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Tolga, Hedmark, Norway



Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bakken, Marit Arnesen  13 May 1855Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98021 onetrees 
2 Brydalseggen, Marit Nilssen  23 Jul 1836Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I458809 onetrees 
3 Erlien, Embret P  1916Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97854 onetrees 
4 Floer, Andreas Henrichsen  Abt 1700Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I102549 onetrees 
5 Floer (Florhaug), Kirsten Henriksen  Abt 1705Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99557 onetrees 
6 Floer (Florhaug), Maren Henrichsen  1699Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I102556 onetrees 
7 Floer (Florhaug), Sara Kristine  1692Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I103011 onetrees 
8 Florhaug (Florhaug), Paul Paulsen  13 Nov 1874Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I458633 onetrees 
9 Gjerstad, Anna Olsen  1884Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98019 onetrees 
10 Gjerstad, Arne Olsen  9 Apr 1895Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98015 onetrees 
11 Gjerstad, Inga Olsen  1895Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98012 onetrees 
12 Gjerstad, Maren Olsen  1887Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98018 onetrees 
13 Gjerstad, Marit Olsen  1890Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98017 onetrees 
14 Gjerstad, Soland Olsen  1882Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98020 onetrees 
15 Grue, Simen Pedersen  1880Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97933 onetrees 
16 Hagerup, Gjertrud Cathrine  1684Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I117208 onetrees 
17 Hagerup, Lucia Andersen  Oct 1679Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I117325 onetrees 
18 Haukerud, Anna Adersen  1877Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98006 onetrees 
19 Haukerud, Hanna Andersen  1893Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97837 onetrees 
20 Haukerud, Ingeborg Andersen  1884Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97866 onetrees 
21 Haukerud, Karen Andersen  1876Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98007 onetrees 
22 Haukerud, Lina Andersen  13 Apr 1895Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97834 onetrees 
23 Haukerud, Marie Andersen  9 Apr 1885Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97865 onetrees 
24 Haukerud, Ole Andersen  1879Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97957 onetrees 
25 Haukerud, Sigurd  1889Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97840 onetrees 
26 Haukerud, Sofie Andersen  1882Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97934 onetrees 
27 Johnsgaard, Anders Embretsen  26 Sep 1918Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97853 onetrees 
28 Johnsgaard, Anna Embretsen  15 Mar 1916Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97856 onetrees 
29 Johnsgaard, Embret Olsen  1881Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97864 onetrees 
30 Johnsgaard, Ola Embretsen  22 Dec 1910Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97861 onetrees 
31 Johnsgaard, Sollaug Embretsen  24 Aug 1927Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97843 onetrees 
32 Krogh, Morten Mathias Jacobsen  1728Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I102558 onetrees 
33 Krogh (Krogh), Frederik Ferdinand von  24 Dec 1806Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I172393 onetrees 
34 Krogh (Krogh), Henrik von  1809Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I96967 onetrees 
35 Poppe, Augusta  1837Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I116204 onetrees 
36 Schjelderup, Abraham  1710Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99075 onetrees 
37 Schjelderup, Anders Pedersen  Abt 1700Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I128556 onetrees 
38 Schjelderup, Ane Elisabeth  Abt 1715Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I125513 onetrees 
39 Schjelderup, Christopher Schiøller  1756Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97457 onetrees 
40 Schjelderup, Clara Marie  1701Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99074 onetrees 
41 Schjelderup, Elen Marie  1751Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97444 onetrees 
42 Schjelderup, Gidsken  1706Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99076 onetrees 
43 Schjelderup, Gidsken  1714Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99073 onetrees 
44 Schjelderup, Jens  1702Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99077 onetrees 
45 Schjelderup, Kirstin Bernhoft  22 Jun 1770Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98080 onetrees 
46 Schjelderup, Olava Marie  1764Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97456 onetrees 
47 Schjelderup, Peder Pedersen  1713Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97455 onetrees 
48 Schjelderup, Peter Andreas  1754Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97442 onetrees 
49 Schjelderup, Richard Nicolai  7 Feb 1716Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97454 onetrees 
50 Schjelderup, Thomas Junghans  1768Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97441 onetrees 
51 Schult, Christina Lucia Petronelle  1750Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97422 onetrees 
52 Schult, Claus  1758Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97412 onetrees 
53 Schult, Jens Nicolai  1754Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97421 onetrees 
54 Schult, Sophie Margrethe  1750Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97458 onetrees 
55 Strand, Berit Solandsen  1857Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98009 onetrees 
56 Strand, Ingeborg Solansen  1851Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98010 onetrees 
57 Strand, Ole Andersen  1891Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97839 onetrees 
58 Strand, Ole Solandsen  12 Jul 1848Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98022 onetrees 
59 Strand, Soland Olsen  1 Dec 1817Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98055 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Florhaug (Florhaug), Paul Petersen  Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I458810 onetrees 
2 Schjelderup, Elen Marie  15 Feb 1751Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97444 onetrees 
3 Schult, Claus  21 Nov 1758Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97412 onetrees 
4 Trøan, Ingeborg Jonsen  Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I458806 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bakken, Marit Arnesen  1956Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98021 onetrees 
2 Bie (Bie), Lauritz  1773Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97443 onetrees 
3 Eide, Aslaug Olsen  1995Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97860 onetrees 
4 Erlien, Embret P  1989Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97854 onetrees 
5 Floer (Florhaug), Gjertrud  Abt 1801Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I125525 onetrees 
6 Floer (Florhaug), Henrich Andersen  1730Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I121446 onetrees 
7 Friis, Ane Larsen  4 Nov 1886Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98056 onetrees 
8 Gjerstad, Anna Olsen  1973Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98019 onetrees 
9 Gjerstad, Arne Olsen  24 Jul 1974Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98015 onetrees 
10 Gjerstad, Maren Olsen  1977Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98018 onetrees 
11 Gjerstad, Soland Olsen  1929Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98020 onetrees 
12 Hagerup, Anders Richertsen  1689Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I122802 onetrees 
13 Hagerup, Anna Cathrina  May 1775Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I115177 onetrees 
14 Hagerup, Lucia Andersen  1719Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I117325 onetrees 
15 Halvorsen, Haakon Ingmar Olsen  1975Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97857 onetrees 
16 Haukerud, Anders Olsen  1913Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98008 onetrees 
17 Haukerud, Marie Andersen  1971Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97865 onetrees 
18 Haukerud, Ole Andersen  1963Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97957 onetrees 
19 Irgens, Elisabeth Sophie Henningsen  Oct 1718Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I103012 onetrees 
20 Iversen, Marie  1964Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97956 onetrees 
21 Jamt, Esten Iversen  1841Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98079 onetrees 
22 Johnsgaard, Anders Embretsen  15 Aug 2002Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97853 onetrees 
23 Johnsgaard, Embret Olsen  1967Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97864 onetrees 
24 Johnsgaard, Ola Embretsen  14 Sep 1990Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97861 onetrees 
25 Johnsgaard, Sollaug Embretsen  3 Dec 1992Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97843 onetrees 
26 Parelius, Anne Jensen  7 Jan 1694Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I118901 onetrees 
27 Schjelderup, Anders Pedersen  1749Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I128556 onetrees 
28 Schjelderup, Gidsken  1706Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99076 onetrees 
29 Schjelderup, Gidsken  10 Apr 1761Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I99073 onetrees 
30 Schjelderup, Gidsken Andersen  7 Jul 1803Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98110 onetrees 
31 Schjelderup, Michael Andersen  1794Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98084 onetrees 
32 Schjelderup, Peder Pedersen  12 Apr 1755Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I117084 onetrees 
33 Schult, Christina Lucia Petronelle  1750Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97422 onetrees 
34 Schult, Claus Lauritsen  6 Jun 1767Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97462 onetrees 
35 Stenersen, Sofie Stenersen  1998Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97852 onetrees 
36 Strand, Berit Solandsen  1935Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98009 onetrees 
37 Strand, Ole Solandsen  24 Mar 1902Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98022 onetrees 
38 Strand, Soland Olsen  14 Dec 1893Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I98055 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eide, Aslaug Olsen  25 Oct 1995Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97860 onetrees 
2 Johnsgaard, Anna Embretsen  14 Mar 1985Tolga, Hedmark, Norway I97856 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Florhaug (Florhaug) / Trøan  21 Apr 1893Tolga, Hedmark, Norway F176657 onetrees 
2 Hagerup / Parelius  29 Jan 1679Tolga, Hedmark, Norway F51086 onetrees 
3 Jamt / Schjelderup  1798Tolga, Hedmark, Norway F43720 onetrees 
4 Schjelderup / Hagerup  1698Tolga, Hedmark, Norway F50479 onetrees 
5 Schult / Schjelderup  6 Apr 1749Tolga, Hedmark, Norway F43467 onetrees 

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