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Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jensen, Magrethe  10 May 1770Lillevorde I419288 onetrees 
2 Jensen, Maren  11 Jun 1762Lillevorde I419287 onetrees 
3 Knudsen, Christen  1772Lillevorde I425812 onetrees 
4 Knudsen, Maren  1774Lillevorde I425813 onetrees 
5 Knudsen, Niels  1766Lillevorde I425811 onetrees 
6 Mortensen, Inger  1804Lillevorde I419322 onetrees 
7 Nielsen, Christen  1755Lillevorde I419291 onetrees 
8 Nielsen, Christian Korfits   I293543 onetrees 
9 Nielsen, Jens  1754Lillevorde I419290 onetrees 
10 Nielsen, Mette Søndergaard   I293544 onetrees 
11 Søndergaard, Anne Birgitte   I292848 onetrees 
12 Søndergaard, Kirsten Elisab   I292847 onetrees 
13 Sørensen Toft, Ane Kirstine  13 Jul 1826Lillevorde I419326 onetrees 
14 Toft, Alma Knudsine  2 Mar 1891Lillevorde I425110 onetrees 
15 Toft, Ane Kirstine  8 Oct 1887Lillevorde I425108 onetrees 
16 Toft, Ane Kirstine Sørensen  3 Jan 1848Lillevorde I419317 onetrees 
17 Toft, Ane Marie Sørensen  9 Jun 1865Lillevorde I419357 onetrees 
18 Toft, Ane Sørensen  1808Lillevorde I425061 onetrees 
19 Toft, Anne Christensen  Jan 1727Lillevorde I419278 onetrees 
20 Toft, Birgitte  27 May 1883Lillevorde I425105 onetrees 
21 Toft, Birgitte Sørensen  22 May 1859Lillevorde I425099 onetrees 
22 Toft, Cicilie Marie Sørensen  5 Apr 1850Lillevorde I425097 onetrees 
23 Toft, Hansine Sørensen  24 Jun 1869Lillevorde I419358 onetrees 
24 Toft, Jens Christian Sørensen  18 Dec 1833Lillevorde I419328 onetrees 
25 Toft, Jens Sørensen  9 Aug 1829Lillevorde I419330 onetrees 
26 Toft, Jens Sørensen  7 Aug 1832Lillevorde I419331 onetrees 
27 Toft, Jens Sørensen  5 Feb 1846Lillevorde I419316 onetrees 
28 Toft, Johanne Sørensen  1 Sep 1827Lillevorde I419329 onetrees 
29 Toft, Knud Christensen  Aug 1733Lillevorde I419276 onetrees 
30 Toft, Knud Sørensen  12 Feb 1864Lillevorde I425101 onetrees 
31 Toft, Knud Sørensen  11 Mar 1865Lillevorde I425102 onetrees 
32 Toft, Kristian  9 Feb 1896Lillevorde I425112 onetrees 
33 Toft, Laurids  14 May 1882Lillevorde I425114 onetrees 
34 Toft, Laurids Jensen  11 Jul 1886Lillevorde I425107 onetrees 
35 Toft, Laurits Christensen  Nov 1721Lillevorde I419275 onetrees 
36 Toft, Laust "Lars" Sørensen  5 Feb 1791Lillevorde I419297 onetrees 
37 Toft, Mads Jensen  1 Oct 1766Lillevorde I419286 onetrees 
38 Toft, Mariane Sørensen  6 Sep 1856Lillevorde I425098 onetrees 
39 Toft, Niels Sørensen  12 Sep 1835Lillevorde I419332 onetrees 
40 Toft, Ottilie  14 Sep 1893Lillevorde I425111 onetrees 
41 Toft, Peder Sørensen  10 Apr 1854Lillevorde I425096 onetrees 
42 Toft, Petra Marie  26 Aug 1889Lillevorde I425109 onetrees 
43 Toft, Sophie Sørensen  20 Jan 1862Lillevorde I425100 onetrees 
44 Toft, Søren  20 Mar 1885Lillevorde I425106 onetrees 
45 Toft, Søren Jensen  3 Dec 1758Lillevorde I419285 onetrees 
46 Toft, Søren Sørensen  24 Mar 1868Lillevorde I425103 onetrees 
47 Toft, Wogn Sørensen  28 Apr 1825Lillevorde I419327 onetrees 
48 Toft Lavritsen, Signe Margrethe  4 Feb 1899Lillevorde I425113 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mortensen, Peder  19 Sep 1804Lillevorde I425809 onetrees 
2 Toft, Alma Knudsine  7 Jun 1891Lillevorde I425110 onetrees 
3 Toft, Ane Kirstine  29 Mar 1888Lillevorde I425108 onetrees 
4 Toft, Ane Marie  21 Feb 1819Lillevorde I419305 onetrees 
5 Toft, Ane Marie Sørensen  8 Oct 1865Lillevorde I419357 onetrees 
6 Toft, Anne Christensen  26 Jan 1727Lillevorde I419278 onetrees 
7 Toft, Birgitte  21 Oct 1883Lillevorde I425105 onetrees 
8 Toft, Birgitte Sørensen  4 Sep 1859Lillevorde I425099 onetrees 
9 Toft, Christen Jensen  18 Jul 1827Lillevorde I419308 onetrees 
10 Toft, Cicilie Marie Sørensen  19 May 1850Lillevorde I425097 onetrees 
11 Toft, Hansine Sørensen  3 Oct 1869Lillevorde I419358 onetrees 
12 Toft, Jens Christian Sørensen  9 Feb 1834Lillevorde I419328 onetrees 
13 Toft, Jens Sørensen  13 Sep 1829Lillevorde I419330 onetrees 
14 Toft, Knud Christensen  26 Aug 1733Lillevorde I419276 onetrees 
15 Toft, Knud Jensen  3 Jul 1814Lillevorde I418566 onetrees 
16 Toft, Knud Sørensen  21 Feb 1864Lillevorde I425101 onetrees 
17 Toft, Knud Sørensen  26 Apr 1865Lillevorde I425102 onetrees 
18 Toft, Kristian  12 Jul 1896Lillevorde I425112 onetrees 
19 Toft, Laurids Jensen  19 Sep 1886Lillevorde I425107 onetrees 
20 Toft, Laurits Christensen  9 Nov 1721Lillevorde I419275 onetrees 
21 Toft, Mariane Sørensen  2 Nov 1856Lillevorde I425098 onetrees 
22 Toft, Niels Sørensen  24 Oct 1835Lillevorde I419332 onetrees 
23 Toft, Ottilie  26 Sep 1893Lillevorde I425111 onetrees 
24 Toft, Peder Sørensen  5 Jun 1854Lillevorde I425096 onetrees 
25 Toft, Petra Marie  15 May 1890Lillevorde I425109 onetrees 
26 Toft, Sophie Sørensen  20 Apr 1862Lillevorde I425100 onetrees 
27 Toft, Søren  15 May 1885Lillevorde I425106 onetrees 
28 Toft, Søren Jensen  22 Sep 1816Lillevorde I419304 onetrees 
29 Toft, Søren Sørensen  20 Feb 1799Lillevorde I419299 onetrees 
30 Toft, Søren Sørensen  26 Dec 1823Lillevorde I419325 onetrees 
31 Toft, Søren Sørensen  5 Jul 1868Lillevorde I425103 onetrees 
32 Toft Lavritsen, Signe Margrethe  16 Apr 1899Lillevorde I425113 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hansen, Karen  May 1806Lillevorde I419294 onetrees 
2 Hansen, Kirsten  12 Dec 1913Lillevorde I419356 onetrees 
3 Jensen, Magrethe  Abt 7 Dec 1772Lillevorde I419288 onetrees 
4 Knudsen, Ane Christine  9 Sep 1860Lillevorde I419303 onetrees 
5 Lauritzen, Ane  Aft 1902Lillevorde I425104 onetrees 
6 Mortensen, Peder  23 Jul 1855Lillevorde I425809 onetrees 
7 Pedersen, Birgitte Maria  Aft 1901Lillevorde I419315 onetrees 
8 Toft, Ane Sørensen  Aug 1808Lillevorde I425061 onetrees 
9 Toft, Christen Jensen  Feb 1766Lillevorde I419270 onetrees 
10 Toft, Jens Christensen  Feb 1778Lillevorde I419274 onetrees 
11 Toft, Jens Sørensen  3 Nov 1829Lillevorde I419330 onetrees 
12 Toft, Jens Sørensen  6 Sep 1832Lillevorde I419331 onetrees 
13 Toft, Jens Sørensen  29 Oct 1845Lillevorde I419296 onetrees 
14 Toft, Jens Sørensen  3 Mar 1901Lillevorde I419316 onetrees 
15 Toft, Johanne Sørensen  15 Sep 1827Lillevorde I419329 onetrees 
16 Toft, Knud Sørensen  12 Apr 1864Lillevorde I425101 onetrees 
17 Toft, Laurids  15 May 1882Lillevorde I425114 onetrees 
18 Toft, Laurits Pedersen  15 Mar 1726Lillevorde I419279 onetrees 
19 Toft, Peder Sørensen  13 Feb 1902Lillevorde I425096 onetrees 
20 Toft, Søren Jensen  10 Oct 1834Lillevorde I419285 onetrees 
21 Toft, Søren Sørensen  31 Mar 1875Lillevorde I425103 onetrees 
22 Willadsen, Anna  May 1808Lillevorde I419295 onetrees 
23 Wognsen, Ane  24 Mar 1881Lillevorde I419324 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hansen / Toft  25 Mar 1892Lillevorde F163021 onetrees 
2 Jensen / Sørensen Toft  Lillevorde F160711 onetrees 

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