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Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 170 of 170

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abel (Abel of Denmark), Gerda  6 Jul 1873Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I195671 onetrees 
2 Baggesen (Baggesen), Catrine Arntgot  1780Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180380 onetrees 
3 Bang, Ane Eleonora  2 Jul 1787Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I197577 onetrees 
4 Barchalia, Inger Johanne Caroline  12 Sep 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I240032 onetrees 
5 Bay (Bay of Skælskør), Christoffer  18 Jun 1803Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I401046 onetrees 
6 Birkvig, Charlotte Elisabeth   I147279 onetrees 
7 Bonnevie, Hans Rørdam   I85241 onetrees 
8 Bruun, Maren Hansen  22 Mar 1856Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I224253 onetrees 
9 Buchwald (Buchwald), Niels Andreas  7 Jan 1773Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I116016 onetrees 
10 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Margrethe Frederikke Elisabeth  24 Jul 1864Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I148207 onetrees 
11 Claësson, Gudrun Arvida  4 Jan 1906Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I194702 onetrees 
12 Clausen, Katharine "Katha" Therese  15 Jun 1891Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172943 onetrees 
13 Dam, Christian Niels Peter  10 May 1893Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I295849 onetrees 
14 Damm, Ulla Elisabeth   I16691 onetrees 
15 Eliasen, Erik  1781Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I450244 onetrees 
16 Eriksen, Frederik  1816Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I450254 onetrees 
17 Fabricius (Fabricius), Tofa Louise   I184736 onetrees 
18 Fich, Christiane Emilie  10 Jan 1882Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I119654 onetrees 
19 Fiedler, Otto Blixenkrone  20 Apr 1879Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172983 onetrees 
20 Fiedler, Svend Gunnersen  23 Sep 1884Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173011 onetrees 
21 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Appollonia "Polly"  5 Jan 1831Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I139948 onetrees 
22 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Ebbe  3 Dec 1854Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I157227 onetrees 
23 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Edele "Adele"  5 Jan 1831Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I140081 onetrees 
24 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Emilie Agnete  9 Nov 1825Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I139682 onetrees 
25 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Frederik Cyrillus  13 Jun 1835Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I140359 onetrees 
26 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Louise Charlotte  20 Oct 1832Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I140226 onetrees 
27 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Vilhelmine "Minna" Margrethe  9 Mar 1828Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I139815 onetrees 
28 Gravenhorst, Anna Marie Cathrine Elisabeth  6 Aug 1803Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46596 onetrees 
29 Greisen (Greisen), Carl  Abt 1843Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I458108 onetrees 
30 Greisen (Greisen), Henrik  Abt 1848Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I458109 onetrees 
31 Greisen (Greisen), Sophus  8 Mar 1845Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I232799 onetrees 
32 Greisen (Greisen), Søren  Abt 1841Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I458107 onetrees 
33 Hansen, Mads Johannes  30 Jun 1858Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I68356 onetrees 
34 Hansen, Marie Elisa Florentine Pedersen  17 Oct 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I71933 onetrees 
35 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ane Marie Cordelia Gunnersen  7 Nov 1863Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171946 onetrees 
36 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anna Caroline Gunnersen  7 May 1857Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172260 onetrees 
37 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anna Cecilie  1 Apr 1785Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46621 onetrees 
38 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anna Gunnersen  25 Nov 1867Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171985 onetrees 
39 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Axel Valdemar Gunnersen  16 Feb 1860Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171918 onetrees 
40 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Carl Paulus Sølvtoft Gunnersen  10 May 1860Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172368 onetrees 
41 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Caroline Amalie "Mala" Gunnersen  7 Jun 1884Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173066 onetrees 
42 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Clara Gunnersen  3 Feb 1899Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173270 onetrees 
43 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Conrad Christian Gunnersen  12 Feb 1859Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172273 onetrees 
44 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ebba Gunnersen  12 May 1895Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173227 onetrees 
45 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ebba Margrethe Gunnersen   I192246 onetrees 
46 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Einar Gunnersen  13 Oct 1867Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172314 onetrees 
47 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ellen "Tulle" Gunnersen  8 Oct 1912Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I182147 onetrees 
48 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Frederik Christian Blixencrone Gunnersen  3 May 1854Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171889 onetrees 
49 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Frederik Wilhelm Martin Gunnersen  28 Jan 1880Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173040 onetrees 
50 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunder  15 Mar 1788Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46616 onetrees 
51 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  24 Sep 1896Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173241 onetrees 
52 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  23 Aug 1901Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173297 onetrees 
53 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  21 Oct 1911Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I182134 onetrees 
54 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hans Peter Gunnersen  22 Aug 1857Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172341 onetrees 
55 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Holger Rasmus Gunnersen  10 Mar 1893Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174145 onetrees 
56 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hylleborg Olavia "Labe" Blixencrone  14 Aug 1856Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171904 onetrees 
57 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ingeborg Gunneren  21 Aug 1872Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172451 onetrees 
58 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Inger Boel  13 Jan 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174116 onetrees 
59 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ingrid Gunnersen  6 Dec 1897Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173254 onetrees 
60 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Johanne Regina "Re" Gunnersen  26 May 1886Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173079 onetrees 
61 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Gotfred Thuerecht Gunnersen  1 Sep 1878Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173025 onetrees 
62 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Gottfred Thuerecht  21 Apr 1894Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173214 onetrees 
63 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen Gunnersen  3 Mar 1866Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171972 onetrees 
64 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Karen Olivia Gunnersen  4 Jan 1897Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174158 onetrees 
65 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Katharine "Katha" Dagmar Charlotte Gunnersen  15 Jun 1862Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I87555 onetrees 
66 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Katharine "Katha" Gunnersen  10 Mar 1900Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173284 onetrees 
67 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Knud Adolph Traugott Gunnersen  21 Sep 1881Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173053 onetrees 
68 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Laurine "Lau" Gunnersen  19 May 1887Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173092 onetrees 
69 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Laurine Gunnersen  12 Feb 1865Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171959 onetrees 
70 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Louise Gunnersen  26 Jun 1875Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172465 onetrees 
71 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Magda Aurelia Gunnersen  18 Dec 1893Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172710 onetrees 
72 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Maren Kathrine Elisabeth Gunnersen  3 May 1861Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171933 onetrees 
73 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Marie Gunnersen  27 Dec 1861Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172381 onetrees 
74 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Metha Gunnersen  18 Mar 1908Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I182122 onetrees 
75 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Metha Gunnersen   I192233 onetrees 
76 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Madsen  26 Jun 1786Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172012 onetrees 
77 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Madsen Gunnersen  20 Jun 1867Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172423 onetrees 
78 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Olivia Gunnersen  15 Feb 1863Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172394 onetrees 
79 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder  Jan 1790Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46615 onetrees 
80 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder  16 Apr 1795Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46601 onetrees 
81 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder Gunnersen  6 Oct 1858Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172355 onetrees 
82 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Poul Gunnersen  1 Nov 1865Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172409 onetrees 
83 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Poul Henrik Rasmus  13 Dec 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174171 onetrees 
84 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Rasmus Gunnersen  25 Oct 1868Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172436 onetrees 
85 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Sigrid Karen Løppenthin  10 Oct 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174130 onetrees 
86 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Thecla Vethastine Gunnersen  16 Apr 1870Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171999 onetrees 
87 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Thyra Gunnersen  27 May 1863Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172300 onetrees 
88 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Valdemar Gunnersen  17 Dec 1860Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172286 onetrees 
89 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Vibeke Gunnersen   I192275 onetrees 
90 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Vilhelmine  6 Jun 1791Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46604 onetrees 
91 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Vilhelmine  14 Sep 1793Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46602 onetrees 
92 Heilmann (Heilmann), Carl Arent  2 Apr 1924Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178534 onetrees 
93 Heilmann (Heilmann), Claus Arent   I178629 onetrees 
94 Heilmann (Heilmann), Elfrida  25 Mar 1866Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178661 onetrees 
95 Heilmann (Heilmann), Estrid Mau  6 May 1907Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180762 onetrees 
96 Heilmann (Heilmann), Gerhard Vilhelm Ernst  25 Jun 1859Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180909 onetrees 
97 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik   I178549 onetrees 
98 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik Ernst Johannes Mau  13 Nov 1862Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173682 onetrees 
99 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik Peter Gysbert  4 Aug 1821Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173652 onetrees 
100 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik Vilhelm Mau  18 Jul 1908Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180775 onetrees 
101 Heilmann (Heilmann), Johan Ernst  28 Dec 1895Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173200 onetrees 
102 Heilmann (Heilmann), Kai Mau  18 Sep 1905Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180742 onetrees 
103 Heilmann (Heilmann), Louise Cathrine Henriette  8 Apr 1861Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173665 onetrees 
104 Heilmann (Heilmann), Marianne   I178562 onetrees 
105 Heilmann (Heilmann), Tyge Mau   I180788 onetrees 
106 Heilmann (Heilmann), Ulrik   I178616 onetrees 
107 Hein (Hein), Frederik Gerhard Ferdinand Döhler von  29 Nov 1819Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I982 onetrees 
108 Hein (Hein), Sophus Christian Julius von  10 Dec 1814Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I13787 onetrees 
109 Hornung, Conrad Christian  1 Jul 1802Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I200621 onetrees 
110 Hornung, Vilhelmine Conradine  8 Aug 1833Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I157198 onetrees 
111 Jørck, Erik Meding  6 Sep 1915Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178713 onetrees 
112 Jørck, Helge Meding  21 Aug 1922Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178726 onetrees 
113 Jørck, Poul Meding  25 May 1914Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178699 onetrees 
114 Jørgensen, Inger Marie Meding  2 Jul 1923Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178672 onetrees 
115 Jørgensen, Mette Kirstine  20 Feb 1779Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I400861 onetrees 
116 Jørgensen, Rigmor Meding  12 Feb 1919Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178658 onetrees 
117 Kann, Poul Christian  19 Feb 1907Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I191176 onetrees 
118 Larsen, Klara Meta Boline  23 Mar 1899Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I410287 onetrees 
119 Lassen, Ellen Louise Christiane  14 Sep 1866Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174049 onetrees 
120 Lotz (Lotz), Erik  9 Feb 1904Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152694 onetrees 
121 Lotz (Lotz), Hilmer  27 Jun 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152693 onetrees 
122 Lotz (Lotz), Jørgen   I193683 onetrees 
123 Lotz (Lotz), Jørgen Johan  6 May 1815Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I109315 onetrees 
124 Lotz (Lotz), Martin Frederik Vilhelm  6 Nov 1810Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172669 onetrees 
125 Lotz (Lotz), Tage   I193687 onetrees 
126 Maibom, Erik  23 Mar 1918Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I146359 onetrees 
127 Mathiasen, Poul  22 Nov 1918Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I453483 onetrees 
128 Mau, Fanny Agnes Natalia  27 Jun 1830Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173695 onetrees 
129 Mau, Frederik "Frits" Wilhelm Julius  14 Jan 1817Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173584 onetrees 
130 Meding, Anna  21 Jan 1883Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173954 onetrees 
131 Meding, Astrid  23 Aug 1888Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174266 onetrees 
132 Meding, Else Rigmor  11 Jul 1887Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174251 onetrees 
133 Meding, Emma Margrethe  15 Oct 1881Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173939 onetrees 
134 Meding, Ingeborg  7 Jul 1884Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173968 onetrees 
135 Meding, Katy  28 Dec 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174007 onetrees 
136 Meding, Knud Rasmus Harboe  15 Aug 1894Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174292 onetrees 
137 Meding, Tycho Andreas  24 Apr 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174279 onetrees 
138 Meding, Vita  24 May 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173994 onetrees 
139 Melbye, Jørgen  20 Mar 1904Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I64061 onetrees 
140 Melbye, Povl William  7 Jun 1902Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I64062 onetrees 
141 Müller (Müller of Naestved), Christian Casparsen  1712Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I42666 onetrees 
142 Müller (Müller of Naestved), Didrik Casparsen  25 Oct 1713Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I42625 onetrees 
143 Müller (Müller of Naestved), Johan Casparsen  1720Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I42626 onetrees 
144 Müller (Müller of Naestved), Peder Casparsen  2 Apr 1710Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I42610 onetrees 
145 Møller, Karina Mathilda   I296979 onetrees 
146 Møller, Louise Jørgine  1860Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I412592 onetrees 
147 Møller, Nikolaj Peter   I296980 onetrees 
148 Møller, Troels Eschou   I81294 onetrees 
149 Nielsen, Vilhelmine Kristine  22 Apr 1880Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I419530 onetrees 
150 Nold, Bolette Sophie Christiansen  16 Apr 1743Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I373928 onetrees 
151 Norlander, Karen Marie Louise Adelaide Julie Christine Antoinette Nyboe  29 Sep 1865Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I433498 onetrees 
152 Olrik (Olrik), Henrik Gerner Snedorff Benedict  30 Aug 1876Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I100469 onetrees 
153 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Herholdt Ernst  1874Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I226717 onetrees 
154 Rafn (Rafn of Allerslev), Hilmar  1879Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I226716 onetrees 
155 Rasmussen, Magda   I30146 onetrees 
156 Rothe (Rothe), Benedikte Rosine Marie  14 Apr 1761Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I34217 onetrees 
157 Rothe (Rothe), Henrik Bille  13 Oct 1766Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I116298 onetrees 
158 Rothe (Rothe), Karen Lassen  15 Oct 1762Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I34205 onetrees 
159 Staggemeier, Margrethe  25 Nov 1748Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I183641 onetrees 
160 Søndergaard, Marie Vilhelmine Frederikke  15 Nov 1869Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152678 onetrees 
161 Topsøe (Topsøe), Haldor Frederik Axel  29 Apr 1842Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I156791 onetrees 
162 Vallentin, Elise Georgine  25 May 1812Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I2288 onetrees 
163 Vallentin, Jacob  13 Aug 1804Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I186645 onetrees 
164 Vallentin, Johan Georg  24 Feb 1814Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I405933 onetrees 
165 Verdich, Karl  19 Dec 1855Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I185143 onetrees 
166 Voss (Jensen), Marlene   I35355 onetrees 
167 Voss (Jensen), Thomas   I35366 onetrees 
168 Wiedemann, Christian Peter Erik  10 Feb 1891Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I295999 onetrees 
169 Wiedemann, Ebba Mathilde Elise  1 Jun 1888Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I192005 onetrees 
170 Wildt, Lauritz  27 Jan 1820Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46573 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buchwald (Buchwald), Niels Andreas  11 Jan 1773Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I116016 onetrees 
2 Hansen, Mads Johannes  15 Aug 1858Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I68356 onetrees 
3 Heilmann (Heilmann), Estrid Mau  28 Jun 1907Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180762 onetrees 
4 Hein (Hein), Frederik Gerhard Ferdinand Döhler von  5 Dec 1819Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I982 onetrees 
5 Hein (Hein), Sophus Christian Julius von  13 Dec 1814Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I13787 onetrees 
6 Hornung, Jacob Philip  17 Dec 1797Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I113780 onetrees 
7 Jørgensen, Mette Kirstine  26 Feb 1779Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I400861 onetrees 
8 Lakier, Christine Wilhelmine  31 Dec 1768Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I113913 onetrees 
9 Marcussen-Schack of Gültzow (Marcussen), Karen Birgitte   I146953 onetrees 
10 Mau, Edel Augusta Julie  6 Dec 1819Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180387 onetrees 
11 Mau, Fanny Agnes Natalia  18 Jul 1830Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173695 onetrees 
12 Mau, Frederik "Frits" Wilhelm Julius  19 Jan 1817Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173584 onetrees 
13 Mau, Henrik Frederik Møller  13 Jan 1812Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180389 onetrees 
14 Mau, Magdalene Lovise Gerhardine  16 Mar 1818Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180386 onetrees 
15 Mau, Theodor Carl August Gerhardsen  21 Nov 1822Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I180390 onetrees 
16 Nielsen, Vilhelmine Kristine  27 Jun 1880Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I419530 onetrees 
17 Oppermann, Bodil Magdalene "Magda"  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I186831 onetrees 
18 Payngk (Panck), Hans Ferdinand  20 May 1778Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I110372 onetrees 
19 Payngk (Panck), Kirstine Magdalene Schmidt  18 Sep 1770Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I110376 onetrees 
20 Payngk (Panck), Kirstine Magdalene Schmidt  1 Jun 1774Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I110375 onetrees 
21 Payngk (Panck), Thomas Neergaard  22 May 1769Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I110377 onetrees 
22 Thalbitzer, Viggo Alfred Edwin Omø  26 Jul 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I84002 onetrees 
23 Vallentin, Elise Georgine  15 Jul 1812Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I2288 onetrees 
24 Vallentin, Jacob  12 Sep 1804Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I186645 onetrees 
25 Vallentin, Johan Georg  29 Apr 1814Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I405933 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barchalia, Stephan Donatus  4 Jul 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I240005 onetrees 
2 Beyer, Anne Margrethe  23 Apr 1819Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I169602 onetrees 
3 Borring (Montanus), Anna Dorthea Marie Jensen Jørgensen  26 Dec 1807Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I119272 onetrees 
4 Bülow (Bülow), Anna Cathrine von  28 Apr 1919Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I110298 onetrees 
5 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Holtine Conradine  4 Jul 1897Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I162477 onetrees 
6 Dreyer, Poul Dines  26 Jul 1932Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I170460 onetrees 
7 Einarsson, Bertha Irene  31 Jan 1981Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I408374 onetrees 
8 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Ebbe  6 Jan 1855Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I157227 onetrees 
9 Grandjean (Grandjean of Denmark), Augusta Juliane  1 Jan 1818Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I169698 onetrees 
10 Grandjean (Grandjean of Denmark), Joachim Augustinus  25 Mar 1785Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I169693 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Carl Peter Mathias  26 Feb 1955Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178872 onetrees 
12 Hansen, Clara Juliane  28 Nov 1937Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I84785 onetrees 
13 Hansen, Elisabeth Christiane Sophie  21 Aug 1900Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I64065 onetrees 
14 Hansen, Sidsel  1720Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I42622 onetrees 
15 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anna Cecilie  4 Sep 1804Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46621 onetrees 
16 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Clara Gunnersen  11 May 1945Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173270 onetrees 
17 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunder  18 May 1849Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46616 onetrees 
18 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  1 Mar 1897Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173241 onetrees 
19 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hans Georg Theodor  5 Oct 1834Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46591 onetrees 
20 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Gottfred Thuerecht  16 Feb 1895Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173214 onetrees 
21 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen  2 Aug 1821Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46633 onetrees 
22 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen Gunnersen  8 Jun 1902Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171972 onetrees 
23 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Madsen  6 Nov 1861Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172012 onetrees 
24 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder  18 Feb 1790Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46615 onetrees 
25 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder  18 Mar 1838Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46601 onetrees 
26 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Vilhelmine  30 Nov 1791Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46604 onetrees 
27 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Vilhelmine  28 May 1794Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46602 onetrees 
28 Heilmann (Heilmann), Carl Arent  8 Aug 1924Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178534 onetrees 
29 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik Peter Gysbert  1906Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173652 onetrees 
30 Jørgensen, Mette Kirstine  29 Nov 1853Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I400861 onetrees 
31 Krabbe (Krabbe), Frederik Michael  26 Oct 1796Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I145711 onetrees 
32 Kragh, Einar Thygesen  16 Sep 1952Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I151571 onetrees 
33 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Anna  30 Dec 1972Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I155159 onetrees 
34 Lotz (Lotz), Martin  14 Jun 1824Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I183907 onetrees 
35 Meding, Vita  5 Dec 1889Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173994 onetrees 
36 Nielsen, Gerda Methea  to 22 Apr 1991Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I296131 onetrees 
37 Nielsen, Lars  3 Dec 1798Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I169701 onetrees 
38 Nold, Bolette Sophie Christiansen  11 Jun 1813Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I373928 onetrees 
39 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Peder Iversen  21 May 1807Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I119274 onetrees 
40 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Viggo Johan of Danish Gjerdrup  28 Sep 1919Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174361 onetrees 
41 Sehested (Sehested), Edele Margrethe  7 Nov 1827Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I156154 onetrees 
42 Smith (Smith of Norway), Troels Frederik Plum  24 Jan 1880Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I192323 onetrees 
43 Syberg (Syberg of Syberg), Franz Friedrich Anthon Ernst, Baron von  6 Mar 1864Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I142576 onetrees 
44 Tancke (Tanke), Friderich Lütkens  1820Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I373921 onetrees 
45 Truchs, Anna  10 Sep 1881Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172026 onetrees 
46 Vallentin, Johan Otto  18 Jun 1836Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I405931 onetrees 
47 Wendell, Doris  26 Mar 1963Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I146331 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Borring (Montanus), Anna Dorthea Marie Jensen Jørgensen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I119272 onetrees 
2 Jørgensen, Mette Kirstine  20 Dec 1853Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I400861 onetrees 
3 Lotz (Lotz), Martin Frederik Vilhelm  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172669 onetrees 
4 Matthissen, Anne Margrethe "Grethe"  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I88788 onetrees 
5 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Peder Iversen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I119274 onetrees 
6 Sadolin (Hansen), August Alexander Lanner  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I147910 onetrees 
7 Vallentin, Johan Otto  22 Jun 1836Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I405931 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claësson, Arvid Frederik  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I194705 onetrees 
2 Dalsgaard, Folmer Peter  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I192123 onetrees 
3 Dam, Christian Blingberg  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I295850 onetrees 
4 Fabricius (Fabricius), Ferdinand Erik Christian  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I26980 onetrees 
5 Freisleben, Hans Cornelius von  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152506 onetrees 
6 Grüner (Grüner), Otto Frederik  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I4726 onetrees 
7 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Conrad Christian Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172273 onetrees 
8 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Frederik Christian Blixencrone Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171889 onetrees 
9 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Frederik Wilhelm Martin Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173040 onetrees 
10 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunder  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46616 onetrees 
11 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I182134 onetrees 
12 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Gunner Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171876 onetrees 
13 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hans Peder  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46585 onetrees 
14 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Hans Peter Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172341 onetrees 
15 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Gottfried Thuerecht  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I149241 onetrees 
16 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46633 onetrees 
17 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen Gunnersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I171972 onetrees 
18 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Peder  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46601 onetrees 
19 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Søren Gottlob  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172069 onetrees 
20 Heilmann (Heilmann), Carl Arent  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I172807 onetrees 
21 Heilmann (Heilmann), Henrik Peter Gysbert  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173652 onetrees 
22 Hornung, Jacob Johan  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I200634 onetrees 
23 Jørck, Theodor Anders Peter  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I178685 onetrees 
24 Knudsen, Poul Ulrik   I161668 onetrees 
25 Larsen, Peter Wessel  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46466 onetrees 
26 Lindhardt, Inger Lise   I172322 onetrees 
27 Lotz (Lotz), Erik  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152694 onetrees 
28 Lotz (Lotz), Jørgen Johan Rønne  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I120592 onetrees 
29 Lotz (Lotz), Knud   I193685 onetrees 
30 Lotz (Lotz), Martin  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I183907 onetrees 
31 Læssøe (Læssøe), Christen Pedersen  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I41679 onetrees 
32 Mau, Carl Heinrich  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I200637 onetrees 
33 Meding, Carl Abraham Witus  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173475 onetrees 
34 Meding, Tycho Andreas  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I173501 onetrees 
35 Nielsen, Lars  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I169701 onetrees 
36 Qvistgaard (Qvistgaard of Vejrum), Viggo Johan of Danish Gjerdrup  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I174361 onetrees 
37 Rasmussen, Niels Frederik  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I30145 onetrees 
38 Smith (Smith of Norway), Troels Frederik Plum  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I192323 onetrees 
39 Søndergaard, (A)  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I152692 onetrees 
40 Thalbitzer, Edwin Georg  Abt 1888Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I84251 onetrees 
41 Topsøe (Topsøe), Søren Christian  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I111771 onetrees 
42 Vallentin, Johan Otto  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I405931 onetrees 
43 Verdich, (A)  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I185150 onetrees 
44 Wiedemann, Hans Georg  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I192011 onetrees 
45 Wildt, Lauritz  Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark I46573 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Benzon (Bentsen of Sohngaardsholm) / Barchalia  5 Nov 1913Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F99114 onetrees 
2 Castenschiold (Castenschiold) / Hertz  1 Nov 1861Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F68221 onetrees 
3 Falck (Falck of Norway) / Hansen  26 Aug 1944Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F70614 onetrees 
4 Gravenhorst / Harboe (Harboe of Odense)  26 May 1802Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F622 onetrees 
5 Greisen (Greisen) / Jensen  14 Nov 1840Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F98974 onetrees 
6 Hornung / Kløhn  29 Dec 1826Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F49317 onetrees 
7 Hornung / Mau  1 Oct 1828Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F23104 onetrees 
8 Karlsen / Bruun  14 Nov 1877Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F93242 onetrees 
9 Kiærskov / Barchalia  14 Jun 1910Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F99318 onetrees 
10 Knudsen / Sadolin (Hansen)   F67189 onetrees 
11 Krog-Meyer (Meyer) / Heilmann (Heilmann)  25 Sep 1890Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F75163 onetrees 
12 Lange / Payngk (Panck)  13 Nov 1799Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F48108 onetrees 
13 Lotz (Lotz) / Jørgensen  26 Jan 1810Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F73068 onetrees 
14 Maibom / Neergaard (Neergaard)  18 Feb 1946Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F60353 onetrees 
15 Mathiessen / Heilmann (Heilmann)  30 Dec 1933Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F76050 onetrees 
16 Nielsen / Overgaard   F158011 onetrees 
17 Payngk (Panck) / Friis  12 Sep 1758Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F48105 onetrees 
18 Schulin (Schulin) / Birkvig   F60751 onetrees 
19 Simonsen / Ohrt   F58566 onetrees 
20 Smidth (Smidth) / Harboe (Harboe of Odense)  27 May 1887Skaelskoer, Zealand, Denmark F39479 onetrees 
21 Winkler / Moltke (Moltke)   F11039 onetrees 

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