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Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark



Matches 1 to 127 of 127

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Gitte   I175976 onetrees 
2 Arrebo, Ander Christen  2 Jan 1587Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119956 onetrees 
3 Arrebo, Anna Christensen  1596Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119959 onetrees 
4 Bastholm (Bastholm 2), Hans Lauritzen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I110662 onetrees 
5 Bastholm (Bastholm 2), Martin Hansen  17 Sep 1829Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I110665 onetrees 
6 Bertelsen, Erik  8 Jan 1665Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192146 onetrees 
7 Bonnesen, Grethe Sophie  1817Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176308 onetrees 
8 Brandt (Bertelsen), Bertel Eriksen  30 Dec 1698Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192135 onetrees 
9 Brandt (Bertelsen), Else Bertelsen  1736Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192134 onetrees 
10 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Gomme "Jensen"  1625Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I155668 onetrees 
11 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Peder Jensen  22 Oct 1693Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I155682 onetrees 
12 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 3), Jens Hansen  Abt 1810Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I391412 onetrees 
13 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 3), Jørgen Jørgensen  Abt 1775Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I391417 onetrees 
14 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 3), Marie Magdalene  Abt 1811Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I391415 onetrees 
15 Camrath, Sophie Charlotte  1881Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I447889 onetrees 
16 Christiansen, Agatha  25 Aug 1714Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I67139 onetrees 
17 Christiansen, Anne  16 Apr 1716Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I67524 onetrees 
18 Clausen, Ane  1 Jan 1695Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I67161 onetrees 
19 Clausen, Jacob Wilhelm  27 Dec 1732Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176071 onetrees 
20 Clausen, Kristen Josefsen  21 Jul 1842Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I87722 onetrees 
21 Clausen, Maren  14 Jun 1724Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176070 onetrees 
22 Clausen, Martina Margretha Beatha  26 Apr 1807Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176105 onetrees 
23 Clausen, Thomas  5 Dec 1844Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176120 onetrees 
24 Claussen, August Carl Christian  1836Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414357 onetrees 
25 Claussen, August Carl Emil  15 Sep 1831Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414360 onetrees 
26 Claussen, Charlotte Johanne Marie  1834Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414358 onetrees 
27 Claussen, Ida  1843Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414354 onetrees 
28 Claussen, Kathinka Elisa  1840Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414355 onetrees 
29 Claussen, Mikael  1838Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414356 onetrees 
30 Claussen, Thomine Vilhelmine Christine  17 Oct 1832Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414359 onetrees 
31 Dreiøe, Hans Nielsen  5 Apr 1875Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I82028 onetrees 
32 Dreiøe, Niels Hansen  24 Oct 1843Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I82024 onetrees 
33 Eggers (Eggers 1), Henriette Andrea von  14 Dec 1847Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245195 onetrees 
34 Errboe, Anna Egidia  7 Sep 1855Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192121 onetrees 
35 Errboe, Caroline Vilhelmine Christiane  27 Sep 1847Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192125 onetrees 
36 Errboe, Christian Jensen  17 Oct 1802Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192104 onetrees 
37 Errboe, Egidie  20 Sep 1804Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192105 onetrees 
38 Errboe, Else  12 Jul 1809Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192109 onetrees 
39 Errboe, Hans Jacob  11 Nov 1806Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192108 onetrees 
40 Errboe, Hans Jacob Theiss  10 Jan 1881Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192127 onetrees 
41 Errboe, Jens  31 Dec 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192116 onetrees 
42 Errboe, Jens Christian  20 Sep 1849Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192117 onetrees 
43 Errboe, Jens Hansen  1800Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192103 onetrees 
44 Errboe, Johannes Sigismund  21 Apr 1851Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192119 onetrees 
45 Errboe, Joseph Jensen  4 Dec 1814Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192114 onetrees 
46 Errboe, Joseph Petersen  1 Nov 1844Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192115 onetrees 
47 Errboe, Karen  1773Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I149078 onetrees 
48 Errboe, Leopoldine Cathrine  10 May 1859Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192122 onetrees 
49 Errboe, Niels Jensen  1 Jun 1853Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192120 onetrees 
50 Errboe, Povl Henning Theiss  6 Apr 1916Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192128 onetrees 
51 Errboe, Salome Maria  12 Jul 1809Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192111 onetrees 
52 Espersen, Christine  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I121297 onetrees 
53 Faber, Nicoline Sophie  18 Jul 1812Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I198889 onetrees 
54 Fonnesbech-Sandberg, Christoffer Severin  23 Nov 1861Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I174584 onetrees 
55 Friedlieb, Philip Henrik  4 Oct 1676Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I421493 onetrees 
56 Goldmann, Henry  1 Dec 1877Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I171132 onetrees 
57 Gommesen, Dorothea  1747Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347993 onetrees 
58 Gommesen, Jens  Abt 1600Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I258121 onetrees 
59 Gommesen, Kirsten  Abt 1678Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303037 onetrees 
60 Gommesen, Ole Tønder  1750Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347994 onetrees 
61 Gommesen, Peter  1735Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347992 onetrees 
62 Groth (Groth of Odense), Mette Marie Simonsen  1720Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I240643 onetrees 
63 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Nissen  28 Sep 1817Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I190550 onetrees 
64 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald Andreas  27 Jul 1850Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176257 onetrees 
65 Hansen, Charlotte Ostenfeld  1884Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119178 onetrees 
66 Hansen, Dorothea Helena  26 Apr 1674Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I66882 onetrees 
67 Hansen, Ellen Marie Ostenfeld  1881Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119181 onetrees 
68 Hansen, Gomme  1697Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347991 onetrees 
69 Hansen, Hans Kristian  1846Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119288 onetrees 
70 Hansen, Hans Kristian Ostenfeld  1 Mar 1889Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119176 onetrees 
71 Hansen, Johanne Kirstine Jakobine  6 Nov 1831Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I458870 onetrees 
72 Hansen, Johanne Kristine Ostenfeld  1886Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119177 onetrees 
73 Hansen, Karoline Juliane Ostenfeld  1880Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119352 onetrees 
74 Hansen, Marie Louise Ostenfeld  1882Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119179 onetrees 
75 Hansen, Peter Ostenfeld  1879Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119277 onetrees 
76 Holst, Helge  4 Jul 1871Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I33699 onetrees 
77 Ibsen, Thorkild Ove  1866Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I80762 onetrees 
78 Juhl, Constance Eleonora Marie  20 Dec 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I163696 onetrees 
79 Knudsen, Rasmus  11 Apr 1809Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176112 onetrees 
80 Krag (Nissen), Nanna  1871Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245349 onetrees 
81 Kühlmann, Christian Johansen  1752Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98423 onetrees 
82 Kühlmann, Henrik Johansen  1751Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98421 onetrees 
83 Kühlmann, Joachim Friderich Johansen  1750Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98420 onetrees 
84 Kühlmann, Johanne Anthonette  1753Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I111847 onetrees 
85 Kønigsfeldt, Johannes Peter Frederik  26 Aug 1879Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I147970 onetrees 
86 Kønigsfeldt, Margarete  19 May 1878Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I147968 onetrees 
87 Lange (Lange of Bramstedt), Ejnar  27 May 1895Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I273700 onetrees 
88 Lange (Lange of Bramstedt), Gudrun  15 Mar 1899Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I273695 onetrees 
89 Laursen, Anne Ohm   I239181 onetrees 
90 Laursen, Birgitte Ohm   I239183 onetrees 
91 Laursen, Lisbeth Ohm   I239182 onetrees 
92 Laursen, Søren Ohm   I239184 onetrees 
93 Nansen, Sophie Birgitte  14 Apr 1764Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I134650 onetrees 
94 Olrik (Olrik), Grethe   I239171 onetrees 
95 Olrik (Olrik), Jørgen Christian Fenger   I239172 onetrees 
96 Olrik (Olrik), Tove   I239170 onetrees 
97 Olufsen, Hans Heinrich  Dec 1707Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I68848 onetrees 
98 Pedersen, Metha Christine  18 Mar 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I79579 onetrees 
99 Petersen, Asger  2 Jul 1965Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I175974 onetrees 
100 Petersen, Grete Sophie  Abt 1791Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I191043 onetrees 
101 Petersen, Gurli   I175975 onetrees 
102 Petersen, Joseph  28 Oct 1787Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I76069 onetrees 
103 Petersen, Tove   I175973 onetrees 
104 Pilegaard (Pilegaard of Ærøskøbing), Peder Christensen  Abt 1600Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I240650 onetrees 
105 Prip, Inger  14 Jan 1877Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I169911 onetrees 
106 Rasmussen, Anne  Abt 1747Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303119 onetrees 
107 Rasmussen, Anne Marie  Abt 1745Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303121 onetrees 
108 Rasmussen, Hans  Abt 1738Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303124 onetrees 
109 Rasmussen, Lars  Abt 1740Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303123 onetrees 
110 Rasmussen, Sidsel  Abt 1742Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303122 onetrees 
111 Reddersen, Jacob   I239175 onetrees 
112 Reddersen, Jan Michael  9 Jul 1948Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I239174 onetrees 
113 Reddersen, Jens   I239176 onetrees 
114 Reventlow (Reventlow), Axel Christian  20 Mar 1894Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I170387 onetrees 
115 Riise, Albert Heinrich  11 Sep 1810Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I45644 onetrees 
116 Rising, Gunnar Sigurd   I176182 onetrees 
117 Rising, Philip Andersen  31 Aug 1901Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176184 onetrees 
118 Rønnow (Rønnow), Tønnes Nicholausen  1399Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I75929 onetrees 
119 Schmidt, Anna Cathrine  29 Jan 1815Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I190682 onetrees 
120 Schmidt, Hans Poulsen  Abt 1790Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I190920 onetrees 
121 Stage, Egidia Hansen  1700Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192138 onetrees 
122 Stage, Hans Pedersen  12 Jun 1671Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192139 onetrees 
123 Stemann, Gustav Vilhelm Heinrich von  15 Sep 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I120432 onetrees 
124 Thirslund, Egidia Cathrina  27 Sep 1846Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I83644 onetrees 
125 Thjellesen, Caroline Marie  17 Apr 1798Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I6281 onetrees 
126 Torp, Else Marie Jensen  1755Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176304 onetrees 
127 Wulff, Carl Eli Theodor  30 Aug 1883Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I199346 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clausen, Jacob Wilhelm  1 Jan 1733Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176071 onetrees 
2 Clausen, Martina Margretha Beatha  26 Apr 1807Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176105 onetrees 
3 Dreiøe, Hans Nielsen  25 May 1875Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I82028 onetrees 
4 Dreiøe, Niels Hansen  5 Nov 1843Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I82024 onetrees 
5 Eggers (Eggers 1), Henriette Andrea von  9 Apr 1848Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245195 onetrees 
6 Gommesen, Dorothea  24 Jun 1747Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347993 onetrees 
7 Gommesen, Ole Tønder  13 Feb 1750Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347994 onetrees 
8 Gommesen, Peter  22 May 1735Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347992 onetrees 
9 Hansen, Gomme  16 Apr 1697Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347991 onetrees 
10 Knudsen, Rasmus  16 Apr 1809Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176112 onetrees 
11 Krag (Nissen), Nanna  7 Sep 1871Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245349 onetrees 
12 Kühlmann, Christian Johansen  3 May 1752Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98423 onetrees 
13 Kühlmann, Henrik Johansen  3 Apr 1751Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98421 onetrees 
14 Kühlmann, Joachim Friderich Johansen  4 Mar 1750Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98420 onetrees 
15 Kühlmann, Johanne Anthonette  4 May 1753Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I111847 onetrees 
16 Pedersen, Metha Christine  25 May 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I79579 onetrees 
17 Thirslund, Egidia Cathrina  18 Oct 1846Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I83644 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bastholm (Bastholm 2), Hans Lauritzen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I110662 onetrees 
2 Brandt (Bertelsen), Else Bertelsen  1811Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192134 onetrees 
3 Clausen, Bertha Marie  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176230 onetrees 
4 Clausen, Mette Marie  1817Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176073 onetrees 
5 Clausen, Mette Marie Cecilie  16 Oct 1845Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I191774 onetrees 
6 Clausen, Morten "Griff"  1 Jan 1803Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176056 onetrees 
7 Claussen, August Carl Emil  18 Sep 1831Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414360 onetrees 
8 Dreiøe, Anna Sophie  6 Aug 1998Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I157482 onetrees 
9 Eggers (Eggers 1), Sophus Wilhelm Siegfried von  23 May 1874Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245200 onetrees 
10 Errboe, Caroline Vilhelmine Christiane  9 May 1892Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192125 onetrees 
11 Errboe, Hans Jacob  1883Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192108 onetrees 
12 Errboe, Jens  22 Oct 1848Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192116 onetrees 
13 Errboe, Jens Hansen  24 Nov 1796Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192101 onetrees 
14 Errboe, Johannes Sigismund  7 May 1851Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192119 onetrees 
15 Errboe, Joseph Jensen  3 Jun 1858Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192114 onetrees 
16 Errboe, Joseph Petersen  19 Jan 1933Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192115 onetrees 
17 Errboe, Leopoldine Cathrine  19 Dec 1859Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192122 onetrees 
18 Errboe, Niels Jensen  19 Dec 1855Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192120 onetrees 
19 Errboe, Salome Maria  1848Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192111 onetrees 
20 Faber, Johanne "Hanne" Margrethe  29 Aug 1878Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I189358 onetrees 
21 Gommesen, Jens  Abt 1664Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I258121 onetrees 
22 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hagen Andreas  24 Apr 1846Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I191652 onetrees 
23 Hansen, Gomme  1759Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I347991 onetrees 
24 Hansen, Peter  Abt 1890Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119287 onetrees 
25 Kaastrup-Olsen (Kaastrup-Olsen), Jytte  21 Nov 2007Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I167889 onetrees 
26 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Johan Henrik Bernhard Ludvig  5 Jul 1809Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I150835 onetrees 
27 Kremmer, Hans Stephensen  1736Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303038 onetrees 
28 Kullerup, Else Marie Jacobsen  16 Apr 1783Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176068 onetrees 
29 Kühlmann, Johan Anton  28 Jan 1753Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98429 onetrees 
30 Lundtang, Ellen Marie  Abt 1890Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I119286 onetrees 
31 Marjenhoff, Anna Marie  17 Dec 1806Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I150836 onetrees 
32 Michaelsen, Rasmus  Between 1747 and 1782Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I303125 onetrees 
33 Nielsen, Gie  1716Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192143 onetrees 
34 Olrik (Olrik), Johannes  Sep 1968Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I239169 onetrees 
35 Perbandt, Louise von  25 Oct 1766Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I74142 onetrees 
36 Petersen, Joseph  4 Sep 1870Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I76069 onetrees 
37 Petersen, Niels Preben  1 Apr 2003Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I175977 onetrees 
38 Ramus, Josina Maria Joachimsen  19 Dec 1797Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I98427 onetrees 
39 Rasmussen, Knud  1715Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192144 onetrees 
40 Seidelin (Seidelin), Paul Christian  4 Apr 1981Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I157481 onetrees 
41 Sidenius (Sidenius), Jacob  7 Jul 1876Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I83910 onetrees 
42 Stage, Hans Pedersen  1722Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192139 onetrees 
43 Stage, Peder Clausen  1709Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192142 onetrees 
44 Thomsen, Margrethe  1 Mar 1802Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176057 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clausen, Morten "Griff"  7 Jan 1803Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176056 onetrees 
2 Claussen, August Carl Emil  21 Sep 1831Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I414360 onetrees 
3 Eggers (Eggers 1), Sophus Wilhelm Siegfried von  26 May 1874Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I245200 onetrees 
4 Petersen, Niels Preben  5 Apr 2003Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I175977 onetrees 
5 Sidenius (Sidenius), Jacob  11 Jul 1876Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I83910 onetrees 
6 Thomsen, Margrethe  27 Mar 1802Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I176057 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bastholm (Bastholm 2), Hans Lauritzen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I110662 onetrees 
2 Bertelsen, Erik  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192146 onetrees 
3 Brandt (Bertelsen), Bertel Eriksen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192135 onetrees 
4 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Gomme "Jensen"  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I155668 onetrees 
5 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Gomme Gommesen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I155667 onetrees 
6 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Jens Gommesen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I155670 onetrees 
7 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 3), Jens Hansen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I391412 onetrees 
8 Camrath, Johannes Ludvig  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I447893 onetrees 
9 Creutz, T  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192126 onetrees 
10 Dreiøe, Niels Hansen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I82024 onetrees 
11 Eriksen, Bertel  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192149 onetrees 
12 Errboe, Christian Jensen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192104 onetrees 
13 Errboe, Jens Hansen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192101 onetrees 
14 Errboe, Jens Josephsen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192102 onetrees 
15 Errboe, Joseph Jensen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192114 onetrees 
16 Errboe, Joseph Petersen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192115 onetrees 
17 Espersen, L  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I121263 onetrees 
18 Goldmann, Hans Ivar  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I171110 onetrees 
19 Hendrichsen, Oluf  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I66919 onetrees 
20 Ibsen, Christian Frederik Reinhard  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I80816 onetrees 
21 Jørgensen, Peter Laursen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I93534 onetrees 
22 Klestrup, Eli Sophus  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192113 onetrees 
23 Kok, Lauritz  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192106 onetrees 
24 Nielsen, Niels Hansen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I193340 onetrees 
25 Petersen, Joseph  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I76069 onetrees 
26 Riise, Albert Hansen Isaksen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I148638 onetrees 
27 Riise, Jens Christian  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I148634 onetrees 
28 Seidelin (Seidelin), Ida Marianne Wissing   I79520 onetrees 
29 Sidenius (Sidenius), Jacob  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I83910 onetrees 
30 Stage, Hans Pedersen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192139 onetrees 
31 Stage, Peder Clausen  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I192142 onetrees 
32 Steenstrup (Vogelius), Birger Nikolai Eeg  Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark I17405 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff) / Jensen   F76360 onetrees 
2 Clausen / Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard)  21 Nov 1805Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F74151 onetrees 
3 Dreiøe / Pedersen  16 Dec 1873Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F36455 onetrees 
4 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg) / Schmidt  12 Jan 1849Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F80227 onetrees 
5 Halmøe / Clausen  25 Jan 1729Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F175880 onetrees 
6 Hendrichsen / Hansen  8 Jan 1696Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F1051 onetrees 
7 Johansen / Clausen  26 Nov 1713Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F2934 onetrees 
8 Knuth of Knuthenborg (Knuth) / Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup)  26 May 1979Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F26890 onetrees 
9 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Errboe  17 May 1876Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F62510 onetrees 
10 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) / Andersen  29 Aug 1915Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F85093 onetrees 
11 Kornerup-Koch (Koch) / Petersen  8 Apr 1894Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F99286 onetrees 
12 Krag (Nissen) / Eggers (Eggers 1)  28 Oct 1870Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F101330 onetrees 
13 Laursen / Olrik (Olrik)   F99079 onetrees 
14 Møgelvang / Kryger   F101858 onetrees 
15 Olufsen / Christiansen  7 Feb 1736Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F4997 onetrees 
16 Reddersen / Olrik (Olrik)   F99077 onetrees 
17 Torp / Clausen  1747Aeroeskoebing, Aeroe, Denmark F74138 onetrees 

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