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Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allerup (Olsen), Ole Werner  17 Jan 1933Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I190991 onetrees 
2 Andeasen, Erik Fillip   I294508 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Aase Hjøllund   I81390 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Giertrud  Abt 1814Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I302914 onetrees 
5 Arnø, Kamma Louise Dahl  6 Dec 1896Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I30353 onetrees 
6 Bergh (Bergh of X), Inge Birgitte   I189378 onetrees 
7 Bergh (Bergh of X), Jan Henning   I189365 onetrees 
8 Bernt, Jeannie Heide   I62869 onetrees 
9 Bernt, Michael Heide   I62870 onetrees 
10 Bing, Markus Bræstrup   I32946 onetrees 
11 Buhelt, Christoffer Nøhr   I434762 onetrees 
12 Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Thomas Georg   I162632 onetrees 
13 Christiansen, Marie  25 Oct 1815Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I180368 onetrees 
14 Danborg, Mogens   I81686 onetrees 
15 Danborg, Ole Emanuel   I81685 onetrees 
16 Danborg, Solveig   I81684 onetrees 
17 Dedichen, Benjamin Lind   I140123 onetrees 
18 Egebo-Sørensen, Morten   I144278 onetrees 
19 Elvstrøm, Thomas Bjørn Ramskov   I294454 onetrees 
20 Emborg, Sofia Fyrste   I184672 onetrees 
21 Friis, Anna Frederikke  26 Jan 1845Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I201935 onetrees 
22 Ghebremichael, Matiwos Geles   I250697 onetrees 
23 Grand, Laurits Villi Stormly   I415991 onetrees 
24 Greisen (Greisen), Juliane Graae   I15687 onetrees 
25 Greisen (Greisen), Storm Otto Manelius   I86095 onetrees 
26 Hammeken, Arno Oslar  1906Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I146146 onetrees 
27 Hansen, Hans Laurits Viggo  20 Dec 1885Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I445858 onetrees 
28 Hansen, Jacob  29 Nov 1831Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I302912 onetrees 
29 Hansen, Maren Kirstine "Christine"  22 Mar 1846Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I253776 onetrees 
30 Hansen, Per Mellon   I460666 onetrees 
31 Hansen, Polly Mellon  26 Sep 1938Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I460669 onetrees 
32 Harnung, Emil   I71930 onetrees 
33 Heinsen, Hannah Juhl   I15589 onetrees 
34 Heinsen, Peter Juhl   I15588 onetrees 
35 Heinsen, Rebekka Goldberg   I15678 onetrees 
36 Heinsen, Ruben Goldberg   I15583 onetrees 
37 Hilbert, Tore   I188783 onetrees 
38 Jaes, Karen Ulrikke Folmer   I434510 onetrees 
39 Jaes, Marcus Knud Folmer   I434509 onetrees 
40 Jensen, Christian Kjær   I294051 onetrees 
41 Jensen, Marlene Bohn   I201187 onetrees 
42 Jensen, Poul Gustav   I52443 onetrees 
43 Jensen (Georg Jensen), Jens-Fredrik Georg   I426853 onetrees 
44 Jørgensen, Grethe Nielsen   I427053 onetrees 
45 Kinnunen, Alexander   I33434 onetrees 
46 Klitgaard, Anne-Cathrine Holm  17 Jul 1953Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I404628 onetrees 
47 Kofod Steengaard, Jakob   I416704 onetrees 
48 Kühle, Carl Gustav Van der Aa  25 Jul 1882Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I83626 onetrees 
49 Lowzow (Lowzow), Carl Johan Alexander von   I19630 onetrees 
50 Lütken (Lütken), Lene   I187509 onetrees 
51 Metzon, Tina   I135601 onetrees 
52 Mølgaard Livingstone, Lisa   I416675 onetrees 
53 Møllehave, Axel  14 Aug 1904Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I239017 onetrees 
54 Parsholt, Kai Hermann  16 Dec 1915Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I407819 onetrees 
55 Pedersen, Adam Riskær   I407102 onetrees 
56 Pedersen, Anette Schultz   I155249 onetrees 
57 Pelch, Morten Mørch   I135681 onetrees 
58 Pilgaard, Tobias Buhelt   I434907 onetrees 
59 Pilgaard, William Buhelt   I434763 onetrees 
60 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Erik Albert   I223773 onetrees 
61 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Hanne   I223771 onetrees 
62 Scheel-Plessen (Plessen), Magnus Joachim Scheel von  1748Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I116579 onetrees 
63 Schøller (Schøller), Inger Merete Grüner   I63292 onetrees 
64 Sjelle, Jesper   I79468 onetrees 
65 Sylvest, Aske   I158280 onetrees 
66 Villund, Asger Heide   I62862 onetrees 
67 Villund, Lone Heide   I62864 onetrees 
68 Zeuner (Zeuner), Alba Lindeblad Kornum   I80228 onetrees 
69 Zeuner (Zeuner), Rosa Lindeblad Kornum   I80227 onetrees 
70 Zeuner (Zeuner), Valdemar Lindeblad Kornum   I80226 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allerup (Olsen), Ole Werner  7 May 1933Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I190991 onetrees 
2 Eriksen, Rasmine  24 Aug 1879Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I417004 onetrees 
3 Glad, Anne-Merethe  29 May 1944Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I68945 onetrees 
4 Hansen, Maren Kirstine "Christine"  31 May 1846Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I253776 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Per Mellon   I460666 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Polly Mellon  27 Dec 1938Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I460669 onetrees 
7 Pedersen, Kaare Højneg   I287753 onetrees 
8 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Annette   I223769 onetrees 
9 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Erik Albert   I223773 onetrees 
10 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Hanne   I223771 onetrees 
11 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Jørgen Ole   I223770 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abildgaard, Knud  22 Aug 1994Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I42543 onetrees 
2 Ammitzbøll, Hans Rasmus  Nov 1993Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I45840 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Else Lilly  6 Nov 1981Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I377580 onetrees 
4 Appel, Elin Høgsbro  17 Apr 1980Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I44794 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Eline  2001Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I432737 onetrees 
6 Emanuel-Hansen, Karen "Bimse"  3 Dec 2013Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I163900 onetrees 
7 Estrup (Estrup 1), Vagn "Vagge"  30 Oct 1970Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I67476 onetrees 
8 Furendal, Erik Helge  28 Aug 2000Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I432180 onetrees 
9 Hansen, Polly Mellon  1 Aug 1939Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I460669 onetrees 
10 Hasselbalch, Anne-Thea Kirstine  28 Jan 1989Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I403503 onetrees 
11 Hayat, Khursheed  8 Dec 2005Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I437897 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Aage Johan  24 Jan 1962Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I239589 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Hans Christian  Aft 1980Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I420485 onetrees 
14 Jensen, Marie  Aft 1980Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I418557 onetrees 
15 Jønsson, Frede Elisabeth  14 Mar 1991Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I416461 onetrees 
16 Jørgensen, Wilhelmine "Mimi"  18 Nov 1983Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I421929 onetrees 
17 Klitgaard, Olaf Holm  26 May 1983Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I404631 onetrees 
18 Lerbech Larsen, Viggo  13 Dec 1972Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I416460 onetrees 
19 Lund, Øjvind  8 May 1999Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I400237 onetrees 
20 Omøe, Ellen Augusta  17 Aug 1969Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I222827 onetrees 
21 Pipper, Jens Peter  18 Mar 2014Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I457353 onetrees 
22 Rasmussen, Karl Peder  25 Jul 1950Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I456944 onetrees 
23 Steen Petersen, Edith Steen  30 Aug 1993Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I432217 onetrees 
24 Ussing (Ussing 2), Hans Henriksen  22 Dec 2010Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I434418 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bentsen, Holger Kaj  5 Mar 1911Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I457289 onetrees 
2 Omøe, Ellen Augusta  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I222827 onetrees 
3 Weinschenck, Gustav Kjeldsen  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I222828 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Appel, Elin Høgsbro  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I44794 onetrees 
2 Bonnevie, Birgit Elise Brorsen   I83634 onetrees 
3 Christensen, Poul  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I243228 onetrees 
4 Friis, Frederik  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I201936 onetrees 
5 Hansen, Alf Mellon  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I460668 onetrees 
6 Hansen, Jens Mellon  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I460595 onetrees 
7 Hansen, Svend Grube   I450375 onetrees 
8 Hayat, Khursheed  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I437897 onetrees 
9 Knoll, Simel Wolf  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I457244 onetrees 
10 Knudsen, Inger Margrethe Ingemann   I215824 onetrees 
11 Messerschmidt, Karen   I189762 onetrees 
12 Olsen, Johan Werner  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I385199 onetrees 
13 Pipper, Jens Peter  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I457353 onetrees 
14 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Sandford Albert  Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark I223788 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Borgbjerg / Meyer  12 Feb 1890Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F119360 onetrees 
2 Brylov / Kjær (Kjær of Horsens)   F1635 onetrees 
3 Burchardt-Andersson / Dreyer  17 Dec 1949Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F71584 onetrees 
4 Ehlers / Bøttern   F158115 onetrees 
5 Folting / Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay)   F62864 onetrees 
6 Hammershøi / Ilsted  15 Sep 1891Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F173721 onetrees 
7 Hansen / Jørgensen  28 Nov 1948Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F174361 onetrees 
8 Heise (Heise) / Holsøe  20 Jun 1857Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F34393 onetrees 
9 Høj / Andersen  12 May 1834Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F123045 onetrees 
10 Jensen / Nielsen  3 Apr 1935Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F26637 onetrees 
11 Larsen / Halberg (Halberg of Odense)  28 Aug 1894Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F104618 onetrees 
12 Lund / Rømer (Jensen)  7 Apr 1962Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F154869 onetrees 
13 Lütken (Lütken) / Brekke   F78910 onetrees 
14 Pedersen / Christoffersen   F101163 onetrees 
15 Petersen / Brendstrup  12 Jul 1904Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F71629 onetrees 
16 Ross (Ross of Denmark) / Helweg-Larsen  27 Dec 1923Hvidovre, Zealand, Denmark F23858 onetrees 
17 Stormly / Jensen   F160166 onetrees 

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