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Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 170 of 170

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Erna  15 Mar 1903Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I236701 onetrees 
2 Agerup, Johan Hansen  12 Oct 1809Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I195146 onetrees 
3 Albertsen, Magdalene  Abt 1658Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110877 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Sidsel Marie  3 Mar 1782Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I221974 onetrees 
5 Bak-Hansen, Carl Christian   I68268 onetrees 
6 Bak-Hansen, Hans-Henrik   I68269 onetrees 
7 Baller, Viggo  30 Aug 1903Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I198700 onetrees 
8 Bergen, Christine  1759Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110806 onetrees 
9 Bertelsen, Ludvig Peter  24 Aug 1824Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I156565 onetrees 
10 Bertelsen, Ulf Lennart Dornonville de La Cour  3 Feb 1937Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I223232 onetrees 
11 Bidstrup, Einberg  4 Feb 1828Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65173 onetrees 
12 Blichfeldt, Christen Ottosen  1540Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110871 onetrees 
13 Blichfeldt, Erhardt Hendrichsen  1766Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110885 onetrees 
14 Blichfeldt, Frantz Henriksen  1625Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110876 onetrees 
15 Blichfeldt, Henrik  1799Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110866 onetrees 
16 Blichfeldt, Henrik Christensen  Abt 1573Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110873 onetrees 
17 Blichfeldt, Peder Frantzen  1651Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110878 onetrees 
18 Bolbroe, Fanny Georgine Marie Michaelsen  11 Feb 1841Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I169674 onetrees 
19 Bolbroe, Niels Jacob Vilhelm  3 Jan 1840Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I180183 onetrees 
20 Bruun, Ellen Johanne Henriette  2 Mar 1887Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I240555 onetrees 
21 Brøndsted, Gerth Madsen  1712Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I111890 onetrees 
22 Bærentz, Else Marie  1773Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112915 onetrees 
23 Bøggild, Anne Christine  1797Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110792 onetrees 
24 Bøggild, Anne Marie  1786Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110797 onetrees 
25 Bøggild, Caspar Peter Rothe  1792Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109268 onetrees 
26 Bøggild, Christiane Margrethe  1763Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109267 onetrees 
27 Bøggild, Christiane Margrethe  1766Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110791 onetrees 
28 Bøggild, Christopher Watkinson  1785Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109265 onetrees 
29 Bøggild, Dorthe Margrethe  1788Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110796 onetrees 
30 Bøggild, Emilie  1831Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110803 onetrees 
31 Bøggild, Frideriche Oline  1794Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110793 onetrees 
32 Bøggild, Hans  1828Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110804 onetrees 
33 Bøggild, Janus  1825Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110805 onetrees 
34 Bøggild, Jens  1792Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110808 onetrees 
35 Bøggild, Johanne Dorothea Danielsen  1762Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109259 onetrees 
36 Bøggild, Johannes  1801Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110790 onetrees 
37 Bøggild, Margaretha  1759Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109262 onetrees 
38 Bøggild, Martha Marie  1784Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110800 onetrees 
39 Bøggild, Nille Dorothea  1758Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110881 onetrees 
40 Bøggild, Ole Severin  16 Jul 1757Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110863 onetrees 
41 Bøggild, Ole Severin  1770Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109264 onetrees 
42 Bøggild, Oline Dorothea  1787Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110865 onetrees 
43 Bøggild, Peder Thyrrisen  1782Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110801 onetrees 
44 Bøggild, Peter Thyrrisen  1709Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I122761 onetrees 
45 Bøggild, Severine Elisabeth  1793Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110794 onetrees 
46 Bøggild, Søren Friderich  1798Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109266 onetrees 
47 Bøggild, Thyrie Danielsen  18 Oct 1768Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I4714 onetrees 
48 Bøggild, Thyrie Peter Albertus  1824Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110810 onetrees 
49 Bøggild, Thyrie Petersen  1752Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110802 onetrees 
50 Bøggild, Thyrine Christine  1789Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110795 onetrees 
51 Bøggild, Thøger  1791Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109263 onetrees 
52 Carlsen, Anna Asta Matilde Hauch  15 Jul 1884Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I5459 onetrees 
53 Cold, Else Marie  1807Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112952 onetrees 
54 Cold, Hans Jacob  1768Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I125871 onetrees 
55 Cold, Henriette Marie  1799Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112913 onetrees 
56 Davidsen, Jørgen  1682Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I111024 onetrees 
57 Due, Gerda  4 May 1912Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I392095 onetrees 
58 Eberlin, Georg Emanuel Conrad von  1756Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47871 onetrees 
59 Fangel, Anne Margrethe Lorentzen  1753Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I116660 onetrees 
60 Faurschou (Faurschou), Adam  30 Aug 1812Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I207997 onetrees 
61 Faurschou (Faurschou), Andrea  5 Dec 1814Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I224744 onetrees 
62 Faurschou (Faurschou), Johanne Cathrine  16 Apr 1811Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I147254 onetrees 
63 Fogh (Fogh), Karen Nielsen  Abt 1678Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I132499 onetrees 
64 Giedde (Giedde), Anne Christine  1768Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I96404 onetrees 
65 Giedde (Giedde), Sophie Hedevig  1766Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I101677 onetrees 
66 Glæsel, Alma Julie  1853Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I113678 onetrees 
67 Glæsel, Fredrik Edvard  1852Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I113701 onetrees 
68 Glæsel, Hanne Henriette  1863Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I113688 onetrees 
69 Glæsel, Mathilde  1857Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I113677 onetrees 
70 Glæsel, Olga  1855Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I113676 onetrees 
71 Grenborg, Ingeborg Henriksen  1682Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110879 onetrees 
72 Hammer, Sara Hansen  Jan 1739Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I48190 onetrees 
73 Hartz, Thecla Cecilie Christine  Abt 1852Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I43058 onetrees 
74 Helkan, Anders Jenson  12 May 1599Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104996 onetrees 
75 Herskind, Thora Wilhelmine  6 Jun 1853Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I164157 onetrees 
76 Hjuler, Laura Lovise Christine  26 Oct 1852Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222648 onetrees 
77 Holst, Georg  Abt 1825Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I236624 onetrees 
78 Holst, Nielsine Henriette Charlotte  15 Jan 1847Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I236714 onetrees 
79 Holst, Peter Therkildsen  1776Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I236625 onetrees 
80 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Jacob Utzon Clausen  21 Oct 1719Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I132221 onetrees 
81 Hvid, Jensine Emilie  1805Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110807 onetrees 
82 Høltzermann, Marie Frederikke  2 Jun 1822Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I123251 onetrees 
83 Høstmark, Birgithe Marie  1756Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112593 onetrees 
84 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Christine Abel  1799Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I119295 onetrees 
85 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Edle Charlotte  24 Jun 1795Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I42 onetrees 
86 Kiersgaard, Anne Marie Thøgersen  1708Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I4628 onetrees 
87 Knudsen, Gert Sperling  24 Feb 1928Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I68270 onetrees 
88 Kondrup, Kristen Rudolf  6 Apr 1880Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I413837 onetrees 
89 Krog, Peder Nielsen  8 Apr 1654Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I119856 onetrees 
90 Lange, (A)  20 Jun 1850Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222653 onetrees 
91 Lange, Anna Elisabeth  22 Oct 1847Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222620 onetrees 
92 Lange, Hans Ostenfeld  1863Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I188315 onetrees 
93 Lange, Herman Michael  3 Sep 1846Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222615 onetrees 
94 Lange, Herman Michael  19 Feb 1849Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222642 onetrees 
95 Lange, Otto  20 Jun 1850Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222664 onetrees 
96 Larsen, Cathrine  1828Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112603 onetrees 
97 Lassen (Lassen of Hasle), Christine Sophie Elisabeth  Abt 1740Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110883 onetrees 
98 Leschly, Fridrich Werner  1778Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I128037 onetrees 
99 Leschly, Thøger Møller  1779Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I128036 onetrees 
100 Leschly, Øllegaard Sophie  1783Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I128034 onetrees 
101 Lotze, Christiane Charlotte Boeck  9 May 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I146277 onetrees 
102 Lunding, Vigoline Jutta  12 Aug 1869Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I138930 onetrees 
103 Madsen, Margaretha Stasen  Abt 1814Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I101060 onetrees 
104 Marzetta, Andrea Mathilde  1820Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104517 onetrees 
105 Marzetta, Christiane Fredricke  7 May 1817Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104519 onetrees 
106 Marzetta, Hans Philip Plesner  8 Apr 1818Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104522 onetrees 
107 Marzetta, Magdalene Cathrine Tegder  26 Sep 1807Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104520 onetrees 
108 Mikkelsen, Georg Valdemar  4 Nov 1885Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I236725 onetrees 
109 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Hans Peter  1797Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I55994 onetrees 
110 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Jørgine Margrethe  1792Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I116659 onetrees 
111 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Søren Madsen  1754Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I116661 onetrees 
112 Munch, Cecilie Sofie  17 Sep 1869Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65119 onetrees 
113 Munch, Harald Johannes  8 Mar 1875Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65115 onetrees 
114 Munch, Knud Thierry  5 Oct 1878Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65114 onetrees 
115 Munch, Ole Fransiskus  7 Sep 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65116 onetrees 
116 Muusmann, Christian Martinius  1825Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I120601 onetrees 
117 Muusmann, Hansine Jacobine  1827Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I120600 onetrees 
118 Muusmann, Morten Qvistgaard  1822Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I120602 onetrees 
119 Müller, Elise Louise Dorothea von  2 Dec 1822Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I146036 onetrees 
120 Møller, Anna Julia Paludan  7 Apr 1802Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I107000 onetrees 
121 Møller, Jens Paludan  1771Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I106986 onetrees 
122 Møller, Laurentsa Petersen  Abt 1764Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I100713 onetrees 
123 Møller, Øllegaard  1755Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I48289 onetrees 
124 Nielsen, Tove  Abt 1540Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110868 onetrees 
125 Nielsen-Englyst, Svend   I404623 onetrees 
126 Nordentoft, Benedict  29 Aug 1903Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I82828 onetrees 
127 Nordfang, Carl Viggo Severin  26 Mar 1881Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I448173 onetrees 
128 Nørregaard, Hans  1768Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I116427 onetrees 
129 Pedersen, Dorthea  Abt 1625Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110874 onetrees 
130 Petersen, Inger Heidenheim   I141387 onetrees 
131 Rasmussen, Ane  Abt 1738Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I201237 onetrees 
132 Riis-Vestergaard, Jane   I222302 onetrees 
133 Risom, Anne Cecilie  1783Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112592 onetrees 
134 Risom, Christian Rudolph Phillip  1780Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112589 onetrees 
135 Risom, Johan  1778Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I192375 onetrees 
136 Risom, Johanne Kirstine  1789Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112591 onetrees 
137 Risom, Lorentz Peter  1738Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112594 onetrees 
138 Risom, Mads Høstmarch  1776Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112587 onetrees 
139 Risom, Ove Georg  1789Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112734 onetrees 
140 Risom, Ove Peter Høstmark  1848Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112598 onetrees 
141 Sachsen, Anneke Justsen  Abt 1586Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110872 onetrees 
142 Schiøtz (Schiøtz of Norway), Søren  7 Jul 1735Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I105650 onetrees 
143 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Jacob Van Ginchel Bergh  12 Oct 1786Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I197755 onetrees 
144 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Johanne Marie  1773Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109218 onetrees 
145 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Jørgen Mørch  1774Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109225 onetrees 
146 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Marcus Peter  30 May 1781Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I197718 onetrees 
147 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Niels  1779Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109220 onetrees 
148 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Ole Anchersen  1775Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I79878 onetrees 
149 Seidenfaden (Seidenfaden), Erik  24 Apr 1910Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I167877 onetrees 
150 Seidenfaden (Seidenfaden), Kirsten Michelle  10 Nov 1912Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I167508 onetrees 
151 Siegumfeldt, Marcus Anton  14 Jan 1827Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I128654 onetrees 
152 Sikker Hansen, Tage   I81405 onetrees 
153 Sommerfeldt, Hans Hansen  1640Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I99865 onetrees 
154 Sommerfeldt, Hans Jørgensen  Abt 1600Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I124600 onetrees 
155 Stiegaard, Alfred Theodor  1831Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112950 onetrees 
156 Stiegaard, Hans Lauritz  1829Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112951 onetrees 
157 Stiegaard, Rudolph Waldemar  1833Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I112948 onetrees 
158 Storm, Michael Olufsen  26 Jan 1618Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I124599 onetrees 
159 Stougaard, Ane Marie Mørch  13 Apr 1795Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I173585 onetrees 
160 Thomsen, Einar Benedickt Hahn  28 Nov 1886Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47306 onetrees 
161 Trige, Michaels Kaae  8 Aug 1923Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I221882 onetrees 
162 Veggerslev, Jens Larsen  1670Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110924 onetrees 
163 Voldbye, Christen Jensen  Abt 1760Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114368 onetrees 
164 Voldbye, Christian Rudolph Philly  24 Nov 1802Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114366 onetrees 
165 Voldbye, Christiane Sophie Christophine Ditleviane  19 Jun 1817Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114304 onetrees 
166 Voldbye, Fredrik Ludvig  1813Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114369 onetrees 
167 Voldbye, Marianne  20 Sep 1807Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114302 onetrees 
168 Voldbye, Søren  14 Aug 1806Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114303 onetrees 
169 Watzel, Dorthea Chritine  1775Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104497 onetrees 
170 Ørsted (Ferslev), Jacob Albert  16 Oct 1853Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I38260 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bak-Hansen, Carl Christian   I68268 onetrees 
2 Baller, Viggo  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I198700 onetrees 
3 Bidstrup, Einberg  20 Aug 1828Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65173 onetrees 
4 Knudsen, Gert Sperling  9 Apr 1928Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I68270 onetrees 
5 Riis-Vestergaard, Jane   I222302 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aubertin-Oxholm (Oxholm), Jarl Aubertin  26 Jan 1991Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I169919 onetrees 
2 Baumgarten (Baumgarten of Denmark), Frederik Alfred  2 Mar 1892Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222631 onetrees 
3 Bildsøe, Poul Matthias  27 Jul 1777Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I97364 onetrees 
4 Blichfeldt, Cecilie Margrethe Pedersen  1661Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I111238 onetrees 
5 Blichfeldt, Christen Ottosen  2 Apr 1596Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110871 onetrees 
6 Blichfeldt, Erhardt Hendrichsen  1834Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110885 onetrees 
7 Blichfeldt, Frantz Henriksen  1680Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110876 onetrees 
8 Blichfeldt, Henrik Christensen  1631Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110873 onetrees 
9 Bolbroe, Karl Hans Ulrik  11 Apr 1888Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47041 onetrees 
10 Bolbroe, Poul George Lauritz  17 May 1885Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47038 onetrees 
11 Bøggild, Christiane Margrethe  1765Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109267 onetrees 
12 Bøggild, Johanne Dorothea Danielsen  1814Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I109259 onetrees 
13 Bøggild, Nille Dorothea  Abt 1801Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110881 onetrees 
14 Bøggild, Ole Severin  1794Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110863 onetrees 
15 Bøggild, Thyrie Petersen  Abt 1834Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110802 onetrees 
16 Faurschou (Faurschou), Andrea  8 Feb 1885Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I224744 onetrees 
17 Fogh (Fogh), Karen Nielsen  31 Oct 1749Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I132499 onetrees 
18 Gudme, Karen Mathiasen  6 Nov 1792Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I125601 onetrees 
19 Hammer, Elsebeth Hansen  2 Oct 1808Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I189380 onetrees 
20 Hée, Jørgen Jensen  30 Dec 1788Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I125602 onetrees 
21 Hildebrandt (Hildebrandt), Margrethe Elisabeth  1735Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I124849 onetrees 
22 Ipsen (Ipsen of Copenhagen), Johannes  19 May 1994Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I198573 onetrees 
23 Jacobsen, Else  26 Feb 1933Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I184255 onetrees 
24 Jensen, Inga Elisa  1 Apr 1972Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I68271 onetrees 
25 Kampmann (Kampmann), Helene Sophie  13 Mar 1864Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I138583 onetrees 
26 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Mogens Christian  21 Jul 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222932 onetrees 
27 Kofod (Kofod of Kofodgaard), Peder  9 Nov 1842Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I92921 onetrees 
28 Kofoed, Ane Cathrine  23 Jun 1847Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65864 onetrees 
29 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Marie  8 Jan 1965Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I239848 onetrees 
30 Krog, Niels  12 Aug 1685Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I111241 onetrees 
31 La Cour (La Cour), Ellen Kirstine Dornonville de  6 Jul 1933Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222781 onetrees 
32 La Cour (La Cour), Jenny Dorthea Lauritzstine  31 Dec 1891Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222777 onetrees 
33 Lange, (A)  20 Jun 1850Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222653 onetrees 
34 Lange, Anna Elisabeth  23 Apr 1875Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222620 onetrees 
35 Lange, Just Herman  13 Aug 1852Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I224682 onetrees 
36 Lange, Marie Eleonora  1 Sep 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222686 onetrees 
37 Leth, Mette Johanne Kathrine  30 Jun 1876Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222919 onetrees 
38 Levetzow (Levetzow), Diederich Wilhelm von  6 Jun 1849Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I115606 onetrees 
39 Marzetta, Lorenzo  23 Jul 1843Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104523 onetrees 
40 Munch, Laurentius Lyster  15 Dec 1896Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65649 onetrees 
41 Muusmann, Lorentz  May 1852Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I98418 onetrees 
42 Müller, Elise Louise Dorothea von  13 Sep 1901Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I146036 onetrees 
43 Møller, Anna Julia Paludan  12 Feb 1861Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I107000 onetrees 
44 Møller, Marie  14 Nov 1809Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I37110 onetrees 
45 Nielsen, Tove  1576Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I110868 onetrees 
46 Noerckencrone, Sophie Elisabeth  15 Aug 1786Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I97328 onetrees 
47 Pedersen, Kirstine Marie  5 Aug 1828Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I131393 onetrees 
48 Plesner (Plesner), Anne Cathrine Hansen  13 Jan 1860Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104524 onetrees 
49 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Harriet Sophie  2 Nov 1968Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I448142 onetrees 
50 Rømer, Margrethe  10 Apr 1883Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I169672 onetrees 
51 Sandersen, Anna Henriksen  1691Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114470 onetrees 
52 Schiøtz (Schiøtz of Norway), Søren "Skøtt"  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I120869 onetrees 
53 Siegumfeldt, Hulda Christine Charlotte La Cour  17 Apr 1884Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222785 onetrees 
54 Siersted, Christiane Caroline  26 Aug 1909Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I169669 onetrees 
55 Stillmann, Andrea Nicoline Risom  1889Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I137513 onetrees 
56 Sørensen, Søren  3 Apr 1859Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222622 onetrees 
57 Thomsen, Einar Benedickt Hahn  13 Jul 1889Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47306 onetrees 
58 Voldbye, Christen Jensen  31 Mar 1820Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I114368 onetrees 
59 Watt, William  30 Sep 1875Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222913 onetrees 
60 Watzel, Dorthea Chritine  Abt 1804Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I104497 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agerup, Johan Hansen  21 Sep 1874Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I195146 onetrees 
2 Henriksen, Ole Weirup Bernt  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I407877 onetrees 
3 Jurlander, Birte  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I407878 onetrees 
4 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup), Mogens Christian  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222932 onetrees 
5 Munch, Laurentius Lyster  21 Dec 1896Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I65649 onetrees 
6 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Harriet Sophie  1968Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I448142 onetrees 
7 Siegumfeldt, Hulda Christine Charlotte La Cour  23 Apr 1884Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222785 onetrees 
8 Siegumfeldt, Johanne Hendrine Marie La Cour  15 Mar 1953Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I222788 onetrees 
9 Siegumfeldt, Marcus Anton  2 May 1913Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I128654 onetrees 
10 Thye, Nicolai Mathias  Nov 1764Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I151191 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barfoed (Barfod), Thomas Kingo Christensen  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I3025 onetrees 
2 Bloch, Hans Carl  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I138582 onetrees 
3 Boeck, Christian  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I146278 onetrees 
4 Bolbroe, Karl Hans Ulrik  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I47041 onetrees 
5 Bruun, Henrik Peter Christian  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I240557 onetrees 
6 Bøgh (Lassen), Christen Nielsen  12 Jan 1695Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I84455 onetrees 
7 Falck, Gunner Jensen  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I197482 onetrees 
8 Hertz (Hertz of Kalvehave), Herman Michael Theodor  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I49566 onetrees 
9 Kofod (Kofod of Kofodgaard), Peder Madsen  Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark I168274 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Absalons / Espersen  4 Dec 1790Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F80750 onetrees 
2 Agerup / Faurschou (Faurschou)  6 Nov 1834Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F82081 onetrees 
3 Bak-Hansen / Knudsen   F32566 onetrees 
4 Baumgarten (Baumgarten of Denmark) / Faurschou (Faurschou)  12 May 1869Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F38242 onetrees 
5 Baumgarten (Baumgarten of Denmark) / Lange  12 May 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F14933 onetrees 
6 Begstrup / Bruun  10 Jun 1744Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F47402 onetrees 
7 Eegholm (Brask) / Ulrich (Ulrich)   F41109 onetrees 
8 Faurschou (Faurschou) / Hjuler  10 May 1873Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F38241 onetrees 
9 Gad (Christensen) / Sørensen   F83152 onetrees 
10 Harboe / Agerup  18 Jan 1864Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F14930 onetrees 
11 Høyer / Møller  19 Feb 1836Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F47018 onetrees 
12 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Faurschou (Faurschou)  7 Oct 1875Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F71928 onetrees 
13 Knowles / Gad (Gad of Denmark)   F87787 onetrees 
14 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan) / Langballe (Langballe)  31 Aug 1877Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F17484 onetrees 
15 Rasmussen (Kann Rasmussen) / Grabow  12 Jul 1937Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F7206 onetrees 
16 Riis-Vestergaard / Nielsen  17 Dec 1949Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F36967 onetrees 
17 Riis-Vestergaard / Sønderup  25 Apr 1943Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F38501 onetrees 
18 Sode / Nielsen  12 May 1918Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F31454 onetrees 
19 Sørensen / Faurschou (Faurschou)  20 Oct 1856Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F38273 onetrees 
20 Trige / Riis-Vestergaard  16 Oct 1948Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F35903 onetrees 
21 Watt / Lange  20 May 1871Hasle, Central Jutland, Denmark F42967 onetrees 

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