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NobleCircles Genealogy © Sadolin is a searchable genealogical relationship database consisting of more than 460,000 people and 176,500 families at 40,000 places worldwide – all gathered in one single family tree; mapping their ancestors, descendants, and various relatives and all of them somehow related to each other. The database also includes all European and some Middle Eastern royal families, many European noble families, 46 American Presidents and the only President of the Confederated States, 34 British Prime Ministers and all 141 Danish Privy Councilors and Danish Prime Ministers and many of their relatives. You can follow NobleCircles Genealogy © Sadolin if you join our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group. You can at on the Log File see what other people latest looked at in the database, which were last updated on 11 May 2021. (Please notice, everyone who have passed beyond 99 years is stated as dead – even they may be alive).




Matches 1 to 335 of 335

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada  USA I154123 onetrees 
2 Gloria  1941USA I392036 onetrees 
3 Laura  USA I106658 onetrees 
4 Abbott, Evelyn  Abt 1918USA I205399 onetrees 
5 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Susan Carla, Comtesse   I154207 onetrees 
6 Amorsen, Isabella  1890USA I404792 onetrees 
7 Amorsen, Thea Chirsti  1887USA I404803 onetrees 
8 Arnold, Christine   I142032 onetrees 
9 Arnold, Kenneth James   I142033 onetrees 
10 Arnold, Matthew   I142034 onetrees 
11 Bader, Davis Bradford   I185285 onetrees 
12 Baltzer, Carl Georg Adolph  1863USA I415277 onetrees 
13 Baltzer, Emma Elisabet  1861USA I415285 onetrees 
14 Baltzer, Johan Friederich  10 Oct 1857USA I415287 onetrees 
15 Baltzer, Otilie Louise  17 Mar 1868USA I414781 onetrees 
16 Baltzer, Otto Theodor  4 Oct 1864USA I415267 onetrees 
17 Bang, Elizabeth  Abt 1911USA I415422 onetrees 
18 Barrick, Ed  23 Oct 1917USA I402624 onetrees 
19 Biderman, Ann   I263962 onetrees 
20 Bing, Karen Sybilla  22 Dec 1890USA I96646 onetrees 
21 Bing, Philip Wictor Snell  24 Sep 1893USA I96645 onetrees 
22 Binnerup, Lillian   I292085 onetrees 
23 Bondeson, Alice May  17 Feb 1908USA I23891 onetrees 
24 Bondeson, Helen Virginia  12 Jun 1906USA I23892 onetrees 
25 Bosin, Carl  7 Dec 1902USA I309952 onetrees 
26 Bresnahan, James Karl  7 Nov 1913USA I402512 onetrees 
27 Brouillard, Diane Mae   I336624 onetrees 
28 Brown, Minnie May  USA I23920 onetrees 
29 Brown, Theodore Thomas   I404481 onetrees 
30 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Christian   I34744 onetrees 
31 Bunde, Arthue "Arthur"  23 Apr 1907USA I403447 onetrees 
32 Campbell, Robert F  1846USA I431020 onetrees 
33 Campbell, William A  1837USA I292143 onetrees 
34 Caro, Mariana  1895USA I211267 onetrees 
35 Caro, Simon  USA I211270 onetrees 
36 Carøe (Carøe), Ole Henrik   I275732 onetrees 
37 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Frederick Thomas   I200733 onetrees 
38 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Gail Frances   I200615 onetrees 
39 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Lynn Karen   I200854 onetrees 
40 Channon, Sir Henry "Chips"  1897USA I9841 onetrees 
41 Channon, Henry "Harry"  USA I9845 onetrees 
42 Christoffersen, Mary  31 Mar 1879USA I68398 onetrees 
43 Christoffersen, Nilli  31 Mar 1887USA I68396 onetrees 
44 Clark, Edward  24 Jul 1891USA I308603 onetrees 
45 Clark (Clark), Mary  USA I218703 onetrees 
46 Clarke, Kenneth Fredrick  25 Apr 1900USA I402904 onetrees 
47 Connery, Dorothy Viriginia  22 Jun 1911USA I166403 onetrees 
48 Crofoot Prahm, Richard Danial   I139398 onetrees 
49 Dechert, Cynthia Josephine  1916USA I211288 onetrees 
50 Dechert, James Flanagan  USA I211282 onetrees 
51 Delehanty, Gregory J   I69599 onetrees 
52 Dien, Celeste Alma Van   I190408 onetrees 
53 Dien, Maya Van   I190404 onetrees 
54 Dray, Doris Anna Amorsen  1912USA I402862 onetrees 
55 Dray, Lester A  1887USA I402863 onetrees 
56 Dray, Lester Robert  1916USA I402861 onetrees 
57 Driggs, Edmund Hope   I211287 onetrees 
58 Elam, Marie Kirstine   I223101 onetrees 
59 Emery, John Josiah  USA I35549 onetrees 
60 Erickson, Anne Marie   I19645 onetrees 
61 Faurschou (Faurschou), Joyce   I402900 onetrees 
62 Faurschou (Faurschou), Mary Mette  2 Dec 1889USA I405048 onetrees 
63 Faurschou (Faurschou), Myrtle  Dec 1893USA I405046 onetrees 
64 Faurschou (Thompson), Erma Lucille   I402910 onetrees 
65 Faurschou (Thompson), Louis Christian  12 Jun 1920USA I402912 onetrees 
66 Fish (Fish of Connecticut), Blanche Holstein  20 May 1881USA I78803 onetrees 
67 Fish (Fish of Connecticut), Ernestine Holstein  21 Feb 1866USA I78807 onetrees 
68 Fish (Fish of Connecticut), Frederick A  1 Dec 1869USA I78806 onetrees 
69 Flynn (Flinn), Elizabeth  1842USA I397370 onetrees 
70 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Charles Mordant  11 Feb 1852USA I200724 onetrees 
71 Fowler, Norah Gratton  1883USA I181807 onetrees 
72 Fredericksen, Bonie Kay   I54010 onetrees 
73 Fredericksen, Dale Randolph   I54011 onetrees 
74 Fredericksen, Jeffery Lynn   I54003 onetrees 
75 Fredericksen, Kathleen   I53653 onetrees 
76 Fredericksen, Kathleen Ann   I54008 onetrees 
77 Fredericksen, Kim Leroy   I54004 onetrees 
78 Fredericksen, Kurt Lewis   I54009 onetrees 
79 Fredericksen, Lea   I53643 onetrees 
80 Fredericksen, Micelle   I53659 onetrees 
81 Fredericksen, Rodney Lee   I54007 onetrees 
82 Fredericksen, Tara   I53652 onetrees 
83 Fredericksen, Todd   I53661 onetrees 
84 Gaines, Charlotte Woodward  USA I211305 onetrees 
85 Gates, Stephen   I193632 onetrees 
86 Geyer, Charlotta von  USA I461127 onetrees 
87 Gift Malm, Sylvia R  27 Jun 1909USA I416472 onetrees 
88 Goldman, Jay   I199288 onetrees 
89 Goodenough, William E  1837USA I258517 onetrees 
90 Graves, Frances Margaret  USA I211285 onetrees 
91 Green, Will Burk  14 Nov 1906USA I402500 onetrees 
92 Guthrie (Guthrie), Sarah E  1837USA I292144 onetrees 
93 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Daniel  USA I428781 onetrees 
94 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Emily Jane  1821USA I428577 onetrees 
95 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), John  1785USA I428576 onetrees 
96 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Patience  1782USA I428779 onetrees 
97 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Robert  1819USA I428778 onetrees 
98 Hadingham, Julie   I444572 onetrees 
99 Haight, Nancy Grace   I312604 onetrees 
100 Hansen, Chester Evan   I341582 onetrees 
101 Hansen, Helen  Dec 1890USA I68381 onetrees 
102 Hansen, Lillia Edith  4 Oct 1899USA I387880 onetrees 
103 Hansen, Louis  1885USA I68382 onetrees 
104 Hansen, Robert Bruce   I367871 onetrees 
105 Hansen, Robert Noel   I367870 onetrees 
106 Hansen, William  10 Jul 1882USA I68384 onetrees 
107 Harbou  1850USA I150272 onetrees 
108 Harris, Anne  3 Apr 1903USA I133079 onetrees 
109 Harvey (Harvey), Donna Jean Marlen   I228659 onetrees 
110 Hastings, Lonnie Lee   I291065 onetrees 
111 Haydon, Charles "Hochberg"  19 Mar 1917USA I257235 onetrees 
112 Hempel, Alfred  May 1875USA I23897 onetrees 
113 Hempel, Camilla  USA I23918 onetrees 
114 Hempel, Edgard Wilhelm  17 Jun 1898USA I24114 onetrees 
115 Hempel, Edwin  1 Oct 1870USA I23902 onetrees 
116 Hempel, George William  4 Aug 1873USA I23900 onetrees 
117 Hempel, Ingeborg  17 Aug 1900USA I23919 onetrees 
118 Hempel, Jennie May  5 Nov 1878USA I23895 onetrees 
119 Hempel, John  Abt 1895USA I24298 onetrees 
120 Hempel, Katie Louise  28 Oct 1871USA I23901 onetrees 
121 Hempel, Lillian  USA I23917 onetrees 
122 Hempel, William Augustus  25 Sep 1876USA I23896 onetrees 
123 Henius, Elenora Elisabeth   I404341 onetrees 
124 Hester, Evelyn Obera  16 Oct 1897USA I16763 onetrees 
125 Hetzner, Percy George  1889USA I181812 onetrees 
126 Hillyer, Ali "Vicent Lee"   I212070 onetrees 
127 Hines, Douglas   I53676 onetrees 
128 Hines, Kimberley   I53674 onetrees 
129 Hines, Lisa   I53675 onetrees 
130 Hines, Mary  19 Aug 1814USA I209751 onetrees 
131 Hjorth, Anna Johanne Margrethe  1 Apr 1897USA I403755 onetrees 
132 Hjorth, Gunnar  29 Sep 1907USA I403800 onetrees 
133 Hjorth, Hans Johan  17 Oct 1895USA I403754 onetrees 
134 Hobbs, Margaret  2 Feb 1785USA I209919 onetrees 
135 Hohanison, Armen Ver   I291589 onetrees 
136 Hohlweg, Gail Mildred   I212019 onetrees 
137 Holtensen, Emma Marie  13 Mar 1876USA I63610 onetrees 
138 Horton, Henry Lawrence  USA I211317 onetrees 
139 Humphrey, Eli Hobbs  25 Sep 1811USA I209754 onetrees 
140 Hunt, Effy  13 Sep 1880USA I148650 onetrees 
141 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Michael Haagen   I199380 onetrees 
142 Iran (Pahlavi), Iman Pahlavi, Imperial Princess of   I19340 onetrees 
143 Iran (Pahlavi), Noor Pahlavi, Imperial Princess of   I19341 onetrees 
144 Jacobsen, Marjorie  9 Oct 1917USA I402990 onetrees 
145 Jansen, John Edward Christian  17 Sep 1905USA I387365 onetrees 
146 Jensen, Adeline  6 Dec 1911USA I403012 onetrees 
147 Jensen, Alfred Julius   I402968 onetrees 
148 Jensen, Alicia Tully   I27520 onetrees 
149 Jensen, Jack Russell  14 Sep 1916USA I403001 onetrees 
150 Jensen, Jean Irene  26 Aug 1918USA I402996 onetrees 
151 Jensen, Lula Karoline  26 Apr 1917USA I404054 onetrees 
152 Jensen, Mary Julienne   I402969 onetrees 
153 Jepmond, Sophie Charlotte Van   I16596 onetrees 
154 Jo, Sharon   I201034 onetrees 
155 Johnson, Betty L  Abt 1910USA I211276 onetrees 
156 Johnson, Emil Patrick  15 Oct 1920USA I402518 onetrees 
157 Johnson, Kathryne  Abt 1912USA I211278 onetrees 
158 Kaae (Kaae), Amy   I13332 onetrees 
159 Kaae (Kaae), Jeremy   I13388 onetrees 
160 Kaae (Kaae), Robert Erling   I15520 onetrees 
161 Kennedy, Agnes Raffaelle  14 Dec 1902USA I252523 onetrees 
162 Keyes, John Carl  4 Sep 1919USA I139568 onetrees 
163 Kiersgaard, Henry Suell  29 Apr 1914USA I419528 onetrees 
164 Kirk (Kirk of Usa), Henry Child  USA I211289 onetrees 
165 Knight, Agnes Eliza  USA I211273 onetrees 
166 Koch (Koch of Sweden), Blenda Maria  6 Jun 1904USA I187477 onetrees 
167 Kofoed, Artell  USA I332448 onetrees 
168 Kofoed, Bernice Audrey  USA I326246 onetrees 
169 Kofoed, Blanch Sara  USA I326242 onetrees 
170 Kofoed, Christopher Carlos   I330646 onetrees 
171 Kofoed, Cleo Lucretia  USA I326248 onetrees 
172 Kofoed, Cynthia   I326264 onetrees 
173 Kofoed, Eldon Charles  USA I326241 onetrees 
174 Kofoed, Evellyn Francine  USA I326247 onetrees 
175 Kofoed, Gordon E  USA I326244 onetrees 
176 Kofoed, Harlan Junior  USA I326250 onetrees 
177 Kofoed, Karen   I326254 onetrees 
178 Kofoed, Levor Harvey  5 Mar 1914USA I326245 onetrees 
179 Kofoed, Linda   I326263 onetrees 
180 Kofoed, Marlene   I326262 onetrees 
181 Kofoed, Max Legrand  USA I326252 onetrees 
182 Kofoed, Norma Beverly  USA I326251 onetrees 
183 Kofoed, Olive Elomine  USA I326243 onetrees 
184 Kofoed, Rene   I326261 onetrees 
185 Kofoed, Russell Richard  USA I326249 onetrees 
186 Kofoed, Stanley Levor   I326265 onetrees 
187 Koones, Elisabeth  USA I404340 onetrees 
188 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Christopher de   I221277 onetrees 
189 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), David   I221282 onetrees 
190 Kowallis, Laraine   I324895 onetrees 
191 Kunz, Ardell  USA I326253 onetrees 
192 Kyle, Wanda Elaine  8 Jul 1922USA I150017 onetrees 
193 Lauridsen, Robert   I61805 onetrees 
194 Laursen, Christopher   I142171 onetrees 
195 Laursen, Emily Elisabeth   I142170 onetrees 
196 Laursen, Timothy   I142172 onetrees 
197 Legare, Balie Peyton  1908USA I211277 onetrees 
198 Lindemuth, Sharon   I404593 onetrees 
199 Love, Helen  USA I331115 onetrees 
200 Love, Henry Ferdinand   I331114 onetrees 
201 MacDonald, Elliott Raymond   I402503 onetrees 
202 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), Murray   I394374 onetrees 
203 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), Ruth   I394376 onetrees 
204 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), Tracy William   I394375 onetrees 
205 MacIntyre (MacIntyre), Joan  1 Aug 1832USA I259810 onetrees 
206 MacQueary, Deborah Ann   I326255 onetrees 
207 MacQueary, Gregory Eugene   I326257 onetrees 
208 MacQueary, John Marvin   I326258 onetrees 
209 MacQueary, Kimberly Ardell   I326259 onetrees 
210 MacQueary, Marvin Ralph   I326256 onetrees 
211 MacQueary, Robert Vivien   I326260 onetrees 
212 Malm, Edmée  3 Mar 1911USA I419119 onetrees 
213 Mathiasen, Ejnar  USA I410277 onetrees 
214 Mathiasen, Emey  USA I410276 onetrees 
215 Meek, James Robert  1941USA I402612 onetrees 
216 Meze, Robert Claude  USA I211269 onetrees 
217 Mickelsen, Gorden  20 Oct 1917USA I402507 onetrees 
218 Miller, Ellis Warren Appleton  1898USA I88062 onetrees 
219 Miller, Thomas Harryson   I79435 onetrees 
220 Moore, Edward Weldon   I184981 onetrees 
221 Moretti, John  USA I262077 onetrees 
222 Morse, Rexford  1920USA I181801 onetrees 
223 Moyell, John Andrew   I167684 onetrees 
224 Moyell, Michele   I167681 onetrees 
225 Müller, Emma  1889USA I181805 onetrees 
226 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Barry Walch   I181803 onetrees 
227 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Bessie  1907USA I181813 onetrees 
228 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Eleonor Norah  1904USA I181808 onetrees 
229 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Eric Lance   I181804 onetrees 
230 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Kenneth Harald  1914USA I181798 onetrees 
231 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Shirley Carol  1918USA I181799 onetrees 
232 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), William Gratton  1918USA I181815 onetrees 
233 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), William Stanley   I181817 onetrees 
234 Mørch (Mørch of Gjerding), Niels Erik  17 Jul 1942USA I149695 onetrees 
235 Nelson, Frank Duaine  27 Jan 1920USA I402511 onetrees 
236 Nielsen, Frede  1885USA I68443 onetrees 
237 Nielsen, Ida Nanna  Jun 1880USA I68444 onetrees 
238 Nielsen, Peter Arne  18 May 1878USA I68445 onetrees 
239 O'Néill (O'néill), Paul Cesario  1926USA I6967 onetrees 
240 Parsons, Arthur Webb  USA I211284 onetrees 
241 Parsons, Dorothea Webb  USA I211281 onetrees 
242 Patterson, Elizabeth "Betzy"  1785USA I12104 onetrees 
243 Paulsen, Paul  1920USA I427719 onetrees 
244 Perry, Gay   I324894 onetrees 
245 Peterson, Marilyn   I331116 onetrees 
246 Pfaelzer, Cazter P   I199287 onetrees 
247 Philson, Bonnie Jean   I402505 onetrees 
248 Pierce, Ernestine  14 Feb 1893USA I78785 onetrees 
249 Pierce, Romaine Dahlgren  17 Jul 1923USA I1335 onetrees 
250 Pierce, Roswell Phelps  5 Jun 1889USA I78787 onetrees 
251 Porter, Hubert  USA I54025 onetrees 
252 Porter, Jeffry   I53680 onetrees 
253 Porter, Jodie   I53678 onetrees 
254 Porter, Judith   I54023 onetrees 
255 Poulsen, Herman Dines   I404061 onetrees 
256 Poulsen, Poul Junior   I404051 onetrees 
257 Prislin, Muriel Ann   I322192 onetrees 
258 Rambusch, Gerda  24 Nov 1929USA I404630 onetrees 
259 Ring, Annette Karen   I47523 onetrees 
260 Ring, Marlene Vivian   I47517 onetrees 
261 Ring-Walters, Erik Kenneth   I47514 onetrees 
262 Ring-Walters, Michelle Mary   I47515 onetrees 
263 Rossant, Murray J   I211286 onetrees 
264 Rotolo, Tamara   I387176 onetrees 
265 Ruleford, Jeffrey   I154211 onetrees 
266 Rust, Kally   I53645 onetrees 
267 Rust, Kelly   I53649 onetrees 
268 Rust, Kristen   I53646 onetrees 
269 Rust, Kurt   I53647 onetrees 
270 Ryan (Ryan), John Barry  1901USA I249198 onetrees 
271 Sayer, Grace Louise   I181816 onetrees 
272 Schuitemaker, Theodor  6 Oct 1918USA I163229 onetrees 
273 Scolzo, Richard   I291590 onetrees 
274 Scott (Scott), Bruce Robert   I158501 onetrees 
275 Scott-Marston (Xxx), Aileen  11 Aug 1914USA I139426 onetrees 
276 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Arnold Poul   I402854 onetrees 
277 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Floranna Hedvieg   I402852 onetrees 
278 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Ruthelaine   I402853 onetrees 
279 Sellmer, Michael  19 Jan 1955USA I417097 onetrees 
280 Sellmer, Peter   I417098 onetrees 
281 Shaner, Erik   I142165 onetrees 
282 Shaner, Lisa   I142166 onetrees 
283 Shermann, Barbara   I54000 onetrees 
284 Silva, Jim   I53772 onetrees 
285 Simpson, Audrey C C  1924USA I211283 onetrees 
286 Sizmore, Roy   I223082 onetrees 
287 Smith, Joseph Marriner  16 Jun 1915USA I402510 onetrees 
288 Sonne, Charles George   I322191 onetrees 
289 Sonne, Elsie Nora  1888USA I324892 onetrees 
290 Sonne, Linda Alice   I322193 onetrees 
291 Sonne, Peter George   I322194 onetrees 
292 Stangeland, Charles Emil  1 May 1881USA I420533 onetrees 
293 Stanley (Stanley), Theone  USA I54013 onetrees 
294 Stern, Chad   I53656 onetrees 
295 Stern, David   I53655 onetrees 
296 Stern, Michael  1965USA I53657 onetrees 
297 Stuart-Houston (Hitler), Alexander Adolf   I247634 onetrees 
298 Stuart-Houston (Hitler), Brian William   I247637 onetrees 
299 Stuart-Houston (Hitler), Howard Ronald  1957USA I247636 onetrees 
300 Stuart-Houston (Hitler), Louis   I247635 onetrees 
301 Suggs, Bradley Charles   I172602 onetrees 
302 Suggs, Bradley Thomas   I172603 onetrees 
303 Syndergaard, Beth Renae   I53666 onetrees 
304 Syndergaard, Bradley Wayne   I53670 onetrees 
305 Syndergaard, Brenda Dee   I53668 onetrees 
306 Syndergaard, Bruce Mads  23 Jan 1967USA I53664 onetrees 
307 Synnington, Elise   I184156 onetrees 
308 Thomas, Rosita  23 Sep 1935USA I178530 onetrees 
309 Thompson, Neils Adolph   I402908 onetrees 
310 Thompson, Richard Keith   I402905 onetrees 
311 Thompson, Samuel Moroni  21 Oct 1896USA I402918 onetrees 
312 Thomson, Veo Antoinette  21 Sep 1914USA I262078 onetrees 
313 Voigt, Charles  USA I154122 onetrees 
314 Voigt, June  USA I154121 onetrees 
315 Wade, Dale Myron  USA I211279 onetrees 
316 Wagner, Henry James  1903USA I181810 onetrees 
317 Walch, Pauline Marie  1917USA I181802 onetrees 
318 Waldheuer, Joseph  1904USA I181814 onetrees 
319 Walter, Melvin   I312603 onetrees 
320 Warsinski, Erwin   I141646 onetrees 
321 Weed, Charles  USA I403594 onetrees 
322 Weed, Johan  9 May 1940USA I403598 onetrees 
323 Weed, Karen  24 Nov 1931USA I403595 onetrees 
324 Weed, Maruellen   I403596 onetrees 
325 Weed, Viginia  1934USA I403597 onetrees 
326 Westover, Vesta  USA I385054 onetrees 
327 Willey, Virgil E  1912USA I262081 onetrees 
328 Williams, Ira Lee  1841USA I428579 onetrees 
329 Williams, Jacob Flinn  1815USA I428578 onetrees 
330 Williamson, Pearl   I135643 onetrees 
331 Worley, Brian Lee   I135640 onetrees 
332 Worm (Worm), Eina La Cour  20 Oct 1911USA I397134 onetrees 
333 Wright, Florence   I201005 onetrees 
334 Young (Young), Sadie  14 Sep 1877USA I24305 onetrees 
335 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Petar, Crown Prince of   I188646 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 347 of 347

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada  USA I154123 onetrees 
2 Alice  1922USA I431021 onetrees 
3 Catharine  Abt 1880USA I312924 onetrees 
4 Emilie  USA I459214 onetrees 
5 Jenny P  USA I410274 onetrees 
6 Mercedes  Abt 1981USA I454487 onetrees 
7 Rae  USA I257370 onetrees 
8 Suzanne  USA I257383 onetrees 
9 Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (Mollerup), Agnethe  25 Sep 1925USA I173431 onetrees 
10 Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (Mollerup), John Henrik  23 Feb 1929USA I173437 onetrees 
11 Alberti, Christian Carl  1895USA I131676 onetrees 
12 Alexander, Lela  1953USA I247820 onetrees 
13 Amorsen, Hans Georg Qvist  1915USA I405642 onetrees 
14 Amorsen, Isabella  1967USA I404792 onetrees 
15 Amorsen, Thea Chirsti  1968USA I404803 onetrees 
16 Andersen, Karen Kirstine  Abt 1855USA I311507 onetrees 
17 Anderson, Anton William  16 Nov 1937USA I132050 onetrees 
18 Areschoug, Carl Vilhelm  4 Dec 1896USA I412965 onetrees 
19 Barrick, Ed  21 Jun 1979USA I402624 onetrees 
20 Batz, Kirstine Andrea Jakobsen  Abt 1982USA I410278 onetrees 
21 Bentsen, Hans Kofoed  1887USA I311882 onetrees 
22 Biden (Biden), William Henry  1849USA I454371 onetrees 
23 Blackall (Blackall), John  USA I19165 onetrees 
24 Blackall (Blackall), John Henry Paul "Jack"  1966USA I19281 onetrees 
25 Boëtius (Boëtius), Leo Xavier  5 Nov 1916USA I207866 onetrees 
26 Bohn, Johan Peter Mogensen  Abt 1855USA I359345 onetrees 
27 Boisen, Christian  1970USA I69358 onetrees 
28 Boisen, Robert de la Laing  USA I69354 onetrees 
29 Bosin, Anna  Abt 1900USA I308552 onetrees 
30 Bosin, Richard Georg Ferdinand  Abt 1902USA I317085 onetrees 
31 Bro, Jens Christiansen  1942USA I268890 onetrees 
32 Brochmann, Wilhelm Friedrich  USA I421279 onetrees 
33 Brown, Minnie May  USA I23920 onetrees 
34 Brøchner (Brøchner), Gordon  Jan 1934USA I195562 onetrees 
35 Budtz, Hilma  USA I21238 onetrees 
36 Busk, Lars Kofoed  Abt 1874USA I311976 onetrees 
37 Bülow (Bülow), Nicolaus Christian Peter von  USA I125383 onetrees 
38 Cameron (Cameron), Donald Mor  USA I260540 onetrees 
39 Cameron (Cameron), Jane  USA I259958 onetrees 
40 Cameron (Cameron), William Grant  USA I260722 onetrees 
41 Campbell, Robert F  1884USA I431020 onetrees 
42 Campbell, William A  1915USA I292143 onetrees 
43 Campbell (Campbell), John  1807USA I394330 onetrees 
44 Campbell of Achalader (Campbell), Patrick  USA I213318 onetrees 
45 Capranny, Elise Marie Christine  10 Aug 1904USA I423259 onetrees 
46 Carry, Elizabeth "Betsy"  USA I458979 onetrees 
47 Castberg (Castberg), Majory Dorothy  19 Dec 1897USA I411157 onetrees 
48 Chamowitz, Hannah "Amy"  USA I257363 onetrees 
49 Chance (Chance)  USA I439685 onetrees 
50 Chance (Chance)  USA I439686 onetrees 
51 Chance (Chance), William  USA I439682 onetrees 
52 Channon, Henry  USA I385053 onetrees 
53 Christensen, Dorthe Cathrine  1860USA I293498 onetrees 
54 Christensen, Ingrid  28 Jan 1987USA I290899 onetrees 
55 Christensen, Julius Georg  18 Oct 1959USA I81996 onetrees 
56 Christensen, Rasmus Peter  9 Feb 1934USA I402099 onetrees 
57 Clarke, Kenneth Fredrick  3 Oct 1981USA I402904 onetrees 
58 Clausen, Hans Georg Pauly  9 Apr 1892USA I88908 onetrees 
59 Cold, Antonette Augusta  USA I97812 onetrees 
60 Cold, Emma Marie "Amia"  USA I97808 onetrees 
61 Cold, Paul Meyer  USA I97815 onetrees 
62 Dahlerup, Joost, Baron  22 Aug 1944USA I182375 onetrees 
63 Dahlgren, Bernhard Ulric  1824USA I247961 onetrees 
64 Dray, Lester A  1960USA I402863 onetrees 
65 Drewsen, Paul  Dec 1907USA I186553 onetrees 
66 Dupont, Peter Christian  USA I461512 onetrees 
67 Durie of Durie (Durrie), Fredrikke  USA I102907 onetrees 
68 Ehrenborg, Ove  15 Feb 1928USA I7293 onetrees 
69 Emery, John Josiah  1908USA I35549 onetrees 
70 Erichson, Ida O  22 Sep 1926USA I24300 onetrees 
71 Eriksen, Anna Jensine Cathrine  24 Dec 1937USA I3567 onetrees 
72 Fabricius (Fabricius), Johannes Ludvig  Abt 1881USA I80010 onetrees 
73 Faurschou (Faurschou), Elsa May  28 Oct 1949USA I405049 onetrees 
74 Faurschou (Faurschou), Mary Mette  7 Dec 1979USA I405048 onetrees 
75 Faurschou (Faurschou), Myrtle  31 Dec 1985USA I405046 onetrees 
76 Faurschou (Faurschou), Niels Thorvald  1904USA I405530 onetrees 
77 Faye, Hans Hagelsten  USA I138057 onetrees 
78 Ferguson (Ferguson), Andrew  1792USA I442582 onetrees 
79 Fischer, Emma Kirstine  Abt 1878USA I80454 onetrees 
80 Flynn (Flinn), Elizabeth  1924USA I397370 onetrees 
81 Flynn (Flinn), Francis "Fanny"  USA I428657 onetrees 
82 Forchhammer (Forchhammer), Anna Margrethe Adethe Bredenberg  22 Dec 1963USA I407424 onetrees 
83 Frahm (Frahm), Wilhelmine  USA I440523 onetrees 
84 Fredericksen, Dale Mads  8 Sep 1965USA I54163 onetrees 
85 Fribert, Frantz Wilhelm  14 Sep 1926USA I403871 onetrees 
86 Friele, Haakon Beyer  Dec 1986USA I264643 onetrees 
87 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Mogens  USA I94134 onetrees 
88 Gebhard, Gustav Adolph Harald  USA I38038 onetrees 
89 Gift Lyth, Mary Lula  10 Jan 1961USA I422113 onetrees 
90 Graae (Graae), Peter Sophus  USA I9818 onetrees 
91 Green, Will Burk  19 Jun 1977USA I402500 onetrees 
92 Guthrie (Guthrie), Sarah E  1911USA I292144 onetrees 
93 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Daniel  USA I428781 onetrees 
94 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Emily Jane  1904USA I428577 onetrees 
95 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Patience  1840USA I428779 onetrees 
96 Guthrie of Guthrie (Guthrie), Robert  1860USA I428778 onetrees 
97 Hagen, Peter Breum  27 Sep 1954USA I423737 onetrees 
98 Hagerup, Anna  USA I103634 onetrees 
99 Hagerup, Gunvor Asora "Gertrude"  7 Aug 1996USA I115420 onetrees 
100 Hagerup, Harald Emil  USA I118682 onetrees 
101 Hagerup, Mathilde Fredrikke Hansen  USA I118695 onetrees 
102 Hagerup, Olga Fredrikke  USA I118719 onetrees 
103 Hagerup, Ragnhild  USA I123776 onetrees 
104 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Peder Christian Frederik  Abt 1889USA I232282 onetrees 
105 Hamilton of Cambuskeith (Hamilton), Founding Father of the USA Alexander  1804USA I439327 onetrees 
106 Hansen, Aage Holm  USA I57228 onetrees 
107 Hansen, Chester Evan  USA I367869 onetrees 
108 Hansen, Hans Kofoed  Abt 1865USA I368350 onetrees 
109 Hansen, Herman Frederik Enevold  USA I68395 onetrees 
110 Hansen, Jensine Caroline  Abt 1933USA I103558 onetrees 
111 Hansen, Kristoffer "Christian"  USA I118669 onetrees 
112 Hansen, Lauritz  Abt 1880USA I313360 onetrees 
113 Hansen, Valdemar  USA I420864 onetrees 
114 Hauff, Adolph  1924USA I131800 onetrees 
115 Haugwitz-Hardenberg-Reventlow (Haugwitz), Curt Heinrich Eberhard Erdmann Georg, Count  Aug 1969USA I146711 onetrees 
116 Hawlowetz, Lora Aurelia  USA I123355 onetrees 
117 Heegaard (Heegaard), Christen Otto  USA I413165 onetrees 
118 Heide, Martin Arnoldus  USA I57786 onetrees 
119 Heilmann (Heilmann), Verner Frederik  2 Dec 1958USA I174372 onetrees 
120 Hempel, Alfred  Jul 1875USA I23897 onetrees 
121 Hempel, Christian August  Abt 1920USA I23904 onetrees 
122 Hempel, Christian Ludvig Hans  USA I24306 onetrees 
123 Hempel, Edgard Wilhelm  USA I24114 onetrees 
124 Hempel, Edwin  28 Dec 1870USA I23902 onetrees 
125 Hempel, Johannes  USA I24301 onetrees 
126 Hempel, John  1903USA I24298 onetrees 
127 Hjorth, Anna Johanne Margrethe  6 Sep 1897USA I403755 onetrees 
128 Hjorth, Hans Johan  18 Nov 1895USA I403754 onetrees 
129 Hobbs, Catherine Margaret  USA I394370 onetrees 
130 Hochberg, Abraham  USA I257359 onetrees 
131 Hochberg, Nathan  USA I257358 onetrees 
132 Holm, Marie  16 Apr 1922USA I423567 onetrees 
133 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev), Amdi  USA I139056 onetrees 
134 Holtensen, Andreas Kristian  USA I63638 onetrees 
135 Holtensen, Peder  28 Apr 1898USA I63645 onetrees 
136 Hunt, Philip Barstow  USA I184996 onetrees 
137 Hviid, Karlo Edvard Christian Blume  9 Dec 1964USA I405404 onetrees 
138 Høst, Jørgen  USA I185994 onetrees 
139 Ipsen, Matthias Carl Adolf  Abt 1866USA I327706 onetrees 
140 Iversen, Petrea Sofie Elisabeth  USA I196304 onetrees 
141 Jacobsen, Clarence  14 Apr 1970USA I402995 onetrees 
142 Jacobsen, Hans Christian  1961USA I397153 onetrees 
143 Jacobsen, Marjorie  21 Jun 1979USA I402990 onetrees 
144 Jacobsen, Mary  13 Sep 1925USA I136167 onetrees 
145 Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard), Julius Ferdinand  Abt 1870USA I5827 onetrees 
146 Jean-Jacques, Phyllis  2004USA I247633 onetrees 
147 Jensen, Cecilie Kirstine  Abt 1874USA I311978 onetrees 
148 Jensen, Christen  1925USA I94605 onetrees 
149 Jensen, Hans Martin  12 Apr 1942USA I403023 onetrees 
150 Jensen, Henry Andreas  May 1964USA I423576 onetrees 
151 Jensen, Jens Kofod  18 Jul 1923USA I318203 onetrees 
152 Jensen, Karen Marie  USA I55027 onetrees 
153 Jensen, Laurits Thomas  1925USA I400197 onetrees 
154 Jensen, Søren Jensenius  USA I94604 onetrees 
155 Jensen, Vilhelmine Marie  1898USA I17557 onetrees 
156 Jensen Rye, Albrecht Lauritz  USA I422998 onetrees 
157 Jensen Rye, Alfred Julius  USA I422995 onetrees 
158 Jochumsen, Marie  13 Apr 1900USA I23903 onetrees 
159 Johnson, Emil Patrick  17 Mar 1983USA I402518 onetrees 
160 Jørgensen, Jørgen  Abt 1855USA I311504 onetrees 
161 Jørgensen, Niels  Abt 1880USA I311962 onetrees 
162 Jørgensen, Peder Kristian  USA I59899 onetrees 
163 Jørgensen, Signe Katrine  Abt 1860USA I319069 onetrees 
164 Kaas (Kaas of Bornholm), Hans Due Sommer  Abt 1949USA I65851 onetrees 
165 Kampmann (Kampmann), Lars Gilbert  16 Mar 1989USA I87532 onetrees 
166 Kearny, Philip  1862USA I440048 onetrees 
167 Kearny, Stephen Watts  1848USA I439357 onetrees 
168 Keld, Erik Einar  26 Jul 1995USA I194870 onetrees 
169 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Patrick  1858USA I87583 onetrees 
170 Kierulff (Kiermet - Skriver), Hans Peter Sadolin  USA I72514 onetrees 
171 Klæv, Birgithe Augusta  USA I97813 onetrees 
172 Knudsen, Frederik Carl Christian  Abt 1898USA I178568 onetrees 
173 Knudsen, Frederik Christian  USA I110720 onetrees 
174 Knudsen, Frederikke Petrea  1852USA I165155 onetrees 
175 Koch, Peter Frederik  USA I77026 onetrees 
176 Kofoed, Alfred Anderson  9 Jan 1943USA I311970 onetrees 
177 Kofoed, Artell  2001USA I332448 onetrees 
178 Kofoed, Arthur Augustus  30 Jul 1950USA I326230 onetrees 
179 Kofoed, Clarance Alvro  15 Mar 1972USA I326239 onetrees 
180 Kofoed, Cleo Lucretia  USA I326248 onetrees 
181 Kofoed, Edward  18 Feb 1954USA I326233 onetrees 
182 Kofoed, Hanne Sophie  Abt 1871USA I363630 onetrees 
183 Kofoed, Hans Thorval  4 Jun 1919USA I311971 onetrees 
184 Kofoed, Harlan Junior  USA I326250 onetrees 
185 Kofoed, John Andrew  28 Nov 1958USA I311968 onetrees 
186 Kofoed, Levor Harvey  8 Apr 1984USA I326245 onetrees 
187 Kofoed, Marine Margrethe  Abt 1870USA I330389 onetrees 
188 Kofoed, Norma Beverly  USA I326251 onetrees 
189 Kofoed, Olive Elomine  USA I326243 onetrees 
190 Kofoed, Orson  27 Jan 1957USA I311974 onetrees 
191 Kofoed, Phoebe Loretta  18 Sep 1952USA I326236 onetrees 
192 Koford, James Mossin  29 Dec 1934USA I359337 onetrees 
193 Koppel (Koppel of Bavaria), Oscar Frederik  29 Jan 1894USA I135091 onetrees 
194 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Henning Samuel  USA I239850 onetrees 
195 Kristiansen, Søren  USA I93466 onetrees 
196 Kubetz, Michael  USA I458980 onetrees 
197 Kunfermann, Luzi  Abt 1876USA I355685 onetrees 
198 Kushner, Joseph  USA I257245 onetrees 
199 Kähler (Kähler), Inge Cordelia  24 Jul 2005USA I178918 onetrees 
200 Källberg, Anders Wilhelm  Feb 1938USA I138865 onetrees 
201 Larsen, George Borger  11 Nov 1937USA I313373 onetrees 
202 Larsen, James  1 Apr 1892USA I313846 onetrees 
203 Larsen, Martha  26 Feb 1944USA I313843 onetrees 
204 Larsen, Martin  28 Jan 1921USA I313847 onetrees 
205 Larsen, Niels Kristian  USA I93465 onetrees 
206 Lemvigh-Müller (Müller), Jean Thurø Christian  USA I161956 onetrees 
207 Licht (Licht), Ellen Rigmor Laura de Fine  6 Jan 1969USA I223399 onetrees 
208 Lindberg, Betty Nilsson  Abt 1890USA I310935 onetrees 
209 Lou, Hans Peter  Abt 1902USA I330493 onetrees 
210 Lov, Andreas  Abt 1885USA I309326 onetrees 
211 Lov, Ane Marie  Abt 1885USA I309330 onetrees 
212 Love, Helen  May 2001USA I331115 onetrees 
213 Lund, Anne Cathrine Vilhelmine  14 Aug 1919USA I309642 onetrees 
214 Lund, Julius August  Abt 1885USA I332442 onetrees 
215 Lykkeberg, Margrethe Johanne  26 Nov 1947USA I437554 onetrees 
216 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), John Murray  USA I394369 onetrees 
217 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), Martha  USA I458817 onetrees 
218 MacGregor (MacGregor of USA 1), Murray  USA I394371 onetrees 
219 MacGregor of Brackley (MacGregor), James of Ardchoille  USA I46986 onetrees 
220 MacRae (MacRae), Duncan  USA I215973 onetrees 
221 Madsen, Carl William  21 Feb 1957USA I309837 onetrees 
222 Mahoney, Daniel Imirceach  USA I268656 onetrees 
223 Malm, Edmée  16 Jul 1947USA I419119 onetrees 
224 Marstad, Oline Pedersen  USA I103686 onetrees 
225 Mathiasen, Jens Laurids  USA I410275 onetrees 
226 Meek, James Robert  1972USA I402612 onetrees 
227 Michaelsen, Juliane Dorthea  Abt 1884USA I336589 onetrees 
228 Mikkelsen, Niels  Abt 1860USA I311550 onetrees 
229 Miller, Ellis Warren Appleton  1986USA I88062 onetrees 
230 Molgaard, Enoch Christoffersen  31 Dec 1975USA I54156 onetrees 
231 Molgaard, Frederik Enoch Christoffersen  16 Jan 1993USA I54153 onetrees 
232 Monberg, Erik Sølling  1968USA I12612 onetrees 
233 Montgomery of Convoy (Montgomery), Richard  1775USA I440029 onetrees 
234 Moretti, John  USA I262077 onetrees 
235 Munch, Hans Kofoed Olsen  1870USA I65648 onetrees 
236 Munch, Niels Ipsen  1883USA I400206 onetrees 
237 Munk, Aaron  17 May 1959USA I313381 onetrees 
238 Munk, Alma  24 Apr 1938USA I313380 onetrees 
239 Munk, Amanda Nellie  Abt 1895USA I313382 onetrees 
240 Munk, Eliza  27 Jun 1945USA I313378 onetrees 
241 Munk, Sophia  Abt 1909USA I313383 onetrees 
242 Murphy, Bridget  1888USA I230051 onetrees 
243 Müller, Birgitte Andrea  Abt 1890USA I310891 onetrees 
244 Müller, Johannes Severin  Abt 1905USA I308590 onetrees 
245 Müller, Viggo Matthias  20 Nov 1930USA I308592 onetrees 
246 Neergaard (Neergaard), Peter  Abt 1944USA I118542 onetrees 
247 Neess, Henry Richard  29 Mar 1978USA I238814 onetrees 
248 Newbold, Lola May  21 Feb 1984USA I402901 onetrees 
249 Nielsen, Hans Kristian  USA I121559 onetrees 
250 Nielsen, Jensine Regine  1 Jan 1977USA I62612 onetrees 
251 Norup, Carl Gudstav  1 Jan 1915USA I401997 onetrees 
252 Nørretranders, Knud Vilhelm  USA I68498 onetrees 
253 Olesen, Niels Peder  20 Jun 1969USA I89787 onetrees 
254 Olivarius (Olivarius), Johanne Susanne de Fine  17 May 1874USA I230282 onetrees 
255 Olsen, Emma Otilie  USA I114460 onetrees 
256 Pedersen, Anders  Abt 1880USA I363462 onetrees 
257 Pedersen, Niels  Abt 1874USA I309545 onetrees 
258 Petersen, Carl  USA I155485 onetrees 
259 Petersen, Janus Ørum Peter  Abt 1953USA I422228 onetrees 
260 Peterson, Peter  11 Jun 1949USA I274092 onetrees 
261 Platen-Hallermund (Platen), Hans Wilhelm von  16 Dec 1953USA I173432 onetrees 
262 Poulsen, Martin Ellingsen  8 Aug 2008USA I40044 onetrees 
263 Poulsen, Poul  USA I427693 onetrees 
264 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Carl Georges  1964USA I193390 onetrees 
265 Rasmussen, Hans Kristian  16 Dec 1956USA I456210 onetrees 
266 Rasmussen, Peter Julius  17 Feb 1959USA I456207 onetrees 
267 Reventlow, Geraldine  21 Aug 1993USA I168292 onetrees 
268 Reventlow (Reventlow), Aage  Jun 1975USA I168259 onetrees 
269 Reventlow (Reventlow), William Foster  15 Nov 1964USA I170230 onetrees 
270 Reventlow (Reventlow), William Ingvard George  6 Oct 1986USA I168281 onetrees 
271 Robbins, Luvania Cecila  10 Jan 1966USA I320098 onetrees 
272 Rosengreen, Anna Louise  8 Jun 1950USA I94328 onetrees 
273 Roth, Fanny  USA I257360 onetrees 
274 Rothe (Rothe), Tyge Ernst  23 Mar 2004USA I258273 onetrees 
275 Rønne, Bone Marcus  11 Apr 1891USA I193603 onetrees 
276 Salmonsen, Eduard Isaac  USA I132916 onetrees 
277 Sanderhoff, Johan Ortei Friderich  Mar 1963USA I447975 onetrees 
278 Santesson, Julia Margaretta  19 Sep 1881USA I413037 onetrees 
279 Schaftner, Anna  Abt Apr 1991USA I386759 onetrees 
280 Schaumburg-Lippe (Lippe), Waldemar Stephan Ferdinand Wolrad Friedrich Karl, Prince of  11 Aug 2020USA I19625 onetrees 
281 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Christine  USA I248289 onetrees 
282 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Peder Vinkel  USA I248287 onetrees 
283 Schrøder, Hans Nobel  Abt 1878USA I80399 onetrees 
284 Schubart, Søren Andreas Hagerup  USA I97744 onetrees 
285 Schwallbach, Hans Gerhard Hugo  USA I417606 onetrees 
286 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Johannes Folsach  10 Mar 1937USA I405346 onetrees 
287 Secher-Jensen (Jensen), Kaj Carl Søren  USA I244403 onetrees 
288 Serena, Maria  5 Apr 1932USA I307206 onetrees 
289 Sidenius (Sidenius), Edvard  Mar 1876USA I83959 onetrees 
290 Siegumfeldt, Ellen Marie Elisabeth La Cour  1953USA I222787 onetrees 
291 Singer, Emil  USA I254537 onetrees 
292 Skavhaug, Jeremias Olsen  USA I130003 onetrees 
293 Skavhaug, Zephanias Olsen  USA I130082 onetrees 
294 Skeel (Skeel), Anders Otto  4 Jul 1965USA I111137 onetrees 
295 Skov, Oline Augusta  28 Jun 1907USA I308547 onetrees 
296 Sonne, Elsie Nora  1951USA I324892 onetrees 
297 Sonne, Niels Christian Christiansen  1936USA I324891 onetrees 
298 Sorgendal, Ivar  USA I265336 onetrees 
299 Squarebriggs, Sophia June  1998USA I88061 onetrees 
300 Stahnke, Francis "Frank"  1906USA I458737 onetrees 
301 Steffensen, Anna Marie  1938USA I404825 onetrees 
302 Stender, Margaret  Abt 1912USA I309971 onetrees 
303 Stephens, George  Abt 1860USA I311930 onetrees 
304 Streton, Elin "Elsie" Johanne  USA I417108 onetrees 
305 Stuart-Houston (Hitler), Howard Ronald  14 Sep 1989USA I247636 onetrees 
306 Supanik, Mary Ursula  1986USA I403593 onetrees 
307 Syndergaard, Bruce Mads  24 Feb 1981USA I53664 onetrees 
308 Sørensen, Agnes Marie  USA I408218 onetrees 
309 Sørensen, Elvine Margrethe  USA I408216 onetrees 
310 Sørensen, Mariane  USA I90062 onetrees 
311 Thompson, Samuel Moroni  18 Jan 1973USA I402918 onetrees 
312 Thomsen, Poul Cecil  USA I47295 onetrees 
313 Thoresen, Betty Hilmor Camilla  USA I138055 onetrees 
314 Tranberg, Anna Margrethe  Abt 1905USA I308588 onetrees 
315 Uehling, Nora  Abt 1919USA I309840 onetrees 
316 Utke, Alexandra  USA I168314 onetrees 
317 Valentine, Jim  USA I103101 onetrees 
318 Voigt, Charles  USA I154122 onetrees 
319 Wael, Henrik Peter  10 Sep 1918USA I413086 onetrees 
320 Waidtlow, William  2003USA I335165 onetrees 
321 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Gustav Joachim, Baron  3 Feb 1983USA I83298 onetrees 
322 Weed, Charles  27 Jan 1993USA I403594 onetrees 
323 Weed, Johan  1 Oct 1992USA I403598 onetrees 
324 Weed, Karen  6 Oct 1975USA I403595 onetrees 
325 Weed, Viginia  1936USA I403597 onetrees 
326 Weisberg, Charles  USA I257362 onetrees 
327 Weisberg, Jennie  USA I257361 onetrees 
328 Weyer, Asbjørn P  Abt 1918USA I133901 onetrees 
329 Weyer, Lorentz  Abt 1918USA I125562 onetrees 
330 Wibroe, Frederik  Abt 1886USA I83612 onetrees 
331 Willey, Virgil E  7 Nov 1987USA I262081 onetrees 
332 Williams, Ira Lee  1896USA I428579 onetrees 
333 Williams, Jacob Flinn  1860USA I428578 onetrees 
334 Williams, Sarah Harriet  Abt 1928USA I326240 onetrees 
335 Wolfsen, Hans Ancher  1836USA I354592 onetrees 
336 Wonsild (Wonsild of Fole), Ane Sophie  USA I32758 onetrees 
337 Young (Young), Sadie  USA I24305 onetrees 
338 Yunaska, Jozef  USA I257382 onetrees 
339 Zangenberg, Anna Meta Jenssine  Abt 2008USA I410281 onetrees 
340 Zangenberg, Augusta Magdalene  Abt 2007USA I410280 onetrees 
341 Zangenberg, Frederik Johan  to 1960USA I410643 onetrees 
342 Zangenberg, Heinrich Frederik Peter  Abt 1920USA I410263 onetrees 
343 Zangenberg, Henriette  USA I410271 onetrees 
344 Zangenberg, Henry Emil  Abt 2005USA I410279 onetrees 
345 Zangenberg, Ida Augusta  Abt 1966USA I410268 onetrees 
346 Zangenberg, Ludvig  Abt 1976USA I410272 onetrees 
347 Ørum (Ørum of Ørum), Christian  Aft 1860USA I418946 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jensen, Karen Marie  USA I55027 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 100 of 100

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Airy, Maryellen   I150540 onetrees 
2 Alberti, Christian Carl  USA I131676 onetrees 
3 Angevine, Helen   I150428 onetrees 
4 Barner of Alkestrup (Barner), Christian Leopold von  USA I130674 onetrees 
5 Berendsen, Alfred Joel Sophus  USA I134759 onetrees 
6 Blixencrone-Møller (Møller), Theodor  USA I157834 onetrees 
7 Bojesen, Dominico  USA I24864 onetrees 
8 Bondeson, Gustave B  USA I23893 onetrees 
9 Bonebrake, Sarah Emma Jane  USA I150279 onetrees 
10 Budtz, Hilma  USA I21238 onetrees 
11 Chavarria, Carmen Cecilie   I157806 onetrees 
12 Christensen  USA I460047 onetrees 
13 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Louis Francis   I157807 onetrees 
14 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Ralph Benny  USA I157803 onetrees 
15 Dessauer, William Adolf "Willy"  USA I139818 onetrees 
16 Diebold, Charles Harbou  USA I150548 onetrees 
17 Diebold, Frank Arnold  USA I150422 onetrees 
18 Dunn, Harvey  USA I150699 onetrees 
19 Finsen, Carl Ole Robert Bjerring  USA I116564 onetrees 
20 Flint, Edvard Carl  USA I173425 onetrees 
21 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Wiliam Lauritz von Bretton  USA I200680 onetrees 
22 Gebhard, Gustav Adolph Harald  USA I38038 onetrees 
23 Geiger, John Martin   I171448 onetrees 
24 Gengo, George Michael   I145147 onetrees 
25 Graae (Graae), Søren Julius Winkel  USA I7705 onetrees 
26 Grace, Edwin Joseph   I171453 onetrees 
27 Grüner Green, Gustav  USA I160370 onetrees 
28 Grüner Green, Zacharias Eliasen  USA I178673 onetrees 
29 Grüner Groone, Gustav  USA I179038 onetrees 
30 Grüner Groone, Hans Vilhelm  USA I166194 onetrees 
31 Grüner Groone, Sophus  USA I166196 onetrees 
32 Gyldenfeldt (Schousboe), Holger Scheel von  USA I148169 onetrees 
33 Hansen, Hans Bertel Urban  USA I44393 onetrees 
34 Hastrup (Hastrup), Vilhelm  USA I149759 onetrees 
35 Haurowitz, Harry Lion Valentin Rudolph  USA I136759 onetrees 
36 Hayes, William  USA I150281 onetrees 
37 Heiberg (Heiberg), Svend  USA I185605 onetrees 
38 Hempel  USA I176756 onetrees 
39 Hempel, Edgard Wilhelm  USA I24114 onetrees 
40 Hempel, Johannes  USA I24301 onetrees 
41 Hempel, William Augustus  USA I23896 onetrees 
42 Hiort-Lorenzen, Herman Rudolf Peter  USA I99469 onetrees 
43 Hirsch, Hermann  USA I173005 onetrees 
44 Holst, Elna  USA I118394 onetrees 
45 Holst, Marie  USA I118432 onetrees 
46 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Ernest  USA I198535 onetrees 
47 Jacobsen, Isidor  USA I136170 onetrees 
48 Jacobsen, Julius  USA I136171 onetrees 
49 Jansen (Jansen), Adolph Ernst Alexander  USA I165745 onetrees 
50 Jørgensen, Svend  USA I181796 onetrees 
51 Kalckar, Herman Moritz  USA I142175 onetrees 
52 Kampmann (Kampmann), Tom Henrik Willemoës Krause  USA I138650 onetrees 
53 Kenig, Sylvie   I157808 onetrees 
54 Knudsen, Frederik Carl Christian  USA I178568 onetrees 
55 Krebs (Krebs of Denmark), Henrik Johannes  USA I150598 onetrees 
56 Lemmington, Michael   I3235 onetrees 
57 Lindhard, Sofus   I119669 onetrees 
58 Lund, Elsebet   I16253 onetrees 
59 Lüttichau (Lüttichau), Regitze von   I69588 onetrees 
60 MacGill, Harold Goldberg   I42330 onetrees 
61 MacGregor of Balhaldie (MacGregor), Alexander Drummond  USA I250520 onetrees 
62 Madsen, Niels Jørgen  USA I133080 onetrees 
63 Meyer, Martin Theodor  USA I136732 onetrees 
64 Moltke (Moltke), Adam Hermann Julius Magnus, Count  USA I149379 onetrees 
65 Moretti, John  USA I262077 onetrees 
66 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Eleonor  USA I181792 onetrees 
67 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Knud Harald Stenersen  USA I181794 onetrees 
68 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Wilhelm Stenersen  USA I181790 onetrees 
69 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), William Gratton  USA I181815 onetrees 
70 Nathan, Anton Axel  USA I136741 onetrees 
71 Nyrop, Johannes Vilhelm  USA I34902 onetrees 
72 Oppenheim, Moses  USA I136715 onetrees 
73 Purdy, Juliette  USA I150269 onetrees 
74 Rambusch, Erik Henrik   I144190 onetrees 
75 Rambusch, Lennard   I144179 onetrees 
76 Rambusch, Viggo Bech   I144156 onetrees 
77 Reetz, Richard  USA I131444 onetrees 
78 Rosendal, Knud   I100701 onetrees 
79 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Christian Gottlob Verner, Baron  USA I162927 onetrees 
80 Rothe (Rothe), Victor  USA I131437 onetrees 
81 Rottbøll (Rottbøll), Johan  USA I166295 onetrees 
82 Ruther, Ruth Jennie  USA I150426 onetrees 
83 Rønne, Axel Valdemar  USA I193416 onetrees 
84 Salmonsen, Moses Aron  USA I133482 onetrees 
85 Schlegel, Jørgen Ulrik  USA I44567 onetrees 
86 Schmidt, Harald  USA I157856 onetrees 
87 Shayne, Arnold Jay   I184930 onetrees 
88 Shayne, David   I172575 onetrees 
89 Sibbern-Møller, Kai  USA I198647 onetrees 
90 Skeel (Skeel), Otto Conrad  USA I160179 onetrees 
91 Skinner (Skinner), Cortlandt  USA I439520 onetrees 
92 Tellgren, Lou   I166390 onetrees 
93 Temali, Josip  USA I154138 onetrees 
94 Thiele, Holger  USA I146598 onetrees 
95 Tørsleff (Tørsleff), Anne-Lise  USA I168161 onetrees 
96 Utke, Johan Frederik "Fritz"  USA I158629 onetrees 
97 Valede, Larry Gale   I158704 onetrees 
98 Weiss, Charlotte Sarah   I184931 onetrees 
99 Wulff (Wulff of Strelitz 3), Hans Emanuel  USA I129515 onetrees 
100 Østergaard, Niels Hansen  USA I130435 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barrick / Jacobsen  12 Jul 1946USA F155875 onetrees 
2 Bonaparte (Bonaparte) / Patterson  24 Dec 1803USA F6598 onetrees 
3 Brown / Pedersen  USA F126830 onetrees 
4 Cameron (Cameron) / Kuck   F107631 onetrees 
5 Christensen / Larsen  1904USA F35515 onetrees 
6 Clarke / Faurschou (Faurschou)  23 Jun 1924USA F156149 onetrees 
7 Currie / Kofoed-Hansen (Hansen)  3 Jun 1891USA F67987 onetrees 
8 Faurschou (Faurschou) / MacLane  9 Jan 1920USA F156161 onetrees 
9 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Newbold  18 Apr 1934USA F156142 onetrees 
10 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Thayer  8 Jul 1918USA F156157 onetrees 
11 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Valentine  10 Jun 1953USA F156160 onetrees 
12 Frank / Andersson  18 Jul 1863USA F124611 onetrees 
13 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe) / O'Connor  USA F42083 onetrees 
14 Gad (Gad of Denmark) /   USA F83438 onetrees 
15 Garland Elam / Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup)   F85888 onetrees 
16 Goodenough / Cameron (Cameron)  1879USA F107632 onetrees 
17 Green / Jensen  18 Feb 1931USA F155877 onetrees 
18 Hjorth / Iversen  6 Sep 1893USA F155805 onetrees 
19 Hjorth / Zaugg  20 Jun 1935USA F156244 onetrees 
20 Hohanison / Pristed   F120408 onetrees 
21 Jacobsen / Faurschou (Faurschou)  15 Oct 1913USA F156162 onetrees 
22 Johnson / Clarke   F155790 onetrees 
23 Jürgensen / Wilmer   F28329 onetrees 
24 Jørgensen /   Abt 1876USA F135464 onetrees 
25 Jørgensen / Lassen  USA F30422 onetrees 
26 Kofoed / Campbell  13 Jan 1897USA F127860 onetrees 
27 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) /    F27922 onetrees 
28 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) /    F27632 onetrees 
29 Madsen / Stender  2 Oct 1912USA F127021 onetrees 
30 Madsen / Uehling  Abt 1919USA F126978 onetrees 
31 Millis / Shafer  16 Feb 1924USA F155880 onetrees 
32 Møldrup /    F151586 onetrees 
33 Nielsen / Kofoed  9 Jun 1897USA F127861 onetrees 
34 Pierce / Hotvedt  25 Dec 1919USA F36115 onetrees 
35 Pitzner (Pitzner) / Gift Pitzner   F159999 onetrees 
36 Roberts / Kofoed  Abt 1930USA F130059 onetrees 
37 Rørtvedt / Sandal   F37875 onetrees 
38 Scolzo / Pristed   F120409 onetrees 
39 Shafer / Crawford  21 Dec 1935USA F155879 onetrees 
40 Shafer / Faurschou (Faurschou)  Jan 1903USA F156165 onetrees 
41 Shafer / Judd  16 Jun 1934USA F155878 onetrees 
42 Silva / Christensen   F27128 onetrees 
43 Swanson / Lund  Abt 1861USA F134914 onetrees 
44 Thompson / Faurschou (Faurschou)  10 Sep 1919USA F156155 onetrees 
45 Walter / Kofoed  Abt 1926USA F127721 onetrees 

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