgen  Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark I182403 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arnold / Stjernsvärd   F57511 onetrees 
2 Basse (Basse) / Zobel (Zobel)   F78836 onetrees 
3 Blücher of Altona (Blücher of Altona) / Knuth of Knuthenborg (Knuth)  6 Feb 1954Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F66442 onetrees 
4 Bohn / Nielsen   F50989 onetrees 
5 Carstens / Volmond   F58465 onetrees 
6 Collin (Collin of Denmark) / Knudtzon  23 Sep 1876Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F67498 onetrees 
7 Dannin / Brockdorff (Brockdorff)   F59870 onetrees 
8 Dinesen (Dinesen) / Bohn   F52872 onetrees 
9 Ege / Ahrnell  25 Jan 1964Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F41987 onetrees 
10 Ehlers / Hvidt  3 Jun 1846Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F18574 onetrees 
11 Friderichsen / Riise  7 Feb 1921Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F79514 onetrees 
12 Gammeltoft (Gammeltoft) / Henius   F100524 onetrees 
13 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev) / Mamsen  17 Jul 1901Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F5611 onetrees 
14 Jensen / Eickhoff   F15721 onetrees 
15 Jensen / Hergel   F2703 onetrees 
16 Jensen / Reck   F96821 onetrees 
17 Linstow (Linstow) / Ravn  8 Apr 1950Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F36526 onetrees 
18 Mainprice / Barner of Alkestrup (Barner)   F74557 onetrees 
19 Melbye / Schmidt  25 Jun 1932Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F155979 onetrees 
20 Nielsen / Rømer (Jensen)  17 Aug 1947Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F154862 onetrees 
21 Pitzner-Bruun (Bruun) / Franck   F163558 onetrees 
22 Raunkjær / Kirkebjerg  28 Jul 1942Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F165270 onetrees 
23 Ravn / Zobel (Zobel)   F78859 onetrees 
24 Reenberg / Zobel (Zobel)   F82670 onetrees 
25 Ricard / Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen)   F15063 onetrees 
26 Schack (Schack of Schackenborg - Basthors) / Grundtmann  4 Aug 1919Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F60260 onetrees 
27 Skeel (Skeel) / Borch  18 Oct 1950Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F175046 onetrees 
28 Weinschenck / Aakeson   F45041 onetrees 
29 Wismer / Pedersen   F64598 onetrees 
30 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2) / Helsteen   F72110 onetrees 
31 Zobel (Zobel) / Wicksell  11 Jun 1964Vedbaek, Zealand, Denmark F78827 onetrees 

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