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Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaskov, Hieronymus Larsen  8 Feb 1709Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I80896 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Frederik Wilhelm "Willy", Count  11 Sep 1864Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110685 onetrees 
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Thyra, Comtesse  5 Sep 1862Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110954 onetrees 
4 Arrøe, Aase  22 Jan 1918Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198922 onetrees 
5 Bock, Ingeborg  2 Jan 1893Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I151961 onetrees 
6 Borring (Montanus), Tove  12 May 1908Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I136094 onetrees 
7 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Tove   I185515 onetrees 
8 Carlsen, Grethe Hilda Bodil  4 Feb 1922Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I445003 onetrees 
9 Carlsen, Solveig Anne  17 Oct 1924Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I445004 onetrees 
10 Carstensen, Nicolai Hindsbøl   I171708 onetrees 
11 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Victor Philippe Holten   I39875 onetrees 
12 Crone (Crone), Clarissa   I158108 onetrees 
13 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), , Comtesse  Feb 1746Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I49536 onetrees 
14 Drewsen, Johan  8 Aug 1715Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I186238 onetrees 
15 Eiberg (Eiberg), Laurits Gerlach  1886Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264464 onetrees 
16 Ejbøl, Jørgen   I435778 onetrees 
17 Estrup (Estrup 1), Preben  26 Jul 1920Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44362 onetrees 
18 Friis-Nielsen, Evald Kristian  25 Aug 1913Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I413176 onetrees 
19 Grøn (Hansen), Ida Marianne Howard   I44471 onetrees 
20 Hansen, Eritta Margrethe  17 Oct 1911Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I132298 onetrees 
21 Hartmann, Oluf  16 Feb 1879Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I165443 onetrees 
22 Hasfeldt, Elma Carstense  12 May 1879Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I224500 onetrees 
23 Hildebrandt, Aage Christian  Jun 1870Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I458327 onetrees 
24 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Vibeke Madeleine, Comtesse   I180234 onetrees 
25 Johansen, Boline  Abt 1806Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I396797 onetrees 
26 Johansen, Karoline  7 Feb 1793Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85065 onetrees 
27 Johansen, Søren Ditlev Rømer  2 Oct 1875Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68799 onetrees 
28 Kaufeldt, Camilla Bernhardine Marie  1818Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I104082 onetrees 
29 Kaufeldt, Victor Hannibal Theodor  1819Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I104081 onetrees 
30 Kolte-Sørensen, Lili  17 Sep 1913Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I142346 onetrees 
31 Lading, Henny Birthe  20 Feb 1921Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I194819 onetrees 
32 Lorentzen, Emma Camilia Isidora  9 Nov 1846Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I172643 onetrees 
33 Mahncke, Vibeke   I434270 onetrees 
34 Maltoft-Jacobsen, Bodil Marie Elisabeth  16 Apr 1909Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I165406 onetrees 
35 Moos, Annette Christine  12 Jul 1817Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I156828 onetrees 
36 Mørch, Pia Metz   I135684 onetrees 
37 Nielsen, Aase Gad   I207854 onetrees 
38 Nielsen, Mathias  19 Mar 1798Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I83690 onetrees 
39 Olsen, Anders  1798Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I419928 onetrees 
40 Olsen, Louise Charlotte Elisabeth  26 Nov 1808Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I152968 onetrees 
41 Rasmussen, Christian Morten  1851Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I425054 onetrees 
42 Richter, Julie   I29311 onetrees 
43 Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B), Harriet Ellinor  18 Aug 1915Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I325437 onetrees 
44 Selchau (Selchau), Octavia Marie Elise Jensine  8 Oct 1850Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I397945 onetrees 
45 Smidth (Smidth), Charlotte   I178194 onetrees 
46 Suenson (Suenson), (A)  6 Feb 1883Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167455 onetrees 
47 Suenson (Suenson), Aase Dorothea  18 Jul 1918Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167511 onetrees 
48 Suenson (Suenson), Jean Jacques Nicolas  11 Aug 1881Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167442 onetrees 
49 Suenson (Suenson), Katharine Cecilie Doris  22 Feb 1888Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167482 onetrees 
50 Suenson (Suenson), Marie Louise Wilhelmine  22 Feb 1888Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167497 onetrees 
51 Søgaard-Hansen, Lene  12 Feb 1949Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I180039 onetrees 
52 Thalbitzer, Karl Vilhelm Brasen  4 Dec 1878Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I187358 onetrees 
53 Tvermoes (Tvermoes), Birgitte Cornelia  1921Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I407290 onetrees 
54 Walsøe, Charlotte Sophie  24 Jul 1830Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I199128 onetrees 
55 Walsøe, Christian  1841Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I115775 onetrees 
56 Walsøe, Hanne  1834Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I115778 onetrees 
57 Walsøe, Marie  1837Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I115776 onetrees 
58 Walsøe, Otto Lemwigh  1836Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I115777 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Marie Emilie  27 Aug 1854Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I419926 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Ole  21 Aug 1825Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I419924 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Olivia Sophie Amalie  27 Jun 1852Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I419925 onetrees 
4 Bech, Caroline Frederikke Charlotte  25 Aug 1872Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I223731 onetrees 
5 Beege, Johan Christopher  3 Jul 1791Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84424 onetrees 
6 Bonnevie, Nanna Ernestine Jonanine  11 Oct 1874Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84208 onetrees 
7 Bøye, Frederik Konrad  7 Nov 1790Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85794 onetrees 
8 Drewsen, Ophelia Godske  20 Apr 1830Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I82680 onetrees 
9 Eiberg (Eiberg), Emilie Rosine  30 Jan 1853Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I257402 onetrees 
10 Eiberg (Eiberg), Johan Christian Gerlach  Abt 1850Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264451 onetrees 
11 Eiberg (Eiberg), Laurits Gerlach  29 Jun 1864Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264454 onetrees 
12 Eiberg (Eiberg), Peder Hansen Gerlach  13 Jan 1822Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264450 onetrees 
13 Falmer-Larsen, Birgitte   I242390 onetrees 
14 Frederiksen, Boline  27 Apr 1828Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84492 onetrees 
15 Frederiksen, Johan Peder  17 May 1835Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84543 onetrees 
16 Frederiksen, Karen Sophie  24 Jun 1832Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I86195 onetrees 
17 Frederiksen, Lisbeth Karen Marie  1 Dec 1844Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85769 onetrees 
18 Glæsel, Henri Carl August  3 Jul 1853Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I113691 onetrees 
19 Hasfeldt, Aage Langebæk  28 May 1882Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I224510 onetrees 
20 Hasfeldt, Elma Carstense  10 Aug 1879Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I224500 onetrees 
21 Hempel, John Peter  22 May 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I62289 onetrees 
22 Hempel, Jørgen Jacob   I186959 onetrees 
23 Hempel, Leif Jørn   I186918 onetrees 
24 Jacobsen, Kirsten  14 Feb 1762Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I78886 onetrees 
25 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine  26 Apr 1859Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85199 onetrees 
26 Jensen, Christopher  31 May 1852Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84211 onetrees 
27 Jensen, Ellen Marie Bodil Christine  26 Dec 1863Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I86225 onetrees 
28 Jensen, Frederik  6 May 1855Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84542 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Jens Peder  26 Dec 1860Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84514 onetrees 
30 Jensen, Lars Rasmus  29 Sep 1867Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84632 onetrees 
31 Jersild, Susanne Maria   I147957 onetrees 
32 Johansen, Ane Sophie  22 Jun 1788Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84423 onetrees 
33 Johansen, Karoline  10 Feb 1793Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85065 onetrees 
34 Johansen, Søren Ditlev Rømer  12 Dec 1875Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68799 onetrees 
35 Jürgensen, Karen Piper  10 Mar 1871Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I557 onetrees 
36 Jønsson, Bente   I238973 onetrees 
37 Jønsson, Birgitte   I238948 onetrees 
38 Jønsson, Søren Benny   I238975 onetrees 
39 Jørgensen, Dagmar Frederikke Johanne  2 Dec 1860Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I251306 onetrees 
40 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Lisa Charlotte   I400987 onetrees 
41 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Mikkel   I111500 onetrees 
42 Lindberg, Caroline Martine  20 Oct 1816Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I376463 onetrees 
43 Lindhard, Inger Margarethe  28 Jul 1918Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I149906 onetrees 
44 Maltoft-Jacobsen, Bodil Marie Elisabeth  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I165406 onetrees 
45 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Tobias Hans Peter   I161554 onetrees 
46 Nathanson (Leidersdorff), Emma Marie Ane  14 Nov 1827Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I25204 onetrees 
47 Nielsen, Aase Gad   I207854 onetrees 
48 Nielsen, Frederik Hans Henrik Godske  29 Sep 1864Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85397 onetrees 
49 Nielsen, Julius Valdemar  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I455138 onetrees 
50 Nielsen, Mathias  25 Mar 1798Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I83690 onetrees 
51 Olsen (Jørgensen), Ane Marie  19 Apr 1802Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I419929 onetrees 
52 Philip (Philip of Altona), Edith Johanne Utke  2 Jul 1899Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I196327 onetrees 
53 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Kristian   I34402 onetrees 
54 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Thomas   I34403 onetrees 
55 Rafn, Hanne Elisabeth   I212639 onetrees 
56 Rasmussen, Bodil  9 Aug 1761Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84410 onetrees 
57 Rasmussen, Jens  16 Aug 1767Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85420 onetrees 
58 Rasmussen, Peder  11 May 1766Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84777 onetrees 
59 Rasmussen, Zize  14 Jan 1759Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84633 onetrees 
60 Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B), Mogens Erik  22 Nov 1914Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I34416 onetrees 
61 Selchau (Selchau), Octavia Marie Elise Jensine  16 Feb 1851Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I397945 onetrees 
62 Tvermoes (Tvermoes), Poul Carl Louis Marius  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I407312 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aabye (Aabye), Niels  1 Jan 1915Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I131787 onetrees 
2 Arentz, Anne Schejlderup  1757Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I91875 onetrees 
3 Bagge, August Henrik Louis  3 Aug 1941Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110215 onetrees 
4 Bagge, August Niels Wessel  14 Feb 1990Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110029 onetrees 
5 Bagge, Jørgen Henrik Wessel  5 Mar 1976Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44427 onetrees 
6 Bagge, Sven Henrik Wessel  17 Aug 1927Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44424 onetrees 
7 Bagge, Ursula  6 May 1991Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44422 onetrees 
8 Berg, Else Marie "Bitti"  20 Mar 1979Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I30611 onetrees 
9 Berner (Berner), Lorentz  5 Nov 1824Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I176827 onetrees 
10 Bodenhoff, Ernst Gotthold Emil  1 Feb 1934Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I185646 onetrees 
11 Brockenhuus-Schack (Brockenhuus), Aage, Count  20 Jul 1933Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I28985 onetrees 
12 Brodersen, Aage  14 Jan 1966Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I177517 onetrees 
13 Brun, Eske  11 Oct 1987Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I191009 onetrees 
14 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Aage  2 Dec 1979Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I185494 onetrees 
15 Drewsen, Johan  13 Apr 1796Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I186238 onetrees 
16 Evers, Henny Emilie  20 Nov 1935Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I163868 onetrees 
17 Fenger, Louise Augusta  23 Jan 1933Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I16050 onetrees 
18 Glückstadt, Isaac Moses Hartvig  11 Jun 1910Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I72997 onetrees 
19 Grut (Grut), Nicolai  30 Jun 2015Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I106438 onetrees 
20 Hansen, Emily Berry  10 Dec 1997Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198477 onetrees 
21 Hey (Møller), Anny Laura Secher  24 May 1930Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I240378 onetrees 
22 Hjort, Anna-Sophie  31 May 1940Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I50489 onetrees 
23 Holbech, Vilhelmine "Mimi" Marie Margrethe  9 Jun 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I168318 onetrees 
24 Holck (Holck of Stord), Harald Julius von  24 Apr 1917Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I166599 onetrees 
25 Hvalsøe, Anne Marie  6 Jul 1991Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I149842 onetrees 
26 Hvalsøe, Olga  14 Aug 1954Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I6833 onetrees 
27 Jacobsen, Jenny Magdalene  1 Oct 1967Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I191978 onetrees 
28 Jersild, Peter Christian Olaf  27 May 1950Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I199039 onetrees 
29 Juul, Else Vibeke  4 Nov 1984Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110062 onetrees 
30 Kall (Kall), Peder Rosenstand  22 Jan 1836Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I81138 onetrees 
31 Kinch, Andreas August  12 Jul 1929Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I146527 onetrees 
32 Koch, Sophie  15 Jul 1935Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I119686 onetrees 
33 Kofoed, Ellen Henriette  3 Jan 1951Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I50966 onetrees 
34 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Inger Birgitte  22 Apr 1968Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I239702 onetrees 
35 Michaelsen, Karen Margrethe  21 Oct 1918Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I13152 onetrees 
36 Molner, Ulla  6 Feb 2016Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I276603 onetrees 
37 Nansen (Leidersdorff), Esther  12 Apr 1972Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44423 onetrees 
38 Nielsen, Lili Marie Koefoed  26 Apr 1980Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I161141 onetrees 
39 Nyholm, Carthon Christopher Valdemar  16 May 1912Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I174722 onetrees 
40 Olsen, Louise Charlotte Elisabeth  11 Dec 1866Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I152968 onetrees 
41 Rørdam (Rørdam), Jørgen Skat  19 Jun 2015Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I161322 onetrees 
42 Schiøler (Schiøler), Annette Louise  8 Aug 1993Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I200455 onetrees 
43 Schou, August Lauritz  3 Nov 1942Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I145465 onetrees 
44 Skibsted (Skibsted), Carl Frederik de Fine  6 Sep 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I191860 onetrees 
45 Suenson (Suenson), (A)  9 Apr 1883Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167455 onetrees 
46 Svendsen, Thora Christine  12 Jul 1909Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I409493 onetrees 
47 Sørensen, Marie Hansine Frederikke  29 Nov 1867Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68457 onetrees 
48 Telmanyi, Emil  12 Jun 1988Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I197365 onetrees 
49 Thomsen, Birthe Paula  26 Dec 2003Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68289 onetrees 
50 Treschow (Treschow of Naestved), Just Hermansen  19 Jun 1774Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I91898 onetrees 
51 Trier (Trier), Julius Meyer Theodor  16 Oct 1893Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I135182 onetrees 
52 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Christian Einar  3 Apr 1943Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I50374 onetrees 
53 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Kristine Elisabeth  4 Jan 1919Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I51010 onetrees 
54 Vollmond, Aage Meyer  25 Jan 1965Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I141996 onetrees 
55 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Theodor Mogens, Baron  19 May 1976Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I110248 onetrees 
56 Willer-Petersen, Otto  16 Aug 1951Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I216800 onetrees 
57 Wörpel, Dorothea Magdalene  23 Apr 1877Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I49877 onetrees 
58 Zangenberg, Astrid Marie Johanne  17 Oct 1959Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I166418 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Peter Valdemar  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I71894 onetrees 
2 Aschengreen, Julius Christian  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I394049 onetrees 
3 Bangert, Emilius Ferdinand Casper  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I156635 onetrees 
4 Barchalia, Grethe Inger Kirstine  12 Apr 1961Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I240031 onetrees 
5 Basse (Basse), Hans Kristian  1 Nov 2019Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I187648 onetrees 
6 Basse (Basse), Jørgen Beck  19 Jul 1995Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I187319 onetrees 
7 Beege, Johan Christopher  1 May 1795Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84389 onetrees 
8 Bigum, Marie Elisabeth  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I240458 onetrees 
9 Bonnevie, Immanuel Honoratussen  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I83314 onetrees 
10 Brodersen, Aage  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I177517 onetrees 
11 Bøye, Frederik Konrad  1 Apr 1855Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85794 onetrees 
12 Christiansen, Else Kirstine  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264449 onetrees 
13 Eiberg (Eiberg), Peder Hansen Gerlach  28 Sep 1887Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I264450 onetrees 
14 Faurschou (Faurschou), Alice Unnérus  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I159061 onetrees 
15 Fisker, Kai Otto "Kay"  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I445453 onetrees 
16 Folkmann (Folchmann 2), Julius Dorus  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I329198 onetrees 
17 Frederiksen, Boline  22 Feb 1891Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84492 onetrees 
18 Gomard, Bernhard  21 Aug 2020Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I192644 onetrees 
19 Gumpel, Marie-Anne  2000Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I34265 onetrees 
20 Gørtz, Frederik Christian  31 Oct 1964Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I172265 onetrees 
21 Hagerup, Carl  25 Oct 2001Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I99827 onetrees 
22 Hansen, Allan Berry  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198469 onetrees 
23 Hansen, Emily Berry  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198477 onetrees 
24 Hansen, Peder  25 May 1874Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84518 onetrees 
25 Hansen, Thora Frederikke  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I431518 onetrees 
26 Hedegaard, Ellen Margrethe "Tutte"  31 Dec 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I122295 onetrees 
27 Heering (Heering), Bodil  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198463 onetrees 
28 Jacobsen, Kirsten  11 Jan 1829Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I78886 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Bodil Kirstine  1 May 1859Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85199 onetrees 
30 Jochens, Carl Friederich Edmund  12 Oct 1968Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I256276 onetrees 
31 Johansen, Ane Sophie  25 May 1866Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84423 onetrees 
32 Jürgensen, Ruthwen  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I198481 onetrees 
33 Kall (Kall), Peder Rosenstand  28 Jan 1836Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I81138 onetrees 
34 Keller, Jørgen Rothe Keith  14 Apr 2004Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I66012 onetrees 
35 Knutzon, Per Thor Brockdorff  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I167913 onetrees 
36 Kølbæk, Ejvind Richardt  Jul 2005Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I13407 onetrees 
37 Larsen, Rasmus  16 Mar 1864Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84925 onetrees 
38 Lassen, Flemming  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I46565 onetrees 
39 Lassen, Mogens  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I199735 onetrees 
40 Lauritzen, Karen Margrethe  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I121649 onetrees 
41 Lundquist, Sille  1 Feb 2018Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I391148 onetrees 
42 Madsen, Maren Pouline Marie  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I407311 onetrees 
43 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Elias Bruun  25 Aug 1956Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I200312 onetrees 
44 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Flemming Bruun  29 Sep 1982Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I200317 onetrees 
45 Nielsen, Asta Bolette  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I394050 onetrees 
46 Nielsen, Mathias  4 Mar 1866Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I83690 onetrees 
47 Nielsen, Max Ebert Krone  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I404332 onetrees 
48 Olsen, Niels  1 Nov 1874Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I85782 onetrees 
49 Pedersen, Ellen Maria  13 May 1870Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84622 onetrees 
50 Pedersen, Jens  24 Mar 1872Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I86196 onetrees 
51 Pedersen, Maria  5 Jan 1793Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84257 onetrees 
52 Pedersen, Niels  7 Mar 1824Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I78887 onetrees 
53 Pedersen, Niels  11 Jun 1863Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I78888 onetrees 
54 Pedersen, Peter Harald  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I242513 onetrees 
55 Petri, Merete Davide  18 May 2017Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I149108 onetrees 
56 Piper (Piper of Bernau), Jens Ulrik  6 Dec 2016Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I246300 onetrees 
57 Prestrud, Aagot  21 Mar 2001Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I103014 onetrees 
58 Rasmussen, Bodil  30 Apr 1820Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I84410 onetrees 
59 Raunkjær, Kristian  5 Feb 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I431517 onetrees 
60 Schiøler (Schiøler), Annette Louise  17 Aug 1993Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I200455 onetrees 
61 Schou, William  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I6845 onetrees 
62 Smith-Petersen, Knud  5 Oct 1961Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I125680 onetrees 
63 Svendsen, Thora Christine  16 Jul 1909Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I409493 onetrees 
64 Søderberg (Søderberg of København), Otto With  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I15560 onetrees 
65 Sørensen, Marie Hansine Frederikke  6 Dec 1867Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68457 onetrees 
66 Telmanyi, Emil  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I197365 onetrees 
67 Thomsen, Birthe Paula  2 Jan 2004Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I68289 onetrees 
68 Thomsen, Gerda  15 Sep 2020Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I186757 onetrees 
69 Thykier, Esther  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I403048 onetrees 
70 Trampe (Marcussen), Poul-Henrik  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I410113 onetrees 
71 Tvermoes (Tvermoes), Carl Fritz Cornelius  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I407310 onetrees 
72 Tvermoes (Tvermoes), Poul Carl Louis Marius  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I407312 onetrees 
73 Valeur (Valeur), Henrik Stampe  19 May 1983Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I185770 onetrees 
74 Valeur (Valeur), Ove Janus  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I159060 onetrees 
75 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Sophus  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I10657 onetrees 
76 Westenholz, Anders Peter  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I104318 onetrees 
77 Zobel (Zobel), Hermann Peter  2 Oct 1995Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I187277 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaskov, Hieronymus Larsen  Abt 1729Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I80896 onetrees 
2 Arrøe, Vilhelm   I156984 onetrees 
3 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Henrik Vilhelm Løvenørn von  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I171553 onetrees 
4 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Niels Gustav Johannes Løvenørn von   I68483 onetrees 
5 Barner of Alkestrup (Barner), Leopold Theodor Christian von  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I164518 onetrees 
6 Bjørling, Johan Otto Gustaf  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I261801 onetrees 
7 Christiansen, Birte   I161905 onetrees 
8 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Viggo Frederik Carl Emil, Baron  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I151935 onetrees 
9 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein), Henrik, Count   I162663 onetrees 
10 Hüttemeier, Bertel  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I183305 onetrees 
11 Jacobsen, Hans Kristian  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I446080 onetrees 
12 Jersild, Poul Mogens  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I195126 onetrees 
13 Jørgensen, Eigil  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I165516 onetrees 
14 Kall (Kall), Peder Rosenstand  18 Sep 1835Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I81138 onetrees 
15 Kinch, Andreas August  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I146527 onetrees 
16 La Cour (La Cour), Peder David  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I400914 onetrees 
17 Mahncke, Vilhelm  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I434271 onetrees 
18 Meyer, Knud Philip  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I133617 onetrees 
19 Munch-Andersen, Thorkild  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I446936 onetrees 
20 Nielsen, Henning Jais Kaae  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I388572 onetrees 
21 Nielsen, Peer Thomas Kaae   I388571 onetrees 
22 Pieters, Cornelis Jacob "Cees"   I22609 onetrees 
23 Raben-Lange (Lange of Næstved), Jørn  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I313176 onetrees 
24 Raun, Jens Jacob   I7068 onetrees 
25 Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B), Heinrich Scharnweber  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I44384 onetrees 
26 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Hans-Henrik "Bobo"   I17708 onetrees 
27 Sauerberg, Ewald  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I130522 onetrees 
28 Scholten (Scholten), Erik von   I127204 onetrees 
29 Sørensen, Oskar Alexander  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I142368 onetrees 
30 Sørensen (Sørensen of Randers), Nils Hother   I171830 onetrees 
31 Waagepetersen, Birgitte   I162681 onetrees 
32 Walsøe, Thomas Secher  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I123589 onetrees 
33 Willer-Petersen, Otto  Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark I216800 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 209 of 209

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 (A) / Larsen  16 Oct 1942Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F58321 onetrees 
2 Alsing / Hassing   F56326 onetrees 
3 Ammentorp / Dyrlund   F81882 onetrees 
4 Andersen / Benzon (Bentsen of Sohngaardsholm)  4 Mar 1944Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F99123 onetrees 
5 Andersen / Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge)  14 Nov 1945Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F30176 onetrees 
6 Andersen / Frederiksen  28 Nov 1875Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38643 onetrees 
7 Andersen / Harding  27 Jun 1852Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F160870 onetrees 
8 Barfod (Pedersen) / Rasmussen  30 Jan 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F159597 onetrees 
9 Beege / Rasmussen  4 Apr 1788Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38366 onetrees 
10 Beldring / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  16 Oct 1917Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F54889 onetrees 
11 Berg / Helweg-Larsen  12 Nov 1970Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F60041 onetrees 
12 Berg / Winther   F82984 onetrees 
13 Bergengren / Bentzen   F63776 onetrees 
14 Berthelsen / Jacobsen   F89148 onetrees 
15 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille) / Schou   F66375 onetrees 
16 Bilsted / Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne)  7 Jul 1805Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F9030 onetrees 
17 Bock / Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen)  24 Sep 1938Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F81447 onetrees 
18 Boëtius (Boëtius) / Sørensen   F101078 onetrees 
19 Bonnevie / Petersen  21 Jun 1865Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38134 onetrees 
20 Borberg (Borberg) / Lauritzen  20 Jan 1906Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F51995 onetrees 
21 Boserup / Mogensen   F160026 onetrees 
22 Brindley / Brun   F80485 onetrees 
23 Brun / Boysen   F17335 onetrees 
24 Brun / Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard)   F76267 onetrees 
25 Brun / Krog  31 May 1913Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F80931 onetrees 
26 Brun / Mortensen   F80415 onetrees 
27 Brun / Scharling (Scharling of Copenhagen)   F55914 onetrees 
28 Bryld / Scheel (Skeel)   F11004 onetrees 
29 Brøchner (Brøchner) / Hingelberg  8 Sep 1877Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F17330 onetrees 
30 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark) / Storm   F78102 onetrees 
31 Bülow (Bülow) / Gjellerup  17 Aug 1816Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F42794 onetrees 
32 Bülow (Bülow) / Lønberg-Jensen   F13106 onetrees 
33 Bülow (Bülow) / Schulin (Schulin)  20 Apr 1912Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F33854 onetrees 
34 Bøye / Pedersen  11 Jun 1826Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38471 onetrees 
35 Cavling / Johansen   F172186 onetrees 
36 Christgau / Dohlmann  2 Mar 1940Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F63811 onetrees 
37 Christiansen / Semler  11 Sep 1930Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F67918 onetrees 
38 Collin (Collin of Denmark) / Thyberg  10 Aug 1836Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F70714 onetrees 
39 Cray / Bygbjerg  19 Nov 1938Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F176017 onetrees 
40 Dahl / Benzon (Bentsen of Sohngaardsholm)  21 Dec 1941Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F99115 onetrees 
41 Dahl / Wulff (Wulff of Hobro)  23 Sep 1918Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F52392 onetrees 
42 Dehlholm / Hansen   F9446 onetrees 
43 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon) / Bojsen-Møller  15 Apr 1925Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F70142 onetrees 
44 Dons (Tved) / Struckmann  31 May 1843Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F159391 onetrees 
45 Drewsen / Collin (Collin of Denmark)  18 Oct 1826Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F72850 onetrees 
46 Drewsen / Kümmel  20 Nov 1830Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F44213 onetrees 
47 Drewsen / Richter  16 Apr 1828Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F43870 onetrees 
48 Drewsen / Rosing  10 Nov 1798Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F43774 onetrees 
49 Dreyer / Koch   F40796 onetrees 
50 Due / Jochens   F106417 onetrees 
51 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge) / Behrend   F151857 onetrees 
52 Eberth / Nissen (Nissen)  20 Jun 1936Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F24927 onetrees 
53 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool) / Rautenberg  11 Jun 1892Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F24598 onetrees 
54 Ersbøll / Jensen   F155101 onetrees 
55 Estrup (Estrup 1) / Gundelach-Pedersen   F67652 onetrees 
56 Evers (Hahn) / Nielsen  21 Jun 1957Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F64616 onetrees 
57 Fog-Petersen / Franck  2 Apr 1952Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F46830 onetrees 
58 Frederiksen / Jonasen  4 May 1862Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F37662 onetrees 
59 Friis / Suenson (Suenson)  25 Aug 1931Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F70403 onetrees 
60 Gammelgaard / Lüttichau (Lüttichau)  30 Apr 1955Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F60953 onetrees 
61 Glob / Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B)  17 May 1939Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F151650 onetrees 
62 Grut (Grut) / Freiman  1 May 1945Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F25149 onetrees 
63 Grøn (Hansen) / Roepstorff (Roepstorff of B)  2 Feb 1946Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F72934 onetrees 
64 Haagensen / Pedersen  28 May 1758Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38306 onetrees 
65 Haderup / Faurboe  7 Jul 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F57162 onetrees 
66 Hammerich / Rohde  3 Mar 1917Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F40003 onetrees 
67 Hammerich / Schwartz   F67471 onetrees 
68 Hansen / Carlsen  4 Jun 1943Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F170916 onetrees 
69 Hansen / Frederiksen  25 Dec 1867Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38430 onetrees 
70 Hansen / Nielsen   F30214 onetrees 
71 Haslund (Haslund) / Pedersen  8 Feb 1947Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38660 onetrees 
72 Hauch (Hauch) / Fledelius  8 Sep 1959Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F81867 onetrees 
73 Hein (Hein) / Jacobsen  17 Oct 1900Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F60741 onetrees 
74 Hempel / Jacobsen  23 Jan 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F64269 onetrees 
75 Henrichsen / Nathanson (Leidersdorff)  29 Jul 1829Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F9715 onetrees 
76 Heurlin / Rasmussen  29 Jun 1946Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F101975 onetrees 
77 Holck of Holckenhavn (Holck of Roenhave) / Mortens  29 Mar 1944Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F2613 onetrees 
78 Holm (Mortensen) / Møller   F57529 onetrees 
79 Holm-Jensen / Ørsted  5 Dec 1929Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F84563 onetrees 
80 Holmblad (Holmblad) / Tørsleff (Tørsleff)  30 Nov 1895Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F78104 onetrees 
81 Holst / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  9 Aug 1912Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F54888 onetrees 
82 Holst / Werner (Werner of Ringsted)  31 Jul 1826Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F79539 onetrees 
83 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Schepeler  18 Dec 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F68274 onetrees 
84 Hornecker / Albertus   F99160 onetrees 
85 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup) / Hansen  27 Dec 1928Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F73642 onetrees 
86 Jacobsen / Kinslev   F168891 onetrees 
87 Jansen / Johnsen  17 Jun 1938Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F149549 onetrees 
88 Jensen / Bramsen (Bramsen)   F22844 onetrees 
89 Jensen / Petri   F78603 onetrees 
90 Jørgensen / Hansen  4 Mar 1910Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F100584 onetrees 
91 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Arrøe  3 Jun 1942Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F24430 onetrees 
92 Kettel / Allchin   F76301 onetrees 
93 Kjølbye (Kjølbye) / Lange   F120156 onetrees 
94 Klerk / Jespersen  23 Dec 1963Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F61513 onetrees 
95 Knudtzon / Petersen   F72138 onetrees 
96 Knuth of Conradsborg (Knuth) / Pedersen  6 May 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F64317 onetrees 
97 Knuth of Knuthenborg (Knuth) / Westenholz  24 Mar 1887Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F64390 onetrees 
98 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard) / Rottbøll (Rottbøll)  24 May 1831Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F34648 onetrees 
99 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Taller   F99068 onetrees 
100 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind) / Holm (Holm of Copenhagen)  14 Aug 1940Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F53408 onetrees 
101 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind) / Wissing   F32996 onetrees 
102 Krups / Foss (Foss of Viborg)   F60552 onetrees 
103 Langebæk (Langebæk) / Tuxen (Tuxen)   F607 onetrees 
104 Larsen / Frederiksen  17 May 1863Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38591 onetrees 
105 Lehmann / Budelmann  11 Jan 1908Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F61392 onetrees 
106 Lemming / Bramsen (Bramsen)  28 Oct 1904Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F25206 onetrees 
107 Lemvigh-Müller (Müller) / Walsøe  16 May 1849Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F24178 onetrees 
108 Lerche (Lerche) / Kiær   F69161 onetrees 
109 Lichtenberg (Lichtenberg of Poland) / Henrichsen   F71057 onetrees 
110 Lindhardt / Winding  6 Apr 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F96458 onetrees 
111 Locher / Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup)  25 Oct 1950Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F81455 onetrees 
112 Lohse / Hüffeldt  7 Aug 1915Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F77762 onetrees 
113 Lohse / Moltke (Moltke)   F68034 onetrees 
114 Lowzow (Lowzow) / Schlüter (Schlüter of Tønder)   F72540 onetrees 
115 Lunding-Petersen / Darville   F102028 onetrees 
116 Lüttichau (Lüttichau) / Brockdorff (Brockdorff)  12 Aug 1921Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F24035 onetrees 
117 Lüttichau (Lüttichau) / Larsson  5 Feb 1955Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F60959 onetrees 
118 Lüttichau (Lüttichau) / Ørregaard   F24000 onetrees 
119 Mathiasen / Jacobsen  24 Apr 1796Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36165 onetrees 
120 Methling / Frørup  12 Mar 1958Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F156689 onetrees 
121 Meyer / Edelmann  12 Nov 1930Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F158014 onetrees 
122 Mogensen / Jersild   F160021 onetrees 
123 Moltke (Moltke) / Ipsen  30 Apr 1914Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F41485 onetrees 
124 Moltke (Moltke) / Munksholm   F77885 onetrees 
125 Moltke (Moltke) / Petersen  31 Mar 1936Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F65508 onetrees 
126 Monberg / Christensen  22 Sep 1955Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F51259 onetrees 
127 Moss / Kjær   F17574 onetrees 
128 Mourier (Mourier) / Smith  21 Dec 1934Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F82253 onetrees 
129 Møldrup / Tetens   F52782 onetrees 
130 Møllehave / Volf  20 May 1931Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F99027 onetrees 
131 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Møller   F74660 onetrees 
132 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Olsen  23 Aug 1830Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F63522 onetrees 
133 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Raaschou   F74673 onetrees 
134 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Thygesen  5 Jan 1940Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F68727 onetrees 
135 Neiiendam / Collin (Collin of Denmark)  17 Apr 1897Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F96353 onetrees 
136 Nielsen / Drewsen  4 Mar 1857Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F37580 onetrees 
137 Nielsen / Johansen  3 Dec 1824Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38105 onetrees 
138 Nielsen / Prip  9 Aug 1929Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F99369 onetrees 
139 Nielsen / Wichmand (Wichmand)  14 Oct 1934Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F111820 onetrees 
140 Olesen / Jørgensen   F113918 onetrees 
141 Olsen / Frederiksen  29 May 1854Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F38417 onetrees 
142 Olsen / Muus (Muus of Denmark)  4 Apr 1936Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F45065 onetrees 
143 Olsen / Olsen (Jørgensen)  7 Nov 1824Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F162452 onetrees 
144 Olsen / Svendsen  24 Sep 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F148658 onetrees 
145 Pade / Schulin (Schulin)  30 Mar 1905Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36615 onetrees 
146 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark) / Rasmussen  1 Dec 1950Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F167026 onetrees 
147 Panduro / Køster  9 May 1906Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F57546 onetrees 
148 Passer / Pedersen  17 Dec 1970Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F52685 onetrees 
149 Paulli / Hedemann (Hedemann)  19 Jul 1899Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F67179 onetrees 
150 Pedersen / Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth)   F32695 onetrees 
151 Pedersen / Fløistrup   F79614 onetrees 
152 Pedersen / Frederiksen  16 Jan 1853Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F39024 onetrees 
153 Pedersen / Johansen  5 May 1815Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36167 onetrees 
154 Pedersen / Johansen  3 Nov 1822Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36166 onetrees 
155 Pers / Bramsen (Bramsen)  7 Dec 1900Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F25207 onetrees 
156 Perthou / Sejer-Hansen   F51355 onetrees 
157 Petri / Brams  12 May 1944Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F61426 onetrees 
158 Piper (Piper of Bernau) / Kaalund (Kaalund)  9 May 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F101805 onetrees 
159 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen) / Ørum (Ørum of Ørum)   F41246 onetrees 
160 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan)  10 Jun 1922Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F72469 onetrees 
161 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Sahmel   F73120 onetrees 
162 Poulsen / Knipschildt (Knipschildt)  6 Nov 1947Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F20908 onetrees 
163 Poulsen / Rimestad  16 Dec 1906Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F20909 onetrees 
164 Prag / Kähler (Kähler)   F75371 onetrees 
165 Qvist / Christensen  3 Sep 1923Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F97435 onetrees 
166 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum) / Breyen  4 Nov 1911Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36314 onetrees 
167 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum) / Nielsen  10 May 1809Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F78521 onetrees 
168 Reenberg / Nørby   F23625 onetrees 
169 Richter / Trolle-Jacobsen   F21191 onetrees 
170 Robbert / Horn (Horn of Xxx)  5 Sep 1951Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F37086 onetrees 
171 Rosanes / Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 3-2)   F1827 onetrees 
172 Rydberg / Suenson (Suenson)   F70404 onetrees 
173 Rømer-Bruhn / Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt)  19 Jun 1960Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F64736 onetrees 
174 Sadolin (Jensen) / Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg)   F30410 onetrees 
175 Sadolin (Sadolin of Kalundborg) / Søderberg (Søderberg of København)   F68591 onetrees 
176 Salicath / Westenholz  17 Dec 1890Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F157218 onetrees 
177 Sarauw / Bertelsen  5 Nov 1930Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F96642 onetrees 
178 Scheel (Scheel of Ribe) / Pape  12 Aug 1911Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F61057 onetrees 
179 Scheller / Jensen   F52205 onetrees 
180 Scholten (Scholten) / Møhl   F53834 onetrees 
181 Schrøder / Boisen   F67325 onetrees 
182 Schulin (Schulin) / Schou  8 Jun 1920Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F37730 onetrees 
183 Sejer-Hansen / Beck  21 May 1934Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F22339 onetrees 
184 Skibsted (Skibsted) / Brandt  10 Jul 1846Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F22190 onetrees 
185 Sparsø / Naumann   F116711 onetrees 
186 Starck / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  25 Jun 1915Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F54885 onetrees 
187 Stemann / Wasserfall  21 May 1788Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F33691 onetrees 
188 Suenson (Suenson) / Klubien  6 Jul 1881Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F70017 onetrees 
189 Theill / Bülow-Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde)   F15137 onetrees 
190 Therp / Nielsen   F148282 onetrees 
191 Thomsen / Ankjær   F19551 onetrees 
192 Thorsteinsson / Hansen-Raun  23 Sep 1916Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F75257 onetrees 
193 Treschow (Treschow of Naestved) / Simonsen   F22363 onetrees 
194 Treschow (Treschow of Naestved) / Smidt   F17655 onetrees 
195 Troost / Schulin (Schulin)  12 Oct 1910Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F36769 onetrees 
196 Ulrich (Ulrich of Eckernförde) / Sylvester-Hvid   F70078 onetrees 
197 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim) / Kofoed  22 Oct 1937Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F25816 onetrees 
198 Vaa / Linstow (Linstow)   F36521 onetrees 
199 Vang / Fleischer  19 Mar 1932Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F9296 onetrees 
200 Vestberg / Kauffmann  14 Jul 1926Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F75648 onetrees 
201 Wanscher (Wanscher) / Weinreich  29 Mar 1967Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F47921 onetrees 
202 Warming (Varming of Obling) / Damsbo  6 Apr 1942Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F72141 onetrees 
203 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen) / Juul  14 Apr 1934Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F50978 onetrees 
204 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen) / Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde)   F32955 onetrees 
205 Weel / Løwert  25 Aug 1947Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F94285 onetrees 
206 Weismann / Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt)   F73815 onetrees 
207 Winther / Hoff  2 Mar 1952Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F172630 onetrees 
208 Wismer / Kirck  4 Jun 1919Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F62618 onetrees 
209 Øllgaard / Kolte-Sørensen  17 Sep 1943Soelleroed, Zealand, Denmark F58590 onetrees 

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