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Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 162 of 162

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aagaard, Louise Marie  22 Jul 1823Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I48604
2 Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (Mollerup), Merete   I173361
3 Alshauge, Jens Ove Møller   I184396
4 Alstrup, Oline  17 Nov 1856Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I156808
5 Ammentorp, Anders  30 Jan 1882Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I159051
6 Baark, Vita  3 Jul 1908Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I131016
7 Barner of Vedbygaard (Barner), Margrethe Gottfriede von  30 Jun 1876Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I164507
8 Bigum, Anne Mette   I35334
9 Billeschou, Hans Lauritsen  1708Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64344
10 Billeschou, Karen Lauridsen  1702Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I313275
11 Bjarnhof, Karl Otto  28 Jan 1898Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I195139
12 Brandt, Ingeborg  1869Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I199650
13 Bruun, Georg  11 Oct 1896Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I18950
14 Christensen, Jørgen Vibe  9 Nov 1917Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I43174
15 Christensen, Karen Mette Houmann   I47825
16 Davidsen, Peter Andreas  Abt 1867Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I390034
17 Erichsen, Frederikke Erikgine  30 Dec 1833Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175196
18 Evers, Antoinette  2 Jul 1853Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163883
19 Evers, Anton Ferdinand Mazanti  9 Dec 1857Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I49149
20 Evers, Christian Maltha Kragballe  15 Nov 1822Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163856
21 Evers, Elisabeth Christine  10 Aug 1856Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163885
22 Evers, Henny Emilie  12 Nov 1861Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163868
23 Evers, Henrik Frederik Anton  5 Jul 1854Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163884
24 Evers, Marie Augusta  31 Aug 1859Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I164724
25 Fabricius-Møller, Johannes Tolstrup  11 Jan 1885Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157326
26 Falkenberg, Elise Nielsine Christine  25 Sep 1916Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I432763
27 Frandsen, Jens  18 Dec 1904Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I87204
28 Frank, Gerda Cæcilia   I16610
29 Frank, Jørgen   I16611
30 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Josephine Mathilde  1 Nov 1832Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I188123
31 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Sophie Frederikke  19 Mar 1829Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I162229
32 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Susanne Cathrine Emilie  29 Dec 1824Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I188120
33 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Karen  31 Jul 1916Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I94150
34 Gjerka (Gjerka), Hans Christian Otto  28 Feb 1892Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389601
35 Gjerka (Gjerka), Johan Kristian  23 Feb 1864Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389608
36 Glahn (Glahn), Camilla Sofie  20 Jun 1894Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I138256
37 Glud, Christian  14 Dec 1892Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146403
38 Gøtzsche (Gøtzsche), Cathrine Amalie von  10 Apr 1815Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I192717
39 Hansen, Paul Martin Dændler   I188464
40 Hansmar, Aase Rosborg   I201534
41 Hasselbalch, Erna Jespsersen  10 Mar 1897Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167048
42 Helms (Helms), Anna Mathilde  1 Aug 1915Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I168906
43 Helms (Helms), Ingrid Margrethe   I168908
44 Helms (Helms), Peder Georg  22 Jan 1920Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I168907
45 Helweg, Hannibal Theodor  24 Nov 1894Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I134067
46 Hertzum, Poul  13 Apr 1903Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I161210
47 Hess, Julie Christiane  25 Feb 1883Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I181568
48 Høxbroe, Hans Hansen  Abt 1700Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I44813
49 Jacobsen, Dorthea  1782Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I58306
50 Jacobsen, Lisbet Vinding   I50863
51 Jensen, Anders  1731Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155623
52 Jensen, Knud  1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155636
53 Jensen, Thomas  Abt 1799Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342311
54 Jensen, Ulrich  Abt 1791Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342310
55 Johnsen, Jytte Elsebet   I195987
56 Jordt, Ingeborg  23 AugGrejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17185
57 Junker, Gunhild  22 May 1907Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I166643
58 Jørgensen, Alfred Theodor  9 Jun 1874Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17197
59 Jørgensen, Ingeborg  25 Aug 1884Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I18971
60 Kiær, Dagmarius Gottlieb  5 Nov 1864Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I158173
61 Kiær, Morten Frederik Thorvald  27 Sep 1861Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I13373
62 Kjeldsen, Mogens  20 Oct 1924Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I153585
63 Klüver, Karen Mathilda  16 Sep 1913Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I192986
64 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Johan Ludvig Vilhelm  26 Nov 1770Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I55950
65 Kragballe, Birgitte Cathrine Gutfeld  1 Nov 1793Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167784
66 Kragballe, Hedvig Sophie Mehl  Jul 1801Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163877
67 Langballe (Langballe), Christian Carl  25 Jul 1805Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I47325
68 Lassen, Bertha Hvenegaard  24 Oct 1917Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I94479
69 Lassen, Jørgen Hvenegaard   I94490
70 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Eleonore Sophie  10 Jul 1835Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167695
71 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Marie Elisabeth  27 Mar 1830Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167693
72 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Rasmus  24 Jul 1823Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167692
73 Liebmann, Nanna   I175221
74 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Johan  28 Nov 1696Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I107063
75 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Johan  1 Aug 1826Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146663
76 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Stephan  7 Nov 1824Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146662
77 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Thomas Deichmann  14 Nov 1797Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146653
78 Lund-Andersen, Hjalmar Erik  22 Jun 1900Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I178814
79 Lüttichau (Lüttichau), Frederik von   I159702
80 Martens, Carl Edvard  13 Jun 1869Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167849
81 Matzen, Ebba Caroline  30 Sep 1906Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I1338
82 Midtgaard, Allan   I164236
83 Moe, Alfred Johannes  14 Nov 1895Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I31547
84 Moltke (Moltke), Anne Marie von   I184793
85 Monrad (Monrad), Martin Anton  7 Dec 1819Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I222534
86 Munck, Christine Ditlevine Caroline  15 Jul 1830Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I10347
87 Munck, Maria Sophie Frederikke  26 Jul 1823Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I109419
88 Munck, Sophie Catherine  9 Mar 1829Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I171753
89 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Lily-Ann Sarah   I102400
90 Møhl, Christian Emil  21 Jun 1805Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I165801
91 Neergaard (Neergaard), Anne Kirstine Bruun de   I147120
92 Neergaard (Neergaard), Peter Bruun de   I147122
93 Neergaard (Neergaard), Ulla Merete Bruun de   I147121
94 Nielsen, Allan Buhl   I199682
95 Nielsen, Marie Louise Nørkjær   I102344
96 Nielsen, Nicolaj Alexander Nørkjær   I102355
97 Numsen (Numsen), Frederik von  21 Feb 1737Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I148914
98 Nyboe-Jørgensen, Ingeborg  28 Mar 1912Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I162578
99 Olesen, Poul Gunner   I153386
100 Pedersen, Tonie Overbeck   I210441
101 Peters, Lars Valentin   I181321
102 Petersen, Mathilde Wilhelmine  22 May 1846Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I47651
103 Petersen, Theodor  12 Jan 1841Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I188628
104 Petri, Theodor  11 May 1827Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I148718
105 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Ludvig Henriksen  7 May 1648Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I22212
106 Rantzau (Rantzau), Anne-Kathrine, Comtesse   I163576
107 Rasmussen, Hans Peter  29 May 1876Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I199152
108 Rasmussen, Niels Elias  27 Aug 1906Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I413894
109 Rasmussen, Thomas  Abt 1816Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I326848
110 Sander-Larsen, Olaf  20 Jun 1901Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I193217
111 Schiødt, Hans Jørgen  24 Apr 1867Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175194
112 Schiødt, Karen  14 Aug 1892Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175235
113 Schiødt, Victor Johannes  4 Jul 1862Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175199
114 Schousboe (Schousboe), Lars Peter   I153373
115 Schur, Fritz Henrik   I175188
116 Schurmann, Anna Louise  19 Sep 1893Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I50653
117 Seidelin (Seidelin), Ebba Elise Kistine "Seidel"  5 Oct 1883Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I84735
118 Simonsen, Carli  1 Oct 1884Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I94435
119 Smidth (Smidth), Anders Jensen  1737Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155664
120 Smidth (Smidth), Ellen Marie Andersen  1774Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155795
121 Smidth (Smidth), Ellen Marie Andersen  1781Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155821
122 Smidth (Smidth), Hans Jensen  1735Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155649
123 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155781
124 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  Abt 1773Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155807
125 Smidth (Smidth), Knud Jensen  1750Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155691
126 Smidth (Smidth), Margretha Christina Jensen  1743Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155677
127 Steensen (Steensen), Anna Sofie  19 Jan 1889Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I21142
128 Stephansen, Hans  10 Jan 1773Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I165984
129 Stephensen, Regnar  11 Jan 1866Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I119214
130 Stephensen, Westy Oddgeir Hilmar  9 Dec 1868Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I119225
131 Svendsen, Anne-Lise Rehfeld  29 Jul 1917Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I42498
132 Svendsen, Birgit Rehfeld  7 Jun 1923Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I446434
133 Svendsen, Emil Ludvig  2 Jul 1841Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I422814
134 Svendsen, Kirsten Rehfeld  20 Apr 1926Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I446438
135 Sørensen, Christine  1 Jul 1876Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175761
136 Sørensen, Elise Margarethe Christiane  29 Dec 1849Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I110262
137 Thors, Thorvald Christian  4 Apr 1887Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I126060
138 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Kay  10 Oct 1889Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I51044
139 Ulriksen, Jens  Abt 1822Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342317
140 Ulriksen, Johanne Katrine  Abt 1820Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342316
141 Ulriksen, Karen  Abt 1829Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342319
142 Ulriksen, Mikkel Christian  Abt 1825Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342318
143 Ulriksen, Thomas  Abt 1835Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342320
144 Ussing (Ussing 1), Anna  5 Sep 1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I313811
145 Ussing (Ussing 1), Christian Falster  Jul 1741Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I315868
146 Valentiner-Branth, Birgit   I171750
147 Valløe, Erik Vilhelm  12 Mar 1923Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I145798
148 Warrer, Sigurd  7 May 1901Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157899
149 Warrer, Thorkil  3 Oct 1909Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157918
150 West, Henrik Gerhardt Neess  6 Jul 1900Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I189671
151 West, Marianne   I189670
152 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Holger Jacob  31 Mar 1888Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175322
153 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Tora Ellen  11 Feb 1888Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I192624
154 Winther, Laurits Theodor Valentin  21 Sep 1881Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I128099
155 Worning, Børge  16 Oct 1897Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I184057
156 Worsaae, Caroline  13 Aug 1819Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I3003
157 Worsaae, Gustav  5 May 1866Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I191348
158 Worsaae, Ida Christiane  3 Jun 1833Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I161058
159 Worsaae, Jens Jacob Asmussen  14 Mar 1821Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I153817
160 Worsaae, Jørgine Christine  30 May 1830Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I120894
161 Worsaae, Peter Marius  2 Aug 1816Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I191360
162 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Peder Henriksen  1716Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I172079


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Billeschou, Hans Lauritsen  28 Dec 1708Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64344
2 Gjerka (Gjerka), Adolf  3 Apr 1898Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389711
3 Gjerka (Gjerka), Edvard  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389592
4 Gjerka (Gjerka), Johan Kristian  18 Apr 1864Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389608
5 Kristensen, Birgitte  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389747
6 Kristensen, Karen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389762
7 Mikkelsen, Ane Kirstine  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I389763
8 Munck, Christine Ditlevine Caroline  8 Sep 1830Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I10347


Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Basse (Basse), Hans  27 May 1955Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I185544
2 Berthelsen, Margaretha "Margrethe" Elisabeth  8 Mar 1848Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I162772
3 Billeschou, Karen Lauridsen  7 Dec 1742Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I313275
4 Billeschou, Laurits Hansen  Jul 1727Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64244
5 Blechingberg, Ellen  31 Dec 1968Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I88419
6 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Ida Sophie  Apr 1812Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I178205
7 Brammer (Brammer), Gerhard Peter  12 Jan 1884Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I183665
8 Bræstrup, Christian Ludvig Tycho  15 Dec 1905Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I170762
9 Brøchner (Brøchner), Ejler Sophus Volf  15 Oct 1955Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I102520
10 Bülow (Bülow), Jens Wissing Conrad von  21 Mar 1900Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I91343
11 Bülow (Bülow), Laurette Dorothea Margrethe von  23 May 1875Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I49906
12 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Ellen  30 Jul 1960Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I162644
13 Dahl, Marie Louise  12 Jan 1912Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I102751
14 Ditlevsen, Karen  1799Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155768
15 Dudden, Augusta Caroline Amalie von  10 Apr 1902Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I194675
16 Eggers (Eggers 1), Herman Sophus Johan, Imperial Baron von  9 Jul 1912Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I91984
17 Erichsen, Frederikke Erikgine  28 Mar 1915Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175196
18 Evers, Heinrich Friedrich Anton  24 Jan 1837Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163876
19 Evers, Henrik Frederik Anton  16 Jan 1861Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163884
20 Glahn (Glahn), Hother Christopher  26 Feb 1876Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I194699
21 Glahn (Glahn), Vilhelm Hastrup  18 Jun 1908Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I138211
22 Grejs, Else Jensen  1717Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64366
23 Gundersen, Andrea Petronelle  16 Nov 1897Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I170763
24 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Christiane, Baroness  16 Nov 1798Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I151010
25 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Sophie Magdalene, Baroness  12 Feb 1799Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I150826
26 Hage (Hage), Marie Sophie Henriette  17 Mar 1892Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157923
27 Hansen, Ane  30 Mar 1787Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155609
28 Helms (Helms), Peder Georg  7 Feb 1924Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I168898
29 Hess, Christian Martin  1929Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I181409
30 Hindborg, Poul Aage  10 Jun 1961Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146347
31 Hoffbauer, Carl August  6 Jan 1877Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157936
32 Hvass, Peder Pedersen  15 Aug 1742Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I244239
33 Jensen, Anders  1731Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155623
34 Jensen, Knud  1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155636
35 Jensen (Smidth), Anders  30 Dec 1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155581
36 Kragballe, Christian Maltha  21 Aug 1826Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I199339
37 Kragballe, Hedvig Sophie Mehl  26 Nov 1824Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163877
38 Lemvigh (Lemvigh), Anna Margrethe  4 May 1843Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I116080
39 Lind, Ole Hansen  13 May 1990Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I42499
40 Meyer, Bolette  5 Aug 1861Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I185857
41 Meyer, Hartvig  23 Nov 1846Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I185855
42 Mikkelsen, Mariane  Between 1835 and 1840Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I342315
43 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Bredo Ove Ernst von  26 Oct 1838Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I20925
44 Møhl, Christian Emil  7 Apr 1888Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I165801
45 Neergaard (Neergaard), Selma "Bib" Henriette de  18 Jun 1966Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146320
46 Ottosen, Inge Ploug  29 Oct 1937Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I189094
47 Rothe (Rothe), Margrethe "Grethe" Caroline  4 Apr 1912Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I112410
48 Salomonsen, Sara  14 Dec 1806Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I185859
49 Schiødt, Peter Vilhelm August  26 Feb 1892Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175195
50 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), Louise  13 Jul 1856Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I149499
51 Schwane (Schwane), Hans Jørgen  11 Mar 1957Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I88408
52 Smidth (Smidth), Ellen Marie Andersen  Jan 1779Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155795
53 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  Jul 1733Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155781
54 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  1757Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155595
55 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  1777Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155807
56 Smidth (Smidth), Knud Jensen  Nov 1750Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155691
57 Smidth (Smidth), Margretha Christina Jensen  Feb 1748Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155677
58 Stephansen, Urban Jacob  23 Apr 1773Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I187377
59 Stephensen, Westy Christian Ludvig  25 Feb 1895Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I96016
60 Svendsen, Anne-Lise Rehfeld  12 Jan 2000Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I42498
61 Topp, Thora  1908Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175292
62 Ulf, Karen Jensen  Abt 1801Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I328167
63 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Frederik Carl Christian  19 Jun 1906Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I40984
64 Ussing (Ussing 1), Christian Falster  Jul 1741Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I315868
65 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Henrik Georg, Baron  5 Jan 1948Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I110624
66 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Christian Marius  28 Feb 1937Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175184
67 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Holger Jacob  7 Dec 1967Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175322
68 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Norman Ib  30 Aug 1999Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17734
69 Worsaae, Jens  29 Mar 1840Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I154880
70 Worsaae, Peter Marius  4 Oct 1877Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I191360


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Billeschou, Laurits Hansen  31 Jul 1727Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64244
2 Grejs, Else Jensen  11 Jan 1717Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I64366
3 Terney, Inge  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I27187
4 Ussing (Ussing 1), Christian Falster  28 Jul 1741Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I315868


Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andersen (Smidth), Jens  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155568
2 Bagger, Jørgen Christian  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17337
3 Balslev (Balsløw), Lars Christian Leth  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I114119
4 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Vilhelm von  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I156905
5 Berg, Einar  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I199239
6 Bindslev, Oscar Dahm  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175234
7 Bræstrup, Christian Ludvig Tycho  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I170762
8 Christensen, N  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175280
9 Davidsen, Christian Peter  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I390037
10 Eggers (Eggers 1), Herman Sophus Johan, Imperial Baron von  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I91984
11 Erichsen, Niels  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175228
12 Evers, Heinrich Friedrich Anton  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I163876
13 Flach, Marie  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I116822
14 Fleischer, Gerhard Vilhelm Geelmuyden  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I83589
15 Freisleben, Herluf Vilhelm Louis Carl von  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I153007
16 Glahn (Glahn), Anna-Margrethe "Grete" Nathalia  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I138245
17 Glahn (Glahn), Hother Christopher  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I194699
18 Glud, Hans Emil  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146406
19 Hansen, Hans Baagø  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I167613
20 Hasselbalch, Georg Jacob Martin  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I30163
21 Hess, Christian Martin  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I181409
22 Høxbroe, Hans Thomsen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I44801
23 Illum (Hansen), Peder Hansen Pedersen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I169574
24 Jensen, Jens  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I193947
25 Jensen (Smidth), Anders  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155581
26 Johansen, Casper Kirk   I204187
27 Jordt, Edvard  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17173
28 Jürgensen, Peter Johannes Ferdinand  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I109859
29 Jørgensen, Julius Andreas  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I18970
30 Kiær, Jens Peter Petersen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I13375
31 Klüver, Alfred Christian Johan  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I192987
32 Koren, Wilhelm Frimann  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I48109
33 Kragballe, Christian Maltha  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I199339
34 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Adam Frederik Alexander  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I45691
35 Licht (Licht), Henrik Vilhelm Christian de Fine  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175622
36 Liebmann, Axel   I175222
37 Lindemann (Lindemann of Rostock), Thomas  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146668
38 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Andreas Deichmann  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146656
39 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Ernst  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146660
40 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Henrik  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I146655
41 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia), Johan  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I107063
42 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Poul  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I107582
43 Martens, Johannes August Ludvig  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I191107
44 Meyer, Hartvig  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I185855
45 Müllen, Johan Ludvig von  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I12780
46 Møhl, Hans Christian  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I9258
47 Olufsen, Clemens  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I124407
48 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark), Hans Jacob  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I176657
49 Pers, Georg Alfred   I201069
50 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Henrik Eriksen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I110
51 Puggaard, Hans  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I176644
52 Ring, Carl Vilhelm  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I24888
53 Rothe (Rothe), Margrethe "Grethe" Caroline  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I112410
54 Scheel (Skeel), Christian Bille, Count  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I15750
55 Schiødt, Peter Vilhelm August  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175195
56 Schiødt, Victor Johannes  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175199
57 Schultz (Schultz of Hamburg), August Diederich  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I124086
58 Schurmann, N C  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I50652
59 Smidth (Smidth), Anders Jensen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155664
60 Smidth (Smidth), Jens Andersen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I155595
61 Steensen (Steensen), Hans Slott  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I21130
62 Stephensen, Westy Christian Ludvig  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I96016
63 Svendsen, Christian Peter Rehfeld  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I42496
64 Sørensen, Hans Jordt  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I151766
65 Sørensen, Jens Andreas  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I90078
66 Sørensen, Søren Peter  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17492
67 Thomsen, Thomas  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I182127
68 Tilemann, Johan Georg  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I160621
69 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Frederik Carl Christian  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I40984
70 Warrer, Hans Jacob  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157900
71 Warrer, P M  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I157913
72 Weile, Mads Nielsen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I26350
73 Weile, Niels Jensen  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I26137
74 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Holger Jacob  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I175322
75 Windfeld-Hansen (Hansen), Norman Ib  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I17734
76 Worning, J P  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I184060
77 Worsaae, Jens  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I154880
78 Worsaae, Peter Marius  Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark I191360


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aagaard / Zacho  31 Oct 1817Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F24915
2 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth) / Hellfried  16 Apr 1799Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F32776
3 Billeschou / Grejs  17 Aug 1701Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F31138
4 Bindslev / Schiødt  12 Jul 1916Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F73768
5 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia) / Heimann  24 Sep 1890Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F40234
6 Caroc / Friis (Friis of Ribe 2)  28 Feb 1851Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F68071
7 Cottrelle / Lüttichau (Lüttichau)  6 Aug 1936Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F60988
8 Danvig / Schwane (Schwane)   F39897
9 Eggers (Eggers 1) / Clausen  23 Feb 1875Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F24530
10 Gam / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  18 Feb 1906Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F64565
11 Himmelstrup / Glahn (Glahn)  4 Dec 1927Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F57248
12 Hiort-Lorenzen / Stephensen  5 May 1887Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F42862
13 Holck-Winterfeldt (Holck) / Rohardt  18 Sep 1938Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F51393
14 Holck-Winterfeldt (Holck) / Stephensen  15 May 1886Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F51186
15 Høeg-Brask (Brasch) / Brincker  28 Dec 1913Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F30666
16 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard) / Brüggemann (Brüggemann)  16 Dec 1795Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F27946
17 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold) / Friis (Friis of Ribe 2)  29 Aug 1849Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F79203
18 Linnemann (Linnemann of Fredericia) / Fevejle (Faarevejle)  1738Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F60493
19 Lüttichau (Lüttichau) / Kaas of Sparre (Kaas of Kaas)  1769Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F27864
20 Møller / Hostrup-Schultz (Hostrup)  18 Jul 1901Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F64666
21 Scavenius (Scavenius) / Steensen (Steensen)  14 Jan 1909Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F12222
22 Stakemann (Stakemann) / Hasselbalch  2 Nov 1918Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F70211
23 Wessel (Wessel) / Sørensen  24 Oct 1868Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F50992
24 Zytphen-Adeler (Zytphen-Adeler) / Seidelin (Seidelin)  23 Jul 1910Grejs, South Jutland, Denmark F38472

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