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Kastrup, Amager, Denmark



Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamczewski, Lene   I239110 onetrees 
2 Ammentorp, Ruth Almira Anker  6 Aug 1897Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I164379 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Henrik   I290594 onetrees 
4 Balle, Tina   I399690 onetrees 
5 Egeland, Solveig-Marie   I295111 onetrees 
6 Ehlers, Claus Peter   I409391 onetrees 
7 Ehlers, Dirch Peter   I409392 onetrees 
8 Ehlers, Peter Viggo Axel  16 Jun 1913Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I409389 onetrees 
9 Elsner, Frederik Julius Andreas  20 Feb 1869Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I419480 onetrees 
10 Estrup (Estrup 1), Susanne Grønborg   I67163 onetrees 
11 Fogelstrøm, Erik Peter   I454525 onetrees 
12 Fogelstrøm, Henriette  1 Apr 1879Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454534 onetrees 
13 Fogelstrøm, Inge Marie   I454528 onetrees 
14 Fogelstrøm, Inger Gunner   I454538 onetrees 
15 Fogelstrøm, Karen Petrine  27 May 1872Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454533 onetrees 
16 Fogelstrøm, Kirsten Sofie  16 Mar 1928Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454524 onetrees 
17 Fogelstrøm, Lise   I390046 onetrees 
18 Fogelstrøm, Peter Emil  16 Jun 1877Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454526 onetrees 
19 Gerhardt, Christian   I65686 onetrees 
20 Gift Haagensen, Marie Caroline  2 Oct 1881Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I417120 onetrees 
21 Hagen, Dorothea Augusta  27 Feb 1853Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I236605 onetrees 
22 Hansen, Anette   I54672 onetrees 
23 Hansen, Annie  1633Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435364 onetrees 
24 Hansen, Hedvig Anna Grundtvig  30 Apr 1919Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I404184 onetrees 
25 Haste, Wilhelmine Bolette  19 Dec 1790Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I185648 onetrees 
26 Hechmann, Ane Christine  15 Feb 1884Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I439067 onetrees 
27 Jansen, Ane Kirstine  30 Jul 1839Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I425052 onetrees 
28 Jensen, Anna  13 Jul 1873Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I393705 onetrees 
29 Jensen, Vilhelmine Petrea Frederikke  20 Apr 1839Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454531 onetrees 
30 Jørgensen, Robert Ernst  30 Mar 1910Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I269755 onetrees 
31 Jørgensen, Vera Christiane  28 Feb 1913Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454791 onetrees 
32 Karlsson, Allan Albin Ebbe   I453974 onetrees 
33 Karlsson, Arthur Ernst Emil  12 Oct 1920Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454005 onetrees 
34 Karlsson, Lis Elmine Astrid   I454004 onetrees 
35 Kilting, Nete   I156677 onetrees 
36 Knudsen, Inge Steen   I232868 onetrees 
37 Kristensen, Henning Riis   I295039 onetrees 
38 La Cour (La Cour), Inge Dornonville de   I384452 onetrees 
39 La Cour (La Cour), Kirsten Dornonville de   I384453 onetrees 
40 La Cour (La Cour), Mogens Dornonville de  2 Nov 1932Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I43927 onetrees 
41 Larsen, Anna Christine Hansine  17 Feb 1881Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I419473 onetrees 
42 Larsen, Johannes Edvard  18 Jun 1885Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I419470 onetrees 
43 Larsen, Sophie Martine  17 Sep 1876Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454558 onetrees 
44 Lauritzen, Fru  15 Jan 1647Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435405 onetrees 
45 Lichtenberg (Lichtenberg), Claus Eggert de   I189925 onetrees 
46 Lihme (Lihme), Ane Cathrine  17 Oct 1807Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I80336 onetrees 
47 Læssøe (Læssøe), Peter   I443124 onetrees 
48 Musso, Christian   I62226 onetrees 
49 Musso, Christine   I62228 onetrees 
50 Neergaard (Neergaard), Michael Bruun de   I147134 onetrees 
51 Nielsen, Andreas   I295069 onetrees 
52 Nielsen, Ane Marie  30 Oct 1823Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I420756 onetrees 
53 Nielsen, Birthe Johanne  19 Jan 1826Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I417937 onetrees 
54 Nielsen, Elise Riis   I295062 onetrees 
55 Nielsen, Lauritz  1677Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I432700 onetrees 
56 Nielsen, Maren  15 Jan 1855Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I439063 onetrees 
57 Otto, Michael   I230488 onetrees 
58 Pedersen, Karen  1590Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435387 onetrees 
59 Pedersen, Mads  1595Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435388 onetrees 
60 Pedersen, Maren  1682Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435403 onetrees 
61 Pedersen, Naja  16 Feb 1947Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I239444 onetrees 
62 Petersen, Axel Villy  13 Jan 1913Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I59621 onetrees 
63 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Else  28 Aug 1881Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I175529 onetrees 
64 Rasmussen, Emil Mathias  11 Feb 1909Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I392975 onetrees 
65 Riber (Riber of Horsens), Gudrun Holm  2 Sep 1904Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I253720 onetrees 
66 Richter, Hedevig  14 May 1899Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I15484 onetrees 
67 Richter, Johanne  14 Jul 1903Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I15485 onetrees 
68 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Anna Elisabeth  23 Feb 1888Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I19427 onetrees 
69 Sveistrup (Sveistrup), Søren   I275155 onetrees 
70 Svendsen, Frank  5 May 1898Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I32463 onetrees 
71 Thornberg, Andreas Gabriel  16 Nov 1849Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423349 onetrees 
72 Thornberg, Ane Kirstine Jacobine  9 Sep 1856Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I427376 onetrees 
73 Thornberg, Anna Maria  1 Feb 1848Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423348 onetrees 
74 Thornberg, Christine Emilie  3 Jun 1873Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423359 onetrees 
75 Thornberg, Emma Margrethe  7 Feb 1879Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I426069 onetrees 
76 Thornberg, Ferdinand  7 Apr 1852Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423350 onetrees 
77 Thornberg, Gertrud Christine  19 Feb 1873Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I426068 onetrees 
78 Thornberg, Jacob  28 Jan 1867Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423355 onetrees 
79 Thornberg, Jacob  23 Oct 1876Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I425051 onetrees 
80 Thornberg, Sophus Christian  13 Apr 1871Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423358 onetrees 
81 Thornberg, Thorvald Alexander  25 Oct 1869Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I426067 onetrees 
82 Wassmann, Anna Danielle   I239401 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davidsen, Anne-Marie  10 Jan 1960Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I390044 onetrees 
2 Davidsen, Helle   I390043 onetrees 
3 Ehlers, Claus Peter   I409391 onetrees 
4 Ehlers, Dirch Peter   I409392 onetrees 
5 Fogelstrøm, Inge Marie   I454528 onetrees 
6 Fogelstrøm, Inger Marie  22 Apr 1910Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454561 onetrees 
7 Fogelstrøm, Kirsten Sofie  15 Apr 1928Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454524 onetrees 
8 Gerhardt, Flemming   I396834 onetrees 
9 Gerhardt, Jette   I396835 onetrees 
10 Hansen, Anna Marie Elisabeth  25 Aug 1889Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I416952 onetrees 
11 Hansen, Louisa  7 Apr 1929Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I143475 onetrees 
12 Henckel, Anette   I453479 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Lilian Passer   I111037 onetrees 
14 Karlsson, Allan Albin Ebbe   I453974 onetrees 
15 Larsen, Johannes Edvard  9 Aug 1885Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I419470 onetrees 
16 Lihme (Lihme), Ane Cathrine  22 Jul 1808Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I80336 onetrees 
17 Livingstone, Linda-May   I416674 onetrees 
18 Petersen, Frank Gerhard   I445525 onetrees 
19 Rasmussen, Grete Anni  18 Nov 1934Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I392976 onetrees 
20 Rehfeld (Jensen), Elisabeth   I446431 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bild (Bild), Evert  1 Aug 1567Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I186909 onetrees 
2 Fogelstrøm, Peter Emil  19 Dec 1947Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454526 onetrees 
3 Glentvor, Bente  23 Jun 1968Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I445834 onetrees 
4 Hagen, Hans Gabriel  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I233169 onetrees 
5 Hvidkjær, Peder Andreas  11 Feb 1973Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I266368 onetrees 
6 Jansen, Ane Kirstine  3 Aug 1891Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I425052 onetrees 
7 Kleindinst, Johanne  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I3205 onetrees 
8 Larsen, Sophie Martine  1 Jun 1962Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454558 onetrees 
9 Legaard, Nicoline Petrine  20 Mar 1848Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I185064 onetrees 
10 Olsen, Jenny Risgaard  Jul 2019Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I140348 onetrees 
11 Pedersen, Erna Marie  3 Jan 1991Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I295025 onetrees 
12 Pedersen, Karen  1620Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I435387 onetrees 
13 Richter, Josef  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I3206 onetrees 
14 Schack (Schack of Hillerup), Tage  10 Apr 1945Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I251913 onetrees 
15 Sweden (Bernadotte), Gustaf Adolf "Gustaf Adolf Oscar Frederik Arthur Edmund", Duke of Västerbotten, Hereditary Prince of  26 Jan 1947Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I191519 onetrees 
16 Thornberg, Emma Margrethe  10 Dec 1879Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I426069 onetrees 
17 Thornberg, Ferdinand  13 Apr 1852Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I423350 onetrees 
18 Thornberg, Gertrud Christine  19 Apr 1888Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I426068 onetrees 
19 Trankjær, Anders  28 May 1994Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I52827 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albeck, Addy  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I164600 onetrees 
2 Fogelstrøm, Inger Marie  19 Mar 1968Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454561 onetrees 
3 Fogelstrøm, Peter Emil  23 Dec 1947Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454526 onetrees 
4 Glentvor, Bente  29 Jun 1968Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I445834 onetrees 
5 Jerichau, Rigmor  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I386596 onetrees 
6 Larsen, Sophie Martine  5 Jun 1962Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454558 onetrees 
7 Oxholm (Oxholm), Niels Emil Valdemar O'neill  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I164578 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bothmann, Christian Jørgen Jakob Ludvig  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I197305 onetrees 
2 Dændler, Aage Felix Glahn  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I137923 onetrees 
3 Elkær-Hansen, Jørgen  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I167863 onetrees 
4 Fogelstrøm, Niels  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454530 onetrees 
5 Fogelstrøm, Niels Otto  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454522 onetrees 
6 Gerhardt, Knud Edwin  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I65687 onetrees 
7 Hagemann (Hagemann of Sweden), John Erling  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454536 onetrees 
8 Heurlén, Bent Børge   I448113 onetrees 
9 Holm (Holm of Copenhagen), Hans Ib  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I17537 onetrees 
10 Jensen, Frederik  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454532 onetrees 
11 Jensen, John Eliot  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I446433 onetrees 
12 Jørgensen, Christian Emil  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454792 onetrees 
13 Jørgensen, Jørgen Oscar  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I140326 onetrees 
14 Karlsson, Allan Albin Ebbe   I453974 onetrees 
15 Karlsson, Ernst Albin  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I453976 onetrees 
16 Larsen, Jens  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454560 onetrees 
17 Pors, Niels  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I149967 onetrees 
18 Rasmussen, Knud Bjarne  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I160022 onetrees 
19 Rasmussen, Mathias  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I392968 onetrees 
20 Svendsen, Birgit Rehfeld  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I446434 onetrees 
21 Svensson, Ola  Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I454396 onetrees 
22 Thornberg, Jacob Andreas  1886Kastrup, Amager, Denmark I421567 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brun (Brun of Danzig) / Nissen   F76298 onetrees 
2 Davidsen / Fogelstrøm   F150693 onetrees 
3 Fogelstrøm / Karlsson  26 May 1928Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F587 onetrees 
4 Fogelstrøm / Larsen  26 Oct 1904Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F597 onetrees 
5 Glentvor / Christophersen  2 Jun 1957Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F171338 onetrees 
6 Hechmann / Nielsen  26 Dec 1883Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F168117 onetrees 
7 Jansen / Mickelsen  25 Mar 1712Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F166636 onetrees 
8 Jensen / Passer  8 Nov 1924Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F51333 onetrees 
9 Jensen / Svendsen  8 Sep 1951Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F171576 onetrees 
10 Karlsson / Sørensen  22 Apr 1927Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F1749 onetrees 
11 Petersen / Jørgensen  23 Nov 1935Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F85 onetrees 
12 Poulsen / Hansen  30 Aug 1941Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F156347 onetrees 
13 Schmidt / Boll   F154612 onetrees 
14 Tillisch (Tillisch) / Oxholm (Oxholm)  20 Dec 1951Kastrup, Amager, Denmark F61398 onetrees 

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